Does Evil Know it is Evil?

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A Hidden Secret of the Ancient Mystery Schools

Does evil know it is evil? This is an interesting question which is relevant to some of the broader conversations and topics which take place here on Philosophy of Metrics. Sitting around this weekend Marianne and I had this conversation. We both determined that the answer is no. Evil does not know it is evil. For the most part that is.

But before getting into why we came to that conclusion let’s attempt to create a common understanding, or definition, of what evil is. This isn’t as easy as one would think. Everyone has their own pre-conceived definition of evil and those who commit evil acts. Very few of us would consider ourselves to be evil, but yet are quick to point out that someone else, or the actions of someone else, are indeed evil.

It is also worth considering the level of evil which is committed. An evil scale should be developed which humanity can use to measure evil. An argument can be made that the creation of law throughout human history is in fact such a scale used to measure evil. But we find through simple observation in the modern world that the application of that law, and its punishments, against those who we consider to have reasonably committed some evil act or another, is not as balanced or effective as we would like.

Most moral people would consider the murder of another human being to be an act of evil. It is interesting today that we have mental health systems which are supported by the legal systems to create justifications for murder.

As an example, here in Canada we had a gruesome murder on a Greyhound bus back in 2008. The attacker got out of his seat during a night time trip from one province to another. The man pulled put a large hunting knife and picked what appeared to be a random passenger. Pulling the smaller man out of his seat the killer stabbed him repeatedly before beheading, dismembering and eating the heart of the victim.

Other passengers on the bus were in a state of shock as the large murderer carried the head of the victim back in forth on the bus while taunting police who stood outside watching with horror. The man pleaded insanity and is now out walking the streets unrestricted. When his release was confirmed in early 2017, just 9 years after the evil act, one of the police officers who was on the scene committed suicide.

Was it something which the officer saw in the eyes of the killer that forced him to end his own life 9 years after the actual event? We can only speculate on such things but most of us would agree that the Greyhound bus murder was a true act of evil. But did the killer consider himself to be an evil being? The fact is he did not.

Would we consider the murder of a small animal on a highway to be murder? Most such situations are an accident of course, with a majority of people doing everything they can to avoid hitting an animal on the road. But I have also saw other drivers intentionally swerve in attempts to hit animals. Is this evil? I guarantee those drivers do not think they are evil. But would you?

How about giving someone bad street drugs that you know could potentially kill them? Once again here in Canada we are having an epidemic of common street drugs being laced with the powerful opioid fentanyl. The death toll is increasing across the nation as unsuspecting casual weekend drug users, along with those on the streets, are dying every week from fentanyl. Are these drug dealers evil?

Is going to a strip club and watching and supporting the degradation of young women, who for the most part are runaways or have been sexually abused at home, an act of evil?

Could we consider the negative and hurtful gossip about others to be an act of evil? Sure, it isn’t the same as murder, but it does cause hurt and pain.

Does spreading false religious dogma and dragging confused and searching human beings into a negative and detrimental belief system contribute to the growth and development of evil in this world? The difference between a cult and a large worldwide religion is one of member quantity as opposed to content. Religions are the cults which made it.

So a definition of evil which can be agreed upon by all would be extremely difficult, as most of us will not consider that some of our actions may indeed be evil. Think of the sliding evil scale, on one end is the simple act of being a verbal bully or telling a small lie to someone else for your own benefit. On the other extreme end we would find murder. Are you anywhere on this scale?

In order to make that determination, at least in the context of this conversation, let’s consider that the common definition of evil which we all can work from is as follows:

Evil is the act of interfering, slowing, or halting the spiritual evolution of oneself or another.

Sounds simple, but most of us are not self-educated on spiritual evolution and the consequences of interfering, slowing, and halting the spiritual evolution of ourselves or others.

The process of spiritual evolution requires a purposeful inner journey which is focused on the objective of self-realization. Everything in this world, from religion to consumerism, and the markets which feed all human vice, are designed to interfere, slow, and halt this spiritual evolution. Our participation in these things means we are participating in the act of evil to varying degrees upon the sliding scale.

Does this make you feel uncomfortable?

It should. Because such understanding requires us to look inward upon on our own actions instead of externalizing and pointing fingers at others.

Lets consider I wrote here that the my words are truth and if you want enlightenment and spiritual evolution you most follow the path which I have created for you. Based on our common working definition this would be an act of evil on my part. Truth is an personal inward journey, so anything I do which may interfere, slow, or halt that journey on your part would be considered an act of evil. It is not murder of course, but it is evil nonetheless.

Recently we also discussed the benefit and need for adversity in this world. It is accepted that we only learn when faced with adversity. Adversity creates the required environment which forces self-reflection and promotes the inward journey towards spiritual improvement and evolution. There is no need for a religion or a dogma to exist between you and the adversarial experience.

The promoted definition of evil as the great adversary, such as the Satan persona, is a slight-of-hand as it externalizes evil and projects it onto some manufactured characteristic and label. It is a half-truth. All the theological writing about Satan and its variations, which externalize this “force” into a separate being, fits our common working definition of evil. It interferes, slows, and halts the spiritual evolution which can only be completed by the inward journey towards truth.

For those who base their life upon the scriptures and the words of Jesus, it is worth mentioning that Jesus referred to himself as the truth and the light. This is the spiritual evolution which we have mentioned. The opposite is ignorance and darkness, which is personified in the failure of learning from the adversity which we are faced with in this world.

The esoteric mystery schools taught that Jesus and Lucifer were the same force. Christ represented the completion of the spiritual evolution, the end of the quest, while Lucifer represented the teachings or lessens which took place upon the path. Think on it. Lucifer is defined as “the light bearer”. A bearer is someone who carries or holds something. As such, Lucifer can be defined as the container which holds the Christ light. Both together represent the force which creates the direction for our spiritual evolution.

The Adversary, or the adversity which we have to face in this material existence, challenges us to spiritually evolve. We are rewarded when we learn the lessens but are punished further when we do not. It always seemed funny to me that we are told in Sunday school that the Devil tempts us to do bad things in rejection of God, but then punishes us for eternity in hell for doing what he wanted us to do.

So let me get this right. You want me to do bad things and disobey God. But than you are going to punish me in a pit of fire forever for listening to you. No thanks.

Seems fantastical until you filter these allegorical stories through the definitions and understandings we reviewed above. If we don’t learn the lessens which adversity teaches, we will be required to handle even more adversity until we do learn and evolve spiritually. Do more bad things and you will be punished further as it proves that you aren’t learning your lessens accordingly.

These same definitions and understandings on spiritual evolution can be applied to all beginnings and origins of all religions and ancient philosophies, as they represent the great truth which is discovered within each of us as individual fragments seeking awareness and reunification.

Evil could also be the acceptance and continuation of fragmentation. Even our political parties are fragmented into a left and right so each side can externalize evil and bad deeds onto the other. The externalization of evil is epidemic it would seem.

So does evil know it is evil? The answer is no, for the simple reason that we are conditioned to see and experience evil as something separate and external from ourselves. Sure, there may be the odd person here and there who see it for what it is and simply don’t care. These psychopaths exist and walk among us at all cultural and socioeconomic levels. But the simple truth is that most, whether its a person cheating on a test, or the elite banker who determines the fate of whole nations, do not consider themselves to be evil.

The actions of us all are evil to varying degrees on the sliding evil scale. How can I state this? Simple. Because we are all still here. We are in a state of spiritual learning and have not yet completed the lessens and graduated.

It is even probable that we are required to not just suffer adversity but to also create adversity for others to suffer. The more we learn and evolve the more capable we are at re-balancing the scale and progressing along the path to inner truth and enlightenment. You see, Jesus was correct, the only way to heaven is through him. The difference with what we are reviewing here is that Jesus is the truth which already exists inside of you. You simply need to realize this and travel forth towards it.

This journey cannot be completed by committing continuous acts of progressive evil, nor can it be completed by sitting in a church every Sunday. It can only be completed by recognizing evil for what it is and applying that spiritual understanding to our everyday lives and interactions with the material world and those who are in it.

Long after stone and wood have crumbled and bone has turned to dust, the evolution of spirit will forever move in the direction away from evil. – JC

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23 Comments on “Does Evil Know it is Evil?”

  1. “Evil is the act of interfering, slowing, or halting the spiritual evolution of oneself or another.”

    I don’t know who said the following but it’s along the same line:

    Evil is the absence of autonomy and selfhood.

  2. Not a word about fear. This is strange…
    The light just do not exist for the evil. So the ability to know itself is amputated, and the question is almost irrelevant. One has to make the distinction between evil and the manifestation of evil, which needs light and therefore delimits a territory on which the question makes sense.
    Evil feels very well his hatred of human heart, and it needs this hate to sustain its power and make it grow. Evil has already been defeated in the spiritual world, that is why it has to defend itself for eternity in the manifested cosmos. To defend itself against light.
    Evil is a movement that creates vibrations intelligent enough to find their way to human hearts. In a nonempty soul, it cannot do that without producing guilt. And through empty soul (or ’empty’ geographical zones), you can see evil almost as it is, deep underneath. The very question, for the human soul, is how to reconquer the spiritual ability to say ‘no’ to these vibrations.
    So beware, because empty questions empty your soul, and empty souls loose the power to say no to evil.
    Love without object is the root of all spiritual power.

  3. As a child tptb were the powers of love and the creator. Somewhere along the path of living I let my fellow man convince me that tptb were some notorious group of miscreant men.

    Of course there are groups of miscreant men… and women for that matter who roam the earth trying to get folks to follow them.

    BUT tptb never stop loving or creating which is why life always seems to find a way.

  4. “Evil is the act of interfering, slowing, or halting the spiritual evolution of oneself or another”

    There are three assumptions here, that spirit exists objectively, that it evolves and that its evolution is the meaning of existence and none of these is necessarily valid or evidently truthful.

    1. It is my truth which I’m sharing. It requires no outside validation or cross-pollination to others. It is evidently obvious that the existence of these things cannot be disproven. There is zero evidence that the spirit doesn’t exist. But in fact, quantum mechanics is building a strong case that consciousness manifests matter as opposed to the opposite. This supports my statements as more than just assumptions, as the material world is not objectively….objective, but subjective based upon the spiritual evolution of the individual within the whole.

    2. I am currently reading a most fascinating book by Tracy Twyman, Clock Shavings, which is an eye opening book regarding the knights templars, John the Baptist, Jesus and whether he died or if he actually married Mary Magdalene and went to live in southern France and many fascinated and disputed historical events and fables.

      Twyman actually uses something that most of us would not dare touch with a barge pole. Contacting the dead using an ouija board is not a new concept and has been for ever. Yet, to research religious/historical material using this totally unorthodox tool is not accepted by many. First because it is scary and secondly for the academia, it is frightening since receiving a personal experience by speaking to the dead may cause the academic receiver to go into a shock of ego collapse and often the size of the academic high priests is so huge that the explosion may be heard from many miles away!

      The question we must each ask ourselves is this, what if there are entities outside of our visible frequency range that we are not aware of.

      The next question is, what will I do and think if I meet a negative entity such as devil, Ahriman etc.

      To assume believe and contemplate, that these entities do not exist is as bad and closed minded as a religious fanatic. Confirmation is only possible by a Personal Experience, whether of the divine or the negative entity and anything else is simply fanaticism.

      Mystic or occult schools have for ever provided the tools to the initiates and truth seekers to discover the unseen with their own unique consciousness. Expanding one’s consciousness and understanding the divine is not possible by reading books. Instead the power is bestowed to mankind via the powerful tool that is our imagination and there are no limits to what our consciousness is capable of discovering. This reality contains both the divine as well as the evil. What we experience in this short lifetime is a taste of these opposite forces and to a large degree, the experiences we each receive is due to our own wishes and the power of our imagination and spiritual needs. We are prisoners of our own consciousness since we are taught from early age to fear. We fear of dying and yet we know we are going to die anyway.

      Evil and the divine are both as real as the air we breath, but the choice is ours, that of our Free Will, which are born with.

  5. Outside of objective evidence, claims are matter of belief, faith, religion. Demanding evidence for the non-existence of something in place of providing adequate evidence for the existence of that something is a logical fallacy. The proof of existence must come from those who make the claims.
    I can claim that the purpose of all existence is to please the four pink turtle-like aliens playing cards in orbit around Sirius B and that would be just as valid claim, based on the same argument.

    1. You must have missed the quantum mechanics reference. Based on your objective model that would be evidence. Second, the majority of human history has accepted the existence of the spirit. It is only in the last few centuries that it’s existence has been in question. And as noted, that questioning is even now coming into question as physics is beginning to rediscover what the ancients already knew. So the base of your fallacy is a dream within the subjective experience of the individual spirit which has been manifested within its own material creation. Thirdly, your suggestion that a claim needs to be proven by the one making the claim is symptomatic of the human inability to prevent its own externalization when the experience itself is an internal one. But I do not need to convince you of these things. Nor do I have any desire too. It is for you to walk your own path and seek your own truth. Though it would appear, no matter how temporary, that your own journey brought you here. Perhaps there is something here for you which you haven’t noticed yet because you are externalizing instead of internalizing. It’s not for me to say. But please don’t feel threatened by the words written here. We externalize and make demands on others, such as demanding evidence, because we are afraid. When we internalize the process fear is no longer relevant and truth is evident in its own existence.

  6. First of all, there is a very huge leap of faith from “quantum mechanics is building a strong case that consciousness manifests matter as opposed to the opposite” to assuming this has been proven.

    I didn’t miss it, I just did not want to comment on it as there is nothing truthful or factual about it, just a vague inference with an undertone of new-age mysticism. There is nothing in quantum mechanics that suggests that spirit exists and there is nothing that suggests consciousness manifests matter either and there is no case for either in QM at the moment.

    What the ancient peoples might have known, unless evidence can be produced to support the claim, is completely open to interpretation and pure mysticism.

    I agree that personal experience is subjective, but it is a refection of an objective reality that exists outside of us, your argument is a form of philosophical solipsism.

    We demand evidence, because we are rational beings, the only other option is to blindly believe in whatever someone else tells you to believe, which is a religion.

    I’m not arguing whether or not what you say is true, I don’t know that. It may very well turn out that you are correct, but the lack of evidence suggests you may very well turn out to be wrong as well and the probability is equal. Ultimately, there is no reason to adopt any arbitrary argument to the detriment of any other arbitrary argument as there would be only subjective preference that doesn’t necessarily reflect objective reality.

    1. “I didn’t miss it, I just did not want to comment on it as there is nothing truthful or factual about it, just a vague inference with an undertone of new age-age mysticism.”

      Objective experiments would strongly suggest that you are wrong:–Wigner_interpretation

      These are only a few links of hundreds that I could have provided you. Consciousness, or what we consider consciousness to be, is the mechanism which connects spirit and matter. Based on your objective argument, we find that the data supporting the objective conclusions made in the links provided is also used to support the opposite conclusion. This is not objective but subjective.

      This is the point. You can make all the arguments about objectivity all you want, but objective conclusions are in a constant state of transformation for the simple objective fact that they are subjective based on the spiritual/conscious observation of them.

      We can go around and around on this for ever.

      You also said:

      “I’m not arguing whether or not what you say is true, I don’t know that.”

      Interesting, as in the same comment you said:

      “I didn’t miss it, I just did not want to comment on it as there is nothing truthful or factual about it, just a vague inference with an undertone of new age-age mysticism.”

      If you think that our personal experience is subjective, but is a reflection of an objective reality that exists outside of us, than you are also using an arbitrary argument to the detriment of another arbitrary argument, as evident in the actual evidence which has accumulated regarding consciousness and matter. You deny this evidence as it doesn’t fit your own externalized subjective reality.

      But once again, I have no need to prove you wrong or question what you believe. The information I presented is a self-contained process of self-actualization. Objective and subjective arguments are further fragmentations. You want objective observation? Observe what exists around you and what you can experience yourself. Everything is a fragment of something else, ultimately finding reunification in a physical whole which is the externalization of a spiritual conscious whole. Both seek to evolve together and shed their casual and temporary forms.

      As stated before, you have come here. Here you will find seeds. Maybe.

  7. Evil as the abuse of others I can get my arms around, although I must admit to a certain appreciation of the benevolent trickster whose actions may appear evil. The entire concept of evolution/progress/improvement is anathema to me. I suspect this flawed duality platform for consciousness may be little more than a gambling casino. If we take the term As Above, So Below and put it on its head to read As Below, So Above we can see meaning behind the pervasiveness of parasites and parasitic behavior in every thing from wasps to fungus to humans; parasitism’s grandest manifestation would be this world’s progenitor. What if the progenitor of this universe is like the gambling casino, earning itself the upside to duality without experiencing the downside? What if this is achieved by allocating to trillions of individuals an excess of down side and a paucity of upside to balance the ledgers? Such a system only works with a mindset that venerates a struggle for progress and labels all here as terribly flawed and merely rich with potential. Assisting such an evil progenitor would be the most basic and pervasive evil of humanity. Progress is the engine that drove the Roman Catholic Church of the dark ages and the scientists and political liberals of the last 100 years. We do well to take a step back and ask ourselves if we are all iron ore in need of suffering transformation in the bowels of steel mills. Progress, like the time upon which it is based, is an illusion.

  8. I trust everyone. I just don’t trust the devil inside them.

    – The Italian Job

    Hell I don’t even trust the devil inside myself. Lmao.

  9. The following is an excerpt from a fascinating article titled:

    “The Destructive Spirit and the Daevas in the early Gathic Avestan Worldview”

    Gathas constitute possibly one of the oldest series of oral poetic hymns in praise the “Wise Lord” otherwise known as Ahura-Mazda and it is amongst the oldest Indo-European and for that matter systematic and structured beleif systems. Mazdaism (better known as Zoroastrianism!), predates all the semitic beleif systems and a large part of the terminology such as “sun/son of God”, Paradise, Angels and final judgment etc. were part of the the ancient Iranian beleif system which appears to have been adopted in periods into Judaism, Christianity and later Islam.

    However, the world vision of the Aryan philosophy of Mazdaism, much like the other two major Aryan beleif system, Hinduism, Buddhism are in contrast to the Semitic/Abrahamic systems in that in Aryan system, God is not externalized and as such man is in praise of the supreme being in particular of his wisdom and not in fear of him! In this scheme, Daeva is the manifestation of Angra Mainyu which literally translates to, Mind/Spirit that is angra that is (“destructive”, “inhibitive”, “malign” etc, of which a manifestation can be anger).

    Also, Free Will is emphasised and man is free to choose deception/destructiveness or the Truth. This freedom can create stress since freedom brings with it, responsibility, which humans have shown to display a sever lack of, possibly due to the the lack of freedom built into the fabrics of all Abrahamic systems…

    “The evil spirit is regarded in the Poetic Gathas as the distorter and destroyer of perception, spiritual vision, creativity, artfulness, and inspired music and sounds, the perverter and marrer of the life force in beings and nature that brings disharmony, disparity, malformation, decay, and death, and the teacher and master of falsehood, aggressiveness, deceptive mind formulas and mantras, delusions, illusions, and Acishtahya Manah(House of Worst Mind/Hell). Ahriman is also called Daevanam Daeva(daeva of daevas), which means evil god of evil gods or demon of demons. The original basis behind Satan in ancient Judaism and Christianity and Iblis in Islam. Corresponds to Kali(not to be confused with the goddess; from a root kad “suffer, grieve, hurt; confound, confuse”) of Kali Yuga in Hinduism, Kroni in Ayyavazhi Hinduism, and Devaputra(son of a deva) Mara in Buddhism.”

  10. “We human beings are committed to a way of life that leads to war and yet at the same time we want peace, we want freedom; but it is peace only as an idea, as an ideology; and at the same time everything that we do conditions us.”

    Flight of the Eagle, Fragmentation, Jiddu Krishnamurti.

  11. “all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

    – United States of America, Declaration of Independence

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