The Great Battle for Western Civilization

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The age of pretend is now coming to an end. There is no more hiding and running from the truth which we have all known for generations. This truth has laid dormant in the pits of our stomachs and in the sands of our minds. It is a truth which we cannot outrun. It is a truth which cannot be forgotten or ignored. It is a truth which is rushing at us like an out of control freight train. It is a truth with consequences that cannot be avoided.

We can no longer pretend that this truth does not exist. We can no longer pretend that this train is not real. I’m writing to you now in this time of revelation so we may unite on that deeper level where all men and women share a common purpose.

For our purpose is not to remain in silence as our civilization is shattered and tormented. Our purpose is not to act as cultural cannon-fodder for those who mean to invade both our lands and our minds. Your purpose is now to stand firm in unification with the brothers and sisters of our common civilization.

Our civilization has been built over thousands of years of bloodshed and sacrifice. This sacrifice began in the year 33AD and provided us an example of both love and what it means to give the most precious gift of all. It matters not whether you are religious. This one event, real or not, was the defining cornerstone of Western Civilization, and throughout all the trials and tribulations our civilization fought and crawled its way through both periods of enlightenment and horror.

For all its faults and shortcomings it is our civilization. There are those within and without who have been strategically chipping away at its interior and exterior for over a hundred years. Perhaps even two-hundred. The methods used have been as varied as the million thoughts of a deranged man running headlong into the freight train.

This man was followed by a woman. The woman was followed by another man. On it went throughout the years and decades as one after another deranged minds and souls slammed themselves into this train. Their madness pulled together like gravity and became the train. The denser the train became the faster it moved and the louder its hysterical laugh could be heard in the distance ahead.

The towns and cities built bridges and tunnels for the train. Terminals were engineered which allowed more to get on but not get off. It was a one way direction into cultural oblivion. The train was long. Thousands of years long. It’s tail end was the remains of civilizations long gone and rotted into the dust of degradation and vice. It was the great collector of human weakness and desire.

We all pretended like the train didn’t exist. The more it came through our towns and homes the more of our children it took with it. We pretended this wasn’t happening because our children still sat in the room. But we all knew they weren’t there.

The train began to tell us what to think and feel. It told us how to speak. Every track that went in a different direction from its self-fulfilling prophecy was torn up and melted down so it could continue adding to its steel underbelly. It roared and roamed and no one could escape from its twisted embrace.

It told us it wanted love. It told us it wanted sameness and fairness. It told us it could never hurt or harm us. It wanted what was best for us. It wanted to make the world a wonderful place of peace and tranquility. But its unnatural existence denied it the acceptance it so wanted. It denied itself the one thing it wanted more than anything else. It denied itself reason.

We stand here now, in this period of grave threat. We stand here now for the purpose of defending and maintaining our way of life. We are the dream of all those who came before us. We are the dream of freedom and reason which can never read from the deformed book of death.

Western Civilization must now stand together. We are Westerners. We are Canadians. We are Americans. We are English and French. We are Spain and Germany. We are Ireland and Italy. We are Australia and Brazil. We are South Africa and Russia. We are white. We are brown. We are black. We are men. We are women. We are all those who have now decided to stop pretending.

For hundreds of years an enemy has been growing inside our homes and lands. We have allowed this to happen because the enemy told us it was the right thing to do. It told us killing millions of our own children was the right thing to do. It told us destroying our families would make us stronger. It told us we could be whomever we wanted to be and do whatever we wanted to do.

It divided us by race and sex while it promoted sameness. The madness of its own design created a form of cultural blindness. It projected all its own faults onto the masses like a beam of light from the head of the train. It’s own sadness and deformity danced through convulsions in the shadows just out of reach of the light.

We are now attempting to slow the train and stop it. We want to save those we love who have been absorbed by the train. There is a movement in all Western nations to achieve this goal. But only together can we shed ourselves of the false skin which has been placed over us. Only together can we save that which matters most.

Together we can realize the dream which those before us dreamed. Make no mistake, the battle for Western Civilization has begun. The enemies are both within and without. The battle lines are being drawn. But we have a small window to turn it all around. We must stop pretending that the train isn’t real. At its end it is the fastest and most dangerous. At its end it could do the most harm. At its end it will be the loudest it has ever been. At its end it will still deny itself the reason it so desperately wanted. – JC

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