The Great Battle for Western Civilization

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The age of pretend is now coming to an end. There is no more hiding and running from the truth which we have all known for generations. This truth has laid dormant in the pits of our stomachs and in the sands of our minds. It is a truth which we cannot outrun. It is a truth which cannot be forgotten or ignored. It is a truth which is rushing at us like an out of control freight train. It is a truth with consequences that cannot be avoided.

We can no longer pretend that this truth does not exist. We can no longer pretend that this train is not real. I’m writing to you now in this time of revelation so we may unite on that deeper level where all men and women share a common purpose.

For our purpose is not to remain in silence as our civilization is shattered and tormented. Our purpose is not to act as cultural cannon-fodder for those who mean to invade both our lands and our minds. Your purpose is now to stand firm in unification with the brothers and sisters of our common civilization.

Our civilization has been built over thousands of years of bloodshed and sacrifice. This sacrifice began in the year 33AD and provided us an example of both love and what it means to give the most precious gift of all. It matters not whether you are religious. This one event, real or not, was the defining cornerstone of Western Civilization, and throughout all the trials and tribulations our civilization fought and crawled its way through both periods of enlightenment and horror.

For all its faults and shortcomings it is our civilization. There are those within and without who have been strategically chipping away at its interior and exterior for over a hundred years. Perhaps even two-hundred. The methods used have been as varied as the million thoughts of a deranged man running headlong into the freight train.

This man was followed by a woman. The woman was followed by another man. On it went throughout the years and decades as one after another deranged minds and souls slammed themselves into this train. Their madness pulled together like gravity and became the train. The denser the train became the faster it moved and the louder its hysterical laugh could be heard in the distance ahead.

The towns and cities built bridges and tunnels for the train. Terminals were engineered which allowed more to get on but not get off. It was a one way direction into cultural oblivion. The train was long. Thousands of years long. It’s tail end was the remains of civilizations long gone and rotted into the dust of degradation and vice. It was the great collector of human weakness and desire.

We all pretended like the train didn’t exist. The more it came through our towns and homes the more of our children it took with it. We pretended this wasn’t happening because our children still sat in the room. But we all knew they weren’t there.

The train began to tell us what to think and feel. It told us how to speak. Every track that went in a different direction from its self-fulfilling prophecy was torn up and melted down so it could continue adding to its steel underbelly. It roared and roamed and no one could escape from its twisted embrace.

It told us it wanted love. It told us it wanted sameness and fairness. It told us it could never hurt or harm us. It wanted what was best for us. It wanted to make the world a wonderful place of peace and tranquility. But its unnatural existence denied it the acceptance it so wanted. It denied itself the one thing it wanted more than anything else. It denied itself reason.

We stand here now, in this period of grave threat. We stand here now for the purpose of defending and maintaining our way of life. We are the dream of all those who came before us. We are the dream of freedom and reason which can never read from the deformed book of death.

Western Civilization must now stand together. We are Westerners. We are Canadians. We are Americans. We are English and French. We are Spain and Germany. We are Ireland and Italy. We are Australia and Brazil. We are South Africa and Russia. We are white. We are brown. We are black. We are men. We are women. We are all those who have now decided to stop pretending.

For hundreds of years an enemy has been growing inside our homes and lands. We have allowed this to happen because the enemy told us it was the right thing to do. It told us killing millions of our own children was the right thing to do. It told us destroying our families would make us stronger. It told us we could be whomever we wanted to be and do whatever we wanted to do.

It divided us by race and sex while it promoted sameness. The madness of its own design created a form of cultural blindness. It projected all its own faults onto the masses like a beam of light from the head of the train. It’s own sadness and deformity danced through convulsions in the shadows just out of reach of the light.

We are now attempting to slow the train and stop it. We want to save those we love who have been absorbed by the train. There is a movement in all Western nations to achieve this goal. But only together can we shed ourselves of the false skin which has been placed over us. Only together can we save that which matters most.

Together we can realize the dream which those before us dreamed. Make no mistake, the battle for Western Civilization has begun. The enemies are both within and without. The battle lines are being drawn. But we have a small window to turn it all around. We must stop pretending that the train isn’t real. At its end it is the fastest and most dangerous. At its end it could do the most harm. At its end it will be the loudest it has ever been. At its end it will still deny itself the reason it so desperately wanted. - JC

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24 Comments on “The Great Battle for Western Civilization”

  1. The analogy of the train is very fitting, because of the insurmountable momentum it gains as more people pile on make it nearly impossible to stop.

    And the only way for its momentum to lose that momentum would be for people to take a leap of faith and jump off.

    And it would take an incredible amount of faith in oneself to do that.

    For one of the disorganized masses to recognize the illegitimate authority 'the train' has over human life - their life - takes the tearing down of multi-generational paradigms programmed even in our subconscious minds. Not an easy task.

    But those who succeed find a level of freedom that no one can rob.

  2. Hmm... So I'am reading this piece and the next thing mighty trains glacier express comes on the tv. Strange... Now I'am hearing words like de rail and cogs in the wheels, but they are really selling the beautiful scenery to me. Oh and isn't Mighty Trains a Canadin production? Ok will have to finish watching it now must have meaning...

  3. JC this is an amazing piece. I got the feeling while reading that we should rise from within the train in order to bring it to a stop once and for all. This would do two things. It would fulfill the dreams of our forebears and allow us to dream new dreams for the future that we would make possible.

    I understand that jumping from the train seems logical enough but then what we are left with or what we create is a runaway train filled with the insanity that started it. Who will pay the price when it runs into the station at the end of the tracks? Who will stop the spreading of that virus as the survivors disappear into the surrounding societies carrying with them the seeds of the very insanity that built this train. We would leave a future of many trains it would seem.

    Would it be more productive to stay on the train to transform it from the inside out? Keeping in mind that if it gets too close to that station at the end of the track we may have to just derail her and take to battle? If we are the dreams of our ancestors it must be our responsibility to end this train once and for all. Perhaps we are the divergents of now, resisting conformance to the defined factions laid out before us.

    As kids we used to jump trains and ride them for miles. It was fun as could be. The walk back sucked so it was a short lived play but I'm glad for the experience. Hahaha seems my train of thought just jumped off the track.

  4. Re: The enemies of Western Civilization

    Is it collectivism/socialism, liberalism, abortion, Islam? Where does the Enlightenment fit into the picture - or the Orthodox Christians of the East for that matter?

    POM readers may find reading Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihin's "Leftism" and "Leftism Revisited" (available in pdf form for free online) helpful in putting more flesh on the bone vis-a-vis the comments above.

    Re: 33AD

    For a careful examination of the "... one event, real or not..." read Joseph Atwill's Caesar's Messiah.

  5. "Dinner with Andre"

    This short clip from the simple but profound movie made in 1981, is prophetic, profound and simply mind blowing. This short excerpt from the movie that sets in it's entirety in a NYC restaurant describes where humanity is going and the genius who wrote this in the 1970's knew something! I believe this monologue is one of the most powerful and meaningful one ever made in a movie:

  6. "33AD" Would make Jesus 33 years old wouldn't it? He died at the age of 33. 33 vertebrae, 33 rungs on Jacobs ladder, 33 degrees to the masonic right, 33 the number of my favorite running back as a child :), A lot of threes but what does it all mean?

    "Jesus 'died on Friday, April 3, 33AD' claims study that matches crucifixion to earthquake mentioned in gospel"

    "The Gospel of Matthew:

    "Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.

    And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

    And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose,

    And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.

    Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.""

    Maybe it's simply a wake up call, a message to stand for what we believe in otherwise it will be taken away. Once its gone its gone so better take care of it now while it's still here...

    Many people condemn the good ways taught by Jesus because his philosophy for living is too difficult for them to achieve. Too many business meetings, kids events, run here, run there, get our minds twisted in knots for this fad or that fad.

    What's popular today will not be popular tomorrow. But we choose to apply all our efforts to changing this or that to remain in the window of human popularity. Perhaps instead we should apply ourselves to become enriched souls. I'm thinking that without a soul when we die we're dead and that's it but the soul lives on infinitely. Personally I'm liking this immortality thought but I may not have a full understanding of it yet.

    1. I wonder what would have happened if Pilate would have stood his ground and backed his own judgement against the freight train of his time?

      "Pilate publicly declares that he finds Jesus to be innocent of the charges,

      but the crowd still insists on capital punishment.

      The universal rule of the Roman Empire limited capital punishment strictly to the tribunal of the Roman governor[4] and Pilate decided to publicly wash his hands as not being privy to Jesus' death. Nevertheless, since only the Roman authority could order crucifixion and since the penalty was carried out by Roman soldiers, Pilate was indirectly responsible for the announce of Jesus' death."

      But the crowd/mob/misled masses demanded capital punishment. As a people we seem no different today.

  7. Check this out. CNN on the same day posts these articles.

    "Trump backs off two-state framework for Israeli-Palestinian deal" (published Feb. 16, 2017 @ 12:54 AM ET)

    "What Trump's two-state solution rollback means" (published Feb. 16, 2017 @ 1:22 PM ET)

    I wonder if the two reports used the same notes or if they both attended and made their own views. But from a business standpoint it's a bit redundant and wasteful isn't it?

    1. Hi Dan, Thank you for highlighting this which can only be described lack of real journalism and the concept of "checking your sources"! Clearly CNN is displaying a total and absolute idiocy that stems from their initial bad seed of "deception". I never forget the fake palm trees and the CNN journalist "in the field" during the Iraqi campaign!

      Fortunately the curtains are off and not only we are seeing the puppet masters in meltdown mode but an emergence of a "blockchain Journalism". TV dies and with it the well paid clowns and traitors who are used to insult our logic. Also, I think the fact that a big section (not all!) of people have woken up, they are having hard time in showing us the same tricks!

      On the same subject, I am seeing BBc is also in a similar state when the entire web site was about bashing Trump, but in the past few days they have calmed down a bit! I wonder why!! 🙂

  8. Dear J.C.:

    If I may let me summarize what I think that you are saying. Christ and reason is the wellspring of western civilization. Without this we descend into bigotry and idiocy. John Locke in his Two Treatises on Government states much the same, assigning revelation and right reason as the basis for natural rights, i.e. freedom from government control. Jefferson used Locke liberally while writing The Declaration of Independence. Mr. Collins, you seem to have become an American.


  9. I would like to recommend this article which was written in June 2016. There is so much information regarding the Brexit and how it was initiated from the British establishment and has little to do migration from the Islamist lands. It seems, either President Trump was part of the British plan to revamp the world OR he was an accidental candidate! I believe Trump was and is part of the new Anglo-Saxon alliance and he is tied in with the British establishment, which I might add is an extremely wise move simply for the survival of the United States as a nation state!

    I particularly found this sentence of interest, there's a lot of details embedded in this:

    "The Brexit is a return to national sovereignty, but it does not guarantee popular sovereignty."

    As well as this one:

    "But the Brexit is only a response to the decline of the United States"

  10. JC, fascinating and powerful post. And as usual the comments and the links provided by the POM add much food for thought and avenues for possible individual and collective action.

    As to staying on the train versus jumping off my thoughts go to a comment you once made about the earth being both flat and round at the same time. I'm beginning to accept that form of thinking as a possible solution to the problems we all face as to whether we are riding the train or living on the wrong side of the tracks.

    1. Hey Peter would that kind of go toward us "killing the flame"? Man it rattles the car going down the road thanks for introducing it:)

  11. Hey Dane, hope this finds you and whole of the POM well. If the truth be known I don't think I really had or have a real good response for any of this very important topic/warning. And find myself suspended between the train and the station, not my comfort zone. Unfortunately I find myself woefully unprepared to make any hard sense of it all.

    The insanity of the far left from it's seemingly innocuous politically incorrect language, as a matter of creating a more mannered polite social contract, to it's present level of individual, independent, soul destroying insanity, to the veiled propaganda of accepting pedophilia are outward signs, all but thrown in our faces.

    Still I struggle to clearly identify the enemy and suspect that my woe is to clearly identify the enemy within myself. It really makes my previous post sound like some higher minded thinking, bullshit. I guess my truth is the question, 'where do we go from here?'
    Yours truly

    1. Hey Peter all is well here thanks. How are your legs? I think you understand it better than perhaps you know. I often wonder about the laughs JC must get seeing the thought that his works inspire in us. This one does seem to have a more serious tone to it though.

      Perhaps it simply means that the western mind is so weak that we are about to lose our culture. We have allowed those who will destroy western culture buy their way into our lives through playing on our internal weaknesses. If we think of the freight train as the mass mindset. Its brainwashed and on a crash course for giving away our western ways because it's the politically correct thing to do. The mass mindset is so skewed it still doesn't see what it's doing is wrong. They won't see it until the laws and ways that allowed them to act this way are gone.

      If muslim families who have resided in the US don't want sharia law to spread to the US why would other muslim's want it here? The only answer I can see so far is to conquer.

      We need to look at our political correctness and make sure it's not being used against us for helping this takeover of western ways. The truth lies within each one of us, not necessarily what we see our neighbor, friend, peer doing.

      1. By jumping off the politically correct train we can stand on our own and see the truth from within instead of the false truth pumped out by the train 🙂

  12. Just had a, ah, ha, moment and am not able exercise the patience to wait for any response to my previous two post, to not stand up and shout out "I GOT IT!"

    All I had to do is look back at what I did yesterday and the answers were right there grabbing a holt of the front of my shirt, giving me a good shake and a slapping of the silly excrement out of me, to wake up to the fact that there is no woe in me. Being suspended between the train and the station is just the place I need to be. From that position I can fly in front of the train and flip a switch, changing the direction of the train and head it towards de-railment. Or I can employ grappling hooks and line to board the train and deliver a coup de grace to the crippled vehicle. Or I can disembark at the station to offer protection, aid, and comfort to those there. Alas, being suspended is the place for me.

    9:00am saturday, my friend Lisa picked me up (I don't drive) to go out to the mini-ranch, farm, garden property for a day of ear tagging, tail clipping, and castration of 18 goats and 22 sheep, a little gardening thrown in on the side.

    These things are special events on a normal day, this particular day was made more special because it was the 50th birthday of the man who owns the property. A quick description of the man his wife and the guest list will help me fill out the purpose of this post.

    Dan is from Africa, black as an ace of spades, and he owns a concrete company here in the Mohave. Debbie his newly- wed for a little over a year,(found on the net ) is also African, black as an ace of spades. She dresses in a some- what subdued (only subdued sans the head wear) African style, long gowns of multi-bright-beautiful colors, down to her sandals that along with the rest of her are be-jewelled with trinkets, some golden or silver in color some pearls, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, all an explosion of delight. Which brings me to looking at her eyes that are highlighted by sometimes a shiny gold or silver eyeliner or sometimes both, I have to restrain my compliments to her in order to keep from looking the fool and or pissing off her husband. At first glance I must admit Debbie did look a bit out of place here in the Mohave, but a few moments of level thinking acknowledges she would look right at home in a ranch/farm/garden in Africa and it would be me that would look out of place. Dan he dresses rather boringly like the rest of the good old boys, baseball cap, levis 501's, western shirts and work boots. Somehow I wish he would show up just one time looking all Zulu.

    The rest of the crew/guest list include Manny his Mexican family with wife and three kids, who speak the better English for their parents. My friend Lisa and her husband Fred is who a half blanket-assed-injun, of one kind or the other, and also is the foreman of the concrete company and caretaker of the property. And a young couple (I guess late twenties) with five boys, from a toddler to 'bout 12. A step daughter of some one and I guess 15 kids total including a trio of teenage girls around 15. And me the Viking.

    Due to my advanced age and great wisdom, my duty of the day was to run the stock book, thus keeping track of the birth nannie's ear tag number's, the new ear tag number's of the kids(baby goats, don't get the wrong idea) their sex and which one of the male kids we did not castrate. Now that I'm on the property clipboard and pen in hand, I tease the younger kids asking for their names and ages in case they get hurt or killed. For the sake of decorum and not wanting to be outed as a dirty old man, I stopped short of asking the teenage girls for their information. Let the work, fun, birthday party begin.

    And what fun it was, we had set a trap for youngsters to chase the animals down and separate the baby goats from the elders, but as always, it was only partially successful, so a free-for-all was always in the cards. Once it started, we all got into the spirit of things, dignity and cowboy hats got mixed in the dirt, piss and manure. I myself used the clip board as a flag to attempt to maneuver the herd into good position and made a few feeble attempts to catch one but only succeeded in getting one by the tail which quickly broke lose from my grasp. Then it was on to the sheep coral where due to their stronger herd mentality and more nimble footwork stayed bunched up and all but rumbled around and around the coral. But for the good help we got from the children this task would not of got done. It was the long-windedness of the children coupled with the pride and determination of their parents that had the new born baby lambs all finally run aground.

    After 4or5 hours of work, fun, and frustration, the adults yelling at the kid's with the top of their lungs, giving loud voice to orders and advice (always a great stress relief at these events) a few bruises, scrapes, and a minimum amount of crying( I did good), we got the job done. And it was on to the party part of the day.

    Debbie the wife of the owner had just arrived and the covered, partially sided and of course concrete slabbed pavilion began to transform from a empty space into a semi-outdoor dinning space. Folding tables and chairs appeared and the tables were covered with blue and red pieces of thin plastic that only had to be hand held for the few seconds it took for many containers of food to do the job of preventing the ever present breeze(wind) and the occasional dust devils of our golden valley to have their way with our pretty plastic table cloths.

    I'ma gonna take the time to attempt to describe the holy meal no one had to voice a grace for, the spiritual appreciation was obvious to the pious and they choose to hold their tongues. I think I did notice the Mexican family and the young couple with the five boys bow their heads for a brief moment, but the rest of us heathens, Africans, mongrels and a Viking dug right in. Perhaps some of us said our grace when the animals were butchered, perhaps some of us don't care 'bout grace.

    The meal included Debbie's homemade African version of hot pockets, one type stuffed with spicy meats the other a mixture of vegetables, slow cooked BBQ ribs, that Dan took credit for ( I forgot to ask which type of his animals they came from). A container of one inch cubed spiced meat, another of spiced livers, a big bucket of what I believe to have been recently frozen french fries that the kids devoured while avoiding the liver and veggies. A stack of grilled on the spot corn tortillas some kind of egg roll, taquito looking things and a few other entr'ees I have forgotten. Anyway it was topped off with a birthday carrot cake, point being it was a meal of different cultures all very much enjoyed by people of different cultures.

    That all said, allow me to attempt to grind this down into something that is important to me that I believe can have some small positive impact for the POM. There was only one person that I've known at this shindig for more that a year. Do you see what that means?

    Now, my friend Lisa I've known for around ten years her man Fred around three, Ken and Debbie a year, Manny and his family about 8 months, the young couple with the five boys I just met that day. Some of them kids I'd seen at previous events at the property, some I had never seen before. The three teenage girls never seen them before, wouldn't mind getting another look at them a few years from now.

    After the meal over beers I did get a chance to try to connect with the father of the five boys by giving him my most sincere look straight into his his eyes and saying in a low tone serious voice "you know I believe that it is men of your mindset about family that are going to save this nation and the world." I must say he did appear a bit taken aback for just a second but quickly recovered and gave me a knowing head nod, I gave him one back we held each others eye contact for a second longer and the connection was made. I will see this young family man again when he accepts my invite to come get some my vegetables or if the crop fails at the next shindig.

    A year ago most of the people out at this ranch/farm/ garden were unknown to me. Do you see what I mean?? Awhile back and old rancher who I had befriended lost a friend that he had known the full 86 years of his life. I asked him if he was going to the funeral, he said 'no,' then paused and said 'you know Pete the thing about getting old is you lose all your friends.' I said 'yeah I guess that is hard. Huh?' Mike then replied "Yeah, but it helps a lot if you make new friends.' Do you see what I mean?

    It is men of a proper mind set that are going to save this nation and then the world. I'm gathering them around me as we speak. There is no woe in me.

  13. I loved this piece. You are so right people need to wake up. For what they have been listening to all their lives is not true. The Demos, BLM and Muslim brotherhood all back by the same group socialist communist party. Its all about control and power. Yes we have a new POTUS, thank God but our fight is not over till we drain the swamp and let the Truth be known what has been going on few centuries.
    Blessings to you all.

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