Ethereum and the Artificial Man

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How Blockchain is De-Centralizing Existence and Making Governments Obsolete

Governments by nature are slow, clunky, and extremely inefficient. The ideologies which support governance structures and mandates are outdated and no longer meet the demands of mass populations. Both are indicators that the world is on the verge of a massive transformation and shift towards de-centralization.

The blockchain and AI de-centralized economic framework which is emerging has been ghosting around in my peripheral for the last few years. Much of the metaphysical writings, and esoteric concepts, which we have been exploring over the years, especially the awareness about fragmentation around the PrimNomics concept, have been developing my own capability to understand and accept the reality and ramifications of blockchain and de-centralized AI economics.

Some of you are already affiliated with the language around these concepts, while for others it will be new. But the pieces fit together, and the larger picture starts to come into focus when we expand our own understanding and exposure to this new and exciting world. The consequences of the printing press comes to my mind when I think about blockchain and Ethereum.

The cryptocurrency craze is built upon the blockchain technology. Blockchain was created in mystery, with the assumed inventor disappearing into obscurity. Some have made the case that blockchain was in fact created by AI for the purpose of building a de-centralized AI economy. That could be the case, but regardless, the technology is here to stay, and will infiltrate and transform all aspects of human existence and interaction.

The best way I’ve found to understand blockchain is to compare it to the human brain. The brain has synapses which serve the function of allowing neurons to transfer electrical and chemical signals to other neurons. Like the neurons in the human brain, the blockchain technology has nodes which serve the same purpose of transferring information and data. Once the data exists on the blockchain, it can never be destroyed or altered. There will always be an accurate record of all transactions.

This is being likened to an artificial intelligence hive mind which will eventually connect everything in the world, including SMART appliances, SMART watches, SMART cities, and eventually SMART human beings. But I would like to take it a step further and suggest that blockchain technology, and Ethereum specifically, is more comparable to the whole human body and DNA in particular. The complex interactions and transactions which take place within the body and our DNA are being replicated on the blockchain and Ethereum platforms.

This has explosive repercussions on our understanding and acceptance of the de-centralized world which is now emerging in our midst. One of the big esoteric questions we’ve always asked ourselves regarding our individual material, spiritual, and mental fragmentation, was how do we complete a process of de-fragmentation without surrendering to a material centralization which would dominate the totality of our lives?

We can see with blockchain and Ethereum, that a massive de-centralization, or de-fragmentation, of processing and functionality, will allow each individual component to maintain individuality, while the art of de-fragmenting our human inefficiencies can proceed without corrupting into ideological disasters, such as Communism and other externalizations of human weakness.

The recent explosion in the value of Bitcoin is indicative of the growing interest in the blockchain technology. But in some regards Bitcoin is already obsolete. There are some fundamental differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here is a list of just seven which have been complied by

  1. In Ethereum the block time is set to 14 to 15 seconds compared to Bitcoins 10 minutes. This allows for faster transaction times. Ethereum does this by using the Ghost protocol.
  2. Ethereum has a slightly different economic model than Bitcoin – Bitcoin block rewards halve every 4 years whilst Ethereum releases the same amount of Ether each year ad infinitum.
  3. Ethereum has a different method for costing transactions depending on their computational complexity, bandwidth use and storage needs. Bitcoin transactions compete equally with each other. This is called Gas in Ethereum and is limited per block whilst in Bitcoin, it is limited by the block size.
  4. Ethereum has its own Turing complete internal code… a Turing-complete code means that given enough computing power and enough time… anything can be calculated. With Bitcoin, there is not this form of flexibility.
  5. Ethereum was crowd funded whilst Bitcoin was released and early miners own most of the coins that will ever be mined. With Ethereum 50% of the coins will be owned by miners in year five.
  6. Ethereum discourages centralised pool mining through its Ghost protocol rewarding stale blocks. There is no advantage to being in a pool in terms of block propagation.
  7. Ethereum uses a memory hard hashing algorithm called Ethash that mitigates against the use of ASICS and encourages decentralised mining by individuals using their GPU’s.

The information in that list represents the core areas in which our world is transforming. This cannot be stopped. Though Bitcoin may explode even higher, and some nations and institutions may attempt to regulate and slow the onset of the blockchain and Ethereum, the genie is now out of the lamp and nothing can put it back. Blockchain is not just for cryptocurrency and economics. It will build the foundation and framework of everything in the world of tomorrow.

The AI economy which is emerging through the expansion of blockchain technology will continue to grow and scale into infinity. The improved efficiencies and productivity across all spectrums of existence will quickly make the institutions and brick and mortar of the old world obsolete. Politics, socioeconomics, war, religion, and the very purpose of existence, will be transformed in the coming months and years.

Governments, central banks, militaries, and all the relics of yesterday, will turn to dust as this new printing press shatters the framework of the old world and creates the world of tomorrow. It is inevitable. The built-in inefficiencies of these institutions all but ensures their destruction as everything in the world becomes connected through a process of de-centralization.

Sounds like a conundrum doesn’t it? It forces us to think different about the world and its function. Perhaps that is why it took me so long to wrap my own head around it all. How do we relate to this new world?

Russia, China, the International Monetary Fund, and others, have all expressed interest in digitizing currency, and the SDR in the IMF case, using blockchain technology. It’s only a matter of time before the liquidity of the AI economy surpasses that of the old obsolete economy and everything, including the very purpose and function of voting, becomes redundant. It could very well mean the development of the individual sovereign within a de-centralized system which works in conjunction with the the purpose of the whole.

Sound impossible? Don’t blink. The artificial man is not a robot. It will be the system of the world in which we also become the technology. We are the blockchain. – JC

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74 Comments on “Ethereum and the Artificial Man”

  1. JC,

    You’re making all the anarchists out there very excited at the possibility of a decentralized sovereign system of governance in the near future.

  2. Hi JC,
    great article.
    You know that I´m all game when it comes to decentralization, as I think that the governments of the world are the problem, not the solution in nowadays world.
    I agree with your ideas and point of view, but let me stress the fact that TPTB will not relinquish their control over us, the population, with ease.
    They know the future that´s coming, and they´ve already started to find ways to control that blockchain technology and the decentralization process that you mention.
    So lets hope that all runs smoothly, and that in the end they will be defeated.
    Just to see governments, wars and religions (just to mention three aspects of the world) become obsolete and be thrown into the bin of History has been a deep desire of mine for a very long time.
    But we need to be ultra careful before ringing golden bells; just to mention one example, once the physical money disappears, unless we have full control of the situation, we might find ourselves in deep trouble when attempting to have full freedom re our financial movements and decisions.

    I´m optimistic in the long term, but the road ahead is going to be extremely, extremely bumpy.
    So we all better fasten our seat belts!!!


  3. Bitcoin, more or less worked straight out of bag.

    Well, that type of functional and operational success does not happen with software – in the ‘real’ world!

    The maths has to be worked out, algorithms and language chosen, proof of concept, scaling ability, hardware platform capabilities, network protocols, delays, error checking, developer resources for the future and on and on and on…

    Most likely, all the above was already done by big money (aka The Beast). They had the time and money and through iterative development over years, the implementation was refined so that it would hit the deck running as to be in sync. with the rest of the Global ‘transformation’ taking place.

    Of course, it had to be sold by the media once again, as a lonley misunderstood genius like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison etc… that creates it in his garage (see the pattern?). This type of rollout gives it street cred and mystery, so that the young dev community accepts it as genuine.

  4. Hi JC, I think in this instance blinking is going to be important. The majority of consumers and manufacturers out there right now have foregone understanding the importance of digital security over functionality and all in the pursuit of value. Functionality will explode and value along with it. Digital security is on another timeline. Which is why for many years the headlines will be filled with overnight millionaires losing everything.

    Digital security is the cart. Functionality should be the horse.

    Mind you, it’s been a few years, but I’m so tempted for a quick pump n’ dump on the ol’ bitcoin just before Christmas hahaha

    1. I’m going to double-down here on digital security. AI, blockchain etc etc it’s all digital. There is nothing currently out there that is 100% digitally secure. Here is why – national security. Forget it. Happy to go toe to toe with anyone on this issue. Got a million articles to quote on black hat hacking, CIA quantum computing not in the public domain etc D-wave etc.

      Governments by nature are slow, clunky, and extremely inefficient.
      Digital is not a solution. If it gets publicly accepted as a solution then watch the “internet security” crowd make a fortune for decades while the peasants continue to secure their online villages against attacks.

      Is there a firewall for the human mind?
      Show me a digital firewall that hasn’t been compromised? Nope. There isn’t any. Just layers upon layers of layers of layers of layers of layers of layers of “protection”. Mcafee is a criminal.

      Digital is hackable,

      1. Digital security is the cart. Functionality should be the horse.
        Actually I screwed that up d’oh. Security first. Functionality last. It’ll never be like that of course. Security always lags. Onward!

  5. And with each hack into someone’s digital wallet, the demand for security, governance and transparency into the blockchain (who’s who and who owns what) will grow stronger and louder. This week it was Nicehash for $78million worth of BTC (probably $100 million by the end of this week). Most of humanity is exposed to having their crypto hacked and until that problem is solved, it cannot be widely adopted. Ah, but if they could just tie my crypto account to, oh, I don’t know, some unique biometric marker that can’t be forged, well, that would be helpful!

    Call me a luddite, but I ain’t lettin’ ’em tattoo a barcode on my hand or forehead.

  6. Thank you, JC, another fantastic article and highly informative,

    I admit I have been dabbling in this crypto thing for a few months now. Since you posted this article (10 Dec.), Etherium AND Litecoin went up by $200 each! In future, I will make sure to pay more attention to the dates you post your articles, particularly relating to cryptos LOL…I am more convinced than ever that you are a Magi 🙂

    Many cheers and thank you for your wisdom JC,

  7. JC, This whole block chain technology and crypto currency is a bit ‘above my pay grade” as of the moment. I have been watching Etherium for about a year or so but I have a hard time keeping it all straight. I truly hope your version of the crypto currency story is correct. I would love to hear your thoughts on the following blog entry which is somewhat the opposite of your version. “Bitcoin is wide open to theft”

    1. Hey Darren, never heard of him. But I checked him out and must say it made me dizzy. I’m a novice with twitter though so it’s probably me. I saw a lot of other folks tweets but not sure I saw any of QAnon’s. lol.

    2. Hello Darren,

      I have been following the QAnon patriot material for a few weeks now. However, I find the analysis of three people who have their own channels on Youtube to be the best and well as their Twitter accounts. The three people are Tracey Beans, Scott Anthony and Roy Potter (retired Army Col.). Scott Anthony’s Twitter is a great source of which the other two people I mentioned also use but each of them provides different and interesting interpretations of QAnon posts. Hope this helps.

      1. For the more esoterically inclined (and I think that includes you Carpe Diem), the commentary by Tracy Twyman may be of interest also.

        1. Hello Redjon and Thank you very much,

          Very grateful for the tip regarding Tracey Twyman. In fact, I have been following her work for a couple of years and read one of her books. She is an extremely talented lady and highly esoteric and very much on the side of the LIGHT.

          I just had a look at her Twitter account and came across an interesting one regarding the secret society which she is claiming that President Trump belongs to. If true, it appears that the POTUS’s physicist uncle was also a member of this club and he was following Nikola Tesla’s work after the FBI took all Tesla’s work and only allowed Dr. Trump to study them! My intuition tells me that in this Secret Society, “Plvs Vltra” (Plus Ultra) there are many other people internationally also members.

          I am thinking of the wonderful and wise Katherin Austin Fitts, who was at Wharton College with the POTUS as well as members of the British establishment and I want to say Mr. Nigel Farage also! What is clear regarding Britain is that there is an exact civil war going on as there is in the US and it involves high level and Intel which the normal folks in the street will have no clue about. This is a dynastical change and the two groups in the US who have been in control are about to lose their control, that is the Owls and the Spiders! …deep down I am thinking that President Putin is also a high-level member of this club as are the Philippines President Duterte and many others possibly!

          It is possible to think that a change unseen for a few hundred years is coming…

          Thank you again and I wish you a wonderful day.

          1. You’re welcome! I have only just discovered her work, via a search for Q Anon (frequent mentions in her blog), and have yet to really dig into it but what I have read so far is fascinating stuff.
            I too get the feeling we are rapidly approaching a massive transformational event of some kind.

    3. Thanks guys.

      This is completely of topic but I just found out and there is no better place to put it. Remember the baffling tweet by President Trump back on the 31st May 2017:
      Despite the constant negative press covfefe

      That tweet really caused a stir on the internet – especially from the #nevertrumpers and liberal left. However, covfefe stands for:
      The Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act (COVFEFE Act)
      This bill amends provisions governing presidential records to: (1) revise the definition of “documentary material” to include social media; (2) revise the definition of “presidential records” to include any personal and official social media account; and (3) define “social media” as any form of electronic communication (such as a website for social networking and microblogging) through which users create an online community to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).

      Anyways, thought that was really interesting.

  8. Around the time of this post Dec. 10th Ethereum was around $462 each. I began setting up an account/wallet to pick up a couple. Today my wallet was finally approved for use and Ethereum is up to $699. The max purchase per day for coinbase is $750 and it doesn’t even purchase a complete coin. lol. This is going to take some getting used too.

    Great call JC, thank you for shining the light on this for us.

    1. Well done Dane,
      Looks like we are going to the same learning curve in regards to purchase and safekeeping cryptos. I also bought through Coinbase and I registered my details with them so to buy more than the daily allowance. You may also be interested to have a look at Exodus digital wallet which you can download from ( ). It is free and offers the potential for exchange between your assets e.g. BTC, LTC, TH etc. When I transferred my first full BTC back in summer (around $2000 at the time!) into my Exudos wallet on my PC, the process took a few hours. I thought damn I have done something wrong but when it later arrived I learned the slowness of BTC. With ETH and LTC which I have experienced, the speed is much faster. The beauty of Exudos is it is easy and secure (so far so good!).
      The trick with such speculations as Bitcoin like everything else is to think the money I may lose, is not that significant but people are making silly money from this all. My motive has been to learn from actually being a User so top speaks and get my own hands-on experience of it rather than just reading about it. I also feel the crypto and the underlying technology (Blockchain) is something that is going make some big changes to almost every facet of human activity, and for that matter, I’d hate to be in the dark about it.

      Regarding the security aspects of Cryptos, I believe that privacy does not exist anywhere and everything one owns can be stolen, taken, broken or confiscated by the governments, anywhere. So, fear is not a good thing here and going into this with logic and recognition of the fact that one may lose all of it is sensible. Having said that, I read the other day that a Dutch family sold their entire life and bought Bitcoins with the money. This to me is a dumb move but if you had bought say $100,000 worth of say BTC, LTC or ETH on the 10th December, you would have been $200,000 better off. So the Dutch family may not be so dumb after all. 🙂

      1. Sorry for the other comment below not linking to your comment. I messed up with the phone. But I just wanted to add that when I sign into coinbase the second verification (text auth. code) the caller id says it Microsoft. lol.

  9. In my humble opinion #QAnon is a fun filled PSYOPS computer game, that came ready made with a host of people ready to analysis, each and every word , symbol, and code in the game. Well done enough to set hook to the “woke” community that includes people of thousands of stripes, hues, angles and wave like curves.

    Many of the more prominent players claim inside connections, through retired military, or deep state political, and intel sources. Hence their ability to cipher the Socratic quiz Q presents. I admit it is a fun filled game and confess I’ve played it a bit myself and took my Tx hold ’em skill of reading to the table.

    I’m still not sure, as prefaced, this is my humble opinion, the game played to it’s logical conclusion screams DANGER, DANGER, DANGER, to me because to relies on a white knight or a big army of white knights to ride in to save the day. Perhaps it is just me but I do not subscribe to the future being gamed out that way. I’m more of a mind that I am the white knight, I just have to shine up my armor.

    1. It could be Peter. I know it made my head crazy looking through the material. I found it difficult to find anything QAnon said but did find plenty of responses from others. But like I said I’ve not wrapped my head around navigating twitter yet. Just haven’t taken the time to figure it out.

    2. Pieter Segar – I agree with your overall assessment of the Q ‘game’ , which I have watched with interest since the first week in November when it started to moderately gain in popularity on the internet . Currently, I find it interesting that great numbers of Q watchers are producing multitudes of reads, opinions and videos aimed at ‘solving the mystery’ and answering the Q questions, and how the numbers of people involved and interested has grown expotentially. It appears to me the ‘game’ was aimed at the Millennial Generation more than any other. Why? They have been ‘slow’ to ‘wake up’ and ‘stand up’ , likely for a number of reasons: one of which is their U.N. Agenda 21 public educational system and the MSM bull passing for ‘news’…not to mention their proclivity for ‘gaming’ to shut down the fast-paced world they live in. How better to attract them than with a psy-op ‘mystery’ game? !

      What would be the purpose? Education of the real world they are living in, something the majority have not, and likely would never pursue on their own researching the history of corruption from books or readily available info on the internet. But, when enticed with a ‘mystery’ game to solve … and research to play the game is needed (and yes, sometimes answers are provided as a prod to continue the game and understand the ‘clues’ when they can’t solve it on their own) they are taking to the game like ducks take to water. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are being educated and prepared for their place and responsibility in the world to come, while learning history and gaining awareness of the dirt done to humanity and the ‘clean up’ needed and underway…but not yet finished. It won’t be finished for a number of years. It will be on their shoulders to watch and work to resolve the issues and keep the deep systematic corruption from ever happening again.

      The BONUS and BEAUTY of the ‘game’…. generations ahead of them and behind them are ALSO getting an education and building their ‘awareness’ library of self-responsibility that goes with being a ‘sovereign’ being. It is now gaining traction in the mass consciousness. Nothing is a ‘coincidence’.

      1. Thank you Eyes Open your brilliant perspective is very refreshing. The magic in what you see goes back many years. Like the way stories were told in a fashion to provoke our inherent instinct to figure things out. Today we just tell folks how it is and the depth of exploration or experience finding the answers are lost. It’s made a rather hollow human existence.

        I tire of reading headlines that include “this is what you need to know”. I see it rather different in that it’s not what I need to know but what someone wants me to think.

        1. Thank You Dane for your kind words. Please know how much I appreciate your feed-back and all the comments you have given on the various articles on this blog site. Sharing, caring and each individual perspective shared is indeed a two way street for growth for us all. Thank You again ! E.O.

      2. I also want to thank you Eyes Open, Your pointing out the learning to think critically and the education value of the “game” helps me to come to terms with just WTH is going on with this “Q” thing. Sometimes being 70’s leaves me in a bit of a lurch as to what my younger one’s are up to and about.
        Thanks Again

        1. Pieter Segar, Thank You for your comment. Glad you found some value in it, as I have found value in many of yours made on various articles as well. I owe much of my ‘perspective’ to my adult children and grandchildren [grand-ones ranging in ages 8 to 28] who often have caused me to ‘re-consider’ an opinion I had previously formed based on old knowledge and experiences, and do some research which then causes me to see in a different ‘light’. They are my ‘teacher’ as much as I have been theirs at times in our lives…. along with a lot of personal ‘gut’ instincts developed by listening deeply. Some of our young ones are wise beyond their years…. they only need encouragement to express in words and actions what they already instinctively know. It is from them, then, that I learn. Thank You again for sharing your thoughts on the “Q” thing. An enigma, for sure. EO

  10. Thanks carpe diem. I used coinbase as well and

    “I believe that privacy does not exist anywhere and everything one owns can be stolen”.

    Absolutely my friend. I felt the same way when signing up. Every page asked more and more. What do you do, who do you work for, What? Link to my bank account wth (What the heck) is that about…okay tax reporting and such but it’s also a direct link for whatever happens.

    Had to dig deep and pull up bunches of faith and good will to move past this adversity.

    I think Buzz Lightyear said it well. “To infinity and beyond” lol.

    Im not as curagious as that dutch family. Lol.

    I researched mining while waiting for approval and must say it seems like an interesting addition towards a retirement diversification strategy.

    I’ll check out exodus later today. Thanks.

  11. Great article JC.
    The immediate concern for anyone holding, or thinking about investing in, BTC or any other crypto would appear to be: how big can the bubble get before the elites feel the need to do something about it?
    If Satoshi is actually a real individual person, since he holds roughly BTC1 million his net worth is now equivalent to about USD16 billion, and counting. At this rate he will overtake Jeff Bezos as the richest person on the planet some time next year! Will that be allowed to happen? If yes, what next? Will the market cap of BTC be allowed to keep on growing exponentially? It is already among the top 30 currencies in the world, by M1 value – will it be allowed to enter the top 10? Top 5?? (then it may have to be included in the SDR basket!) I find that hard to imagine. The endgame would be the death of all existing fiat currencies. Unthinkable?
    The blockchain genie is definitely out of the bottle and can never be put back in, however individual cryptos can and, I suspect, will, be taken out of the game. The elites presumably have a “line in the sand” somewhere, for the value of BTC (and after that, Ether, etc.).
    Although it is virtually impossible to “destroy” BTC, its price certainly can be manipulated. BTC derivatives (futures) are now available and this could be one avenue of attack (maybe, I am struggling to understand this). Then there is propaganda, legislation (China effectively banned it already, for example), and “traditional” cyber-warfare (hacking etc.)
    There was an interesting research paper by the RAND think-tank on the national security threat posed by cryptos and how to deal with them:
    It is a long read but not too technical.

    1. “If Satoshi is actually a real individual person, since he holds roughly BTC1 million his net worth is now equivalent to about USD16 billion, and counting. At this rate he will overtake Jeff Bezos as the richest person on the planet some time next year!”

      This would seem to be only if Bezos hasn’t invested in Bitcoin himself. I know, I know Bezos doesn’t like Bitcoin. But neither did that JP Morgan ceo who tried to lead the masses away from Bitcoin while purchasing them. So maybe Bezos is secretly invested too.

      “Will that be allowed to happen? If yes, what next?” That’s a mountain of a question right there.

      Maybe a good strategy would be to get into crypto’s as a portfolio diversification strategy instead of a get rich overnight strategy. Kind of like precious metals.

      I see a path forward with crypto’s because of the mechanics of them and thinking like big business I would like to streamline my business practices. This would entail the elimination of the overhead costs for maintaining printing presses, anti counterfeit measures, ink, employees, etc. seems rather viable. Especially when it gets mixed in with AI and all that comes with that.

      I understand that cash is fiat but as it has paid for my keep for 50 years it seems pretty real to me. Of course in the world of matter only.

      1. Absolutely Dane, any investment in cryptocoins is still a huge gamble in my view and players should only stake what they are willing to lose, which in most cases would be a very small percentage of a portfolio. The stories of people taking out mortgages to buy BTC are just insane. Especially because, as JC mentioned, BTC is in some respects obsolete already, it seems unlikely that it will be the eventual “champion”.
        I suppose it’s the same in any major bubble though. And BTC is already the biggest bubble in history. The scary thing is, it is perfectly possible that we are still in the very early stages of it!

        1. I’m with you redjon. All I can say at this point is….man my brain hurts…lol. It sure is getting a lot of exercise these days and that’s a great thing. I’m sure there is plenty of room up there for more information so I’m walking through those pillars into the unknown. But also keeping an account back behind the pillars just in case 🙂

  12. Dane, My Good Man
    I do not know exactly how to explain it, but sometimes after I make a comment to the POM there is something about it that stays with me, as a nagging feeling. From there I almost allow my mouse and pad, plus keyboard to become a modern day Ouija Board and with a feather touch have it take me where it will.

    So here is where it took me today.

    Qanon Deep Dive|Follow the White Rabbit|Cicada 3301 Q and Plato

    I suggest if you start watching at the 52:00 minute mark till the end it may or not pique your interest to watch it from the beginning. I like to kind of keep a eye on what my younger brothers and sisters are up do and doing. Their abilities with today’s PC tech and beyond never fail to grab my attention and respect. Many of these young people have beautiful strong minds. Anyway if you have a chance, give it a glance, there may be something there we can learn.

    Your Friend

    1. Peter thank you friend. I will check it out tonight when I get home. Funny you bring up the Ouija Board. Glad you did first that’s a mouthful to spell…lol.

      I had an amazingly religious experience with one when I was back in highschool. It would tell us things like “demons will burn”, “God is coming back to earth in 60 minutes and will be called Hyat”, I never did get a response as to how a minute of the board equated to a minute of our time though. But one thing that really blew my mind was it was the middle of the summer up in Ohio with a soaring temperature of 97 degrees fahrenheit with no air conditioning. When we finished playing with the board we got really cold and had to turn the heat on and get under blankets. It was funny as could be.

      Anyway, life is grand my friend and I share your sentiment trying to keep this brain up with the youth of today. But I love the challenge, it’s great exercise.

      1. JC, Dane, Pieter Segar, Carpe Diem and many, many others on this site are a real treat. All of you are real gentlemen (deejj87 gentle’women’) in your prose and consideration of others thoughts and blasphemies.

        Anyway, life is grand my friend and I share your sentiment trying to keep this brain up with the youth of today.
        I’m trying to keep my manners up with yours (..and I’m not that young actually haha).

  13. Between JC’s mind warping blockchain post and a discovery or two I’ve made about this “Q” thing I’m thinking I may need a chip to even begin to keep up.

    Listening to JC’s description of the bitcoin/blockchain tech being rendered almost obsolete by the newer faster Ethereum/AI tech well before I even began to get my head wrapped around the Bitcoin tech, is indicative my recent learning about the ‘Q’ phenomena. This is kind of funny but also not so funny. Let me tell you.

    As I’m finally getting the Bretton Woods system and it’s current state of affairs with the unmanageable imbalances and how the INB interest are attempting address those problems,,, here comes the bitcoin/ blockchain and hot on it’s heels, BAM!, Ethereum/AI.

    So that’s part of my day, the other part involves this ‘Q’ thing. It also seems that as soon I begin to think I am beginning to gain some understanding of what is going on there, it has just now been brought to my attention that it’s “get out the way old Dan Tucker, your to late to stay for supper.” It seems ‘Q’ is suffering some super computer hacking problems and now there are so many claiming to be ‘Q’ including having his ID codes(whatever the hell they are) that the game is over, until, and this is just my humble opinion, ‘Q’
    can harness some ‘a’ that Ethereum/AI power. LOLOLOLOLLOOL.

    I need a drink.
    Happy Holidays
    Everyone and
    Merry Christmas
    One and All

  14. Hey Darren that’s what I’ve been trying to express. But there is also a bright side to it. Whether we like it or not it looks like the digital world merging with the organic world is inevitable.

    But let’s think about it for a moment. If the human brain doesn’t have a firewall it can be accessed without resistance. For many brains this is true, but some brains seem to block, reject or outwit the trespass attempts at stealing their sovereignty.

    So in those people they would seem to have a firewall of sorts. The important part it would seem is to wake up and realize the threat is more real from our fellow man than of any government or it’s institutions. From their we can take realistic steps of protecting our digital identies as best as we can.

    Maybe the quantum level computers will be busy defending themselves from attacking each other. Lol.

    Oh, they have physical wallets for digital currency also. They are a bit pricey and I’m not sure how they work yet but they look like a decent step toward safeguarding digital currencies. Unplugged no access. I’m going to give this one a try.

      1. For those that have the time, this is a fascinating read:
        Quantum-secured blockchain
        May 2017
        Blockchain is a distributed database which is cryptographically protected against malicious modifications. While promising for a wide range of applications, current blockchain platforms rely on digital signatures, which are vulnerable to attacks by means of quantum computers. The same, albeit to a lesser extent, applies to cryptographic hash functions that are used in preparing new blocks, so parties with access to quantum computation would have unfair advantage in procuring mining rewards. Here we propose a possible solution to the quantum-era blockchain challenge and report an experimental realization of a quantum-safe blockchain platform that utilizes quantum key distribution across an urban fiber network for information-theoretically secure authentication. These results address important questions about realizability and scalability of quantum-safe blockchains for commercial and governmental applications.

        p.s. don’t forget to Ctrl + F and type “quantum” (it highlights the word quantum in yellow on my browser). Also, currently, who would be those parties? Again functionality comes before security.

  15. Here is some interesting news out today for those that don’t mind listening to commentary from Catherine Austin Fitts. Ms Fitts has been discussing the #DeepState siphoning $21 Trillion away from the US for some time:
    Get Back $21 Trillion – Preserve the US Constitution – Catherine Austin Fitts

    Then today on RT:
    $21 trillion of unauthorized spending by US govt discovered by economics professor
    16 Dec, 2017
    They came up with the figure after digging the websites of departments of Defense (DoD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as repots of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) over summer.

    1. Hello Darren
      I really like CAF. Besides the trillions of missing or misplaced dollars, it seems the pentagon has misplaced 44,000 troops/military personnel, WHAT!! Beats me man. Do you care to take a guess or stab at it? I’m a bit flummoxed.

      Dude Where’s My Troops? Pentagon loses track of 44,000 Soldiers……/dude-wheres-my-troops-pentagon-loses 44,000-soldiers

      Did THEY take the money and run? Ya, think, lol.

      To Funny


      1. Do you care to take a guess or stab at it?
        PTM, I’ll offer my “high Octane speculation” as Dr Farrell likes to say: The 44,000 troops aren’t missing, they’re in the US.
        For all of the media’s noise about NK, the real threat seems to be coming from the domestic scoundrels on US soil.
        But again, pure speculation. #lightsinthesky military drills over Washington DC

  16. But I would like to take it a step further and suggest that blockchain technology, and Ethereum specifically, is more comparable to the whole human body and DNA in particular.
    – JC

    One speculative imagining for blockchain deployment is the bio-cryptoeconomy. The bio-cryptoeconomy is the idea of harnessing cryptographic principles and economic organizational models, particularly in the form of blockchain-based smart contract DACs (distributed autonomous corporations), to automate large classes of ameliorative processes within the human body. It has long been envisioned that in the farther future, fleets of medical nanorobots might be brought on-board the human body for a variety of pathology resolution and enhancement activities.

    POM is ahead of the curve. Geez JC who’s thinking about these things, lol

  17. In trying to stay somewhere within the bounds of the topics covered on this post, I wandered over to my fav gen z character ‘Pewdiepie’ with his 50 million daily viewers and over 15 billion hits. And I have to wonder, does Pewdiepie have a virtual nation? What role will a following like his have in the acceptance or rejection of the more humane v less-humane aspects of the crypto/blockchain/ ethereum/AI. I believe they have the best understanding of the power the “new tech” has to corrupt, as good as anyone, they seem ‘woke.”

    Pewdiepies nation, (if you will) the tech savvy, borderless, an as close to living in a virtual world today than most my age will ever approach. From what I read the Pnation is composed of the most conservative thinking generation in,,, well,,, generations. My read shows me they enjoy a high sense of humor and do not fear the off color joke. It is a comedy show, that plays computer games, with Pew’s mind and mouth running at some giga level and speed. I like these kids, well some are hardly kids anymore P’s been around 7 or 8 years now.

    Never-the -less I’m thinking about them carrying the double headed eagle standard into the future.


    1. Hey Peter, check this thought out. With big data people could go through a series of questions and populate a database of digital information defining who they are. Now an algorithm (AI) could be written to access the digital information and interact with other algorithms (AI’s). Are you seeing it yet? Absolutely! We could make digital personalities of ourselves that can interact with other digital personalities. Mix this with what Elon musk is working on and a picture begins to develope.

      And yes it can be used for…dark interests as well as good. But think of it. Once linked and synced all human actions could be traced. We would still have the choice to do as we pleased. It might detour crime a bit. Think of it as a digital all seeing eye watching our every move in an attempt to make man be conscious off his transgretions.

      Brings hacking to a whole new level. Could a person be eliminated simply by hitting a delete button?

      I could still use a memory upgrade…lol.

    1. Thank you Dane, for the link re. 44K “unknown military personnel”,

      I recall the late President Kennedy’s famous “Conspiracy speech” when he says the following:

      “It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed”.

      The original recorded speech:

      What if small elite members of the US military have “always” been SELECTED to work for this entity! If that’s the case, it is nothing new and it also possibly explains why such vast amount of money has gone missing without anyone ever asking or mentioning it. I certainly do recall A Mr. Rumsfeld the Defence secretary announcing that $2Trillion gone missing on 10 September 2001. What was that all about? Was Rumsfeld aware of the oncoming attack? 911 a part coverup for the uncovering of the massive theft?

      In any case, the existence of the “rogue” elements have recently been demonstrated in Syria when a US marked fighter plane was intimidating two SU-22 Russian fighters in an area that the US plane was not agreed to be in. Isn’t it, therefore, possible to conclude that there TWO Military/Airforce/Navy Groups around in any theatre of operation?! Just thinking and asking, that’s all.

        1. Thank you Dear Oz,

          I have to say, WOW! If the professor’s claim is true, it means the US government and more importantly, the American people have no debt whatsoever and all their hard work has been stolen from them. Knowing this I ask myself, why people are not moved by this wholesale theft of their property, land, and livelihood? Are we drugged to our eyeballs? I think the answer to my last question may sadly be a YES.

          The other conclusion I get from this theft of $20Trillion is that the United States is so wealthy that it can function without ANY taxation of the American people as it was before the infiltration of the old world agents…the other is that there was no $20T in the first place that any entity printed and gave to Fed. Reserve and as such a just future US treasury can press the REST button and make the balance to a ZERO. In the meantime, the Federal Reserve building should be turned into a horror museum to show people what real theft, inflation, tax Warfare, and REAL white slavery has been going on for well over a hundred years. All so that the people can understand the real meaning of SUBJUGATION and SLAVERY really is all about…and we are all working on plantations still…

  18. Here’s the fundamental issue with bitcoin, blockchain, ethereum +++ and all evolutions of the original: Why are we happy to leave its origins in utter obscurity? Why is that something we all brush over? Why is there not an effort to uncover the true origin of the blockchain?

    Blockchain was created in mystery, with the assumed inventor disappearing into obscurity. Some have made the case that blockchain was in fact created by AI for the purpose of building a de-centralized AI economy. That could be the case, but regardless, the technology is here to stay, and will infiltrate and transform all aspects of human existence and interaction.

    Blockchain was created in mystery

    Massive warning. Right?

    1. I can totally see “Satoshi Nakamoto” being an AI. As long as we are considering an algorithm a form of AI. But who created this new algorithm?

      I’ve been looking for a difference between synthetic intelligence and artificial intelligence. I believe it is a matter of perspective. To the creator of the algorithm it could be synthetic intelligence and to the users it could be artificial intelligence. Will being able to tell the difference between a bot and a human over the phone be a worthwhile skill set down the road? Hahaha Blade Runner Officer, lol.

    2. Hahaha a coworker just sent me this. Perfect timing for our discussion on this subject. Yesterday searching for the founder on Google only returned the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Today since this story about the “co-founder of bitcoin selling all his bitcoin” bitcoin mysteriously now has a co-founder named Emil Oldenburg who is said to be bitcoins’ CTO as well. “Oldenburg is also the co-founder of Safello, a Swedish bitcoin exchange.”–/

      “Bitcoin Cash has also gained the strong support of Oldenburg’s co-founder, Roger Ver.”

      Oh wow a cofounder has a cofounder and neither are Satoshi Nakamoto…hmm. How many people…or bots (AI) created bitcoin?

      So basically Oldenburg and Ver are telling people they are getting out of bitcoin because its not tradable and moving to bitcoin cash. What could be changing their minds? Perhaps SEC regulations?
      What is going on behind the scenes to cause this announcement?

      Here is an article on Ver. Do people make bets against the world?

  19. My Dear Darren
    I got a pretty good buzz going on right now so I will just tell you how I see it, and my vision ain’t that bad .
    It is the same old script , these world changing technologies being invented by the lone inventor in their parents garage. And they are genius, pure genius. Gates that POS was , is married to a high muckymuck in IBM, he never did anything but be a place holder. Zuckerberg in recent interview revels himself to be a idiot at best. Yet we are told to believe these clowns invented this stuff in a garage or with a few code writers at a college somewhere, getting high and bustin’ bitches.

    This latest one, some Nockey Hockey Pockey bitcoin/blockchain master wizard ‘all by my self” remember that old song, brought this all together by himself and took it on line without a hitch. Guess what I do not know anything about anything when it comes to technology, but, I know better than that. Give me a break, they do what they do ok. And they are doing it for a reason. But for God’s sake let us at least wake up enough to realize that no matter what they say, this new tech is not coming from anybody but them. These same said some bitches who are not just brothers and sisters with a snake hood but are themselves the snake.

    Believe me when I tell you, the only thing more corrupt than the Gov/ Deep state/establishment/elites of the Crown Beast system is the population of the USA. There is a price to be paid for that fact and the masters are about to extract it.

    Other than that fact, I’m having a pretty good day
    I wish you one two

    1. Thanks PTM,

      You will like this link below, I think. It’s 9 months old but really worth a listen. The interesting thing is Sheriff Joe Arpaio is part of the recorded audio. This article originally occurred on March 2017 and then President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe 6 months later in August (according to the MSM).

      It’s interesting because for a brief moment they discuss crypto hacking n’ supercomputers and stuff…

  20. “Bitcoin Cash deals frozen as insider trading is probed”

    “Millions ‘stolen’ in NiceHash Bitcoin heist”

    “North Korea ‘hacked crypto-currency exchange in South'”

    “Bitcoin exchange Youbit shuts after second hack attack”

    I think it’s important to note that the bitcoin (block and chain) has not been compromised. These are hacks into the exchanges or wallets and the coins are stolen from there. The coinbase issue is again human weakness by means of insider trading not that the bitcoin cash itself has been compromised.

  21. It’s been suggested many times before, so why not revisit the idea? Perhaps Satoshi Nakamoto is infact a pseudonym for the team members who wrote the original bitcoin proposal.

    If that’s the case then the next few questions are, who was that team? what was their motivations and intent? …

    1. Hi Dane,

      Knowing that you are a Coinbase client, I have been somewhat perplexed by seeing a Pattern in ETH, LYC, BTC and Bitcoin CAsh quite visible on the Coinbase graphic. It seems, that on 22 December around 9:30 EST a massive drop occurred on all these coins affecting their sudden and unexplained price drop! Knowing that (as we are told), that the cryptos are tamperproof, how does one explain a similar drop at the same time on ALL Crypto’s?! This pattern makes wonder if this is not as tamper-proof as we are led to believe OR that Coinbase is mind-fiddling us!

      I would appreciate any help in solving this mystery. Thank you.

      1. Hey Carpe Diem. I remember that drop it was around the same time that one supposed founder of Bitcoin told the press he was selling his Bitcoin and moving into Bitcoin Cash. I was suspicious but didn’t really find anything substantial to pin it on….yet.

        I’ve been watching since mining and have noticed an interesting pattern in the two days its been up and running. One is that the mine rig is constant in its function. Yet from hour to hour it returns different mining production. Why?

        I remember a video where a guy was explaining how the more people mining a coin makes it more difficult to mine that coin. So far I suspect that the more miners mining the larger the potential for better mining equipment mining so they will garnish the largest amount of shares to turn in for payment. Some mine rigs are invested to the tune of $80,000 so they have rooms of machines working with my one little machine. But I still get shares too, just not as many.

        I haven’t overclocked the gpu’s on this rig yet because I wanted to see if any patterns emerge overall. But I think this weekend will be more temptation than I can resist so I feel some tinkering with clock speeds coming this weekend 🙂

        1. Very interesting Dane,

          Right now there is a bloodbath on all Cryptos and some say it has to do with South Korean and Chinese banks putting a break on all cryptos but I think there must be a much bigger picture to all this. I am somehow thinking of an economic war that is ongoing between the faction that President Trump is leading Worldwide and the Statis/globalist one now fighting for their lives. I also think the Hawai DEFCON 1, now appears to have been shot from a Submarine which was made to crash by the US military! At the same time, HRC and her loyal servant Abedon were in Hawai. The 38 min delay in announcing to the public that DEFCON message having been a “mistake” may turn out to be another story in itself.

          It seems, that Hawai region where NSA controls and monitors the entire Pacific region has NOT been under the control of President Trump and it is rumored that the stop-over by the POTUS in Hawai back a month ago was so that to install an AI to crack the access codes to the NSA system, thus bringing the Pacific region command at NSA under President’s control! Therefore, the long 38 minute was the only “Window” where the system can be accessed as it is in an emergency or high alert status. This has been completed it appears.

          Now there are also waring factions within the Chinese armed forces and some are loyal to President Trump who is the Chinses nationalist camp against those who are against the US and pro-Xi Jinping. This pattern also appears to be EVERYWHERE, including Iran of all places as well as Britain, Germany, Eastern Europe etc.

          In this way, Trump represents a way out for the trapped people under the Fascist Globalists. Now, why these are important to consider regarding money, Bonds, Cryptos is because they are weapons and each of these players is fighting in a fast moving theatre with props going down and a new one appearing, almost like a computer game. As I write these lines, all Cryptos are going down and I can’t think but to say that “everything is connected” in this time as well as I am losing much of the money I placed on these silly cryptos, I should know better in my next incarnation…I hope 🙂

  22. You called it JC.

    “4. Ethereum (ETH)
    In the aftermath of the DAO hack, there were fears over the sustainability of Ethereum but in this year, it has grown significantly. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it is the platform of choice for most ICOs. 2017 has seen a lot of startups elect to go the ICO route for their crowdfunding campaigns and this has further cemented the value of Ethereum. With more ICOs expected in 2018, this can only mean more potential for growth. The market cap and price of Ethereum stands at $72.43 billion and $752.65 respectively.

    It is not only a way to do ICOs, it is far more than that. The things that a programmer can do on the Ethereum network are unbelievable. Business from all over the world start consider this as an alternative of the classic tools. The Smart contracts can be used on a variety of fields and become easier to understand and deploy each day.

    Some will argue, but a very popular idea is that Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin as marketcap by 2020 and I don’t mind. The first ever produced car was replaced by a better, faster, reliable car few years later. I see bitcoin as being a Gold reserve of our days and Ethereum being similar with the Fiat but much more.”

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