Democrats Against the International Banking Interests

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Understanding the Liberal-Left Hatred of Donald Trump

Back on September 30, 2015 I published a piece titled The Bretton Woods Origin of the Cold War. In the article we reviewed how Harry Dexter White, the American leading the Bretton Woods negotiations in 1944, used counter-espionage tactics to trick the British and Soviets, along with other allied nations, into accepting the use of the USD as the international reserve currency.

British economist John Maynard Keynes and the Soviets were expecting to be using a true international currency called bancor as the unit of account in the new international monetary framework. The British were tricked into signing the agreement but the Soviets caught the play and refused to sign, which set off the tension which eventually evolved into the Cold War.

Those who have not yet read the Bretton Woods Cold War piece should do so as it provides the foundation of this article.

The international banking interests, for all intents and purpose, used the Anglo-American establishment through many geopolitical stages. From the height of the British Empire up through the East India Trading Company and into the development of American hegemony, the international banking interests have always maintained a form of control and influence over world events and trends.

Whether these interest supported the USD in 1944, or wanted the bancor, is difficult to determine. But what we can state is that the creation of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) in 1969 was the first step towards transitioning the monetary framework away from the USD.

The Anglo-American establishment which grew up around the hegemonic role of the USD would force the continued use of the dollar as the international unit of account. The SDR was undermined and continued to be undermined for decades. Even after the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 when China and other world players suggested that the SDR be used to re-balance the system and replace the USD as the international unit of account, the Anglo-American interests refused to implement International Monetary Fund (IMF) reforms which would work towards that goal.

When we look at the full picture of the original Bretton Woods agreement, and the subsequent challenges to that framework over the decades, including the more recent refusal to implement reforms, we see that the Democratic party held the reins of government in America.

During the original Bretton Woods negotiations the Democrats controlled the Executive and both the House and Senate. This made it simple to setup the negotiations and put the right people in position to be involved and direct the flow.
When Republican President Richard Nixon ended the gold peg to the USD in 1971 both the House and Senate were controlled by the Democrats. Closing the dollar gold window was a major setback for the Bretton Woods system which could very well have contributed to the Democrats aggressive attacks on Nixon and his eventual resignation.

We are now experiencing another savage attack on a Republican President as the Democrats, who are now in minority power in the House and Senate, are fabricating whole news cycles in their attempts to move Trump towards impeachment.

Readers of the article How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump will understand that the current American President is aligned with the international banking interests and the strategy to transform the international monetary system into a true multi-currency framework which will begin to implement the SDR as the global unit of account.

The SDR is in essence the modern version of the bancor, and its broader use is supported by Russia, China, India, Iran, and a host of other nations who are beginning to create currency swap arrangements with one another, as well as start building new international trade agreements and socioeconomic unions which will not be structured around the use of the USD.

It has been the thesis of this site that the Anglo-American establishment is no longer aligned with the international banking interests and as such, Trump and his external alliances, are working towards removing the Anglo-American establishment, along with its fabricated geopolitical theatre stages, such as North Korea, Syria, etc.., in order to clear the way for the broader use of the SDR and the implementation of a multilateral monetary framework which will begin to correct the imbalances which have been caused by the unipolar USD framework.

This liberal-left establishment within the American political body is also aligned with some establishment characters on the Republican side. It is these “Republicans” who are the real threat to Trump, as they could sway the House and Senate towards impeachment. The constant savage attacks upon Trump are intensifying and could very well lead to some dramatic fireworks in the weeks and months ahead.

This liberal-left Democratic establishment killed one of their own in 1963, and have removed a President in 1971 through the threat of impeachment, and also fired a warning shot at another President in the 1980’s. These people are supported by a rabid leftist media and education system who will fabricate and lie on an obscene scale.

The lines and divisions in this semi-quiet shadow war are constantly moving and transforming, but there are the obvious ones which remain stable. The fact that the Democrats held power during the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, and also held power in the Congress during the closing of the gold window and resignation of Nixon, while also holding power in Congress and the Executive when the American administration continuously delayed implementing legislation to support IMF reforms, should not be considered a coincidence.

The fact that Trump is clearly aligned with the international banking interests and the Democrats are doing everything within their power to remove him from officer, should be the last piece of evidence that we need to make our final determination on what is happening in the world.
Trump is obviously continuing some of the same international policies and strategies which have been in play for many years and decades. Those who are behind Trump domestically may want to change some domestic policies, but the macro international direction will continue. Those banking and corporate interests which are behind the Democrats wish to continue using the USD in its global role and find another method to correct the imbalances. Those behind Trump want to transition the international system off the USD and replace it gradually with the SDR and use the Chinese RMB to work alongside the dollar towards this end.

How desperate one side gets will have to be seen. Russia, China, and other powers, have not openly rushed to embrace Trump and his international strategies for the simple fact that Trump has a domestic Democrat problem which has to be dealt with first. Neither nation is interested in weakening its position only to find out that the those behind the Democrats have somehow regained power in America.

It’s also no coincidence that Russia is now the big enemy again, like they were during the Cold War.

It also should be obvious to most readers that Russia, and especially China, are supporting and implementing policies and mandates of the international banking interests. China, for the most part, could very well be the blueprint of the future world socioeconomic framework. But for now we will have to wait and see if the pesky Democrats can outwit the international banking interests. – JC

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28 Comments on “Democrats Against the International Banking Interests”

  1. It has been curious to watch the media lite their hair on fire over what appear to be straw men, always missing the more troubling issues surrounding the Trump Administration. The most perplexing has been the theory that Trump colluded with Russia to hack the DNC and release emails proving that the Clinton’s are criminals and Podesta is likely a pedophile. Now we are on the obstruction wagon, and the media is framing this as the new Watergate. The implication of the former is that if the American public did not learn of Clinton’s criminality, she would be the rightful winner of the presidential selection. And the latter media narrative takes as a starting point that Trump is actively covering up a plot between himself and Putin to… ? (all of which is revealed in his tax returns).

    Internationally, the Trump Administration appears to want to escalate military conflict and has given the military and the CIA a longer leash to act unilaterally. This is not a positive trend and the only thing the MSM has actually applauded.

    Domestically, the Trump Administration has supported the erosion of Constitutional protections and the expansion of the executive branch (although the latter is a consistent phenomenon among all presidents – the old ceiling is the new floor). He was willing to push for a House health care bill with no CBO score that has no chance of getting out of Congress to put some points on the board. All of this seems to be a radical departure from his stated goals during the campaign.

    The Dems are poised to take back the House 2016 (with the help of the elements described above). It is too early to make predictions, but current trends point in that direction. There are many themes playing out here, but domestically, it seems clear that Constitutional protections are not on the list of priorities; and internationally, beyond the potentially positive economic trends, the Trump Administration has put the military industrial establishment in the driver’s seat.

    1. I just watched this fascinating clip with an interesting take on the latest from the Swamp!

      The Princeton Professor being interviewed on Tucker Carlson, ask a simple question as to “who is making our foreign policy in Washington?”. He then adds if there is only Three branches of government, and more importantly whether there is a fourth branch also!

      The Fourth branch of the government we may consider to be an amalgamation of possibly certain elements of the intelligence, banking, defence, private army, oil/gas and non-governmental parties with their own agenda.

      I came across a Mr Michael Shrimpton who is a British barrister (and MI5/6 associate!) via Youtube a while ago. He also wrote a book regarding his hypothesis regarding the existence of a powerful NAZI intelligence side by side to all the western intelligence. He claims that this powerful entity, known as DVD (Deutschen verteidigung dienst) that controls everything in the world! This is a wild claim, one might think, but if this is the product of Mr Shrimpton’s imagination, he may have an argument regarding the existence of this entity.

      There appears to be an entity that continually stirs any world leader or movement away from an objective that renders their efforts useless. The professor also claims that Obama wanted to share intelligence on Syria with the Russians and he was also stopped immediately. He gives ample examples and he names operatives of this organization that the EU was its brainchild. Shrimpton claims that Edward Heath the Conservative prime minister of UK was a DVD operative. Mrs Thatcher disliked Heath and fought and won against him to become the leader of the Conservative party of UK. In retaliation Shrimpton claims that Airey Neave car was bombed inside the Westminster compound (very difficult to accomplish!) and was assassinated. The whole purpose was to warn Mrs Thatcher against any move to take Britain out of EU. Airey Neave was the political mentor for Mrs Thatcher and nationalism was definitely not allowed by the powerful entity in Britain! Airey Neave;s death was blamed on IRA which appears to be a default method of blame game. This points to the same powerful entity that runs Washington too. Mrs Thatcher fought tooth and nail to save Britain from the EU and all she could do was to prevent the loss of British sovereignty by keeping the British Pounds out of the Euro world. Her brilliant work may only be understood in decades to come. Thatcher’s protege, Mr Nigel Farage, did the unthinkable and championed the BREXIT which is still being fought and it’s outcome is not settled yet.

      The role of the Democrats in this regard appears to be in support of this entity. The entity shape shifts back and forth between the political illusory left and right paradigm from time to time. As an example, the Democrats who have represented for a while to be the guardian of the leftist politics and anti-war, have now become an outright proponent of a big war in Syria and direct confrontation with Russia! This is all too bizarre and incomprehensible. The Socialist Workers Party of UK was all for the taking out of Gaddafi of Libya and are also in the anti-Assad camp. The left seems to be mind controlled by this powerful behind-the-scene entity in such a way that they abandon their rhetorics and anti-war, make love not war sentiment to all out war with Russia and Syria. There is a fantastic case of psychopathy on display here as well as a clear case of mass mind control, to which one must say, WOW!

      1. Hello Carpe-Diem, (Deutschen verteidigung dienst) translates to (German defense service) which seems to be “GPDS GERMAN PROTECT & DEFENSE SERVICE GmbH” today. Not sure about the hypothesis. My gut feeling is that they may be just another fragment. Perhaps within NATO which is another fragment to more consolidated groups who is in turn a fragment of more consolidation.

        1. Yes dane,

          You are on the right track. Shrimpton points to the same entity, gpds. He thinks they are the front cover.

          regarding the configuration and structure in terms of how and where they fit into German government, I am afraid I can’t comment, as I am not knowledgable about it. But it is feasible to assume that NATO is a separate entity to all the member states which includes US as its largest donor, as well as to consider its purpose is to protect the same NAZI faction!

          All hard to beleive I guess! 🙂

      2. Carpe Diem,

        The hypothesis that you are outlining has also been exhaustively (in a number of books) articulated by Joseph P. Farrell, who essentially argues that the global Deep State is Nazi in origin. Interesting.

        1. Thank you orendareview,

          Yes, you are absolutely right. Dr Joseph Farrell’s books and research points to the same NAZI faction and he thinks (hope I am right on this one!) that after WWII many Germans, male and female went to Antarctica, as well as Argentina and other South American nations and developed high tech and a parallel civilization almost. Also, that they (the NAZI faction) or the breakaway civilization, demands ransom from the Western governments though gold!

          Michael Shrimpton however, claims that the faction has an active presence in all Western military intelligence such as MI5/6, CIA, etc. and there has been a kind of detente in the services so far but from time to time, they get their own things. One of the items in which he claims cost him a while in prison was his call to UK secret service warning them of a nuclear bomb under the London olympics stadium in 2012, which was apparently neutralized without much publicity!

          Shrimpton claims, that the bombs were stolen after the NAZI faction too over the Russian submarine Kursk a few years ago causing the death of all on board. He also claims that the bombs were transported to London by a Nazi WWII transport submarine that the NAZI faction has as an existing stock of modes of transport.

          Personally, if true it verifies many events and organization heads having been of NAZI background namely the first NATO chief who was a NAZI officer, as well the project paperclip and US space program Von Braun, although as it transpires, NASA is a shopfront for the public consumption only. It is also possible to imagine Gladio B to be the work of this faction as a subset of NATO. Tis rabbit hole goes very deep…

          1. The link below provides a detailed description of the Kursk submarine incident from the Russian Navy as well as US, Norway Navies. What we can assume, is that this, was not a normal accident! I guess, one has to make his own mind on what really happened in the end. However, the existence of, Two NATO “Orion” naval reconnaissance aircraft detected by a Russian submarine in the area shortly after the accident, is somewhat suspicious!!!


      3. Hi Carpe Diem,

        please consider the possibility that Michael Shrimpton`s Secret History of German Intelligence may be a massive desinformation effort (MI6?) to assign the blame for all the nasty things in the past 150 years “to the Germans”.

        @Dane: this website talks about professional fire protection, medical help & stuff. It`s a family business (Krüseke). I understand that there is a chance it may also be a front shop for … anything but it is hard for me to believe .

        Carpe Diem/ Dane, don`t get me wrong, please . I`m a long time reader of POM and over the years REALLY appreciate your comments, knowledge & assessments. But that stuff seems just to far away for me. Particularly when I read about the NAZI-Antarctica story …


        1. No apologies necessary Steffen, thank you for commenting. I’ve not looked into it yet I’ve been researching the banking industry because it seems pretty quiet these days. Or is it just all the news noise making it seem quiet?

          In all fairness though I have to say I’ve not seen or read anything from Dr Joseph Farrell or Michael Shrimpton yet so it would be unfair for me to form an opinion either way.

        2. Hello smittelstaedt,

          I appreciate your comment and astute observation and it is always wise to consider the disinformation element and propaganda.

          Regarding Shrimpton, as David Icke and Benjamin Fulford and others, I take a view similar to your in that I always place a percentage of possibility in what they are saying and what they omit. A couple of weeks ago I read an article by Graham Hancock regarding ancient archeology where he mentioned “Arabian Gulf”! I have been following him for a while together with his mate Robert Bauval and again despite their often interesting material, they also deliberately misplace things that tells me they are following a script. For Graham Hancock who was the East African journalist for the London’ Economist (a Rothschild mouthpiece!) to not know the historical and ancient body of water with the correct name that is recognized from antiquity i.e. Persian Gulf (Sinus Persicus) assured me that he is working for an entity that has a very political aim. Arabs now systematically name this water as Arab Gulf, the BBC calls it “the Gulf” and never, the Persian Gulf. All wars begin with an idea, that turns into words and rhetorics which causes a shift in the minds which in turn creates anger and division and the rest we know only too well.

          The incorrect term that is now used by either uneducated or political agents of whomever is a litmus test for me. Hancock, being an “expert” in ancient archeology (which he is not!) must know at least the historical and designations of places.

          Arabs and the Zionist lobbies in the west have been systematically been busy removing the history, language, culture and the very name of Iran from every history book, TV program, college textbooks and instead associating everything to Islam.

          We are living and have been living in the world of the culture makers and culture destroyers and plagiarists. The war surfaces from time to time and the last war ensured that the name of a civilization that made everything we now have to be equal to an insult and to be demeaned.

  2. While it could be that the Democrats are “fabricating whole news cycles in their attempts to move Trump towards impeachment”, it appears to me that Trump has become a master of the “self inflicted wound.” In his interview with Lester Holt, Trump said that Comey was a “grand stander and a showboat.” Perhaps Trump should start looking in the mirror regarding who is the real showboat and start reflecting on his own actions which have veered towards the idiotic at best to downright lunacy at times.

    While the Comey letter about Trump asking him to drop the Flynn investigation may be a fabrication, Trumps whole behavior while in office has be very erratic so it would not surprise me at all if it were true. If it is, Obstruction of Justice is not a very hard reach at all. Perhaps Trump does have some tapes after all but if he does, he better hope that they back up his story which may well be the real fabrication. Time will tell.

  3. The headline from The Washington Post reads “Erdogan’s big meeting with Trump gets obscured by White House chaos” within the article it becomes clear the democratic leaning press keeps asking questions out of context and creates the “chaos” within the White House to use in that headline.

    So here is RT’s video on it.

  4. And, here the ex Mossad chief complains about Trump for letting the cat out of the bag that Mossad has operatives inside ISIS (but they are only agents, honest!). In other words, it is Mossad who has to authorize what Trump reveals and declassifies!!

    Clearly since Trump acknowledging that Jerusalem will not be the Capital of Israel, things have become uneasy:

    “The country supplying the intelligence to the US was identified in the Post story only as “an ally that has access to the inner workings of the Islamic State,” but sources told The New York Times on Tuesday that the ally was Israel. The ABC news outlet then reported that the information came specifically from a spy embedded in the terrorist group on behalf of Israel.

    The Israeli government has not officially confirmed that is the source of the reportedly leaked intelligence.”

  5. So potentially there’s a cabal of international banking interests at the top of the pile who use empires to further their own ends, and find no further use for the Anglo dominance model of recent centuries as they move us into into an era of true connectedness and an apparent multi-polar model?

    And to clarify, would the ‘City’ and Wall St. be considered in alignment with international banking interests or Anglo establishment interests?

    Think I’m getting it but there’s bound to be a blurring of the lines with so many shades of grey.

    1. Interests within the City of London and Wall St. are aligned with this strategy, but the bulk are not. Like any industry, there are decision makers and those who implement the decisions. The international banking interests have moved from Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, France, Britain, and America over the last 6 centuries. Go back even further and we can see where the Romans and the Greeks, along with Persians, etc, have all been used at some point or another. Some have been utilized multiple times.

      Regarding another comment referencing the Protocols of Zion, which I do believe to be a fraud, even though some of the strategies are accurate, the control of the flow and creation of wealth has existed for a long time. Reducing it down to a specific demographic or religious group nowadays minimizes the scale of what these interests represent.

  6. Those banking and corporate interests which are behind the Democrats wish to continue using the USD in its global role and find another method to correct the imbalances
    What methods do you propose they are in favor of as far as implementing a redress of these imbalances? I’m extremey interested in what their solutions might be?

  7. “Steven Woolfe tells the EU beware of the Saxon”

    This is the way to fight for Freedom, I salute this great Englishman and his colleague Mr Nigel Farage for they know they will be free from domination only by standing up to oppression:

    Mr Farage speech at European Parliament addressing the chairman, Junker

  8. Here’s a link to a Twitter account that makes sense of the moves and counter-moves being made in regards to the Trump administration.

    One of his hypotheses is that the leaks coming from the Trump administration are “barium meals,” i.e. counter-intelligence operations used to identify leakers by feeding multiple “fake news” stories to the press and honing in on who is taking the bait. Seems to corroborate pretty well with the analysis provided here in that there is a coordinated counter-operation to dismantle the current monetary and political establishment. The endgame (if the operations are effective) should be that the leakers will be identified and prosecuted (sounds like the self-limiting of rent seeking!) This would leave the Democrats and their media enablers in a bad position and further tarnish their credibility. Logic would tell us that this transition to the multilateral monetary system requires that the old framework(s) be done away with, so the Democrats may very well find themselves on the wrong side of history here considering the power and planning capabilities of the international banking interests. Lets see how it plays out.

    1. You’re bogarting the blog buddy.

      Just kidding. We all appreciate your contributions. It’s never too much. Catch you in a few days.

  9. Hi J.C,

    Could it be that the democrats are being utilized for short to medium-term to create internal turmoil in the U.S that will cause a drop of confindence in the US and USD together, that will create the right conditions for the acceptance of SDR. If such is the case, it is also probable that there is an agenda of for longer-term polarization of the USA, polarization between the states that could cause rebellion against the federal government as represented by extremely democrat (California) and extreme republican(Texas) states. I expect the modern nationalism(as you refer to it) to give birth to many nations and regional structures in the existing nations that will pave the way for more decentralized structures worldwide.

    P.S: I’ve been away for quite a while, as I’ve had some personel issues(still have) where I had to go deeper into my hell. Sorry for leaving it to late J.C but appreciate the new site and excited about the future of P.O.M.

    1. That’s is one plausible scenario. I think we touched on that before somewhere. There certainly does appear to be some volatility developing with the risk of impeachment. Buts there’s a frantic feel to the Democrat behaviour. It’s somewhat crazy.

      Thanks for the support and welcome back.

  10. I appreciate your clarifying what is driving the liberals into acts of insanity and flagrant desperation against Trump! I am relieved that he is on the right side! I trust your judgment and understand better how to position myself better. Thanks JC!

  11. Good article, but as I try to see the big picture, what I understand the Democratic party has a socialist/communist leaning, and, if the international bankers want China to be the social economic model going forward, wouldn’t the Democratic Party want to be on the same side as the international bankers and China? And on the opposite side, the Republican Party traditionally wants capitalism/free market and generally more individual freedom, so why would they be on the side of the international bankers and China?
    I don’t put a lot of stock into Alex Jones, but he thinks China is the great threat to the United States, but he is a Trump supporter, and like your article states Trump is working with the international banking interests to possibly, eventually enact the Chinese socioeconomic model.

    Out of all this cognitive dissonance I am sure there is a strategy here that both the left and right are trying to execute. Let us pretend that both Democrats and Republicans want the SDR but are trying to figure out how to sell it to the American people because when the SDR strategy is implemented there will almost certainly be a backlash by most people in the United States because the dollar will depreciate and the money of Americans won’t be able to buy as much stuff, which is what most people in America care about. Trump may be the fall guy and take the blame for something that was planned a long time ago. It seems to be the only thing that makes sense to me at this point.

    1. Hello marco609, here are a couple ideas for your question.

      Someone who knows the interests of the international bankers well enough could potentially synthesize a middle ground between any party and the international bankers.

      Someone who doesn’t would be lost and possible fear ridden which may make them act the way we are seeing US politicians at the extreems of both parties act these days.

      Are any politicians beginning to find middle ground yet? They may be just as polarized as the folks they represent. As such maybe when the people become indifferent to all this division the representatives of those groups of people will also.

      But money spends universally across government structures so maybe the bankers don’t see communist vs socialist as an obstical.

      “…the dollar will depreciate and the money of Americans won’t be able to buy as much stuff…”

      The dollar will depreciate internationally to a balance with other countries which will push people to stop buying foriegn goods. While at the same time as industry picks up domestically the US products will be more affordable to US residents as well as the countries they export to.

      The reduced corporate tax and EPA regulations Trump is proposing may be to facilitate that end.

      This also fits in line with China needing to reduce exports and the US needing to increase exports.

      Hope this helps.

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