Enemies of the World Commonwealth

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A Brief Treatise on the Collective Threats of International Terrorism and Climate Change

By JC Collins

“The final cause, end, or design of men, who naturally love liberty, and dominion over others, in the introduction of that restraint upon themselves, in which we see them live in commonwealths, is the foresight of their own preservation, and of a more contented life thereby; that is to say, of getting themselves out from that miserable condition of war, which is necessarily consequent …to the natural passions of men, when there is not visible power to keep them in awe.”

From Leviathan, Chapter 17, by Thomas Hobbes, 1651

The words of Thomas Hobbes from 1651 are more pertinent today than at any other time in the history of the world.  The need for governments to create and maintain internal and external enemies or threats is the main justification for those governments to control a mass population, and for that mass population to agree to those methods of control.

In simplified terms, if there is no threats or enemies than there is no need for government.  But it is not that simple.  Individual people are a threat to other individual people, which Hobbes references with the statement “…the foresight of their own preservation…” and is reflective of the human predisposition for control and greed.

In essence, government is a form of necessity because individuals would be a threat, and an enemy, to one another.  But in order to maintain civil discourse and productivity mass populations within a region must operate under an ideological banner from which wealth transfers can take place.

Once an ideological mass population is defined there must be attention drawn to an external threat and enemy.  If no such threat or enemy exists the need to create such becomes the focus of the government.  This external threat draws the attention of the mass population away from the doings of the government and focuses any potential hostility outwards.

The argument can be made that if there are no external and internal threats than there is no need for government.  Along those lines of reasoning we can reason that the greater the threat the greater the justification for obedience and compliance to government.

Under an international threat we can accurately suggest that global unity becomes the justification.

In today’s world we are subjected to three main causes of international threats.

  1. Terrorism
  2. Climate Change
  3. Economic Volatility

The deliberate use and creation of these threats should be obvious to most readers.  The fact that all three are being used to manufacture external and internal threats for the justification of a world government, or commonwealth of nations, may not be so obvious.

For the implementation of a world government to be effective and successful there will need to be the transition from external enemies to internal enemies.  This transition can be observed in the immigration policies of most nations.  Think this through.  Why would western nations be accepting refugees from the countries which produce the largest amount of international terrorism?  External enemies are becoming internal enemies.

At some point the new global government or commonwealth will establish an outside threat while solving the internal threat.  This will serve to consolidate a new mass population demographic under a new ideological framework.

This matches with the methodology being expressed by Thomas Hobbes back in 1651.

The future transition of the three international threats described above can be witnessed in the news of today. In response to the threat of international terrorism, Russian president Vladamir Putin recently called for the creation of a “non-aligned system of international security”.  It can be envisioned that the United States and Russia, along with other ancillary partners, will wage a non-aligned collective war on terrorism across borders and regions of the world.

We will witness the mass Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception (CSI) regarding international terrorism in the same manner which global warming and climate change mandates have spread from nation to nation through trickle down policies meant to “save the planet” and reduce national sovereignty.

The same logic and methodology can also be applied to the ongoing and developing financial and monetary challenges which will also contribute to solutions to external and internal threats.

The pattern should now begin to become clear.  Nations require external threats but nations aligned under a commonwealth, or a true global government, will require a different form of external threat or enemy.  This is where international terrorism, climate change, and economic volatility come into play.  All three provide the necessary threat level which will create the justification for world government.

In regards to climate change, and even terrorism, the goals of both external and internal enemies are met.  Consider the use of the term “climate change denier” as a method of manufacturing a type of internal enemy which the majority can become fixated upon.  The enemy is amongst us hiding in secret.

Also consider the story of the old lady who saved the snake and when the snake bit her it said “what did you expect, I’m a snake”.  Trump keeps repeating this story as the opposing position to the mass migration of people from nations which produce terrorism.  The methodology of manufacturing external and internal enemies is followed to the letter.

In closing I would like to touch on another topic which is indirectly connected to the material in this post, which is the radicalization of religion.

The radicalization of religion will serve a distinct purpose in the coming years and decades as past prejudices are leveraged to “encourage” a new thought-form regarding the purpose and structure of religious beliefs.

Any new global governance structure used to control a new mass population which crosses borders and cultural identifiers will require a new form of religious control.  Such a mechanism has been under construction for many decades.  The purpose of international terrorism, which is Islamic based, is meant to eventually redefine the Islamic belief system and fold it into another framework based on the unification of all religions.

A similar process has been directed at Christianity and Judaism.

The process of creating threats and enemies is just as important to this transition as it is to the one described above.  There is much more going on than we can even speculate.  All news sources, including the alternative sources, are framing our thought-forms for us.  – JC