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The Period of Greatest Risk is Now

JC Collins

The movie Valhalla Rising is a gut-wrenching character study of a violent Viking slave called One Eye.  In the beginning, we find the main character in chains and used for the purpose of fighting other slaves for the benefit of the owners.  Each fight ends with him violently defeating his opponents.  The heathen Vikings who hold him prisoner consider him to be a product of hell and have a well-rehearsed process of managing One Eye and ensuring he doesn’t get free and turn his violent tendencies on them.

Of course, before long One Eye does get free of his chains and murders his oppressors, all but a young boy, who now attaches himself to the violent warrior for survival purposes.  Both eventually meet up with a group of Christian warriors who are attempting to travel across the sea to Jerusalem to fight in the Crusades.  The Christians can sense that One Eye is a man of extreme violence but feel he can help them fight in the Holy War.

The long drawn out movie is filled with amazing cinematography which creates an atmosphere of dread and delirium.  The men almost die upon the sea and eventually come to land further from Juresalem than when they started.  It is a more savage world they now find themselves in but it is an environment where One Eye’s violent nature gives him an advantage over the other men.

Slowly each of them is killed by an invisible and silent enemy which remains hidden and off-camera until the very last few shots of the movie.  These American natives are aware of the enemy which has come ashore upon their lands and can see, with a sort of future vision or genetic instinct, that these invaders need to be killed before taking root and establishing a religious home or the early seeds of a nation.

After killing all the Christians the natives finally appear on camera and surround One Eye and the boy.  The boy is spared but the hateful nature of One Eye cannot be allowed to remain, as it is apparent the savage and violent man can never live without the hate the Christian men attempted to sooth.

Valhalla Rising is a masterpiece of a film but is most likely too violent and slow-drawn for most tastes.  For those who appreciate deeper works of art, the movie showcases primordial symbolism and how the beginnings of nation-building and wars take form around early socioeconomic structures which were based more on chance and happenstance as opposed to design or intended engineering.  The enslavement of One Eye for the economic benefit of others is apparent, but the socioeconomic undertones continue throughout the movie as extreme violence, in the form of One Eye, is both accepted and ultimately encouraged, as those around him know that his nature can be harnessed for the benefit of both religion and nation-building, which are, in the end, methods of centralizing economic wealth and potential.

From afar the natives observed the internal struggles of survival taking place within the strange group of men and understand that the economic threat must be eliminated, especially One Eye, who posed the greatest threat of all.  The movie from Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn tells a very simple and barbaric story which also lays bare the complex nature of man and the attempts to build systems of governance around himself.  One Eye represents the violent and hateful nature of the raw world and was used by other men through different means but for one purpose, to ensure survival and expand economic potential.  One Eye was the man who could do what other men could not, which is to kill without remorse and disembowel the worlds of others without regret.

There could be ten thousand words written about One Eye and the movie Valhalla Rising, but this brief summary should suffice in our attempt to better understand the instinctual driving forces in our modern world.  It is telling that the tribal native Americans were not shown as peaceful but were accurately portrayed as equally barbaric and violent, and could also show no mercy when their world was threatened by outside forces.  Under this analogy, we can place the American empirical power in the role of One Eye and the banking, business, economic, military, religious, and academic interests, like the Viking slave owners, which control those empirical forces, are the ones who control One Eye.  But over time the power and influence of One Eye was able to become free and took control of the world once owned by its previous masters.

The nature of man the animal is meant to be subdued and evolved into a finer being alongside the mental and emotional states of man which become aligned with his spiritual destiny.  Man the animal is blind in one eye and cannot see the other states of existence which swirl about him.  Allowing the instincts of man the animal to determine and direct the course of the world is a travesty of biblical proportions.  But this is in fact what man has been doing for thousands of years.  Even today, there is a complex nature of man the animal which has taken root in the world and is still dictating the management of that world.  Though not as simple as the world of One Eye, the same foundational structures of fear, hate, and violence exist in our world, and the socioeconomic and geopolitical complexities continue to expand as our world again comes to an ultimate point of evolution or devolution.

Over the last week, it has been reported that global liquidity is collapsing and global trade is now at the lowest level since the Great Depression.  There are two underlying causes of these economic and monetary retractions.  One is built right into the architecture of the USD hegemonic reserve system which has been managing the movement of global wealth and trade in various forms since the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944.  An argument can be made that the second contributor to these ongoing events is rooted in the foundational structure of the central bank model itself.  The USD hegemonic system operates and functions within the much larger and older central bank model.  Both are now at the end of their lifecycle.

This is not just another microcycle which is about to end or transform, but a collective of microcycles in the form of a macrocycle which is about to shift into a new macrocycle.  There is no order or repeated timeframe to these cycles, they are random and filled with chaos.  Both micro and macrocycles can be anywhere from 7 years to 7000 years, depending on the level of chaos and evolutionary state of man during each.  Those attempting to define a pattern in these cycles of chaos and order will fail for the reason that these cycles are more influenced by mans inner world and state as opposed to the outer.  Manifestation is an outward process which begins within.

Since the beginning of the central bank model in 1603, the monetary world has been structured around Western interests, as the most powerful central banks were developed in the West before spreading to the East.  Because of that, Western nations experienced the industrial revolution first and built global systems of management around their own currencies and banks to ensure that the centralization of power and wealth remained where it originated.  There is nothing conspiratorial about this, as it is in man’s instinctual nature to secure access to resources and economic wealth, such as the Vikings did by keeping One Eye (mans animal nature) imprisoned and used for their own economic purposes.

It is important to understand that the central bank model is now no longer able to meet the liquidity demands of a growing world economy. Those who have harnessed the power of this system for centuries for their own purposes are now faced with the realization that change is coming whether they want it or not.  All shores of the world have now become one and vast peoples, which were once separated by vast oceans and cultural barriers, are now demanding a shared framework which will benefit all, not just those who have traditionally controlled the levers of global trade and commerce.

In the 2017 article The Great War for Eurasia we covered how this tension is playing out on the continent of Eurasia as Russia and China, with allies Iran and India, are attempting to build a trade alliance which removes American and USD interests (not all USD interests are American) from the bargaining table.  It’s not so much that those USD interests don’t want the dollars standing in the world to change, as it is understood that this must change, but it has more to do with ensuring those interests retain access to raw resource deposits and existing and developing trade routes.

Consider that 80% of the world’s resources are found on the Eurasian continent, and it becomes apparent why American and USD interests are attempting to ensure such access.  Once the existing USD hegemonic reserve system shifts to a new multilateral one, or new world order, it is possible that these interests could find themselves locked out from the wealth and resources of the Eurasian continent.

It was not long after the Asian currency crisis of 1997 and 1998 that it was recognized that a non-sovereign, or non-domestic, currency, was needed to serve as the global reserve currency.  The imbalances that the USD system under Bretton Woods created was discussed back in 1944 with the original agreement but was debated at that time and after.  Once the financial crisis of 2008 hit in full the need for an alternative was openly being discussed by global institutions and nations around the world, such as China.

The whole of the USD framework which was built after World War Two is in the process of being restructured.  This includes trade agreements, political alliances, shipping lanes and ports, economic zones and currency exchange arrangements.  The Trump agenda is all about supporting this transformation and re-engineering America to share economic and military power around the world while retaining access to resources and critical infrastructure required to maintain economic growth and potential outside of its natural North American sphere of influence.

For sure there are competing interests within America and its partners around the world which are all vying for control and influence of the empires changing position in the world and within the nation itself.  All of these interests understand the larger game but all are attempting to maintain dominance within the structure itself.  This accounts for the different power players that are now battling it out politically within America’s domestic governance systems while these same powers are fully aligned on the foreign policy objectives which have developed around military deployments and proxy wars, with minor deviations in such areas as trade wars with China and other nations, the funding of NATO and objectives of the United Nations.  It’s a tangled ball of yarn for sure, but there is some form of pattern in the events which can be trended. (More on this can be read in the POM article War and Peace with America published on July 31, 2017.)

Largely there is agreement on the end goal of multilateralism but the details on the road towards that new order is where the concerns are found.  Both Iran and China interests were aligned with those interests associated with American interests under the Clinton and Obama sphere of influence.  The election of Donald Trump shifted this alliance and is forcing all the players to accept new alliances which are more reflective of a different form of globalism which strengthens America’s domestic economy as opposed to weakening it further.

This is, of course, a simplified explanation of something which is complex enough to require a book-length exploration. What is important to focus on is the window of greatest risk which now exists.  The increasing probability of war between America and Iran is reflective of the need to finally deal with longstanding hostility in the Middle East region between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.  It’s possible that an agreement between all three can be made, but the likelihood is not looking good at this time.  Add in the issue of Palestinian statehood and things become even more problematic.

The Trump strong-arming of China on trade and open access to the South China Sea is another area from which a large military exchange could take place.  Pushed far enough I believe the Chinese domestic economy could collapse which would cause an almost instant revolution amongst the people against the communist government.  This could be the game plan as it would erode any further Eurasian integration and cause an end to the New Silk Road Initiative which is, for the most part, funded by China’s attempt to internationalize the renminbi.

Under Trump, America is pushing strategically against Russia in Eastern Europe, against China on multiple fronts, both economically and militarily, and against Iran on all strategic fronts.  This isn’t to keep the dying USD framework alive, but to ensure America still has economic independence and shared military supremacy when the full monetary realignment takes place.  Not having the USD as the global reserve currency and being able to use the SWIFT international payments system as leverage over nations which won’t agree with America on trade and economic terms will require something to replace it which can ensure security in the future.

It’s my opinion that the monetary and financial worlds are moving forward with full adoption and integration of the new digital asset class as the decentralized core of this new system.  As written in the posts The Geopolitics of XRP and XRP – The Standard, a strong case is developing to support the rise of digital assets to offset the erosion of liquidity in the old system.

The world is now in the endgame of the machinations which have run the systems of the world since the 1600s and there is great risk involved as the gears of the world change direction.  Unlike One Eye, will man be able to rise above his animalistic nature to create a different type of world for the future?  History has shown us that man will die for traditions and the control of others for the purpose of economic survivability.  There is much to consider but the summer months of 2019 will tell us a lot about which direction the world will go.  The potential of digital assets to align with new technology can bring the world into a new golden age of life and liberty, or it can be used to tighten the grid of control and enslavement of the masses under an extensive worldwide social credit framework which would be greater than anything the Vikings of old could have dreamed of.  – JC

JC Collins can be contacted at jcollins@philosophyofmetrics.com

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95 Comments on “Endgame”

  1. I’ve always admired your writings and research. But I have to disagree with the premise that Trump is battling against Russia and China. What if he is in reality working with them and battling against the banking criminals and their masters?

    1. It’s not that black and white of course. They are for sure aligned on somethings but will definitely be looking out for their own interests. China is obviously more aligned with the Marxist global objectives which Trump isn’t. Just one example.

  2. Thanks JC. Regarding your last sentence, that’s my biggest concern. Let’s keep an eye out for directional clues in the coming months but so far the signs don’t look too good.

  3. I love the way you categorize and label all these elements of chaos being thrown at us these days JC. Order out of chaos, lol. Thanks pal.

    It amazes me how the “Iran nuclear deal” came to be in 2015


    when the United States had the “Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012” on the Public Law 112 – 158 books in 2012.


    A quick skim of the contents and one begins to see that most if not all of these supposed new “Trump” sanctions on Iran are right from this public law that has been on the books since 2012.

    For example:

    “Sec. 216. Expansion of, and reports on, mandatory sanctions with respect to financial institutions that engage in certain activities relating to Iran.
    Sec. 217. Continuation in effect of sanctions with respect to the Government of
    Iran, the Central Bank of Iran, and sanctions evaders.
    Sec. 218. Liability of parent companies for violations of sanctions by foreign subsidiaries.
    Sec. 219. Disclosures to the Securities and Exchange Commission relating to
    sanctionable activities.
    Sec. 220. Reports on, and authorization of imposition of sanctions with respect to,
    the provision of specialized financial messaging services to the Central
    Bank of Iran and other sanctioned Iranian financial institutions.
    Sec. 221. Identification of, and immigration restrictions on, senior officials of the
    Government of Iran and their family members.
    Sec. 222. Sense of Congress and rule of construction relating to certain authorities
    of State and local governments.
    Sec. 223. Government Accountability Office report on foreign entities that invest in
    the energy sector of Iran or export refined petroleum products to Iran.
    Sec. 224. Reporting on the importation to and exportation from Iran of crude oil
    and refined petroleum products.”

    But there is more. Under Title 3 “Sanctions with Respect to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps”

    “Sec. 312. Determinations of whether the National Iranian Oil Company and the
    National Iranian Tanker Company are agents or affiliates of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

    I was reading this article and it discusses a private security company named Booz Allen Hamilton. A pretty interesting article.


    So me being me I did a site search and found this interesting page there. “Even closer to home for industrial companies, the Stuxnet worm damaged Iran’s nuclear program in 2010 by reprogramming the PLCs controlling centrifuges. Then, just this year a cyber attack breached the defenses of Ukrainian utility, Ukrenergo, causing a blackout in the capital, Kiev. These cases were not ransomware attacks—other forms of malware were used—but they have nonetheless set an industrial precedent for ransomware attackers to follow.”


    Just showing how even when the face cards (Trump, Khamenei, Xi, Putin, et al) can say one thing and maybe they even mean it while behind the scenes a darker element of control can pull strings or perform magic tricks in an effort to spark the fire of war through deceptions and lies. These darker elements are the One Eye’s of the world. There sure are plenty of them running scared here in the US right now. Scared enough to create a false flag scene “smoking gun” somewhere in the world in an effort to escape persecution under the law. With as slow as the law is taking to capture and weed out these deep rooted dark elements the uncertainty of whether the world has a golden age or not is sure to take a few years to unfold.

  4. “Trump’s opposition to ‘globalization’ has been conflated by the garbage journalists of the Washington Post as a dire threat to the ‘the post-Second World War economic order’.

    In fact, vast changes have already rendered the old order obsolete and attempts to retain it have led to crises, wars and more decay.

    Trump has recognized the obsolete nature of the old economic order and stated that change is necessary.”


  5. Lord Mayor of the London City says this about cryptocurrencies…

    “I think we need to embrace it, I think we are embracing it but perhaps with a degree of caution, ensuring we understand it.

    As technology advances, we can either shape it or let it shape us. And I prefer to be in the former category. So that’s the focus: how do we shape it so that we’re shaping it for good purposes and including a defensive mechanism for those trying to do it damage?”


    “The establishment of the Bank of England was a Protestant affair with anti-Catholic underpinnings.”


    Perhaps we are seeing the grind and struggle between these three city states…


    If the London City is still under Protestant influence and Trump is bringing Protestant leanings back into influence in DC then perhaps the Vatican is afraid and trying to make the Islamic world an ally or simply use it as a tool in its defense of keeping the control it has wielded over the world for so long.

        1. Thank you, Dane,

          Your great links inspired me to see a connection between the clip I saw earlier and the so-called “art” by a well known and now ageing artist!

          I just watched this strange performance by Madonna in Israel for the annual Eurovision song contest and she seems to have encapsulated everything which this chaotic period contains. Namely, terrorism, blasphemy, Religion, Satanism, Mind Control, black magic, Freemasonry, Kabbalah, nuclear holocaust and annihilation of humanity and all life. My take is that she is taking some kind of revenge on some people or some cult and I have nothing to prove it but I know she was initiated in a Hollyweird kabbalah school many years ago!

          At the end of the clip, note two performers going up the stairs where they have an Israeli and a Palestinian flag! This obviously did not go down well with the government of Israel and perhaps she was showing her defiance further by this last act. I found it fascinating that this ageing performer is still performing, albeit with anger and hate that it is rather obvious in the entire performance. Is art a reflection of the time or should the art be the vehicle for the elevation of the human psyche? In any case, this did not elevate my soul for sure…


          1. Lol…Your welcome CD. Her video had the opposite effect on me. The message to turn away from the religions that turn people inside out in order to control them through one outward god or another to an inward world so we can resolve the storm within and come to peace with ourselves and thus this world.

            The tools used to fight their wars are us the masses. Through a weak mind we allow them to misguide our thoughts, we allow them to program our very conception of who we are, what is right and what is wrong. Out of the fear born of our own ignorance we give them what they wish in the belief that this it is the right thing to do. We build the prisons in which to house ourselves and hand the keys to our gaolers.

            But what if there is a reversing of the poles and people begin to look inward within their own temples. As they build faith within themselves they become strong of mind and heart and become like the mighty oak and are no longer swayed by the winds of gossip, fear and lies or like the builder in the middle of a stream unmoved by the water that runs around it. This could foment a paradigm shift in the world and mankind could enter a golden age again where the world has many gods unto themselves where together as a whole could get back to truth and harmony with nature and life.

            It’s so invigorating to think about. An inward place many would call heaven in an outward world that tries to trick us into thinking it is hell. Can we make the shift within ourselves? I believe we can because each and every day my north pole moves a little further down and my south pole moves a little further up.

  6. This is a marketing video but its really, really nice. The guy nails life in the first five minutes. The rest of the video is very relaxing and a wonderful look into were I get away from the world from time to time. The boat manufacturer is called Hell’s Bay, the bay we escape to is also called Hell’s Bay. They did it without GPS but there is no way I would…lol.


    If you would like to see where Hell’s Bay is in the world, take a look at he link below. It’s a cool trek from the boat ramp. You go up Flamingo canal with Bear Lake Rd to one side and Snake Bite trail on the other. The canal opens up into Coot Bay which leads to Whitewater Bay. There you go right and find your way back into Hell’s Bay. The interesting names are to be taken literally because they are named for what they are and what roams there. Ahh, the comfort of nature…chaos to man made organized societies. No cellphone service, plenty of mosquitoes and a scorching sun thats inescapable. But when you cut off the motor the first few minutes are so silent that the void of noise actually hurts the ears. The trees speak first, then the bugs and if you’ve stopped in the right place the fish will start jumping.


  7. Man the Notre Dame fire gets more and more interesting. So many years ago the great “Templar Jacques DeMolay Burnt to Death in the Scaffolding of Notre Dame”


    Since a mosque burned at the same time was it a form of initiatory ceremony to burn the religious idols so the new merged religion could rise from the ashes of the two? A symbolic fight against truth like the murder of Templar Jacques DeMolay was?

  8. One eyed monsters, it seems I’ve seen them before, from the on eyed men I know today, from stroke or the wound of stroke, only one eye remains their view.

    Jewish folklore speaks to us of “og” a one eyed beast, monster if you will, lashed to the top of the ark by Noah himself, to be used as a bulldozer to aid in rebuilding some quat of a lost civilization. Whence Babylon.

    I beg you feel somewhere between a minute and a moment of the years I spent before I could create the title of my best work. “Noah was Nephilim and so are you.” No mightier man of renowned lived before him, or for many years after. My man, Noah.

    A bold segue from the ‘One Eye of Valhalla’ to the Bretton Woods system that die’s today. I admire your courage, JC.

    My neighbor want to drink a beer with me right now. Do you blame her. Later Gators.

  9. Hello JC,

    I recall you mentioned that the EU elections to watch this weekend. This info-map of the way the European electorate vote in 2019 I found to be really interesting. It seems that 70 years of Socialism in education and MSM is a failed system and just like the old and corrupt Soviet Union, people in the EU cannot be fooled for too long.

    You can zoom to each region and see the percentage of political inclinations but the important thing IMHO is that the “Red” is not so strong on the map!

    “Europe from Left to Right”



    Amongst the attendee’s only one individual, “Abrams, Stacey (USA)” made me think of the significance of such a person attending who is unknown and yet this is the place where that person will be crowned for something important in the future. In all likelihood, she will be the surprise 2020 US Presidential race candidate possibly standing next to Uncle Joe as his VP (or even another way around!). After all, there is a pattern to arrive at certain conclusions!!


    1. The number of votes that Stacey Abrams reportedly received in November 2018 as a candidate for the Governor of Georgia is prove positive that the electronic voting machines provided by DIEBOLD contained rigged programming. I openly admit that there are a plethora of stupid and poorly informed voters in the State of Georgia. However, there are NOT that many as to account for the number of votes she reportedly received.

      As to the other listed attendees. I counted the names of over twenty known and notable international criminals. The meeting would offer a great opportunity to arrest them all and ‘perp walk’ them for all the world to see. However, not likely…………………….yet.

      1. Hello Oz,

        “Stacey Abrams not ruling out 2020 White House run”

        It appears as though Ms Abrams is now instructed after the Bilderberg gathering to get in the race. It seems that the Democrat globalist sponsors are not sure if uncle Joe will last by September so she is the alternative plan should Biden be thrown off the race altogether!

        Regarding electronic voting and the manipulation that had gone on for too long, I read the other day that we may see paper voting to return. Personally, I believe that paper voting is the only reliable form.

        I agree with you completely that there are “…a plethora of stupid and poorly informed voters in the State of Georgia” and if I may add those same type of people also are in abundance everywhere else on this planet. Very sad but I, unfortunately, I believe it to be the case.


  11. Hi Redjon,

    Big Mike can have a go too as there’s already a big crowd who’ve put their name in the hat!

    I just finished this rather long but absolutely fantastic panel speech with the British (Scottish origin) politician Goerge Galloway who comes from the traditional Labour (Left but now a Brexiteer) and was a Parliament member and Steve Bannon, who needs no introduction. There are other panel speakers but Bannon and Galloway were incredible. For those who don’t have the time for the whole clip, I invite you to listen to Bannon’s talking about the One-Belt-One-Road by Communist China where he spells out exactly what that is about. You can listen from 1:25 onwards. Bannon said that this project isn’t even for the benefit Chinese people but it follows the British East-India company model and for the elite – State Capitalism (by CCP state capitalism, financed by the West, for-profit!). The past 30 years free transfer of Technology to CCP was not because of love towards the Chinese people or gov. after all. Anyway, I can recommend the whole interview where as a viewer you will feel the fire and high energy of the two revolutionaries in the panel and the aggressive and out-of-touch elitist academic and the Madam bureaucrat…some things don’t ever change 🙂

    See if you can spot them from the panel!


    1. Hey CD. I just played the first few seconds of the video so its in my youtube history for when I get home. Did you notice the very beginning? Sure looks like a virtual block with small blocks within it….like a block in a blockchain… then they superimpose the word transformation over the block….

      Pretty clever subliminal message for blockchain 😉

      Kind of makes me think of that movie Tron.

      1. Good catch Dane, I guess the blockchain is now talked about side-by-side with AI but you are right in that, there is an effort to make these new tech innovations into the subconscious minds of the public through symbolism.

        I also caught another thing which was the red socks worn by Stephen Cole, the host as well as by the young German, Dr. Jeremias Kettner! I don’t know if this is just bad taste or what…but at least they don’t wear red shoes like a certain bunch of people who do!

        Thank you also, dear Redon, Yes, that’s the guy, George Galloway. He is for sure a colourful character and he even appeared in a reality TV show on one of UK TV shows. I never know where he will appear next but he was highly critical of Tony Blair, so you are correct.

        Regarding the film based on the life of Gurdjieff (Meeting with remarkable men), I agree it’s a good movie and I am glad you found it interesting. Personally, they could have done a better job but somehow, Gurdjieff’s teachings are not entirely compatible with the Tavistock’s new age movement, hence the low quality in general! …just my thoughts on the movie about the great man.

        Wish you guys a wonderful day/evening.

  12. Thanks CD, I haven’t followed him recently but I remember Galloway was the lone dissenting voice in UK parliament when Blair was using the fabricated WMD dossier as justification for the Iraq war.
    I shall watch the vid when I get chance (I did watch that Gurdjieff film that you recommended, Meetings With Remarkable Men, which I thought was excellent!)

  13. Up until just a short few hours ago if someone would of asked me if I thought I was capable of experiencing a new feeling, a feeling I had never experienced before. I believe I would of honestly answered, I do not think so. After all I’m a full 72 and have been blessed to have lived a life jam packed with receiving great love. For my part, I’m not fully satisfied but willing to suggest I’ve have at the least done what I could do to respond with a true and honest, heartfelt, to these blessed favors. Yes, I believe, cause, be it the alignment of some particular set of stars or other circumstances beyond my control, leaves no question in my mind, I’ve been favored.

    I’m not talking about some kind of a “white privilege” or any of that crap. I’m more talking about I’m a lucky sumbitch and by the day I’m beginning to realize it. Having been blessed and favored with the great love of others, I naturally have had the experience of great lose, they hold hands.

    I’m putting off trying to describe what I’m calling a new feeling, I’m struggling to put it into words. But I do know what triggered it, so I’ll start there.

    It was all behind P. Trump’s speech in commemoration of D-day.

    President Trump and The first Lady Participate in the 75th Commemoration of D-Day

    I don’t know how many D-Day speeches or by how many US Presidents I’ve listened to over the years. What I can tell you is that this particular speech, on this particular day, affected me like no other. I’m not saying that this was a great speech, I don’t know. Was it well delivered, was the proper tone used and set? I don’t know. Was it perfectly, historically correct? I don’t know.

    Here is what I think, I do know. For me and if only for me, at the very least, the timing was just perfect. I had to reach not just the age I am today, but, also the particular personal aging process that brought me to today.

    I was just sitting there watching and listening, having a drink, thinking I sure wish I had a ciggy. The next thing you know tears, a broken damn of them are flooding my cheeks. WTF!, that ain’t me, I don’t need a ciggy that bad. It is not a new feeling, not yet. I’ve burst into tears before, you know a shedding, like of uncontrollable joy or sadness. if you will. I’m not talking about bawling or crying out loud, but this days tears were different. I have to resist exercising my wit in order not to crack wise right now. This is important to me.

    If it was a just a few tears I would be proud, proud hell, I would be esteemed to be counted among the many millions of of other people that also cried some today. I felt my chest swelling, my breath changing, my head spinning, all combined the physical was all but overwhelming. It make me ask myself. What is really going on here? Is this a new depth? Where is it coming from? Is this a new feeling? A combination, a conglomeration, a globeration of feelings in a new formula of feelings for me. I like it.

    And what a wonderful feeling it is.

    I’ve spent the last few hours thinking about this and I am sure I will spend more. Yet somehow, as if recording a dream I want to get it down before it fades.

    These are my thoughts. All my days brought me to today. For reasons I can’t explain, but completely accept, it all came together for me today. Everything begins to make sense. I don’t mean to say I know why I’m here or where I came from, you know those deep philosophical questions. I still barley have a clue, and after today I don’t really care if I ever do.

    For whatever reasons, P.Trump’s speech hit the notes, played the chords that made me hum, I don’t have all the answers going on. What I have going on is the joy, the first absolute joy I’ve ever had in beginning to know, who I am.

    I can’t for the life of me begin to explain how or why this speech on this day had such an effect on me. I’m willing to guess. It Kind of felt like things were happening a year before I was born that would shape me in ways that the whole of previous history simply have to pale. I set my anchor to reality on the eve of world war two, I can touch it, it touches me.

    Reality drives, fiction takes shotgun, truth sits in the back seat, and is only along for the ride. I am a man of my times, born on the cusp of a new world order, dying on the cusp of another. That’s who I am.

    I was struck today as never before by the sight of the WWll vets that owned the stage today. They are a special remnant of the men of their times, we will never see men like that born again. Times change and today I came to realize that the men(and of course the women)of their times also change. I won’t offer an opinion if that is for the better or worse. What I will say is that for those who may read this and say Peter is to far into his cups and that there is little or no difference between the men born 90/100 years ago and those born, hell 500 years ago. Fine I’ll give you that, but in the same breath, stand back Jack, if you think that the men and women that are born today are going to be just as I a man of 72 is today, guess again. These times they are a changing and so are the men and women of these new times.

    One may ask why that fact and sharing part of my day with the wonderful Vets of WWll filled me with joy. Yeah, your right I don’t know either, but it did. Optimistic realist? A man of my times, that’s who I am.

    1. I wasn’t going to share this but why not. Most will see “I am a man of my times, born on the cusp of a new world order, dying on the cusp of another. That’s who I am.” as the outward semblance of world orders. But looking at it deeper I realize that each and everyone of us have the opportunity to create our own personal world orders as we travel through the time of our lives within whatever outward world order presides during our lifetime.

      I see the outward world order as an order created from all our personal world orders which in turn are developed as we make order of our own personal chaos through the experience of working through our problems in life.

      David Bohm shared his understanding of it with his plenum perspective which he shared with the world in his Implicate Order. Here is a piece.


      At the very depths of the ground of all existence Bohm believes that there exists a special energy. For Bohm it is the plenum; it is an “immense background of energy.” The energy of this ground is likened to one whole and unbroken movement by Bohm. He calls this the “holomovement.” It is the holomovement that carries the Implicate Order.

      Bohm also refers to a law in the holomovement. He theorizes that the ‘order in every immediately perceptible aspect of the world is to be regarded as coming out of a more comprehensive Implicate Order, in which all aspects ultimately merge in the undefinable and immeasurable holomovement. Holonomy, through a wide range of aspects, can be considered a “movement in which new wholes are emerging.”

      What is it that emerges from this ultimate ground, this “unknown totality of the universal flux?” It is the extension of the Implicate Order into a multidimensional reality. It is the interplay between the implicate and the explicate orders. It is the flow of matter, manifested and interdependent, towards consciousness.”

      -David Bohm


  14. Mr. Collins:

    The entire world is transforming from one age into another. Willing or not it is most certainly happening. A growing number of people are awakening to the fact that economic systems have been manipulated and rigged for centuries in the decline age to perpetuate slavery.

    The debt based models for predacious usury to maintain the enrichment of a few while the fleecing the labor and wealth of most everyone else will have to stop for consciousness of humanity as a whole evolve.

    The economies of all nations have been intentionally saddled with massive debts as means of control. Thus the economies of the entire worlds are fundamentally in recession. This is apparent by the reduction in money velocity and precipitately falling prices of specific industrial materials and commodities. i pray that the evil powers that should not be initiate more conflicts and wars.

    The conflicts between the USA and Iran have been and still are intended to support The City of London, specific banksters, and Is Ra El. The USA economic model for perpetual war has to stop.

    Gold will be employed on employed and utilized to settle the transactions of International trade in the near future. Gold has always been historically used when one world reserve fiat currency collapses and fades into another replacement. I have hopes that an ever increasing number of people will come to realize the corruption of fiat currencies.


  15. Pieter I reckon you’ll live to see this transition largely play out. Those of us a little younger in years most certainly will, we are cursed to live in interesting times. Me, I wouldn’t have it any other way brother, see you on the other side.

  16. Rockin’ redjon
    Perhaps I will be around to see parts of the transition play out, If that fucking XRP ever moons. I’ll use part of the money to buy me some a dat life extension tech. Why not I think it would be cost effective and provide my stash to grow exponentially providing me more to give away. LOL

    Thanks redjon
    Have a wonderful day.

  17. Mr. Ozymandias, Dear Sir
    I believe I can honestly say it has been a few years now that I have always looked forward to and have been interested and intrigued by your comments here on the POM. I hold your opinions on a wide variety of topics in high regard and respect.

    I’ve been checking a few utube vids by the author Yuval Noah Harari. I found one that I think addresses some of the subjects at hand particularly well. The vid is an hour long and I always hesitate before I ask anyone to allow me more of their time than is necessary to make or illustrate the points.

    My impression of you is of a serious individual, one that does not suffer fools lightly. Yet in all your exchanges with JC and the members of the POM you have always been a true gentleman without regard for the sometimes major differences of opinion. Your a class act Sir, I admire and respect that.

    With that said and in the interest of time, all time, I think I’ve narrowed the gist of the vid I’m going to link to, beginning at the 28:00 minute mark and running for around 15:00 minutes.

    Yuval Noah Harari In Conversation with Christine Lagarde

    Kind Sir, my ask is not about any salient point in the vid but more to your general impression of the conversation. If I have managed to persuade you, I thank you in advance. If not I thank you for your past and future input on the POM.


    1. Dear Pieter:

      Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. You are correct. I am most of the time a rather serious person and have little to no patience for fools. However, in my present profession and travels, I regularly encounter a wide assortment of fools.

      Before I begin and provide responses to you request, I will preface my comments by acknowledging that you and I are nearly the same age and are most certainly of the post-WWII baby-boom generation. thus, we are experiencing the end of one age based upon emotions, passions, and physical and the beginning of another based upon higher consciousness. Also, I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran. I managed the multiple activities of a medical/surgical unit for 18 months. Such experiences are part of who I am and on multiple levels enhanced my perspectives, senses, and means to clearly distinguish and discriminate between what is important and what is not important.

      Relative to your request, I can assess and determine a lot about a person by what he/she says, writes, and the company with whom they associate and keep. Equally important, I can assess and determine a lot about a person by what he/she does NOT say, what they do NOT write, and the company kept at bay or dismissed.

      To begin, I am familiar with most of the larger published writings and interviews of and with Yuval Noah Harari. In his select micro-cosmos he is an actively promoted Jewish scholar, supporter of Is Ra El , and a supporter and sycophant of “elites” and “globalists”. He is praised and heralded for creating new twists and tales to much older tribal principles, means, and methods of social controls, but relating to different technologies. He is also a professional story teller, deceiver, and just one of many promoted manipulator of the masses.

      His declarations that lying is normal and should not be of a surprise to anyone or taken serious is par for the course. His admonishments of those taking deceptive games too seriously because the games are just deceptions created and actively supported by the betters and elites (WE) as means to maintain control over the masses (You & Them) are also very telling of his character and motives.

      Did you note his and Christine Lagarde’s admonishments of “religious people” (aka; Christians) who believe in the lies, fables, and untrue stories from that made up “Bible”. Such people are declared as misguided and fools because they believe the wrong stories.

      His and Christine Lagarde’s admonishments of people who believe in the own countries independence contrary to the Globalists’ agendas and the scripted and promoted story telling (lies) created by the Globalist are most telling. The will and desires of “the people” and unwashed masses are of no importance or consequence to their wiser betters whom know best.

      He lied when he declared that “humans are the only animal that have money”. This is a clear deception, because he and Christine Lagarde are keenly aware that money has historically been a unit of stored labor (energy) , value, and wealth and other creatures store unit of values from their labors that is applicable to them. Squirrels store nuts, bees store honey, ants store food, crocodiles and alligator store carcasses under the water, and leopards store their kills in trees for later consumption.

      What is the most telling of all is that he openly declares and acknowledges that the Jewish Banksters historical control and manipulation of paper fiat currencies all over the planet is the greatest unifying deceptive story ever spread and promoted. Even those heathen Islamist will guard and protect fiat currency that Jewish Banksters created out of thin air as means deception and lies to gain total world wide control and power over the masses. His declaration that “gold is worthless and it is just a status symbol” is most certainly an intentionally presented and promoted lie. If gold and silver are just “shiny things” that are so worthless, then exactly why are Jewish Banksters and their miscreant minions worldwide intentionally suppressing the prices while at the exact same time acquiring as much of the physical metals as fast as possible???

      His promotion of “digital money” or “electronic money” over “paper money” is a continuation of more lies and nothing more than continuation of social engineering. He and Christine Lagarde are keenly aware that fiat currencies are just “legal tender commanded into existence by a declaration of law backed with the threats of violence and certain death. For over 6000 years gold and silver have been and still are “real money”. If gold was not important then why did the Jewish Banksters and their minions arrange for Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi to be murdered and all of the gold in their respective country to be immediately stolen and transported to the USA??? If gold and silver are not money, then why have the ChiComs and Russians been buying and physically acquiring thousands of tons of it for the past decade??? If gold is not money, then why are Asian countries presently paying for international trade with international gold backed trade notes???

      His declaration that there is presently more trust in the world for international institutions is another lie. Just fingers in the dikes of deceptions, lies, and illusions.

      His consciousness is clear and washed clean, because he rather openly informed the public that he is a story teller and deceiver. The best means and ways to get the masses to accept deceptions and lies is to dilute the intended deceptions and lies with some truth and a good stories. He is proud of such abilities to deceive people with great stories, public talks, and interviews.

      Respectively yours,


  18. Dane, My Man
    Damn it all anyway! You manage to find a way to push me to the very edge of my comprehension level, beyond, and challenge me to learn what I can from men like David Bohm.

    It took me much longer than I want to admit to slough my way through the link you provided “The Ground of All Existence.”
    I had to take it in bites some big and some small, I got it down but not yet fully digested. Heavy stuff Boss, I appreciate the challenge.

    While struggling to understand Bohm’s concepts I’m hearing echos, not quite distant, but of my realities past. I’m hearing one of my giants, I’m hearing the late great Lyndon LaRouche, “energy flux density.” Different in so many ways, the same in so many others.

    Bohm speaks of fire, flux and matter, all manner of matters(pun intended). Look out for the puns. The energy is found in the professor’s very name, B(ohm). I bet you missed that one didn’t you buddy, ha! Nothing gets past this old fart.LOL

    Thanks for the link Dane. Thanks for challenging my mind, I truly appreciate it, pal.

    1. Hahaha…got your flux capacitor charged did it? 🙂 I’m glad Peter. Grandma said once that we should never stop learning until we are six feet under. That line sticks with me, never want to disappoint grandma. But she was right wasn’t she?

      You are absolutely correct I did not catch B(ohm) 😉

      If that caught you, I would like to offer a light conversation between a couple old fellas that may intrigue you as well. Two great minds…two friends pushing each other in a world that seems hell bent on being thoughtless.

      Krishnamurti & David Bohm : The Future of Humanity (part 1 of 2)


  19. “On Historic Visit To Iran, Japan’s Abe Hopes To Play Role Of Mediator With US”

    The last time a Japanese Prime Minister visited Iran was in 1978 (Takeo Fukuda) and within a few months, the Imperial Iranian government collapsed after several months of upheaval when the Globalist Islamists took over Iran and ended 2500 years of the monarchy. There are parallels this time however as well as opportunities and risks for the Islamist regime of Mullahs!

    President Trump’s “Art of the deal” is heavily at work here and anyone who had been following his dealings with the PRNK leader would know that Trump is erratic and his moves and countermoves are totally unpredictable, as the old Chinese general Sun Tzu and his “Art of War” had recommended. One gets the impression that POTUS had sent Mr Abe to Iran during a few hours of playing golf whilst he stayed during a visit to Japan last week. It is very likely that the person of Mr Abe is very important in what Trump may have conveyed to the Mullahs since Mr Abe is the chairman of the G20 at present. This is very important because Mr Abe is a heavyweight and presently influential within the G20. Let us not forget that POTUS was also a Casino owner and he is familiar with all sorts of card games!

    Putting all the above together in a nice little pack what we have is an offer that Mullahs cannot refuse for many reasons, but also can not accept, again for other reasons hence a serious dilemma for the Mullahs to consider predominantly that of survival. POTUS may be about to call the Mullahs bluff by offering an invites to the G20 meeting via Mr Abe which happens to be on 28-29 June in Osaka i.e. around two weeks time. This leaves the Mullahs very little time to think about and come up with a rational basis (from their self-interest!) but again timing is everything and the less time your opponent has the better for you, always.

    What are the chances of Mr Abe who may have actually invited Rouhani and or Khamanei to this meeting which is in two weeks time? The card game comes in this deal very handy and should Iran accepts the offer, Trump wins the game of 21 aka Blackjack in the US. The loser may well be the deep state and this may be the Trump card which Mullahs would be mad to accept and insane at the same time! Should we expect Iran to attend the next G20 (G21) at the end of June? The answer is unimportant in this case because the globalist/deep state controlling the regime is the loser and to show their panic, they sent a rocket via the Houthi rebels of Yemen (Mullahs/Deep State proxy) to a Saudi Arabian airport as a warning to Khamenei and to the President Rouhani. We shall see who’s the winner very soon…as always, this is just a theory and something completely different may be the case, but for now, this may do nicely!


      1. Hi Dear Oz,

        Thank you for asking what my thoughts are in this regard. Despite my intense dislike of the Mullahs who have hijacked my nation and destroyed it since 1979 with the direct support of the NWO gangsters, I would like to suggest that this act and the previous rocket attack by the Yemeni rebels (Houthis) onto a Saudi Airport may not be their handiwork! The rocket attack towards a Saudi Airport coincided at the time with Premier Abe’s plane was landing in Tehran.

        What I believe, however, is that the person(s) or states sponsoring both these are the same groups who would like the continuation of the creative chaos by the Islamic Republic on behalf of their sponsors. What I also would like to add is that the ruling Islamist regime in Tehran at present is not of a monolithic structure and there are tendencies within each camp. What we hear of “hard-liners” is a western interpretation of a group that is hard-core and believes in maximum violence and continual agitation partly because they have been designed from day one to have such structure. The other side we have the majority of Iranian people who want to live a life without an Islamist government constantly belittling them internally and externally to the wider world family of nations. Yet, the real apparatus of power is in the hand of a group of a highly secretive and not necessarily organized bunch who’s edict changes people’s life from one day to the next. The So-called Spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khamenei is in charge of the Conservatives or the Hard-liners

        The same structure exists in the US, UK, and the EU countries and even Russia! We tend to call them collectively as the Deep State actors who’s ambitions may encompass beyond the borders of the country they reside in. The Intelligence apparatus of all these countries appear to be made up of two different mindsets. In the UK the Skrypal poisoning case is the handiwork of a group that creates chaos in order to assert it influences and promote an agenda. In this case, it was to get the US away as far as possible from Russia.

        The ship attack and the rocket attack is very likely by an external actor who wishes to get Abe out of Iran ASAP or internally sponsored with the aid of an external group/entity. I would like to bring the example of the AF1 attack which I believe was last year which transpired to be the work of a submarine of a “rogue Navy” shooting at it! If such a force may exist that has a similar capacity as a normal national army but it doe not belong to any known state, then we may speculate that all the James Bond 007 stories that also includes such rogue elements may be based on reality.

        I Just heard that Sec. Pompeo believes Iran is the country responsible for this act which if true would mean the offer by Premier Abe may not have been well received and a military solution may be on the horizon. Naturally, the globalist cabal would love this happen as it would reduce the chances of P.Trump to be elected in 2020 and the steering wheel will fall in their hands again. I sincerely hope that some sanity may prevail in the end and war can be prevented for the people of my nation and for all the young men of any participating nation who may lose their precious life over the ambitions and the dark-minded criminals who wanted such a war all along.
        Having said that, it may too fast to come to any conclusion and this may be a push to force the Mullahs to come up with a creative plan to save their own miserable lives and spare a huge number of people from an imminent thermonuclear war.

        I continue praying for peace and sanity…

        1. This may be useful for explaining the structure of the people in the following Tweet

          There seems now to be an alternative to what may happen next in relation to the IRGC, (Revolutionary Guard) people in the Tweet below. It appears that the US Gov may have found these people who are under the command of the Supreme Leader, to be responsible for the attacks, and IMHO it is very likely. Therefore the result of Mr Abe’s trip to Iran would be to literally rip the regime apart in the two camps i.e. Hard-liners and the other camp that is President Rouhani is currently presiding over, that is the ruling governor of Iran and not the insane and irrational hard-liners. It is also possible that the NSA and Military Intel had actually intercepted the 12 men who may have been trying to carry out the attack as a way of dissuading President Rouhani meeting Prime Minister Abe. Should that be the case, we are looking at a new path forward.

          If you recall, the Serbian government was finally brought down under the Clinton regime and the NWO extracted Milosovic and put him in a court in the Hague for crimes against humanity. I think what may happen in the case of Iran, would be the government of Mr Rouhani may be forced to possibly separate from the control of the Supreme Leader and even attend the G20! In the meantime, Iran will go under an international embargo where the EU will have no room but to follow and demand the deportation of the 12 bandits to be handed over to an international body. Again this is just a speculation but we need to follow the signs and news in the coming days.


  20. My Carpe Diem
    As discussed in the way back machine, I believe I told you I first took interest Iran back in the late 70’s around the time of the last Shah. I’ve asked you many questions about the history and the present state of affairs in Iran, and you have always been more than generous in your responses to my questions . You have helped me to understand more than I could of ever learned in history books or news outlets. For that I will be ever grateful.

    So once again I come to you for your insight.

    When the Obama administration sent pallets of hundred dollar bills to the Mullahs running the game at the time, I believe any thinking person would have to conclude that many people got paid off. That’s fine, fine and fucking dandy, but not really. The P. Trump gang knows where that money went and who it went to. That’s leverage, leverage enough to retire a few Mullahs.

    It’s all gangster at that level

    The new boss is P. Trump gang , but with this new boss comes a new game. It is no longer a smash and grab, P. Trump is a business man and understands what a trust fund is. Own nothing , control everything. With that in mind how do you see it playing out?

    1. Hello, My Dearest Pieter,

      I think you summed up the (old) new world order business model so succinctly and more eloquently than anyone I know when you said the following:

      “It is no longer a smash and grab, P. Trump is a business man and understands what a trust fund is. Own nothing , control everything. With that in mind how do you see it playing out?”

      In fact, the lady we both admire Catherin Austin Fitts always says the business model of this planet since at least WWII/I have been a war model which as your eloquent statement suggests is basically “smash and grab”. In very recent times, we saw how both Libyan and Iraqi central banks were raided by specialized trained thieves and how the sovereign wealth funds of Libya to the tune of some $80Billion was grabbed by the criminal gangsters in the US and the EU. So, Obama was a prominent member of that ruthless gangster elite along with the French, British, Italian and other EU gang leaders.

      The gangster mentality had been so far the guiding system of governance for this planet which also required the religious, Media, justice, Intel, Academic, pharma, medical, the legal and monetary system to work for these entities, plus any other facet of world governance not to miss also the UN, to work on the principle of “Smash & grab”. Each of the above has been operating consciously and subconsciously towards the success of the gang. In this regard, the JCPOA was a scam on a massive scale that had enabled money to be transported in “Cash” and not a direct bank-to-bank transfer. That is so that no trails remain and cash for the mob is the currency of choice and drug dealers NEVER accept cash, credit card or fund transfer which is what the so-called “Iran deal” was all about. Iran being where it is located can provide the hub for the narcotics trade and as we know, no other trade is as profitable as drugs but the problem is what to do with such quantity of cash! Therefore any gang member that was involved is trying very hard to prevent anyone (in this case P. Trump!) to look into who got what?! If you recall, the Mullah’s foreign minister, Mr Javad Zarif, a while ago threatened the recipients of the cash. Your guess is as good as mine as who got what but looking at events only recently, you can easily spot the folks based on them screaming the loudest. This is a problem with our planet that any system we as human beings create becomes corrupt and needs a total reset. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that noble Ozymandias a while ago used an excellent analogy of “throwing bleach down the lavatory” from time to time and I think it is the best analogy of what we are going through right now.

      Regarding the business model that POTUS is running with may not be apparent as of yet, because he is busy cleaning the swamp. That alone and if he can achieve that would be a godsend to humanity. I personally believe that Trump is a phenomenon of a character and the number of assassination attempts on his and his family’s life, is something that few people can deal with. One major characteristic of POTUS is that he had enjoyed a life that 7Billion people would only dream about. So, it’s not having Billions and Trillions in one’s bank account but what and how one has used it, distinguishes a person than others who love money for the sake of having more of it and I always think of the Hoarders who pile “stuff” they gathered all their lives and have done nothing of any value with their wealth. In this regard, a philosophical and spiritual world vision and outlook help people who use their wealth and want to see happiness and definitely suffering. I do not know P. Trump but I have seen him at a close distance and I know he is extremely self-assured and confident and despite the propaganda, I saw him be wise and fast thinking. Most people in the building trade that I have met, appear to be fast thinking and as they say, they think on their feet!

      With all that said, I would like to confess that my experience on this earth and the age that I am in, one thing that does not change is human behaviour and a healthy society requires people who care about their street, city, state and country just as one would care about one’s family. Again, despite all the negative stuff about P.Trump, he seems to have children that are active in his life and they seem to be happy and hardworking. On a final note about my thinking of P.Trump, I am totally baffled how much he is attacked and how he remains so resolute and strong. I have never ever known such a person. As to how the future will pan out, I remain hopeful but a better world requires our participation.

      Wish you and every one of POM family a great Thursday afternoon.

    1. Dane:

      I sincerely appreciate and enjoy your occasionally short and simultaneously subtle and direct commentaries. 🙂

      Made my day. It was a “three-fer”.

      Thank you.


  21. The mind is the result of time
    The mind is being influenced all the time to think along a certain line. It used to be that only the organized religions were after your mind, but now governments have largely taken over that job. They want to shape and control your mind. On the surface the mind can resist their control… Superficially you have some say in the matter, but below the surface, in the deep unconscious, there is the whole weight of time, of tradition, urging you in a particular direction. The conscious mind may to some extent control and guide itself, but in the unconscious your ambitions, your unsolved problems, your compulsions, superstitions, fears, are waiting, throbbing, urging.

    … This whole field of the mind is the result of time; it is the result of conflicts and adjustments, of a whole series of acceptances without full comprehension. Therefore we live in a state of contradiction; our life is a process of endless struggle. We are unhappy, and we want to be happy. Being violent, we practice the ideal of non-violence. So there is a conflict going on—the mind is a battlefield. We want to be secure, knowing inwardly, deeply, that there is no such thing as security at all. The truth is that we do not want to face the fact that there is no security; therefore, we are always pursuing security, with the resultant fear of not being secure.

    The Book of Life, J. Krishnamurti

  22. Mr Oz
    I’ve been thinking about the answers you provided me concerning YNH and wondering why I was sort of kind of but not completely buying into his “story.” YNH is a wonderful “storyteller” and had enough of what I believe in his tales to get my attention. The many flaws I did see, I allowed myself to dismiss as I sometimes struggle somewhere between that cursed PC and some old anti-semitic, anti-gay, anti-big banks, anti-organized religion, and other anti, anti feelings that linger in parts of my brain.

    I’m really glad I asked you and am really happy with your answers. You are a man with a courage of your conviction that I sometimes find myself lacking. I knew I wasn’t ok with the story YNH was telling but couldn’t quite put my finger on it or nail it down. I got it now.

    I thought my short answer to your generous answer did not give proper respect to the time you gave me. So I feel better now.

    Thanks Again

  23. My Carpe Diem
    I am not a military man, so not only is it extremely difficult for me to imagine what $733 billion annual military budget amounts to. Set the military aspect aside, it is also extremely difficult for me to imagine what $733billion is.

    “There are currently ten Unified Combatant Commands in the Department of Defense-four functional and six geographic.”

    For this exercise I’ll concentrate on the six geographic Commands.

    CENTCOM: U.S. Central Command, MacDill Air Force Base. Tampa, Florida

    AFRICOM: U.S Africa Command, Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany

    EUCOM: U.S. European Command, Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany

    NORTHCOM: U.S. Northern Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado

    INDOPACOM:U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Camp H.M.Smith, Hawaii

    SOUTHCOM: U.S. Southern Command, Miami, Florida

    My limited research show me that these six Commands currently encompass the world. The individual zones, if you will, change and adjust as they were created. I first became aware of these organizations thru a article, if memory serves, by Thierry Meyssan. He was pointing out the immense power of the men at the heads of these Commands, I believe he described them as fiefdoms on to their own.

    I don’t have the article at hand, if indeed it was even by T. Meyssan, so I’m kind of spitballing here. One of the points the article described that I do remember was the intense competition between the heads of these Commands and their industrial, financial partners, for their slice of that enormous annual $733 billion pie. Well we can just imagine can’t we. THAT”S A LOT OF MONEY!!

    Concerning these latest spate of tanker attacks. I wouldn’t for a moment discount the insanity of the Mullahs or perhaps Iran having the technical expertise to somehow guide these mines into position on the side of one of these tankers. After all they did snatch a U.S. drone right out of the air and land it, ricky ticky. To me that would make more sense than a dozen brave terrorist riding a motorboat carting a mine with a magnet on it up to the side of one of these tankers. Once again I won’t discount the Persian daring that that type of mission would entail, It could be done, brings to mind them crazy assed Somali despardo’s.

    Never-the-less from here it reminds me of the false flag Syrian gas attacks, WMD’s, and on and on. I think it is possible tension in one of the above mentioned Command zones may mean a bigger slice of the pie. In perhaps one my more outrageous moments, if CIA, on behalf of one Command or the other did do this, at this point it might work.

    How would you like to be those Mullahs barely hanging on to power, huddled up somewhere shaking in their boots( do they wear boots) thinking, ‘Oh man, they do this every time before they invade or bomb the daylights out of a country. Maybe we better get to the table before we are demonized more than the demons we create for ourselves.”

    The U.S. has done this so many times now maybe a few false flags could have a effect, become a tactic that scares the Bee Jesus out of the Mullahs. Naw, not likely.

    I just felt like throwing another monkey into the barrel already full of monkey wenches.


    1. Thank you Dear Pieter,

      You threw the most important monkey wrench that may help us understand what is going on when we get a combination of a bunch of men in a compound, a Seminary school, temple (such as a Buddhist temple), prison, boys only school and finally a military garrison whether on land or at high seas. There are similarities that can help us understand the dynamics of the world movements in every aspect. Such dynamics exists in all the above and what tends to happen is that in every such male-only group, a centre of power emerges and if unchecked or not confronted that group may become secretive and ultimately corrupt. By the addition of money and access to it, what may happen is even worse and in this regard the US military men and for that matter, any world military of any state behaves exactly like a bunch of men in a church or in the case of Iran, as Mullahs who have formed their own unique social order in which they have their own justice system and judiciary which oversees the individual Mullahs accused of doing something against the rule (of the group!).

      The same applies to any military and even medical system. In the UK as an example, the Physicians also have their own compound that also oversees their malpractices and others, that is the General Medical Council and a separate one exists for Pharmacists, Dentists and so on. As a matter of fact, in the UK every regional government or Councils/Shires have their own court and justice system. In the US military, we have a military branch called JAG (Judge Advocate General) that oversees all the military legal aspects as well as personnel’s discipline. As such a normal Sheriff or police can not arrest a military person and they would have to call the MP or Military Police and to hand him/her to the Military justice system.

      Mullahs of Iran follow an exact system whereby they are somehow protected from the general law as a civilian would have to go through. I believe this is the same system in the Vatican also where long-standing cases such as child abuse by the priests remain covered by the higher ranking priests. In the case of both the military and priests classes regardless of which country/state or religion they belong we have a protected elite who maintain power via many techniques. In Thailand, the dominant religion is a version of Buddhism and the monks travel first class in their orange garbs and they also have their own system of justice and wealth that is protected by the Monarchy which goes both ways, that is the Buddhist religious establishment also protects the monarch. A learned friend informed of a Buddhist Sutra where Buddha warns his followers of putting a bunch of men in a temple as he knew the consequences but we now have Buddhist temple with the same problems as the above!

      With this rather long-winded prea=mple, which I hope you forgive me for it, I would like to say that basically, putting a bunch of men in a compound without any external system of checks and balances, you will always end up with one egocentric man with high ambitions to act as a renegade and end up an empire, a entire church, trade or any such grouping. I believe the male gender is always isolated and needs comradery and the love a woman to keep us at peace within ourselves. The male group or our military regiment is the surrogate for that absent mother.

      With the excellent information regarding the many US Military scattered around the world which you kindly provided, we can always expect renegades who are either ideologues or possibly corrupt and the investigations into the corruption of power in FBI, CIA, DOJ etc. are just the tip of the iceberg and it may be very likely that we will never know other cases. I believe, based on what I am hearing, that certain units of the US Navy do not follow the order. Last December a prominent case of suicide was announced of the 5th fleet commander stationed in Bahrein, Vice Adm. Scott Stearney which after 6 months of military justice investigation found to be confirmed as a suicide. One of my favourite films of all times is Francis F Coppola where a US Army Col. Kurtz goes native (British military expression!) and CIA gets involved and together with the commanding officer will dispatch an assassin to find and eliminate the rogue army Colonel.

      In the recent case of the ship attack, like yourself, I do not trust Sec.Pompeo’s edict that the ship(s) were attacked by the order of the Mullahs and acted upon by the IRGC but knowing how corrupt the entire apparatus of power and how vile they Mullah classes generally are I can absolutely believe that they actually did that. However, as I stated previously, the Mullahs controlling Iran are not a monolithic bunch and there are warring factions within their own ranks and in order to maintain power, they always tend to come up with a consensus as was the case with the JCPOA. Yet, that JCPOA was in concert with external actors such as US Intel, State Dept. under Obama as well as EU and the British Governments and their entire apparatus of power. As I have always stated before, the Islamic Republic of Iran is exactly run as a proxy regime as was the case with North Korea in that they act according to their master’s orders, whoever they are may not be one country but another group of people scattered in the US, US, Russia and China. What I am trying to say here is that the Islamic Republic does not act alone because it was installed with foreign hands and they are there for a purpose that does not ever have any regards for Iran or Iranians. The example of North Korea and South Korea shows how a state that acts as the proxy of foreign entities can be so vastly different in wealth and its economy. South Korea that is the other half of North Korea has an almost similar GDP as Britain and they have produced Samsung and lots of other brands (now competing with Apple! whilst North Korea only makes rockets and thin and sickly looking people who live under a tyrannical regime. In the same way, Iran is a super wealthy country on this planet and ranks 17th or thereabout as well as holding %10 of the entire earth mineral wealth but it has a serious problem with poverty and malnutrition, drug addiction, prostitution, human trafficking etc,

      To wrap this up, my hunch is that Mr Abe visited the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Mr Abe’s offer of reconciliation was rejected by him. In fact, there is a photo of Mr Abe with the message from POTUS by his side and he did not even have the opportunity to pass on the letter to the super supreme leader! The moment this news got out, somebody decided to top add gasoline on the fire and make it like an opportunity for making any reconciliation impossible. Now, I am not certain whether it was the work of elements of IRGC or was it the work of Mossad, Saudi Intel, Russians or anybody else for that matter and the chances are we may never know but the outcome is what POTUS sent in his tweet when he said “Iran is not ready” and he added We are not ready” either! So we are back to square one in trying to break this tough nut. Yet, whoever was behind the attack on tankers does not want any close contact, let alone a diplomatic relationship between Iran and the US. In this regard, I am sure it won’t be hard to come up with a potential list but on the top would the EU and a few others. Iranian Market is lucrative and Iran’s strategic location makes any superpower in charge of it as ruling the entire planet. The stakes are high and so are the contenders.

      Wish you a great Weekend my dear friend.



    2. Pieter:

      The “official annual budget” of $733B for the US DoD is the partial cost of maintaining Empire for the powers that should NOT be (TPTSNB). If you factor in the $21+ TRILLION missing (aka; undocumented transfer expenditures) from HUD and DoD budgets during the past fifteen years, then the actual indentured cost placed on the US Tax Payer are well beyond the ability to pay. Such massive expenditures and wasted annual portions of the USA’s GDP cannot not be maintain for much longer. Is Ra El has most certainly benefited from DoD’s corrupt accounting. $450 hammers, $1250 toilet sets, quality war materials recorded in DoD accounting records as “crap”, “obsolete”, or “surplus” materials are then shipped to Is Ra El, etc…… The list of bogus accounting tricks and treats and undocumented expenditures are legend.

      Anything and everything to keep the crown beasts of war fed. If the Military, Industrial, & Congressional Complex (MICC) do not have enough boggy men to fed the war machines, then false flag events will be created and initiated, deceptions will be promoted, and lies will be spread to distract and start the prescribed necessary conflicts. Collateral activities and contributing psych-ops via blatant propaganda as the ‘Project Mockingbird’, bought and paid lame stained media and indoctrination via “Progressive” colleges and universities and all forms of government helps support and facilitate the MICC. An angry, aware, informed, opinionated, and questioning public is the very last thing that TPTSNB and the MICC wants. Instead TPTSNB and the MICC wants power and control via debt slaves, famine, disease, death, destruction, depopulation, war, and options financing any rebuilding. TPTSNB are continually fed by stealing wealth at both ends and in all corners of the games they create.

      The USS Maddox and the Tonkin Gulf Incident, USS Liberty and the 1967 Mideast War, the Gulf Wars, Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, 9/11, Afghanistan and al-Qaeda, the destruction of Iraq and Libya, the destruction and Bulkanization of Yugoslavia and Ukraine were all false flag and boggy men events benefiting TPTSNB. The staged dramas with Iran in the past and in the present are no exceptions.

      The CIA and MI6 are agents for, and work on behalf of, the International Banksters and TPTSNB. They arranged for the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in August 1953 and his replacements with Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as a monarch and controlled puppet (aka; The last Shah of Iran)

      After Mosaddegh removal the foreign oil firms under the Consortium Agreement of 1954 were back in Iran until TPTSNB wanted “oil crises”, higher oil prices, and massive inflation to steal more wealth in 1970’s. Enter all of those crazy Islamic fundamentalists and Mullahs in early 1979 led by the exiled Ruhollah Khomeini (aka: The Ayatollah Khomeini). Jet setting into Iran straight from Paris where he had been condemning “The evils of the West” while being funded by TPTSNB as he lounged and exiled comfortably at the Neauphle-le-Château outside of Paris.

      The International Banksters, Is Ra El, and TPTSNB presently want higher oil prices, Iran destroyed, Balkanized, and no longer a threat to Is Ra El, and a war with Russia. It is just good business as usual to them and for them. More deaths, destruction, and blood sacrifices are wanted to feed their lusts, The Crown Beasts, and their master. The Mullahs and Ayatollahs have outlived their usefulness to TPTSNB and are the boggy men de jour OR de jure . Wash, rinse, and repeat. It is the regular pattern. Next?

      Cui bono? Always follow the money!

      If you follow the money and determine who ultimately benefits the most, then you will most always discover the evil predacious miscreants pulling the strings from behind the curtains and shadows. They are evil. They serve evil. They serve Satan. They are contrary to Godly human evolution and higher consciousness. There are very few exceptions to these very common patterns.


      1. Hello Dear Oz,

        If I may, I would like to make a comment regarding what you said about Mossadegh, the Shah and the subsequent removal of Mossadegh in 1953. This is a totally fabricated historical fallacy (i.e. Fake News) that is being recycled and constantly propagated by the leftists aka Globalists and unfortunately, it is being recycled in each every corner of Academia, MSM in such a way that that it is now accepted as fact whilst historical records released can clearly show this to be an absurd fallacy if not a leftist fantasy!

        So, rather than trying to try to explain the details, I would like to invite you this paper written by someone who specialises in Iranian history who wrote the following by recently declassified CIA documents which are all referenced:


        1. Dear CD:

          Thank you kindly for the link to the paper.
          I most certainly enjoy reading insightful perspectives.
          The information in the paper fills in some blanks.


          1. Thank You very much Dear Oz,

            I am glad you found the paper of interest. One thing that I notice is the depth of this disinformation regarding the event in Iran in 1953 and I think the propaganda is repeated continually, it will become reality at some point. Normalization of deception then takes a whole direction when the American State secretary as Madeline Al(not so)bright whom I regard as one of the most deceptive people ever to have walked in that dept, if not any position of power in the US, actually apologizes for something to another nation! The same lady then confirms that the killing of half a million Iraqi women and children as “in our opinion, it is justified”! Clearly, she appears to have no conscience and void of any mortality.

            This illogical and even treasonous act against the US government actually justifies the hostage-taking by deep state actors/agents aka “revolutionary Islamic students of Iran” of some 50 American state Dept. staff of US Embassy in Tehran. The Globalist elite not only had in mind to do a regime change in Iran in 1953 and to segment Iran into three an literally to balkanize it by handing over the Khuzestan province to British control where the largest oil refinery was also located-city of Abadan but also to give the entire North West Iran to the Soviet Union. Soviets occupied Iranian Azerbaijan for two more years and had established the Soviet Republic when Truman called Stalin by telephone and got him to remove his troops back to the Soviet Azerbaijan Ibehind the Arax river) where Iran had lost that territory in the Tsar’s era and the incompetent Qajar dynasty.

            Madam Secretary by this action which was never repeated actually the creation of what we have today i.e. a deep state proxy regime of the Globalist elite that acts as a source of instability and a direct source, of cash for arms manufacturers (MIC). Only today, a court ruled that the British Gov. sale of some $8Billion of arms to Saudi Arabia as “Unlawful” which means nothing at all since the arms had already killed hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in both Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Without the Islamic Republic as a source of instability UK, US and EU could not have made so much money on machines that are designed to kill as many people as possible. So what was Madam Secretary’s apology to, was it to Iranian people or the globalist Islamo-fascist Mullahs who have subjugated Iranian since 1979!

            In this regard, by understanding what Mossadegh did and who he really was is never discussed by the globalist hacks as CNN, BBC, MSLSD and such like, because they work for and to promote the banking criminal cartels, and never for the American, Iranian or Chinese, Yemeni or any other people. I hope you will find the items I have added of interest.

            “Madeleine Albright apologizes to Iran”

            This statement shows, the deception of the globalist outfits like CNN and shows how much CNN is hateful of the West:
            “It took the Islamic Revolution of 1979 to finally undo the West’s work, and it took nearly half a century for the United States to offer even last month’s tepid apology.”

            Islamist regime lobby working with the corrupt special interest in the US:

  24. My Carpe Diem
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I didn’t find your preface at all to long. As a matter fact it went a long ways to enlightening me as to something JC was saying about, “lays bare the complex nature of man and their attempt to build systems of governance around himself.” I do find a degree of solace in the fact that at the least, we do try.

    The world, geopolitical or any other names one could use to describe this barrel of monkeys, that no one can have more fun in than people, is indeed a puzzlement.

    For whatever reason, it could be my magic fingers on my ouija board keyboard , or something as mundane as me thinking, I wonder if T. Meyssan might have something to say about all this at this time.

    Sure enough, I found this.

    Secret tripartite summit in Jerusalem

    Man I like T.M’s work. I don’t think I can add anything more to this topic at this time, but to say I recommend everyone read the article and perhaps comment accordingly.


    1. My Dearest Pieter,

      Thank you for your thoughts and feedback but above all of the fantastic article by our mutualy admired TM, really thorough and well explained a historically complex region that is the birthplace of all the world religions…and consequently all the problems we have to deal with! When I came to read the following lines (particularly this line “…rivals of the Popular Front for the Liberation of …”, I pictured the following clip from the Monty Python movie “Life of Brian” and had a good laugh because something in that part of the world does not change in time. In case you haven’t watched this great comical movie, I can absolutely recommend it.

      “Its men and agents of the Israëli Mossad entered the Syrian city of Yarmouk in order to assassinate their Marxist rivals of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command. The Syrian army encircled the town, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas assured them of his support.”


  25. Great discussion guys.
    Ozymandias, I was tempted to post Cui Bono a couple of days ago but I didn’t want to steal your line 🙂
    As ever, that is the most pertinent question. And as CD says, the list of potential culprits is relatively lengthy on this occasion. But one thing we can all agree on, if it looks like a false flag and stinks like a false flag…
    I mean this one seems particularly blatant. One wonders when the masses are going to WAKE UP to the fact that this is how the world works.
    The Skripal FF was a very badly bungled operation, the official story is so full of holes it is beyond a joke, and yet the majority still seem to believe it! Of course it goes back to the education system and the fact that critical thinking is not on the agenda.
    CD, thanks for reminding me it’s been too long since I watched Apocalypse Now, probably my favourite war movie and a masterpiece which was in turn based on the masterpiece novel Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.

    1. Hi Redjon,

      Thank you for your great comment. In fact, one of the most important elements that were edited out of the original is an additional 49 minutes which was added in the redux version and you may have possibly watched it but I wanted to add some of my thoughts on this fantastic movie. In the French rubber plantation scene where the French people are having dinner as though they are in Bordeaux and continuing their lives regardless of their eventual end of them as colonialists. It seems that each nation possesses a national attribute and in this film, the American officer & assassin played by Martin Sheen somewhat come to a discussion that both the French and the Americans get to to know their own national characters and destiny! The older Frenchman who appears to be suffering from some kind of illness informs the American officer that it was indeed the Americans who created the Viet Cong and this comes as a real shock to the American officer. Yet, more importantly, the national character of the French nation is depicted in this scene that somewhat an excessive level of national pride had caused the failure of the French to control their colonies in North Africa, Indo-China and Africa. This characteristic is extremely visible in the character the current French President Macron who is acting as Louis XVI who was finally guillotined by the French revolutionaries. Later, Napoleon decided to invade Russia and in his campaign which failed miserably, he mobilised some 680,000 men and in the end, only some 70,000 survived in the arctic conditions of Russia in 1812.

      Another great film which I can recommend is the Quiet American where the beginnings of the manipulation by the American CIA is the subject of the movie which somehow confirms the dinner discussion in Apocolypse Now redux version of the movie.

      The Quiet American

      Apocalypse Now Redux

      apocalypse now french plantation scene

      1. Hi Carpe Diem, yes I did see the Redux version soon after it was released but will have to seek it out for another viewing, I think I missed the nuances and significance of that scene you mentioned (and perhaps the significance of the fact that it was cut!).
        I haven’t seen The Quiet American but that too sounds like my kinda movie, thanks again!

  26. What I’ve never understood about that missing $21 trillion is how they got that much money when their yearly budget is in the $600 to $800 billion range through the years. Had they been saving up for a rainy day? If the budget this year is…lets say $800 billion and they don’t spend the entirety of that budget they lose what they didn’t spend. That’s the way the government works which is why there is always such a high spend rate towards the end of the fiscal year within government. They try to spend all of the budget so they don’t have to give any back and so they don’t get a lower budget the following year. That pattern follows through all the way down to local governments. So how would they get $21 trillion to eventually lose?

    1. Hi Dane, the funds may be referred to as missing but most assuredly have not been lost. Once moved off the books and sequestered they have been, and are being, spent on a variety of “above top secret” black projects. CAF among others has engaged in some “high octane speculation” on the nature of some of these projects. Her site solari.com is worth a browse if you want to go down that particular rabbit hole. The possibility of a highly advanced secret space program is what intrigues me most of all.

  27. Dane:

    The printing the money by the Rothschild’ Federal Reserve Bank is the primary means.

    Another common means is secret accounting. The DoD and HUD where allotted budgets by the US Congress and massive amounts of the budgeted money disappeared. It was easy to do two reasons.

    1. The controlled miscreants in Congress and the last three US Presidents exercised “ear marks” and “continuing resolutions” to fund whatever they where told to fund and whenever they were instructed to fund. As you are likely aware, “continuing resolutions” is a evil way to increase massive spending and rack up massive public debts because there are no restraining budget limits.

    2. Intentional corrupt and illegal accounting for secret financing

    9-11 Pentagon missing $2.3 trillion Rumsfeld Exposed 9/10/2001
    SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-F5NKAMdFc

    Entire Federal Budget Now National Security Secret – Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore has revealed there was $21 trillion in what he calls “missing money” from the Department of Defense (DoD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

    SOURCE: https://usawatchdog.com/entire-federal-budget-now-national-security-secret-dr-mark-skidmore/

    Bipartisan Support for Secret Accounting to Hide Missing Money

    SOURCE: https://usawatchdog.com/bipartisan-support-for-secret-accounting-to-hide-missing-money-catherine-austin-fitts/

    I have multiple contacts in the DoD. They are struggling for funds to maintain their existing assigned equipment, for housing of personnel and their dependents, medical care, and for pay increases.

    There are many units that are not ready for any assigned mission at full strength because of a lack of funds for parts and maintenance.

    SO,…………..where is all of the money going???????
    What is being financed with all of the missing money?????

    Personally, under threats of imprisoment and the steal my properties and wealth, I am extorted to pay over 50% of everything I earn per year in taxes and governments assigned fees to a wide assortment of corrupt governments without any near equivalent value or services to me or my family in return. in 2018 my property taxes increased by 54% under the excuse of “paying my fair share”. That is exactly what I was told by the local government tax board when my appealed was summarily rejected and dismissed after less than two minutes of me presenting my case. The government wanted more money, so they stole it from select property owners. Communism in play.
    Each year I am ‘allowed’ to keep less and less of what I earn “for the common good” and “for the children”. I now get to pay public school taxes until I am 80.


    1. You should move down here to Florida pal. We have no state tax and if you live in your home more than 6 months a year you can claim a homestead exemption to deduct $25k off the value of your property in figuring your taxes. Senior citizens can add another $25k deduction. Also property values can’t grow more than 3% per year. Come on down man.

    1. Depending on the phase of the moon and my physical position on this planet, I often experience multiple cognitive blind spots simultaneously. 🙂

  28. My Man Dane, Dear Mr Oz,
    That is just wonderful. To find the time to find the humor as this thread winds down, speaks volumes to the how in the world we not only survive but thrive as the people of our collective times.


    1. Lol, Laughter is the elixir of life my friend. Finding joy in a world that tries to steal it 24/7 is the magic of living. Living in the worlds cognitive blind spots is an ancient secret only a few adepts realize.

  29. JC
    I just now saw your tweet.

    “Well, now I know what to do with the XRP riches. Wife wants to move to the Bahamas and start working to save dolphins and whales held in captivity. Sounds reasonable.”

    Save the whales. I agree, a noble endeavor indeed, and one I would be proud to contribute to. So how much for the whole set??

    An old joke, one of my favs, and in the best sense of humor, I just wanted to share it with you and the POM.

    By the way, she is absolutely stunning, her true beauty shines thru. I ain’t talking about the dolphin.


    1. Thanks my friend. Marianne is truly a character. I’m putting a video together of our experience in the Bahamas and her character shines through.

      There’s been a lot of research done on how best to handle the marine mammals in captivity. I’ll likely have to write a post about it.

  30. Mr Oz
    If I may I would like to step back a few comments because I’m working on some aspects of myself, but also attempting to understand how some aspects of the well developed control systems work.

    Not to push a overode horse to ground, but to further gain some understanding into how the wizards work, I would like to explore with you some of my thoughts on the matter, using a particular instance for example.

    The example I’ll attempt to use is the one of YNH and why I felt I needed confirmation to break a link out of the chains of control I feel myself struggling to break free of.

    Straight to it. The TPTSB use of the PC, and SJWs to keep freedom seeking minds on the chain has reached a point that includes a set of levels that are built into the narrative that cause one to question or even deny their critical thinking skills and gut instincts.

    Bare with me Oz, here is where I could get a bit off the rails. YNH was picked to deliver his /the message not in spite of his personal profile, but because of it. A openly gay man, a native born Israelite, a highly educated man with a Ph.d in history, even his size and the fact that he looks like he is suffering from advanced AIDs, who would want to appear the bully. He has a rather large, entranced following and some big time corporate backing. Plus, a big plus, YNH is a wonderful storyteller, and he has a story that contains a number of concerns that need to be be addressed, AI, robotics, machine learning. YNH the right actor for the right part.

    Without the message or even the point of it at question, almost any challenge to any message he might deliver, not only could, but would be shouted, and beat down by a host of PC, and SJWs. Labels like homophobia, anti-semitism, uneducated(I got 3 GED’s from 3 different prison systems, dats quivlent to any Ph.d)I’m old and white.

    I’m pissed off at myself Oz , mad as hell. I knew how I felt, what I reasonably and instinctively knew. Yet I couldn’t or wouldn’t say it before or without confirmation from someone like yourself. I am not homophobic, anti-semitic, stupid or subject to fear. I’m old enough to know better yet I didn’t resist. I allowed the brainwashing not to change my mind, but to close my mouth.

    I’m on this rant for a purpose, I’m attempting to point out how I see some aspects of the propaganda or mind control, we all face today works. I’m crude on it, but I feel some break through for myself and a deeper understanding of how so many other people just don’t see it at all. Many times it just isn’t all that easy. Firm convictions and the courage of them have their place but it is not enough. I think I fail here if I just call out the masses of the PC, SJWs as not being firmly convicted or having the courage of said convictions. For there is no question in my mind that they believe, believe with passion the positions they hold. It is the liars, the YNH type, the MSM on all sides of the issues, academia, etc, etc, that need to be identified and called out for what they are. Liars, liars for money, liars for agendas.

    As to your last comment addressed to me. Where I’m on board, I’m all in. Where I’m not are only matters of historical view and do not affect what I find to be the soul of the comment.

    “the actual indentured cost placed on the US taxpayer and well beyond the ability to pay. Such massive expenditures and wasted annual portions of the US GDP cannot be maintained much longer.”

    From one of your earlier comments on this thread.

    “We are experiencing the end of one age based upon emotions, passions, and physical and the beginning of another based upon higher consciousness.”

    With those two thoughts in mind and the last half of JC’s above post I’m finding a message of not so much hope, but one more based on a change of not just consciousness but the amount of change in not only our pockets but the pockets of our children and grandchildren. I think I began my earlier comments paying tribute to the WWII vets, but forgot to mention the support system that made winning the war possible, but also controlling the aftermath. The support system I speak of is known as the “Greatest Generation.” They left us a better world along with their legacy.

    The men and women of our generation are known as the “Baby Boomers.” What manner of world will we leave our children and grandchildren. Baby Boomers? It sounds almost prophetic, Babies indeed. The largest generation, leaving the largest mess, allowing the nation to turn into downtown LA.. Shame on us.

    It may not be to late. What will it take to turn it around? Another Woodstock filled with RVs. I’m not laughing


    1. Pieter:

      From a genetic perspective, the human brain is between 80% and 90% of who we are and can become. Therefore, “waking up”, awareness, evolving one’s consciousness with what one has available are by their very nature, ongoing and difficult struggles. It is supposed to be that way. From these perspectives, I compliment your efforts and struggles to strengthen your awareness, understandings, knowledge base, and inner spirit. I strongly encourage you to continue in your efforts and struggles.

      Anger is an expression of reactive energies or forces. As such, anger can be utilized for good or evil, positive or negative, and advancement or deterioration. Therefore, I encourage you to explore and decide how these energies best evolves, profits and supports you.

      Relative to YNH, your are entirely correct. YNH and other agents as him, was specifically “picked to deliver his/the message not in spite of his personal profile, but because of it”. Yes, YNH is an active and professed homosexual, Jew, and highly educated and rewarded in the “progressive thinking”, Soy Boy. However, he is most certainly NOT a man. He is an intentionally promoted and mutated construct, along with other mutated and presented constructs, of what TPTSNB want western males and western cultures to become. He is an example of an intentionally projected poster and an illusion. YNH is nothing more than a spiteful and smiling mutant, a selected, assigned, and promoted social change and social engineering agent to spread multiculturalism. YNH is a liar, an agent of deceit, and another agent infused into western culture with the expressed intent and purpose to destroy western men and thus western culture.

      Mutants and social change agents as YNH should not be promoted. Because YNH is an active, professed, and sexually deviate homosexual, a western culture destroyer, and a highly educated and rewarded in the “progressive thinking”, Soy Boy, are the exact and specific reasons that he should be called out for the deceiver, liar, and mutant that he is. Such agents should be called out for exactly who and what they are and for the social destruction they are intentionally promoting. Evil is never so demonstrative and ugly, as it is alluring and subtle. However, parallel to his projected images and constructs are socially engineered lies and other constructs, as “political correctness” that are specifically intended to prevent and restrain truth to be acknowledged or spoke. “Political correctness” is nothing more than social engineering and cultural Marxism originated and promoted from the likes of the Franklin School and the Tavistock Institute. Their expressed intents are the complete and total destruction of western and Christian civilizations and complete and total control and domination over anything remaining.

      I wonder if the anger or madness that you declared results from the realization that portions of you bought into the deceptions, illusions, and lies being intentionally promoted?

      Cui bono? Know thy enemies and agents of destruction.


  31. “Blacksite Dismantled, New Deal Coming, Boom” Listen from min. 13:00 to the end.

    “Iran said on Tuesday it had dismantled a new espionage network linked to the US Central Intelligence Agency [without mentioning the US Gov.] and arrested a number of spies.”

    Something remarkable happened the past few days and somehow the attack on the two ships may come out to be the last resort by the NeoCon lobby still operating by literally clutching the straws, in the same way, their attempt was aborted in Venezuela!

    The mass arrest of the agents attached to the deep stat aka CIA by the Intel of the Islamic Republic indicates that the regime appears to have broken away from the external entity controlling it. Therefore, P.Trump can and will likely to get get the rapprochement going, only this time without any foreign finger poking. It is likely that Obama, John Kerry team will have been removed, arrested or simply taken out. This was the exact method used to neutralize PRNK.

    A while back there was news of the US Army sending some 1500 to the region. This team may have been the search & destroy party to find all the deep underground facilities used by the foreign entity that were the real rulers of Iran since 1979. In this regard, it is noteworthy to mention the architect of IRGC (Revolutionary guards) has been living in Washington DC heading some foundations as many of the regimes are in various US universities supposedly “teaching” courses at Yale, Harvard and other Ivy League as well as in some British and EU universities. The Academia has a lot to answer for and I am certain some major shakeup will happen in the US and the UK Academic systems since, for at least WWII, they have all been involved in mind manipulation of the masses. Not to mention assisting brutal leftist governments in the Mid-East, Africa, South America and Asia.

    After Iran, Israel is on the list for some shake up and I am nor certain how Mr Nataniyahu will hang on to power as his wife is already implicated and we should expect a similar treatment to end the deep state operation in Israel. I have always maintained that both Israeli and Iranian regimes are supported by the same entities and they work in tandem. With Iran getting a cleanup, it would be inevitable that the counterpart should also get a reset! The two regimes have been designed to assist the external money elite to get richer and obtain more influence at the expense of the citizens of these two nations. In this regard, POTUS mentioning that “I know Iraq was behind 911…some other people are” is telling of what’s about to come. That may be the unravelling of the most heinous crime since WWII where 3000 innocent people lost their lives and many got Insurance payments. The sickness of all this is beyond any comprehension and justice should be served to each and ANY person who was behind this sub-human act.

    1. Dear CD:

      It is my strong and unshakable opinion that the inhabitant of this planet will never be free until ALL of the liars, deceivers, promoters, benefactors, and supporters of the 9/11 evils (and other such evils) are brought before open and public bars of justice, tried for their crimes, sentenced to death, and hung from high gallows for a minimum of three days for all the world to see.

      I am angry and sick of the unbound evil, corruptions, wars, deaths, and destruction.



  32. The wounds that never heal, sores that never completely scabbed over, always and forever infected, oozing a yellowish green pus.

    We all have had injuries rented upon us. In our personal lives we pay the rent move on and outside of ourselves, they become minor irritations, an annoyance. But in the collective it spreads like a cancer, and becomes a true vexation, one that refuses to be shook.

    For myself as part of the collective it began Nov 22,1963. It took many years for me to come to terms with what exactly the Zapruder film was perfectly designed to accomplish. FEAR!!
    Bell & Howell a “home” movie camera that was shot with such hi-quality that it has since been slow motioned, frame by frame so that the world was “treated” with the horror of witnessing our president, “the most powerful man[sic] in the world ,” having his brains blown out and spread out over the trunk of a flop top Lincoln Continental (think symbol of Abraham).

    Over, over and over again we were all “treated.” On told millions of times with this view of horror. That now, is a wound that just will not heal, it wasn’t designed to heal. It festers, a haunting.

    LIfe moves on.

    Something that feels like better than a generation later the collective is once again “treated” to a horror perfectly filmed, designed and promoted, to be viewed many million of times by many millions of people, the entire world, over and over again. 9/11. FEAR!!

    I’m going 80 but I ain’t scary, for I have the Virgin Mary glued to the dashboard of my car.

    The sun is coming up. How do I wind this up? I can’t it just will not heal.

  33. Haha, fantastic Pieter,
    This took me back to 1978 when I heard this fantastic song and they were really well known then. The other numbers were, “Daddy Cool” and “Ma Baker”. What a glorious era we lived and such really funky music. I honestly do know what young kids listen to these days as all the songs I hear is garbage if not a revamp/regurgitation of old songs! The new songs by Kate Perry, Rihanna and other female singers all sound whiny and really sounds to me like someone dragging their nails on a blackboard (another one that young kids won’t what I’m on about) 🙂 enough of my ranting for today cause it’s Sunday 🙂

    This was the music I recall of my late teens. Just fantastic by the same German band.

    Wish you all a wonderful Sunday.

  34. Gotta feel for POTUS, this sequence of events in the Persian Gulf region has put him in a tough spot. He’s got the demonic war dogs in one ear, baying for bombs, “Pull the damned trigger!”. An angelic Tucker Carlson, among other voices, in the other ear, “Don’t do it!”
    Thus far, he is admirably keeping the old truism in mind: discretion is the better part of valour.
    Long may it continue, but JC’s words “we are now in the window of greatest risk” looking prescient as ever.
    New sanctions to be imposed, and all eyes on the this week G20, arguably the most crucial G20 summit ever…

    1. The Art of War…Sun Tzu

      “All warfare is based on the art of deception”

      “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

      “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”

      “When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil. When full, starve them. When settled, make them move.”

      “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”

      “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

      How do the above statements apply? Check out the video below. 😉


      1. Thank You, Dane,

        That was a great Clip and I agree there’s more to these events that we will ever hear from the fake news MSM.

        There is definitely a war going in between the US Government with P.Trump as the leader raging against the international deep state cabal and specifically where Iran is the battlefield (and their agent), perhaps not only on the Iranian soil but the war is everywhere where these two powers can hit at one another. Iran is not under the control of Iranians but more so under the control of a cabal who are using Iran as a way to promote globalism and destroying the Western civilization via deindustrialization, promotion of deviant sexuality and other methods, thus recreating their own base after the west is subdued, demoralized and well and truly defeated!

        The reports of the following two major events in Philadelphia may be what has been the outcome of Trump putting financial pressure on Mullahs proxy i.e. Hezbollah and the immediate response by the globalists via a possible sabotage by elements of Muslim Brotherhood onto the refinery in that city where it provides much of the energy fo east coast of the US.

        It is reported that a ship was carrying a staggering 17 metric tons of cocaine that was apparently destined from South America to Europe. This is the method “allowed” by the various government to fund terror groups as well as selected non-combatant groups (e.g. cults, religious groups etc.) from time to time and there’s nothing new about this method. However, what is important here is the way P.Trump is literally starving the cash to such groups as Hezbollah. Hezbollah is said to be the richest terror group and looking at the cargo of this ship, it’s not a surprise!

        In response, it is alleged that sleeper cells may have gone to respond as ordered to react by creating serious damage to infrastructures/energy of the US, i.e. damaging their enemy. Whether this is true or not, we may never know but explosions at such a scale are not normal when you consider the siege of such narcotic magnitude coincides with the fire at the same city! All very odd.

        As of this morning, a massive outage is happening on the majority if the East Coast cities. Again, we may consider this as an accident but it could be another cyberattack by enemies of the POTUS or can be shut down so to prevent comms for the enemy! We are living in interesting and seriously dangerous times…

        “Giant explosion rocks largest refinery complex on the East Coast sends gasoline prices higher”

        “This massive stash of cocaine is just a fraction of one of the largest drug busts in history”

        Verizon Outage Map

        1. That’s a great point CD. We often take on deeper understandings of what is going on in the world but how about considering who the enemy is? As you say the deep state. Who is the deep state? Is it a group of US based people…a cabal so to speak that has grown roots into other countries political, military and economic organizations? If so we could see Trumps “Art of the Deal” being used to change loyalties and or to masterfully pull the weeds out with the roots intact. We were most likely taught at young ages that when weeding any garden you must take care to pull with just the right amount of force while working the weed to and fro so as to loosen the soil around roots so they come out also. This is the proper way to pull weeds so they won’t grow back. N. Korea is a great example of this. Trump keeps working the weed gently loosening the soil under it so as to pull the whole weed roots and all. Iran is just another garden with a few weeds like John Kerry and the like. Are there many more gardens?

          1. Thank you, Dane,

            The timing of your comment is appreciated, only because I read the following fear-porn piece by Pepe Escobar regarding how dangerous Iran is and thought maybe they are exaggerating. However, the term you used i.e. “weed” triggered me into what is the biggest and nastiest weeds of all …as though I smoked it 🙂 but “didn’t inhale” 🙂 I thought the nastiest of habits that are the primary entertainment of the cabal is gambling. Can derivatives be the biggest gambling weed? what if all this is gently moving to the end of this dirty habit?!

            I was thinking of the following scenario of when and if the Mullahs to start closing the Stariy of Hormuz and subsequently raising the oil price to $200 to even $1000 a barrel. That would stop China and anyone buying oil from the Persian Gulf region but the US is now independent and self-sufficient. I then thought what would be the next potential damage and I thought what about the detonation of the one Quadrillion Dollar derivative market. I then thought the consequences which will be the end of the current monetary system and after that, well, could this be the chaos that POTUS needed to reset the entire monetary system?! Taking this strange and weird hypothesis, I thought what if, all of this is being choreographed well in advance with all the actors ready to do their part, all so that an “even” to trigger the real “weed killing” ops to begin? Was this the golden opportunity that POTUS is looking for?!

            What if the Mullahs have been given the Trump’s plan via Mr Abe and they are acting as told and according to the scripture (pun intended). What if Iran is being used as the catalyst for the great work which will end the money cabal forever?! After all, Q told us a year ago (can’t recall the date but it was a years ago!) that Iran is under the control of Trump (my apologies to Q non-believers but you are missing out!) 🙂

            Would appreciate your views and thoughts and any noble POM family.

            Dane, that “weed” was strong stuff man, it makes me think of conspiracy theories! LOL


          2. LMAO….too much thinking my friend. Perhaps you should have inhaled…bwahahaha.

            Kidding aside, evil is shapeless and takes on whatever form it has to in order to survive. I believe it is a mistake trying to kill it rather than find a way to manage it. Like debt, it’s not inherently evil. It only becomes evil when we don’t manage or moderate it properly and it runs rampid and takes control of our lives. Moderation is the key to many things.

            How about the crypto market? Looking pretty good isn’t it?

            P.S. I didn’t mean weed (pot, mary jane, crippie)…I meant weeds (Bindweed, Lambsquarters, Pigweed, Buckhorn Plantain, Crabgrass, Deep State Actors, Quackgrass, etc) 🙂

          3. Hi Dane and thank you,

            I agree that you can not delete/destroy evil because it is through our negative actions that evil survives and thrives but we can and should protect ourselves from the corruption of evil by taking each step of our lives with the aid of our inbuilt gift of free will and conscience. If I may, I would like to say that debt is indeed evil and this is why it is considered a form of slavery in the ancient world and this is why Jesus famously broke the money lenders system. The Ancient Persian Achaemenids and subsequent dynasties who were followers of the philosophy of Zoroaster thought that debt is the source of all evil, corruption and human misery which turns the person into a slave and renders him/her to be a vassal of the dark forces.

            When you consider the average person anywhere in the world works hard to keep up the interest & the principle of a mortgage and in 30 years (after he paid income tax!) the debt’s principle may still remain unpaid. IMHO, this is the definition of slavery, servitude and it is extremely immoral. Usury is therefore forbidden in all major religions.

            In fact, the same system had enslaved the people of the United States with an immoral private bank that was installed i.e. the Federal Reserve for well over 100 years. Many people assume that slavery is no more but when you pay 30-40 per cent of your labour (NOT the profit you made), we can assume that anyone who pays tax unbeknown to themselves is a slave. For that matter, your wealth is taken twice which make income tax another form of slavery when you cannot keep what you earned through your hard work & labour!

            As you can see, I took your advice and inhaled and stayed away from the conspiracy, …only kidding my friend 🙂

        2. Dear CD:

          When considering the statistical improbability of so much destruction, utility interruptions, social disturbances, and international dope busts occurring nearly simultaneously, then from my view it is very hard not to consider direct correlations and intentional causation.

          There are very few accidents on such grand scales.

          Cui bono? Follow the money!


          1. Dear CD:

            PS; Relative to your question, “What if Iran is being used as the catalyst for the great work which will end the money cabal forever?!”, how exactly does one “end the money cabal forever”? Driving the money changers from the temples, destroying their temples, or responding as Romans or N@z!s have not changed their revolutionary spirits or their pernicious and predaceous behaviors. The money cabal miscreants are nothing more than destructive economic parasites and social cancers. Money cabals always endeavor to destroy their hosts. Will public exposures, criminal trials, resulting hangings, isolation, and quarantine ultimately work to change their revolutionary spirits or their pernicious and predaceous behaviors? The real question is, how can a society restrain or eradicate evil?


          2. Hello Dear Oz,

            I agree with you absolutely regarding “…statistical improbability of so much destruction…” and there seems to be further twists and turns in this refinery fire. For one thing, there are two separate refineries there and there were similar fire and explosions a couple of weeks back and the blaze is a repeat! All too strange but today the owners who are all at Wall Street, announced they will close the entire operation in that location! Considering that before the fire, the refinery struggled financially, is fascinating indeed. So, who knows really what this is all about! For sure, this is not talked about in MSM for whatever reason…

            In case yourself or anyone else is interested I left the following links and paragraphs, I thought would be interesting.

            “Before the fire, the refinery had struggled financially for years, forced to slash worker benefits and scale back capital projects to save cash. It went through a bankruptcy process last year to reduce debt, but cash on hand dwindled even after it emerged from bankruptcy in August.

            After bankruptcy, Credit Suisse Asset Management and Bardin Hill became the controlling owners, with former primary owners Carlyle Group and Sunoco Logistics, an Energy Transfer subsidiary, holding a minority stake.”


            “East Coast’s largest oil refinery to close after fire, Philadelphia mayor confirms”

            The 3-minute short clip commentary in the following link by the CNBC guy is enlightening:

  35. Dear CD:

    Refinery explosions and fires are very convenient and commons means to;
    send messages
    jack up product prices especially when there is a glut of supply or reduced demand in the market
    reduce union labor cost
    file claims and obtain insurance settlement in lieu of spending capital for remediation, upgrades, and repairs

    Cui bono? Follow the money!


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