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JC Collins

Written for the XRP Community Blog and published simultaneously on POM.

A connection between the North Korean peace summit and the global adoption of the digital asset XRP may not be holistically obvious to those of us who focus primarily on utility and the expansion of Ripple’s customer base and product offerings. Such connections aren’t easily supported by direct evidence and corporate announcements from either Ripple or the banks and institutions implementing xCurrent, xRapid or xVia.  The sole function of Ripple and its business strategies is to develop product offerings and build corridors for the widespread adoption of XRP. 

The function to remove the traditional obstacles for these XRP corridors belongs elsewhere with those who are uniquely equipped to manage and reverse the geopolitical and socioeconomic engineering which has taken place since the U.S. dollar was centralized within the international monetary system in 1944.  

There has been an increased frequency of such geopolitical reversals taking place on the global stage since the implementation of the Trump doctrine, which is in spirit a renewal of Keynesian Economics. These changes represent a multi-pronged strategy involving XRP adoption running in parallel with the re-alignment of regional alliances and trade agreements.  A more disciplined and modern approach to the reduction and elimination of the risks associated with military conflict provides a deeper level of engagement and importance around the achievement of XRP corridor milestones.     

South Korea is one of the largest crypto markets to date and Japan is on the threshold of shifting the whole market into the next phase of adoption with SBI VC going live in the latter part of July.  Consider the threat posed to both Seoul and Tokyo by a hostile and nuclearized North Korea.  Open communication and commercial engagement with Kim Jung-un will allow for a correlation towards adoption to form on the peripheral boundaries of common understanding in the region.

Such a correlation becomes even more important when we add the possibility that SBI may be including a foreign currency exchange XRP service to streamline and capture 50% or more of the Tokyo based forex market. Consider that the three core forex markets in the world are based in Tokyo, London, and New York.  This amounts to a considerable threat posed from an unstable North Korea right on the doorstep of one of the worlds largest forex markets.

But the more defined risk comes from the changing international role of the USD.  The heavy American military presence in South Korea is justified by the existence of a hostile North Korea.  Another lens would suggest that North Korea is hostile because of the large American military presence.  But to further understand this dynamic we need to explore some of how the USD based unipolar world came into existence. 

Though there are many facets to the rise of the unique brand of American Imperialism which began to evolve during the years between the two world wars, our focus will remain on the year 1944 and the agreement which took place at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire between 44 allied nations on the architecture of the post-war monetary system.   

In September of 2015, I wrote an article titled The Bretton Woods Origin of the Cold War.  The basic outline of that piece was that the British Economist John Maynard Keynes and the Soviets were both outwitted by the American double agent Harry Dexter White (who wore many masks) on the final wording of the agreement.   

In order to understand where we are going, we need to understand where we came from.  With that in mind let’s take a little side trip.  Stay with me as it will be worth it and you will come out the other end with a much better understanding of the potential forces arrayed against Ripple and XRP and why caution must be used as each milestone is reached and each new challenge emerges. 

From The Bretton Woods Origin of the Cold War: 

Years after the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944, Walter Gardner of the Federal Reserve found a yellowing piece of paper at Princeton.  While salvaging through the personal papers belonging to Harry Dexter White from the time period of the American and British negotiations leading up to the conference, Gardner found the handwritten note, which stated:

In Washington Lord Halifax

Once whispered to Lord Keynes:

“It’s true they have the money bags

But we have all the brains.”

The authorship of the note has never been confirmed, but it is widely accepted that Sir Dennis Robertson, the British economist who handled financial negotiations with the American’s during the war, and played an important role at Bretton Woods, wrote the note during the first Anglo-American discussions on how to structure the post-war monetary system.

Some obvious questions immediately come to mind.  Such as:

              1. Why was an Anglo delegate, one of Britain’s top economists, writing a note to the lead negotiator on the American team, one Harry Dexter White?
              2. Was this note given directly to White by Robertson?
              3. Did White find the note and keep it?
              4. How did White’s role as a Soviet spy factor into the content of the note?
              5. What is the reference to “they have the money bags”?

The last question is an easy one to answer.  At the time of the Bretton Woods negotiations, the United States controlled two-thirds of the world’s gold.  Whether this was through strategic accumulation, or some other covert means, such as mechanisms used during the war by the Bank for International Settlements, the reality of America’s superior monetary position was clear in the lead up to the conference.

The fourth question is somewhat more problematic and will take some explaining, as I am proposing that Harry Dexter White was behind a master counter-intelligence plan to maneuver the world’s most powerful countries, including Great Britain and the Soviet Union, into accepting, and ratifying a Bretton Woods framework which was structured around the US dollar as opposed to the bancor, the unit of account which was recommended by John Maynard Keynes.

During the 1930’s Sir Dennis Robertson found himself at odds with John Maynard Keynes and became very critical and unwilling to accept Keynesian theory and Keynesian policy.  What caused this rift between two of Britain’s most influential economists is not clear.

This division in the Anglo team at Bretton Woods would lead to the failure of Keynes’ bancor asset and the rise of the American dollar as the global reserve unit of account.  In this rift can also be found the seeds of the Cold War and the refusal by the Soviet Union to ratify the final Bretton Woods agreement.

At Bretton Woods, the British delegation was headed by John Maynard Keynes and his concept of the supra-sovereign unit of account which he called the bancor.

The American delegation was headed by Harry Dexter White and his concept of using the American dollar as the global unit of account.

The wording which was built into the agreement was very specific, as all 44 countries, including the Americans, British, and Soviets, all contributed to the framework of the agreement.  One area which still required clarification was surrounding the term “gold-convertible currency”.

Benn Steil, senior fellow, and director of international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations wrote in his excellent book, The Battle of Bretton Woods, the following regarding this “inscrutable” term.  It is best to quote directly from the book:

“At the 2:30 PM Commission meeting the matter of the inscrutable “gold-convertible currency” naturally came up. The Indian delegate wanted to know what exactly it was: “I think it is high time,” he interjected during a lengthy technical discussion in which White had invoked the term, “that the USA delegation give us a definition of gold and gold convertible exchange.” At that point, Dennis Robertson, the British delegate on the Committee, apparently imagining that the issue was one of mere bookkeeping suggested that “payment of official gold subscription should be expressed as official holdings of gold and United States dollars.” This change would, he remarked incautiously, require wording changes elsewhere in the agreement. Bernstein concurred with Robertson that “gold convertible exchange” was hard to define, and that getting a definition “which would be satisfactory to everyone here… would involve a long discussion.” But as a “practical” matter, he explained, since national monetary authorities could freely purchase gold for dollars in the United States, and international holdings of currencies which might be used to purchase dollars were small, “it would be easier for this purpose to regard the United States dollar as what was intended when we speak of gold convertible exchange.”

“White must have had difficulty concealing his flush of excitement. With Keynes preoccupied managing the World Bank proceedings, Robertson had walked straight into White’s trap. He now made his second critical maneuver, peremptorily ending the Commission’s discussion of the matter. “Unless there are any objections,” he said, “this question will be referred to the Special Committee.” No objections being raised, he quickly passed on to another issue.”

“The next morning, 9:30 AM on July 14, Morgenthau began a meeting of the full American team by reporting cheerily that White had “worked up until three o’clock this morning with the Drafting Committee on the Fund and he feels [the text] is in excellent shape.” Morgenthau had no idea what exactly that meant, and likely no interest. But among the achievements of the committee, comprised entirely of White’s technicians, was strategically replacing “gold” with “gold and US dollars” throughout the 96-page Final Act. White never submitted the changes for consideration in Commission One, yet they would become an important part of the IMF Articles of Agreement. Keynes would only discover them after his departure from Bretton Woods.”

The statement which speculates that “apparently imagining that the issue was one of mere bookkeeping” which is attributed to Robertson is absurd considering he was one of Britain’s greatest economists.  Are we to believe that this peer to John Maynard Keynes would consider the use of one domestic currency as the global unit of account to be a “mere bookkeeping” issue?

The other part of the above quote which fails to pass the sniff test is the consideration that Robertson had fallen into the trap laid by Harry Dexter White.  Again, Robertson would have been much too astute to have believed that such a move by the American’s would not be made to the detriment of Great Britain, and other member countries.

The more probable scenario is that Sir Dennis Robertson, the man who was at odds with John Maynard Keynes and wouldn’t support Keynesian policy, had sabotaged the original intention of the Bretton Woods negotiations by not communicating back to Maynard Keynes about what was happening.

As stated, Keynes was distracted by the World Bank proceedings and didn’t even catch the fundamental change until after he had left New Hampshire.

Though Benn Steil brushes over these obvious discrepancies, his book is nonetheless resourceful and should be considered an otherwise reliable testament to what happened at Bretton Woods in 1944.

In Washington Lord Halifax

Once whispered to Lord Keynes:

“It’s true they have the money bags

But we have all the brains.”

Robertson sharing such information with Harry Dexter White is suggestive of a betrayal and a fatal division within the British negotiating team.  White would have been set on a mission to prove that the Anglo’s didn’t in fact “have all the brains.”

The Bretton Woods Conference took place in July 1944, at the Mt. Washington Hotel in Carroll, New Hampshire.  The town was later renamed Bretton Woods to reflect the importance of the agreement which took place there.

The institutions of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund were created at Bretton Woods.

The intent of the agreement was to design the post-war global monetary system.  Though most participants approached the agreement from the multilateral framework point of view, the United States had other intentions.

America was positioning itself to grab control of the world economy from Britain and prevent other rising powers, such as the Soviet Union, from gaining too much influence in the new system. The concept of a supra-sovereign unit of account, such as the Keynesian bancor, was never seriously considered by the United States and Harry Dexter White.  It was always intended by the US that the dollar would be the global reserve currency or unit of account used in the new monetary framework.

White began planning on using the dollar as the global unit of account as far back as 1936 when he was a mid-level official at the US Treasury.  This would strongly suggest that the concept of the supra-sovereign bancor was never seriously considered by the United States.

The other goals of the US and Dexter White at Bretton Woods was the liquidation of the British Empire after the war and the establishment of American hegemony.

The Soviet Union, originally onboard with a new monetary framework, and participated in the negotiations, refused to ratify the Bretton Woods Agreement.  This has never been fully understood, but after the fall of communism, and the release of once-secret documents, it has become clear that the Soviets felt betrayed at Bretton Woods.

As stated above, the wording of the final agreement was altered by Harry Dexter White, the man who was considered by many to be a Soviet spy.  Considering the information presented here, it is highly probable that Harry Dexter White was successful in running a complex and intense counter-intelligence operation against the Soviet Union.

It was only when the wording of the final agreement was distributed that the Soviets got wise to the operation.  It’s not hard to imagine that White was feeding the USSR a steady stream of misinformation regarding the American position on restructuring the international monetary system.

The Soviets, to their credit, refused to sign an agreement which created global institutions as “branches of Wall Street”.  Dexter White, once considered by the Russians to be their man in Washington, had led the Soviets down the garden path, only to betray them in the final hour.

From this moment on the Soviet Union and America became locked in the early hours of the cold war.  What was once a great ally of the United States, Great Britain, and Canada, in the battle against Nazi Germany, now became a great enemy.

The actions and events which unfolded from that point in 1944 can be more easily understood through the context of what has been explained here.  But before we review that last segment, let’s do a quick review of the American goals at Bretton Woods:

              1. Peaceably and profitably dismantle the British Empire.
              2. De-Industrialize Germany after the war.
              3. Convince the Soviet Union to join the United States in a global alliance.
              4. Elevate the domestic dollar as the global unit of account.

The Soviet Union was not forced, or manipulated, into the one-sided alliance with America.  As such, the powerful Soviet empire had to be contained. At least from the American perspective.

From this moment the United States began a policy of isolating the Soviet Union and reducing the communist influence in the world.  The increased push on the military forces to reach Berlin before the Soviets is the most obvious representation of this change in alliances in the immediate days after the Bretton Woods Conference came to a close. 

You made it back to the main article.  Great work you dog-eared researcher.  The above information can now be applied to our ongoing analysis of the incremental and decades-long reversal of Bretton Woods and the international function of the USD. 

It should be noted that not all those on the American side were in agreement with a global use for the domestic currency.  Like Keynes, there were those who understood the imbalances which would develop in the years and decades ahead.  This has been called the Triffin Dilemma or Triffin Paradox.  To understand this we will turn to Wikipedia and its straightforward explanation: 

The Triffin dilemma or Triffin paradox is the conflict of economic interests that arises between short-term domestic and long-term international objectives for countries whose currencies serve as global reserve currencies. This dilemma was first identified in the 1960s by BelgianAmerican economist Robert Triffin, who pointed out that the country whose currency, being the global reserve currency, foreign nations wish to hold, must be willing to supply the world with an extra supply of its currency to fulfill world demand for these foreign exchange reserves, thus leading to a trade deficit.

The use of a national currency, such as the U.S. dollar, as global reserve currency leads to tension between its national and global monetary policy. This is reflected in fundamental imbalances in the balance of payments, specifically the current account, as some goals require an outflow of dollars from the United States, while others require an overall inflow.

Specifically, the Triffin dilemma is usually cited to articulate the problems with the role of the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency under the Bretton Woods system. John Maynard Keynes had anticipated this difficulty and had advocated the use of a global reserve currency called ‘Bancor‘. Currently the IMF‘s SDRs are the closest thing to the proposed Bancor but they have not been adopted widely enough to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency.

In the wake of the financial crisis of 2007–2008, the governor of the People’s Bank of China explicitly named the reserve currency status of the US dollar as a contributing factor to global savings and investment imbalances that led to the crisis. As such the Triffin Dilemma is related to the Global Savings Glut hypothesis because the dollar’s reserve currency role exacerbates the U.S. current account deficit due to heightened demand for dollars.

The other important piece which we need to understand is the emergence of the military-industrial-complex which developed from the new financial power bestowed upon the American business and banking interests which quickly realized the wealth potential of Bretton Woods.  President Eisenhower in his farewell address warned about this new form of Anglo-American establishment and its attempts to impose a de-facto hegemonic imperialism on the world through the use of the USD.  

Without turning this article into a book-length treatise on the geopolitical and socioeconomic aspects of international dollar machinations the reader should consider that all American military conflict and expansion around the world since 1944 was strategically based on supporting and enhancing the international function of the USD.  Even the SWIFT system of international payments was developed to improve the efficiency of the system and make it possible for economic sanctions to be imposed on those nations which wouldn’t tow the line and surrender to American hegemonic demands.  This will be an important aspect of the threat posed by Ripple and XRP.

It should also be understood that no other nation wants its domestic currency to replace the international function of the USD.  The Triffin Paradox is not unique to the dollar.  The same imbalances would impact all domestic currencies in the same role.  Analysts and journalists who suggest the Chinese renminbi will replace the dollar on the world stage do not understand all of the above which you now understand and can apply to everything you read moving forward.  Monetary policymakers in Beijing have been working on an internationalization strategy for the RMB but it has more to do with allowing the domestic capital markets to be opened to international investors in a manner which will prevent manipulation from foreign actors who may desire to cause turmoil in China’s financial markets.  

Okay, we’re learning a lot.  Let’s keep slogging forward because we’re almost there.  

As the function and influence of the USD is reduced around the world the rise of other nations becomes a paramount aspect which needs to be factored into our analysis.  The emerging market nations, such as China, Brazil, and India, among others, are incrementally shifting the world from the unipolar dynamic towards a multilateral dynamic.  This is where developing the XRP architecture becomes the major milestone towards a more balanced world.

As the USD unipolar monetary architecture is reversed and replaced we will experience dramatic changes in the world as old alliances wither and new ones, which are really old ones, re-emerge and allow for the development of new trade agreements and strategic resource alliances based on the regional efficiencies of bringing raw product to market.  These changes will take place within and around all previous and existing USD centered points of crisis and military intervention.  Everywhere from Iran, Ukraine, Syria, and the South China Sea will follow a similar path as the one taken by North Korea.  

To assist us in understanding just how dramatic some of these changes may be, I’ll turn to my friend Velina Tchakarova and her unique and intelligent perspective on a changing world.  Velina is Head of Institute at the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy in Vienna, Austria.  Her core work includes “research, consulting and lectures on Global System Transformation and geostrategy of global actors, particularly the EU’s role in Eastern Europe”.   

Velina recently co-authored a study paper titled “Will the EU lose the East?  The paper is summarized as follows:

Major tectonic shifts have been emerging between Western and Eastern Europe in terms of politics, economy, and social issues. This emerging dividing line is being additionally affected by the actions and approaches of significant external actors on the old continent. Currently, there is a wide spread perception among the political elites and the expert community that the EU has not been doing enough and even might lose its East if the external influence combined with the internal integration dynamics continue exerting pressure on Brussels and the member states without being properly addressed. External centrifugal forces have been emerging strong and are now aggravated by the launch of the Chinese grand ambitions in the area encompassing the former Central European countries, stretching across the entire Balkans, and reaching to ‘the grey zone of countries’ that separate the EU from Russia in Eastern Europe. From the EU perspective, there is a solid trend of external actors becoming more active and competitive in this geographic area of Europe.

The paper aims to analyse whether the EU might lose its East because of external pressure and competition by examining the approaches of the USA, Russia, China and Turkey towards the three geographic areas of Central Europe, Western Balkans and Eastern Europe. In each chapter, the EU perspective will be presented at the beginning, followed by the analysis of common patterns as well as competitive strategies of the other main external actors from the last few years. In the case of the Visegrád countries from Central Europe, the purpose is to identify main challenges for the EU in dealing with these countries next to the assertive actions by competitors such as Russia and China. Moving from member states to EU candidates, the Western Balkans will represent a second case study, where most of the countries is still interested in joining the EU but must also face concerted actions by external actors. Eastern Europe is the third region, where countries are most of all split in their attitudes towards joining the EU or deepening the relations with the rest of the regional players.

The study is reflective of a changing world where the American hegemonic USD infrastructure is eroding under the pressure of traditional alliances and borders which have been shaped over thousands of years.  The pressure building in Eastern Europe which Velina explores is reminiscent of the time periods in which the Hapsburg Empire and the Byzantine Empire controlled the East.  Each of these was more aligned with Russia on trade and security then they were with the political, economic, and religious powers in the West.  We should anticipate a North Korea type solution (Trump doctrine) to the West/East divisions within Ukraine and other nations which border on Russia.  

While Ripple is developing the technology and corridors for XRP the responsibility falls on others to transform the geopolitical landscape and allow for the more aligned and functional corridors to spread around the world.  

The recent comments by Ripple’s Senior Vice President of Product Asheesh Birla about Ripple’s desire to corner the market in India and plant its roots in the world economy are aligned with everything you have read above.  Birla stated the following:

And so now, I think that in our pipeline we have probably 50% of the market in India, either integrated onto Ripple or in the deal, in the sort of pipeline to be signed to India. And guess what, we’re going to take that back to Wells Fargo, and we’re going to say ‘there’s not a better way to send into India than Ripple.

Taken in the context of what you have learned that is a powerful statement which sends an even more powerful message to those banks and institutions which are attempting to maintain the tired architecture of an even more tired monetary framework.  Birla continued:

Because again it’s about network effects. And if we can do that in India and we can do that in Brazil and we can do that in all the emerging markets, I think it’s going to be really hard for – I mean, we won’t take no for an answer, and we’re going to continue to build the network until it’s so valuable that there’s no choice for Wells Fargo to join.

Most didn’t pick up on the mention of Brazil, but its likely that it wasn’t without intent.  The emerging market nations have carried the brunt of USD exported inflation for decades through imbalanced exchange rate arrangements.  The real power of XRP as a decentralized and supra-sovereign exchange asset will be found in its ability to allow these destructive and wealth-shifting arrangements to be replaced with blockchain and Interledger protocols. 

In closing, we can anticipate dramatic geopolitical changes to take place in not just Eastern Europe, but also Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Gaza, and Taiwan, as well as South America and Africa.  There have been endless think tanks, nations, banks, institutions, and corporations which have taken advantage of the areas of arbitrage and rent-seeking which organically developed within the USD unipolar framework.  As the reversal and replacement proceeds these gaps will close up and investment will look elsewhere for returns.  

Ripple is working with over 50 central banks around the world, its executives are sitting on advisory boards and councils with the International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, and other major policymaking institutions.  The XRP architecture and corridors are being developed and implemented around the world on multiple fronts with partners and investors from such powerful nations as Japan and Saudi Arabia.  

We are witnessing both the monetary and geopolitical transformation of the world as we know it, though each is interwoven within the fabricate of the other. This article just scrapes the surface of what we have to learn and explore.  It truly is a once in a century event, and this time it is Ripple who has all the brains.  No mask this time.  – JC     

55 Comments on “Geopolitics of XRP”

  1. In a way, one could say that all of us, crypto XRP believers, are the drops forming the ripples capable of creating the major wave of change in the monetary architecture of the 21 st century.
    It is a kind of simplistic and idealistic vision, but that’s not entirely meaningless.

    And to try to answer the last question by Carpe Diem, below:


    After reading this, I thought will the cryptocurrency be the kind of money that is to be “restored to the people to
    whom it belongs.”?!

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. They have set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to
    whom it belongs.” — Thomas Jefferson “”

    The birth of crypto currencies offers the opportunity to give back some monetary power in the hands of the people to whom it belongs, at least on a theoretical level. In practice, this power will still belong to delegates (or representatives) appointed by all holders of this new popular monetary power. Eventually, one of the potential risks would be to see an IPO of Ripple on the Nyse , or Nasdaq , following a massive adoption of XRP by the banking system. There is no doubt that Ripple will marginalize Swift’s role in the future landscape .
    If I believe Wikipedia, Swift is a private company being held by a group of shareholders linked to the financial circuit.
    The obvious technical advantage of Ripple products will force the adoption of the XRP in a more or less close future, but these big financial actors will not easily accept to be deprived of their prerogatives. It is likely that they will seek to enter Ripple’s capital in one way or another to maintain their influence . This can be done in a number of ways.
    – Either they hold high concentrations of XRP and obtain seats on the board of directors.
    – Or Ripple is listed on the stock exchange and the same pattern applies, through the holding of large amounts of securities.
    For now , it’s is only a simple assumption, a risk that could arise, but only after a definitive rise in Ripple and the XRP within the global monetary structure. This is not yet the case, even though all the elements are gradually being set up. Until then, we should witness several violent storms and market turbulence. The gradual shift towards a better global monetary balance will not be smooth.
    Once again , simple opinion from an XRP believer …..

    1. Thank you Ledude69,

      I appreciate your wise analysis and response to my question. I agree with you and I hope that humanity is freed from the chain of debt that lawyers and accountants have put on our feet. I sincerely believe that Cryptos is a tool against their hegemony against us all but the biggest part is our awareness of the darkness of the monsters as I am sure they will not go away forever.

      Wish you a wonderful Sunday, my friend.

    2. Hello Ledude59, good points. It may also be important for “the people” to continue building servers to be validator nodes in order to continue decentralizing the network so no one entity, be it bank, corporation, group or family can gain a controlling or centralized 51% interest of all validator nodes. I’m still figuring this aspect out but David Schwartz aka Joel Katz has said that 51% is a controlling decision maker as to the direction of XRP. If I’m understanding it correctly this would mean we “the people” need to do our part to maintain our decentralized freedom.

  2. Wow JC, I love how you have interwoven all this together. What some 5 years of POM essays and the expanding implementation of Ripple? Truly amazing! The ever growing confidence of Ripple key staff is telling of their growing success and is truly exciting! It gives one a certain renewed energy to life, for the betterment of mankind and the world as a whole. I sure am glad your mind works in overdrive and that you love writing for us. Thank you pal.

  3. Excellent JC. Thank you,

    We are living in incredible times and we are in the middle of a massive storm that will change this planet for the next 100 year if not more!

    Last night, I watched the geopolitical analysis of Sibel Edmonds and her statements regarding the regime change in Iran which we have talked about numerous times here at POM. A while ago, I mentioned the imminent collapse of the Islamo-Marxist Mullahs who were installed by the NWO globalists in 1979 under the Trilateralist Jimmy Carter. The following report by Sibel Edmonds who is of Iranian extraction herself confirms what is to come. The recent meeting in Paris with MEK, a Marxist-Islamic opposition and terrorist group with high-level Western politicians according to Sibel Edmonds is a smoke screen. The US high-level meetings with Iranian military/Intel in Oman was considered by many a sign that Trump wants to keep working with the Islamist regime. Ms Edmonds confirms other meetings in Syria and Afghanistan with the same group of Iranian Army people. I found this revelation to be stunning and one that I would encourage you to watch and decide

    For those of my POM family who have expressed reservations regarding QAnon, I will leave two of his Intel drops that IMHO confirms he/she is as genuine as daylight. Rest assured that the Islamist Terrorist regime of Mullahs and their backers in EU and other Western Deep State elements WILL crash and Iran will once again join the family of nations. What happened in NK was not magic but a combination of diplomacy, threats and others…Kudos to our noble JC for showing us the road ahead and I salute his wisdom and chivalry in helping humanity at this crucial times of our transition…JC said that Iran is the lynchpin and possibly the final act in the unfolding drama of our collective liberation. God Bless you Man!

    Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 1a8b54 No.1925892
    Jun 27 2018 12:17:45 (EST)
    We stand w/ the good people of IRAN who are currently battling their ‘installed’ regime for FREEDOM.
    At some point military generals will act w/ the will of the people simply because their soldiers ARE THOSE SAME PEOPLE and have no choice.
    We stand with you.
    We are monitoring the situation closely.
    Stay safe.
    God bless.

    And this one regarding President Trump taking control of Iran (on 8 May):

    Q !2jsTvXXmXs No.68
    May 8 2018 18:44:19 (EST)
    Today, EVIL lost control / leverage of Iran.
    Today, POTUS took control of Iran.
    Today, w/ pending sanctions and military action(s), POTUS will gain more ammunition / intel against THEM.
    Suicide watch.
    The deal kept Iran quiet.
    The goal was to keep POTUS in until impeachment / term end.
    Bigger than people can imagine.
    Treason is 1/10th.
    Ask yourself, why are they panicking?
    Ask yourself, why is UK, France, and Germany so involved?
    Trips to the WH?
    What are they hiding?
    Why is HRC in NZ?
    Is NZ part of 5 Eyes?
    Why is that relevant?
    Suicide watch.

    Here’s Sibel Edmonds interview:

  4. My Carpe Diem
    Please allow me to begin, by saying I have learned so much about Iran today, and its rich history, thru your answers to the many questions(some which may of seemed rude) I have asked you. The generous answers you have so freely given and because of you, JC and the entire POM my mind’s eyes, the iris have been greatly expanded.

    I realize when I begin this reply that it is going to ramble as I attempt to run the bases, and stretch a single into a triple.

    For those who know me it is no secret I rely on memory rather than providing my own hated weak linking skills to make a point. I distinctly remember when JC first approached this B/W’s topic. It began with a somewhat mysterious meeting for coffee where JC was handed some information concerning the machinations going on behind the “Bretton Woods” negotiations, informations that exposed “The Mask.”

    I remember being completely intrigued, by the entire scenario, from JC’s micro meeting to the macro results JC has produced with this current posting.. I’m further intrigued by where it is going today. Will we finally see a peak behind “The Mask” or are we finally seeing ourselves looking thru “The Mask?”
    (I loved the movies, btw, both, Carrey/Cher).

    I told you I was going to ramble. A lot of XRP and the Ripples being caused in the world because of them are included on this current JC post.

    Here is where I’m at. I tried to purchase some XRP some few months ago, when it was around a buck and small change. I backed out of the deal when I realized I could not establish second tier authentication with my old flip phone. A wedding and a funeral(niether mine, huck)put me further behind a day I was able to justify a purchase without any stress the outcome. I’ve since bought a Samsung J3, not a bad little phone, and am learning how to use it, calling and pestering my few friends with text and such. That new keyboard has drove me to slowly using a stylist. Last time I concerned myself with a stylist was in the days of turntables.

    As we speak, I’m online with Ledger, about to spend the hun it takes to get one. But before I do, weak knees and cold feet, I thought I would ask the POM if or what changes have been made since the few months ago I first attempted to buy. Back then it went something like, you had to go to Binance to buy Bitcoin and then to Changeling to transfer to XRP and then to a ledger nano to seccur. Is that about right or has the tech changed in the last few months to make a purchase path of that nature obsolete? I hope so.

    It came to me in a dream, so I’m not putting to much stock in it, except to say the timing is very interesting. The dream instructed me to buy XRP at .33 cents and to spend $999.00 on it. WHAT??!! Yeah I’m just saying it came to me in a dream, somehow XRP has set stake in my subconscious. I can accept all the research JC and others have done on the Ripple XRP and my own research into how the brand name Ripple standing on its own has a long history of good investment strategy. After all who could find fault in my analysis of a bottle of “Ripple” wine being worth a buck back in the day to it being worth a hun today.
    I guess I just like the name. It was a horrible fortified wine that left your mind throbbing a with hangover, and your body throbbing from the fight it got you in. My 333/999 purchase price is a backhand slap to ALL whom have hid behind their selfish occult dumbness!

    For me it is about a grip of factors, to many to go into here. I appreciate all the research and wisdom that has been poured into explaining XRP and why it appears to be a good investment. I get it, and was willing to buy months ago. Today I’m feeling something different, like there is no hurry. If I do not buy today, that’s cool. I am not ready to buy, I don’t have the tools. I firmly believe when I have the tools in hand, tools I could not afford or understand up until now, I will buy. And I will buy at around .30/.40 cents. Middle of August. Just a dream? Infrastructure is expensive.

    PewDiePIe, with his 64 million subscribers and 18 billion views, remember when I first attempted to introduce him to the POM and was met with everything from ignore that to, ideas that he must be jacking his numbers? I do. I can’t ignore it, I won’t. PDP is a social phenom that can’t be ignored. Especially if a old man like myself delves into trying to understand just who his fans are. I have, at their core they are “GAMERS.” “GAMERS,” people of all ages that play video games, some say almost to a fault. Still they play, hour after hour. Is that a good thing? Hell I don’t know. What I will say, a good thing or not it has produced legions upon legions of puzzle solvers. I mean what are video games but puzzles to be solved? See where I’m going with this.

    Is “Q” a puzzle? I can’t say not knowing, I ain’t got the tech language or the critical thinking skills to figure it. But many do. See so the “Q” game can be played at many levels. The simple surface allows it to be played at a wake up call. The current system from the 1913 meeting on Jekyll Island the creation of the Fed Rev and the income tax, all the 20th century wars, up until and including Bretton Woods. “Q” with its Socratic method challenges people to solve a puzzle.

    Puzzles, from the thousands of pieces of a jigsaw, that a family would work on and then la’q’ure to frame with a pride or disassemble to pieces, and then together again, trying to beat their time. To word puzzles, crossed up to improve a person’s ability at a larger language. People love puzzles. My God I wish I was better at them. Point being and I guess I’m trying to say, our world is a puzzle.

    Cicada 3301, and Tyler, combined with elements AI are puzzle games designed to attract the best “GAMER” (puzzle solvers, laid off, in a manner of speaking in the world, and then give them a job. The best “GAMERS” outside of the high tech institutions, ITT, etc, etc.. Not many were able to solve the puzzles, mox nix those that did were snachted up. More important those that didn’t, provided the meta-data to begin to build the platform “Q” needed to be effective.

    Just taking a break here having a drink, a smoke and listening to some music. I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind.”Crazy”/ Clarence Bekker
    I love that playing for change bunch. They bring me smiles, laughter, and tears. Reminders of a better day and a better day to come.

    To further my cause, I continue to say what was put out by a “Q” player with the video ” The Plan To Save The World” was hardly new to the many who have wandered in the wilderness, lone voices, who’s travels took us to obscure pages that fronted a US military plan that had been in place at least back to the days of the JFK assassination, one could read the Major General Smedley Butler accounts and begin to see the why the genesis of a right minded military coup might be needed to overthrow this ancient system we slave ourselves under.

    I hesitate because of a lack of courage, afraid to be the fool in front of my fellow POM companions. Fuck that!! You made me brave, so brave I will be.

    Maybe being taught history at a PhD level would’a knowed me up sooner. but alas that was not to be. My sense of it all didn’t go beyond what was taught in a backwater town in NW AZ. World history short, the rest of the lessons learned in the backwater have held me in good stead.

    I first had the great pleasure of imagining a force for good working behind the scenes in a dual with itself back in 2008 when I finally realized major elements of this world we live in was no more than a big scam. Bailing the bankers out was a punch in the gut for me. All of a sudden the official story of 9/11 made no sense and all the other false flag war making maneuvers took on a different light. That said and done my journey forward is a familiar path, waking up has been a ball.

    I refuse to go forward to a POM, or a PDP without paying some tribute to a crazy place I first began to see things in a broader light. And that place was a crazy little site “Divine Cosmos.” When David Wilcok wasn’t going on about a new solar wave on time with the Mayan calendar changing our collective DNA, or fronting himself as the current reincarnation of Edger Cacye he was talking about the history of the fed Rev. and how it turned the USA upside down. He added to his history the idea that there was a military force for good working behind the scenes for the last 40/50 years to overthrow this element of society that operates on a need for greed level. And get this, they are soon to overthrow the evil cabal incontrol of our current gov. That was 8/? years ago.

    I lost interest, after all DW is also a Ancient Aliens star and a author of many new age ascension books. Sick prick, now he is all on about secret space programs, bases on the moon, Mars, and further out in our solar system. I lost interest after all he was years off about some force for good planning to take back the planet from the forces of need and greed, right. I mean after all he was saying this move was going to be made any day now. That was years ago, stooge?? What if he is ten years before his time?

    Is ‘Q’ a stooge?


    1. My Dearest Pieter,

      Thank you for writing with your heart and I feel the sincerity in every word you always use to write. Yesterday, I used a word that is not familiar to our modern psyche and we have forgotten what it means, or if we know the meaning we get an old picture of soldiers in the ancient world. The term I used to describe JC and his illuminating writing(s), was, “Chivilary”. In our time by hearing this term, we think of a cavalry horseman with full armour, Sword and cataphract. Whereas a true chivalrous man or woman, can be any brave person who grabs his/her sword and beheads the enemy, that is the Hydra of Untruths. Our time is special because our enemies are not coming to torch our towns and homes on a horseback and our job to defend our people, nations, humanity is not to have a physical sword and a horse but to hold possibly a pen and/or tap those keys on our computer keyboards to be the information warriors. Our enemy is sophisticated and he knows how to manipulate us, but their jig is up and we are now fighting back because we know their minds too.

      In this way, I see our noble JC as a modern cavalry general with his sword on his horse and he comes to gather us and to tell us his vision of the methods of confronting the hydra of Untruths. I, therefore, see him as the man with the highest integrity and truthfulness and above all he is brave to have taken this upon himself to start such an awe-inspiring institution as POM. In fact, I absolutely believe, we are all here because we all have our own callings. I do not follow any religion personally but I am a follower of truths, decency, honour and loyalty to good thoughts, goods words and good deeds. I see and sense it all here with our JC and with all the wonderful POM contributors. This is a special time and we owe the future generation of mankind who will come after us a better future than our own. Mankind is currently going through a major change for good and one manifestation is the total chaos we are sensing and that is absolutely necessary in order to get us to the next stage of our evolution. I feel absolutely confident that we are on a right track and the other half is all up to us with our good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Perhaps the well-known motto, Order from Chaos and its original Latin has been hijacked by the forces of darkness to instil fear in us. But the truth about this world is that it is chaos on a continual basis simply because it is evolving and therefore not stationary at any moment, so we must make friends with Chaos as it is our elevator to higher levels of our evolutionary paths!

      I am fascinated by your dream and the two numbers i.e. 333 and 999 may hold a key to many aspects of what is going on. Number 3 is the Trinity in Christianity which is borrowed from older cultures. 3 is also considered a very lucky number in Chinese and others. Number 9 is also considered a lucky number also but 9 is also the 9th month in the western calendar that is September. About 30 mins ago I heard that there is going to be some financial gathering in October that may result in taking the Federal Reserve USD and introduced a gold/silver backed USD…OR a “Blockchain” based instead!! So, My Dearest Pieter, I think your 999 dream may be one for everyone here on POM as a way of informing us that things will actually heat up in relation to XRP and we may get a seriously crazy price for each XRP!!! I am saying that since any meetings in October may bring results in a speculative rush in September and that’s the time that may be the last opportunity to get on a Ripple train! Just putting your dream and what I think and heard in a positive perspective but I am sure XRP will tale off this year. I think Ledude 69 suggested that XRP may go further down before climbing higher in Q3 and Q4 this year so his views may be illuminating in this case too.

      Regarding David Willcock, I used to listen to his thoughts and ideas as I used to follow others including Alex Joines and many others. However, these people have each a gem that one can collect and learn from but I find, as I am going on my path, I am finding these people outdated, not because they are not good or fascinating, but because I have moved on and my inquisitiveness needs new teachers. It seems, we are all progressing and each of these good people are our old teachers because we have gone to our next class. I find them all fascinating and really good people even the bad ones have a gem or two which we can learn from.

      One last thing is that, whilst I am really fascinated to learn about the possibility of a secret government program on Mars or elsewhere, I find these topics somewhat a deflection from our battles with the monsters here in this planet who divide us and rule over us by enslaving us through debt and control of everything from prices of things to control of money and worst of all, to control our minds by controlling narratives.

      Wish you a wonderful day my dear friend,

        1. Thank you, Dane 🙂

          This man was a true gem as well as a philosopher. His every word should be written in Gold. …I needed a good laugh.

  5. For Pieter

    “As we speak, I’m online with Ledger, about to spend the hun it takes to get one. But before I do, weak knees and cold feet, I thought I would ask the POM if or what changes have been made since the few months ago I first attempted to buy. Back then it went something like, you had to go to Binance to buy Bitcoin and then to Changeling to transfer to XRP and then to a ledger nano to seccur. Is that about right or has the tech changed in the last few months to make a purchase path of that nature obsolete? I hope so.”

    I was in the exact same position back in early March. I’m in Canada like JC but found the validation thru multiple exchanges and limited funding options exhausting. Then along came Uphold.

    I learned Greg Kidd (early Ripple investor) was heavily invested in Uphold (to the tune of 57.5 Million) and that gave Uphold the credibility I needed to take a chance.

    There were a few minor hurdles. In order to get validated, I had to download the ‘Authy’ app to my phone (A Samsung J3) and upload an image of my driver’s license. Once that was out of the way, my purchases began. Uphold have a dashboard that you can customize to your own personal preferences. Mine has a US Dollar card, a Canadian Dollar card and an XRP Card.

    I fund my US dollar card using my mastercard (3.99% fee) then transfer the US funds to my XRP card. Credit card processing can take up to 1 day, transferring to XRP is instant (1.4% fee)

    The fees do add up, but from where I live this still works out to less than multiple exchanges and dabbling in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

    As this process evolved, the price of XRP fell from $1+ to approx .48 per XRP. So my frustration with multiple exchanges was a blessing in disguise!

    Happy to report that since early April, I have now purchased approx 10K worth of XRP (also called zerps) and as of May 24 Uphold have made it easy to withdraw to a cold wallet (I have a ledger nano S)

    I just turned 55 on Thursday and a lot of this is new but the bottom line? The last few weeks it’s been on sale at even better rates. Will it fall to .33? Maybe… I will keep accumulating either way. Here’s a link for you to explore.

    Cheers and good luck on your journey. We are never too old to learn something new if our minds are open to it.

    Spats aka BarberBear (twitter)

  6. Hey Spats,

    I began shining shoes back in 1956, Spats where just a memory, but I remember(I got a good memory) my mentor telling me about them. Cool shoes, they sounded like cool shoes. Unless of course your web name refers more to the fights you have been in. Either way, thanks for your reply to my questions about XRP, Zerps you say, I like that. I had a feeling tech had moved more in our favor, since last March.

    I appreciate the links, Coindesk introduced Greg Kidd as a former Fed Reserve senior analyst and the Ripple chief risk officer. And then went on to give him a glowing review. Yes, hell yes, I’m calling him Billy the Kidd, why not, all the pieces are falling in place for me at this time and place. Thanks to you Spats, once I research Upload, and download the “Authy” app but for validating my ID with my new J3 phone, I should be on my way to offlining my purchase to my brand new Ledger S. Ain’t that about right? At this point it really does not matter to me if Zerp is at 33, 23, or 43. I’m buying when I get the tech in hand and my step-son over here to help me though the purchase. Its is not like I have any idea what the hell is going on anyway. The fell clutch of circumstance will put Zerp at somewhere between .30/.40 plus fees, the day I buy,(hide and watch) rather than at the buck plus we attempted to fight the tech monster at back in March to buy. God we are smart! LOL!! The .333/ 999 are just ballpark figures for me, ones I intend to use years later when I tell the tale of my venture into the “ZERPS.”

    Thanks again Spats, proving once again the POM is the place to go.

    1. My pleasure Pieter and it’s really JC who deserves all the credit for tuning up my brain like an old guitar and getting me headed into the future instead of dwelling on my past (jaded musician here) I neglected to mention that if you are US based and have a US bank account, you can fund directly from your bank account and avoid the 3.99% credit card fee (which is charged to Uphold by the CC companies)
      Spats – (a nickname my brother gave me years ago – I have no idea why)
      My current nickname is Bear and I own a Barbershop hence looking forward instead of behind I now embrace BarberBear 🙂

  7. I appreciate the extensive historical context provided into the Bretton Woods discussion. Something in the first section, the discussion of North Korea, troubled me. I’ll quote… “…correlation towards adoption to form on the peripheral boundaries of common understanding in the region.“

    This is the kind of language I often see in JC’s writing that bothers me. I think it gives me pause because I once worked with someone who spoke in very flowery language that essentially meant nothing, or worse, concealed meaning in purposefully imprecise language. Over time I came to appreciate this person as either a charlatan or psychopath. I got the hell away and never reached a final conclusion as to which. I digress….

    I often come across statements in JC’s writing that I have to re-read and still come away, thinking, “What the hell does that mean?” Is it fluff, hyperbole, or precise language chosen with intent? And if it is If the latter, why so indirect? Is the concept so ethereal in nature that it cannot be directly named or described? Or is it gobblygook doublespeak?

    Pardon my mental nudity.

    1. Your inability to understand or lack of reading comprehension is not a reflection of the writers intent. It is simply a reflection of your inability to understand or lack of reading comprehension. The good part though is that you have the choice to improve that or continue externalizing your own inefficiency.

      And you will find no favour here with your passive aggressive rudeness.

      Is the intent of the above clear to you?

  8. JC,
    As always, wonderful research and unbelievable communication of that information to all of us. I’m going to play “devils advocate” here though because Ripple is David going against Goliath (SWIFT) here. Yes, we know the biblical result of this battle but I don’t know if this analogy can be safely assumed in this case. As you know, SWIFT has over 11,000 banks/CUs that utilize their service. What stops them from building/acquiring an XCurrent/XRapid/XVia network with a digital currency that will accomplish the same thing as Ripple?
    Your thoughts and insights on this would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Thanks RJZ33. Interestingly enough Swift was attempting to make their own blockchain but finally admitted a few months back that they couldn’t get it to work. Plus Ripple is years ahead of everyone with the Interledger Protocol. One ledger to connect all ledgers. It’s a thing of beauty. Another plus, Swift has already lost two senior executives to Ripple. See the pattern?

  9. JC,
    Ok! Thanks! I didn’t know about either of those items you mention.
    Now, what makes Ripple better than Stellar? Stellar has IBM backing them. Most banks are IBM shops. Why wouldn’t the member banks/CUs that utilize IBM (which are in essence SWIFT) back the Stellar network and Lumens? Add to this the rivalry between the ex-cofounder of Ripple Jeb McCaleb now cofounder of Stellar. What makes Ripple the winner here?
    Again, thanks in advance for your information on this.

    1. You should really follow updates on the XRPChat forum and read the articles on the XRP Community Forum. Ripple is so far ahead of Steller it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever catch up. Ripple is working with the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, IMF, and another 50 to 60 central banks. Add the advisory councils they sit on, a 61 bank consortium in Japan, plus endless other big news stories, and it becomes very clear that Ripple is a global world class operation while Steller is just a low level player in a field full of hopefuls.

  10. JC,
    Again, thanks! I will do that. I’ve been watching the price action on XRP. Looking for current bear trend reversal signals. Still not there yet.
    Thanks for all the research and valuable information that you share with us!

  11. This is interesting.

    Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Added To CFA Exam

    Everyone has been watching regulators closely over the last year for their take on such upstart financial products as digital currency, initial coin offerings and blockchain, and how these may end up affecting the future for the financial industry. Now, one major financial institution – the CFA Institute – thinks they are legitimate enough to be included on the prestigious CFA examination.

  12. Just a quick back at ya.

    Thanks for the XRPChat and XRPComminty suggestions, great places and of course always thanks for your great postings.

    Thanks Spats, a big help great links.

    Thanks Carpe Diem, your replies always center me and get my feet back on the ground.

  13. Mind is held in a pattern; its very existence is the frame within which it works and moves. The pattern is of the past or the future, it is despair and hope, confusion and Utopia, the what has been and the what should be. With this we are all familiar. You want to break the old pattern and substitute a “new” one, the new being the modified old… You want to produce a new world. It is impossible. You may deceive yourself and others, but unless the old pattern is broken completely there cannot be a radical transformation. You may play around with it, but you are not the hope of the world. The breaking of the pattern, both the old and the so-called new, is of the utmost importance if order is to come out of this chaos. That is why it is essential to understand the ways of the mind…

    Is it possible for the mind to be without a pattern, to be free of this backward and forward swing of desire? It is definitely possible. Such action is living in the now. To live is to be without hope, without the care of tomorrow; it is not hopelessness or indifference. But we are not living, we are always pursuing death, the past or the future. Living is the greatest revolution. Living has no pattern, but death has: the past or the future, the what has been or the Utopia. You are living for the Utopia, and so you are inviting death and not life.

    The Book of Life, September 25, HarperSanFrancisco, 1995

  14. “Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime”

    If even a small portion of this proven to be true, then we can possibly say that we can begin to understand what the “Deep State Operatives” that run the forced Rogue States such as NK and Iran is like. It also appears that such characters and their shadowy work are actually, Intergenerational. Strzok clan are in the same nasty careers as Philip Mudd the ex-Intel agent and now a fake stream “intel Journalist/contributor”! Recall Mudd is a descendant of the person who assassinated Abraham Lincoln! We see the same pattern in Cinema, Politics and other fields where the Empire needs to employ indic=viduals with a known and loyal background to their scheme. Who came first, the organized Crime syndicates or the Shadow gov?! In the same way, we can decide which is Chicken and which is the egg…

    Knowing that Peter may speak Persian for possibly after having lived there for 18 years, I am sure we will have some delightful Persian exchanges! Any suggestions for questions to Peter?! 🙂

    1. Seems Lisa is spilling all sorts of beans in her closed door meetings with congress.

      Reports are saying when she was asked what Strzok’s texts meant she replied that they mean exactly what they say. The sad part is that a narrative seems to be building that would hang all this on one man, Strzok and so many more are involved.

      I don’t know why Trump rephrased his statement here in the states to “why wouldn’t he trust his intelligence community”. In my head all I’m hearing is why in the world WOULD he believe an intelligence organization that has tried to impeach him since he has been president, illegally surveilled him before he was president and is now lying under oath in front of congress? I think he is up to something 🙂 Or maybe trying to protect himself or his family from being assassinated 🙁

      1. Very interesting Dane Thank you,

        I watched this clip on Strzok this morning and something about this whole got my attention ever since. According to the man who is behind this excellent clip (War Drummer), the whole stage is choreographed which means Strzok and very likely Ms Page are now cooperating with the opposition to the Deep Stat actors, that is working with the POTUS line. The Narrator makes excellent points regarding the camera pan in/out and the choice of the Coke bottle etc. I tend to agree with him and if true, then the whole thing is a show to catch/trap or delay something much bigger–that is to catch the bigger fish and these two may be the bate and diversion.

        On the other hand, the President is busy changing the entire fabric and paradigm of the system worldwide with help from the Chinese and the Russian leaders. Therefore, such circus at this time makes the perfect entertainment to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the fake stream media with a story, any story for that matter as long as Trump can be targeted. In the meantime, things are being changed and the media isn’t capable of seeing beyond what they are used to, that is sensationalism. Their paymasters are also lost for a solution and the rug had been pulled from under their feet already. So the only thing they can do is to do what they have done forever, to scream and shout at every move that the POTUS makes. Anyway, here’s the clip:

        1. Hey CD, I’ve looked deeper into this War Drummer who is making videos of the blogs Serial Brain 2 is putting out. Although the information is really cool I believe he or is creating from a foundation of ignorance in regards to Freemasonry. If you check some of his older videos he has interviews posted that are very ignorant minded in regards to their understanding of the craft. By ignorant I mean they only understand it from a literal sense. Furthermore, that lack of deeper understanding causes them to wrap all Freemasonry together in one package. So beware listening my friend and process the information through your own filter of truth.

          As far as Serial Brain 2 I only found this so far where he says he really likes the videos War Drummer is putting out and that he has subscribed to his youtube channel. It’s possible Serial Brain 2 doesn’t have the same foundational flaws though. I do enjoy watching them though.

          The statement is at the very beginning of the video.

          Here is Serial Brain 2’s blog address 😉

          1. Thanks Dane,

            Very interesting. Majority of the people of this planet do not know that the world is run by secret societies, Thank thanks and foundations. Each of these societies in which some are “Secret” and some are public (at least on the surface!) can be viewed also as “Interest Groups”, each with their own unique worldview, vision, principle and in the end their own, Interests. In fact, the current chaos we have talked about here on POM either by articles by JC or POM members discussions and ideas is the war between these societies, which we can safely call “Secret Societies”!

            Whether they are Knights of Malta, CFR, Trilateral, York Rite or Scottish Rite, appear to be all at war right now. As our noble JC’s articles, we can perhaps deduce that the main battle is over the control of our minds between the anti-Reformation camp against the Reformers of this world. Until a few years ago, I did not really understand that there are different Freemasonry schools. I saw them all as one evil conspiracy against us the little people! Even today, almost all humanity considers Illuminati as a group of evil individuals along with the Knights Templars, we basically have no solid facts about them and where they stand on things, hence the general confusion. There is confusion over the question of the entire Secret Societies in general. Such negative thoughts and thinking are constantly fueled by events, films and stories, from Dan Brown’s books and films made from his stories to the James Bond series and possibly the most prominent of them all, Stanly Kubrick’s: Eyes Wide Shut, it is not possible to arrive at a universal consensus. Add to this other teams and “Interest Groups”, namely Muslim Brotherhood and the Jesuits, collectively provide for “one” conspiracy theory and negative collective views regarding all the societies in the background. I can, therefore, admit, to this day, I can not truly come to any conclusions about any of them being bad, good or negative/positive! I am certain that our friend “War Drummer” is confused in knowing not all secret societies are bad and not all are good…There are good and bad ones as always. 🙂 Thanks to you, I have watched a few more of his clips, and I enjoyed his investigative works.

            Wish you a great Saturday Evening!

          2. Hey CD your welcome my friend. I agree if people could realize that the initiation is not with any outward authority they may begin to understand how things are hidden in plain sight. It’s our own ignorance that hides things from us. Damn am I blind…lol. J/k, I wear corrective glasses 😉

            Here’s something that’s been playing out in my mind. The Russian fake collusion led into the 12 indictments against Russians hacking into the DNC server and also manipulating the election. We forget pretty fast so let’s remember that within that hacking of the DNC server it was found that they were conspiring against the Bernie Sanders campaign. Debbie Wasserman Shultz lost her chairwoman position for it. So keep that in the back of your thoughts for a minute.

            Notice how everyone is just talking about the audacity of election manipulation?

            Now to hit the Dems directly for election tampering or manipulation would just cause them to destroy evidence and become defensive on the subject. So instead let’s let them forget about the server and ignite their passion for prosecuting the Russians for election manipulation and insight the populous to get support for prosecuting election tampering too.

            Now that people are heated about prosecuting for election manipulation let’s bring back the server holding the proof that the DNC conspired against the Bernie Sanders campaign because that too is election manipulation so guess what….prosecute, prosecute, prosecute.

            It will be easier to prove that the DNC/FBI also conspired against the Donald Trump campaign now that concrete proof of their actions are public.

            When Q says “we have the server” maybe this is the server they are talking about. Do you see how they have already forgotten about their own election manipulation being all caught up in hating Trump? Maybe this is what Q means about them being “stupid”.

            Wonder what else was in those DNC server emails?


            Good evening my friend.

          3. Thank You Dane,

            Please take a look at the photo in this article as my intention for putting this link up is only the photo therein:


            Putin has already exchanged Intel with Putin when he gave the POTUS the football. Inside the ball, is an array of memory and I believe a secure Bluetooth or another form of wireless medium of data transfer. Here, Melania is holding the ball while Pompeo is holding a pickup and then the other two chaps next to him are downloading whatever the content of the disk/memory that Putin has loaded with. The two guys appear to be downloading and verifying whether the merchandise is good there and then! The DNC server info has been picked up by the FSB signals Intel and most likely they, together with the NSA have either the complete server dump or can get via raw data from NSA!

            It seems that Putin is likely to be the guest of honour at the Veteran’s Day Military Parade in November! Prior to this, now according to Robert David Steele, there will begin mass arrests of the individuals identified as criminal, paedophile and traitors to humanity starting in August. In October, RDS says there will be a new USD gold backed! So, the DNC server may already be with the white hats. POTUS has asked all Congress/Senate to forget about the summer vacation in August. This is a sign that things will get pretty hot in August. Also that Putin’s attendance with the POTUS, is equal in importance to Trump’s attending the Basttiles day last year’s Military parade in that Trump is in a military alliance with France already and the fact that Putin in a Military Parade may suggest an alliance of Franco-Russo-American against the Germans and possibly elements of the British forces. Although, it appears that the British Military is pro-BREXIT and pro-Trump, therefore also in the new pact, minus the NWO agents and their sponsors.

            I just watched this fascinating interview with RDS about the current events and POTUS’s recent trip to the old world and the Globalist meltdown.


            Wish you a good night.

          4. Maybe he was on to something. I went to see the video and got the message that the user account has been terminated.

          5. Incredible! The YT channel SGTreport uploaded this clip with the following heading. I still have the page up on my computer and it was loaded up on 22 July and 20,907 people have watched it with 2.2K Likes and 45 thumb downs!

            The Common Enemy of Russia & the U.S. is the Deep State Shadow Government

            The fact that YT decided to close down the channel, suggests a certain degree of desperation and uncalled for aggression by the globalist owned media. I am not certain what part of RDS had upset YT to want to close the SGTreport down altogether. RDS talked of a possible arrest in August, an end of Zionist control of the US, the introduction of a gold-backed USD from memory. Whatever RDS had to say had obviously angered the globalist bosses of YT to act in such ridiculous and childish manner. YT action suggests that RDS is absolutely onto something and censoring him means that it has hurt YT and RDS was on the target 🙂 If I find another copy of the interview, I will post it later for sure. Deepstate has lost the game and they are like a cornered cat, but we are watching!
            In the meantime, MAGA, MIGA and MUKGA

            PS. I seem to be an observer in three theatres of operation of my choice, US, Iran and UK, three countries that I want to do well and break away from the chains of the Crown Beast. With these three free, this planet will be guaranteed the next 100 years at least in peace and prosperity.

    1. What a fantastic and heartwarming speech by Secretary Pompeo and Thank You for this fantastic gift Dear Dane.

      I have waited 40 years to hear even one Western leader say such truths and in no better place than the late President Reagan library in LA. I actually had the fortune of visiting this incredible library positioned on hills around LA some years ago. The choice of the Reagan Library is an excellent one. President Reagan brought down the oppressive regime of the Soviet Union. Reagan also admired the Shah of Iran as a secular and popular leader in a speech praising him as “our stalwart ally…”. Here is the speech by the noble President Reagan regarding the way the Western globalists pulled the rug from a major ally of the West.

      This is a great news and it appears that after POTUS meeting with Putin, things have changed in favour of the Iranian people and against the Islamist regime and their western Marxist Globalist backers.

      Thanks for sharing this, my friend. MAGA and MIGA 🙂

        1. Thank You JC for your confirmation and support.

          You have helped me and many thousands of people and on a personal level, I know this path would have been much harder for me, without your wisdom and knowledge.
          Your POM is now a bastion of truth and wisdom and really a revival of an ancient elite school of learning. I come across your name mentioned and the POM more and more by people either on YT praising your work as well as quoting from your articles.

          God Bless You and your family.

        2. Yes indeed JC he did, change IS on the horizon my friend.

          I agree with CD that this site (POM) has enriched my life in ways that aren’t measurable in material things. Truly priceless aspects of being and wealth beyond anything material. Thank you for that and thank all of the POM contributors because POM has been a window into the world of things. 🙂

          1. Hey JC that is “interesting” considering this article from April of this year.

            “Iran Officially Bans Use of Cryptocurrencies”


            Perhaps the people are taking things into their own hands. XRP doesn’t need banks to work and Ripple has been publicizing this as well as their desire to bring the ability for each person regardless of demographics to be able to make payments.

            Furthermore, XRP could be being used to free people from the slavery of the USD. All things seem to be connected so perhaps XRP is part of the bigger picture. Amazing…just amazing!

          2. Thank you, JC,

            Did I understand correctly that an XRP node went live in Iran?! My apologies in case I misread your comment.

            Also, I’ve been thinking for a while that a POM Crypto can be a great thing with a limited number of tokens for promoting POM as well as funding for other POM projects! Just a thought I’ve been meaning to share.

            Wish you a wonderful day.

          3. Thanks, Dane,
            I think I may have got what JC wanted to convey regarding XRP Ledger node in Iran. There is a possibility that Iran as was the case with NK, is made up of an entity of the Western-backed Deep State operatives who were in charge of running things as proxy agents of foreign entities and the high-level meetings with elements from the government may have been at the technocratic level who are loyal to Iranians and not to the globalist Mullahs. These contacts have been conducted in several countries namely Afghanistan, Jordan and Syria between the US officials and a group of Intel/Military who will run the country after the globalist Marxist Mullahs are ejected. The past few days, the Islamist regime had started a series of posturing and empty muscle flexing by conveying messages such as closing the Strait of Hormuz which they certainly can but doing that is identical to cracking a cyanide pill for the regime faster they can utter the next words out of their filthy mouths.

            Back to XRP. A stable Iran is the only source of stability for the region and the flow of oil to this planet since the strait of Hormuz is the throat of the planet in terms of oil transport. Therefore, the good guys that the US admin is in talk inside of Iran are gradually taking over and preparing the next steps after the Mullah’s power has gone and the power to be handed over to a NATIONALIST Military, and I can absolutely say that a large section of the armed forces want to remove the Mullahs and the possibility of a coup with support of the Iranian people is happening. The human capital of Iran is enormous and Iran with this criminal insanity had ensured some 250,000 of the most educated Iranians to leave Iran making Iran the nation with the highest degree in Brain-Drain. All this is by design of the Globalists who have made nonsensical nations such as Qatar with less than 300K citizens into a mega-rich nation that must import it’s food and people of all levels to run it’s affairs all so that the City of London to vacuum this outpost of a nation into London property market and City banks. All this was the creation of a criminally insane cabal who gave us Hollywood. Paedophilia, and rape of nations and plunder and more plunder. We saw how Libya was looted and it’s super rich resources were divided among the sea pirates, such as Sarkozy, Tony Blair and the Clintons. All this have ended since the arrival of President Trump.

            The new model in respect of sovereignty and trade, and to do this a totally new MONEY system is necessary to cut the hands of the old criminally insane globalists forever. This is where XRP comes in to play and for that matter, a new kind of money. I can see a day not long from now that Iran to become a centre of commerce and possibly the revival of the ancient trade routes known as the Solk Road where ideas and thoughts were transported between the East and the West, but this time a solid foundation of trade brings peace and prosperity. As secretary Pompeo said that having “death to America”, public hanging and total oppression and many other heinous acts “are not normal”l. Yet, the illegitimate regime of a colonizing proxy government run by the Globalists Marxists is required to do all of that cruelty plus more so it can plunder that nation. In this regard, Secretary Pompeo seems to know details that many Iranians have known for a long time and it had been deliberately hidden from the Western people for 40 years. It is a known fact that the majority of the so-called elite currently subjugating Iran, are not even Iranians.

            The tool in the hands of the NWO Globalists to financially control a nation is the SWIFT system and SWIFT is the rope that is being used to suffocate the dying Globalist regime of Mullahs as the final act, whilst knowing that Ripple will be used in replacing the Globalist Marxist regime. The SWIFT system will be plugged out and the XRP Ledger will be plugged in the socket. That in itself is a symbolic act of removing an ancient network of monsters and replacing it with a truly democratic, fair and just system in a nutshell.

        3. Here is POTUS with a backup to Pompeo’s speech.


  15. Thanks Dane,

    Rouhani is a priest with a fake PhD from an obscure university in Scotland.
    His wife is an Scottish woman that nobody has ever seen. In short he’s a puppet and acts according to the order. The only method that mullahs ever practice historically is bullying and aggression. This is the method Islam started 1400 years ago but things have changed in this planet.

      1. LOL, I agree Dane, 🙂

        That’s called Islamist Democracy when you have a choice between a plagiarist criminal Mullah with a fake PhD and another standard criminal murderer as choices in a Presidential race!

        What is a serious question also is that despite Rouhani having supposedly studied in Scotland, why his spoken English is so basic?! The other question is that why an Islamic Priests would need to come to a non-Islamic country as Scotland to get a PhD in “Islamic Jurisprudence”?!

        “Iranian president Hassan Rouhani ‘plagiarised PhD thesis at Scottish university'”

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