Europe is separating from the Anglo-American Establishment

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Exchanging the European NATO for the Arabic NATO

The Anglo-American establishment’s strategy in Ukraine was always about creating leverage against Russia for the purpose of maintaining access in the resource rich Middle East.  Let me explain.

The post G7 comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel that Europe can no longer rely on the United States and the United Kingdom are aligned with the larger unfolding multilateral realignment of the world. She made it clear that Germany and Europe could no longer depend on others and must take its destiny into its own hands.

One of the key points in the POM multilateral thesis is that Europe will have to become a part of the larger Eurasian Union.  This is the underlying reason for the BREXIT vote and some of Trump’s statements regarding NATO members and the costs of carrying the large military alliance.

Merkel’s comments could be intended to create leverage against the Trump Administration but the fact that Britain was included would suggest that something larger has been put in motion.

During the G7 summit Trump made comments about Germany being bad for exporting so many German made vehicles into the United States.  The comment was obviously meant to cause tension and create an atmosphere of uncertainty. Unbalancing your opponent and claiming the dominant ground is negotiating 101, which is a strategy that all of Trump’s statements and actions should be filtered through.

Forcing European nations to begin picking up more of the tab for NATO is the first step in realigning the region and allowing America to pullback and renegotiate trade deals.  It is also interesting that on the same Trump trip around the world the creation of an Arabic NATO was announced.  The shifting of the geopolitical winds is clear to see and fit perfectly with the larger thesis which we have been discussing here on POM since the beginning of 2014.

The Anglo-American establishment would be allowed to have either Europe or the Middle East, but not both.  It was always going to be Ukraine or Syria, but never the two together.

Also confirming this thesis and analysis are the growing attempts to isolate Iran.  The emboldened anti-Iranian scripting has picked up steam throughout Trump’s visit to the Middle East and during the G7 summit.  It should be considered that Russia may turn on its allies in the Middle East, being Syria and Iran, in exchange for Ukraine and Europe.

It was never going to be both.  The Anglo-American strategy in Ukraine was leverage to use against Russia to get what it wanted in the Middle East.  The Anglo-American establishment would never give up resource poor Europe for the resource rich Middle East.

The wild card here has been, and will continue to be, Iran.  Will Iran be folded into a new Middle East which is dominated by Sunni Saudi Arabia?  Or will it integrate itself into the larger Eurasian Union and maintain its alliances with Russia and China?  There are many moving pieces here but the hatred between the Sunni and Shia is unlikely to allow for any form of alliance between the two.

The unfolding drama in North Korea could be the Anglo-American establishments Asian Ukraine strategy.  Will China bargain away its relationship with Iran in turn for a decreased American involvement in Asia?  Maybe, but we should also consider that Russia and China are playing their own long game and could very well have some unseen ace cards up their sleeves.

It would be my conclusion that much of this negotiating has already been done behind the scenes as Trump as served as the middle man between the Anglo-American establishment and the multilateral mandates which are supported by the international banking interests.   There are some within the existing Anglo-American who are attempting to hijack and derail this strategy.  Some are within the governments of Europe, like the German government attempting to back track Merkel’s comments, and some within the American Congress who are trying to stop Trump’s massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Also supporting the thesis presented here is the meeting between the new French President Macron and Russian President Putin.  The meeting takes place on the 300th anniversary of Peter the Great’s diplomatic visit to France in 1717.  Macron has stated that it is important for France to have a dialogue with Russia in order to resolve international issues, such as Syria and Ukraine.  Interesting that it was those two nations which were specifically mentioned.

A clear trend and pattern is emerging which confirms much of what we have been reviewing for years now.  The process is long and requires much patience to see the analysis through to the end.  But the multilateral transformation is proceeding as designed with only slight variations and adjustments to accommodate real world truths and facts on the ground.  – JC

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13 Comments on “Europe is separating from the Anglo-American Establishment”

  1. Israel and Saudi cosy relationship has been shattered by Trump’s arrival in Saudi and Israelis are now feeling the heat in a frenzy of confusion. Two weeks ago, the world thought the two Semitic powers were in a pack for ever, and the two must view each other as adversaries now. A week is a long time, in politics!

    Regarding Iran and Russia, the seemingly close relationship is tactical for both nations and the interests of the two are not the same. Major one is the Iranian Gas (largest deposit in the world!) and Russia has been attempting to market her own and by dominating Iran. The change of Anglo-Americans focus to control the region will mean, it will be Iran and not Saudi nor Israel as a rational choice to be the protector of peace on their behalf. There are many reasons for this claim and the historical/cultural link that the 19th century i.e. Middle-East is Iran or Persia, that was the dominant ancient cultural, political adhesion of this region. In this regard, Saudi Arabia will be broken up into other nations and the politicization of Islam as has been triggered by the architect of Islamic Chaos the now deceased Zbigniew Brzezinski, will cease to exist. As such, both Shia and Sunni Islam will return to their previous role, that is to become politically inactive and neutral. We have to remember that political Islam and Islamic Terrorism did not exist before the 1950’s and the recruitment and organization of Islamic terrorism was the tool of domination by the British intelligence. The creation of the Saudi Arabia by a British military intelligence agent, Captain Lawrence was not intended to be using political ISlam but rather as a form of a subservient ruling family in charge of a mineral rich land.

    Another point about Iran, is that Iran has never been directly colonized or ruled successfully by a foreign power (but made a sphere of influence by British and Russians) even though the successive non-Iranians (Turks, Arabs) have managed to rule for some period. However, Iran as a national and cultural state survived with her own unique language, due to a major part, to her very ancient philosophy and culture. In this way, Iran is likely to become the dominant power in the region as well as Central Asia, where her culture forms the substrate of these regions too. Curiously, the name of the chose capital and name of Kazakhstan, Astana is a Persian word meaning Threshold, that is the foundation “Stone” at the bottom of door or gateway to a hall (from proto-Indo-European Astaan in persian, stone in modern English).

    The ancient Iran, despite the modern elite rulers efforts of this planet since 1913, to defy her, will survive and will morph into a newer version as it has morphed and survived. Getting away from facts in the old world, is fighting the nature, nature wins everytime!

    In fact this whole game is about man fighting nature from start to end!

    1. Something you may like to consider CD, is that the Shah of Iran was a puppet of the CIA. Iran, under the Shah, purchased WMD from the US MIC. And just look at what the outcome of that was….those weapons ended up in the hands of the revolutionaries.

      Now consider that Trump is doing something very similar with the Saud family in the KSA. All those WMD being supplied into a country that is experiencing its very own unrest with a huge potential for another ‘color revolution’.

      You could suggest that it is payback time. If the KSA was truly behind 9/11, then a taste of their own medicine, might just be on the horizon.

      1. Thank you Rossa,

        I have to disagree with you your statement if I may, “Shah of Iran was a puppet of the CIA. Iran, under the Shah, purchased WMD from the US MIC.”

        Firstly, Iran and her King had two choices only and two choice alone! Either seeking protection in the bosoms of the Soviet Union OR finding enough armaments to withstand a 20 Soviet Tank divisions standing on the long shared borders long enough until help arrives! The Shah who was a nationalist chose the second option and he signed military alliance with both the British who supplied the Shah with Tanks and other agreements with the Americans who were to be suppliers of the Iranian Imperial air force right after WWII. British even completed a tank manufacturing factory in two provinces of Iran by 1979. Iranian Army was entirely British made, I believe the British made significant profit from dealing with Iranian military during the Shah.

        Also, as a nationalist, if I were in the shoes of the late Shah of Iran, I would have done exactly the same pact with both the British and the Americans to protect Iran from the Soviets. It is interesting to note that the ambition of reaching the warm waters of the Persian work has been in the minds of the Russians from the time of the Peter the Great, as such Iran was the best route.

        The WMD you mentioned never existed in Iran, neither the Americans ever gave Iran any, mainly due to the Israelis even though the Shah was fair to them, particularly during the oil blockade of 1973. Also, the Shah had a good relationship with the northern neighbour, the big bear and he did not want to antagonize the Soviets by employing WMD’s! Nevertheless, the CIA did give Pakistan the nuclear blueprint and it is said that Berzinsky instigated the delivery of the nuclear bomb blueprint to Islamist Republic of Mullahs of Iran! Balance of power, is often made to be an imbalance by outside powers and giving the WMD (and delivery system!) to Israel and Pakistan is the work of the devil, which is regrettable!

        However, Iran obtained its first small scale nuclear reactor in 1953 at Tehran Technical University by the Americans for research which is still operational to this day.

        Regarding KSA and whether there were accomplices in the 911, we may never know the truth completely. However, what is clear is the close workings of Prince BAndar the head of KSA intelligence and the KSA ambassador to US, otherwise known as “Bandar Bush”!

        I suspect the take down of the KSA may not be necessary a violent one, since the 5000 princes and their 50,000 concubines do not wish to be bothered and they may have found their home in exile in Indonesia already!

  2. Personally, I think Trump has played a blinder with NATO and in particular Merkel. She now has to ‘own’ the consequences of the EU’s actions, like their sanctions, especially in the Ukraine, let alone her policy on migrants. Her speech was very telling. The UK has always been aligned with the US and with Brexit, the drawbridge is being drawn up this side of the English Channel.

    Once we’re ‘out’, whatever that look likes, Germany will have to pay a lot more for their position of economic master of the EU and therefore become the main defender via the EU army and defence forces. She will have no choice but to negotiate with Putin now. Europe has ‘milked’ the US for far too long. The MSM always reports on the percentage of GDP contribution to NATO and avoids the fact that the US pays 76% of NATO’s budget. That’s a lot of money to pay out to be the policeman of the world and ‘Defender’ of last resort.

    As for Macron, poor boy, having to deal with a rock and then a hard place. In some ways Le Pen has got off lightly. Being caught in the crossfire of both the US and Russia ain’t a ‘safe space’ for him.

  3. “It should be considered that Russia may turn on its allies in the Middle East, being Syria and Iran, in exchange for Ukraine and Europe.”

    The old rules of NATO may apply once again: keep the US in, Germany out, and Russia down (and make sure a Russo-German alliance is not allowed to develop, i.e., expanded oil and gas trade agreements).

  4. I agree with this JC. Europe needs to build a secondary alliance with Asia and concentrate their efforts in that direction. They need the diversification in order to grow the European economy. Stagflation there. China and Russia offer the potential for growth in the years ahead. Germany already has foothold in US economy and US market probably will not offer much growth potential beyond what Germany/Europe has now. And finally, this plays into the thesis of a multi-polar monetary framework which will create multi-polar strong economies and long-term global economic growth.

  5. I just heard this 6 minute clip and if true, it will be game changer. Keshe mentions a technology which he has been working on using plasma and the Chinese seem to now posses. He also mentions the fact that N Korea has now become a nuclear state when her citizens haven’t enough to eat! Hence, the rocket and delivery system was supplied to them by the Belgians (the EU!). In the meantime the Islamists have targeted Xinxiang the muslim majority province of West China with Israeli support and Saudi money, in an exact way they destroyed Libya.

    Keshe, states that Trump’s visit was to warn the involved parties of the discovery of their plot. He mentions the “unification of religions”, which is in a way way overdue for all three Abrahamic religions, including the Vatican with its most secretive methods of control of mind control, Money and the covert support for Islamists. The current pope said last year, “building walls is unchristian!” in an angry remark to President Trump. Unification of the three Abrahamic religions is huge and will mean the end of an era and the beginning of another for humanity.

  6. “Kenya has opened a major new railway between the port city of Mombasa and the capital, Nairobi, 18 months early.”

    Kenya was a colony of the British and it is the Chinese who are actually doing real development works and projects in Kenya and for that matter all over the continent. Chinese are winning with Trade whereas the old colonialists was greed, oppression and warfare model. This venture is a part of the “Belt & Road” global project by the Chinese. Clearly the Chinese have figured out another system of growth model and it will interesting to see how far the old colonialists will let them run with it…

  7. Who is Alexander Dugin?

    This is the title of this short interview with the Canadian translator of Dugin’s work (Michael Millerman). Dugin is a Russian political theorist and mentors Putin. His “Fourth Political Theory” is also popular in the nationalist movement aka Alt-right. I found Durgin’s thoughts and ideas fascinating as the summary (Excerpt) of his book below:

    ” The world today finds itself on the brink of a post-political reality — one in which the values of liberalism are so deeply embedded that the average person is not aware that there is an ideology at work around him. As a result, liberalism is threatening to monopolize political discourse and drown the world in a universal sameness, destroying everything that makes the various cultures and peoples unique.”

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