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By JC Collins

Every once in a while you come across a quote that is so clear and concise in the message it is attempting to communicate that all things simply fall into the slots assigned them.  The quote below from Marathonman commenting over at Zero Hedge today is such a………well, quote:

“You know I’ve been thinking this stupid ass sanction business is meant to hurry along the death of the dollar.  China, Russia, and the BRICS finish the work and usher in the new SDR type system and the US regime gets to play like, hey it wasn’t our fault.  This regime if not incompetent is most certainly evil.”

Marathonman has managed to explain in three colorful sentences what I’ve been communicating since January in blog post after blog post, and I’d like to thank him for the clarity his comment will bring to thousands. Thank you friend.

Let’s keep in mind that the sanctions, in essence, are somewhat of a separate issue from the reality on the ground in eastern Ukraine.  Though the media likes to present both issues as if they are directly connected, I propose that they are indeed separate.

One, the civil war in eastern Ukraine is a proxy war being fought between the U.S. and Russia over the geopolitical control of Europe.  As stated in the early post today titled The Devil’s Tears, Europe and North America have been connected at the hip for 600 years and specific western industrial interests intend to keep it that way.

If Russia is successful in guiding Ukraine back into the fold it is highly likely that Europe will be ripped away from the western geopolitical sphere and 6 centuries of cultural symbiosis will shift eastward.

Two, sanctions on Russia, and the Russian response is a part of the scripted Hegelian Dialectic which we have been discussing here for the last 9 months.  As Marathonman so astutely stated, the sanctions are planned to move the BRICS countries away from the dollar and setup SDR compliant alternatives to the western dominated system, all for the purpose of plausible deniability so the American populace does not awaken to the fantasy world of false economics.

There are a few dead giveaways to this plan.  The obvious one is that every time the west applies sanctions it pushes Russia and China, including the peripheral trade partners, closer together and further away from the dollar.  This effect is never discussed openly in the western media and only a handful of alternative websites even mention it.

If this cause and effect was accidental or unintended, the media would have relentless coverage of it until our brains were numb.  But they don’t draw any attention whatsoever to the dropping of the dollar around the world or the implementation of the SDR compliant BRICS Development Bank and Contingency Reserve Fund.

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And this tells us exactly what we need to know about the plan that is unfolding.

Every storyline needs a protagonist and antagonist.  In this case the west, Europe, America, and western Ukraine, are the good guys.  While Russia and eastern Ukraine are the bad guys,  China is completely left out of this storyline in the media because China cannot be labeled as the bad guy in this situation until later in the story, near the climax, when the surprise ending hits us and the full revelation of the method is revealed.

I’ve started a News Feed tab which I attempt to update daily.  The intent is to include links to daily news stories which are in someway related to this transition in the economic system of the world.

Just today alone the following stories have appeared:

Ruble, Yuan Pave Way for Dollar Substitution

China and Russia in Talks to Create Alternative to Swift

There’s so much news coming so fast on a daily basis that it is difficult to keep up with.  And all the western media can focus on is Putin the bad guy and mindless entertainment for the disorganized masses.

It was two weeks ago that Britain stated that Russia should be banned from the SWIFT system, and what do you know, now Russia and China are about to implement there own version of SWIFT.  But this is not surprising because I wrote here back on June 10th how China was going to setup there own version but the code for it was still going to be written around the base algorithm of the SWIFT system.  After all, both systems must eventually work together and be SDR compliant.

From the post Cras In Transitu:

Other evidence that the separation of west and east is manufactured is the soon to be implemented CIPS, or China International Payment System, which is built upon the SWIFT system and will use ISO 20022 for the clearing of RMB trade payments.

The scripted story moves into another chapter and the proxy war for resource control and positioning in the new multilateral system continues as we head towards the end of September and the yuan denominated Shanghai Gold Exchange.  The next big event in this process will be the internationalization of the renminbi.  Which is why Russia is taking the play so China can stay squeaky clean.  – JC