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Trump’s Battle with the Deep State is also the Battle Against North Korea

North Korea is dropping balloon leaflets over Seoul which refer to President Donald Trump as “mentally ill”. This has a striking similarity to the Anglo-American deep state narrative which is being spread throughout the Western mainstream media that Trump is mentally unfit for office.

This is not a coincidence.

As far as I can tell, POM was the first source to suggest that North Korea was a puppet state of the West. This theory was put forth on October 21, 2016 in the post Is North Korea an American Puppet State? Subsequently, the original post was further supported with a follow up piece on March 9, 2017 called The Convenience of the North Korean Threat, and again on August 9, 2017 with the post North Korea is the Pre-Text for Iran. The last article POM produced supporting this thesis was on September 10, 2017, and was titled North Korea and the Anglo-American Establishment.

It’s important to track this flow of information, as other researchers and analysts are beginning to pick up on the logic, and are also producing variations on the conclusions we have been presenting for over a year now.

Much like another POM thesis regarding an Islamic Reformation, real world events are also beginning to trend and suggest the accuracy of that conclusion. Saudi Arabia, in fact, is the one spearheading the initial phase of the Islamic transformation, with cultural and religious changes beginning to take place in that nation. We will jump back more into that research in another post.

All of the research and theories we are building here at POM weave within the larger Crown Beast narrative, and the timeless war for control over the human condition. This war has been going on since the dawn of human consciousness, and has become more discernible and visible the further we move forward in history. The last 500 years have been marked with a well defined conflict between one of the heads of the Crown Beast and the originators of the Protestant Reformation.

On the one side we find Russia and the Eastern Orthodox Church aligned with the mandates of the Protestant Reformation and the original framers of the American Constitution. On the Crown Beast side we find the Catholic Church and the Jesuits, aligned with the International Liberal Order and Anglo-American Establishment, and its off-shoot institutions, such as NATO and the United Nations, as well as totalitarian ideologies such as communism, fascism, and socialism.

At times engineered communist socioeconomic frameworks have been so well crafted and implemented to manipulate the masses that when power was regained from the Crown Beast in a nation, the new right-minded government had to be built around the existing governance structures to keep the nation from falling into complete revolt and anarchy. How the Russian Whites waged a back-and-forth internal battle with the Russian Reds is an example of this. Both used communism as the governance framework to control the nation because it was so successfully embedded into the culture with the engineering of the Bolshevik Revolution.

It’s important for us to understand this back-and-forth power struggle across nations and time periods, because what might appear like a continuation of the same power base could well in fact be the complete reversal of the old beast power system.

The Soviet Union went to war with Imperial Japan in 1945 and freed North Korea from a brutal oppression. Kim Il-sung was brought back into the country by the Soviets after a 26 year exile. Kim Il-sung was the first in the leadership dynasty which now is headed by Kim Jong-un.

When we study the history of Kim Il-sung we learn some interesting things. First, his grandfather was a Protestant Minister and his father was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. Second, he had a much closer relationship with the Russians as opposed to the Communist Chinese, which is not what we would expect to find based on the similarities between the two Asian cultures.

We know that the America of World War Two was controlled by the Crown Beast System and its Federal Reserve institution. Interestingly, it is Donald Trump who is now incrementally taking back control of America from the Anglo-American Establishment (a head of the Crown Beast) and will be soon re-shaping the mandate of the Federal Reserve itself.

But during the last world war America maintained a presence and beachhead in South Korea. Much like with Germany, Korea was the place where the forces of the Crown Beast, and the forces which stood in opposition to the Crown Beast, came upon one another and called a temporary truce. But after establishing North Korea in 1948, Kim Il-sung invaded the South after repeated threats where made from the South about invading the North. (Note: This is a varied and well worn trick which was also used on Saddam Hussein to get him to invade Kuwait.)

The twisted and inside-out version of history which we are reviewing is likely to present the reader with some challenges. When we have spent a lifetime being conditioned to think a certain way, it is almost impossible to view things differently, even for those of us with open minds. But we must consider that North Korea, along with Soviet support, was not as vile as we have been manipulated to believe.

It should be stated that all ideologies and socioeconomic systems, including capitalism and communism, are but tools which are used by the Crown Beast system, and those who wage war against the Crown Beast system. One generation will have used capitalism while the next uses communism. At times there are bastardized unions between the two which cause even further confusion.

As an example, in the lead up to the Bolshevik Revolution, the wealthy Kulaks (landowners) were used to engineer the momentum and tension which would inevitably cause a massive uprising of the lower classes under the banner of Lenin. The civil war between the Bolsheviks (Reds) and the White Guard was constantly changing the cultural and political landscape of Russia and Ukraine, among other Soviet nations. We will review in other posts the possibility of Stalin understanding the exposure which the Kulaks presented to undermining his rule. Did Stalin represent the Crown Beast? Or was Stalin misguided and murderous in his attempts to prevent the Crown Beast from regaining control? It’s a convoluted history which we will explore further.

Regardless of Soviet alliances, we can make a reasonable case that North Korea stood in opposition to the Crown Beast system and its Anglo-American Establishment head. We know this because the Crown Beast controlled America and the Federal Reserve system.

The Anglo-American Establishment and its deep state machinations must do everything it can to prevent the reconciliation of the two Koreas and discourage the South from developing stronger relations with Russia, and presumably China. Maybe. Though the interest of both China and the Anglo-American Establishment may not always be the same as those of the Crown Beast System. Internal establishments which build up around the power they are allowed to weld often times need to be humbled and put back in their place.

Complex and convoluted for sure.

The Russians were keen on maintaining a North Korea which would act as a buffer against the Anglo-American Establishment and its objective of controlling all of the Eurasian continent. The deep state operatives of the Anglo-American Establishment were presented with an inconceivable opportunity when the son of Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, decided to send his children to a private school in Switzerland.

Current leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un moved to Switzerland in 1991 at the age of seven. He went to an English speaking private school called the International School of Bern. Registering under the name Pak-un, Kim Jong-un became friends with the children of American diplomats and his obsession with American culture began. Everything from video games, basketball, and even Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme, were of immense interest to young Kim.

But by 1998 it was apparent that he wasn’t learning much and failed to pass exams and make grads. Though good in math, all other subjects were reported with poor performance. Father Kim pulled his son from the private International School of Bern and Jong-un was placed in the public German speaking Liebefeld-Steinhoelzle school, where he remained until returning to North Korea sometime between 2000 and 2002, though some reports suggest he may have stayed in Switzerland until 2007.

Classmates and friends of Kim Jong-un described the young future leader as not being able to speak English well, couldn’t pass exams, obsessed with basketball and video games, a second tier student, always needed extra help with every subject but math, and was even caught with a bondage pornographic magazine in his school bag, even though he showed very little interest in girls. One classmate said that he could easily have been called “Dim Jong-un” based on his overall performance and moral predisposition.

From all of this Kim Jong-un would return to North Korea, attend a military university, and ascend to the highest position of power in the state.

Everything about Kim Jong-un smacks of a deep state operative and weak-minded human being who could be easily manipulated and controlled with material rewards. There is of course no silver bullet of proof, but the trend and characteristics of the behaviour of Kim Jong-un would strongly suggest that he was compromised while in Switzerland, and assisted the Anglo-American deep state in gaining control over North Korea.

The assassination of his brother Kim Jong-nam this past February in a Malaysian airport is suspect. It happened after Donald Trump took over the White House in America and began to wage internal war against the Anglo-American deep state. Jong-nam, though the eldest, was never considered for power by the deep state, as he wasn’t as controllable as Kim Jong-un. It is possible that Kim Jong-nam had to be removed before the current nuclear drama could unfold. It would not do anyone any good if Jong-nam began to report on what he knew about the deep state and its control over North Korea through his brother, or the purge of his fathers allies once his younger brother became leader.

Donald Trump is systematically removing the control mechanisms which the Anglo-American deep state has put in place over the decades. As we have explored in other posts, both Russia and Trump are affiliated with the double-headed eagle symbolism, as was the Protestant Reformation and its origins with the Knights Templars. It is in the interests of both Trump and Putin to remove the presence of the Crown Beast representatives from the Russian doorstep.

The more control Trump regains from the deep state at home, the more he can influence the outcome on the Korean peninsula. Trump loves to nickname the deep state operatives, and Little Rocket Man is no different. – JC

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  1. Showed up in my email that you posted a new article. I get so excited, and yea, so happy when you do that.

    Now I’m going to read it. I’m going to message you about how you inspired someone in my ‘neighborhood’ to write an article that was influenced by your publicly available Crown Beast

    Off to read.

    1. Looking forward to the message. Enjoy the read my friend.

      FYI for everyone, an hour after I posted this article there were multiple attempts to login into my Apple ID from Virginia. We all know what institutions are located in Virginia. It’s a first. I’m sure they’re just snooping around trying to figure out who I am. Definitely gives creditibility to the thesis though.

  2. Sr.Collins: muchas gracias por sus articulos. Lo sigo desde el 2015. Disculpe no domino el ingles. Me fascina seguir a una persona que ve el mundo de arriba abajo. Sus ensayos abren mi mente en su plenitud para la comprension y me libera de ataduras mentales establecidas. gracias. Joaquín

  3. Mr. Collins:

    Thank you again for your insightful and valuable post. The many plots on and within this rock in space seem to be thickening today.

    Can (or will) you provide the POM membership with a listing or identification of as many heads or sub-crowns of the Crown Beast as you can (or will) identify or name?

    I routinely expect to obtain a formal program when I attend stage performances. I enjoy reading reading the background of all of the main actors, the characters that they are portraying, and when possible an outline of the story line or plot of the story. 🙂

    Thank you.


  4. So does this mean that the capabilities that NK suddenly has reported in the media are exaggerated or is it truth? Would their weapons be used as they threaten or is this narrative just gamesmanship? Or is it not yet clear?

  5. JC, I am a bit confused on this post. If Trump’s support comes from the Rothschilds, it would seem that they are part of the Crown Beast system which is targeting Iran. What am I missing here?

    1. Trump gained strength within a specific system and was salvaged by Rothschild Inc back in the 1980’s. But as we will see in future articles, even within the Rothschild empire, there are those who have been operating on both sides. Understanding what the Crown Beast System is will provide further clarity.

  6. Why should we assume that anyone who uses the Double Headed Eagle is fighting for the good guys?! Thinking that way sets ourselves up for a “Trojan Horse” situation. The only way to truly know who fights for the Double Headed Eagle are to look at those rare individuals who stand for the Eternal Principles of Good. Those that are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the Principles of Truth and nothing else. You will not see them serve anything other than Truth, and as soon as these people show up on the Main stage, there is an all-out effort to marginalize or destroy them. The individual’s who’s only alliance is Truth are the greatest threat to the Crown Beast and the great Heroes of Mankind.

    IMO TRUMP is not one of the Good Guys. Even if he got a Tattoo of a double headed eagle on his forehead that doesn’t mean he represents the principles that the Double Headed Eagle stands for.

    Trump has been weak all his life. He has been easily manipulated by the temptation of power, wealth, sex, status, and fame. Do we really think the International Bankers would take a chance on someone who would be likely to grow a conscious and stick to their principles over the direction of the International Elite? Trump is the perfect candidate for the Crown Beast because there is no chance of him growing a conscious and going rouge like Princess Diana, Gandhi, MLK, Kennedy. People who sacrifice themselves for the eternal Principles of GOOD are eliminated by the Crown Beast. Trump is a darling of the Crown Beast because he serves his masters and is rewarded with the Wealth, Power, and Riches he desires. Trump is the puppet and the Battle to be the puppet master wages on behind the scenes. But no matter what both sides would rather have Trump as the Puppet then someone like MLK speaking Truth from his own Heart.

    My goal is not to discredit your research or your theories here on POM and for the most part I am 100% on board. However I do see some things differently and hope that an alternative perspective is appreciated and well received. I see The Anglo-American Establishment being like a broken leg on the body of the Crown Beast. It is something that needs to be repaired rather than destroyed. The Crown Beast is all about self-preservation and the goal has always been more power and control. The great threat to the Crown Beast is a Humanity that stops reflecting the selfishness that the Beast promotes and represents, and instead starts reflecting the Selflessness that Christ promoted and represented.

    The only way the Crown Beast is defeated is because it is transformed rather than destroyed. The Crown Beast represents a Selfish Humanity and the powerful groups that rise up through self-serving manners will change the face of the Crown Beast even though the underlining characteristics of the Crown Beast remain the same. A selfless humanity will transform the Crown Beast. We will evolve out of our Animal nature and become the Human Beings that we were destined to be.

    1. Ryan, I’m not in disagreement with all your points. The use of the symbols overlap during transition periods. As an example, the Jesuits infiltrated the Masonic lodges and left them empty shells as power and influence was shifted away from the lodges and into to intelligence agencies. The Scottish Rite still uses the double-headed eagle, but has not represented the forces of the double-headed eagle in a long time. Another is the periodic use of the double-headed eagle by the Rothschild empire. There have been those within that family who have attempted to shift alliances from time to time. You are completely correct on what the Crown Beast represents. It is only through understanding what it is, and where it resides, that we will replace it.

    2. Ryan, Trump’s flaws are well known to all, but this does not mean he must be a darling of the Crown Beast. Consider that both sides of this war recruit operatives who will best serve their purposes. As per JC’s thesis, which I find highly probable, the present need is for a great salesman and deal-maker, and Trump was recruited for this purpose primarily. He appears to be carrying out his mission quite effectively on the whole, so far. He’s never going to be deserving of reverence on the level of JFK, MLK, etc. but he can still be a force for positive changes in the world. When all is said and done he is just a messenger – let us try to avoid shooting him 🙂
      But your alternative perspective is absolutely appreciated and adds to the debate, so thanks for that.

  7. “Complex and convoluted for sure.” Indeed, and yet I find the POM and it’s different “thesis” to be absolutely captivating. The mental exercise it demands are strenuous to say the least. It’s invitation to explore mankind’s spiritual nature and, it’s role in this, our, confusing world, enjoins acceptance. The gentleman’s nature, patience and kind understanding of all who attempt a positive contribution, is a welcome change from most comment sections were the conversations(if you can even call them that)quickly devolve into nastiness and profane name calling, encourage participation. Good.

    So, who’s waiting in the wings? If we embrace a theory that P. Trump was being groomed, or perhaps observed is the better word, for thirty plus years and apply that theory to not just the US but to the world, it opens the mind to the depths of the thinking ‘systems’ (philosophies?)that struggle, and battle over the centuries to advance their different agendas, and to attain their adverse goals for themselves and or humankind.

    More towards today’s post by JC(btw great post,tks)I find myself most intrigued by the length of years(five generations if we include K.Sungs father and grandfather in the equation)and the very depth of the intrigue that allowed Jung Un to be flipped out of the Russian sphere into the CBS clutches. Amazing, but maybe not even near as amazing is the idea that the P.Yelstin era was swiped back by the P.Putin era, and now P. Trump giving a academy award winning performance on today’s world stage. The fog of complexion and convolution, barely, but do begin to lift.

    Life on this beautiful blue, green rock was designed to be a struggle. With many battles still ahead, all should with great exercise work to expand and gird the loins of their body’s, mind’s and spirits for the day and years ahead.

  8. “Life on this beautiful blue, green rock was designed to be a struggle”
    I agree with You completely Mr. Segar.
    Like an airplane needs the headwind to take off, this force, which in this entourage is called the crown beast,
    Is like a poison we need to turn into medicine!
    At least imo

  9. Hey JC, sounds like a congratulations is in order.

    “FYI for everyone, an hour after I posted this article there were multiple attempts to login into my Apple ID from Virginia. We all know what institutions are located in Virginia. It’s a first. I’m sure they’re just snooping around trying to figure out who I am. Definitely gives creditibility to the thesis though.”

    So congratulations pal and thank you.

    Funny how they seem to want to get the information for free when all they have to do is subscribe like an honest right minded person would do. This method of doing things has become a pattern of our intelligence agencies which goes to show why the US’s view of the world is…a bit skewed today. Time to shift power and influence back to a proper scottish rite and leave the intelligence agencies as empty shells.

    1. Dane:

      The alphabet soup agencies and the enforcing arm of the deep state already know what the game is about and who some of the heads of the Crown Beast happen to be. Their entire existence is to support and protect TPTSNB.

      If they are attempting to hack into JC’s iPhone, as well as my PC, is likely because they desire to know the extent of his contacts and network. Too much true is prohibited. I suspect that TPTSNB are not in the least concerned regarding too many people becoming too aware and knowledge of the truth and how the sheep are being harvested. I strongly suspect that TPTSNB already have culling processes in play.



      1. Hey Oz. Its funny a few years ago I was reading a technical brief that was explaining how cell phones are routed through the DOD. So I found the ip address in the phone I had at the time and did a reverse lookup and sure enough it was labeled DOD in Columbus Ohio. Most likely it was or is one of those fusion buildings that listens to our communications. I believe that guy Snowden was from one of those places. Remembering when Obama was in trouble for it with Merkel he made a public statement that there weren’t people sitting listening to phone calls….and he was right. There are computers running algorithms listening for key words. When they encounter them in conversation whether it’s audio, text or email a flag is raised. Then the communication is sent to a person for them to look into it. This is the dance the Obama and many others have danced around their codified laws.

        “Fusion center”


        arrange (laws or rules) into a systematic code.

        arrange according to a plan or system.”

  10. Dane:

    The old and new members of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei and Bolsheviks still exist. They just call themselves different things and wear different hats and clothes, but have the same aims, drives, goals, lies, and methods of operation.

    Cui bono and follow the money!


  11. A fascinating piece by Robert David Steele on the Deep State and it’s affiliations.

    “The Deep State – also known as the Illuminati or Cabalist Satanists – is led by a tiny handful of individuals including the two ostensibly Catholic popes, the Rothschild pater familias, and the Rebbe of the Jewish supremacist cult, the Chabad. They use the upper ranks of the Freemasons and the Knights of Malta and a few other secret societies as their “fixers,” and the banks – Central Banks, Wall Street, and the City of London, as their “managers.”

  12. “When Ignatius de Loyola died in July 1556, there were more than 1,000 Jesuit priests.

    During the next century, the Jesuits set up ministries around the globe. The “Black-Robes,” as they were known in Native America, often preceded other Europeans in their infiltration of foreign lands and societies. The life of a Jesuit was one of immense risk, and thousands of priests were persecuted or killed by foreign authorities hostile to their mission of conversion. However, in some nations, such as India and China, the Jesuits were welcomed as men of wisdom and science.”

    “However, in some nations, such as India and China, the Jesuits were welcomed as men of wisdom and science.”

    “With the rise of nationalism in the 18th century, most European countries suppressed the Jesuits, and in 1773 Pope Clement XIV dissolved the order under pressure from the Bourbon monarchs. However, in 1814, Pope Pius VII gave in to popular demand and reestablished the Jesuits as an order, and they continue their missionary work to this day.”

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