FREE E-Book Now Available (Re-Engineering the Dollar)

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The POM e-publication series THE ECONOMIC TRANSITION PAPERS will now be offered for free. ย The first installment titled "Re-Engineering the Dollar" can be read or downloaded as a PDF at this link.ย The Economic Transition Papers - Re-Engineering the Dollar.

The second installment titled "Reserve Diversification" will be available by Christmas, 2015.

Readers who have subscribed for the e-publication only will be upgraded to a 3 month subscription at no additional charge. ย  -JC

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9 Comments on “FREE E-Book Now Available (Re-Engineering the Dollar)”

  1. Wonderful! I think it's pretty clear, I'm a subscriber that is extremely interested in the Philosophy of Metrics material. I am really excited about the content of your next e-publication JC, thanks very much mate for making it free.

    I haven't found any other website that offers this style analysis with such a supportive, thought-provoking community ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is such great news J.C, another gift from you. It's incredible that you put so much time into these papers, SDR&China&ACU&AMU articles with a likely continuation of "Primnomics" as well as "Grand Man". That's a big sacrifice from you and it's precious!!

  3. Hi J.C.
    I conclude that you have writen this paper at the beginning of 2015.
    Now that your assumptions about depegging of yuan and other topics have not jet materialised I am very interested about your updated opinions and assumptions about this timelines.
    Could you please elaborate if your time allows this.

    1. Lol okay Alan you did it again! You brought the PI in me out again :).

      I did a google IMF site search on Henry C. Wallich which turned up a lot of results.

      I chose the link below to dive into it and the paper mentions Wallich only by last name down at the bottom of page 9.

      Sorry this is where I deviate a bit. In that area it also referenced C. Fred Bergsten as resuscitating Wallich's idea of a Substitution Account.

      So you know me I did another IMF site search for Bergsten and found this wonderful book summary. I won't know until I read the book but I can connect dots from the summary to the PoM thesis. Should be a good read.

      "A blueprint for a benevolent hegemon"

      1. You brought the P.I. in me out again

        Fantastic Dane, that's my goal ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm as eager to learn as you my friend.

        This site is about expanding knowledge and understanding of the multilateral transition, and the effects said transition will have on markets, nations, and personal wealth.
        - JC Collins

        I started to read the first link you provided above:
        Out of the Box Thoughts about the International Financial Architecture

        and once again I'm finding the same authors appearing supporting the PoM thesis i.e.
        Barry Eichengreen : Current Account Reversals
        Professor Ocampo : SDRM
        Peter Kenen : IMF Substitution Account
        Masahiro Kawai : Asian Currency Unit

        So from this point forward, I will take extra care to note the authors of official documentation that lend a considerable amount of their material to the PoM thesis.

        1. Thanks for these outlines Alan. "same authors" I think you've listed my entire PoM favorites folder over there and some... ๐Ÿ™‚ awesome!

          PoM is a great family. It's hard to remember where we began and as time goes that seems to matter less and less ๐Ÿ™‚

          Thanks again for the search tutorial. If I could only read and comprehend

          A while back JC referenced "Three Billy Goats Gruff". If I can be selfish for just a moment here is a childhood story that made an impact long ago and seems to fit the spirit of our quest. Man Youtube has everything.

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