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  1. Very nice JC. I hope you both have many, many years to figure out each others mysteries. Seems like this vacation allowed you two to disconnect from the world. It allowed you to dance on the magical Atlantean beaches in the bermuda triangle, while your hearts melted together watching beautiful sunsets from the Bahamas. I’m very happy for you two.

    Now get back to work will you! 🙂 Hahaha, I know the first week is hell but you’ll be a zombie to the grind again in no time pal. That day to day grind is what makes these short vacations so precious 😉

  2. I saw this yesterday and it touched me somehow yet to be known. I believe the composer calls it Sweet Rabies but my spanish is lacking so it may be Rabies Sweet.

    I take it to be the creative culmination of chaos and love which seems similar to the space of mystery “between wave and shore”.


  3. Mystery abounds not only out in the wider universe but right here up close personally close within our own Earth and the galaxy in which it lives.

    I’ve always wondered why of all the things talked about , presented in media and the countless hours spent dedicated to things that are superficial , petty even..

    Yet the myriad of the mysteries are almost silent except for people that are always curious, where bread and circus become stifling, epitome of boring because they more than fail at explaining the Live experience. God Bless Us All and PASS the Catchup

    As always JC

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