The Convenience of the North Korean Threat

JcollinsGeopolitical, Premium POM

It has been said that obvious is not so obvious when observed through the lens of the absurd. This is what we have been experiencing with the ongoing threat of North Korea. The very existence of North Korea is both serious and comical at the same time. Its existence is the number one reason for the American establishment military presence in that part of the world.

Last year I published a post titled Is North Korea and American Puppet State?. In that post we reviewed the possibility that the nation was indeed a tool of this “deep state” within the American governance structure. The article gave numerous examples which supported this claim.

Since that time we have witnessed even more bizarre situations with North Korea. Its nuclear and missile tests are always conveniently timed to correspond with some American interest or another. China makes economic and geopolitical moves. North Korea acts up. Japanese begin to demand that the US military pack up and leave the country. North Korea acts up.

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