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Future Shame & How the Liberal-Left Destroyed Both Itself and the Establishment

By JC Collins

One of the greatest tragedies in Western culture has been the acceptance of rampant abortion.  Seldom do I speak out about my own political opinions, but the Liberal-Left and its socialist drive to destroy democracy and capitalism must come to an eventual end.

With the election of Donald Trump, and the Republican control over the House of Representatives and the Senate, with at least one, maybe more Supreme Court Judge Nominations on the horizon, the coming years will provide the first opportunity in many generations to reverse some of the most genocidal and culturally destructive policies which have been implemented.

The abortion subject is hyper-sensitive in the western world.  This is not by accident.  The cultural conditioning which has built up around this horror has been designed to provide instant reactions of anger and suppression of any one who disagrees with the practice.  The abortion clinic bombings could very well have been orchestrated for the purpose of associating anyone who disagrees with abortion to the perceived “backwards and dangerous” values of the conservative majority.  The masses are kept silent through such measures.

The obvious nature of the cognitive dissonance which has been applied to the abortion subject is reflective in the pro-life and pro-choice debates which fill our media and newspapers.  One or the other is hammered into us to the point where we never ask why such a practice as abortion is socially needed in the first place.  Don’t be distracted by the either/or sales pitch.  Ask the hard questions.

The same cognitive dissonance is used in politics as the Left and the Right debate endlessly about policy and freedom.  This is also by design, and has been in place for more than a century.  The Republican Party was the party of the people and was instrumental in ending slavery.  The Democratic Party would have you believe that it is the opposite, but this is simply not the case.

From its inception the Democratic Party used subversive tactics and cognitive dissonance to manipulate and condition the mass population for the purpose of further control and consolidation of the governance process.  At some point along the way the same forces behind the Democrats managed to take control of the Republican leadership and both were merged into one American establishment which controlled the now disorganized masses through enhanced cognitive dissonance techniques and adolescent television debates.

What Donald Trump has achieved in doing is overthrowing this establishment by taking back control of the Republican Party while using the liberal-lefts own tactics against them.  The Democrats favorite method of minimizing and character-assassinating anyone who stands up to them is by throwing labels such as racist, bigot, sexist, and uneducated at them.

It was widely suggested that Trump would be the end of the Republican Party.  But now with his election we see that the Democratic Party is the one who faces a crisis.  They have self-imploded and the culture which developed around them is also imploding.  The Democrats now have the least amount of power and influence over governance since 1928.  A major shift in our civilization is taking place with the rise of Donald Trump.

All of the hateful liberal labels were thrown at Trump during the election campaign.  Once they realized he actually had a chance of taking control of the Republican Party and winning the election, the establishment media went all-out war on Trump to destroy him and ensure that the balance of power maintained by the establishment for decades would survive.  This will continue after the election as they attempt to minimize and sabotage his terms as President.  At least until their representatives are weeded from the halls of power and media.

The vast majority of Americans live a normal life with normal relationships and simple wants and needs. They don’t care how others want to live their lives.  It doesn’t matter whether someone is straight or gay.  It doesn’t matter whether someone is black or white or purple.  What matters is respect and accountability and the right to raise your children without the influence of the liberal left engineered cultural education.

This demographic has been labeled and disregarded for a long time.  The liberal-left has steamrolled over this demographic for so long that most became use to the treatment.  It was normalized in a way that now is beginning to seem absurd.  Few are racist, sexist, or a bigot, but normal people don’t want to be told anymore that how they live their life is backwards or wrong.

It was this very suppression of all that is sane, healthy and normal in our world, and the demonizing of anyone who disagreed, which finally broke the hypnotism and contributed to the election of Donald Trump.  The more they called Trump and his supporters racist, bigots, sexist, or deplorable, the more support he collected.  The liberal-left has now pushed things so far that the reversal of it all is inevitable.  It’s like pulling a cultural elastic.  Keep it in the sweet spot and it will stay there forever, but if you keep pulling it will either break or snap back.  The elastic is now snapping back.

The policies of the liberal left, which is really the policies of the establishment, have become so unnatural that this reaction was almost assured.  Whether it is the murder of innocents in other nations, such as in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, or the murder of innocents at home, these inhumane policies will soon come to an end.

Notwithstanding the relationship between eugenicist Margaret Sanger with Planned Parenthood and the Nazi eugenics program, abortion has continued to be promoted as a reasonable “solution” to…..well, too what exactly?  What is abortion a response too?

The most widely used argument to justify this undeniable holocaust is women’s health and a woman’s right to choose.  When pushed a little harder on justification most supporters of abortion will state that if a woman is raped, or her and the baby’s health is at risk, abortion is a reasonable response.  I would tend to agree with this and never expect a woman or a young girl to bring to term a pregnancy which began with incest or rape.  Nor would I want to take the choice away from a woman who didn’t want to put her life before baby.

These arguments are the only ones which are used when debating the abortion issue.  Unfortunately these reasons for abortion make up an extremely small percentage of the overall reasons for abortion.  The chart below segments the reasons for abortion.  The information is a compilation of statistics from Roe vs. Wade in 1973 to 2014.  The numbers take into consideration the under reporting of rape and incest which takes place, so that is not a viable counter argument to these facts.


As the chart shows, only 1.83% of abortions in the United States have been performed for semi-elective reasons, while 98.17% have been performed for reasons which are elective.  These electives cannot be reasonably used to justify the murder of over 58 million babies’ in American alone.

The culture which has developed around the liberal left mandates has completely striped away accountability and responsibility.  The open promotion of self-demeaning acts and the over-sexualization of our youth, along with the well-engineered propaganda surrounding abortion acceptance has created a nightmarish situation which makes the Nazi holocaust look like a minor crime in comparison.

The economic disparity which has developed and expanded over the decades has also contributed to the demand for abortion.  But for us as a civilization to accept the mass murder of millions of our unborn children as a response to economic conditions will be looked upon by future generations much like we now look back upon the Germans who stood by while millions were murdered.

We often wonder how so many people could have ignored the holocaust as it was taking place.  The answer is right in front of us.  We, as a people and civilization, have willingly accepted the mass murder of millions more.  But not only do we ignore it; we actually encourage and promote it and think those who speak out against it are regressive and uneducated.

In years to come we will look back upon this time period with shame, just like many Nazi sympathizers and other Germans did after the war ended and the nature of what was taking place right in front of them came to light.


Whether you consider yourself pro-life or pro-choice is irrelevant.  The facts speak for themselves, and the facts state that almost all of the abortions which have taken place have been because our culture lacks any sense of responsibility and accountability.  This makes abortion a self-inflicted genocide which will haunt our civilization for centuries to come.

In closing, the slurs and demeaning labels of racist, bigot, and sexist are tools the liberal left establishment uses to halt criticism and destroy those who speak out against their horrific mandates and policies.  Another slur is uneducated.

During polling leading up to the election the term “uneducated whites” was often used as a description of Trump supporters.  It is just assumed that “uneducated” is a bad thing.  But let’s consider that the education system which has built up around the policies of the liberal left performs the opposite function as education of the past.

The colleges and universities of our culture today do not produce intelligent thinking humans.  They produce well-conditioned clogs in the socialist wheel which spread out across culture with no functioning ability to reason and evaluate the larger and broader actions of the socialist machine itself. The term “educated” is the same as “conditioned” or “non-reasoning” while the term “non-educated” is the same as “critical thinking” or “reasoning”.  As in most cases, it is the opposite of what we are told.  This non-reasoning is reflective in the disproportionate liberal left response to the election of Trump.

I will be writing more on this conditioned educational framework soon.

The men of our civilization need to put away the childish things and stand strong in the face of this liberal left self-implosion.  Put away the porn.  Ignore the slander of the fascist-feminist onslaught.  Stop treating women as sex objects.  Even though that is what our culture promotes.  Our wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and close friends need us to remember what it means to be a man.  What it means to love, cherish and protect those who mean something to us.  They need us not to be afraid of the reactions of the liberal left.  They need to trust us again.  They need to know that we are there for them when the liberal left culture abandons them.  – JC

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