Happy New Year and First Anniversary

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And Remember to Slay Your Own Dragon

By JC Collins

It is one year since I started this blog, with no real idea or plan on what I was going to do, or how I was going to do it.  Naturally my own thoughts and processes began to materialize within the body of writing, and with each new reader and commenter the blog began to take on a life of its own.

After 12 months of consistent writing, posting, and responses from readers, PoM (an abbreviation you all have termed) now belongs to all of you just as much as it belongs to me.  It has become a place for intelligent debate and consideration of the views of others, with only myself falling short on the consideration end.

This has been one of the best years of my life and I have all of you to thank for a large part of it.  You all have made this site successful by accepting my often times abstract writing style and roaming thoughts.  You all have engaged each other within the structure of the blog and have encouraged each other, and myself, to think harder and look deeper within.

Dane has taken on the mantle of the esoteric and has developed a style which reaches outward from himself to embrace the curious in each of us.

Deejj87 has been able to process and reiterate each of my more complex and conscious based posts with a clarity which I can only wish for.  Her analysis on The Brotherhood of Snake story so captured what I was intending that all readers would do well to think on what she has written as opposed to the story itself.

The two Matt’s have pushed harder into clarifying the economic concepts which we explore here, and have contributed beyond measure to all readers.

Dripfood and Ozymandias have kept things grounded in humanity and empathy, even teaching me something about myself in regards to empathy.

Daniel Grig, our Spanish supporter, has stayed engaged through language barriers and has promoted our site in Spain, as well as providing some much needed personal advice on important matters.

Cynthia Boots, my biggest supporter on Twitter, you are always the first to retweet and favorite.

Jack Jackson, what can I say brother, you’ve set a benchmark on manhood.

Cramley, you’re constant doubting of the transition irritates me, but I like and appreciate your persistence.  You belong here pal, no matter the outcome.

Irrelevant111, keep posting songs friend.  They lift us all.

Bruno de Landevoisin, thanks for your support and encouragement.  The status you’ve given me on your own site has humbled me and inspired me.

Roger, (I always think of you as a cowboy, but not the one from the Brotherhood of the Snake), you’re sensibility is an anchor.

Nanook73, Jeremy Moore, and Alaskaroots, thank you for sharing the deep and private parts of yourselves.

Gustavsaure, Thomas18z, Susan, Michael MacDonald, Steve Henningsen, Chuc1997, Ron Mamita, B.Klausen, Trsiero888, Rick Shade, BGSV, Hugh, and all the rest which I have not mentioned, you have all contributed to the intangible family that has been built here.

Outside of the blog, I married the woman of my dreams this year.  Marianne and I got married this past July in Vancouver.  Like all of you, she has encouraged me to be a better human being and push myself harder, while pointing out my own inner deficiencies. (Not so keen on that, but it’s working.)

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To slay our own dragon, the troll under the bridge, is all any of us can strive for in this life.  Unfortunately, we spend the bulk of our life attempting to slay the dragons of others.

As we move into the year 2015, and through the transition, as well as transformation, which will take place, it is important to remember that each of us is attempting to become something.  What that something is will be born from what we build inside of ourselves.  Paradise is not found in the external world, nor is Eden.

Thank you all for building this online family. My life has been enriched because of you all.

Happy New Year friends.  – JC