Happy New Year and Third POM Anniversary

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By JC Collins

Well, here we are again at the end of another year.  It’s hard to believe that POM is entering into its fourth year of existence and is still growing.  The growth is modest but I actually like that as it means we are building a sustainable community of thinkers and those who like to view the world differently.  This community will continue to grow and expand into new areas of interests and research, but always with the SDR as the core subject matter.

In previous end of year posts I have recapped what POM has gotten correct but I feel we have evolved past that.  You all know what has been communicated and what we are expected to happen in the coming months and years ahead of us.  There is no need for us to prove anything to ourselves or attempt to convince the rest of the online readers.  POM has coincidently evolved to grab the attention of those who are unsatisfied with the mainstream and alternative narratives which manufacture mass public opinion.

This will continue as more awaken to something which is not defined by simplicity and lowest common denominator logic.

This year has been strange and rewarding.  It started with me being one of the victims of the energy downturn as I was laid off in early January.  It took me about three months but I landed another job which turned out to be even better than the one I had before.

What made the job better was that it was challenging and put me in the forefront of the mining industry in the oil sands as we mobilized the world’s largest mining trucks.  These trucks will evolve into autonomous operation over the next few years and it provides me a front row seat with the technological changes which will redesign our world over the next few decades.


We saw the SDR events unfold as expected and we saw the election of Donald Trump against all odds.  The cabinet that Trump is building aligns with what we all have considered, even right down to the appointment of former Rothschild Inc. man Wilbur Ross.  Now we are ending the year with much fascination over Trump as he brings something different into the world.

What this is can’t be yet be understood.  But I feel it soon will be.

In 2017 we will continue along the path of expanding our monetary understanding regarding the transformation of the international framework.  The geopolitical changes are running parallel to the monetary and financial changes and there seems to be a massive cultural shift taking place as the liberal left ideology suffocates under the emergence of a new modern nationalism which is spreading around the world.

It is as if we are on the eve of something so large and transformative that the world holds its breath in both fear and anticipation.

It continues to be my privilege to watch my three sons grow and become men.  All are now bigger than me and are living their own lives and chasing their own dreams.  It is my modest wish that something about what we have achieved with POM will inspire them and show them that hard work and perseverance can be rewarding.


Marianne and I will be planning a trip somewhere in 2017 as a late honeymoon.  We were married in 2014 and have not yet taken that one special trip.  We are thinking Monte Carlo or somewhere else in Southern France.  I guess it will depend on what happening around the world in the next few months.

I’d like to personally thank each one of you for the support you have provided POM over the last year and the engagement on articles and comments.  The dynamic which is developing amongst the group is unique and will continue to influence all of us in personal ways.  From this communion we are building a true to form philosophical class which has great potential.

Remain humble and in service to each other.  That is the one thing which we can do that makes a difference.

Happy New Year to you all!   – JC