Fall of the American Establishment (FREEPOM)

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The Fragmentation of Liberalism & Re-Defining the Federal Reserve

By JC Collins

There is little doubt that the rise of the American establishment began with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.  Since that time banking, business and government interests in America have colluded to the benefit of their whole.  Both political parties – Democrats and Republicans – have been managed by these interests and no autonomous activity outside of this ruling barbarocracy has been allowed to exist or gain momentum.

From this collusion the American establishment guided the outcomes of both world wars and continued to re-position itself militarily and geopolitically.  Vast fortunes were built upon the expanding role of the US dollar in the international monetary system.  The dollar was given official reserve status in 1944, from which time the gains and wealth increased at dramatic levels.

With these increases in wealth and influence for the American establishment came a slow degeneration of wealth and influence for the American people themselves.  The US went from being a creditor nation with a large trade surplus at the end of WW2 to being a debtor nation with the world’s largest trade deficit today.

This drain of wealth is reflective in the loss of jobs and manufacturing in the country.  As more dollars were exported around the world, more jobs and factories were exported with them.  The value of the dollar had to be maintained against other national currencies in order to continue facilitating the dollars role as the primary reserve currency.  This meant American made goods became expensive and unavailable to other nations, especially nations which held large amounts of US debt.

The ruling American establishment continued to grow rich of private deals and investments which further fleeced the average citizen.  This transfer of wealth was further enhanced through taxation and the machinations of inflation management.

In simple terms, as the nation’s debt load expanded so did the debt load of the citizen.  America became a debtor nation through and through.

As the international monetary system continues its transformation from the unipolar USD framework to the multilateral framework the role of the dollar in the world will shift.  The dynamic explained above will no longer have to be maintained and the American establishment which grew rich from the international status and demand of the dollar will no longer have access to the exorbitant privilege which it has enjoyed for a hundred years.

During the time period of international dollar dominance the Federal Reserve acted as a global central bank of sorts.  Its purpose and function was to support the dollars role in the international monetary system.  With the changes that are taking place the role of the Federal Reserve will now begin to shift from an international focus to more of a domestic focus.

The ability of the American establishment to take advantage of other nations and regions of the world will begin to contract.  At the same time this is happening controls are being put in place domestically to reverse the fleecing of the American citizen.  It is my belief that Donald Trump represents the external interests of the international banking group which is now shifting the world away from full reliability on the USD.

This shift will begin to re-align both the dollar and the Federal Reserve to meet the demands of growth in the domestic economy.  This growth will come from massive job creation and increased exports.  Donald Trump is being positioned to shift the power-base within America and strip away from the establishment the ability to continue fleecing the masses.

The establishment media has become brazen and aggressive in its attempts to stop Trump and maintain its power in America.  The liberal agenda which the establishment has been promoting for decades has now manufactured an environment where someone like Donald Trump can make a move for power and use that same liberal agenda as its weapon against the establishment.

The more Trump is demonized and attacked the more support he will gain and the more the establishment exposes its inherent hypocrisy. The establishment now finds itself in a situation where whatever action it takes against Trump will only further confirm to the disorganized masses the need for Trump to effectively help them re-organize.

The sexualization and liberalization of our western culture which the establishment has engineered is now being used to minimize and discard the establishments’ attempts to destroy Trump.  Trump said he can grab women by the pussy.  So what?  Nobody cares.

Within the liberal agenda lay the seed of its own destruction.  The space between what the average people can accept, and what has been pushed through cultural engineering has increased dramatically since the beginning of the so-called sexual revolution.  Transgenderism and the subtle promotion of pedophilia which is now beginning to be introduced into our movies, music, and television programming will create the required momentum and backlash to crush the future hopes of all who desire more extreme liberalization of culture.

The liberal agenda will fragment under the weight of its own creation.  The mainstream media which has promoted and supported the establishment agenda is eating itself to death in its attempts to maintain power and influence over the American people.  Representatives of the American establishment in business and government, as well as media, are now openly exposed to the masses.  Even the Republican establishment has willfully hung itself out to dry.

So many people believe that Trump can never win and that Clinton will become the next president.  The conclusions which I have come to are the complete opposite.  The American establishment is beginning to collapse under the weight of its own greed and ignorance.  In its wake will grow a new establishment which will have its origins in the Trump seed which was planted many decades ago.  – JC

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