Happy New Year and Second Anniversary to All POM Readers (FREEPOM)


By JC Collins

First I would like to thank all POM readers for the continued support over another year.  We are two years into this experiment which I started on Dec 31, 2013, and I am still humbled by the comments of those who have found value and education in the material I produce for the site. To know that this site has become so important to so many is both inspiring and heartwarming.

The site had a big change this year, which was the switch to a subscription service.  So many understood the need for such a change, as the amount of time and energy I put into every article for research and writing shines through in the accuracy of the material produced.

Many did not like this change at first, but most are trickling back into the site as much of the POM analysis continues to be proven factual with real world events.  Many of you take as much pride in the site as I do, which is observed through the detailed and well researched comments which many of you contribute.  These contributions have made the site much more than I ever could on my own.

For the readers that haven’t subscribed I continue to provide FREEPOM material.  This is usually one out of every three or four posts.  Most of these free articles are reposted on other sites by those who support the site by helping promote the material.  This is equally important to help spread knowledge and understanding about the multilateral monetary transition which the world is obviously going through.

Some of the POM milestones which have occurred over this last year, and which continue to validate the analysis provided here, are the following:

  1. The Chinese renminbi was in fact added to the SDR.
  2. The IMF 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms were ratified by the US Congress.
  3. China created an alternate composite exchange rate for the renminbi. This amounts to a defacto depeg from the USD.
  4. Against the predictions of so many, the Federal Reserve began the process of increasing interest rates.
  5. China International Payment System (CIPS) was launched.
  6. China stated their gold reserves for the first time in 6 years in the lead up to the SDR announcement. As predicted here on POM.
  7. The value of gold continued to decrease. (I wish this wasn’t so, but it is my analysis)
  8. The BRICS institutions would discuss integration with the World Bank and IMF. This is happening.
  9. Renminbi internationalization and liberalization has continued.
  10. China continues to shift away from a trade exporting model and towards a trade services model based on renminbi denominated products and increased domestic consumerism.
  11. The US dollar has not collapsed and died, and in fact is being slowly re-engineered as stated here. Yesterday’s post on the US ending the 40 year crude export ban signaling the end of the petrodollar arrangement is further evidence of this re-engineering.
  12. Oh, and the financial world has not completely crashed and World War Three hasn’t started.

These are just the highlights, but it proves that the multilateral monetary transition, and its socioeconomic and geopolitical components, which are discussed on POM, are in fact accurate and helping thousands understand the bigger picture which is unfolding in the world.

Many times my matter-of-fact approach and logic based writing style (except the esoteric stuff) can be interpreted as arrogant.  Please accept my apologies. It is never my intent to place myself in a superior position to anyone.  I believe most readers and commenters understand this, but for those who don’t, know that my intent is pure.

Every once in a while I’ll read something on another site which suggests that I’m somehow working for the “elite” or I’m purposefully putting out this message as a method of conditioning the disorganized masses to the multilateral monetary structure.

The only thing I can say in response to such accusations is that some people spend too much time lost in the deep wastelands of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.  Though there are substantiated conspiracy theories, but I’m not one of them folks.

As I’ve stated many times before, I’m just a regular guy living in Alberta, Canada.  My profession is mining and I started POM and researching/writing about the multilateral monetary transition as a hobby.  Between my core responsibilities, being work, family, and everything Marianne wants me to do around the house, and POM, there is very little time for me to do anything else.

This is not a complaint, it is a statement of fact.  I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do the things I do.

I did make time to see the new Star Wars.  But I haven’t made time to see The Big Short.  Weird.

Personally it’s been a good year for Marianne and I, and our children.  We moved to a new home and spent more time dreaming about the future.  We’ve visited the Alberta Legislator building on several occasions with aspirations of one day maybe getting involved in Canadian politics.  Though I’m reluctant at times as I don’t feel real change can be achieved from within the existing system.




In the summer we had a nice vacation to Vancouver Island.  There we visited Hatley Castle.  This is where the school parts of the X-Men movies are filmed.  We also walked around the naval base at Esquimalt.  I took pictures of frigates and Canadian submarines.  Apparently the Canadian Armed Forces are pretty open with the bases.  I suppose it’s a strange Canadian thing.

During the summer there was a heat wave in British Columbia.  Fortunately while visiting family there we had the opportunity to sit around a pool and stay cool while clowning around.  I did manage to write a few posts though.

Clowning Around

Over the years of my life, 42 so far, as of today, I’ve accumulated over 1000 books.  These books have been in boxes for many years as I didn’t have a nice room to pull them out and display them.  With the move to the new house I now have a beautiful den/library where I can sit and read, or write for POM.  Though most blog posts are done on the fly as I’m moving about the country side doing my job.

Reader and commenter Dane was so kind as to send me a house warming present.  It was a photograph from 1908 of the site where Henry David Thoreau lived in solitude for over two years.  The picture shows the ruins of the cabin in which he produced some of his most important and self-reflective writings.  This was an extremely thoughtful gift from a true friend.


I hope 2016 is amazing for all of us.  It’s exciting to think of all the monetary changes which are happening, and will continue to happen in the coming months.  It is my wish that all are safe, healthy, happy, and prosperous in the coming year.  There will be new friendships developed as more curious and concerned readers gravitate to the POM site.  I will continue to labor away at researching and writing as long as you all continue to find value in the material.

In 2016 I will focus some more on the esoteric material and venture back into the world of PrimNomics.  The last 12 months have been difficult with the collapse in crude prices.  The demands from work make it hard to disconnect in the manner required to produce some of the more esoteric and philosophy based material.  Yet, that is what I find the most rewarding.

It’s winter here now.  The economy is chugging along during a very uncertain time for many in the energy industry.  For the most part I remain positive about the whole thing and have been enjoying the holidays with Marianne and our dog Dexter.  Our teenagers have been away for a few days and the three of us have been sitting around eating left overs and plotting mischief for 2016.


Dexter Den

Happy New Year to all, and thanks for hanging with this strange Canadian for another year.  – JC