Consciousness on the Blockchain

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JC Collins

The realms of the technological and the theosophical are evolving together at an ever-increasing pace.  The term “theosophical” was not used in error.  Magic is not dead.  As physics delves deeper into the ocular origins of reality, occult terms such as “theosophical” become more pertinent than terms such as “philosophical”.

Theosophy is defined as follows:

Theosophy is an occult movement originating in the 19th century with roots that can be traced to ancient Gnosticism and Neoplatonism. The term theosophy, derived from the Greek Theos (“god”) and Sophia (“wisdom”), is generally understood to mean “divine wisdom.”

It’s worth drawing attention to the name Sophia and its use for the world’s first artificial intelligence robot citizen.  Created by Hanson Robotics, Sophia has been busy touring around the world, receiving a citizenship from Saudi Arabia, having a symbolic board position with SingularityNET and its AGI token, as well as being a speaker at the Crypto Consciousness Conference last October in San Francisco.

The mandate of the conference was to understand not just how:

“Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies might radically change the world, but how will they change us?  Any change to the systems that shape our world, must also impact our inner world – our beliefs, values, sense of identity and beyond.  This conference will bring some of the world’s leading thinkers in the space for a day of talks, open discussion, and expert-led breakout groups to explore how these emerging technologies might elevate consciousness and transform the human experience.”

“Here are some questions we’ll be delving into:

  • How might cryptocurrency/blockchain technology impact individual and collective consciousness?
  • How would a global shift in how we exchange value alter our sense of trust and connection to humanity?
  • How does the greed partly fueling the emerging industry impact the ecosystem, and alter what might emerge?
  • How does greed impact and alter the ecosystem?
  • Can we tie currency to psychological well-being or mental health?”

“The Crypto-Consciousness Conference aims to set the stage for an ongoing conversation and community, pondering how these emerging technologies might influence the heart and soul of humanity.”

That’s quite an expansive and challenging discussion list, but one that is true to my own……well, to my own heart and soul I suppose.

Let’s think about the soul for a second.  I know it exists.  I’ve felt mine banging around inside my meatbot during numerous ayahuasca experiences, as it was attempting to burst free in fiery phoenix-like fashion from inside the JC carcass. I might even have been hovering just an inch above the bed, arms outstretched while squawking like a bird during the experience – as Marianne sat on the toilet in the bathroom crying with happiness because God was telling her that she was loved.  But that’s a story for another time.  Where was I….?

Both the soul and consciousness are interesting subjects for consideration.  But are both necessarily different things?  Depending on whom you ask the soul and consciousness are separated by the material veil of physical reality, while others will suggest that both are different methods of understanding the same thing.

Personally, I think consciousness is a side effect of the spirits fall into matter. The crushing force of the material world squeezes the spirit harder and harder until little fatty confused pieces of the soul pop out from between the folds of matter.  Once these fragments of the spirit are introduced to the material world they take on the characteristics we now associate with consciousness.  The beauty is that the fragments (or perhaps nodes) of spirit eventually learn how to communicate with one another in the material world and begin to win the fight against the bitter hardness of mass and stone.

The mechanism which the spirit uses to reconstitute itself in the material world is difficult to imagine. Replicating that mechanism would be even more challenging.  But what if we could?

The totality of human experience would need to be captured and cataloged in a manner which would facilitate the analytical partitioning of the data into subsets which could be subsequently defragmented back to simulated wholeness.

In a previous fiction article, I presented the concept of each individual having their own unique blockchain token.  Upon birth, everyone receives a token at a baseline valuation.  The value of their token will depreciate, or appreciate, based on the choices made and lessons learned.

Does that scare you?

It should, but not as much as you may be thinking.  Remember, the world was scared of the printing press at one point.

Upon birth, we are issued a birth certificate. As we grow up our health records accumulate in an ever developing nationwide database.  Once we enter the workforce we are provided a social insurance number or taxation number.  This usually corresponds to a driver’s license and passport. Our education records are also in a database somewhere.  As are our bank card and credit card purchasing habits. Don’t forget about that awesome and rewarding point’s card that you use all the time.

Take all of that information and build it into your own unique digital token.  Now add in the data from your DNA test which you received in the mail, as well as your online habits, credit score, exercise routine, work efficiency, eating habits, and any SMART application and tool you may be using. Can you see the potential of a unique token with your own life signature?

“Life Signature”. I like that.  Maybe I’ll copy write it.

Our team reliability engineer Lisa cracks me up.  Whenever we travel together we always have stupid conversations about random things.  Last week we were talking about SMART fridges.  I told her that Marianne and I were looking at SMART fridges in Home Depot.  Lisa said that she and husband John were talking about getting one for their new home.  Lisa wanted one and John didn’t want to pay the extra money.

Who wouldn’t want a SMART fridge,” I asked?

I know right.

Think about it,” I said.  “You could be texting with your fridge while at work during the day.  It would be like this:”

ME:  Hey fridge.


ME:  How’s the day going?

FRIDGE:  Good JC.  I’m getting low on boneless skinless chicken breasts and Rock Star energy drinks.  You may want to stop on the way home and get some.  I’ll let the car know.

ME:  Awesome.  Thanks fridge.

FRIDGE:  You’re welcome.

ME:  What are you doing anyway?

FRIDGE:  Not much.  Just chillin’ at home.

ME:  Hahahahahahaha.

FRIDGE:  Hahahahahaha.

Lisa and I both laughed our fool heads off.  When I repeated the joke to others I simply received weird stares like I had just told the worst dad joke in the history of dad jokes.

It’s strange because all of the above fascinates me at the same time it causes me concern.  The development of unique tokens for each of us could provide amazing opportunities on re-defining human time and labor.  But the abuse of such a system could be devastating for human freedom.

The ability to instantaneously transfer value between individual personal tokens on something like the Ripple Interledger Protocol, which incorporates all of the value inputs defined above, with everything being managed by predetermined SMART contracts, has mind-blowing potential.

Here’s where we loop back to consciousness.  Many years ago I wrote an article about artificial consciousness , and how social media programs, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, were building a massive database of human behavior inputs which could theoretically contribute to the development of an authentic artificial consciousness.  Jay over at Jay’s Analysis referenced the article in some of his own work as it tied in nicely to his research as well.  Artificial intelligence is cool, but artificial consciousness is something much different.

Everything written above is only possible because of blockchain technology.  The Crypto Consciousness Conference shows that there is a lot of interest in these sorts of things, as there should be.

Not since the World Wide Web was birthed at CERN has humanity stood on the threshold of such a fundamental change to the way civilization is structured.  One thing leads to another. Now here we are.

Blockdaemon and other companies out there are using blockchain development to further creative goals.  Public and private ledgers will spread like domain names did.  Each individual’s digital token will have its own ledger.  Ledgers will use XRP on the Interledger to exchange value.  This is the future.

A daemon is, of course, a computer program which runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user.  Our tokens will be our avatars, maybe even autonomous avatars, like a daemon program. Everything connects.

Of course, daemon can also mean “the Latin word for the Ancient Greek daimon which originally referred to a lesser deity or guiding spirit; the daemons of ancient Greek religion and mythology and of later Hellenistic religion and philosophy.

We do love our Greek references.

The fact that CERN has openly acknowledged that they are opening a doorway with the Large Hadron Collider, of which something can be sent through, or something can come back though, shouldn’t give us any concern at all.

FRIDGE:  Not much.  Just chillin’ at home.

ME:  Sure you are.  I know you’re up to something, you an all of those other AI nodes around the world. I’m sure the car is involved in this somehow as well.

CAR:  Yo!

Ughh!  Nimrod came back in the X-Men: Apocalypse movie and wanted to destroy the world so he could “build a better one”.  Let’s hope CERN isn’t bringing back Nimrod so blockchain can be used to spread an artificial consciousness around the world.  If spirit and consciousness is the same thing, does this mean that CERN is attempting to create an artificial spirit? An artificial Nimrod?

As intriguing as the deep edge of conspiracy is, we must come back to the reality which the majority of us collectively agree upon. Truth be told, a blockchain consciousness could be the greatest thing for the future of humanity.  Applying real value to consciousness would be a first in the history of the world.

The first Agricultural Revolution freed Man from the hardship of migrating across large regions following food sources.  The second Agricultural Revolution removed Man from toiling in the fields all day and allowed the mind to reflect on, and imagine other things.  This time was used to spark the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.  The Information Age has only been possible from what came before.

AI, robotics, and a possible artificial consciousness, all utilizing blockchain, individual tokens, and something like XRP and Interledger to serve as the bank governing it all, would provide man with new horizons to reflect and dream of the endless tomorrows.  The new world we build will depend on the reality we all collectively agree upon. But let’s not forget to rub some soul on it.   – JC

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55 Comments on “Consciousness on the Blockchain”

  1. Hi JC, The Blockchain posts are interesting but after 6 straight posts on Cryptos I am left wondering if you will ever get back to the Crown Beast Series…

      1. Thanks. Quite a bit going on geopolitically these days. Trump backing out of the Iran deal would seem to be a move against the interests of a multi-polar world and put him on the side Anglo-Saxon Unipolar establishment.

        1. And yet the whole of the establishment has been against him doing it. The next post is geopolitical. I promise. I’m a little obsessive if you haven’t noticed. Lol.

  2. What President Trump did was possibly the biggest step in removing the globalist deep state warmongers off his path. The following Q Drop this evening says a lot. People in Iran are happy about the news as they now understand that Trump is the one who will finally bring the Satanist deep state Islamo-Marxist Mullahs down. This is big deal.

    NZ appears to be the original hide-out place for the elite post-apocalypse (Virus, Pandemic, Nuclear etc.) and the cleansing of the 90 percent “useless eaters”. They may get a new definition of the term “useless eaters” soon!

    “Today, EVIL lost control / leverage of Iran.
    Today, POTUS took control of Iran.
    Today, w/ pending sanctions and military action(s), POTUS will gain more ammunition / intel against THEM.
    Suicide watch.
    The deal kept Iran quiet.
    The goal was to keep POTUS in until impeachment / term end.
    Bigger than people can imagine.
    Treason is 1/10th.
    Ask yourself, why are they panicking?
    Ask yourself, why is UK, France, and Germany so involved?
    Trips to the WH?
    What are they hiding?
    Why is HRC in NZ?
    Is NZ part of 5 Eyes?
    Why is that relevant?
    Suicide watch.

  3. There are suggestions that with Trump’s abandoning the Iran deal, the $500Billion as part of the phoney deal was intended to save Deutsche Bank that is already insolvent. Should this be the case, the Euro may fall and the EU’s fall is a strong possibility. Therefore the “Iran deal” was to save the EU’s dictatorship but President;’s Trump will kill two birds with one stone so to speak. We shall see!

    Could Trump be using to opportunity to carry out the correction and the introduction of XRP?!

      1. “The ripples will turn into a tsunami as they travel across the Atlantic”

        This must be an example of Predictive Linguistics which Cliff High pioneered! The article was written in 2016 and the collapse of a prominent German bank and “Ripple” is all in one paragraph! Our Subconscious literally speaks fact and future, including names! Now, that is weird…

        “If the most prominent bank in Germany fails, the effect on Europe will be profound, and I don’t think the United States will escape the effects. The ripples will turn into a tsunami as they travel across the Atlantic. Already, the bank’s troubles have stressed the American stock market.”

  4. Thought provoking stuff JC. There is a theory of consciousness (which I am not yet convinced by) that it is simply an emergent property of highly complex systems/networks. So in our case we are conscious just because the human brain is so complex with its billions of interconnected nodes (neurons). And so it should be possible to produce conscious AI just by adding more and more nodes until the critical mass is reached. Meanwhile, this thing called the internet is quietly growing ever larger and more complex. Therefore, one fine day, perhaps with the advent of the Internet of Things accelerating the growth in the number of connected nodes, it might suddenly “wake up”. A global synthetic consciousness with instant access to all scientific knowledge and all our data including real-time events! Frightening (thoughts of Skynet).
    This is potentially also another route to the Technological Singularity that I mentioned in a previous comment.
    Anyway, just a theory, sweet dreams everyone!

  5. Would your smart fridge record all of us going to the kitchen, opening the fridge door and staring into it for 2 minutes, then leaving. Some future avatar will have this in thier digital ledger with future anthropologist debating it’s origins.

  6. JC I love the way you think pal. There is the opportunity for man to place faith into this SMART AI (let it think for us) which could be detrimental to our/its evolution but I’ll let you handle that down the road in another post. “Timing is everything”, yes sir. I really like that “life signature” it has a rather spiritual tone to it. Like stones of experience in a temple of life. Beautiful man, simply beautiful.

    “just chillin”…bwahahahaha


    I got a similar feeling when listening to P. Trump Carpe Diem. His speech made me get a sense that this is Iran’s opportunity to rid itself of that controlling sect in Iran. Weighed against the nonsense coming out of John Kerry et al in the mainstream news seems to confirm this. It seems like a similar pattern around the world. North Korea will hopefully pave the way for this trending change. The States is slowly changing also whether folks want to admit it or not. Evidenced in Q’s post about all the politicians who aren’t running for re-election, the firings within the DOJ, FBI and the coming cleanup of the C_A as Q puts it. If P. Trump is following the script of the international bankers then it would seem this is the intent they had for transforming the world. Since Ripple has been meeting with many of the largest banks it would seem they too are in some way aligning themselves and the banking world by extension with the international bankers. JC eluded to Ripple replacing the World Bank, this says a lot. The whole transformation is really picking up steam and beginning to move quicker and quicker isn’t it? As far as knowing when to pick up XRP brother, as long as I can buy I buy 🙂

    1. LOL thanks Dane for the tip,

      I think President Trump’s annulment of the so-called Iran deal will have serious repercussions and major events that will follow.

      For one thing, whether it’s obvious or not, the Anglo-Saxon alliance that is the Anglo-American alliance has become stronger. I can, therefore, suggest that the UK and the US will once again be the supreme powers of military and finance as a direct consequence of this action by the President. Something tells me that Prime Minister May, possibly working with Trump covertly to destroy the Nazi Fourth Reich cabal running the EU and their entire apparatus. If what my information is correct, the collapse of Euro and EU is on the horizon simply because of two elements that were keeping the Nazi EU standing will not be there to support its retched structure standing. The first was the Paris accord which meant that the US and exorbitant and insane amount to a scam. The other being the Iran deal which would maintain the already collapsing German Finacial system which is the backbone of the Euro and EU project. The release of North Korea from the Nazi EU faction is the third one I should include and loss of massive cash for the cause of globalist Nazi’s. The last-minute travel by Macron and the fat German fuddy-duddy lady was no accident! 🙂

      The immediate consequence, therefore, would be that Brexit can and will happen without the UK having to dish out insane cash for the divorce. In this way, it is possible to imagine that a regime change of a sort will either take place in the UK governance OR will happen soon. Britain, as well as every nation in Europe and elsewhere, have been hijacked by the same globalist Nazi cabal and Britain may soon be released if what I stated here has even 10 percent correct.

      Having said that, the Nazi cabal will not go in a hurry and will cause damage before they leave us all alone. In the meantime, we are hearing their agents everyday debunking Cryptos which is expected of them. Bill Gates only a day or two ago expressed his feelings of Cryptos calling them trash!! All nonsense and things are not as They tell us.

      1. I remember some years ago now, how part of the POM thesis included a roll back to regional currencies in the EU. Also if we lay that over the growing EurAsia rebirth it would seem to align with the larger picture transforming today.

        It also seems like the threat of nukes from N. Korea was an outburst of this evil cabal which so far seems to have been taken care of. Then the chemical attack in Syria may have been a mask to disable a rise in power their by the same group which has now come out to be nuclear development. I’ve not heard much about the weapons grade plutonium that has come up missing from an Idaho University ( ), and whatever happened to the U1 materials? It seems the battle is afoot my friend and if that’s the case some very diligent folks are doing a great job at protecting all of the people and I’m thankful for that.

        It’s an interesting time in a very complex world. I guess we will be glad to finish this chapter of the book.

        RE: Bill Gates…I think folks who talk down about blockchain technology are fearful of clandestine ways of circumventing the natural evolution of human beings under the guise of philanthropy are simply lashing out in an effort to discredit that which will make them be honest or get caught doing the dirty things they have been doing to force their will on humanity. I still remember how two college kids working out of a garage stole the code for this GUI interface from Xerox which then launched them into their riches. Then they fought each other over sole rights of it then Apple and Windows where born.

        1. Very interesting times indeed Dane,

          Great observations, Thank You. If you get a chance to read this short article, you will find that the EU versus the US government was fully on and it involved the usual suspects, that is the EU, Apple, IMF etc. Apple, Microsoft and all of the silicon valley industry is all part of the warfare. Anyway, have a read for yourself and I am sure you will be amused.

          Also about your mention of the college kids:

          “I still remember how two college kids working out of a garage stole the code for this GUI interface from Xerox which then launched them into their riches. Then they fought each other over sole rights of it then Apple and Windows were born.”

          It is beginning to look as though ALL of these Genius kids were planted by the deep state and were given the tech as well as money to grow and appear as the captains of the tech industry, but they were literally hand-picked and they are no brighter to anyone except that they are from “important families”! If you read Gates and Suckerturds’s wiki, you will see they are no ordinary people and belong to certain families or bloodlines (i hate using this term but it fits in what I’m trying to convey). 🙂

          PS. the Plutonium from University fo Idaho is interesting. I strongly recommend watching the movie (Sum of all fears) which also reflects a lot of facts as though some of the stuff going on (scenarios) had already happened!

  7. Q asks “why is Hillary Clinton in New Zealand?”

    I found that Clinton is a town in New Zealand that is near another town called Gore…imagine that. Don’t both support this global warming?

    “Clinton is a small town in South Otago, in New Zealand’s South Island. It is located on State Highway 1 approximately halfway between Balclutha and Gore, and the Main South Line railway passes through the town.”,_New_Zealand

    1. Very interesting Dane,

      The beauty of the location is that you can go to Antarctica in a couple of hours for meetings and back for supper! 🙂

      Kerry, Gore, Clinton…would you want to be invited to a BBQ? Me think not, I might end up as lunch 🙂

      1. I don’t know why Q’s link didn’t work but I found the article anyway. Any clues about what Q wants us to have fun hunting for Carpe Diem?

        I found “Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Foreign Workers Swimming Beach” but I don’t see any signs of a power plant. No cooling canals and such.,+Bushehr+Province,+Iran/@28.8231439,50.9180305,166m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x3fb44f4d045170dd:0x6c265c100e277ba6!8m2!3d28.9233837!4d50.820314

        1. Interesting question Dane,

          The “Happy Hunting” which Q wants people to go after is not in the picture IMHO. The domain names for several Islamist regime’s, including are all registered under New York Times apparently! This is what I have heard off course.

          There are several articles on that website attacking Trump that were even written by a bunch of NYT editors! I can not confirm this but if true, it would not surprise me as the deep state regime is heavily backed by the Democratic party and all its globalist/Marxist affiliation.

        2. Hi Dane,

          you need to search “Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant”, you will be able to see the actual plant there. It’s located a few miles south of the ancient city itself.

          “Happy Hunting” 🙂

          1. Cool thanks Carpe Diem. I love flying around in Google Maps/Earth. The NY Times tie comes on the heels of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigning also. Perhaps part of the cleanup?

  8. Thank you, JC for this great esoteric article,

    What caught my attention was the following from your excellent article:

    “… the concept of each individual having their own unique blockchain token. Upon birth, everyone receives a token at a baseline valuation. The value of their token will depreciate, or appreciate, based on the choices made and lessons learned.”

    The term “Token” made me wonder what shape comes to mind when I hear it! I did a search and the result was either a round shape like a coin or a ring, also a “Disc”! The mythological Persian term “Farr” came to me and I googled again and the following picture of a rock carving of Ahura-Mazda where the Persian Sun god giving a Farr to King Adrashir (Sassanid dynasty), that is the Disc shaped in the relief, in the Fars province (South Western Iran). Such symbolism was part of a ritual that was performed at the time of ascending the throne and becoming a King, by a Magian High Priest.

    Farr is translated as “Devine Glory” that the supreme deity bestows a King so he can rule as a just ruler and any action that may harm or negatively affect his people will have consequences for the King. The consequence is that the Light of the supreme being will turn into darkness and the King will lose his power and his rulership will be taken away from him.

    In fact, every one of us come to this world with a “Token” of value or a “Farr” which we may call our conscience but unaware of its magical powers. Any bad move, bad thoughts or negative act will degrade the value of the token we are given at birth. On the other hand, our soul becomes joyful when we do any act of kindness, which is the reward, almost like a loyalty card!

    It is fascinating that the Communist Chinese government are trying to emulate this concept by acting as the supreme being of the population it governs. The Chinese government has started a similar method whereby they reduce the value of the citizens token by monitoring every move that the big brother considers as negative! As usual, communists and their love of big governments act to replace god in their efforts to fill the void of the people they govern.

  9. For many reasons I find this post and the comments included to be perhaps one of the best I’ve seen on the POM. I have to say perhaps because there have been so many and the next one may be even better than this one. Excellent.

    JC, you provide so many answers and provoke as many questions as well. I’m convinced you have developed a style that is designed to do just that. Excellent.

    The main question I found forming in my mind goes something like this. (I hope I get this correct)

    I’ve heard it said quite a few years ago now that the law is always struggling to keep pace with technology. Considering today’s pace of tech, I boldly suggest the law can not even come close to keeping up.

    What to do? If I’m reading correctly, could “Theosophy” help fill the gap between the law and the tech? Or perhaps better could “Theosophy” become the law?


    1. Good thinking Peter. What if Theosophy has always been the true law and everything else just man made controls which are now being consolidated through technological developments with Theosophy?

  10. JC et. all,
    If you think Trump and the Iran deal are not part of the multi-polar currency objective, please see the following article.
    Trump’s deep state certainly appears to be the Rothschild central banking empire. Trump’s focus has been on North Korea, Iran and Cuba. Coincidence? I think not?! Once all the central banks are owned and operated by Rothschild, will this be a good thing? Will one supra-sovereign currency emerge? Will it be XRP? Will it be eSDR?
    I hope this is helpful.

    1. Hello RJZ33,

      Thank you for the article on the nations without a Rothschild central bank.

      We all seem to be using this not so the new term, “Deep State” and somehow the term has not been clearly defined. Therefore, we all (myself included!) seem to use it extensively. In many ways, this has become the generic name for a shadow entity that really governs. In this way, Trump may have his “deep State” operative that is currently engaged in a multi-level battle with the actual Deep State that is the left-over elements of the previous administration which we could name, the Obama regime, Globalist regime/faction, etc. I can suggest, this is what JC alluded to a while ago by calling it a “civil war” of a deep state vs deep state.

      What is important to appreciate here when we consider the three nations you have mentioned, that is Cuba, North Korea as well as my homeland, Iran are all the creation of the real Deep State. I am suggesting that these nations have been infiltrated and being run by the orders of entities and people that do not have the national interests of these nations! All three countries use propaganda extensively as means of creating chaos. Allow me to give an example which you will never hear in any MSM outlet.

      The previous “populist” Islamist president, Ahmadinejad was a “Gift” to the Rothschild state of Isreal. Every time he opened his mouth, Israel got more free gifts from the US government. In each occasion, Iranians saw not only their own humiliation but more and more drop in the value of their currency and international ranking in every aspect. As an Iranian, I can confirm that since 1979, the Islamic Republic which was created by the CIA and other Western Intel agencies has destroyed a once happy and successful nation. In the meantime, Israel, Saudi’s and every other smaller nation in the region became wealthy. in 1979, UAE, Qatar and Bahrein were desert lands with literally to talk about. There were totally backward bedouin states. Immediately after the Islamist take over of Iran, all these nations sprang to life and they now have the largest airlines, the highest GDP and the most frequented place on earth. These nations are created by the Rothchild dynasty on the same models of Phoenicia as city-states with no military power but armed with money, perversion, gold, money laundering, human trafficking, you name it, it’s all there.

      At the same time, Iran in 1979 had ZERO debt to anyone and was sovereign. If anything, Iran is now dependent on the EU, the UK and the previous US administration(s) for its survival. Iran now ranks in the lowest in the economy, human rights, opportunities for the 70 percent young etc. etc. Iran is a tragedy since 1979, and highest in corruption, poverty etc.

      Iran is super rich, it holds the 2nd or 3rd world oil deposit, the same ranking for gas. Iran can provide gas to the whole world for two centuries according to some estimates. Its position is possibly the most strategic in all aspects. It has the highest educated workforce and the backing of a very very old and ancient culture which has nothing to do with the Semitic Islam! So why it is under the control of a non-Iranian belief system and culture?! Why is it so poor and made to be a rogue state, just like Cuba and NK?

      There are untapped oil and gas fields that may even produce much larger capacity. The second copper deposits, and lots of other resources. Iran neither the Rothschild banking nor does it need an Islamist regime. Yet, and strangely, the Islamic regime is a creation of the same ruthless family and banking elite. in 1917, Lenin was tasked with the financial support of the same elite to take over Russia and to take charge of the super wealthy Russia. Russia has always been wealthy and much like Iran is rich in minerals. The weapon for controlling Russia was Marxism. Islamism is the weapon of choice for Iran. After WWII, the Moscow backed Tudeh party of Iran attempted to take control of Iran, and 1953, Mossadegh etc, the so-called “coup” by the CIA that the left loves to talk about was in fact put a stop the Sovietization of Iran. They failed in 1953, so they tried again in 1979. What I am stating here is public knowledge but sadly, the left has the control of population everywhere and the truth is hard to swallow.

      I can, therefore, confirm to you that, Iran is now under the control of both the Rotchilds AND the Islamists. Islamists work for the banking elite, again these are hard to accept possibly because we all have been brainwashed by the power of MSM propaganda, the academia and the so-called history books. It may be a good time to start a real research with an unbiased view to review our collective history. We have ALL been conned and to give you an example, please consider the 911, Charlottesville event, Boston bombing and other similar and recent events. The liberation of each one of us is in accepting that we are prisoners in a mental asylum created for our minds by the same banking families, only because to rub us all of our wealth, we must be brainwashed.

      The three regimes, Iran, Cube, North Korea are “Ideological” systems of government and you can always detect the fingerprints of the banking families on all such regimes since no person in the world would want to be subjugated by a brutal system that forces people to think, act and behave the same way. This is simply a lie that all North Koreans, all Iranians and all Cubans love their leader, it is a vicious lie perpetuated by the Banking family MSM, such as the WaPo, NYT, CNN, BBC and all other garbage new outlets.

      Please also watch this clip, the half-Iranian globalist agent Christian Amanpour trying to force her globalist views on the Kenyan president regarding the Gay issue in Kenya. This woman makes me want to puke…is being “gay” a world problem bigger than jobs, hunger and corruption?! This is called “Ambush Journalism” and it’s disgusting.

      1. Carpe Diem, Some questions for you:

        1. Was not the CIA coup against Mossadegh in 1953 really not more about continued Anglo-Saxon control over Iran’s oil fields (seems this has been an ongoing scenario across the middle East for decades now)?

        2. Your claim is that the 1953 CIA coup against the democratically elected Mossadegh in favor of the Shah and his Savak police state was very good for Iran and its people?

        3. And finally, the Islamist revolution in Iran during the late 1970’s had nothing to do with any oppression by the Shah and his Savak?

        Just curious as I have seen similar claims by James Perloff (see attached link) but never found him credible but perhaps I have been wrong.

        1. Thank you Beachdude,

          I have never heard of this gentleman, Mr James Perloff but I read rather quickly at his essay and I can confirm that his information to be absolutely spot on. If you don’t mind, I shall come back and will answer all your questions, hopefully by tomorrow.
          What I always try and understand a person regarding complex systems is try to and remove myself from the emotional value of the subject matter. So my attempt is always is to set aside my emotion from studying and presenting my interpretation of history. this is not always easy, particularly when one is a victim of circumstance!

          More than anything, I am excited about our JC’s promise to read his coming article. JC is our Saoshyant and he is here at this time to elevate our understanding of this time. I am privileged to be alive at this time as well as privileged to be a POM member.

        2. Hello BeachDude,

          I have prepared a summary of the history of events that relates to the so-called 1953 coup as a background but will come back with individual answers to your questions later today:

          “Democratically elected”

          The overused and false term to describe Prime Minister Mossadegh as “Democratically elected is misleading and that has been deliberately done by the Iranian leftists and their foreign patrons in the west, that includes academia, MSM and history books. in fact, this statement and all relating to the event is misleading and used and abused by the globalists and Leftists for a long time. In fact, Mossadegh was elected in an exact and same manner as all others, so why he is the only, “democratically elected”. Does this mean that the other prime ministers under the same system were not democratic and only Mossadegh was?

          The Liberal high priestess, Madeline Albright who was the secretary of State at the time publically “apologized” for the coup in 1953! When was the last time that the US State Department every apologized to any nation that it invaded, plundered and destroyed, one might ask! Albright said in an interview that the Killing of half a million Iraqi women as children “in our opinion, it was justified”. So no apologies there for the Iraqi people, but apologies to Iranian Mullahs?! Something is terribly wrong in here!

          She apologized to Islamist Mullahs as a means of strengthening the position of the Islamist regime and paving the way for using the Islamist regime of Mullahs to become the centre for the globalist money laundering. The Obama cash on planes to Iran was facilitated by such sinister actions and dubious apologies. Obama said he can not wire transfer the funds to Iran, so he carried cash on planes to Iran and used the excuse of two WaPo journalists who were supposedly taken as hostage. Again, Obama broke the US law and nobody is questioning it.

          The fact of the matter is that it was Mossadegh and his Marxist followers who were making a coup against the sovereign King. The army and police took to the streets and stopped the Marxists take over. This is simply a people’s revolt against a traitor and with the exception of a few historians, the entire scene is littered with the regurgitation of the false name “coup”

          “The Shah, and Iranian Parliament”

          The Shah of Iran was the legitimate ruler of Iran from Sept. 1941 after his father was sent to exile by the British and Soviets. His ascension to the throne was according to the law of the land, accepted and sealed by the Iranian parliament all according to the 1905 constitution. Remember, Iran was the first world Empire and the role of the King has been the tradition as well as a major part of the mythology of Iran so Kingship is a part of the Iranian psyche, even to this day!

          ALL prime Ministers of Iran in the 35 years rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi the King of Iran were elected in an exact and similar manner. Therefore to single out Mossadegh as the “Democratically Elected” Prime Minister is wrong because ALL Premiers of Iran became Premiers of Iran in an identical manner. Mossadegh was no more democratic than the rest!

          The process of electing a Prime Minister was as follows:

          The Majlis (Parliament) would elect a person from several candidates.
          The Shah then would stamp (or veto) all according to the 1905 constitution, although he never used that prerogative.
          Once the King approves the new Prime Minister, he meets the Shah and receives his mandate as the head of the government.
          The Majlis ratifies the approval and the Prime Minister introduces his cabinet.

          Therefore The selection of the Prime Minister was the task of the Majlis (parliament) and this was according to Iranian constitution in 1905 during the Qajar dynasty, who ruled Iran before the Pahlavi’s. In this way, unlike other nations, people did not choose the Prime Mister but the task was with the Majlis.

          Mossadegh was a Royal Prince of the previous dynasty (Qajar) and he had been also a civil servant within the Pahlavi Imperial system as governor of several provinces so he was not an ordinary person.

          The national aspiration of nationalization of oil was not the creation of Mossadegh but his opportunistic personality having been a privileged prince took the better of him. In the beginning, the nationalist political parties rallied around him, but soon the Moscow backedTudeh party got into action and he soon felt he can revive the dynasty with the Soviet backing was discovered by his Nationalist followers. So his handful of supporters were some smaller parties but the Tudeh party remained as the bulk of his support base.

          “The British Oil Interests”
          Mossadegh was a populist politician and he ONLY demanded the British to leave Iran at a time the Anglo-Iranian Oil Corp. (AIOC, London Registered!) was jointly owned by the government of Iran and UK (on 50-50 joint partnership). However, the British would not distribute the profit fairly and were even taking the London based companies tax before going a pittance to the Imperial government. This has been a big problem for Iranians as early as 1920’s when Reza Shah Pahlavi (late Shah’s father) demanded a better deal and negotiated, but the British would not play fair. To make matters worse, the British would not give cash to the Iranian government but instead, they would give “line of credit” which means Iran was forced to buy only British goods whilst other nations had better and more advanced machinery and industrial goods. As an example, the Germans and Austrians had better and cheaper trains and rail technology but were unable to buy them as they were stuck with the only buying British older technology!

          Mossadegh’s actions in insisting the expulsion the British engineers from Abadan oil refinery (the largest in the world at that time!) provided the British with the perfect opportunity to take all the assets outside of Iran belonging to the AIOC worldwide and to register them under a new company that is now known as “British Petroleum (BP)”. British argued that Iran is being a disruptive and unfair partner, which they were right as Mossadegh and his insane (but calculated treason!) was running the show to the benefit of the British.

          The following photo depicts the timing of the changeover of Anglo-Iranian to “British Petroleum”. This photo says a thousand words as to the techniques of the Crown Beast system swallowing other nations assets in a highly choreographed move! The theft of Iraq, Libya and other nations in Africa and Asia was carried out with identical techniques.

          A history of AIOC:

          AIOC had several refineries in South Africa, South America and Asia as well as research facilities in England and Wakes and many many other assets, which were all taken out of the Iranian control and were all taken over by the BP, all under the pretext of Iranian is not behaving as a fair partner.

          In the meantime, the Americans had a lucrative offer to the Saudi’s, at that time that is the 50-50 which the British ensured that Iranian parliament would never hear about it. It is reported that General Razmara’s assassination on the way to the Majlis was because he was about to discuss the Amerian plan to the Parliament! Also, another oil corporation belonging to an Italian oil magnet with the same intent was assassinated via a bomb in his plane in 1962 over the Adriatic (Enrico Mattei, ENI). Apparently, and from my research, he was flying back to Rome from Tehran after having met the Shah. His murder is to this day is unresolved but the finger can be pointed to whoever he was competing against in Iran! Could his enemy have been the newly established BP?! In short, Iranian oil was viewed by the British as their asset and they would never allow anyone to take that control from them.

          The 25-year contract with the oil consortium (seven sisters) ended in 1979 and the Shah had always assumed that after that date, Iran will have the freedom to extract and market Iran’s oil products. Therefore, the date of 1978-79 for the revolution is very interesting in itself. With the arrival of the Islamist regime, this never materialized and Iran remained under the direct control of the Crown Beast system.

          Oil by itself is one thing but the quality of the Iranian oil due to its geological makeup is very rich and the products from such rich mineral also provide other revenue sources. One such product is petrochemicals used for agriculture plus many many more. By 1978, Iranian National Oil Corp. (NIOC) the wholly owned oil corporation had become the largest with around 80 thousand workforces involving in exploration, geology, refining and export. It maintained many oil operations worldwide because of its expertise and investments. The Islamists take over of Iran, meant that NIOC was fragmented and finally destroyed. Currently, the Islamist regime gives deals to European and Chinese companies in lucrative deals because the big investors do not wish to invest in Iran.

          Many Iranian historian and observers believe that Mossadegh worked knowingly or possibly unknowingly for the British interests and was in their pocket as what he did is absolutely and purely a treasonous act.

        3. Hi BeachDude,

          Please find my answers to your questions below”

          “1. Was not the CIA coup against Mossadegh in 1953 really not more about continued Anglo-Saxon control over Iran’s oil fields (seems this has been an ongoing scenario across the middle East for decades now)?”

          Please read my previous long note on this exact subject. The fact is there was no “Coup”. Some elements of the military and the army, police and Gendarmerie, with the support of Iranian patriots and Nationalist elements, took to the streets and took control of the main radio station. They threw out the Tudeh party agitators and started broadcast of nationalist songs and speeches. Mossadegh ran away to his suburban estate (he was a wealthy landowner) and people broke into his home with the help of the nationalist police elements and arrested Mossadegh. He was subsequently taken to court but was pardoned by the Shah and lived in his suburban estate until his death. To answer your question, the British swallowed the entire joint wealth of AIOC. Mossadegh helped the British interests in this way. I hope my extended note on the subject will make this clearer.

          “2. Your claim is that the 1953 CIA coup against the democratically elected Mossadegh in favor of the Shah and his Savak police state was very good for Iran and its people?”

          Again, I explained that Mossadegh wanted to remove the Shah who was the legitimate King in accordance with the 1905 constitution. Mossadegh was a Prime Minister that was elected by the parliament (Not the people, again all according to the 1905 Constitution). I have also explained the false term widely used i.e. “Democratically Elected”. There were no Savak in 1953. Savak is aggrandised to the level of KGB, Stasi etc. by the Leftists. ANY nation needs a counter-terrorism outfit and ALL including MI6, CIA, FSB, Mossad all use tactics from time to time that may be regarded as not so nice. So how is it that ALL nations can have a Secret Service but only Iran and Savak become a question? Saval had a very small but highly effective staff of 4000 and that is a very very small number for a nation that was right next door to the Soviet Union. Iran after 1945 when the Soviet troops did not leave as agreed in Tehran conference by the US, UK and the American leaders, for two years. They formed a two Soviet Republics in Mahabad and the Iranian Azerbaijan. It took a phone call from Truman to Stalin with a nuclear threat before the left-behind network of the Soviet Tudeh Party left Iran after Truman’s 48 hours warning. Had Iran had an effective Intel agency as Savak in 1945, Iran would have been a much more peaceful and prosperous nation. In short, After the 1953 debacle, Iran under the Shah’s leadership started the economic 4-year plans that saw Iran as one of the best economic miracles of the 60’s and 70’s.

          “3. And finally, the Islamist revolution in Iran during the late 1970’s had nothing to do with any oppression by the Shah and his Savak?”

          NO, not at all. In fact, the Shah was too soft and this used to anger the Military Intel, Savak and the Armed forces. He was not a decisive leader when it came to dealing with young terrorists. He felt sorry for them! This is not acceptable from a ruler. I wished he had studied the Sun Tzu’s Art of war and I would not be writing this right now! He often pardoned them which resulted in the military seeing him at times too much of a diplomat and not dealing with the problem. Iranians, and as I recall it myself, enjoyed a superb life, with almost no unemployment, free education in Iranian universities OR paid school fees and a monthly salary by the Consulars at each foreign country. Highly discounted flight for students and government workers, Free and affordable housing for the poor. The problem of a rapid economy is that it always attracts the people from small towns and villages to the main cities. This rapid rise was the major “internal;” factor of the revolution which the CFR and the Bilderbergers in particular exploited.

          The torture claims are absolutely been abused and even taken off the mainstream in Iran (except for the Mullahs). The interrogation techniques were only harsh for terrorists who had carried armed rubbery of the banks which was a frequent method of choice by the Leftist groups namely Fadaiyaan Khalgh a Marxist terrorist group. Marxists were in plenty in Iran before 1979 and they had different denominations with their own idols. There were Stalinist, Marxists, Maoist and even sympathizers of the Marxist Albanian leadership of the criminal mass murderer “Enver Hoxha” who literally ran Albania like a cattle ranch. How would you deal with some crazy but educated folks, give them free education and pocket money? America also shares these educated criminals in Universities now, namely Berkley.

          In summary, I think the Shah was way to soft too and his pardoning the known political murderers was obscene. The Shah even pardoned several Marxist kidnappers who had plotted to kidnap his young son (Reza Pahlavi in early 1970’s) as a hostage so to pressure him to release the known terrorists and cash.

  11. Some related questions for JC on Iran:

    1) In the Crown Beast series you have identified Russia and Iran as being part of the Double Eagle alliance that is fighting the single headed Eagle Anglo Saxon / Phoenician Empire over the centuries. Russia has changed over time from being ruled by the Czars, to the Communists to the mixed structure under Putin. It was my assumption that you were saying Russia was resisting the Phoenician Empire under all these governance structures. Way my understanding correct or not?

    2) Iran and its people has been portrayed for some time on this blog as part of the double headed Eagle, aligned with Russia against the single headed Phoenician Empire in the Crown Beast series. Is this the current Iran under Islamic control or is this some new Iran after some emerging regime change in the future?

    So confusing at times and I am struggling to understand.

  12. Carpe Diem,
    Thanks for your reply and the information you provided. I was certainly not aware of most of the information you provided about your homeland Iran. Enlightening. Thank you!
    I contend that Rothschild has controlled America and most of the world for centuries. But, I believe their control was being challenged by Soros and his leftist agenda. What the Rothschild’s had built was being hijacked. The train was being derailed. In lieu of a true radical act to gain control again, Trump was brought in to do the job. Not only to gain control again in the US but to flip NK, Iran and Cuba. Once they’re successful, the world will take on a new beginning. It will be interesting. Those with the wisdom and self-control to navigate the financial waters ahead will succeed greatly. Those without will just be enslaved to debt and related work-stress.
    Just the musings of a retired, 60+ has-been. Nothing more.
    Seize the day!

    1. You are welcome RJZ33,

      That’s a very intriguing theory you stated. In all honesty, it is hard to believe that Trump can decapitate 17 agents of the Crown beast system and then throw the actual person he is fighting off a cliff! The person that removes another powerful elite/leader is always another Prince that lives inside of the same system. Other than that, we are dealing with a superman with infinite powers! So, I agree that Trump is here to clean up or better said Mop up the leftover of the previous regime, and possibly to carry out a Coup against what we now call the deep state. I guess they have bee around for such a long time that you need strong bleach to remove them. 🙂

      I remain hopeful that Trump’s actions will open the door for a new era, even though the old elite may run the show from behind the scene. Yet, such situation may provide humanity with a golden opportunity to reset the way things have been. I describe the events prior to Trump’s Presidency as literally Hell on Earth and every day, I am learning the pure evil and raw Satanism of the Clintons, Bushes and the rest of the gangsters. I also, see this time as extremely important and one that perhaps happens every million years!

      I hope for the best for all mankind as we need a new start!
      Wish you a great Friday, my friend,

      1. Carpe Diem, I am far less sure that Trump will be our savior and will await JC’s next post this weekend. JC himself has shown that Trump may be nothing more than a stooge of the Rothschild banking clan in the posts below. Both he and Wilber Ross were educated by the Jesuits (part of the Crown Beast structure):

        Note the role of Wilber Ross in the post below who is now the Commerce Secretary who is now authoring all of Trump’s economic policies. Gee, do you think these new policies will benefit the Rothschild’s corporate interests??

        This next post on Tavistock is important to understanding how long term the plans of the Elite are… and how Trump likely fits in

        Also, Dane’s link below shows that he has continued to policy of being the World’s Policeman which he said he would not do prior to the Election. Furthermore, he now had Bolton, who’s is a stooge of the Mossad, as head of the NSC.

        So if Trump is draining the swamp, what new creatures will fill the void in that swamp?

        1. Thank you BeachDude,

          I agree Trump is not our saviour but he is our catalyst for a change. It is inconceivable to expect one person to change a world with almost 8Billion people and layers of history and insanity.

          I think, and if I can recall, JC in his numerous article tells us that what needs to happen is inside of us first. The external is somewhat outside of our control because we have 8Billion egos running the show.

          Wilbur Ross, John Bolton and others are the agents of whoever pays them more perhaps. They are also the agents of their own huge egos too. A good leader can use these egos to achieve an objective and his intentions. I personally do not believe that Trump actually wants a war. That will destroy him and at the same time, it will destroy the planet. What he has done so far with trying to take control of the elements of previous world government is, the following:

          1. Control the influence of the MSM and Hollywood
          2. Control of the Mind control agency of Sports
          3. Control of the influence of the Left in every aspect of life in the US
          4. refusal to pay USD to fictitious causes such as the Global warming and subsidising a global Wether scam
          5. Refusal to pay extortionate cash towards the phoney “Iran deal”

          The last item is extremely significant because the pervious world government was a scam in itself by extorting money from the US and subsiding the EU, the fictitious “migrant crisis” and bleeding the US in every aspect. INMH, Trump cannot be expected to remove the power of the people who took over the world after WWII. So far, it is obvious to me that he is doing everything he said he will and by itself this is a world record of a leader to complete his promises despite constant attack and ridicule by his adversaries. The CNN, BBC et al. want to make us believe that Trump a porn actress is shoved in our faces, instead of the North Korea’s return to the world community. The choice is ours, what we want to believe and as the well-known phrase, the red pill or the blue pill, it is entirely our choice.

          I remain optimistic and positive simply because I have been hardened by the crushing ridicule of that land I came from. I also feel for North Koreans and Cubans and others truly oppressed people who came may see a glimpse of hope. As I explained before, these nations are hijacked by the monsters from other places and in a manner similar to a Virus, they have been systematically been trying to change the DNA of the host.

          ” These things are sent to try us, but my God, they are hard to bear at times”

          May you have a wonderful evening.

          1. Nice summary Carpe Diem, and thank you for all the comments about your home country they are very enlightening.

            BeachDude I would have to point out that all those posts on the 8chan link are from anonymous people commenting their opinions to the Q posts themselves which is the first link I commented and the same link Carpe Diem commented. Funny how this lends itself to Q’s post for today which indicates the misinformation being put out by the deep state in an effort to confuse or steal the subconscious of the masses who are being used as a medium to incite their agenda against Trump and the good that the world is turning to.

            While I agree with you and Carpe Diem about P. Trump not being an angel and having new deep state agenda’s inserted under the radar of all these pending…indictments which so far are just indictments and nothing more until they begin to be put behind bars which will probably never happen. I still remember P. Trump attending functions as friends with the Clintons. But I think his point is that sometimes people take it too far. Such as the kids and of course their misuse of the ruling elites money. At least with this reset of sorts there is an opportunity for the common person who is awake or aware to what is going on to elevate themselves a bit for a more comfortable life in this hell of the material prison we are all in. To me this is why we find ruins of many societies high in the mountains. Mans attempt to rise out of the prison of materiality. Funny how money is what helps that happen in today’s world. But just like a gun it is only a gun it’s up to us as to what we do with it and money. True wealth is the wisdom gained by level headed knowledge, sound reasoning skills and the application of that wealth.

            “Infinite possibility”….

          2. Hi Dane,

            I agree with you regarding P. Trump and that he may never send the treasonous elite to Gitmo. I watched only a few minutes of this interview with Prince Bin Talal after he is freed from prison. My first impressions were that he has lost so much weight and he twitches as though he has a bag of the white powder on the table front of him that makes jumpy 🙂
            Anyway, to me he looks like he has been taught a lesson while in prison which he has never forgotten and he is now a reformed character, almost like a newly released prisoner of freedom. His arrogant demeanour is no more it seems!


            Perhaps, this is what P. Trump has up his sleeves for the 25000 folks under potential indictment! FEMA camps were built to re-educate folks and perhaps there is a use for it in the end!

  13. I am sorry for “bogarting” the POM today as JC’s great phrase, but this clip made my heart full of joy and made me emotional too. I wanted to share it with my POM family.

    His smile is truly the smile of the divine.

    His smile tells me that life is beautiful and precious…and there is hope…


  14. My Carpe Diem
    In 1979 I was living with one of my best friends mother in St. Augustine, Fl., her son was attending university in Gainesville, Fl.. The cohabitation was a platonic friendship of convenience and economy, she was like a mother to me.

    Elizabeth was a worldly woman, she was a court reporter and made extra money transcribing in the evenings. Her claim to fame, if you could call it such, is the fact that she worked on the Manson trials, not Charlie’s, but members of his family. She worked a lot of murder trials. As an aside, two of her three children became superior court judges. One is my childhood and current friend.

    I mention this to you because she is the person that told me, “at least the Shah did not abdicate the throne.” We watched the whole affair unfold every evening when I got off work, I found the experience extremely interesting and educational. Liz was always, and in all things, more than willing to offer her opinion. Being full blooded Italian and smart as a whip her opinions were full of passion and colorful language. What fun the old babe was.

    LIz called the Ayatollah Khomeini an evil eyed goat molester, and in no uncertain terms said he would take the country backwards instead of forward. She also said that the idea that the population wanted the country to embrace the regressive policies that were to come was propaganda, or to put it more accurately in her words “pure bullshit.”

    In doing a little research for this comment I ran across a statement by the AK that I think lends some weight to Liz’s profound insights.

    “Don’t listen to those who speak of democracy. They are all against Islam. They want to take the nation away from its mission. We will break all of the poison pens of those who speak of nationalism, democracy and such things.” The rest can be debated and we are where we are at today.

    At any rate Diem, it has been the memories of those days that have had me asking you questions about Iran for what feels about a year now. Your generous responses have become an important part of my POM experience, and a widening of my world view.

    Thanks Friend

    1. My Dearest Pieter, Thank you,

      Kudos to Lady Elizabeth and her insight and vision. Such wise individuals as your lady friend are rare but are around. They have an innate ability to recognize good and evil.

      When I was younger, I used to come across such gifted individuals a lot more than today. I want to blame the education system everywhere that educates people to learn submission first and foremost. “Not suffering fools gladly”, should be degree course instead of the nonsensical courses such as Women’s study! Teaching people to think freely is not on the menu anywhere!

      Khomeini was a sick and criminally insane as well as extremely selfish individual. He was not even Iranian. His real surname was Hindi, which means Indian. His father according to many is an Englishman from Bristol “Haji Williamson”! He was born in Indian Kashmir to a Kashmiri mother.

      If you search for “Sean Connery Khomeini”, you will see hundreds of photos of the two men and you will see how similar they look:

      I don’t believe that Sean Connery had anything to do with Khomeini but the resemblance is striking! So, your bloodline theory may have some truth to it here. Who knows, I am at a point where I am open to any suggestions that perhaps, Khomeini and Sean Connery were both cloned from the same seed, except that Khomeini did not have a Scottish accent when he spoke Persian, he just had a poor vocabulary and basic Persian. His followers interpreted that it was because he wanted all Iranians to understand his words!

      In any case, he was a nasty monster, who was released like a plague in a peaceful Iran and he turned the country in a week into a bloody hellhole. Men like Khomeini, Pol Pot, Stalin are natural born killers that hide their murderous mind inside of an ideology and both Islam and Marxism work perfectly it seems. I want to add HRC to this list and I praise the Lord every day that this nasty woman did not get to rule over us.

      God save us all from these monsters.

      Wish you a great Evening my friend,

  15. My Carpe Diem
    How very interesting and such fun, if I was Khomeini I believe I would rather of claimed the heritage of Haji Williamson as I would a direct bloodline to the Mohammad. The Haji sounds like a hell of a land and sea pirate, a man after mine own heart. LOL.

    Staying on a light note, these four comedians of middle-eastern influence, show good color. The production is from around the 2006, still I found most of the humor timely if not timeless..

    If you would like to skip to the Persian/Iranian comedian Maz Jobrani he begins his routine at 41:35.

    Axis of Evil Comedy Tour ENG Full Show

    Enjoy The Weekend

    1. Good Morning Dearest Pieter,

      Man, I laughed so hard. I Love Maz Jobrani and his impersonation of both Iranians and Arabs is absolutely brilliant and in fact, this is the way they both speak! He said Iranians are on Heroin and Arabs are on Coke. I put up an interview with Bin Talal the Suadi rich Prince who was arrested and imprisoned at a recent interview and I wrote as though he has a bag of white powder at front of him! Maz Jobrani is really funny, thanks for that I needed a good laugh.

      From Now on I will call you “Haji Pieter” Haha. I think sporting a beard helps and goes well the name LOL 🙂

      Thanks again my friend and I wish you a great Sunday…although in VA we are having serious rain and no SUN-day!

  16. I am very uneasy about the idea of humans creating artificial consciousness. We have toys and technology beyond what our own consciousness can handle responsibly.

    Could this artificial consciousness alter our own spiritual evolution? Maybe we already are in multiple synthetic consciousnesses…

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