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The Transformative Principle

JC Collins

Hatred is spreading and appears unstoppable.

There is a well-defined narrative which has been mobilized around the world to intentionally create fragments and massive fault lines in the consciousness of the western world. This narrative proposes to fight hate in the world while cleverly promoting hate as its counter-argument.  Each counter-argument is non-sensical and intolerant of intelligent debate and seeks only to censor and destroy freedom of thought and spirit.

Though intelligent debate is often openly supported, the reality is, in fact, a lowest common denominator expression of talking points which are built to manipulate emotions as opposed to stimulate the intellect.  We see this play out on the mainstream news, online forums, and now in person-to-person interaction in the real world where real people attempt to live their lives and build a future.

The facade which passes for debate nowadays is a far cry from the gentlemen expressions of disagreement which were packaged and delivered with courtesy and rightmindedness.  These “debates” are beginning to evolve into outright expressions of hate and acts of violence.

The acts of violence are starting to become so extreme that each passing day and week usually brings some new level of surprise and shock. The incremental normalization of this hatred and violence is what is most surprising.  Even greater and more disturbing threats of violence are outright terrifying for those on the receiving end.

But hate is one of those emotions with the transformative power to forever change the world and each of us in it.  On a personal level, hate and other negative emotions can serve as catalysts for individual change and transformation.  The negative aspects of these emotions put us into a downward spiral which eventually will reach a point of exhaustion.  This point is a wall which provides the hard stop and reversal back towards the light.

This has characteristics of the alchemical transformation from where many quests have begun.

Keeping with the POM exploration of the esoteric relationship between the microcosm and macrocosm it would be worthwhile to consider that the individual pattern of using hatred as a transformative principle in our individual lives can also be applied to the world as a whole.  But like our individual lives, this transformative principle can easily slip through our grasp and leave us abandoned in wastelands of our own mental and emotional construction.

The world is entering the period of greatest risk, but also greatest reward.  The transformative principle can be felt within each of us and around the world on all levels and in all nations.  Everyone around me in the personal life is experiencing a transformative year at varying levels with varying outcomes.  This spirit of transformation is always there but usually remains at a low hum or vibration as we go about our lives.

This hum or vibration has now become a full-on shaking of the foundations of our very shared existence, and it doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon.  Those who have been anchored to ideologies and religious beliefs will soon find themselves disconnected and confused about what is happening within themselves and in the world around them.  Some have already been disconnected and are acting out through frustration and fear.

Hatred is the manifestation of fear.  We become what we hate and fear. Convince people that they should fear everything and they will learn to hate everything, including themselves.  From there it is a simple process of social-engineering to re-direct that hate and fear onto others and the process of war has begun.

Balance needs to return to this world.  We have swung too far in one direction and if it goes further the momentum will create the energy to cause the pendulum to swing all the way in the opposite direction towards the other extreme.  We need to understand how these forces work within each of us and outside of us in the world we share. The balance of light and dark is shown to us in the material world with the dance of the sun and moon.  This is our guidepost.

There are levels of transformation which can be achieved and are sustainable. The destructive forces involved with a full swing in both directions should be avoided.  Would you make such swings in your own personal lives?  What would be the consequences of such dramatic actions?

Allow the transformative principle to take root within you so we can all work together towards building a better world which is designed around rightmindedness and kindness.  The alternative is unthinkable. – JC

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19 Comments on “Hatred”

  1. Very well said JC. I’ve also been seeing it and wishing that people come to our senses before it tears the USA in half yet again. My grandma always warned against hate and it’s nastiness, that warning has remained in my conscious bag of warnings.

    Thank you my friend, it’s been a trying week.

  2. Can’t help but think of the late great Kevin Gilbert and his little know masterpiece (one of many) “Goodness Gracious” from his first solo album Thud. KG penned this waaaaaaay back in 93 or 4 and played most of the instruments on the recording. Thud was released in 95 to critical acclaim but no commercial success because KG was a maverick and refused to play by the industry rules. This tune resonates today as much as it did back then. Very prophetic. Hope you enjoy JC. This is somebody I stumbled upon about 10 years ago and was instantly hooked (kinda like POM hooked me 4.5 yrs ago but I digress) Sadly Kevin left us around the time this was released. As the final verse states… “What horrors will be commonplace as my hair starts to grey” RIP KG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olczxCTr4k4

  3. What we are dealing with is the painful death of an archetypal mindset that is controlling, angry, jealous, resentful and highly aggressive. A visible manifestation of this total meltdown is hate and anger. This same mindset has taken over the western world’s cultural narrative for almost 70 years and in this way, every attempt has been made to ensure the politicization of any aspect of creative art forms and any human forms of expression.

    I am sure, I am not the only one who is noticing that Comedy is Dead! I am a big fan of comedy as I know the majority of the sane human beings are, but every time, the standup comedian opens his/her mouth, you can be sure that it is about Trump. While the important objective of comedy is to criticise the rulers/elite, when the same person is targeted every time and in every single comedy routine, the entire thing becomes meaningless simply because it is predictable. This is because one of the elements of comedy is the Shock value. Predictable comedy is not funny. This is very simple to fathom but the Leftist mindset does not seem to get it. Perhaps they do but they are told to Repeat the bad joke, in the hope of making the audience accept that Trump is a criminal, murderer, traitor etc. etc.

    Obviously, this isn’t happening and many observers are noticing that in fact, the opposite is occurring, in that Trump is becoming more popular with every move that the left is making. This action reminds me of the mechanism of how a restrictor snake type such as Python or Boa, restrict any further beating of a caught animal, in that everytime the animal breathes out, with every subsequent exhale, the poor captured creature loses the ability to take the next breath. It seems the even the brightest people on the left, can not see how they are restricting themselves with their every move. “These people are Stupid”: the wisdom of this sentence by Qanon is a visible reminder of such behaviours…

  4. I agree CD. I’m seeing a manifestation of an extreme right as a result of the forced hatred from the extreme left. If its not balanced before a breaking point then the inevitable outcome is a division so extreme that war is unavoidable. I think these violent outbursts we see promoted and emphasized in the media are warnings of what is growing in the subconscious minds of the masses.

    As you stated “this total meltdown is hate and anger” which feeds the small god or grandiose ego which fools the individual and allows them to feel a false sense of invincibility so they will not care if war is manifested. The shitty part of this is once the shit hits the fan the grandiose ego vanishes and folks tend to get so scared they piss all over themselves and are overcome with such fear of dying by the hand of what they have caused that they are paralyzed. At this point it’s just too darned late. What sucks about it is that it once again puts a grand burden on the shoulders of the few who were able to remain balanced to decide whether to pull the paralyzed extremist from danger or to leave them behind and let them fall to their own cause. My thought on that is that to leave them makes me as hateful as them, so most likely I would chance falling to my end helping them that caused the situation in the first place. That’s the saddened eyes of experience I see through.

    The joyful experience in my eye is seeing a glimmer of light shining through the storm clouds each morning as the sun rises in the east over the calm waters of the Atlantic. The night time reflection of the sun on the moon keeps me confident that the sun will rise yet again. Knowing in my heart that I’m an infinite being allows me the calm of knowing no matter what happens I will live on. That and having lived through a few doom and gloom armegeddons in this short lifetime 🙂

    1. Hi Dane,

      The violence by Antifa shares the same root as did the NAZI’s in 1930 in Germany. Their symbol is almost identical. NAZI’s were National Socialists. Note the second term, “Socialist” which means that NAZI’s were never Right wing and a leftist ideology that shares identical policies to Marxists/Socialists and in short to a form of Collectivism. Since 2015 at least, all of this forced ideology is being challenged by the European people because they have been through at least two major wars in the last centuries. East Germany, Poland Chezch/Slovak, Romania, Bulgaria and other new members of the EU were living under the same tyrannical system and the oppression and brutality of the secret police are still fresh in their minds. EU is a not going to last long, because it is a Soviet system of governance with all its tried and tested failed policies and the insistence of the ruling elite in continuing such system is unbelievable. Here’s what Mikhail Gorbachev theSoviet leader who saved the nations under the oppressive Soviet regime said:

      “The EU is the old Soviet Union dressed in Western clothes.”

      The American nation never experienced such devastating wars and have never experienced the true meaning of tyranny are now a victim of the propaganda of the left and it seems many young Americans believe that living in a Socialist system is much better because everyone is then equal! It seems that Founding fathers of America were precisely attempting to make America places were individuality and free enterprise to ensure the prosperity of the individuals as well as the nation. The Left is finding new recruits everyday because the American Universities and for that matter all Western world Universities is filled with Marxist professors who force kids to pass units on Feminism, Social justice (both Marxist Terms!) and other nonsensical and totally useless subjects when the same kid has to borrow money to come and sit in a classroom and pay a Marxist to brainwash him/her.

      It appears that every American kid or their parents think that they must get a degree, any degree for that matter as long as the kid wastes 4 years only to end up working for a supermarket or end up as a security guard! It seems, that the recent campaign by POTUS in bringing in the apprenticeship in getting the young American workforce is a way to stop this madness. A kid can learn a range of skills in a year and can go out and get a job or be self-employed by being the welder, plumber, cable specialist and Cybersecurity! You don’t need to have a degree to be an IT technician and a year’s worth of practical and theoretical class-based teaching can provide a good grounding for such a seemingly complex subject. The apprenticeship system is not new and the same system has been used by all our ancient people and guilds of trades were the beginning of labour unions which the left also took over! The right-minded people of this planet must start learning about their own ancestors and modernize their ideas to benefit our time. The left in the meantime takes every opportunity to destroy our connection with our past as well as with our brothers and sisters. The political game that the left is engaged in is absolutely divisive and until we sit and wait for a messiah figure to save us, we will be the slave to the dark-minded ideals of a minority who harbour hate, aggression and anger. They will not win, ever!

      1. True point CD. I went into the military right out of high school, then worked in construction before I decided to go to college. Got a degree and low and behold, I’m back in construction. I guess if the shoe fits its best to wear it 🙂

        I also see these apprentices gaining knowledge then starting their own small businesses with the trade knowledge they gain. This would create an employment void in the growing trade fields which the military personnel returning home from overseas could fill as we pull back our military footprint in foreign countries. Stopping the inflow of illegal immigrants could also play into allowing the employment void to manifest.

        Antifa has clear patterns that make it appear as a terrorist organization. They are like sleeper cells in colleges who activate when paid to protest and perhaps have even grown to be so energized to activate through simple psychological manipulations now. When we think about how easy it is to obtain a education visa or how overburdened students are with student loans there is plenty of leverage there in addition to the Marxist educators you speak of. The Department of Homeland Security is reported to have deemed Antifa a domestic terrorist group.


        In addition we can see how Jordan Peterson has been speaking out about the colleges and what is being taught in them today.

        I just hope some sense of balance is found before it boils over into another civil war. The extreems are pushing each other really far these days.

        1. Thank you Dane,

          I agree absolutely that Antifa is a terrorist and a violent group. I think the problem is somewhat exaggerated as I don’t believe that this group is large in number but they are possibly organized as all Marxist revolutionary groups are. Penetration inside such groups is almost certain and if this hasn’t been done already, it would be surprising. The left’s tactics are the same the world over and Antifa is no exception.

          I am also certain that no civil war or anything like that will occur in the US. Both the Military as well as the majority of the population have not done anything to show their true power yet and the scene had been left empty for the left to show what they are capable of. This, in my opinion, has been done deliberately as Antifa and other criminal entities (including BLM!) need attention or publicity, and this has been denied to them. Also, their actions so far have alienated 99 per cent of the population. POTUS is in power and enjoying a historical backing because of these two elements, the people and the Military. In such circumstances, the left will stand no chance and no possibility of an internal war as the left is small, isolated and most likely infiltrated! …which means, their end must be coming soon…

  5. Unfortunately, the formative years of many people were not good. The problems, fears, insecurities that occurred during those years have manifested into hateful, revengeful and evil actions as a counter-reaction. As mentioned in the epistolary novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses…”Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Sad but true I believe…

  6. JC,
    You are more optimistic about humanity keeping the balance I don’t see it because of human sin nature. God almighty is the only one that can keep the balance not humans.

    1. That’s not what I said. That is not what you asked. You are putting words in my mouth. Not appreciated.

      God is balance. Humans create imbalance. Does that fit your dogma?

      1. When God is within our hearts balance comes to the human and thus the world through our actions 🙂 Too bad this concept doesn’t fit into the business plan of the dogmatic churches 🙁

        1. Thanks Dane,

          You touched on a point that is rarely talked about. The Abrahamic religious systems, all three, place man outside of the sphere of the divine. Therefore, the said god must be worshipped and the followers must be fearful of him because he is wrathful and angry. He sets rules to catch you and the priests collect the fines. This is a fantastic money making scheme and it had worked for a long time.

          On the other side, the non-Abrahamic belief systems that are regarded as Aryan belief systems namely Mazdian as well as Bhudism believe that God and man are partners and in fact, both are evolving. The two are necessary for each to exist in that the consciousness in man is the mirror for divine and vice-versa. As you rightly said, “…God is within our hearts balance comes to the human and thus the world…”.

          God or Divine lives in us and the absence of the divine is the darkness that manifests in cruelty, degrading acts on and against people and all forms of life. We are part of him and he is part of us all. As such, the true sin is to separate the two…the middleman is the true sinner.

          Here the brilliant philosopher comedian the late George Carlin speaks:


          1. Your very welcome CD and thank you for expanding on it. Here is some synchronicity for us. I just received this daily quote in my email. Notice the link address? “US16campaign…” awesome!

            Beyond time
            The conditioned mind, surely is incapable of finding out what lies beyond time. That is, sirs, the mind as we know it is conditioned by the past. The past, moving through the present to the future, conditions the mind; and this conditioned mind, being in conflict, in trouble, being fearful, uncertain, seeks something beyond the frontiers of time. That is what we are all doing in various ways, is it not? But how can a mind which is the result of time ever find that which is timeless?

            The house of your beliefs, of your properties, of your attachments and comforting ways of thinking is constantly being broken into. But the mind goes on seeking security, so there is a conflict between what you want and what life’s process demands of you. This is what is happening to every one of us. I do not know if this problem interests you at all. Everyday existence, with all its troubles, seems to be sufficient for most of us. Our only concern is to find an immediate answer to our various problems. But sooner or later the immediate answers are found to be unsatisfactory because no problem has an answer apart from the problem itself. But if I can understand the problem, all the intricacies of it, then the problem no longer exists.

            The Book of Life, September 28, HarperSanFrancisco, 1995

            J. Krishnamurti Online


        2. Extremely profound, wow! Thanks, Dane,

          Synchronicity is all around those who think positively and it is a road sign to the truths, assuring is that we are on the right track…paraphrased from C G Jung on how to interpret such events!

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