DNA and the False Narrative of Opposition

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Sending off our DNA for analysis and discovering our heritage is all the rave now. The allure of discovering whether we are related to someone consequential or where our bloodline comes from in the world has led millions to hand over hard earned money in order to give away their DNA. The interesting part is that for years so many warned about government DNA databases and some even attempted to stop the forced collection of DNA which was spread through new policing methodologies.

Now we are paying to provide it in return for information. Vanity aside, there are some supposed benefits as the analysis can provide a list of predisposition health defects which each individual is susceptible too. Though you may be a descendent of Genghis Khan (if you live in Central Asia you have a 1 in 200 chance of being a progeny of the great Asian fornicator) you still may end up with diabetes or colon cancer. But fear not, a cool DNA report can suggest diets and lifestyles which can assist in prevention.

Even knowing what I know about information gathering, data trending, data pooling, and a host of other nefarious non-governmental and governmental strategies for future socioeconomic development, the pull of DNA tests is strong and I at times seriously consider doing it. The obvious intent of such a program is to collect DNA data and trend bloodlines to capture the migration of people around the world.

The human of the future is being engineered as an androgynous creation which will be of one race and will function within one spiritual and ideological belief structure. Those who may doubt this statement should reference the material published by Lucis Trust regarding the future of humanity and need to manufacture a future of human sameness. Lucis Trust has a special prayer room within the United Nations, which signifies its importance to the engineers.

It is pertinent to understand that the writings of Alice Bailey, which are published by Lucis Trust, represent a corruption of the process of spiritual transmutation. There is just enough truth there to capture the imagination but the externalization of the process which is promoted is a corrupt form of what is meant to be an internal process of self-realization and spiritual evolution.

The growth and application of trans-humanist technologies will make the need for a complete mapping of human DNA and migration patterns all the more important. Capturing the movement of DNA-lines around the world throughout history is both for the purpose of securing the knowledge of the past as well as designing the future.

It is interesting that the first DNA laboratories were at Rockefeller University in New York. The origins of genetic science can be found within the eugenics movement which began in the United States, was temporarily exported to Nazi Germany, was imported back into America with a treasure trove of studies and results, and eventually transformed into the Human Genome Project and Planned Parenthood.

After the complete human DNA was mapped throughout the years of the Human Genome Project the next phase of bio-medical engineering was implemented. This engineering crossed disciplines and was data pooled along with a full spectrum of other human data and trends. Medical records was an obvious data set which was to be included. But alongside medical records was batched shopping habits which were collected from debit cards and back records.

Grocery store club cards gave a more granular view of each individuals eating and living habits. Other club and point cards provided additional information on things which could influence lifestyle, health and individual knowledge base and comprehension.

The introduction of the internet was another boom for the data collectors. The fact that so many consider the internet to be a platform from where the information wars can be fought is both naive and foolish. The internet was created and made available to collect and trend information on individual human beings and the world. Alternative media is not using the internet to fight the New World Order. The internet is in fact an extension of the engineering which is designing the world of tomorrow.

We are all arguing over information and facts when none of it even matters. The truth is inside of us and everything else is the construct which funnels data on human behaviour. It doesn’t matter what is on the internet or what “truth” is being exposed, every response, comment, post, troll, exchange, social media trend, movement of capital, theory, response to theories, clicks and reads, failure and success, trending videos and memes, are all a part of the data collection strategy.

It doesn’t matter what we write. The engineers do not care. The world is so managed now that real truth is irrelevant. But people will rebel against tyranny and overthrow the vile elites who are ruling over us. So what? When the time comes for people to start a revolution, if it ever comes, that revolution will be so engineered and managed that it will only serve as another point of data collection.

Everything I am telling you here could be absolutely the truth. But who cares. It will only be used to trend the behaviour and habits of the readers. Each of us will be cross-referenced with all of our other data sets and an overall score will be assigned within some hidden away super computer database.

Everything in this world is meant to distract us from the truth of the spirit. Our DNA acts as the spiritual transducer and receiver of the creative frequency. Our DNA also holds our spiritual heritage and the spiritual potential which is inherit in bloodlines. The sacred spiral is our communication link with the whole of existence. Its frequency has been blocked by technology and bad music.

Blood holds our DNA but has been subjected to mutational fragmentation through the injection of bacteria and viruses. The effects of these injections have been data pooled and trended along with all the other data sets. Bio-medical engineering is developed from the study of these data sets.

Our blood and DNA exist for the purpose of spiritual reunification which is the end of the quest and the completion of the alchemical transmutation. This is the truth which has been hidden from us and from which we are subjected to all manner of distraction and material gratifications.

The genius of the engineers plans can be found in the dual function of cell phones and other such technology. Cell signals block our natural and spiritual DNA frequency while also serving as a huge data collection portal from which little of our individual lives can escape. We are constantly tracked. We are constantly observed. We are constantly trended. Our behaviour is constantly tweaked and managed through the application of socioeconomic and cultural techniques.

Does all of this sound unbelievable to you? It shouldn’t. Data management is one of the fastest growing industries, and this is only with the driftwood data which the engineers discard. Does anyone really believe that the internet appeared out of nowhere for our benefit? Does anyone really believe that the internet provides the opportunity for humanity to free itself from its own inner weakness? Not a chance.

We can watch or read about all manner of conspiracy and intrigue. The stuff which is really promoted across multiple media platforms are contributing to the creation and management of data. Once data is created the process of gathering it and transferring it across varying platforms and systems is simple. Don’t think that the information collected on your Safeway Club Card is kept separate. No data set or information is safe or isolated from the engineers.

The focus should always be on the process of inner observation and the development of self-realization. There are no shortcuts to spiritual evolution and the completion of the transformative quest. Promises of technology, trans-humanism, or a world religion are the fools gold of the future. Do not be distracted by the satisfaction of material desire. This is the real threat to the engineers, not alternative media and the saturation of information.

Developing tools to manage and move past our inner weakness is the direction towards spiritual reunification. Nothing in the material world can assist in this process. Externalization is false and internalization is truth. We are tricked into being in opposition to our true spiritual heritage and evolution. – JC

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10 Comments on “DNA and the False Narrative of Opposition”

  1. Throughout history (as we’re told it) people have regularly migrated according to climate changes (not the modern myth), need for resources, natural disasters and latterly with the Industrial Revolution and mechanisation.

    Most notably, when introducing the latter into farming, more people migrated into the cities in search of work, resulting in today’s differences between populations in town and country.

    An almost unnoticed modern ‘migration’ is the online one. Groups of people moving into online communities and spending so much time focused on a screen, their ‘window’, providing access to that community and allowing the community (and those behind the screens) access to themselves.

    On the TV here last night (I didn’t watch it as I don’t watch TV) there was a program about a life swop between a UK worker and an African farmer. The African farmer’s comment when he saw all the people with their phones was that it was abnormal behaviour. He found it difficult to get to grips with the idea of ‘living’ in thrall to a machine.

    The man from the UK was apparently in tears when he lived for a week in Africa, having to walk 3 miles just to get water. Not because of the hardship in comparison to his life at his home but that it showed him what he had missed out on in his own life. Working long hours all his life and missing out on time with the things that truly matter in life.

    I just hope more people will wake up and disconnect from the Matrix they are ‘feeding’ with their time and energy. It is a modern parasite that is barely recognised.

  2. The well known book, Cycles published in 1947 by Dewey and Dakin examined a massive range of items in periods and life cycles. Anything from the population of the humans and migration of people to sunspots and earthquakes was studied. The following is only a smaple of what was studied over a period of time using the recorded and available data:

    life, death, marriages
    Earthquake and sunspots
    cotton and corn production
    international wars
    stock prices
    real estate activity
    life insurance sales
    airplane traffic

    The results of the activity of every single item was a shocking pattern of similar peak and trough in a cyclical manner! This study showed that in this realm of reality that is of a dual nature, nothing can progress and expand for ever and it is by rules set in the primordial rule book of this domain is subject to a downturn, before it can again take a path to the opposite direction. The implications of this study is enormous for every single one of us as well as for the architects of the reality, that is the ruling elite.

    As we study the history of this planet, we come across the massive empires who were at one time or another ruled vast swaths of land and peoples, but declined and fragmented into obscurity. The nation that I come from, some 25 centuries ago controlled the largest human population well over two centuries, but they were defeated by a young Macedonian who conquered the entire kingdom and then he died himself during his campaigns a few years after. The old kingdom was then controlled by the generals of the dead conqueror followed by rivalry between the generals, causing the collapse of the fragmented kingdoms, which in turn caused the creation of another kingdom by, the Parthians, who were in turn created another powerful kingdom, followed by another kingdom who took control of the fragmentation of the Parthians, the Sassanids.

    All these happened in time span of 400 years or so and in the meantime, majority of the population were almost unaffected and life went on as usual for most of the population. Their lives was much simpler than ours and their expectations were not so high as ours is now. Yet, they seem to have been somehow closer to the elements of nature and perhaps more in tune with the nature around them. This was due to the way they lived without any buffers or cushion between them and their surroundings. For example, the medicine they practice was of a Preventative nature, unlike ours that is not! We now wait for a disease to hit us when we go to see a doctor who prescribes us a Synthetic drug. We know almost all the drugs are the synthesis of a biological plant or animal and probably with less side effects. Yet, the pharma industry side by side to the medical industry and their associated overlords such as the Rockefellers, have managed to change our thinking that tablets are the cure only. There is a systematic effort via their lobbies to ensure even over the counter vitamins are to be reduces and stigmatized in the minds of the public.

    Yet, there were massive changes that would affect their lives as with each new rulers, there would be the introduction of new techniques and tools that each new people brought over and a cross cultural fertilization provided the people with new ideas and rituals also. Yet, all were of an organic nature and unlike the arrival of thousands of Arab Muslim Men from North Africa and the middle-east is clearly a synthetic and inorganic change with a direct and unashamed transformation of the Indo-European lands to something else. A keen observer can study the news media and history books to see and appreciate the extent of this manipulation. There are currently talks of replacing the subject of Western Civilization altogether and introducing “world Civilization” where the role of the Indo-Europeans will be gradually removed from the books and in a hundred years, nobody will ever anything about the builders of the contemporary civilization since Changiz Khan the looter of the east will be the actual builder of the modern world and perhaps this is why Astana, Kazakhstan which is not too far from Mongolia the homeland of Changiz, is architected to be the new capital of a new empire!!

    The weather changes also had a part in the triggering of the events and somehow, nature took charge of the changes that occurred also. The Global warming, a major act of deception which was later and embarrassingly changed to Climate Change, is a form of tax by the overlords, otherwise the global changes in weather patterns and warmings and coolings were and are all natural cyclical phenomena that has occurred for ever. All parts of the cycles of duality of this domain which we live in.

    All the efforts and secret rituals, false flags, demographic changes etc. etc. in my humble opinion will somehow, force changes to our collective psyche and human beings will find a way to deal with these manipulations. The oldest and the most powerful method has for ever been the control of our pockets i.e. money. Transfer of wealth has been happening for the past many thousand years and it will continue to be so in future. We have no idea how far the architects of our reality will be successful, but what is clear is that there are pockets of resistance everywhere and in an exact way as every other wars in human history, only a handful of people will be the harbingers of tools, methods and above all ideas to ensure humanity will survive. The urge for survival mixed with developing new ideas, are the best chances for ensuring our future generations will follow the path of Truth and will not fall in the trap of the followers of darkness.

    Having said that, humanity is fighting for it’s survival at the hands of the real followers and the fan club of Kali Yuga, which can operate in darkness. Small amount of Light will defeat the darkness, as darkness has no power of it’s own.

  3. I have been a silent member of this forum for around a year. I have never felt compelled to comment and as English is my third/fourth language, I was resistant to the idea.

    However, this particular post prompted me to action.

    The main reason being this, the Human Genome project was in fact a huge failure. The presumption of the scientists was that DNA controls everything, that everything comes from within – from unfolding of the predetermined DNA. Prior to the project, the scientists estimated that we have around 100,000+ proteins in the body. The DNA is directly responsible for the manufacture of those proteins by providing the template which than via RNA sets the production in motion. Based on their calculations, they estimated that there must be well over 100,000 genes. Their estimate was at 150K. However, when the first human DNA was fully sequenced there came a shock. We only have 32,000 genes (could be 34K, not remembering the exact number).

    One among many plans of the project was to control the genetics via farmaceutical products as the presumption was that each medical condition has its gene, hence affecting this gene via farmaceuticals could change the outcome (both in a positive and negative way). However, the conclusion that the science arrived to was that since it is not the genes that directly correspond with setting in motion the creation of each protein, there must be other factors that play a major role. So major in fact that the newest studies in molecular biology based on quantum physics reveal that it is actually not genetics at all that influnces the process that sets in motion the production of those proteins but an environment. Hence, out of the window goes all the Darwinism, but also all the medical field based on organic chemistry.

    In other words, the whole premise they started with is not longer valid. You can remove a genetic sleeve with all of its DNA from a cell and the cell continues to live without any problem with all its functions intact for up to several months. The job of the DNA is to reproduce the cell that is going out of service. The genes cannot activate themselves on their own. The newest findings postulates that the system works in an opposite direction. From the environement to the DNA and not from the DNA up, which is what all science and medicine of last 70 or so years is based on. It is the environemental impulse that activates DNA. If an information is coming to a cell that has nowhere to land, ie. there is no protein to deal with it, it is a signal for the DNA to activate some sequence in its chain and to produce the corresponding protein.

    Interestingly, the environment impacting those processes is not only the physical environment, but also our mental environment. Hence, if we believe something, the DNA responds to that belief in a same way as if something is happening “for real.”

    Understanding that allows me to see very clearly why the world is the way it is. I can see why and how are the world’s religions, including the traditional conservative religions, statism (believing in government), scientism (treating science as a religion), New Agism (or as Mark Passio calls it “New Cagism”), and money are used by the “ruling” classes (read as bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths) to manipulate the human consciousness. They will do anything to stop the evolution, but the bad news for them is that evolution cannot be stopped, it can only be hindered.

    Clearly, however, there is no way for them to reach the true philosopher’s stone as they are looking into the wrong direction. Yes, they have most likely cloned humans already some 30 years ago, and yes, they probably already created artificial intelligince that is unbound and smarter than us. But that is not it. That is not the next evolutionary step for the superorganism called Humanity. Because the true Inteligence is a unity of both hemispeheres with developed prefrontal lobes and all interconnected with the heart intellegince. Being smart does not mean being intelligent. So, what kind of intelligence can be created by beings that are completely disconnected from their heart and have imbalanced brain hemispheres at best and complete shutoff of the right hemisphere in most likely scenario?

    I do not know about you guys, but I meet people coming to these realizations almost every day. Sure, i live in the middle of the Amazon for the last 6 years and the people I meet I seekers, but I see them coming from all over the world. All the power of the human being lies within, all the growth is from within, in the end, we are the fractal hologram of the macrocosm, of the source of it all. What power can destroy this miracle? NONE! It is like being hidden in the basement and planning to execute GOD.

    Just my five cents.

    1. WOW! What brilliant words and such wisdom. Thank you lightcat I really enjoyed your post.

      I read somewhere (or heard, can’t remember!) that the clones of humans have been successfully done many years ago, but what is missing is the “spark of life” that the act of ejaculation creates a new being. As I write this my hair stands up in awe and the power of the power of orgasm and the sacredness of it all to create a new human being. In this way, the clones, if true and existing are created by splitting a living cell with no spark of life in their creation, hence soulless beings.

      The sacredness of human sexuality is a part of the Hindus and this is something that is made to be a taboo subject in Abrahamic faiths!

  4. There is truth to this, as all energy feeding the circuit of life in this solar system is entangled from within our star the Sun, and from there it originates even exterior to that in the form of massive Birkeland currents. The massive macrocosm of charged plasma dotting and connecting alll things in the universe also exists us in the macrocosm of the human experience. As temporary agentants to this world our consciousness can never be hijacked, however the expression of human consciousness can most certainly be controlled, blunted and resisted through numerous methodologies. The movie the matrix is in its totality a testemant to a systemic struggle of the system builders for control of the spirit of man, where however they try it seems even the godlike AI is congealed towards equilibrium with a material inferior but organized remanant of the spiritual remnant of humanity.

    To add to Ross’s comment of environmental castrophe our solar system itself has been blotted by catastrophe. The ancient Greek pantheon is ripe with these tales of the war of the planetary gods for supremecy of the super position of the Sol/Sun in our solar system. Such displacements are recorded to bring Earth shattering lightning and devestation to the planets, especially our own Earth. Ragnarok, Chinese and Indonesian mythos all record lightning as the great arc of planetary devastation. In fact the Greek’s have a quant alegory for the valley Marineris of Mars, a lightning scared region left by the goddess Venus/Athena.

    The order does change, powers universal challange in as much a struggle as they are in equilibruim. In this existence the thing they, the old European bloods deny us is the anchor, always throwing man into the eternal of material dissonance. The harder something is out of equilibrium the stronger the diameteic force. In terms of this spiritual manifestation I’m somewhat oblivious to it.

  5. “If You Want Life Insurance, Think Twice Before Getting A Genetic Test”


    That letter contains the following. “Unfortunately after carefully reviewing your application, we regret that we are unable to provide you with coverage because of your positive BRCA 1 gene,” the letter reads. In the U.S., about one in 400 women have a BRCA 1 or 2 gene, which is associated with increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.


  6. Hence the reason that the employees of many large corporation are required annually to give a blood sample for “health screening” analyses as part of a corporate “wellness” program in order to obtain a “discount” of between $600 and $1,000 off of the cost of company provided health insurance. Subsequently, it is spouse of the employee that is required to provide a blood sample. Eventually, it will be the children of the employee that will be required to provide annual sample of blood for analyses.

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