Global Growth Contraction

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The End of the 400-Year-Old Central Bank Model

JC Collins

It became clear during the financial crisis of 2008 that the central bank model of providing liquidity for global growth was coming to an end. This followed on earlier financial and monetary events, such as the Asian currency crisis of 1997, which provided indications of a fundamental and structural problem with the global monetary system.

While some pundits, analysts, and policymakers across the political and economic spheres have been unable to follow the logic behind such a conclusion, the facts and trends are undeniable. The Bank of Amsterdam was the world’s first central bank and was established in 1603. This bank represented the preeminence of the Dutch Empire and was followed with the establishment of the Bank of England, the world’s second central bank, which in turn represented the emergence of the British Empire and expansion of the East India Trading Company around the world.

The East India Trading Company was instrumental in both spreading and enforcing the use of the British pound in all the regions of the world which it established business relationships and trade deals. A modern comparison would be perhaps found in OPEC, which regulated global energy trade and production while ensuring trade arrangements were balanced in USD. The history of such companies being aligned with the interests of its origin nation and the corresponding banking, business, and trade needs is widespread throughout the last 400 years. Such relationships spanned empires and borders as one after another central bank was established in the nations of the world.

The central bank model by design was intended to expand liquidity through the issuance of debt, or credit, which incrementally became the standard used for money creation. So effective was this model that money and debt/credit became interchangeable terms and few in the modern world have a working understanding of the dynamic between money creation and debt.

The core structure of the central bank model is that governments issue bonds or treasury notes and the central bank will purchase those bonds, or debt, and issue the legal tender currency of that nation into circulation. That currency is then borrowed by commercial banks and further utilized through loans, investments, and other asset purchases. Fractional banking policies are embedded within the central bank model and allow for all level of banks to leverage customer deposits as assets which can further be loaned out, requiring the bank issuing the loan to retain a small percentage of the initial deposit as assets. The loans themselves became assets in place of the deposits.

This model of central bank regulation and fractional banking has various manifestations depending on the nation and policy needs of the commercial banking sector in each particular nation. There have also been numerous forms of monetary and financial structures which have been build and embedded within the model. There have been gold standards, semi-gold standards, the Bretton Woods arrangement, which started as a form of gold standard but morphed in 1971 into a full-on fiat/debt based framework. All manifestations have been managed within the central bank model itself.

Over 400 years this model provided the liquidity for global growth, including the Industrial Revolution and the further industrialization and technological advancements of the 20th Century.  As the torch of primary reserve currency was passed from nation to nation, empire to empire, the strain on the system became greater and more understood by those economists who paid keen attention to the rumbling and shaking of the monetary ground beneath.

A fundamental fault within the model was the use of domestic currency as the common reserve currency. Reserve currencies were used to balance trade between nations but always made it easy for the wealth to centralize around the host nation.  This led to massive imbalances in the worlds wealth and caused some regions and nations to experience economic disparity and a drain of resource wealth.  There are other factors which should also be considered when studying the monetary history of the world and the movement of wealth, such as cultural restraints, trade routes, domestic political tyranny, different phases of modernization, amongst others, but the core structural problem has always been the centralization of the liquidity around the host currency and its hunger for ever more capital to keep growing and expanding.

The very basis and structure of the system has reached a tipping point where it needs to evolve or crumble into oblivion. The global demands for liquidity are only increasing as developing nations move toward further modernization.  The announcements by the worlds major corporations on decreasing revenues, and banks and institutions on decreasing liquidity, as we move into 2019 provide additional indications that this global growth cycle is coming to an end and a new cycle will need to begin on the back of something new.

Within this 400 year liquidity cycle have been many smaller cycles based on the inhaling and exhaling of the system itself.  This contraction and expansion of credit (debt) is fundamentally built around the function of interest rates.  The complexity of the system itself runs deep and is challenging to understand for the layman because there is no one place to learn all aspects and historical functions of the system itself. The unintended compartmentalization of the knowledge required to comprehend the financial and monetary architecture has led to a massive lack of educational awareness and ability to accurately analyze and predict the nature of the system itself.  It is only now near the end of the life cycle that we are able to observe and trend this nature.

This path of discovery and increased knowledge over the last 20 years has been something akin to walking up mental stairs towards the light.  The further up you go the brighter the light gets and the less we are able to see because of the blinding intensity and nature of the light. It’s only when we persevere and enter into the light that our eyes adjust and we can see the totality of what, moments before, we couldn’t see. From within the light we are able to look back upon the path we braved and see the full history of what came before.

There are many international economists, writers, and analysts, who are unable to see the unsustainable nature of the system. Those that do see the challenges are unable to recognize there is a growing solution emerging from the shadowlands of the outer peripheral.  This solution was given birth after the financial crisis of 2008 and has since spread around the world while the traditionalist economists and monetarists have continued to deny its existence and fundamental purpose.

The age of the digital asset is upon us, but we will leave that for another article.  – JC

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64 Comments on “Global Growth Contraction”

  1. JC,
    The US was the largest creditor nation after WW2 and thus became the currency that created the liquidity to the world. Now China is the largest creditor nation. The addition of the renminbi to the global reserve currency was not done unintentionally, wouldn’t you agree? So, why not just do another “gear shift” and start leveraging the Chinese credit pool and de-dollarize to the renminbi? That seems like the easiest way? The option with the least disruption anyway? Tell me why digital assets like XRP will be the choice? I just can’t see it. Not inside the light I guess? Please help me get there. Thanks in advance for your reply. Best, RJZ33

    1. I almost wasn’t going to reply. Not out of indifference but out of a low-level hum of frustration as I’ve covered this endless times in articles and previous comments.

      First, the Chinese do not want the renminbi to become the primary reserve currency in the world in place of the USD. They have stated this and it is due to the Triffin Paradox, which will also impact the renminbi. It’s this Triffin Paradox which took the US from the worlds largest creditor nation to the world’s largest debtor nation after the dominant use of the USD as the primary reserve currency. China knows this will happen and is not interested, which is why they were initially pushing for an evolved SDR to be used globally after the financial crisis in 2008.

      The push for renminbi internationalization has nothing to do with becoming the dominant reserve currency and everything to do with China shifting from a trade exporting model economy to a trade services economy. Think of it as financial services and products (assets) based on the renminbi. This will assist China in managing the credit bubble which has built domestically because of the very dollar standard they have participated in.

      Second, regarding digital assets. Are you suggesting that digital assets, a new asset class, will not be used in any meaningful way? Or that digital assets will be un-invented? I’m not sure how much you follow the ongoing developments in the crypto sphere, but you would not have the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange going live with their own crypto exchange (BAKKT) in the coming weeks, and you wouldn’t have major investment houses, like Fidelity, and major banks, central banks, etc.., all building and implementing their own crypto architecture.

      It’s extremely obvious that the digital asset class is going to explode global liquidity in the coming months and years. Periodically you comment expressing some level of doubt on this digital transition. I’m not sure what else you are reading but it sounds like you are getting some very bad information from someone. The time, money, and resources would not be used by these large institutions to build this digital architecture if they didn’t mean to use it.

      Just the other day the central bank of Kuwait issued a statement that they will be using XRP in cross border payments. That is just one of many. The CEO of Ripple is sharing the stage with the Deputy Managing Director of the IMF. It goes on and on. If you can’t see it at this point I don’t know what else to say to you. The existing model is no longer able to provide the needed liquidity to continue global growth. The model has reached its end. Period. The new asset class will bridge liquidity and allow the world to make the shift from analog economy to digital economy. As I stated in the article, not everyone can see it.

  2. Interesting question RJZ, I’m also curious about JC’s take on this.

    I’m a long time observer and first time poster but my personal take is that we are globally at a point where the traditional central banking system been exhausted and is in need of something new to catapult the world to a new level of innovation. From what Ive read, it seems many nations are near possible financial catastrophe. Maybe de-dollarizing to renminbi would just be least disruptive but it could also just be another short term band-aid.

    Digital assets grab my attention because of the possibility to provide vast amounts of liquidity in a decentralized fashion and to be something of a revolutionary turning point in global commerce such as how the internet and the shipping container increased the global economy to new highs.

    I truly really appreciate all the research and opinions that POM provides, Keep it coming!

    I will leave you all with a quote I found interesting from a linked article someone posted on POM

    “Jacob Rothschild, the patriarch of one of the families of bankers who are in public view, said in 2015 that there are only three ways out of the global crisis: a world war, a transhumanist technological revolution, or changing the petrodollar pattern to the gold standard.”

  3. RJZ33, I would answer the question as follows.
    As JC said (and Daniel alluded to) the problem is that the reserve currency is that of a single nation. So it would only be a temporary fix and I believe VERY temporary. The nature of the problem has been realised now and recognised, including by the Chinese. They have repeatedly said they do not want the yuan to become the next global reserve currency. It would seem to be an “exorbitant privelege”, so why on earth wouldn’t they want it? Because as we can see, as the system gets larger and more complex, each crisis that befalls it becomes potentially more catastrophic than the last. The Chinese do not want what happened in the US in 2008 to occur in China some time in the next decade or so, except likely with global consequences an order of magnitude worse. If it did, one can just imagine the reaction around the world, everyone pointing the finger of blame and lamenting the adoption of the yuan as the reserve currency. The hostility would be so intense and perhaps could even trigger WW3 with most of the planet aligned against China. Not a pretty sight.
    Forgive the high octane speculation there hehe.
    Another point is that the process of adopting the yuan would take many years, they are simply not ready for it at the moment. But it is becoming urgent to implement a solution, likely whenever the next crisis comes, which could be quite soon.

    Daniel, that is a pertinent quote. My take on it is that digital assets could either be a “4th way”, which Mr R would perhaps rather not mention publicly (at least not in 2015), or, could be considered as an element of the tech revolution out. I suspect the latter.

    Guys, I will get back to Pandora’s box later 😉

  4. In addition to the “poisoned chalice” aspect of it there is another argument against the yuan as well:
    Everyone has seen how reserve status has allowed the US to “throw its weight around” militarily as well as economically for decades. Much as Britain did when Britannia ruled the waves.
    Now would anyone really like to hand that advantage to China? That might be kind of a hard sell, to the Americans and the Japanese just for starters.
    No, as far as I can discern there is only one scenario under which it could possibly occur. WW3 happens first and China are the clear victors. Fuggedaboudit 🙂
    Sure, if they decide to back the yuan with gold/oil then it would likely rise in value and adoption, but it will never be allowed voluntarily to become the global reserve.

    1. Brother Redjon,

      Pandora’s box is wide open and I for one am bamboozled by the stuff coming out of it 🙂
      I just read this article as a kind of follow up to Estulin’s elaboration of the high level new and ancient world elite and thought this addition will add more details perhaps to the narrative he is narrating for us.

      Having been a Sufi initiate in an Iranian Sufi tradition as well as my parents and my grandfather in the early 1900s, I can now see why Estulin sees the “Sufis” as the modern Muslims and in many ways a kind of reformed version of the Islamic tradition. Firstly Sufism is the survival of the Iranian and specifically Aryan philosophy and a Humanistic school and secondly, Islam, both Sunni and Shia theology had been at odds with Sufi’s and their current that is in total and absolute contrast that runs against their ethos and principles. For that matter, Sufism is closely related to the Mithraism in rites and rituals which closely resembles the modern Freemasonry. regardless of what many may say about Freemasonry, we can see that their guiding principles were illumination and removing the shackles of humanity from the mind control techniques of the Abrahamic religions. If we have a corrupt Freemasonry lodge and Lodges and for that matter corrupt Buddhist and Sufi sects, we can not blame the original ideas and concepts for schools of enlightenment. The fact of the matter is all good institutions, will become corrupt and will get infiltrated and finally hijacked for other people’s causes. According to the Iranian scholar Saeed Nafisi, Sufism is the survival of Buddhism of the Eastern part of Iran. Iranian Sufi’s had been a target of the Islamist regime of Mullahs since 1979 and many today are in jail or been executed, even though they are Shia Muslims but the Sufi doctrine somehow makes the Islamists extremely nervous. The same kind of treatment is true in most Ismalmised lands. Alevi Sufi sect in Turkey is seen with the same level of suspicions.

      Therefore, reading this for me was rather illuminating in that how and why Sufi’s may be the reformed version of Islam and how their humanistic teachings and philosophy can assist the Islamic world. I am not suggesting if such a move is good or bad, just explaining what I have discovered in the rather cryptic names and groups as Datong and others, which Sufi’s are a group mentioned in Estulin’s elaboration.

      Again, as we have been following noble JC’s writings and articles regarding a need for reformation within Islam, we may have found a possible contender in the form of Sufi sect(s) as a potential candidate for some process of reformation, which has followers in both Sunni and Shai sects. It is noteworthy to mention that Sufi’s are perhaps in several hundred as schools if not thousands and they have totally different values and constructs as majority adopted their own unique socio-cultural needs and customs and each nation. However, we can consider the general ideas relating to Sufism to be very closely associated with the Buddhist and Zoroastrian philosophy and almost identical to Christian concepts of charity and loving-kindness to fellow man. As such very much unlike the harsh Islamic tradition and jurisprudence.

      One last thing to think about is that the Massive 1500 years old Buddha Statue in Bamyan, in Afghanistan was shot at by artillery rounds by Taleban in 2001. There is a tail associated with the distraction of the great Buddha in that the Taliban and their armies were destroyed and retreated into the mountain holdouts after the US and Nato forces invaded and removed Taliban from power. Many believe that the sacred site that was the pilgrimage place of the ancient world in West and Central Asia was the curse that the ancient souls placed upon the Taliban for destroying this holy Buddhist site. We do live in strange times!

      1. RJZ33, may have misunderstood you there, apologies. On the crypto market cap, I do see it going much higher this year. Yes plenty of coins will fall by the wayside, but even so, I will “stick my neck out” and predict the total crypto market cap will retest the previous ATH within the next 12 months approx. In particular the launch of Bakkt, as JC mentioned, should give it a great boost. There is also a theory, although I’m not totally sold on it, that the main driver of the last crypto bubble was capital outflows from China. If Beijing does go into a major QE phase as you seem to suggest, this may well reignite capital outflows in a big way. Hodl on…

      2. That’s great Carpe Diem thanks. Again I’ll need a little time to read, reread and think on that. There are so many spiritual paths, Sufism is one that I haven’t really looked into yet. However I do have a few pdf copies of books, mostly by an author called Idries Shah. I guess you may be familiar with his work?

        1. Hi Redjon,

          I know of Idris Shah but never studied his works other than a few articles about him (other than he was into Shrooms!). Sufism is not a religion and is supposed to have no dogmas, depending to which order you will come across, as each is different. As such, any person regardless of what religion they believe in can join. Sufism, therefore, is regardless as a spiritual path and at its core, it sees all mankind capable of rising up to the highest levels of human consciousness and for that matter, the Sufi Master (the Pir) that literally translates to the term “Wise Elder” becomes the teacher for this purpose. A good Sufi school provides the followers of the path with all the necessary tools in order for the student to experience the Devine through methods such as breathing, music, and above all the idea of Service. It is said that Service to all creation, reduces and removes the veil o the ego that Sufi’s believe is the cause of all man’s ignorance. There is, therefore, a very strong presence and emphasis and knowledge of human psychology that has existed within the ancient world which great psychoanalysts as C G Jung discovered that became a modern humanities science today. I would personally recommend the study of Gurdjieff as helpful as well as of course people like Idries Shah also. I would also recommend the movie made about Gurdjieff’s life and his experiences which I put below so to get familiarity with the character of this fascinating man:

          Sufism has one main mandate and that is to make wise and illuminated individuals from a spiritual aspect but also provides help and assistance to the downtrodden members of society. This model of social cohesion and support had been the method from the ancient times that was prevalent in old civilizations such as Iranian as well as the Chinese through wise old men as Confucious and perhaps the idea of Datong as we have talked about recently on POM. The interesting point is that the People’s Republic of China’s political operating system follows Communism which is a collectivist system but somehow because of the ancient civilization and traditions that China has, we are seeing gradually a possible return to its ancient roots as Datong system seems to suggest. I would like to make an observation based on my limited knowledge of the system of governance in China and the ancient social model i.e. Datong and the two systems are somehow are in contrast to one another, in that Communism is a top-down model and Datong is a grassroots or communitarian (Bottom-up) system where people see their duty to serve the greater good.

          1. Thanks CD, indeed the teachings of Gurdjieff are also “on my radar” but I had not mentally linked him with Sufism before, since he did not actually present himself as a Sufi. Similarly, the work of his best-known student, Ouspensky, who promulgated his system and also further developed some fascinating metaphysical theories.
            I am particularly interested in your mention of the use of music, which I know Gurdjieff also incorporated in his “Fourth Way”. I am aware of the whirling dervish use of music but suppose your reference was not limited to that.
            Thank you for the video link which I shall watch as soon as practicable.

  5. Excellent analysis JC. Thank you for painting a picture of this financial monstrocity. Could this be a plausible hypothesis in your view? One huge change from the current system we could see if we transform into a digital system is that there are a finite number of coins created. This would eliminate the ability to just print more fiat which could force a systematic change in the way we manage our financial systems. One thing I’m not too sure about yet is whether or not the scalability of each coin will be…adjustable, or if it will be fixed from the point of coin creation. If scalability of each coin is adjustable it could serve a similar purpose as printing more fiat I would think. So far I’m leaning towards the coin having a finite scale because for example each XRP coin has a million drops.

    Here’s some interesting reads on XRP.

  6. JC et. al,
    Thank you very much for your replies. Just trying to play devils advocate. I’m not trying to be frustrating. My apologies if I came across that way.
    Like many on this thread, I am invested heavily in XRP. I’m just trying to see things from a different possibility. I understand that China doesn’t want the yuan to be the global reserve currency. I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting that de-dollarization shifts to the yuan. As the FED tightens, China loosens/eases. Also, I’m not seeing the digital asset class growing right now. Market cap has now shrunk to $120B. I’m not saying either that digital assets won’t play a role eventually. I just think it’ll be after the FED does it’s tightening and China does it’s easing to counter balance. To me, this will be the scenario for most of 2019. Again, thanks everyone. I hope this clarifies. Best, RJZ33

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by de-dollarization shifting to yuan. Are you suggesting that the renminbi will replace the USD where the USD is now used to balance trade? The de-dollarization which is taking place is when two nations use there own national currencies to balance trade in place of the USD as the third party. Why would two nations which aren’t China use the renminbi as the third party to balance trade? That is, in essence, a reserve currency function.

      It’s not specifically you that is frustrating but many comments across multiple platforms. There’s only so many times you can repeat the same things.

      Based on what you are stating I would conclude that you see no upward movement in the crypto market this year. Would that be accurate? I would also ask that you keep in mind that this full transition will take years and not happen over a period of a few months. During this time there will likely be many up and down markets for crypto.

  7. JC,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I probably misused the term de-dollarization. I used it to mean the reduction in USD creation (quantitative tightening) and the increase in yuan creation (quantitative easing). Basically, easing away from the unipolar role of the USD. I hope that clarifies.
    And, I understand your frustration on having to repeat things so many times. Just keep in mind there are so many people/articles promoting wide ranging viewpoints that it’s hard to remember it all. For me that’s the case anyway. So again, thanks for re-educating me.
    As far as the crypto market, I don’t see the overall crypto market cap growing this year. I think many cryptos will get washed out due to regulatory issues, lack of utility, etc. I do see some cryptos increasing considerably this year like XRP. A short squeeze setup is there right now for XRP. All that is needed is a catalyst to set it off. I think we’ll see that coming in the weeks/months ahead.
    JC…sincere thanks for all you do. You’re a very smart and gifted man. Your past predictions have been amazing. I believe this one will be right as well. I just know that turning a battleship around takes time.
    Stay well, RJZ33

  8. Ripple just tweeted this. It’s just another feather in the hat of knowledge about the digital world that is coming.

    “We are building an infrastructure for global payments that will drive massive efficiency, and therefore, participation and unprecedented inclusion.” – @kahinavandyke in convo with @Ericvanderkleij at @CryptoFinCon #blockchain #CFCon19

  9. I know this goes without saying but just in case. Everyone understands that the research we share here is not financial advice correct? It is simply a sharing of the information we have dug up and our understanding of it. From time to time we also share our own person position and reasoning but thats it just a decentralized sharing of information.

    That being said personally I invested in XRP with a mindset of investing in an IRA or a 5 to 10 year bond. My original thinking was that if this was going to be like the dot com moment that it would need a similar timeframe to mature and evolve into all the fortunes we heard about. Most seem to forget about when the fortunes were first invested in and only focus on when the mainstream news published those newly realized fortunes so they have this sort of blind expectation of getting rich overnight. We can take this opportunity to work on our patience, it can bring us peace of mind and relieve a ton of stress. For me I did the research I needed to do to feel comfortable in investing some of my time and labor into XRP. Once that book was read and understood I put the book on the shelf and the XRP on a hard wallet and into the safe. The seed has been planted now its time for it to germinate and do its thing. Five to ten years that tree should bear fruit.

    I have to say although I am still seeing a 5 to 10 year maturation I believe my position has evolved and slightly changed through all this research into the changing world I see. JC posed a legit position a while back asking what if we never cash out our digital assets? It took me a while to get this into my head enough to play around with different ideas or understandings it inspired. While I was doing that and keeping an eye on the ever changing world I began to notice certain changes. Changes that facilitated avenues for a digital world. As these realizations took hold in my mind what JC said began to make more than sense, it fostered a totally different understanding of the transforming world.

    We are creating a digital universe modeled from the universe we live in which was created by our very own creator. In a way similar to the movie Tron or even the Matrix in some ways. Since we created that universe some time ago it took on the same character flaws we ourselves have in this universe and became centralized also. Now we have the responsibility to correct our errors and to fragment that digital centralization of power or knowledge. The way we are doing this is with a decentralized digital transformation much like we ourselves are going through in this universe. Do you see it? Do you see the evolution unfolding right before our eyes?

    Okay I kind went esoteric there so lets bring it back to earth. Soon we will have the ability to purchase real property with digital assets. There are also payment avenues being created to allow us to pay for our daily goods with digital assets. So it seems the important question to answer is how much of these goods and property will our digital assets buy us when the world has transformed? I understand the only measure we have right now is to compare with the value of the dollar. But if fiat currencies have been so manipulated through time that they have become disconnected from any foundation of value we have and we see so many market bubbles (housing values, stock values, etc.) are we measuring against something more abstract than reality? Perhaps its because we no longer measure what we can buy with our store of time and labor (money) but what we can buy in regards to what size monthly payment we can afford with our time and labor (debt).

    If so aren’t we wasting time checking the value of our digital assets everyday, consuming all of our energy looking under every rock, turning every leaf looking for that one prediction that will make us feel great today but horrible tomorrow when it doesn’t come true? It would be amazing if we could just stick our digital assets away and forget about them “mooning” for a few years. I enjoy researching and observing the changing world trying to understand as much as I can which brings wealth into this temple that no money can buy, be it fiat or digital. I’m after that Alchemical gold…that esoteric Alchemical gold, not fools gold 😉

    I saw on the news this morning how some representatives are creating a bill for elicensing. They want to make our drivers licenses digital for various reasons. The skeptical minded will see the “man’s” reasons and the open minded will see all the reasons. But beyond that it brought me back to that thought about each one of us being issued a digital token upon birth. I couldn’t find a way that they could introduce them to the already born but this may be an answer to that. An elicense could be stored on a token since blocks of the blockchain are databases and databases are designed to store data. Really cool to think about. Wonder what else could be stored in our token? Medical data, financial data, residential addresses, social security numbers…man the sky’s the limit 🙂

    Now how do I get a memory upgrade? Bwahahaha!

    1. So you’re not going to buy a gold-plated Lambo then Dane?! 😉
      I totally get it brother, however for those who may want/need to make a large purchase/investment or have large debt to repay in the meantime before the real dawning of the digital age, mooning would still be nice haha
      Also given the bubbly cyclical nature of digital assets (so far) the strategy of trading in and out of them would yield the best results IF executed reasonably well. That’s always a very big IF. All depends on one’s risk appetite of course, timeframe to retirement, etc.
      At present, accumulation is the name of the game, in my view.

      And yes it is absolutely clear that nothing on this site constitutes financial advice.

      1. LMAO! No, no lambo for me. Roads are too messed up I would go broke on maintenance. Then there’s that getting old and not being able to get up out of the seat and the traffic…so much traffic I couldn’t even let one breath down here. No, no lambo for me.

        Eh, the mortgage is getting paid with or without crypto, one month at a time. The fake equity has grown so much I could almost sell the crib and have enough left over to buy a house somewhere else that’s cheaper to live off the coming pension and social security.

        But I hear you. I’ve been learning the charts also and if I get a inclining to do some gambling when I no longer have a full time job I may dabble in some monthly trades. Day trading is way too much work though and the gains aren’t enough to overcome the fees right now. But remember, as the crypto market matures it should become less volatile and that would make short term trading less profitable. I’ve been getting a decent return on savings with this increased interest rate. I haven’t tried Upholds new option to earn interest with them. I’m still not into the stable coins which is what they pay interest in. As I learn more that position may change but for now thats where I sit on that.

        One thing I do want to do is purchase some commercial property so I can put some of my earnings to work for me. But it is looking like we will be able to purchase real property with crypto in the near future so again there may not be a need to cash out any crypto 😉 Of course I’m referring to the R3 venture with corda and their announcement they will be using XRP as their first pairing 😉

  10. Here we go, China will boost its purchasing of US goods in a effort to bring their trade surplus to zero by 2014. This $1 trillion move would consequently help the US reduce if not eliminate its trade deficit substantially over the next five years.

    “China has extended the olive branch back to the United States by offering a path to eliminate Washington’s burgeoning trade deficit with the country, Bloomberg reported Friday. The news comes less than a day after The Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump administration was considering lifting tariffs amid the ongoing trade war.

    China Proposes Six-Year Buying Spree
    Citing sources familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported Friday that China has offered to significantly boost its purchase of U.S. goods over a six-year period in an effort to re-balance trade between the two superpowers. By increasing its annual imports from the United States, Beijing would reduce its trade surplus to zero by 2024. That would require a spending boost of more than $1 trillion.”

    “US Trade Deficit by Country,..”

  11. I opened out of position with pot sized raise back in Oct., 2018. All the other players fold except for the Zerp, who just calls. We see the flop in Nov. 2018, I catch it good, I got straight draws, flush draws and full house possibilities. Check, raise, call.

    Dec. 2018 brings the turn and I catch the nuts, a full house. I make a min raise, looking for a reraise, but the Zerp just calls. Jan. 2019, the river brings a rainbow deuce, no help, no harm. I have the best hand, I got the “nuts.” I can’t be beat. All that is left to do is build the pot, I make a value bet, looking for a call and hoping for a reraise.

    The Zerp goes in the tank, leans back in his chair looking to the heavens, thinking and going back over the hand street by street. Leans forward giving me a hard stare looking for my heart trying to get a read on my soul.

    I’m loving it, so I go Hollywood. I try to avoid his razor gaze, fake a small swallow, increase my breathing slightly. Man I want a raise. It’s been two weeks now Zerp has been in the tank trying to figure out what he wants to do. I wait on Feb. 2019.

    It’s your move Zerp!

    1. I feel a song coming on:
      Gotta know when to hodl ’em…
      Would be great to have a game with you one day Pieter. It goes without saying, we’d play for xrp hehe

  12. Hi Dear Redjon,

    Sufi and Sufism for that matter are a generic name that is referred to a school of mysticism and it relates to such schools in the Islamised lands. However, Mysticism also exited in the Christian world and perhaps we know them as Gnostic Christianity. One prominent name of this school is the 13th century Meister Eckhardt and his teachings relate very closely to what we may call Sufism which is both regarded under Neoplatonism ideas and philosophy. What is important to appreciate is that Gnosticism which is the common element of any mystical schools or Mystical teachings have one ultimate goal. The goal is experiential union with the Devine or God. The only tool available to man is the concept of Devine Ecstacy whereby the follower of the path after given the necessary training and have gone through stages of initiation may be fortunate enough to experience. The idea of ecstatic Love of the divine is not sensual but it relates to literally experience the very idea of being shattered to pieces and truly experience the infinity that God represents in its full glory and magnificence. The fortunate students of the path whether Gnostic Christianity or Sufi’s must go through many stages within themselves in order to mainly remove the veil that divides man from his creator and that veil is none other than the ego. Removing the ego is like de-learning all the societal constructs and family education or often miseducation and all attachments to the world designation of one’s persona to the world which are again all constructs and perhaps to go back to the stage when one is born, in that one is perhaps born again without the weight of a lifetime. In some ways, de-learning means to throw away all the negative traits by becoming awakened and conscious of one’s unique personality traits. In combination with the regular technique of what Sufi’s call Zikr or remembrance of God’s attributes in the form of a name, which is more like one’s own password and must be never be divulged, the follower of the path is introduced also to breathing and rhythmic music. Therefore music plays a significant role in Sufi tradition and this is one of the items that mainstream Islam cannot tolerate. The other intolerance by Islamic mainstream that is shared with Gnostic Christianity is the freedom a fortunate student can experience from rules and dogmas of the mainstream theology in that experiencing the presence of the divine is absolutely possible to anyone without the need of a priest or mullah. This last item is the main issue of any mainstream theology with any form of Mysticism school of enlightenment.

    With that background and to answer your question regarding whether Gurdjieff was a Sufi or not, is that no he was not a Sufi but his journies in the Caucasus region of the Persianate world that covers Armenia, Georgia and central Asia, left a huge impression on him and his teachings are very much in line with what he experienced in his travels visiting Darvishes of the region and their rituals. I recommend the short wiki piece on the “Samsung Brotherhood” which sparked the light for Gurdjieff in his quest for mysticism. One last thing is that mysticism without Music is not possible and any Mysticism school has this feature because it is one of the pillars for transpersonal experiences. I would like to add, if I may, that Sufism and Gnostic Christianity has been spoken about and discussed in books and speeches etc. but without personal experience is identical to explain one’s dream in detail to another person.

    Btw, Gurdjieff composed and played the piano and here is one of his compositions…I believe there are recordings of him playing his own music on the piano on YT too.

    1. Carpe Diem many thanks. That’s a nice synchronicity because I was just reading about Neoplatonism earlier today and the name of Meister Eckhart came up. And the goal of henosis, union with the One. I had already begun to seek out some of Gurdjieff’s compositions, which are indeed mystical and wonderful. I shall be looking for more mysticism-related music…
      Yes I am certainly getting the message through my readings on various esoteric topics that breaking down the ego is the key to enlightenment. I believe this is also an important aspect of the Abramelin ritual which JC introduced in his article The Secret of Writer’s Island.

      Wow you are dropping a lot of bombs CD, keep up the good work! And the Great Work 😉

  13. ‘Who is winning in USA? Trump or Pelosi?’

    just read a fascinating interview with Robert David Steele an ex-CIA clandestine officer with Tehran Times. The choice of the newspaper and the content are contradictory in the Steele defends Trump on a regime-controlled newspaper belonging to the Iranian government but I guess it makes it even more interesting to read. The following paragraph I quoted is interesting:

    ‘I believe that President Trump will soon announce a gold-backed dollar, the nationalization of the Federal Reserve (at the same time that the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and many others also nationalize their Central Banks), the joint introduction by China, Russia, and the U.S. of a new economic system that recovers the mega-trillions stolen by the Deep State from all countries, and very soon — before 1 February — the release of over a trillion dollars into the U.S. economy from the bottom up, the most audacious transfer of wealth from top to bottom in the history of mankind.”

    1. If the morning news wasn’t lying Pelosi is winning. Last night Trump was going to give his state of the union in the house regardless of Pelosi’s concern for his security. This morning he isn’t.

      This back and forth rhetoric is costing both of them their credibility. Trump has boasted about a few things just this year alone and has backed off of them all. The Fed Res was on target to raise interest rates through 2019 and now folks are saying they won’t raise interest rates in 2019. So the only thing one is left with is to believe it when it happens, until then it’s all just boastful talking for positioning in the make believe world of people’s emotions in an effort to sway the votes at the end of the year. One thing that is curious is that if Trump is already buckling to just Pelosi and Schumer wait till the other folks running for president in 2020 start hitting him too.

      Proof is always in the pudding, and I haven’t seen much pudding to back up the rhetoric yet. I can say this movie is getting very boring though.

      Maybe the next step will be a partial governmental funding agreement keeping some of the estimated 380k government employees on furlough with an agreement to sit for wall negotiations. The partial furlough could remain until an agreement is reached on a wallfence or a fencewall. Any bets on it?

      I’ve still got that Russian $10 billion Bitcoin purchase rattling around in my head. Mix that with China controlling nearly 80% of all Bitcoin mining and it seems these BRICS partnerships may have evolved a bit. If they decide to back Bitcoin with gold it may facilitate the trade liquidity they need to avoid the US sanctions. Is Brazil even a player anymore? If not could they be replaced with Iran? If so could the original BRICS be expanded to include Iran? Man so many moving parts it’s hard to know which cup the steely marble is under;)

  14. My Carpe Diem
    I’ve been auditing the exchange between you and Dear redjon. I find I can’t quite keep up with all the esoteric, but find some personal solace in the fact my personal ego has a salve, in my understanding of Gurdjieff’s “Work Ethic.”

    If I’m reading GF correct, feel free to comment if I’m not. Work, be it the sweeping of streets or as a mason constructing a cathedral, raising crops, livestock, or building a dam. Go to work. When that part of your day is done we will talk about it, the greater work. I liked that about him.

    That stance seemed to me to address the ego.

    MCD, talk to me about Tartery.


    1. My Dearest Gentlemen, Pieter and Redjon,

      I had in mind to reply separately to each of you but since the topic is related, I will write a short message now As it happens, I am a fan of all so-called religious/spiritual music, ranging from Gregorian chants, Church Organ music and choir as well as Eastern devotional ones, in particular, the Sufi variation or genre. Some years ago when travelling in India, I bought some CD’s of a well known Pakistani Sufi female singer by the name of Abida Parveen and found her music ecstatic in the sense that there are repetitions that can easily be regarded as trance music, as I found it to be extremely trancy…if there is such a word!

      She is known as a Sufi musician and being a woman in a country that has become extremely fanatical since 1980s is hard to imagine but Sufi’s tend to have a reverence and respect in the entire Indian sub-continent that all people whether Hindu, Sikh et al. respect them and the Sufi’s in India have acted as the cultural glue that has managed to somehow bring peace and understanding to that region of the world. It also seems that the Islamists in both India (with more Muslim Peeps than Pakistan!) and Pakistan do not bother the Sufi’s who they regard as heretics of Islam. One other notable example was Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan known for the devotional style known as “Qawaali” who was rumoured to drink a whole bottle of whisky or Vodka before any performances. One might question why would a Sufi drink alcohol, let alone before a concert! That could possibly have something to do with the concept of Devine Madness” or Devine Drunkenness” or “Masti” which is a Persian word for being drunk that is also shared in Urdu and other Indian languages. Therefore, the Maestro may have been able to let go of his own ego during the recital and the ecstatic session, hence producing or better said, Inducing a sense of Devine Drunkedness in his audience. Sufi’s are viewed as heretics of Islam, much like their brothers, the Gnostic Christians who have always been oppressed and pressured by the mainstream for they are and have been selfless and can never be contained within the magic square box of the mainstream religiosity. All Gnostics are the original seeds of the same principle of worship of the supreme being selflessly and ecstatic Love of what the Sufi’s call the Supreme Being or God as “Beloved”. The term “Making Love” in all Sufi poetry and music is highly prevalent along with being drunk with the Wine of Oneness, that always riles up the shallow minded and control freak mainstream Mulla and Mufti classes. yet, Gnosticism is a human need and no priest, Mullah or Mufti can put out the fire of Love for mankind for his creator.

      Nusrat Fateh AliKhan became a superstar and Peter Gabriel and many other artists invited him in collaborating with artistic productions for films and one notable example was his collaboration in Mel Gibson’s great movie, “The Last Temptation of Christ”. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s choice by Peter Gabriel was more likely due to the power and ecstatic qualities which the movie was attempting to display Jesus Christs’s Love and adoration for God and the music played a big role in conveying that message to the audiences of this fantastic movie.

      Regarding the role that ego always has in preventing us to experience the majesty of the creator, I would like to say that the entire of Sufi schools is to reduce and remove the ego so the student can in time become aware of forces that operate in the universe. This is somewhat in contrast to what modern European occultists had attempted, namely Aleister Crowley and his followers thereafter, in actually “wanting” something such as communion with Angels or even demons. The very act of “wanting” is the attribute of the “ego” and such action will absolutely prevent the student of enlightenment to reach the highest peaks of spiritual wisdom. In Sufism, there is a term known as “annihilation of the self” which means attempting to be “nothing” or a “nobody” as opposed to “somebody” with magical abilities since they believe that the one who can will not, and the one who can not “wants” to be able to. The process of the cleansing of the self of his own ego removes his attachments to this world and will connect him to the powers unseen in any case but this process is to empty the students of his own ego and replace it with the light of the creator of all things. As such, the student can conquer demons should he need to without any act of “wanting”. The successful student at the end of the path, will have no will or need to negotiate angels nor demons as he/she will have risen above the lower gods and demons and the union with God removes his need to worldly admiration, simply because he will have been bestowed with the light which earthy people can clearly recognize.

      To return to our Pieter’s point regarding Gurdjieff’s work ethics, I can say that as you astutely pointed out, the idea of working is also a process whereby the ego is chopped off and the lower kind of work that one can be asked to perform will indeed assist in that process. In fact, this is very much the part of Sufi protocols of asking students what they do and if they say they are out of work or do not work, the Master of the path will instruct him to do paid or any kind of work that can take him out of his zone of comfort. In some Iranian Sufi schools, the Pir (Master of the path) may have asked a student to do menial jobs even though the person was highly qualified, as a means of breaking down their sense of self-importance and arrogance. I bet, you can think of a few people in politics and media as great candidates for such an undertaking 🙂 Nevertheless, each student may be asked to do something depending on their level of need and spiritual station. So work ethics which Gurdjieff prescribed was and is a great tool in assisting the student in his path to success and it is by no means a form of torture.

      It seems, Coke Studio in Pakistan is behind a lot of interesting projects and this one is amongst many others, with Abida Praveen. How can “She” get away with reciting occasional Quarnic verses and not be prosecuted by the Islamists is beyond me, yet her voice and music truly magnetic.

      1. Thank you kindly, Carpe Diem, these recommendations are greatly appreciated! I will check them out soon. I must say that your work ethic in terms of assistance and contributions here is a fine example to us all! Yes trancey is a word 🙂 and that certainly sounds like it would be my “cup of tea”.
        If I may just correct you on one minor point: Last Temptation of Christ was made by Martin Scorsese rather than Mel Gibson film (you are thinking of The Passion of the Christ) but yes I do remember the power of the soundtrack and will have to give it another listen.
        Your comments on the ego are well-made and well-taken. And align perfectly with something I remember reading a long time ago on another forum. It was a comment on the irony of the fact that the Western occultists pursuing The Great Work in order to become powerful magicians would find, when/if they ever completed the Work, that they no longer had any desire whatsoever to perform any magic (at least externally) at all! Similarly some occultists do strenuously advise against following the path espoused by Crowley, attempting to contact the HGA or “higher self”. One theory is that this is actually another name for the “psychic censor” – that which controls one’s memories, particularly in relation to dreams. If so, does one really want one’s waking thoughts (and hence actions) also subject to this same censorship? Well, there are arguments for and against. But anyway this is only one theory among many.

        1. Thank you Dearest Redjon,

          I appreciate your kind words and many thanks for the correction regarding film which I misquoted. You are absolutely right and my apologies and as you correctly spotted, I was referring to the Last Temptation of Christ by Martin Scorsese. I leave one of the numbers in the soundtrack with the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the tragic scene of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

          I found your comment regarding some occultists advising against following the path that Aleister Crowley took, very interesting as I wasn’t aware if there was any opposition in his methods. The simplest way to look at the whole occultism, Shamanism, Sufi path etc. is that once we understand the role of the ego as an extra entity within the conscious mind, we will appreciate that the way to liberation is to eject the ego or to reduce its influences from the seat of power within us so that we can live a happy and content life. As a humble observer, any person trying to take a gnostic/esoteric path must have a clear understanding of what they are undertaking and what is the objective of what they follow. If we also consider that the ego is the fake persona which we as adult humans acquire during a lifetime, we can also know that we are carrying attributes and traits which we have acquired along the way and some of these are survival techniques which some can be rather negative and misinformed and at worse destructive. Therefore, possibly the best way to see the purpose of all these schools and paths by having a clear objective in our own minds and by knowing that the intention is deliverance and not acquiring more tricks and methods at the end of the path, we can choose wisely by knowing that our deliverance is through love of all creation and the creator and not elimination of an opponent as negative occultism such as voodoo and black magic.

          Thank you also for mentioning the term “psychic censor” which I wan’st aware of but yes, there are arguments both ways, yet the decision as following each path is with us. I will look this up and get to know the arguments around it.

          I thoroughly enjoyed this exchange and I appreciate your knowledge and enthusiasm very much.

          God Bless and wish you a great day my friend

          1. Thank you CD, I think the term is derived from the Dream Censor posited by Freud. I believe it is accepted that most people actively dream for several hours every single night, yet few of us can remember anything but occasional fragments of that dreamtime. Why is this? Freud suggested that a censorship mechanism in the subconscious actively blocks dream recall. Even if we do remember a dream immediately upon waking, often one finds that such memories last only brief moments. It is as though the censor actively deletes the memories. Hence writing down one’s dreams is recommended, to prevent complete loss of the information. However some dreams are remembered vividly. So is this censor actually making decisions and allowing some dream material through the veil, perhaps in order to send messages or exert influence upon the conscious mind? If yes, is the censor a separate entity? Is it doing other things? Like editing our memories of waking events as well? I have no answers to these questions (yet!) but they are fascinating to ponder.

  15. JC sent out a tweet yesterday “Solve et Coagula” with a picture framing Trump on the left half and Pelosi on the right half. After thinking about it for a while I did realize a sway of the (normally extreme right) Fox News towards the left. Noticing this I checked out some of the (typically extreme left) news feeds and did notice a sway to the right.

    So it seems JC is showing us the Alchemical works in progress of merging the separated or divided base thoughts and emotions of people into one collective gold or unified people.

    Thank you JC, this gives some comfort to the frustration of all this back and forth rhetoric by giving it some sense of purpose and understanding of the process of managing masses of people.

    My hats off you to you pal. Thanks.

    1. Hats off to you as well Dane! Comments on the twittersphere are always very welcome as I am cut off from it. Yes I am also detecting a blurring of the lines recently. The Venezuela situation is interesting for example.

    1. Greetings My Dearest Pieter,

      As promised I have put together regarding the Tatars and their origins which I hope you will find of interest. To make the appreciation of the history of the Tatars and for that matter their ancestry and background, I found this rather fascinating short clip and an excellent way to start.

      The Turko-Mongolian managed to do the impossible where neither the ancient Achaemenid Persian dynasty nor Napoleon and now the modern Anglo-American alliance has been unable to achieve so far. The impotence of all the above which the Turko-Mongolians achieved was to conquer, dominate and control the massive Eurasian landmass for several centuries, even though they fractured into many groups and power regions as Tatars as one group who survived till today, albeit small and unimportant as a world power.

      “who rules the World-Island commands the world.” Halford McKinder.

      When I was collecting relevant information regarding the Tatars and how they came to become what they are today, I noticed something interesting regarding how our planet is a dynamic plane of movements of the military, economic, trade and real power centres between the East and West of the two hemispheres of a human brain. If you look at the map of the old world that is not taking into account, the Americas and Australia and just view the world map of Asia and Europe, at each end you will see two islands, the British Isles in the west and the Japanese one in the east and in the centre you will see the Eurasian landmass. I then thought of the words of the great British Geopolitician, Halford McKinder when he coined the term, the World Island and more importantly, the “Pivot of history”! It so happens that the “Pivot” is, in fact, the Eurasian landmass where the Mongols managed to conquer and leave their legacy all over the place in the very fabric of the culture and history of this planet. The term Pivot is in fact, the correct term since the Eurasian region is really like the middle part of a weighing scale separating the two halves the planet where civilization and history began and will be so for until there is life on this planet, simply because, the geography is the biggest “weight” that determines history and the path which mankind is progressing towards!

      Mackinder summarised his theory as:
      “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
      who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
      who rules the World-Island commands the world.”
      (Mackinder, Democratic Ideals and Reality, p. 150)

      I recommend the short Wiki piece on Mackinder theory of the world Island or the Pivot, specifically are to appreciate the Mongols achieved.

      It also occurred to me that, if we look at world history from the time when the wall of China was placed to stop Mongolian tribes attacking the Chinese empire to this day, we can think of how the power centres have shifted from the East to the West and then in the reverse order during the past several centuries when the European colonialists invaded the East, colonized and killed the natives all for trade routes and taking trade goods, such as Opium, Tea, Spices etc. etc. This return by the Western occupants of the world was probably as violent and gruesome as what the ancient Mongolians did to the West and the Eurasian regions. It is said that Changiz Khan’s army killed 80 per cent of the population of the Iranian territories in major cities as Nishapour and Merv in central Asia. The same Mongolian army killed 80 per cent of the population of Kiev in Ukraine and looted and burned all cities in the path. In the Iranian cities, it was recorded by later historians that the Mongol army even killed cats and dogs, horse, donkeys and anything alive. In the case of Iran, that nation is still paying the price of the brutality and destruction of its culture and assets, yet how Iran survived was due to its survival of her language, we know as Persian. Later the Tatars, Moghuls of India took Persian as the administrative language because it was spoken by a vast number of people of the ancient world in southern Siberia, Central Asia. Some historians believe, had the British not colonized the Indian subcontinent, the Persian language, instead of the English language today would have been the largest language spoken by the largest group of people in Asia and much of the Eurasian regions. So one way for a civilization to survive is to protect its language as language is the codes of civilization. The attack on “white people” is the attack on the language through linguistic fascism by changing the meaning of terms such as “Undocumented migrant” for “illegal alien”. The latest attack is fundamentally dangerous and that is, the game of “pronouns” and “gender fluidity” and insisting in transgenders are to be accepted in the military. Can you imagine how Changiz Khan would have viewed such a notion? How about General McArthur and many other US and British generals?

      I recommend the short Wiki piece on Mackinder theory of the world Island or the Pivot are to appreciate the Mongols achieved.

      I thought rather than write the history of the Tatars and how they came to be what they are today, I selected quotes from the many Wikipedia pages and put them in a way that it becomes less time consuming and possibly confusing to click between many pages on your computer and clicking on the hyperlinks to find the subject relating to the Tatars. The first thing to appreciate is that the Tatars are the product of one of the four fractured armies of the Mongols i.e., “the Golden Horde”

      The Tatars today are a scattered group of Turkic speaking people Mainly in Russia, Ukraine and other sub-groups of Tatars are in Afghanistan (Hazara people who are Shia Mulsim and speak a dialect of Persian). The main five Tatar groups are, however, Volga, Crimean, Lipka, Astrakhan (a region on the shores of the Caspian sea), and the Siberian Tatars. The Tatars are fully assimilated in the Eastern European nations they have lived in for centuries and yet they seem to have let their distinct Turkic/Islamic faith and culture intact. When the Russian government under Putin took back Crimea which was given as a gift to the Soviet Ukrainian republic in the 1950s by under the Soviet Union’s leader of the era, (Khrushchev), the Ukranian government maximized its efforts to pressurise the Russian government by making such publicity clips as these people are the Crimean Tatars one of the 5 main groups scattered in the Eurasian region.

      “The Tatars (/ˈtɑːtərz/; Tatar: татарлар; Russian: татары) are a Turkic-speaking people[9]living mainly in Russia and other Post-Soviet countries. The name “Tatar” first appears in written form on the Kul Tigin monument as 𐱃𐱃𐰺 (Ta-tar). Historically, the term “Tatars” was applied to anyone originating from the vast Northern and Central Asian landmass then known as the Tartary, which was dominated by various mostly Turco-Mongol semi-nomadic empires and kingdoms. More recently, however, the term refers more narrowly to people who speak one of the Turkic languages.”

      Division of the Mongol Empire
      “Mongol Empire and the empire fractured into four khanates, including the Golden Horde in the northwest, the Chagatai Khanate in the middle, the Ilkhanate in the southwest, and the Yuan dynasty in the east based in modern-day Beijing, although the Yuan emperors held the nominal title of Khagan of the empire. The four khanates each pursued their own separate interests and objectives and fell at different times.”

      Golden Horde
      “The Golden Horde was founded by Batu, son of Jochi, in 1243. The Golden Horde included the Volga region, mountains of Ural, the steppes of the northern Black Sea, Fore-Caucasus, Western Siberia, Aral Sea and Irtysh bassin, and held principalities of Rus in tributary relations.

      The capital was initially Sarai Batu and later Sarai Berke. This extensive empire weakened under rivalry of the descendants of Batu and split into Khanate of Kazan, Astrakhan Khanate, Crimean Khanate, Siberia Khanate, Great Horde, Nogai Horde and White Horde during the 15th century. A unified Rus conquered Khanate of Kazan in 1552, Astrakhan Khanate in 1556, Siberia Khanate in 1582, and the Russian Empire conquered Crimean Khanate in 1783.”

      Mongol origins (1225–1241)
      Main articles: Mongol invasion of Volga Bulgaria, Mongol invasion of Rus’, and Mongol Empire
      “At his death in 1227, Genghis Khan divided the Mongol Empire amongst his four sons as appanages, but the Empire remained united under the supreme khan. Jochi was the eldest, but he died six months before Genghis. The westernmost lands occupied by the Mongols, which included what is today southern Russia and Kazakhstan, were given to Jochi’s eldest sons, Batu Khan, who eventually became the ruler of the Blue Horde, and Orda Khan, who became the leader of the White Horde.[16][17] In 1235, Batu with the great general Subedeibegan an invasion westwards, first conquering the Bashkirs and then moving on to Volga Bulgaria in 1236. From there he conquered some of the southern steppes of present-day Ukraine in 1237, forcing many of the local Cumans to retreat westward. The military campaign against the Kypchaks and Cumans had started under Jochi and Subedei in 1216–1218 when the Merkits took shelter among them. By 1239 a large portion of Cumans were driven out of the Crimea peninsula, and it became one of the appanages of the Mongol Empire.[18]The remnants of the Crimean Cumans survived in the Crimean mountains, and they would, in time, mix with other groups in the Crimea (including Greeks, Goths, and Mongols) to form the Crimean Tatar population. Moving north, Batu began the Mongol invasion of Rus’ and for three years subjugated the principalities of former Kievan Rus’, whilst his cousins Möngke, Kadan, and Güyük moved southwards into Alania.”

  16. My Dearest Pieter,

    Thank you for your posting regarding the Tatars and their origin and history question. I am preparing a separate posting to answer your question and hope to come back to you in the next day or two, if I may, but I was looking for an opportunity to talk about the origin of the noble Polish nation for a while and I thought you may find it interesting since you are of the noble Polish ancestry. I guess that makes us cousins if not brothers as I am part Medes and part Persian 🙂

    Something that is noteworthy to mention is that the Persians are only one of the Iranic people and possibly the best known as per the Greek and Roman records but Iranians are a much larger groups consisting of many many tribes scattered from the early history in Asia and Europe, that stretches from Western China to the British Isles. Such information has been deleted or omitted deliberately since WWII and the Islamisation of Iran and the entire West Asia region is to remove any remnants and historical association of all Indo-European people and their most ancient ancestral roots that is Iran and Iranians with their cousins in Asia and Europe. In this scheme, a brutal form of Islam as ISIS and the Caliphate is relentlessly removing and destroying which the US and Europe are being systematically attacked by the cultural Marxism with Transgenderism, Hatred of the White people and making any references to Islam as a crime. Destruction of the family in the west is all part of the same efforts through the corrupt judicial system and family courts. Whoever is behind these attacks, is in full drive right now as the war is heating between what the globalists call the Alt-Right and globalism who is behind the massive onslaught against all Indo-European people and their heritage. any person who doesn’t know his/her own history and root will be annihilated culturally and we are witnessing the results in the way some of our young people behave today. This trend needs to be tackled and defeated by understanding the ethnicity and historical roots of each and every one of us. Therefore, race and ethnicity and its recognition and history are important to bring peace and understanding between all human societies and must be respected. We are all different but are equal in the eyes of the law…or should be!

    In the ancient times, the Polish nation was known as “the Children of the Medes”. Medes were an Iranian people and spoke an “Eastern Iranian” language which is the same family of Iranic languages as the Scythians who were the ancestors of the modern Slavic people. The following quotes are a list of how the modern Polish nation and their language as well as their culture. Having had Polish friends, I can say the linguistic similarities in words and names exists today after many centuries even though at that time, a Persian may have not been able to understand a Sarmatian with ease as languages evolve within the constraints of a landmass and geography and natural conditions in time.
    “In the south, in the area around Kiev, were the Poliane, a group of Slavicized tribes with Iranian origins,”

    “The Sarmatians (/sɑːrˈmeɪʃiənz/; Latin: Sarmatae, Sauromatae; Greek: Σαρμάται, Σαυρομάται) were a large Iranian confederation that existed in classical antiquity, flourishing from about the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD.”
    “Sarmatism (or Sarmatianism) is an ethno-cultural concept with a shade of politics designating the formation of an idea of Poland’s origin from Sarmatians, an Iranic people, within the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.”
    “Prior to the emergence of Kievan Rus’ in the 9th century AD, the lands between the Baltic Sea and Black Sea were primarily populated by eastern Slavic tribes.[16] In the northern region around Novgorod were the Ilmen Slavs[17] and neighbouring Krivichi, who occupied territories surrounding the headwaters of the West Dvina, Dnieper, and Volga Rivers. To their north, in the Ladoga and Karelia regions, were the Finnic Chud tribe. In the south, in the area around Kiev, were the Poliane, a group of Slavicized tribes with Iranian origins,[18] the Drevliane to the west of the Dnieper, and the Severiane to the east. To their north and east were the Vyatichi, and to their south was forested land settled by Slav farmers, giving way to steppelands populated by nomadic herdsmen.”

  17. “Alert: Unknown BTC Miners taking over the Bitcoin Mining Network”

    Applying a little skeptical creativity and we may be able to link this to the growing SPV’s JC has been talking about.

    If we suppose that the story about Russia purchasing $10 billion worth of BTC is true. I would think that having that much BTC one would want to secure that investment with enough mining power to have leverage on the direction or decisions for that coin.

    The article above says decentralization but it doesn’t take into consideration that one centralized party could be the decentralizing factor they are thinking of. China and Russia have been working together with India, Brazil and South Africa (BRICS) offering an alternative to the US controlled World Bank, Bank of International Settlement and IMF who have not helped some developing areas of the world as much as others.

    Now with these SPV’s coming into play. This BTC decentralization could go a few other ways as well. India has the largest solar power plant in the world, Iran has some nuclear power plants and may have some solar power and Russia is an oil producer so they could possibly create some pretty cheap diesel power. And there is that underlying point people keep making about BTC being the anti central bank coin. The central banks work with SWIFT which is how the US imposes sanctions.

    Also we shouldn’t forget about China’s BTC mining move to Iceland.

    “Bitcoin mining to move to ICELAND as new cryptocurrency hotbed emerges”

    “How Iceland became the bitcoin miners’ paradise”

    1. My thoughts exactly BeachDude. I lean towards the theory that this is a continuing policy of attempting by any means necesssary to gain a stranglehold on the world’s oil resources, in the knowledge that the USD is not going to be king much longer. Dominating/controlling energy markets will to a large extent mitigate the loss of power that would otherwise occur when the dollar is dethroned. Another part of the strategy is the attempt to do the same with tech. Restraining economic development as much as possible for China and anyone else that doesn’t kowtow to Washington. I suspect there will be little if any progress at the coming trade talks. Hope I’m wrong.
      These appointments (are they really Trump’s choices?) do not bode well for world peace particularly in oil-rich regions.
      And what does/will Q say about all this?

      1. Thank you Redjon,

        I agree with you and Beachdude regarding the strange situation when Trump employes a “never Trump” as a Special envoy to Venezuela. I am baffled as you guys are too but I am seeing other levels at play here and for that matter, the events should really be seen from many levels. There is one important element that we should take a look at and that is the role that the deep state regime of Mullahs who have been placed to do the bidding of the Liberal elite and their NWO system where nation states are sacrificed and in its place, religions and ideologies to take the front seat role for managing the planet and the population. This belief by the liberal elite stems from a theory that the belief is stronger than allegiances to a land! We are seeing Islam and a covert form of Socialism hand in hand and this by means is a surprise.

        I recall Dane wrote a while ago that the Crown Beast is now moving to China and the controlling the world through this old civilization. This is a fact and the visit by the Chinese leader Xi to London and meeting the British Queen and making London one of the main clearing houses for the Renminbi shows the strong connection that the City of London had with the Chinese elite for the past few centuries possibly! I am not suggesting the British Queen makes such decisions by any stretch of the imagination but what I am suggesting here is that she is possibly required to attend such important meeting once the real Crown Beast elite make important decisions for her to meet and publicize any such important step.

        The move to the East and specifically to China for the power centres of the Crown Beast may have started after WWII and the arrival of a Communist leader as Mao Zedong. Mao worked with the allies and later was assisted to power and his cultural revolution created the social infrastructure to transform China from a totally broken down society into a modern and more importantly industrial powerhouse which China is today. To assume that industrialization can take such a short time without assistance from the industrial world government and more importantly to be left alone is a mistake. China could have become what it is today where they now have the premier digital/electronic tech. in 150 years if she had not been assisted and yet this transformation took less than 50 years to a level that she can put a satellite on the dark side of the moon! I am not suggesting Chinese are not capable of such achievements but the short time span, suggests, it was an assisted progress.

        In the same region, we have Soth Korea that is a smaller version of PRC and SK, is also a super high-tech nation wherein 1980, it was not whatsoever. SK used to send Doctors, truck drivers and nurses as well as technicians to Iran in the 1970s when Iran was booming and rapidly becoming industrialized. These are hard to imagine but Iran had started an auto industry and was exporting to the region in Asia and Africa, as well as an armament industry and home electronic goods. All of this was abruptly stopped when Islamists took over. The question that is worth contemplating that in less than 35 years, how is it for a nation that was divided up after a war into two, could now make Samsung as one of the best small scale electronic industrial giants. SK is now one of the main five major nations that have her own Intellectual Property registries which are known as the “IP5”. The weight of SK as a nation with a tsunami of inventions, so important that must be a member of the industrial nations is worth pondering on.

        With my above preamble, I would like to suggest an alternative scenario on why and how, Trump is undermining Venezuela and yes, it has a direct link to oil but not as we think about it perhaps. Venezuela, has one of the largest deposits of known oil, with emphasis on “known” as oil is everywhere but the cost prohibits its extraction. The move by Trump admin in undermining the Venezuelans regime has made a lot of Neocon warmongers highly interested and they want to be a part of anything that involves either arms, wars or oil as that is what they are after. I am suggesting that Trump by placing a known warmonger and Neocon is getting what he wants out of the situation and that is to use them in preventing the old Liberal world order from the oil they have turned their heads in Venezuela. But, and this is a big but, Venezuela is in the same pocket as the Muslim Brotherhood and more specifically Iranian Mullahs. During the Presidency of Ahmadinejad, Islamic Iranian government made investments in Venezuela to the staggering amount of several Billion USD. This investment was in housing, a Truck/car factory and other investments, but in reality, the money was to fund a powerful asymmetric force with ideological training for Hezbollah so that Venezuela to become a centre for training and destabilization of entire South America. In this way, the Islamist Republic of Mullahs followed in the exact footsteps as the Soviets did. Therefore, the countries that are up in arms about Trump appointing the Venezuelan speaker of the house as the legitimate president of Venezuela are Iran, Turkey mainly! Turkish Airline also has direct flights as well as investment in Venezuela. Both of these nations including Qatar is still heavily influenced by the MB network.

        The Neocons work with anybody who they think will make them richer and currently, they are in bed with the Democratic party which is strange since, before Trump, they were acting like conservatives and Right-wing! NeoCons are therefore being used and they invest in the hope of post-Trump when they get back and reap the rewards of their investment in the new Venezuelan leadership but they are unaware that what is Trumps’s purpose is to remove all remnants of the old World Order Liberal elites and their powerhouses scattered around the world. I, therefore, see all this as a means of ejecting from power the strongest and possibly that last house of the Crown Beast that is the deep state Islamist regime of Mullahs who are being heavily supported by the MB network. We should also consider that in all the nations I mentioned, there exists a duality of powers and the two are fighting it out, to the death. therefore the schizophrenic behaviour from Trump is exactly the same behaviour as we are witnessing from UK, Russia, China and Iran as well as many other nations. There are few nations who have managed to consolidate power into one as one such example is KSA that has purged all remnants of the NWO from that nation and yet the war is raging in all the above nations. One more important to consider is that in a civil war as we are experiencing, loyalties and old links and cooperative tendencies is out of the window and all parties are all parties are aligning on a day to day and sometimes hour by hour connections and competitions. Therefore, nothing appears to be what we are witnessing until the dust settles and the winner is announced.

        In conclusion, I would like to say that taking the snapshot as a conclusion of events will not make any sense whatsoever and we must look at things from a higher elevation to appreciate and fathom what is really happening as single events such as arrest of Roger Stone and the subsequent end of the Gov shutdown by Trump is a typical snapshot. As such I tend to look at that as just an event that may be a tactic by either side and in the big scheme of things may be a big red herring. Also, that everything right now is schizophrenic and completely confusing and this is a feature of any civil war or for that matter any revolutionary condition.

  18. Heres some pretty big crypto…well XRP/R3/Ripple news.

    “SWIFT, the global banking payments network, intends to integrate technology from R3, the DLT provider behind the Corda platform.

    Speaking on stage at the Paris Fintech Forum, SWIFT CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt said:

    “Later today we are announcing integration with R3.”

    At the event, Leibbrandt was onstage with Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, which has long coveted SWIFT’s expansive banking network and often cites its aging architecture.

    In December of last year, R3 launched the Corda Settler, an application aimed to facilitate global cryptocurrency payments within enterprise blockchains and which would use Ripple’s XRP to begin with.

    R3 said XRP is the first globally recognized cryptocurrency to be supported by Settler, bringing the Corda and XRP ecosystems into closer alignment – something of a rapprochement considering Ripple and R3 were previously locked in a legal dispute.”

  19. Donald J. Trump


    If the committee of Republicans and Democrats now meeting on Border Security is not discussing or contemplating a Wall or Physical Barrier, they are Wasting their time!

    6:49 AM – Jan 30, 2019

    Donald J. Trump


    The Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran. They are wrong! When I became President Iran was making trouble all over the Middle East, and beyond. Since ending the terrible Iran Nuclear Deal, they are MUCH different, but……..a source of potential danger and conflict. They are testing Rockets (last week) and more, and are coming very close to the edge. There economy is now crashing, which is the only thing holding them back. Be careful of Iran. Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!

    8:56 AM – Jan 30, 2019

    Too much talk and not enough action makes Trump seem like a Snake Oil salesman. All bark and no bite.

  20. A simplistic thesis:
    Basically the US strategy is to “corner the market” as far as possible, for oil. Consider the major oil producers/reserves other than the US.
    Russia – sanctioned
    Iran – sanctioned
    Venezuela – sanctioned and regime change attempt in progress
    Canada – long-term ally
    Saudi – alliance cemented (never mind the odd murdered journalist, justice must not get in the way of business)
    Iraq – oil seized already
    Libya – oil seized already

    Once cornered, the price can be manipulated higher. This can be a means to throttle China’s economic growth. Oil is their “Achilles’ heel”.

    I think they realise this and are taking steps to reduce dependence on oil. Electric vehicles are being adopted at quite a high pace, for example.
    So the US needs to speed up the gameplan. Further actions directed at Russia and/or Iran are probably imminent I would think. The election of Trump may have been a speedbump but he now seems to be fully on board with it, maybe he was all along.

    Also when oil prices go high enough I expect there will be announcements of “surprise” discoveries of viable oil reserves in US territories. “Wow, who knew!?” 😉
    That should really help with those debts/deficits…

  21. Meanwhile, it seems the Fed has “caved” to Trump and now expected to cut rates / expand balance sheet. It might a be a little early to make that conclusion but it looks like the markets believe it will be the case. If so, could this be the beginning of the long-awaited dollar depreciation?

  22. Secretary Pompeo to Sean Hannity: “The previous administration had decided that the world’s largest state sponsor of terror was their partner in the Middle East. Iran. We’ve fundamentally flipped that.”

    The largest sponsor of terrorism is also involved in narcotics as well as human smuggling as a means of funding their murderous efforts for 4 decades, without any opposition from the world liberal elite! The Mexican border standoff and the democratic party who are aligned with the old liberal elite (NWO) are against the wall. Trump must fight the enemy within and the one scattered everywhere outside of the US territory. Trying to prevent the enemy from entering his territory is fairly simple (A wall will be a good start!) but to fight the ones outside is very complex and he needs willing partners to defeat the external threats. Secretary Pompeo mentioning the term “The previous administration” is specifically announcing those created the mess the world is in right now and in no uncertain terms, i.e. the NWO liberal elite of the US Franchise.

    1. hehehe, my devil horns are showing 😉

      “…prevent the enemy from entering his territory…” emphasis on “his territory” I thought it was the peoples territory. LMAO!

      I get what your saying…well what Pompeo is saying but he just fell into their trap. Now all they have to do to cancel out Pompeo’s speech is to say that the “previous administration” actually got some wall built. I know, I know Trump is trying. But the fact is he’s not doing. I know, I know it’s the Dem resistance. Dem resistance with a Rep majority in the senate mind you. But the previous Dem administration had Rep resistance and still got it done with a Rep controlled senate. Oh and was the senate under Rep majority control when they got Obaminationcare passed by the senate? See what I’m saying here? I guess my view of a defanged Trump brand. He said he gave up winning the house because winning the senate was more important. Now he says he needs 60 votes in the senate which requires some Dem votes. Not winning so much. I see a lot of hot air talk and no actions to back it up these days. Sure he’s got a lot of little things done but he’s not been successful at accomplishing the big things yet. N. Korea..time will tell. Iran..still the same just poorer. Syria..delays. the radar. Opiate infiltration..ongoing. China trade negotiations..ongoing. It’s like giving a kid a todo list and coming home to the kid playing video games with the list being incomplete. When asking why only some of the todo’s are complete the kid responds with the expectation that the merits of getting the little easy things done should excuse their unaccountability for the rest by using excuses why the larger more challenging tasks were not completed. Okay enough ranting 🙂

      I just saw this yesterday or the day before and it’s what I’ve been saying all along about this wall and yes we could use the wall for sure…BUT, it needs be built on a foundation that goes deep enough to stop…”El Chapo’s drug tunnels, explained”

      Not to be naive, wouldn’t it be par for the course to find out through the El Chapo court hearings that he was being paid by the CIA?

  23. Great arguments,

    and I hear you brother but let’s not forget what Trump’s primary job and businesses was before assuming the presidency. He was in the building trades in NYC where the building trade is almost exclusively and has always been controlled by the Italian mafia or the mob and other unsavoury people. To survive in that environment he must be a shark with loads of ever-growing teeth and as we know shark teeth grow constantly through its lifecycle so defanging Trump will only get him more stubborn and aggressive. 🙂

    To compare Trump’s presidency with any other post-war presidency is a little unfair in that he is an anomaly and an “upset” to the ruling elite who happened to liberal and establishment that is used to praising every utterance of the president but eventually trying to assassinate them also as the case with JFK and Reagan. With Trump, there is no nice words or niceties but an overt attack in every newspaper and media outfit. In short, Trump has no political base and his capital is what he says and yes you are right, in most cases, he has not delivered. However, he is presiding over a bankrupt nation and the US is now a toothless lion with a military that can no longer win a war in Iraq, Afghanistan and let alone against Russia or China without too many casualties. None of this is due to his doing and they all squarely sit on the doorsteps of the Clinton’s, Obama and Bush’s and are symptomatic of an elite who lost touch with reality. To you and me, he hasn’t done much but, think of the NAFTA, Paris Accord, NATO, Iran Deal and many others that would have costs Billions off the US and even the entire world! I think the best way to see Trump as Estulin suggests is to see him as a project but I prefer the term JC uses, that is a “catalyst” and I can’t wait to see what he’s got for us in his upcoming artcile!

    Our world is sitting on a timebomb and there is only one solution to all of this, as far as the liberal elite are concerned who have carried out this technique many times in our history and that is one giant bloody war and this time with an ambition to reduce the earth’s population to a fraction of what it is today. The Georgia Guidestones recommends half a Billion people only. If that’s anything to go by, we can see why the elite where busy buying land in Australia and Newzeland and making luxury bunkers when they were hoping to come up after we are all dead to smell the roses and watch beautiful butterflies…! “These people are stupid” is all I can say to anyone who thinks the next war, should it happen will solve all problems. But, it will resolve an important problem and that is, it will write off all our tax burdens and the nations we live in. 🙂

    The truth of the matter is that in the 4 years of WWII, there were occasions when the allies made progress and in others the other side. We are as of now, in the middle of a giant cold war, or better said an international civil war and for now, none of the players are winning but the nature of war is that a winner will emerge. I hope this time, the winner is us all, the human family.

    In the meantime, if the XRP (ever!) goes to the roof, it would help me enormously with my tax and mortgage liabilities, that’s for sure 🙂 “don’t make wars, Make my ripples high” LOL

    1. Lol. I hear you CD. I don’t necessarily agree with everything but overall i agree that we are all managed from a higher point aren’t we? Physical or spiritual we are all following a higher guide. I’m sure we will come out just a little ahead of most when the dust of this non classical world war settles.

      Lets just hope that Trump is not a fish/shark out of water. Ultimately, we all have to be brought back together for anything to be accomplished. This loss of productivity and waste of taxpayer money is killing me man.

      Hahaha, the higher XRP value goes the larger that tax burden becomes 😉 LMAO!

  24. “US Needs to Corner Oil Market For Dollar Survival w/ Mike Harris”

    This is a great interview with Mike Harris and it follows much of what was discussed in this thread. He said, “When PRC was given access to WTO, they gave her cart blanch access to the US patent office…we gave them 150 years of inventions for free”. which I mentioned earlier when China and SK are members of the IP5″. Great one which I highly recommend.

  25. Mr. Collins:

    I desire to present a couple of points for clarity.

    1. In response to your statement, “While some pundits, analysts, and policymakers across the political and economic spheres have been unable to follow the logic behind such a conclusion”, you are quite correct. However, I submit that some of these “pundits, analysts, and policymakers across the political and economic spheres” actually have understanding of the history and facts, but are paid well to keep the masses and sheeple in the dark. Many others are as lost and lack understanding as masses specifically because the “Power That Should NOT Be ( PTSNB) want them ignorant and unaware.

    2. “The unintended compartmentalization of the knowledge required to comprehend the financial and monetary architecture has led to a massive lack of educational awareness and ability to accurately analyze and predict the nature of the system itself.” My 50+ years of adult experiences with governments, military, and academic institutions indicates to me that in fact there are very “INTENDED” compartmentalizations to specific prevent awareness and understanding of the bigger pictures, actual structures, and plans at play.


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