Fast Moving News and Long-Trend POM Confirmations

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Though there are numerous ways to interrupt specific data and singular events, a more accurate and conclusive method is to trend over an extended period of time.  If the analysis and conclusions are accurate, the long-term trend should be aligned with the original proposition.

With that being said, we are experiencing a fast amount of news and further confirmations of the POM thesis which we have been discussing since January of 2014.  The obvious one today is that President Trump once again suggested that the dollar is overvalued.  This fits with the long-trend POM thesis that the Trump administration and mandate are aligned with the larger macro objectives of transforming the international monetary system from the existing USD unipolar one to the more balanced and efficient multi-currency and multilateral framework.

The incremental strategy of Trump to “talk-down” the dollar is now undeniable.  Scripted political speeches are well thought-out and every word and statement has a very specific and goal oriented objective.  Nothing is left to chance.

The other trend which I would like to draw attention to is the stated POM conclusion that North Korea is in fact a puppet state of the Anglo-American establishment.  The recent announcement by China that they will get involved and handle the Kim regime (I hate that term) is suggestive that they know the game plan and want to occupy the North before America does.

This strategy and game plan is evident in the American removal of Saddam Hussein and the subsequent occupation of that country.  We need to remember that America set up and supported Saddam in the 1980’s and removed him and occupied Iraq when it was convenient for them to do so.

This strategy provides a great excuse, by way of a horrible enemy, to takeover a nation which has the unfortunate reality of having a geopolitical location in a region which is of vital interest to the Anglo-American establishment and its long-trend objectives for the Eurasian continent.

There are a two paths moving forward.

One would suggest that China is well aware of this strategy and will remove the North’s puppet government and occupy the country before America does.  The other could possibly suggest that Trump is in fact not-aligned with the Anglo-American establishment and is working with both Russia and China, to remove the created points of tension and opportunity for the existing Anglo-American establishment.

There is not enough evidence and information to make a clear determination either way.  But the long-trend is clear. The world is changing and the world’s economic and power base is shifting in real time beneath our feet.

I’m writing this as I sit in Northern (Canadian Northern, not American Northern) lounge having a drink and catching up on the news after a day on a mine site.   The life I live is truly blessed as I love both of the work things in my life.  Mining and POM are fantastic venues to feel productive and vent stress.  But watching the news unfold as fast as it is can only leave all of us stunned and somewhat confused.  Which is why it is important that we revisit some of these important topics which we have previously discussed.

It is my expectation that the unexpected is happening and will continue to happen.  One thing is certain though.  It is not business as usual.  – JC

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11 Comments on “Fast Moving News and Long-Trend POM Confirmations”

  1. I think he is working w C and R. Gut feeling. But maybe not. Freaking love ur writing. Just got the Creature from Jekyll Island in the mail. Feel like I’m finally learning some honest history. Thank u??????

  2. I love how grounded it feels to read your blog! Especially when the real and “fake” news throw around theories without accurate research and consistency.

    I think America will make their way into N Korea and secure a military strong hold around China so they can control the flow of goods as this mega transition you’ve been describing over the years occurs.

    Since money is energy, and labour is energy, maybe there will be a new way to control the flow/transfer of energy from other nations in the future. Maybe through satellite or something in space. Maybe through wifi (cloud). Maybe the US will use their technology to power the countries they “liberate” and control the whole grid.

  3. You’re absolutely correct JC. The picture you used makes me feel like a data byte shooting through a fiber optic cable at light speed.

    Can’t smell the roses at that speed, if we can’t smell the roses we must be missing the good things in life. Yep best to slow down and move away from the news a bit. Sorry to drive you to drink pal :).

    I’m not sure but it sure seems like when something is happening or about to happen the news feeds pump out as much as they can. Garbage and good alike it doesn’t seem to matter as long as they get under folks skin and affect our emotions. It’s like emotional overload. I sure got sucked up into it so thank you JC, this post served as a mirror for me to see myself and correct that.

  4. I’m not very good at communicating my manners in these 2-dimensional spaces where all we have at our disposal is text.

    I did not mean to suggest to anyone at this forum that it’s time to consider the above statement. I offered it more as an ahhah moment for myself. Thanks

    1. No worries friend. It was read that way. And I agree. Maybe that is what Trump is doing. It’s hard for us regular folk to imagine North Korea as a CIA asset, but that is exactly what Iraq was back in the 1980s.

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