The Convenience of the North Korean Threat

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It has been said that obvious is not so obvious when observed through the lens of the absurd. This is what we have been experiencing with the ongoing threat of North Korea. The very existence of North Korea is both serious and comical at the same time. Its existence is the number one reason for the American establishment military presence in that part of the world.

Last year I published a post titled Is North Korea and American Puppet State?. In that post we reviewed the possibility that the nation was indeed a tool of this “deep state” within the American governance structure. The article gave numerous examples which supported this claim.

Since that time we have witnessed even more bizarre situations with North Korea. Its nuclear and missile tests are always conveniently timed to correspond with some American interest or another. China makes economic and geopolitical moves. North Korea acts up. Japanese begin to demand that the US military pack up and leave the country. North Korea acts up.

And even more recently we can see that North Korea just might be used as a method of derailing and delegitimizing the Donald Trump administration.

It is clear to most that Trump is in a battle with the American establishment “deep state” and this establishment is using all tools at its deposal to achieve victory. These tools include the mainstream media. It includes establishment members from both political parties. It includes those in other nations who are apart of the larger establishment framework which exists outside of America.

Once we know what clues to watch for we can determine the pattern which is being used. One such clue was visible when Trump and his team were having a dinner party at Mar A Lago in Florida. Conveniently North Korea did a missile test at that exact moment and reporters from the mainstream media were positioned to record and observe as the calls started to come in on the Trump administration phones. The event was quickly blown up on the news to portray Trump and crew as incompetent and dangerous for discussing something as sensitive as North Korea over unsecured phones.

Since then the North Korean threat has continued to escalate and threaten the domestic agenda of the Trump administration. The brother of the North Korean leader was assassinated. China has cut off coal exports to the North and America is moving missile defence systems into Hawaii and Japan. China has been protesting this move by the American establishment as reports are beginning to circulate in Western media that North Korea is getting ready to strike Japan or even Hawaii.

It’s just all too convenient. Let us keep watching the news for this unfolding pattern. The deep state establishment is now beginning to expose itself through acts of desperation. If I’m right about North Korea we will probably know before long, as Trump, and aligned powers in the world, will be looking to take out and remove deep state strongholds such as North Korea. This probably started with the brothers assassination.

The article from last year is included below for your convenience. – JC

There’s just something not right about North Korea.

There’s no solid evidence or smoking gun.  There’s no clear flow of information or data sets which would provide us any sort of focus or understanding.  But like all things in this world the North Korean regime serves a very unique purpose.

This purpose is definitely not for the benefit of the Korean people on either side of the 38th Parallel.  The reunification of the Korean peninsula would be the obvious path forward but has been prevented by the aggressive propaganda coming out of the North.

The case can also be made that China does not benefit from this continued division and the existence of the demilitarized zone which has existed since the Korean War ended six decades ago.  Contrary to western media China promotes independence and wants prosperity for the nations in the region.  The idea that China supports the North Korean regime should be considered absurd.

Though China does some trade with the North it has never fully supported the regime.  Both nations maintain an embassy in the other but there is little else which can be attributed as direct support.  In fact, the relationship between China and the North has deteriorated over the last few decades, with China seizing fishing boats which have wandered into its waters.  Over the last few years China has even built up a larger military presence on the border it shares with the North.

China has even openly condemned the nuclear tests and have agreed on sanctions against North Korea.

Last week Russia fired on North Korean “fishing boats” which entered their waters.  This would be a very strange incident if the North was supported and controlled by China, considering China and Russia are aligned against the geopolitical strategies of the American establishment.  But considering the rise in tension between Russia and America it would make sense if the North was a puppet state of the larger Anglo-American establishment, which would also include British interests.

This is a bold statement which has never been openly considered elsewhere.  At least not that I could find.  But it does make sense when we consider the larger picture and purpose for which the existence of a nation like North Korea would be maintained.
Considering the arc of military bases which the Anglo-American establishment has developed around the Eurasian continent, the purpose of North Korea appears to be a very convenient excuse to maintain a presence on the Korean peninsula.

South Korea is an extension of American culture with the same form entertainment and propaganda which afflicts the western masses.  Whenever the people in the South get restless about the American military presence the North conveniently begins to make threats or test a missile.  It can be even considered further that whenever American interests in the larger Asian region are questioned the North acts up and fires a missile, or threatens to turn the South into a lake of fire.

The South Korean population has even been conditioned to think that reunification with the North would be destructive to their socioeconomic well-being.  The western supported media promotes the idea that the people of the North would be a drain on the resources and wealth of the South.  This encourages the population of the South to not seek reunification.

The whole North Korean presentation smacks of the same Anglo-American scripting which it has used in other regimes and puppet governments which have served their interests.  It could even be questioned whether the North has even successfully tested a nuclear bomb.

It would be my expectation that as the Anglo-American establishment losses influence and power in the region, such as recently happened with the Philippines, the existence of the North Korean regime will be threatened and will eventually collapse as the support is quietly retracted.

The Chinese presence and military buildup on the border could be preparation for the sudden fragmentation of the North.  Little will be left to chance as China acts as a regional support power for the Korean people and enters the North to secure any weapons which may have been developed.

The cartoonish nature of North Korea follows the exact “boogeyman” geopolitical scripting which the western mind has been conditioned to accept and promote within its own cultural dialectic. 

It’s all too convenient and weird.  Not to mention that none of the nation’s aligning against the Anglo-American establishment, such as Russia, China, Iran, Syria, India, and now the Philippines, have made alliances with the North Korean government.  It stands alone as a bizarre state on the edge of the Eurasian continent which justifies an American military presence.

As stated at the beginning, there is little direct proof that America is supporting the North Korean regime.  It does give the North aid on a semi-regular basis, even as it promotes the idea that the regime is a threat to peace in the region.  But outside of that there is little else.

But we need to look with different eyes.  What are we not seeing?  What are we seeing?  What pattern does exist?  Can this pattern be applied to a larger pattern?  I believe it can, as the whole North Korean scripting follows a similar pattern of what we have seen from other western supported puppet governments.  Time will tell if this thesis is correct.  Let’s hope the Korean people have a peaceful reunification and no larger war ever breaks out in the region.  – JC

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