Gloomy Times Ahead for Fiat Currency

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The Slow Extinction of National Money and Fractional Banking

The old elites are facing a two-front war.

It’s strange that I still hate getting electronic bills on email. There’s something comforting about pilling up a stack of paper bills stuffed in envelopes. Once paid they make there way to another pile of paperwork which accumulates in a drawer, or file folder somewhere, never to be looked at again. There’s something about these paper bills that just make me feel like a part of the real world.

Though I’m beginning to understand the logic and organizational possibilities of electronic bills, it has taken years for me to accept the parting of ways with the low resolution world in which I grew up. The old man at the bank filling out his deposit slip and balancing his cheque book comes to mind when I think about it.

Damn. Am I that person now? Not quite yet.

The world is suddenly full of excitement and hopeful expectations. Trump is making America great again and all the right geopolitical chess pieces seem to be moving in the right directions. Even North and South Korea will be participating in the Olympics under one unified flag. Mind-blowing stuff to be sure. But will it last? I think so.

The Anglo-American establishment golems are running from the light of a world which is no longer afraid of them. Some understood the change that was coming and realigned themselves beforehand to ensure their wealth and families would have recourse in the new world. This process of change will take years and maybe even a few generations, so others may still have a chance to right some wrongs.

In the meantime we will witness once powerful icons and idols fade into a dim forgetfulness. They will lash out at the world and spew fear based venom as they retreat into the shadows. The Pope is now entering this phase with comments about nuclear war and World War Three. It’s almost sad, like the old man standing in the lineup at the bank, waiting for his turn to see the teller, while people quickly come and go from the automated teller just inside the doors, completely oblivious of his existence.

It has always been my contention that the US dollar would not collapse and cause widespread economic and financial destruction. That is still my position. But what I do see is the slow erosion of paper money as it rots and blows away upon the winds of technological change. The comparison between fiat currency and cryptocurrencies are as varied as they are accurate.

Some state that fiat, like dinosaurs, have become too heavy and will collapse under their own weight. Some make the comparison that fiat currency is like a horse and buggy compared to the cryptocurrency race car which is being unleashed. Others use the snail mail and email comparison which we touched on above. All are accurate reflections of the fate which will soon be bestowed upon the increasingly irrelevant fiat money.

To be sure, the Federal Reserve, and other central banks, will be looking at converting national currencies into digital money. But that is only half of the problem. How do the traditional centralized institutions remain functional in an increasingly de-centralized world?

Is there room for both centralized and de-centralized processes in a new multilateral world?

Multilateral is a word and concept which we have explored thoroughly here on POM. National currencies were never going to be the vehicle for the new multilateral world. That much was clear. There was always going to be the Special Drawing Right (SDR) multilateral asset, or some combination of regional Optimum Currency Area assets, like the test model euro, which would take over the responsibilities of the US dollar and other national reserve currencies.

You see, the imbalances which are inherent in the use of national money on an international scale were always going to cause problems. Triffin Paradox aside, nations like America and England, and the establishment cults which they bred, were always going to resist a multilateral change, as it would remove the destructive power they welded and whipped with the international use of national currencies in reserve capacities.

The development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has removed this power through a structural de-centralization process which these dusty old elites are now attempting to mold to their own centralized process. But it will never work because they are facing a two-front war. Not only are fiat currencies threatened by the blockchain, but the very foundation of modern economics and finances is also having its foundations eroded.

This is of course the fractional banking system which creates all money through the issuance of debt. As we have explored many times in the past, real wealth is the accumulation of human time and labor. The fractional banking system, in conjunction with the use of fiat currency, has leeched wealth away by forcing human time and labor to be accumulated in a debt-based negative wealth system.

Imagine going to work and getting paid on the blockchain by the second in real-time. No more waiting two weeks for the payroll deposit. No more cashing a cheque. No more free interest for companies as they wait the two weeks to pay you. Your crypto-wallet just accumulates your time and labor which you provide to someone else as a service, for which you in turn are remunerated in real-time.

Kinda wow, right?!

Nations, for as long as they even stay relevant themselves, will use a centralized version of blockchain based cryptocurrencies. Ripple XRP is one of these, which we covered in the previous post. But the de-centralized nature of the blockchain will ensure that governments will be unable to stop the peer-2-peer based technology.

Like the large dinosaurs who ate their food supply and eventually collapsed from being so heavy, or slowly starved to death, governments and national money will follow that same pattern.

There’s no needs to panic. There are still people, like myself, using snail mail. The overlap between both worlds will last for many years before the old simply just disappears quietly into the echo of the past.

The people of the future will not organize themselves around ideologies and centralized governance structures. The development of blockchain will have more of an impact on the existing world than the Gutenberg printing press did. Keep in mind that the printing press, and the non-Latin Bibles which were printed and distributed, fundamentally changed the control the Catholic Church had over the world, and directly led to the Protestant Reformation.

The central banking system developed as a response to the Reformation, and was used as a means to reclaim much of the wealth which the Church lost. Now we have blockchain technology which is making both central banks and ideological governments obsolete.

The disorganized masses are beginning to re-organize themselves around something new, which is presenting the old elites with a two front abstract war. Exciting. – JC

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30 Comments on “Gloomy Times Ahead for Fiat Currency”

  1. Unfortunately Kraken has a glitch they’re still trying to rectify regarding verifying new accounts. GRRR.

    Will try a new route as XRP is inching up.

    All that aside, love the post.

    Oh. Question JC. I have the desktop wallet for XRP. Do you use a hard wallet?

    1. I’m waiting to get the Ledger Blue hard wallet when they’re available again. Currently sold out. But using a desktop wallet for the time being. The one I’m using is Exodus. It will be adding Ripple soon. Ripple is being tested in Beta mode right now in the background on Exodus. Once added, you can add any of the other coins to the wallet, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.., and then exchange for Ripple right on the wallet. It will be easier then sending international payments to Kraken. It’s worth checking out what other exchanges offer Ripple as well. Kraken is very glitchy. Once you have them, get them on a wallet right away. I have Toast ready on the Mac. Don’t leave anything on the exchanges.

      I’m getting some Dogecoin as well. It’s a penny and…well…why the hell not.

    1. Thanks JC for the info. I was going to sign up on Poloniex but they have a notification that it would be weeks to get verified as they are deluged with new accounts so I scrapped that.

  2. Certainly the Dollar Reserve system was bound to fail, and it is in thart process now. No other individual currency can replace, nor would any wise ruler seek such.

    I still have serious concern about cryptos because of the basic fragility of digital networks subject to malware, etc., not to mention pulse weapons that could “erase” balances. I see them as a great speculative vehicle though, especially in the transition to what the new international structure ends up to be. An SDR basket has been the long rumored “solution”.

    Anything that can be created by fiat will not be a “solution”. Perhaps anchoring to hard assets can help stabilize, but even that has other problems. Meanwhile the existing debt structure has to be serviced, unless we are going to declare a Jubilee. I’m not seeing that being seriously discussed as the donor class for politicians would be displeased. LOL!

    1. The threat of malware is not any greater than it is with current online banking. It is good practice to keep your crypto off the exchanges and keep them in wallets. Preferably hard wallets. It is the wild west crypto days right now though for sure. Things will settle down in the future with some core centralized and de-centralized coins. In the meantime, shoot away and see what happens.

  3. Wow. So this new crypto currency is apart of the currency exchange? So should we get more hard assets in exchange for our fiat money. Or think of other items we can barter with until things settle? How long will the process last?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. I’m not sure about your question. “So the new crypto currency is a part of the currency exchange?” Which currency exchange are you referring to? The fiat money and the crypto money will overlap each other, just like they are now. Currently there’s more fiat money and less crypto money. That will gradually reverse over the years until fiat money is but an old memory like Blockbuster Video. The market cap of crypto is growing fast. No need to panic though. All will be well. Plan. Diversify. Be patient. And don’t panic sell during the dips. Blockchain technology isn’t going anywhere.

    2. Blockchain technology isn’t going anywhere.
      JC, that’s a solid statement. Blockchain is the Distributed Ledger Technology of choice for the US military. There is no other distributed ledger variations you can find discussed on .mil websites.

      DARPA Blockchain messaging system

      Secure Messaging Platform
      June 22, 2016
      The messaging platform will transfer messages via a secure decentralized protocol that will be secured across multiple channels, including but not limited to: 1) Transport protocol, 2) Encryption of messages via various application protocols, 3) Customized blockchain implementation of message deconstruction and reconstruction, and decentralized ledger implementation. With this messaging platform the business logic of the DoD ecosystem would be mapped onto a network of known entities sing distributed ledgers. By doing this significant portions of the DoD backoffice infrastructure can be decentralized, ‘smart documents and contracts’ can be instantly and securely sent and received thereby reducing exposure to hackers and reducing needless delays in DoD backoffice correspondence. As an example, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR) could be implemented using the secure ledger. Regulators with access to the ledger could read the correspondence and thus easily verify that a MIPR transaction didn’t violate Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

  4. Thanks JC for showing the path forward, you are putting it all together really nice! I really appreciate your suggestions and tips in this new and exciting world to come. It’s great to read about your thoughts about this new future, I would feel very lost and have a much harder time to see the directions the world is heading without your great work!

  5. Awesome information JC….feeds credibility to my thought and actions….parts of my mind that have been dormant since a child are coming back to life….I am awakening to the now….I am a blockchain bloomer…

  6. One more great post , JC !

    It ‘s really amazing to see how you are able to put every part of the puzzle together and the path forward .
    Just can add one thing . I discovered this cryptocurrencies world in November , when the Bitcoin fever was really hot hot hot .
    It took a few weeks to open an account and get inside , but I did’nt buy Bitcoin . Instead I started with Ethereum , and just like you JC , some Dogecoins , just for the fun…..
    Last week my exchange added the Ripple and now I also have some XRP . For the moment I think both will perform great as the public has still not really discovered the potentiel of blockchain technology .
    Things are really moving fast there ….. Have you heard about Hashgraph ?

    I am really enjoying to be part of this extraordinary community ! Thanks to all of you , with a special thanks to Carpe Diem and the usual talking heads !
    Have a nice day !

  7. As a kid growing up in Ohio we had plenty of those Amish horse and carriages. From time to time you would read about one getting hit by a car. They seemed to always be rather tragic meetings of old and new.

    Some youth would drive too fast and just as they would go over a hill they would come upon a slow moving horse and carriage modernized with a slow moving vehicle sign and oil lanterns. With no time to stop and the inexperience to handle the speed the exuberant youth plowed right through that old, slow horse and carriage breaking it beyond recognition.

  8. JC,
    Once North Korea, Iran and Cuba become members of the Rothschild central banking “empire” (which now seems to be taking place under Trump), won’t they want to still have control via massive sovereign debt? And, do you think they will want to issue their own crypto-currency to then serve as the reserve crypto of the world? Possibly a crypto-SDR coin? Is this possibly the long-term direction? Is blockchain and the crypto coins being issued now just a pre-lude to that potentially eventual outcome? Just a thought I had. Would appreciate what you think as well. Thanks!

  9. “A little-known alliance between the US and Tsarist Russia led to the Russian fleet showing up in force in New York and San Francisco. It arrived at a crucial time in 1863 when Britain and France were on the verge of intervening in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. An actual world war was on the horizon that would “wrap the world in flames” as Secretary of State William Seward put it. The mighty Russian presence deterred the Anglo-French from invading, and the Union was saved”

    Reading the above in the article below, made me think of the rumors that the Russian Navy is once again “protecting” the US since 2017, in the East and West coast. I keep hearing this and if true, it proves that the Modern Russian Federation with its Double-Eagle is in support of the US once again and with Trump as her president also a Double-Eagle! Thanks to our JC for helping us with ancient symbolism.

    The following paragraph sounds like 2017-18 situation if you change the term Elite with “Liberal Elite” who call Trump and supporters racist which may imply a person who is favor of slavery. The Hollywood and the super elite who gather in Davos i.e. the modern “Aristocracy” dislike Trump, who may be the Abraham Lincoln of 2018. “All the while, Britain felt that a divided US was in the British interest, making her North American possessions more secure.” This definitely sounds like the current elite of Britain such as the Globalist Left and the Muslim London Mayor who would do anything to keep the US divided, all so to promote their globalist vision and to eventually to balkanize the US.

    ” The British ruling class actually sympathized with the North’s intention of freeing the slaves. But President Abraham Lincoln initially shelved that idea to keep the border states in the Union. He thus lost support of the aristocracy. All the while, Britain felt that a divided US was in the British interest, making her North American possessions more secure. She was officially neutral, but it was a neutrality that masked an unmistakable hostility.”

    There is a multi-layered war ongoing and the seemingly losing side in the US are actually saying that none other nations but “Russia” is “interfering” with the US political system. I wonder if they are saying this consciously or is it only a rhetoric that has been repeated so many times that it has lost its significance for the “Liberal elite”.

    One last thought is that who (which nation/entity) precisely, the Russian Navy is protecting the US from?! All answers on a postcard, please.

  10. The British Pounds is rising every day against USD and it is very probable to expect it to be at the pre-BREXIT figure of 1.5 USD to one, GBP and even more. US Treasury Mr. Menuchin said that the plan is to “Stabilize” the currency i.e. USD. This is in line with the POTUS’s announcement of intending to lower USD so to stimulate trade to make US goods & services attractive and competitive. In the meantime, All Cryptos are in a stagnant position. They tell us, it is because of the Chinese new year but, there must be more to this.

    I invite you to watch this brief speech by President Trump and some words by the British Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump says, “There’s nothing that would happen, to you, we will be there to FIGHT for you”…In reply she says, “…we are facing the same challenges…”

    It seems, that some behind-the-scenes acts have been perpetrated against Mr. Trump’s counterpart in the UK and he promises to support her. Yet, this sentence may contain much information that is coded, “There’s nothing that would happen, TO YOU, WE will be there to FIGHT for you”. This confirms an alliance of a Strong US President to support a British Premier Minister who has been in a very weak position by the Globalists and Europhile agents of the EU. Conservative PArty of UK much like the Republican Party of US has enough supply of RINO which we may name TINO (Tory in name only!). Thinks of David Cameron as one example.

    This war is entering a new phase it seems…but all is calm on the surface.

    1. Hey Carpe Diem, I haven’t watched the video yet but do you think May is awakening and saying the Catholic church or crown beast turned its back on her? If so maybe Trump is the hand of help in her transformation?

      “Her father was a Church of England clergyman (and an Anglo-Catholic[5]) who was chaplain of an Eastbourne hospital…”

      “May was educated primarily in the state sector but with a short spell at an independent Catholic school. She initially attended Heythrop Primary School, a state school in Heythrop, followed by St. Juliana’s Convent School for Girls, a Roman Catholic independent school in Begbroke, which closed in 1984.”

      1. Hi Dane and thank you for the info on Mrs May.

        The way I am seeing this and I may be completely wrong here but I am sensing a battle inside the very establishment which Mrs. May came from. The situation is almost identical to what the US is experiencing, that is two factions are at war for the control of the steering wheel. The battle is of course between the Globalists and the nationalist or the Patriots. I also agree with you on the probability of Mrs. May to be somewhat associated with the Catholicism but this best viewed in many layers, in which Catholicism is only one layer, albeit a large one. However, Britain is a predominantly a Protestant nation and the Queen of England is also in charge of the CofE that is a protestant church. In fact, the British Queen is the head of state as well as head of the Church. So, IMHO the fact that she is educated in a Catholic school is neither here nor there because the Catholic Church as it stands today and politically speaking is in the same camp as the Globalists, at least the current Pope is definitely showing any indication otherwise. On the other hand, we have Mike Pence the US Vice President who is a Catholic and he is the VP of the US. I hear many US patriots of disliking him and the issue of the 25th amendment and Pence being a Catholic raised many rumors and anxieties about him. So far, there is nothing to indicate that Pence being a Catholic may be a threat to the POTUS and I hope there won’t be an issue.

        I think that Britain as a whole is going through a big transformation since WWII and as such there will probably many changes. It is fascinating to see that Mrs. May’s premiership coincides with President Trump in an almost similar way Mrs. Thatcher and President Reagan were. This is interesting since it is a rare situation when two of the most important nations have nationalists in power which is a break from a Socialist/Globalist rulership and with this situation as we are currently witnessing much power can be taken away from the globalists and handed back to both Britain and UK.

        I have heard there has been at least attempts to remove President Trump via physical force i.e plot of assassination! We know at least one attempt on Mrs. May’s life and a physical threat, which I believe the Grenfell Tower in West London was all about. The interesting fact is that the Royal Borough of Kensington where this tower block was has always been a Tory safe seat, but for reasons that are similar to what Democrats do in the US, the safe seat was lost Labour. Kensington is the richest borough in the whole of UK but the North Kensington area had a huge influx of Arab Muslims as well as Spanish and Portuguese and others. In fact, immediately after the fire, Mrs May came to visit the damage and meet with people but the Islamist Labour supporters ensured she is scared off and would not talk to anyone which was a cunning plan by most likely the Globalist planners to give a warning to May not to flirt with the US president. Her security promptly took her out of the area and the media made a big deal of that scene. I think you may be able to find the clip on YT still.

        I can, therefore, say that I believe that the battle is ongoing inside the cabinet office perhaps and she is in danger of being removed by her insiders which may open the door wide open for Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour party to block any attempt by the nationalist faction in the UK that are incidentally are the majority of the population. This is all a chess game where a wrong move can mean a checkmate to her. I also think her administration is having to step very carefully not to be seen in any shape or form interested in a deviation towards Trump but inside, Mrs May knows the price should she give in to the Globalists in her cabinet and the parliament. The signals that may be coming from London is, therefore, confusing at this moment but the future of Britain is NOT in EU and she would be wise to turn to Trump’s US of A as well as to conduct trade with the English speaking nations she once ruled over.

        As an example of the dog and pony show that is required to keep the globalists happy, here’s an example, do I believe anyone in Mrs. May believes in Russian fake news? no, it is a globalist ploy to ensure the illegitimacy which they think any non-globalist government really is, i.e. a Russian hack. They don’t believe in it whatsoever but in the absence of a good defense, or better said a logical retort to the rise of nationalism, this will do nicely.

        “Britain to set up intelligence unit to combat ‘fake news’ by foreign states”

        1. Hey Carpe Diem regarding this division in Britain do you know which way Sadiq Khan leans? I mean if the protestants are not the true protestants anymore and Sadiq Khan is leaning the Catholic/York/Muslim way perhaps we are seeing a reformation/counter reformation in Britain. They are pretty evenly split on brexit. I would think the ones wanting to leave the EU are protestant leaning and the ones wanting to remain in the EU may be Catholic leaning. Just a thought but at the surface its fairly plausible.

          “I have heard there has been at least attempts to remove President Trump via physical force i.e plot of assassination!”

          I can see this also. I haven’t been following the news but have been hearing how Melania isn’t traveling with the president right now. And with the fake news exploiting this observation with things like “she is dancing well” and such it’s almost as if they are trying to play on Trump’s egoistic emotions to taunt him.

          But like you said its not much different than right here in the US with our politics also. Maybe its kind of like JC’s mine site when he was talking about trust being the key. Right now new loyalties are in their infancy and are trying to be developed while other….trouble makers are trying to disrupt this process. Which can show the value of blockchain logic because it is embedded with a system that doesn’t need to rely on trust or loyalties. The proof of work portion ensures no double accounting can be done and or hacking and the smart contracts allow for binding agreements. Ethereum contains both of these elements within its blockchain.

          Adding this to your newest comment about the US Fed. Res. and depreciating the USD plays right into what JC said about balancing the world’s trade imbalances. China could lower their exports and Eurasia could be supplied by the Korea’s and ASEAN while the America’s can do the same on this side of the world. It would seem that as we enter into a time where the worlds electromagnetic field is weakening allowing all these fluctuations in weather patterns. I would think bad weather at sea would disrupt trade shipping. At least in the Atlantic/Caribbean area. Are ships automated? If so can they reason whether or not they are sailing into bad weather, like say a hurricane?

          Here is another good article to compliment JC’s post on Sunni and Shia lines of thinking. Someone probably commented it back then too but here it is again.

          1. Hello Dane and thanks for the link on Islam’s two waring flanks.

            I think that whatever is going in the US right now, we can see a similar pattern is happening in the UK which is basically, the leftist/Globalists cabal and their minions are under a serious threat of annihilation. On the other side are the forces of Nationalism and leaders such as President Trump and many other world leaders right now. I heard the Ugandan President is a big admirer of the US president but there are also many closet supporters of the US president and they wait to see which side is winning before exposing their overt support! I can safely say that President Trump has supporters inside of the Iranian apparatus of power namely the armed forces and to a high degree inside Iranians and other nations but for many reasons, this suppressed support will be displayed at the right time. In short, any person and anywhere who loves his own country will gravitate towards Trump, pure and simple.

            As such, we can easily divide the current world events between the forces of nationalism against the forces of Globalism. The Nationalists are easy to spot but the many tentacles of Globalism are in many many movements and ideologies which they have infiltrated and now own. There are similarities between the Globalist camp in that they ALL have worldly ambitions in controlling and dominating outside of the borders of any nation from which they operate from. These Globalist assets are, The Catholic agents with direct involvement of Vatican, the Jesuits, The Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi and Salafist Muslims, Mullahs of Iran and their version of Shia Islam which is ultra-militant, many other Islamist outfits, Zionists, Fabian Socialists, Marxist International, Soros funded groups in US and other countries through his Foundations.

            The above are only some of the ideological elements and tools of the Globalist international movement. One of the achievements of Globalists has been the creation of the EU which is a centrally managed system of rulership with many undemocratic methods of control. The most important achievement of the EU is the creation of a block with a single currency i/e/ the EURO. The next success, if they can pull it off is the creation of the Euro-army (or other names they have already decided for it!), which will be the creation fo USSR II.

            The creation of a single currency has created many nations without sovereignty which means they can not print their own currency and they are reliant on the one-size-fits-all model of managing their economies. nations such as Greece is bankrupt and has massive social problems as a result since it is not in the same league as German and France but it shares the same currency!

            Returning to Britain, and given the above, it seems that the only crystal clear and unified movement where no split or fragmentation as our JC would call it, has occurred inside of it, we have the Nationalist people who are gathering around patriotic leaders. We have Mr. Nigel Farrage the Euro MP and the ex-leader of the UKIP who also has close links with President Trump’s administration and his excellent colleague, Mr. Raheem Kassam who is now an editor of the Brietbert in Washington DC. UKIP was the party that Nigel Farage worked on for the past 20 years to take UK out of EU. The leave camp got %52 and the Remainers, (aka Remoaners) got %48. Again, President Trump has appeal to British people as well as the Dutch, Germans etc. as he speaks the language the perfectly understand and appreciate. The only people who do not understand are the MSM and one suggestion has been to stop them coming to the WHO press room and waste everybody’s time by asking repetitive and nonsensical questions instead of asking about the economy, jobs, trade etc. etc. Trump TV is an excellent idea which RDS has suggested!

            Mr. Sadiq Khan is a Muslim born person from Pakistan/Indian background I understand. In a TV program he said he is either Athiest or agnostic (can’t remember but he attarcts the Muslims in the UK since they think he is a practcing Muslim!) but in fact he is a Fabian Socialist (almost ALL athiest) and during a recent Fabian Socialist gathering where British Nationalists disrupted the meeting and one raised the “US flag” (this is a BIG deal amongst the Socialist Brits and it is like showing a Cross to a possessed person!), which to me it reads as the US President Trump is in charge of the international Nationalism revival…basically a two finger sign to the Leftist establishment and a warning to them, albeit politely done.

            What is important to consider is that Globalism has infiltrated almost all large and small Churches, Mosques, Synagogs, temples of any denomination since the end of WWII. The education system has also been so corrupted and compromised that the kids coming out of any school or university are to a major part been brainwashed in seeing the world ONLY through the prism of Socialism. Socialism adopted Islam as well as the Catholic Church. Reformed Judaism is also another tool of globalism and Reformed Judaism implies they have a Socialist/Marxist worldview. I wonder if you saw the news yesterday about John Kerry has had a meeting with the Palestinian rep, in London days ago where he told him to not accept any peace deal with Israel as Trump will not be around for much longer. Now Kerry is a Skull&Bone member and also of European Jewish background himself and one would ask, what is playing at here! As I have mentioned, the entire Khazarian clan would not want any peace in Isreal as it will end their supremacy everywhere as it is through the chaos in Eastern Med. region where they can control things to their favor. In this way, the people of Israel are also under the oppression of people like Kerry, Soros and other criminal agents of the Crown Beast. I have also heard that Kerry’s action is treason under the old Logan act, but likely not much will be done to these people, we shall see!

            regarding Trumps’ travel to Davos, IMHO, arranging security for the President himself is a difficult task alone and taking Malania along may have been a bad idea altogether. Nevertheless, the Globalist loudspeakers aka MSM look for any excuse to attack Trump and his family. So yes, I agree completely with you on,

            “now new loyalties are in their infancy and are trying to be developed while other….trouble makers are trying to disrupt this process.”

            Until the war is over and globalism is defeated, we shall see such games to continue.

            One other thing I wanted to say is that the problem is not and never has been with Catholics but the problem is with the leadership of this theological institution since they have aligned completely with to the most part with globalists or Marxists which makes them further away from anything close to what their own original teachings and ethos has been. The same can be said for Islam in that the problem is with their leadership and politicization of their religion.

            I think you are correct regarding the Blockchain and it is a way of taking power from the power elite by possibly “fragmenting” their domination and giving the power back to people, possibly!

            A wise friend. once told me an interesting quote as “history is the study of the transfer of power”. We are seeing and observing as it happens right now at front of our own eyes and how one elite becomes annihilated and hands over his power, in the case of Saudi elite, Money which is power. What President Trump is doing, is a combination of both i.e. force (which has not come in yet!) as well as making the US a good place for the multinationals (such as Apple with near $1Trillion capital mostly overseas!) to come and invest.

          2. I forgot to comment on your last point:

            “Adding this to your newest comment about the US Fed. Res. and depreciating the USD plays right into what JC said about balancing the world’s trade imbalances.”

            In fact, I wanted to mention the JC was the person who directed me in his great articles regarding the unnecessary pressure on USD as since 1973 when USD became the standard currency for buy/selling Oil. This artificial demand had caused the internal problem for the USA economy internally and several factors will ensure USD will find it’s correct pricing without any external stimulant. The oil sufficiency of the US also helps now. Therefore, the low USD will absolutely help export and the recent Trillion Dollar money for the infrastructure will be a fantastic addition to US economy.
            A Just and powerful US is the best thing that can happen to this planet. There is a long way to get there but I am sure people are waking up to the atrocities of the past 50 years inside the US. Nevertheless, until the high-level criminals stand in front of a judge and justice is served on ALL of them, no economical miracles will work. A Strong Justice system that treats all equally in a court is the foundation of any truly successful and just nation.

  11. “Miami bitcoin-only listing may have a buyer
    And the real estate agent behind it says he has another ‘two or three’ bitcoin-only listings coming up”

    “A Miami penthouse listed for 33 bitcoin on Friday already has interest from a potential buyer in Spain.

    Real estate agent Justino Eduardo Ferret with United Realty Group listed his client’s one-bedroom condo in the Miami neighborhood of Edgewater, north of Downtown, in exchange for digital currency that would amount to just over $540,000, and he’s only accepting bitcoin.

    The move has caused quite a stir for Ferret, who says he has another two or three bitcoin-only listings in the works.

    The seller of the penthouse is fellow Uruguayan Ciro Fodere, an American citizen and classical pianist who currently lives in the same building as the penthouse, which he purchased in January 2016….”

  12. I just read this interesting item by Mr. Martin Armstrong the American Economist regarding the US treasury secretary Mr. Mnuchen Calls for Weaker Dollar. It is an interesting situation that GBP is being pushed up and USD is being pushed down…the European vs American thinking on the value of the currency and it’s political implications are fascinating that appears to have been born out of historical experiences and yet both seem to be fine for either side!

    “… you can bet that Mnuchin had a little help from his friend in NYC who piled on short positions before his speech. The USA had also wrongly believed that a strong currency meant a strong economy. During the Great Depression, Roosevelt’s Brains Trust were all against devaluing the dollar. Why? It is the bondholders. A devaluation of a currency means that you pay back with cheaper dollars.

    Europe, on the other hand, went through two World Wars. Their currencies went to zero. Politicians used the value of the currency and proof they did a good job and should be reelected. No American politician could run and claim that the dollar is up against Mexico, Europe, and Japan so vote for them.”

  13. Nice one Carpe Diem “history is the study of the transfer of power”


    Half of writing history is hiding the truth.
    ~ Malcolm Reynolds, Serenity

  14. LOL, good one Dane, Thanks. I will save this one. It sounds similar to Tolstoy’s ideas of history:

    “History would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.”

    Considering the numerous scenarios and differing stories on recent events namely, Charlottesville, Las Vegas and Hawaii from a historical angle, I think Mr. Reynolds was spot on. …but we still continue in search of the TRUTH. 🙂

  15. Just wanted to add this as a followup to my previous posting on the Trump-May meeting in Davos. I know this is not perhaps relevant to this thread and JC’s great article on the gloomy times of fiat currencies but it may be helpful in making some sense out of the confusing world events that are happening so fast.

    Todays Q’s posting on the UK is extremely interesting and as always it is coded. The Intel warfare within the UK security apparatus has been ongoing for a while. The helicopter/plane crash over the Rothschild mansion a while ago with a British helicopter pilot shows the level of operations going on.

    Here’s Q’s posting on the Uk situation and specifically as to why Trump in Davos looked at Mrs. May and emphasized that “we will protect YOU”, You perhaps means you are now safe?! There was no mention of the Royal family as it appears they are NOT working with the white hats!

    I have recommended two great films that may be a part of the predictive programming of the oncoming events regarding the UK political situation with direct relevance to Intel warfare and the US president visit the UK. I may have mentioned this before but I think watching them you will find tons of clues as to what is happening right now.

    Warfare between the Globalists trying to take over and control MI6 where forces of British nationalism neutralize a Soros like character. This film contains a dozen “Specific” clues as to the events currently happening. Spectre IMHO provides the blueprint and made in 2015. yet, the author(s) have studied events and actors such as Soros and Angela Merkle very well. Merkle Character speaks German and she is a “Frau Doktor” and she talks about her achievements in bringing sex slaves and workers into her territory! Note also the name of the Hotel where the codes are hidden, truly shocking and accurate!

    US president car/helicopter blows up by Islamists of London and saved with the assistance of the British Intel. Has President Trump seen this movie?!

    Jan 27 2018 02:48:10
    ID: 9400a1
    May is neutralized.
    MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.
    Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.
    These people are stupid.

    I also recommend this short clip of the speaker of the house of commons a Mr. John Bercow. See who is against Trump in the UK. Bercow reflects the American NeoCon’s ideology from within the British Parliament. In the US, the Neocons HATE President Trump. I wonder why?! The US Republican party is also ruled by the NeoCons and they constitute the Never-Trump camp.

    “Bercow is the first Speaker who is Jewish, the first Speaker to have been elected by an exhaustive ballot, and the first Speaker not to wear traditional court robes while presiding over the House of Commons. However, in accordance with tradition, Bercow does now display his coat of arms at Speaker’s House.”

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