De-Americanizing America

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The Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception of Exorbitant Privilege

By JC Collins

The once great American brands are struggling.  The recent challenges which fast food giant McDonald’s is facing is representative of a larger trend which is picking up speed.  The pace of change is difficult for many in the western world to understand.  But only because we are on the inside and unable to grasp the full scope of the socioeconomic and geopolitical transformation which is taking place outside of our culture.

Back in December of 2014 I wrote a piece titled The Implosion of American Culture, where the following was stated:

“This implosion of culture can be seen in the recent racial and political divide which has been given focus in the riots and protests across the country.  The media is doing its part to push the CSI engineering into the homes and minds of the disorganized masses.  Many speculate that the riots have failed to spread as desired, but I reckon that they were extremely successful in that they leveled up the tension and pre-prejudice for a continuation of the slow motion implosion and transition to the international mindset collective.”

This particular statement is somewhat prophetic when we consider the slow simmer of racial and social hatred that has continued to exist just beneath the surface of everyday life.  The media continues to promote the false narrative of white privilege while encouraging the onset of collective madness through all classes and racial distinctions.  Hardly a day goes by that we are not subjected to some new horror, or social injustice committed upon the western mindset.

It is always with great interest that the end of every empire and culture is infested with immoral behavior and unsound financial decision making.  When we add to this the endless wave of immigration and multiculturalism, is there any doubt that western culture has entered the last days of relevancy?

The world outside of western culture has been de-Americanizing now for many years.  It is only now in the last stages of this process that it is becoming more obvious to those within.  But the process of de-Americanizing internally is not so obvious.

The slow burn grind down on western, and in particular, American culture, is taking its toll upon our everyday life.  The world view on our culture leaves much to be desired.  The Wild West was never really that wild, and the current state of America’s gun culture mentality is not as pervasive as we are lead to believe.

So why the constant media focus on guns and crimes committed with guns?

The all-knowing and all-powerful state cannot allow for a population of gun owners.  But in this day and age, with the advancement of technology, gun ownership is hardly an issue which couldn’t be overcome with the slightest of tweaks and implementation of technology.

The gun ownership debate is a red herring meant to distract away from the larger Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception (CSI) which is playing out.  What I mean by this is that I see two parallel trends developing.  One trend is international while the other is domestic.

Internationally there is a perception and awareness developing which focuses on the military crimes committed by the US, both current, like the hospital bombing in Afghanistan, and past crimes, such as the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the complete bombardment of Vietnam.

This trend of guilt is implemented domestically through the promotion of the American gun culture.  The goal is not to take away guns from the people, but to make the people feel guilty for even wanting to own a weapon.

This twofold strategy used against the American collective conscious is extremely effective in that the association between both the international and domestic perception is difficult to reconcile within the western mindset.  As such, the mind is left open to absorb and accept a new paradigm, which is represented by the multilateral trend, both socioeconomic and geopolitical.

It is hard to imagine that the process and techniques of Edward Bernays have not evolved into complex methods of mass cultural and socioeconomic engineering.  The conspiracy theory aspect of such topics make these posts and conversations difficult, and yet, the factual basis for such techniques and processes is well established and should not be ignored when considering the current state of awareness.

The depth and advancement of these techniques is not well known outside of a small circle of strategists, but we can consider that what appears as open and straight forward communication directed at the disorganized masses, such as gun control, will contain subliminal and counter-intuitive messages directed at developing international and multilateral acceptance within the western, and in particular, American mindset.

This same strategy is also being utilized within the Trump promotion of making America great again.  This slogan is beginning to be used more and more, and is somewhat at odd with the diminishing reserve status of the US dollar.

The multilateral monetary framework will see the diversification and substitution of USD denominated reserves around the world.  This will decrease America’s ability to project socioeconomic and geopolitical power and force the domestic acceptance of multilateral mandates.

The transition of the American mindset to one which is focused on international symbiosis is taking place with little awareness by the masses themselves.  The advancement of this strategy is beyond what most currently realize.

The American identity which developed since the end of World War Two is now being deconstructed and replaced with the multilateral identity.  The staggered and sliding scale type implementation of this transformation is shifting the once US exorbitant privilege towards a shared responsibility between all nations.

The merits and value added functions of this framework are yet to be determined.  But outside of America, it is considered a welcomed change.  - JC

40 Comments on “De-Americanizing America”

  1. Good, insightful Article JC.

    Rahm Emanuel stated , in 2010 I believe, that we need to get people to think of guns in a vastly different way, to brainwash them into thinking that guns are bad.

    Heck I think if they were able to brainwash the world that McDonalds was a good value(hard earn money for poison) to begin with during the 70's , 80's and 90's then who's to say they can't unwind that brainwashing? Although , I think that McDonalds downward earnings are due to people waking up to the dangers of processed foods more than by a manipulation of the elite.

    regarding the 2nd amendment :
    The U.S. has the best-armed civilian population in the world, with an estimated 270 million total guns. True , true ,true that the elite are fearful of that, but I believe their attempts to brainwash a couple million red blooded , freedom loving, fire in their veins constitution loving true blooded all out Americans from feeling guilty about their guns is gonna fail, no way in hell they will willingly give up that right, to the UN or any other nation. This will take years of educational indoctrination into the children of these fire in their veins constitution loving true blooded all out Americans. A process that has made home schooling popular.

    JC , you are right on target and it's on like a pot of neck bones !

  2. Good article JC, but I have to think about this, because I am not sure I agree with you on this..I don't know exactly how to explain what I see from people I talk to everyday..and this isn't just hundreds, but thousands of people. I don't talk to each and everyone..I just am in those large groups of people in America who see a lot of what is happening. Now I don't know that they know exactly what to do about it.. They are angry,, frustrated, disgusted and mostly disgusted that they have sat back and let it all happen. That they were blind in believing that all this was nothing but a conspiracy that would never happen in America, but they are fully aware of what is least the ones I talk to. Perhaps those that sit back, go to on the weekends and think everything is just dandy..maybe they are the ones who think everything is the same as always.

    I agree totally with Marloa on guns. There is no way that those that believe strongly in the second amendment are ever going to feel guilty about their just isn't going to happen. I know these people. I grew up around these people and they do not feel guilty in any way, shape or form. In fact the more they try to make them feel guilty, the more determined they become that nothing will take away their second amendment rights. So Marloa..I couldn't have said it are spot on in this.

    And the whole McDonalds thing was bound to come. People have moved away from McDonalds for lots of reasons. Things change, people change and the whole eating right and healthy thing is taking off in America like crazy. That is why Chipotle is growing like crazy. They are no GMO foods..more organic..fresh and use meats that are from farms that use humane treatment of animals. Now that has been effective advertising and it has created a mindset in America. Now when nothing is labeled anymore maybe we will just go back to eating garbage like we always did. Now, another problem with McDonalds is the internet. You see something new everyday on the net about worms in McDonalds chicken nuggets. Buns that are so preserved that last for really it is all out there to trash McDonalds..And it is working. People actually do believe all this. So McDonalds is losing money for sure, but another business such as Chipotle is growing like gangbusters. Now that is in America.. I can't speak for McDonalds in other nations.

    The atrocities that have happened because of wars that America has been involved in is intolerable, but many things that other countries have been involved in can be seen as equally intolerable and disgusting. Although I can't think of anything more horrible than Nagasaki and Hiroshima. If America could turn around.. become a kinder and gentler nation then we could become the America that was great how many years ago. I was not around when America was great, really. Americans were lied to over and over again. Most thought that these wars were fought for a justifiable reason. And some still do, but believe it or not many are waking up in America. I see it; I read it everyday. Now will they do anything about it..probably not, not if it means it makes their life uncomfortable. How many would be willing to sacrifice? I don't feel optimistic about that at all, but I am seeing things I have never seen before..not sure where it might go from here..but it is refreshing for now.

  3. JC,

    A great deal to unpack… Some thoughts:

    The cultural transition you are articulating here is perhaps manifested most clearly in America’s teacher colleges, where white privilege (and its palliative, white guilt), multiculturalism, the achievement gap, social justice, and race generally are topics which rather quietly but profoundly dominate the subtext of the curriculum. The pedagogy that American teachers are taught is both implicitly and explicitly steeped in this narrative like a canard spreading through 17th century Salem. This reality will only serve to further the Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, as it paves the way for ever more collectivist solutions in line with the multilateral transition.

    Regarding conspiracy theory, we should not shy away from the label, for as POM’s approach has always been to follow the data. And if the data demonstrates a significant and influential faction of an elite group is successfully manifesting their agenda, we can accurately identify that as a conspiracy fact, for which there is ample evidence to substantiate. The Sandy Hook Operation is just such an example which drives the gun control rhetoric and the manufacturing of collective American guilt you have elucidated here.

    The Hegelian Turn towards international solutions, whether they be in the cause of peace or combating “climate change” are both trends towards global governance, aka multilateralism, that are likely to have significant consequences. Perhaps this will result in some increased awareness among the American electorate about all the shenanigans going on internationally in their name. And perhaps “They hate us because we are free” will in fact become just another platitude in a string of Bernaysian sophistry that will be understood for being just that.

    Is this sunset of American Empire the sign of a new Renaissance, or a furtherance of the cosmopolitanism that internationalists like Martha Nussbaum are so taken with? It appears that America’s sense of exceptionalism might drift away with its exorbitant privilege.

    1. I think Marloa captured it well Orleanareview..

      The U.S. has the best-armed civilian population in the world, with an estimated 270 million total guns. True , true ,true that the elite are fearful of that, but I believe their attempts to brainwash a couple million red blooded , freedom loving, fire in their veins constitution loving true blooded all out Americans from feeling guilty about their guns is gonna fail, no way in hell they will willingly give up that right, to the UN or any other nation. This will take years of educational indoctrination into the children of these fire in their veins constitution loving true blooded all out Americans. A process that has made home schooling popular.

  4. We will see.. I agree on almost everything JC says, but this one thing.. I agree with Marloa on completely.. Americans are looking a lot differently today. I am sure the elitist probably would be horribly disappointed that there are many who still won't give up their guns.

    I am not sure that you actually caught what I was speaking of as conspiracy..but It is ok..

    I thought this was one of those articles that got a WOW out of me.

  5. The other day I was talking to a friend who was eating fast food at the time. We began discussing how bad this processed food was for us and he agreed. We even discussed the documentary “Supersize Me”

    which depicts how detrimental fast food is to our bodies. By the time he was finished with his burger our conversation had migrated to gun control where he boldly began explaining how no one will ever take his guns……..

    You know I’m glad I didn’t say anything because he’s most likely absolutely correct! They can’t be taken if they are willingly given up.

    My selfish hope is that it won’t take another civil war to convince everyone……whatever the future direction of America becomes.

  6. Those wanting data I decided to look for some that was objective and didn't have a political twist to it on either side. I find that the data if all our gun owners pay attention, shows that those with guns are much safer than those without. I believe as long as we have the internet and information none of these gun owners will ever give up their guns. Even though first time sales have gone down some..those that own guns are buying more... This article gives the data on that. And those who are 2nd amendment protectors will also most definitely look at the rise in violent crimes with guns in states with gun bans. Washington DC during their gun ban had a huge increase in murders.. So, going with the data I would say Americans who look at their guns as a way of protection and defending themselves are never going to give up their guns. Now the effort is ongoing to take out our constitution, but I can say from personal experience and observing that it just might take a revolution Dane.. people are absolutely passionate about the constitution and most especially the 2nd amendment. BTW this a very good and objective source of data..

    1. An interesting piece of data, not very good for gun control advocates.. across the board guns are not the enemy, but a friend for protection.

      * Since the outset of the Florida right-to-carry law, the Florida murder rate has averaged 36% lower than it was before the law took effect, while the U.S. murder rate has averaged 15% lower.[108]

      1. This data is from 2010 and I will look for something newer, and see if data has changed measurably...I am thinking that when it comes to crime not much will change on this. If you are a target and have no way of protecting yourself violent crime will take a foothold. I heard a statistic on knife murders some time ago and it was unbelievable how many crimes that are committed with I guess at some point they will have to ban knives and we will be like cavemen and just pick up our food with our hands and rip it with our teeth.

    2. Dottie, remember I stated that the gun debate is a red herring issue. It doesn't matter if Americans give up their guns or not. It's irrelevant. The change is already happening and is growing in the minds of Americans. Gun control has never been about gun control. Its about developing a culture of guilt. Not guilt on holding guns, but guilt associated with the American identity that needs to be transformed to fit into the international mind set. In another 15 to 20 years gun ownership will be a mute point. The powers that be do not care if Americans won't give up their guns because with each passing generation the international mindset is being engineered. The fact that Americans today are rallying around the gun issue would suggest that the strategy is working as planned. I know that seems backwards to most, but in time it will become clearer. This post was not about gun control, it was about re-engineering the American identity. Passion always exists in the midst of a fundamental change.

      1. Wasn't fundamental change was Obama's mantra when he was running for president.. I am all for the ending of America being in every nation in the world creating havoc. That is positive change..the rest.. Idk..

  7. JC this change you speak of, this reprogramming of the western world to submit to slavery, this is not about the end of America's prominent financial position it is about the end of freedom.

    America stands for freedom, at least when we were respected around the world that is what was admired. Now we look like greedy, fat, lazy payed off get alongs. There is nothing left to respect or admire.

    This must change. America needs to reestablish it's light shinning on the world. America needs to be a strong symbol of standing up for freedom in a non violent way. The fact that every time gun control is mentioned gun sales go thru the roof says Americans love their freedom. I do not believe Americans love guns but what they stand for.

    Same as why Americans are buying so much Silver. Silver is a non violent act of taking responsibility of storing ones wealth outside the system of corruption and theft. Gold too but that is for richer folks, anyone can afford to skip a coffee and buy a 90% silver dime.

    Let's say the economic power shifts to China or all the BRIC's nations, there is no one among them who gives a poop about freedom. The whole atmosphere will be about corporate and political policy for profit. We all become economic slaves. Alive slaves but slaves.

    The universe was not created for humans to become slaves even voluntarily. In a closed system where "they" wish to reprogram us their actions must become more numerous and more obscene to control us which eventually leads to the demise of the system, Second Law of Thermodynamics.

    Let them have their cake and let them eat it all, along with their stocks, Ferrari's, McMansions and their dreams of world control and one day soon we will all see how freedom has a way of rising to the top of priorities and trumps all other plans. How the planet itself will revolt again such un natural acts of suppression.

    Your writings are right on point as always. I hope one day the world will change and you can write about real positive change for the better.

    1. speedspirit,

      I hear the constant refrain in many sectors of both academia and the media about “When we were great”, or “When we stood for something” vis-à-vis America’s rightful place as the shining city upon that hill, but I always find this nostalgia rather perplexing.

      When was America great? By America I mean the elite planners that overcome any isolationist, i.e. non-violent impulses the American people might have; and by great I mean not engaged in extrajudicial assassinations and economic warfare against resource-rich countries.

      It would seem more accurate to state that America stands for freedom in the same way ancient Greece did; in that the US has wage slaves in the same way Greece had helots. Helots in the modern world are those very people that “Hate us because of our freedom”, i.e., are not amenable to “free” markets and American Imperialism.

      It is also worth observing that the whole of recorded history has shown, regardless of any ostensible purpose of the creation of the universe, that enslavement of people is in fact the status quo and no the exception.

      1. I strongly agree with this comment. The slave and master dynamic is the one constant in history. Revolutions are engineered to rejuvenate the hearts and minds of the slaves. That is the sole purpose.

      2. Although i agree with this statement from the geo-politics point of view, this is not the only view, at least not for most people.

        The US used to be a beacon for technological progress, opportunity & knowledge. Universities flourished, society progressed, even the arts flourished.

        In the 50s and 60s (right after Bretton-Woods), when even blue-collar workers were earning a very decent living.
        The working class was not always depressed (just a break for the helots you can argue)

        This is what the average American means by "when we were great"

  8. America defeated the British and became a free nation. The industrial revolution gave birth to many modern inventions. It's true America is guilty of many faults like killing all the native Americans and wars in foreign lands we had no business to be involved in. But thru it all we were known for our Constitution. That document has now become just a piece of paper from history. This slave and master scenario has room to grow and now take advantage of the poor in third world countries. The whole world becomes slaves to the bankers who are permitted to print money at will to buy national resources. The biggest something for nothing scheme ever created.

    There is hope that as peaceful revolution against enslavement is possible. There is nothing new going on and man can choose to rise above negative emotions. This is the hope I have for America. A peaceful revolt because we think we can.

    1. Wow..thanks speed spirit..that was a very positive thought you brought into the conversation. I was starting to get really, but your upbeat positive statement did help.

      I mean I am not happy with what America has done as far as wars.. being the policeman of the world and believing that control and power is the answer. But honestly I believe that many individual Americans never signed up for that. Many being of the slave mentality.. as we have talked about.. believed that America was always right and was on the side of liberty and truth. Some of us have become enlightened and realized that we have been lied to ..hoodwinked so to speak. It wasn't the average American who flew the flag proudly that created wars..and destroyed nations.. and murdered the innocent.

      So I guess sometimes I take it personally when people bash America..because when they bash America, I feel they bash me. It may sound corny, but I feel I am a part of the soil of this nation. It reaches deep into my heart. I think about my dad. who flew the flag on every occasion. A man who worked hard..started on a dairy farm as a child.. got up every morning at 5 am and milked the cows at 6 years old. He worked his entire life and honestly loved it. To say that someone actually enjoyed working hard.. does anyone really say that anymore? My dad got a 6th grade education.. but bought books on how to build homes.. To make a long story, very short..he one day went into the construction business..built a fairly good sized business for himself. He never felt as if he was a slave..he felt proud. He was happy where he was and what he had achieved and he always thought that America was a wonderful place to live and that if you worked hard you could achieve. Some could think that means being a slave..idk.. but my dad believed that what he achieved was what made America great..the freedom to be able to achieve. So I guess freedom and greatness might just be whatever you, the individual believes it to be. I love America.. I love my homeland. I love this beautiful place i grew up in.. I am a part of the soil.. I will always believe that, as a tear rolls down my face.

  9. Walden a book by Henry David Thoreau sounds like a marvelous read.

    "Thoreau hoped to gain a more objective understanding of society through personal introspection. Simple living and self-sufficiency were Thoreau's other goals, and the whole project was inspired by transcendentalist philosophy, a central theme of the American Romantic Period. As Thoreau made clear in his book, his cabin was not in wilderness but at the edge of town, about two miles (3 km) from his family home."

  10. One of the fundamental changes I would love to see, but seems it is not happening is the change from our evil control of the Middle East. I am just not seeing any changes here, but an even more aggressive strategy in the Middle East. It is hard to really get the truth and I have followed this guy some. He seems a little on the wild side, but I do know that what he is saying is true as it matches with other non mass media news sources. Why is the US still fighting Russia. Is it messing up their long range plans for Middle East. Where will it go from here? The neocons are still at it and it looks like even stronger than ever.

  11. JC said:

    "Revolutions are engineered to rejuvenate the hearts and minds of the slaves. That is the sole purpose."

    Brilliantly stated - that is why I come here daily! I think that statement underlays the discussion on gun control in this thread. In recent history, we have seen gun toting citizens standing against police in support of a rancher (Cliven Bundy), and in support of police in a racially charged situation (Oath Keepers in Ferguson). As long as our corporate controlled media can effectively direct the gun toters' ire at some other group from the masses rather than rent seeking elites who should be overthrown, removing the guns is not a necessity.

    Gun Control, like most hot button social issues, is just a way of polarizing voters on one side or the other without actually having to deliver anything after the election.

  12. Since everything is planned..then who sits around all day devising these plans. I just don't think everything is a devised plan..some things just really do happen I do believe a lot in our society is planned, but to be watching everyday to see the new plan of the day is just going over the least imo.

    I also wonder sometimes when we say slave/master that perhaps the master can be the slave as well. The master is a slave to the plan..and many times money and power. It is fun to watch the elitist when their plans don't work our exactly as it was meant to be ,run around in a frenzy trying to figure out what the next plan will be. The best laid plans of mice and aren't we all slaves to something?

    1. Hello Dottie I feel your sentiment. Thank you for that because it reminded me of some early POM posts, a series called "The Century of the Self". It's a great series to get a peek behind the proverbial door if you will.

      But since you've been busy these days I believe the third video may shed light on or show a different dynamic to your thinking about the slave/master scenario and "giving up our guns" and such. I believe it was subtitled "The Policeman inside all our heads".

      1. I enjoy all of JC's entires, but Dane I am not a huge fan of Freud..some feel he is antiquated in the world of psychology today, but some really feel he was beneficial in the conscious/unconscious analyzing of the human brain. I just never cared for Freud so I guess this is not beneficial to me.As they say to each his own..

        Now here is a good way of looking at my point I was trying to put forth..For me of course, everything goes back to the, the creation and his will decision to rebel and walk away from his creator. By walking away, I believe man left his source for his entire existence/being. But here is a good article on man being a slave no matter his place in life..leading masses is also done by religions as well.

        1. Dane, I think even JC would appreciate this quote..

          “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

          1. This statement in the above article..goes back to my idea that man left his source when he used his free will to leave his creator. Being created doesn't mean you are a slave.. but you pull from your creator the ability to create. That is who we are..creators.. go back to our source, we inherited his, not that God is a he or a she, but a spirit)..his power to create.

            Humans are primates. We aren’t designed for doing the same thing in the same way day in and day out. Human beings are creative creatures. An organism designed to design. We’re meant for the exploration of our external environment and our internal imaginative vistas. This rarely includes a timecard.

        2. Actually Dottie it shows how a society is lead by its emotions to do whatever the desired outcome. It shows how we will do something even if we know it's wrong or will kill us.

          Don't let that its Freud's theories block you from the knowledge. This knowledge may give you a better foundation for your rebellion.

          1. It isn't truly knowledge as it is a theory..not that theories can't be just isn't proven.

            I have no rebellion..what rebellion. I am perfectly content in my belief there is no rebellion.

          2. I suppose Dane, you get that I am speaking of rebellion in the little quote up there. Honestly.. I am free within my own self, but it doesn't stop me from questioning things. I don't meld well because I do have my own sense of self.

            .You can control those sub conscious thoughts... I do it all the time..That is if you recognize them. I see it in subliminal messages.I can recognize subliminal messages..where there are others that can't. I can see things in others that some can't see. It is an intuitive thing..maybe a gift..

            And rebelling isn't necessarily a bad thing. Rebelling has brought changes as well.. and good changes. Rebellion in itself is a sign that things are changing..and it can go either way...If you have ever watched The Hunger Games you will see that rebellion has a cost, but can be something for the good..Would you rather sit back and let someone else decide if you live or die?

  13. One has to have an open mind to understand that the Rothchild family is ultimately in control. This family is known to be the richest family is the 19th century but many want to believe they have gone away. Really? Where. Investigating reveals their empire is still in operation and worth $500 Trillion. So life of the masses can be organic but ultimately and real direction is bought and paid for by the Masters the Rothschild's.

    They own every central bank on the planet and even though there is no documentation we know from past documents they owned the central banks. There is no reason to ever sell the biggest money making business ever created. And who could afford to buy it?

    All of man's problems come from this unseen Master and slaves arrangement. Unfortunately I do not see any escape. All other solutions are just a trap into further enslavement. And I do not buy into that the we are responsible for allowing this arrangement . Being decieved, lied to and bullied is not acceptable in any other part of society but at the very top it is expected to ensure our safety and well being.

    1. Speed, the master-slave dynamic is a polarity trap. Like life and death. One cannot truly escape the dynamic by moving to the opposite pole.

      We probably have all been both masters and slaves numerous time.
      Escaping this dynamic involves taking full resposabilty and a rising above the animalistic urges to escape or survive or avoid loss and restore lack in any way. The tiniest amount of blame or guilt will keep one locked into the dynamic.

      Resistance is as futile as compliance.

      1. Dripfood.. I don't see this so much as resistance. Just as we go through a process when a family member or a dear friend do we go through a process when change takes place. Many Americans do not understand what is happening with their nation. They don't study; they don't research..some aren't even inquisitive as to what is happening, so they really don't see anything different/abnormal going on around them. They see gas prices go down. or they is simple and demand..they see their dollar either buy more or buy less with that 1.00 and really in most cases just is either inflation or deflation. They don't really know the complications that are going on in the background.

        But Americans do see their country sinking. They don't see manufacturing anymore..they don't see jobs and they hear that 94 million people are out of work and many are feeling it as well. They know the government debt is 19 trillion. They see freedoms eroding. They see migrants coming into the country that look like those that would harm them. They see borders open..and those that live in the border states experience horrible murders perpetrated by people they don't know or understand.

        In the minds of Americans there is an onslaught of those who want to destroy their way of life. They see America as they know it dying. So here is the death I was speaking of..the death of someone they love. It doesn't matter that it is something inanimate..It is a love..a friend.. you can't talk directly to this loved one, this friend, but you know it is there. The America that they mostly read about in books. It hasn't existed for a long time, but slowly has died. They know about the wars...but most can not admit that these wars were deliberately done by those that control their dear friend and love, America.

        It is terminal..that another is sneaking around the corner..but it isn't America..who is it that has become the friend that just doesn't appear to be the friend, the love..So this brings about the process. The process of death..first denial..then sadness, pain from the loss..then anger, that this friend, love would ever leave you..would ever die.

        Then the process you blame yourself and say..what did I do to cause this to happen.Why wasn't I more involved.why didn't I help this friend, this love..that i cared so much about.

        And then guess what is next??? Acceptance..if and when all this happens ..there will be acceptance. There might even be a bit of revolution before hand, but acceptance will come. It won't be.. Oh I think I will like this or love this new friend, but I will accept this new friend if it is the only way I can live with peace at the death of an old friend, love.

        .So this is not rebellion, but a process. I can accept most anything, but I will not do it by keeping my mouth shut. I will most definitely say.. what I hate about it.. that helps with the process.. Most will do the same.. so, like I said..if you refer to it as rebellion.. then I say.. it is a good thing..acceptance comes in steps..

  14. You think that the Rothschilds are not slaves as something..take a look at their history and you will find that they were slaves at one time and then became slaves to their fortune and maintaining power.. so slaves come in different forms.. just have to figure who their master is and it can be inanimate..

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