Educated vs Uneducated Voters – The Unavoidable Truth on Cultural Segregation and a Changing Political Demographic


By JC Collins

An ideal Republic demands an informed population which can serve as an electoral body of critical thinkers. Past educational programs within distinct societies and civilizations have been tasked with providing this body of critical thinkers.

As is the case in previous eras, civilizations which transition through various stages of socioeconomic development invariably pass through the obvious periods of enlightenment and heightened culture only to bottom out when civilization reverses and a period of non-critical thinking and mob mentality controls the mechanisms of governance and power.

There are many reasons for the predictability of such a cultural evolution and devolution.

One is the periods of decadence which serve to weaken the power structures and societal foundations. These periods of decadence are preceded by massive expansions of the money supply which inject excess capital into the domestic economies and lead to the waste associated with the onset of decadence.

This erosion and degeneration of cultural responsibility and accountability leads to even further fragmentation of Republic ideals as those who rise to positions of power and control within the governance and commerce frameworks begin to legislate socialist mandates.

These mandates are meant to warp the judicial and educational structures within the civilization for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a cultural segregation which promotes equality but in fact is attempting to encourage further division and redistribution to those at the top of the power structure.

Under such a methodology, sometimes planned and sometimes unplanned, all the civil and official institutions exist to serve the growing power structure. The educational system, once meant to produce a mass population of organized critical thinkers shifts to the far left of the cultural spectrum where it is focused primarily on producing a mass population of disorganized non-critical thinkers who are trained to operate the machinery and mechanisms of the governance and commerce structures but are never educated enough to threaten those at the top of the power structure itself.

This de facto caste type system continues to grow until a mass swell of critical thinkers within the disorganized masses are able to organize and begin the process of sovereign renewal throughout the multiple levels of commerce, education and politics.

It is as if the utter lack of critical thinking reaches a point where it actually sparks a new awareness and birth of critical thinking which then begins the process of rising and challenging the power structure.
One of the clear indicators that this transformation has begun is the weakening of the educational system which materializes through a growing division in the electoral body. We are experiencing such divisions and fragmentation now as the election of Donald Trump and the BREXIT vote in Great Britain would suggest.

In both cases the left power structure has hammered the point that it was predominately “uneducated voters” who moved against the existing framework and are attempting to overthrow those at the top. This slanderous attempt at cultural segregation is transparent in that it draws attention to the false promotion of equality which the power structure promotes.

The inevitable corruption and devolution of the educational system ensures that this mass body of “uneducated voters” will develop the critical thinking which is required in order to recognize the corruption and inherent degeneration of the existing framework.

Those who consider themselves to be “educated voters” are in fact conditioned and moulded to maintain and perpetuate the existing power structure. This is accomplished through refocusing the purpose of the educational system from building critical thinkers to such mundane and counter intuitive tasks as conforming and bending to cultural group think.

Those who have avoided the educational system for whatever reason – costs, no interest, not fitting in, etc.. – find themselves in the advantageous position of not having been subjected to the curriculum of mass socioeconomic and cultural engineering. This avoidance of the control integration points both allows and encourages the development of critical thinking as a direct response to the lack of critical thinking which will have reached epidemic proportions within the existing system.

This disenfranchised and disorganized mass begins to organize itself and use the gears and levers of the governance framework to take back control of the system. The once “educated” demographic begins to find itself faced with a mass population of electoral voters who have developed both critical thinking and the ability to recognize the inherent and degenerate characteristics of the collapsing and fragmenting system.

The ruling demographic of “educated” and non-critical thinking electoral voters find themselves confused and unable to understand why the cultural mechanisms of socialism and equality are now falling apart under the weight of the growing demographic of “uneducated” and critical thinking electoral voters. The contradiction between promoting cultural equality while granting special interest groups and pre-defined minority groups select privileges never occurs to them. This cultural segregation takes the form of special laws of exclusion and inclusion which is enforced upon another demographic as the opposite. Inclusion for one demographic means exclusion for another.

The culture begins to develop multi-tiered legal, educational, and business micro frameworks which isolate those “uneducated” masses who have not participated in the macro framework of social inclusion and non-critical thinking. The divide only grows broader from this point as the disorganized masses organize and critical thinking begins to be injected once again into the mechanisms of governance and power.

This will inevitably lead once again to the implementation of Republican ideals and the expansion of an electoral body of critical thinkers. The governance and power frameworks begin to focus once again on the application of a common law for all demographics and the reintroduction of educational, financial, monetary, and political sovereignty. – JC