Guest Post: Homogeneous Identity Within Globalization And Multilateralism (FREEPOM)

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The Shifting Ideology from Religion to Statism

By DeeJJ

“In education, the Dewey system was initiated and promoted by Skull and Bones members. Dewey was an ardent statist, and a believer in the Hegelian idea that the child exists to be trained to serve the State. This requires suppression of individualist tendencies and a careful spoon-feeding of approved knowledge.”
– Dr. Antony Sutton, “America’s Secret Establishment (Order of the Skull And Bones)”

Over many thousands of years, humans have survived and managed to collectively create social order despite excruciatingly challenging environments, from harsh desolate desert lands to ice capped frozen tundra. Historically, resources such as food and safe shelter were limited to those who allocated their individual resource of time, labour, and ingenuity to construct communal organization. Lifespans were much shorter than we experience today and the threat of immediate death was much more pronounced.

Over time, various communities of humans around the world began to organize and create their own unique identity based on imposed superstitious belief systems traditions, and rituals influenced by the desire to survive and be accepted by the community. When complying to the beliefs of tight knit communities (regardless of rationality) as the most important means of survival, social ostracism is then feared just as strongly as death. To not be a believer or participant in the madness of the collective is a direct threat to the continuity of an individual’s biological drivers.

Religion is an ever evolving mind based construct created from the collective rituals and beliefs of past survival based superstitious humans seeking the relief of salvation from the gruelling dangerous environment. From the stories of ancient Sumerian tablets to Egyptian pharaonic hieroglyphs, Greek gods, and Piegan worship, communities have created hierarchical means of controlling the disorganized masses into organized slave master relationships. The difference between slave and master is the master’s body is a slave to their mind while the inverse is true for the slave.

Over time, these belief systems merge with one another as lands are Conquered and the more dominant culture impose their beliefs into the subservient community. From birth, authority figures such as parents, society, and church have programmed the mass mind to accept and obey this oppressive structure in total compliance without questioning any irrationality presented. What is created is outsourced conscience, where desire to be responsible for the self is overturned for compliance to authoritarian rule and instruction. This ideological structure is highly lucrative to the priestly class at the top of the hierarchy as those below gladly toil and tithe for the promise of an afterlife with no suffering.

As the multilateral system is consolidating and unfolding as planned, such consolidation and paradigm shifting is happening between religion and state controlled authority. The state with their welfare programs and mandates for equal distribution of resources and global standardized education among the classes, races, and genders is expanding, replacing religious ideologies as the new form of salvation and survival. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is one Socialist document in which the governance bodies are offering relief from suffering via redistribution of resources among the disorganized masses for the sake of equality. As every human soul is equal within religious text, so is the distribution of resources among the collective regardless of ability or intelligence of man under social rules set forward by governing bodies who dictate and divide the allocation of resources among the lower casts.

Large social ideology based experiments on mass communal groups within Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, and Communist China led by the mandates of the Tavistock Institute in Great Britain provided the psychological information necessary to manipulate the idea of scarcity, survival, and resource allocation from church to state for the use of Multilateral Consolidation. State mandated laws are used to enslave the bodies and minds of the disorganized masses, subjugating them to total fear based reliance of self survival rather than community based survival.

Within communist and socialist demographics of overburdening taxes and laws, the majority of people do not idealize and worship deities. Rather, the heads of state become a God-Man to be worshiped by the minions. Resources are deemed to be less scarce, less procreation takes place, and equality of standards of living are the highest and most noble ideal of aspiration rather than individual achievement. Individual rights for property, invention, creativity, and self expression are diminished, taking heed to a homogeneous form of social identity. You are who you’re told to be, nothing more.

In Canada, we live in a hybrid form of Socialism called Social Democracy. This was originally a Marxist based ideology where the means of production are still privatized. As we merge economies, migration and cultural melting pots become more prevalent. Self censorship and self erasure in the form of tolerance is imposed by proxy from the government who use minority groups as a means of imposing more regulation around speech and media. Knowledge is power, and the regulations around access to power is being tightened.

Within both the state and religion, man is trapped in the childish helplessness of a Peter Pan like mindset, unable to think and act independently to authoritarian consequences and giving up sovereignty for the pseudo care of a surrogate parent government. The suppression of individualism breeds idiocy and subservience, free stuff does not equal freedom.

“If man is God there are no absolutes. There is no right or wrong. Everything becomes situational. If you are God and murdering someone in a certain situation is right to you, there is no consequence (for your soul.)” – William Cooper