Conflict and Commonality Between Multilateralism and Democracy

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By JC Collins

With the increasing socioeconomic tension in the United States, it is reasonable to expect that the population could begin to see the scaling back of police state methodology and the beginnings of a more democratic process which reflects the growing demand for fair and equitable representation.

Whether its protests and rioting against the abuse of power by police, or legislative bills demanding an audit of the Federal Reserve, the pattern of reversal is beginning to take shape.  Some assumption can be made and discussed regarding the rise of multilateralism and the effects of a waning unipolar American world.

History is littered with the remains of previous world powers, and their last attempts at hanging on to that power has made for a deep cultural deposit of material which has been used for everything from history lessons, to literature, and big screen epics.

With this transfer of power we are unable to completely define the negative aspects of the outgoing structure.  Though the US was the tip of the spear for the projection of power, the influence and leverage behind it have been more interwoven within the socioeconomic fabric of western cultural as a whole, whether its America, Canada, Europe, or proxy regions around the world.  As such, when the multilateral integration reaches a critical point of mass transition and intersection, the degradation and humiliation of western culture will reverse and the people will seek out an identity based on the principles of morality and vigilance which brought it to greatness hundreds of years ago.

The challenge presented to the people and their representatives will be in establishing a multilateral check and balance mechanism.  It is my contention that this process is further along than many would suspect, which is visible within the dialectic paradigm developing in American politics between predetermined governance platforms and campaigns.

It is interesting that politicians, like religious leaders, will invariably adapt and adjust to the changing mandates of a fluctuating cultural, and the demands made upon that culture by banking and business interests.  We can expect to witness, and in fact have already been witnessing, some of these external and multilateral demands.

Like all things in life, there are conflicts and commonalities between the emerging multilateral and the domestic sovereign demands made, both on and by, the governing structure of each region and country.  The assumption is repeated ad nauseam that international organizations and institutions undermine domestic democracy.  Though this may be true in some instances, it is not in all.  Where conflicts now exist, there may be commonalities in the near future. And where commonalities now exist, there may be conflict in the future.  Such is the motion and direction of the waters of history.

The Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception (CSI) methodology which has been used throughout human development is sometimes the product of covert and intentional manipulation of mass populations, but can also be the response to subconscious and unintentional manifestation of direction and desire, force and form, of the moral and intellectual collective. This manifestation can take the shape of a response to other intentional and unintentional CSI programs.

The world we live in is a product of both conscious/intentional CSI outcomes and subconscious/unintentional outcomes, with the interaction of responses from one to the other overlapping and at times superseding each other.

The constant struggle between both is visible in the alternate and various interpretations of the small rent seeking elite and the large disorganized masses.  In the case of a transition from the existing unipolar power structure to a shared multilateral structure, we find that the pro and con interpretations are widely dispersed amongst both groups.   There are some within the small rent seeking elite who represent the existing power structure and are leveraging business and industry in their attempts to maintain the status quo.  This is off-set by those in the small rent seeking elite who wish to transition the world towards the multilateral framework.

This division of conscious and subconscious intent is equally distributed throughout the large disorganized masses as there are those who support a multilateral architecture and those who support the continuation of the domestic sovereignty which has defined the unipolar world.

Equally so, there are those within all demographics who see both positive and negative characteristics in all directions.  The position which I analyze and think from would fall into this category, as I do not see the world in black and white paradigms, but in the mishmash and push and pull efforts of all groups, with a special focus on the pressure faults which exist between both small and large groups.

In the spirit of that preamble, I would like to present the following material for effective and purposeful, along with meaningful, debate amongst those who have something of value to contribute in developing a broader awareness of the challenges facing the world today.

Let’s begin with the assumption that multilateral institutions, represented by the mandates of global governance, act as distant, elitist, and technocratic methods of controlling and conditioning mass populations who are collected under the ideological banner of democracy, or variations of the democratic ideal, which other forms of governance are now morphing into, such as China-lite communism, and European Union adapted socialism.

Based on our defined characteristics of interwoven dependence and interpretation, we find that there are some probable fallacies involved with the above assumption.

First is the assumption that democracy can only exist when there is unfettered legal sovereignty as a necessary prerequisite. On the surface this may seem reasonable, but when we consider the actual methodology of the multilateral architecture, and the commonality of international goals and objectives, such as the environmental issues facing China and the world’s oceans, or the stability and sustainability of macroeconomic liquidity, the refusal of one specific country to delegate some of its domestic authority to multilateral institutions could represent a self-defeating restriction and arbitrary reduction in the national democratic deliberation process.  A pooling and delegating of sovereign governance could in fact broaden and strengthen the democratic process domestically.

Second is the assumption that the existing domestic institutions will always adhere and promote the common good and aspire to maintain high democratic standards.  This is obviously not the case and in fact the absence of a supra-sovereign delegation on some domestic matters could in fact reduce the democratic process.

Third is the assumption that advanced pooling (consolidating) and delegating of sovereignty to multilateral institutions will reduce the participation within the democratic process domestically.  There is no evidence to suggest that this is the case, as the absence of a supra-sovereign delegation in years past has still lead to a reduction in democratic participation domestically.

This leads us into the first positive assumption which states that multilateral institutions and supra-sovereign delegation could in enhance the democratic process domestically.  Some of the benefits could look like the following:

  1. Limit the power and influence of domestic special interest groups, such as national rent seeking alliances.
  2. Protecting individual rights through the macroprudential mandates and legislation enforcing limits on rent seeking practices and the modernization and infrastructure development of third world countries.
  3. Improve the quality and frequency of domestic democratic deliberation.
  4. Off-setting regional and transnational business and industrial factions.
  5. Protection of minority rights.

It is possible for multilateralism to have net democratic benefits for sovereign governments who choose to interact within a defined set of important democratic standards.  The supra-sovereign democratic standards need to be determined and promoted by the domestic sovereignty of existing frameworks.  The conscious intent should be to facilitate the reform of the international and multilateral institutions through a process similar to what we have described here.

It is with great interest, and for the purpose of healthy and constructive debate, that I draw attention to the fact that the largest abuser of domestic sovereign rights and governance, of its own people and the people of other regions, is the last holdout on the reform of multilateral institutions.  While America promotes the ideals of domestic democracy, it defiles the very nature and intent of democracy itself.

It would appear democracy and multilateralism are combined through both a subconscious/unintentional and conscious/intentional CSI methodology which is attempting to bring a supra-sovereign form of democracy to an increasingly interconnected world.  - JC

95 Comments on “Conflict and Commonality Between Multilateralism and Democracy”

  1. Hi JC,

    I understand the intent of your line of thinking here but am concerned that without defining a few terms that a true discussion on what is good and what is bad for us as human being is difficult to have.

    The first issue I have is with the idea that democracy is a moral system of governance. It is not. Democracy is a tool for decision making - it is amoral in this sense - and can be a tool for the better or worse depending on the framework within which it works. The USA for example is technically NOT a democracy but rather a constitutional republic that uses democracy as a tool to operate politically. Much the same as our native Canada. We are not per se a 'democracy' either but rather a constitutional monarchy that uses 'democracy' in order to carry out political business. You state:

    "While America promotes the ideals of domestic democracy, it defiles the very nature and intent of democracy itself."

    In my eyes the problem lies in the idea that the presence of democracy equals the presence of personal and political liberty. Since democracy is amoral though one does not necessarily follow the other. Had Americans not forgotten that their founders intended her to be a Republican system founded on the idea of each human being being sovereign and responsible for themselves then they might possibly look quite different than they do today. Indeed, I can't help but wonder if democracy (or our lack of understanding regarding its nature) is the root of the problem?

    In my mind the multilateral and its success or failure lies not only in decreasing corruption throughout our various systems but in recognizing that the implementation of 'fairer' democracy or 'minority rights' (whatever those are) will not lead us forward. A mass awaking and understanding of just what 'rights' truly are and how we should relate to one another as conscious and spiritual beings will.

    Then again - maybe I misunderstood the intent of your post. My apologies if I am off topic.


    1. You are on topic friend. And thanks for the great contribution. I'd like to see a constructive debate on this topic, because it's going to bring vital understanding to a very emotional aspect of the multilateral transition.

      1. @luismagno

        I had to read your one sentence post three times to really get it. I haven't been in university since the mid 90's so I'm not real hip on modern pc jargon/mumbo jumbo (do people even say 'hip' anymore???).

        Rights are a negative obligation and they are universal (we are all endowed with them by virtue of our existence as human beings). If a right requires you to take something from someone they might not normally give you if asked then it probably isn't one. Thus - logically speaking - there are no "minority rights" there are only rights as we are all simply human.

        The issue of culture is quite different than that of rights. A culture may be suppressive of man's natural rights or it may be supportive. Like democracy it is neither inherently good or bad and often represents the the collective behaviour and choices of individuals living together in a group situation.

        We are what we we think we are.


    2. Great essay JC! A few thoughts from an aging American.

      “the people will seek out an identity based on the principles of morality and vigilance which brought it to greatness hundreds of years ago.”

      Diligently watching for the turning of the tide in humanity.

      “Such is the motion and direction of the waters of history.”

      Insanely deep! Just like the little ripples on the water going this way and that but all working together on the whole. So we can see that chaos exists in the whole but then those individual chaos instances or waves have patterns as well. You can see them very well my friend.

      Understanding that democracy is neither moral or immoral (neutral if you will) what about something called the electoral colleges?

      You see in the US the peoples collective voice has been hijacked by the electoral college votes. This began to be very visible with the Al Gore vs. George Bush hanging shards election in Florida. Then when Obama was reelected. The election process has a pattern that reveals that in order to secure the presidency there are key states that have to be won. Inside of those key states there are key cities which must be won to win the state.

      Therefore, if a key city in a key state has over a million people waiting in line to vote how can the president claim victory? How did the electorate render its vote if the so many hadn't even voted yet?

      So how can democracy be called foul when it has been diverted and in essence unused in its original intent...four presidential terms? Has anyone else realized the two term presidential pattern that has emerged?

      I understand the Republic argument but evolution stops for no one so perhaps democracy was simply a step in that evolution. Does democracy work anymore? Some most likely believe it never did as well as some thinking it was the best. But over all for the collective voice did it work? Heck would a republic work today with our communication, internet and state of its people?

      What if democracy were to be reworked to address the multilateral thinking more completely? It would seem logical since most everything is moving toward a multilateral architecture and our cultures are becoming so intertwined we may need a different type of process for representing such a diverse group of people.

      We will grow in population until every culture populates every block in society and then we will realize that our borders have vanished and we ourselves have consolidated into one human family sharing one earthly household.

    3. The founding fathers based the American constitution not on democracy, but a democratic republic centered on the bill of rights. The elites or whatever seem to interpret them as a 'bill of privileges'.....anyway, the Iroquois Federation as well as the Swiss (crazy, huh?) were instrumental in their efforts. Jefferson nailed overgrown executive branch with a standing army will only lead to tyranny. We just need to return to basics - time to go old school, AND THAT INCLUDES A LIFE WITH NO BIS, SDR'S, UN, IMF, WORLD BANK AND WHATEVER ELSE ELITIST GROUP OF FOREIGNERS FEEL THEY HAVE A RIGHT WHERE THEY HAVE NONE!!!!!!!!! Life was just fine, and America was still a powerful nation prior to 1913.

  2. I believe it helps to think in terms of two distinct entities: the American People and the American Empire. The former are among the most bereft and disenfranchised people on the planet. All the traditional organs of the sovereign state have been coopted, distended and conscripted into empiric/internationalist mandates for decades. Think of a G-string that’s been lent out to the heaviest man in the world. When it’s returned, it’s unwearable. That’s the USD. Think too of the returning military. It will find ways to justify its existence on the domestic front, as is currently happening in Texas. Mayberry RFD now has two surplus tanks care of the Pentagon. They may not have needed them. But now that they have them they will find ways to USE them. Old soldiers won’t just wither away. They’ll form the backbone of a militarized domestic presence. Frankenstein is coming home and he has a lot of mouths to feed.

    “The assumption is repeated ad nauseam that international organizations and institutions undermine domestic democracy.”

    ‘Grassroots democracy’ is used almost interchangeably with the term ‘democracy’ itself. Localism seems more proximate to democratic principles than having yet another chunk of self-determination migrate ‘up the chain’ and across the ocean to Basel, Switzerland, for example. So I endorse the ad nauseum repetition in this instance. The further self-determination drifts away from the self, the greater the prospects some stranger in a distant land will sever it from the original owner.

    “There are some within the small rent seeking elite who represent the existing power structure and are leveraging business and industry in their attempts to maintain the status quo. This is off-set by those in the small rent seeking elite who wish to transition the world towards the multilateral framework.”

    Without doubt, there are recalcitrant American Empire interests that are contending right now with transnational capital’s (TC) propensity to mint follow-on empires when the prevailing one becomes more decadent than capital-friendly. This is a losing historical proposition. Nonetheless TC has ridden this arc multiple times before. The essence of transnationality is the absence of affinity for any sovereign state. Empires are built up, favored with no great sentimental attachment, then abandoned for greener pastures when the opportunity cost (corruption, graft, moral decline, entitlement) exceeds R.O.C. In a season of amazing developments, the City of London’s ‘pivot east’ is a bell-ringer. Old Money says: ‘never fall in love with an empire because you always let them down’.

    One need only look at the continuing mischief being sewn in the Ukraine to see just how disruptive such rearguard actions can become. Transnational capital is moving both eastward AND upward at the present time. There are empire factions not so ready to accept this inevitable historical process. They are further emboldened by holding the keys to the most formidable military on the planet. Beware the fading hegemon. Also there will be a tendency to oversubscribe to the weakness narrative. Yes there have been a number of key setbacks. However the America Empire is far from weak. At the risk of adding to the fear, this is a very perilous time. It just is.

  3. (Sorry, I chopped my bold dash over the finish line.)

    The AIIB is one non-confrontational manner through which America’s looming isolation can be ‘demonstrated to itself’. The race is to coax cooler heads to the fore in the US in an effort to forestall WW3. This exacerbates an internal contradiction. American Empire is at least as interested in its hegemonic power as it is in liberal democratic principles. The AIIB paints a canvas of vast economic opportunity that should excite America’s ostensible principles. The world says, “but this is what you’ve espoused for decades.” In fact, America is not interested in global prosperity if it cannot control it. Therein lies the core hypocrisy and contradiction. Therein too lies TC's growing disaffection with the American Empire as the latter becomes increasingly obstructionist to the expanding debt/growth imperative of bank capital.

  4. JC- Limit the power and influence of domestic special interest groups, such as national rent seeking alliances.

    Well this certainly is not happening with the upcoming election of President of the USA. Hillary has collected over $2 billion in campaign funds from all over the world.

    After the crash and burn your logic sounds very reasonable but you for some reason have this fascination with the unreal. Yes you are conceptually right on target but I stick with my belief your timing is off.

    Furthermore the sun spot cycle tracked by NASA and the forecast is to bottom at solar minimum in 2020. This aligns with other patterns thru history. Of course by now we all see governments and central banks are fully committed to do all they can to avert a economic crisis but the bubble they create has to pop. They always do, they always have. Kondratieff four season cycle is playing out because its part of the natural world. Spring, summer,fall winter. 4 weeks to a month. 4 cycles to the moon. Youth, adulthood, midlife, dying. And four stages to the business cycle innovation,growth,shakeout (competition), and maturity (obsolete). In due time your vision will come true but I stand firm that we will witness how ugly the .01% really are first.

        1. I hear what your saying dripfood. But do we ever really know when we look outward?

          It's getting more and more difficult to invest time into such mis leading or distracting avenues of entertainment.

          1. I know Dane, I never liked the whole charade. It's even painfull to watch these politicians act in such incongruent ways.

            I am so amazed that any of the american people still believe these characters, wich are all such obvious imposters to me.

            How can one look at any of the Republica

            How can this gullability persist? Especially after watching House of Cards 🙂

  5. I believe the American Empire is sick and diseased beyond recognition. Trying to make sense of the wherefore's and why's is like trying to make sense of the most psychotic of behavior. There is no sense, it is what it is and we are where we are. The best defense attorney could argue a magnificent case using the insanity plea.

    The American people, much like the children of a psychotic parent have developed into a off shoot of the parents. Try as hard as they can to NOT appear dysfunctional, they have become functionally dysfunctional. It seeps out in the smallest of cities. They are clueless to what lies ahead. You try to get them to absorb the possibilities and they can't see beyond the psychotic world they have created. They are fragile .. Their children are on vyvance or adderral. They eat manufactured gmo's that turns their brains into "mush" and their bodies into blobs. The obesity rate is out of control which will burden the healthcare system. And the majority are unaware or care for that matter... They are a product of their parent the American Empire.

    The above while sad is true. I know because I deal with it on a daily basis.

    In the OR, when dealing with a diseased body part, the surgeon excises the disease. Completely removing it so the patient can begin to heal. The recovery period is dependent on the attitude of the patient. If they wallow in negative, recovery is slow and the patient doesn't do as well. If the mindset is positive, you usually see the patient have a positive and swift recovery.

    This is how I see the future of America... We need to remove the cancer and begin the healing. I believe JC does a great job putting a positive spin on what lies ahead. Unfortunately, there are not enough Americans reading his blog and far too many watching MSM to be prepared for what is ahead.

    However, try as you may you can't make sense out of anything they do in DC, they are beyond reason and have had too much shock therapy to recover.

    So I hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

    ~Get Real

    1. @get real: And yet, despite all, there is still something *amazing* about the American spirit/Zeitgeist that is free-er and which dares to be more rebellious, outrageous & courageous compared to other populations. The energy that is illuminating so many previously hidden layers of the 'matrix reality' originates, fundamentally, from the American peoples. I therefore consider America is still a most precious & irreplaceable light for the world, in these regards.

      1. londonsimes,
        In this day and age, your words are kind and generous.

        I agree Americans are spirited, just look at the response of the Texans toward the Army when they dare to come into their town to perform their Jade Helm exercises. Once awakened we have the potential to be a united and spirited group.

        However, it will take the falling of the system before many will be awakened. The MSM continues to paint a picture of recovery... There is even encouragement of risky market moves and most chose not to educate themselves on the system. Shows such as the kardasians, and bravo's southern charms or "wives of somewhere' are what they watch. I can't even have an intelligent conversation with most because of their lack of knowledge on the subject matter.

        I feel I exist in parallel universe's .. living one life during the day and another at night. I didn't think one was suppose to come upon oneself within parallel worlds 😉

        But I thank you for your words and am glad to know we have some shine left on the surface. I do believe we will arise to the occasion when the time is necessary. Unfortunately, it could be too late for many.

        ~Get Real

      2. @londonsimes As an "American", actually as an assimilated but still fully bilingual Anglo-Saxon Hispanic (get it?) I agree with your positive assessment of the American nee Anglo-Saxon Zeitgeist. Unfortunately it appears that the spirit has been hijacked by forces and entities unseen and "unknown".

      3. London,

        Yeah well try living here, bro.

        Try expressing the spirit of independent thought and action.

        Try refusing to buy into the hypnotized culture of Hollywood and sports.

        Try evolving while surrounded by "Sniper" enthusiasts.

        America is decaying... and rapidly. Cultural rot.

        The precious and irreplaceable light you refer to is now quite dim.


        Rebellious, outrageous & courageous sounds good to me!

        Fuck the greedy overlords. Babylon fall down.

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  7. Wow.. a lot to think about/absorb.JC, you have supplied us with so much information and I see how it all connects and here is the challenge you have given us to reflect upon. I am still thinking.. a long road, as I am considering how we got here. To me that is the important we got here.
    Nanook.. I connected with what you had to say more than anyone else. Thank you for your thoughts.
    And the people at least in the US..are unable to disconnect from what they have been spoon fed for so long. I have given them the truth of the matter for two years now and they still go back to what they were spoon fed over the years. They can't get beyond it. They actually believe all these wars were fought for moral reasons. I truly get puzzled by that one.
    I also find humans to not meld so well with change. Even though it may be that the change is for the best. I certainly am not sure yet that this change is for the best, but I am one who will try to take whatever the best of the change offers.
    I will wait to hear what others have to say on this and continue to reflect on this.

    1. @ Dottie - Thinking outside the box is too great a challenge for most. "Minorities" mostly have no choice but speaking rationally to "red-blooded Americans" seems a losing proposition. When the fire comes and the food shortages loom and water is dear and the American peseta loses its un-intrinsic value minds will change and the fur will fly.

      1. I have always been one to think outside the box and that is why I am considered Thanks lulsmagno2010. I love what JC has done here. He is definitely one thinks outside the box..we need more like him.

  8. All very important , interesting and somewhat insightful comments . I being in the fall of my life , study and research as best I can the history of mankind . We see unfolding before our eyes the Destruction and murder of sovereign countries along with millions of men, women and children, never mind the scores of maimed and millions displaced . Presidents, Prime Ministers , Heads of State celebrate with $ Speaking engagements. Justice is now , Just US.
    "The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power."


  9. Dear J.C, Nanook and others,

    While I don't claim to have a depth of philosophical&political knowledge, it seems obvious that any system will fail -be it republic or democracy(no intent to disrespect any heritage)-. This is due to a very simple fact that J.C keeps on emphasizing : our infinite ability to corrupt and failure to self-reflect. This is mostly due to, in my opinion, ignorance of ourselves regarding our creation&existence.

    One can speculate about the best untested political structure and endless checks&balances, but I keep asking myself what gives one to rule another? Why do we need to have ownership of assets, how is it justified? Isn't the world allodial as the Creator wanted it to be? Isn't wealth what we produce on given time, as proposed by J.C? If we define wealth in monetary units and make subsistence depend on it; how can we ensure an equitable representation of one's fruits of labor? Doesn't us paying taxes annually on property, cars etc. to states mean that states essentially own everything and we just lease from them? If U.S is legally owned by the Crown&Vatican, aren't the other modern nation states,who are relatively younger, as well? Canon law, UCC or maritime law rule us all, we are technically dossier material for the states, with passport&social security numbers.

    Whatever system is devised we must establish on the basis of community(common unity) to avoid falling into traps of base desires opposed to our essential needs which feeds apathy. The term "human" is derogatory, it is composed of "humi(land, soil)" and "anus" (ass, ring), meaning "land creature" or "bound to land", symbolizing our limitation by senses.(

    Nanook, what a beautiful way to put it: "Rights are a negative obligation and they are universal (we are all endowed with them by virtue of our existence as human beings). If a right requires you to take something from someone they might not normally give you if asked then it probably isn’t one. Thus – logically speaking – there are no “minority rights” there are only rights as we are all simply human." You seconded my thoughts, defining one's rights is futile just like to claim ownership of something. They're just given, who are we to change and codify.

    We are more than humans(or physical bodies) and although transhumanism(terrible idea), on the surface, is promoted to conquer our deficiencies, this is a battle we must face ourselves. This is what I fear about the multilateral initiative as the people of the world seek sameness. While it's definitely necessary to remove most of the inherent instabilities in the globalist system, I fear it will again drive us into complacency by removing self responsibility. The supranational institutions and their initiatives driving sustainable development&wealth redistribution is better than nothing and but these are the same institutions who exploited us to create these calamities in the first place.Lack of this awareness will lead us to an even bigger crisis in the future as proposed by J.C

    I'm sorry if my ramblings has been a headache&nonsense, this piece touched upon some subjects I've been considering for some time and trying to address. I've already learned a lot from J.C and others on this site and love to embark on the journey to find our inner knowledge.

    "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend" Albert Camus

    1. Safety Fishnet - I agree with your assessment of the situation. We are spiritual beings experimenting with free will is all. We as individuals need to start living what is known as our life's calling. You know your own life's purpose by identifying the one thing you would do if you were the last human on earth and what you would do with all your time. The more individuals who live this way are in essence increasing the positive creative forces of the Universe. This is the counter balance to all the corruption and actions of lost souls. Once people see a better path they will choose to follow a positive example for it is a positive energy that nourishes the soul. How many members here are taking positive actions in this direction? How many members here are guilty of waiting for someone else to save them? How many are brave enough to carve a path? We are obviously a unique bunch, a very small minority that recognize the situation but that same intelligence must be used to save ourselves, in my opinion.
      Last year I attempted to sell my home in the suburbs to move 1 hr out into the country on 40 acres. Sold my home in 9 days. The husband of the house I wanted signed the contract for us to buy but the wife would not sign. I took it real hard at first wondering why the stars were not lining up to help me accomplish putting things right with the Universe. I knew one should always ask "for this or something better" from God so I accepted the situation. My post at that time were seen by a some of you folks as angry. Yeah I was fighting anger. But now I have found a new property on 48 acres that my family will start a permaculture farm on. I am doing the best I can to be brave, be logical and set an example for my children, friends and community. Most who know the story tell me they wish they could do the same, but they choose not to. Maybe after they see what I will attempt to do they will. I can only hope. Everything else in our life I will try to keep the same just live 1 hr away on land that can be farmed. Thats the best I can do to make a difference.

      1. streetspirit, congratulations to you for your persistence&bravery, it seems to work for you. Moreover, thank you for expanding on my questions and your honest self-reflection, you're definitely spot on!! While reading J.C's material and engaging in this forum is highly enlightening, we should "walk the walk" to make our experience in this universe worthwhile and in line with what we are learning&discussing here.Self-sufficiency even at modest levels coupled with the company of like-minded individuals will definitely do you wonders, I hope to emulate something similar to what you achieved, but challenges remain ahead for me too. I have to pick a new career&occupation or relocate to somewhere abroad,a less **ittier place than the extremely **itty Turkey, which I unfortunately populate. I'm desperate to fulfill these, because even I'm partially awake to the essence of my creation, I can't afford to go back to sleep.

    2. I love that quote from Albert Camus.

      Plato also had thoughts on philosophy and government...
      "Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and wisdom and political leadership meet in the same man, ...cities will never cease from ill, nor the human race."

      There is an upcoming election here in Alberta, and sadly I don't see the philosophical wisdom or political leadership that Plato alludes to.

  10. You cannot have spring until you've had winter. Big questions will have to be answered once and for all. The only way to have the kinds and types of lofty and noble mental duels most here would prefer (me included) we have to have a clear view of the field......the rules of the game. As in, like after WWII there was no discussion necessary about so many things that dominate the fake news of the msm today. Everyone at the bar is hammered and came in angry - drinking to forget their problems, it's closing time and the arguments brewing all night long will be settled in the parking lot. I say prepare, but I know many here believe that to be ignorant. How many reading this have a 'bullshit job' that society just wants, not necessarily needs? You want funny?....ask someone with a want job and they'll almost universally tell you how its an absolute need job. Unfortunately I have a want job. 🙁

  11. "More importantly, the underlying bonds currently open market operations or the stock of central bank bills too (currently depository financial institution claims on governments and central banks only 7 trillion and more than 6500 million), compared to 127 trillion stock of M2 concerned, not enough to support a large number of central banks continued to achieve the purpose for base money. Therefore, the central bank needs a stable and relatively large-scale asset purchases to achieve the target base money..."

    Bernanke's two paragraphs under Fiscal Policy, , are going to be executed in China.

  12. Hi JC.
    My perception is that, in this article you tried to see and expose the part fills the glass of the transition to a multilateral system.
    Not bad to see the positive.

    It is logical and natural that when a transition/RESET of a global financial system, as it is the case now, the architects, the elite, needs the vote of the people (the free will, manipulated) through which people give his signature as slaves.

    People think that your vote/firm as free men and women "" in a democratic State, is the way, is the way most decent to create the future, but that is an illusion. The future is created by private supranational institutions.

    Seeing a multilateral model full of the glass of the transition part, it is obvious that when the globalists have whipped the world crisis of FIAT money, which has generated such unsustainable inflation, now the same elite, will has reward offer, give, a little more than democracy, more liquidity, a little more than prosperity.

    It has to do so that each new beginning RESET starts with a party and when there is party, as it is in the national elections of "democratic" country.

    Quidato have little wealth from the middle class, with two hands and returns with one hand, and want the applause of the people, the recognition of the people.

    It is as a bandit clench you throat and are on the verge of "collapse" by choking, then the villain, lets you breathe a little, and is hard to tell you face: "I you've saved". He has created the problem, the solution offered.

    Democracy is only a tool of manipulation, in the current geopolitical context.

    "Nanook73" said: "in fact, I can't help wondering if the democracy (or our lack of understanding of its nature) is the root of the problem?"

    It is only right that the root of the problem is much deeper, and has to do with our inner nature, with our genetics limited and manipulated within the paradigm of the duality.

    Following the thread, root comes out of the planetary picture, leaves the world cosmological, that the root of the problem is in the exo-politics, that we manipulated from outside the planet.

    Will be our negative creators or our alien masters. Da equals who are, what happens is that humanity for millennia, this avansando in circles in the pattern of the duality and inside the mouse wheel.

    The planet is a giant wheel of the mouse, where we will walk century after century, reaching nowhere, because we're so by design.
    The change to a multilateral and multipolar system, is not more than another, faux pas, which wants to sell to the planetary society as a solution.

    It has much reason, "safety nets (SafetyFishnet)" when he says:
    "Supranational institutions and initiatives that promote sustainable development and the redistribution of wealth is better than nothing and yet these are the very institutions that we exploit to create these calamities in the first place." Lack of this awareness will lead to one even greater future crisis as proposed..."

    But within what it should be, we have to find our inner balance, our peace and our way, in a controlled world.

    The proposal of Brandon Smith, strategy to stop globalization with the method of the LOCALISM, makes perfect sense.

  13. I don't know why this was not considered one the greatest speeches of Martin Luther King's time. He inspired so many..This speech kind of says it all. It says what I can't say so eloquently. America was destroyed from within. What was the vision for America has long been gone. Everyone talks the constitution, but that is mostly what it is, is talk.

    Martin Luther King sounds as if he made this speech for the eternity of man. " You shall reap what you sow"..America I believe has reaped what it sowed. Martin Luther Kings words.."God says..You are too arrogant America..again you have reaped what have sown. "America is moving down a dead end road".

    This speech is about Vietnam, but it is more about America and war and the arrogance of this nation.

      1. It isn't about disrespecting your country..we as the people have lost any say so into what is done in this country. When you speak of America most feel it includes your government. We are suppose to be the ones who elect these idiots. I have respect for what this country use to be, not what it is now. Of course as I recall we dropped a bomb that killed over 80,000 people in Japan that wasn't necessary. The war was over..Japan was defeated, but we dropped the bomb anyway. We have over 800 military bases around the world. We are reaping what we have sown. I love the America that our founders believed in, not the one we have today. If you are offended by the fact that I tell the truth then I am sorry.

  14. Exactly Daniel Grig.

    Localism starves the Beast. Megalomania can find neither leverage nor traction because localism offers zero economies of scale. You can't construct a Tower of Babel in Mayberry using the resources of Mayberry alone. All the cement in the county might get you three stories high. That's bush league altitude by Luciferian standards. Their panopiticon needs to see all corners of the earth.

    Mayberryans need to ask why the Mayberry Gazette has a picture of the Gaza Strip on the front page as if it's actionable news (for them). The news that affects peoples' lives occurs within a 50 mile radius of their homes: school referenda, traffic reports, weather, etc. All the rest is prurient interest or calculated manipulation. People LIVE where they ARE. What a concept. What has globalism ever brought Mayberry but PTSD to its boys and girls and higher taxes? All this Superpower stuff has resulted in newer schools in Baghdad than Mayberry. So the school referendum might not make it though at any price tag.

    Sheriff Andy would be pulling his hair out with all the meth labs on the outskirts of town anyway. It may be too late to save the social fabric. We took our eyes off our own town centers and were told to squint into the distance at Kabul. Who took our eye off the ball? Why was our eye taken off the ball?

  15. Dottie,

    The bombs that fell over Japan saved many American lives due to ignorance which is most certainly a failing in all countries.

    How many of your ancestors gave their lives so you have the freedom to speak?

    I lost many...

    Off my podium, wish you well as we live n learn...


    1. that all that matters.. You didn't have to save American lives..the war was over at the point that how many thousands Japanese civilians women and children were fried. I have done study on this.... Take General Dwight David Eisenhower on this. He, himself said that they did not have to bomb..the war was over..his very words.
      I will post his very words on this. How many lost their lives for no reason? Like in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan? You simply just don't know the is that simple. There are few wars that we fought that were considered moral and right. My uncle was on Iwo Jima. He told me about that one. He was there. He said he was a sitting duck and if he hadn't gotten Tuberculosis he would have been dead.. for what.. a base. You can not justify what the US has done to me. I have studied for two years now.

    2. Sorry , Irrelevant with all due respect you are just wrong on your facts. I studied this because I had bought all the war are the very words from General Dwight David Eisenhower.. You can believe what you want, but the truth will win out in the end. Yes, I have lived and I have learned. I have learned the truth on the wars waged in this country. It doesn't mean I don't love my nation. It is because I love my nation that I search for truth. I never want to have to be accountable for little children dying for no moral reason and not to defend our country under attack and I say that..when we are directly under attack we must defend..Peace through the only way!! It isn't just about the white man as MLK said. When we are wrong we are wrong..wave the flag all you want sir, but with this one we were oh, so, wrong. It always comes down to..make someone feel guilty, by saying look how many died for your freedom..most wars are not fought for our freedom. It is fought for power and money.. The military industrial complex..look that one up.. and read this article please. It is very profound as well.

    3. I apologize to JC for getting a bit off topic, but find the speech that MLK gave to be relevant to the multilateral subject. As you explained about the changes coming. The idea of less wars really rings loud in my ears. I have studied for some some time the many, many wars that the US has been involved in over the years. There is a number it is huge. We have over 800 military bases around the MLK spoke about.. being the policeman. I would love to see this change. Let's stop being involved in wars in every nation on the planet and especially the Middle East. Bring our men and women home and rebuild this nation. That is my hope.

  16. @nanook
    I was responding to JC's comment on your comment. "Minority rights" is establishment wording and JC's. It is not my wording. I used that wording as a starting point in an attempt to close the conceptual gap to New Paradigm thinking on the issue of "minority rights". The concept of "minority rights" is a mental abomination and a mental aberration imposed on the hapless American people from "on high".

  17. irrelevant111,

    All wars are behind the interests of private banking.
    Countries and people are victims.
    But the elite works behind a symbol of a country such as America, Russia and China.
    If the U.S. out have many hotbeds of war, it is not that the country called USA, if single to decided to go to war, but that have manipulated the votes, for the lie of corrupt politicians, which are private banking puppets.

    The United States is no longer a free country, it is a corporation headquartered in Washington, DC (district of Colombia) is a micro-estado in another State and belonging to the Vatican.
    America has two constitutions, but few know this painful truth.
    What makes the elite then is face even through patriotism.
    Part of patriotism is "brainwashing" that many American soldiers have died and killed others, thousands of miles distance from his country, like Afghanistan, Iraq etc thinking that they are Patriots and defend America, unaware that defended the interests of private banking.
    We are all brothers planetary.

    1. I thank you for telling the truth. If you dare say this to many in America you get attacked saying you aren't a patriot and don't love your country. Quite the contrary.. it means you love your country enough to tell the truth.

  18. JC, I do believe that this is your best off-topic essay ever. The Achilles heel of your improving vision is the failure to extend your multilevel thinking to a multidimensional reality.

    ~ from Ludwig der Grosse aka Luis Magno

    1. Luis, thanks, I think. The esoteric is never far from my mind. So in good spirit I'll give you a tidbit of something that aligns with your comment. Humans are multidimensional reality, and the Earth is a multidimensional lens. Everything has multidimensional components whether we perceive it correctly or not. A multilateral restructuring of Mans systems is a "projection" of the multidimensional characteristics of both mind and matter, of which the Earth is the projecting lens.

      1. from JC: "Luis, thanks, I think. The esoteric is never far from my mind. So in good spirit I’ll give you a tidbit of something that aligns with your comment. Humans are multidimensional reality, and the Earth is a multidimensional lens. Everything has multidimensional components whether we perceive it correctly or not. A multilateral restructuring of Mans systems is a “projection” of the multidimensional characteristics of both mind and matter, of which the Earth is the projecting lens."

        Now there's a topic which underlies a lot of the comments that have been posted here. I know you, JC, understand what Krishnamurti spoke of when he said that we are all "reading the book of life", and through a multidimensional lens no less! I appreciate all the comments that have come in here, and am engaged in reading the book of life through these projections.

        Thanks to all.

      2. This multidimensionalism reminds me of how religious texts perceive there to be angels, Jin, guides, etc. beyond the visible light spectrum that we are able to see.

        Interestingly, remote viewing is a modality of perception to visit a past event or place based on it's energetic signature. There is a way to remote view the future as well, but due to multiple timelines, future projections do not always play out in the physical realm that we perceive as accurately as the past, although future viewing may play out in a different energetic dimension.

        What I understand is that in the "now", in every moment, there are multiple outcomes available based on what beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions we experience in the moment. That is what we project into the physical world, thus experiencing the result of that perpetual thought.

        Our beliefs and what we think of ourselves and the world around us are the imprisonment and lack of freedom experienced. The only reason this multilateral model is moving forward is because enough minds are focusing and directing the disorganized masses towards their target outcome. But then again, the perception of a "ruling elite" and "working class" are both constructs within all human minds. The lens of our human psyche is everywhere and continuously reflecting back aspects of ourselves.

        Democracy... Is the illusion of choice. It's being given a limited number of options (many not serving a higher good) and asking to choose... The noose or the ax. Both lead to the same outcome when there is limited options given through the state.

      3. Very good, JC.

        But can Anglo-Saxons (assimilated, hereditary, fake, ersatz, individually, collectively and/or otherwise) transcend the imperialist notion that they will or can "protect the minority rights" of the very peoples that they captured and enslaved in the recent past?

        "Minorities" don't need that kind of "protection". They need the rest of us to get off their backs. In practical terms that means ethnocultural sovereignty and sociocultural autonomy, what nanook calls "pc jargon/mumbo jumbo".

        1. Anglo-Saxons don't have a monopoly on atrocities, so I'm not sure what your point is. Creating divisions along racial lines is a dead end road. Human greed and character deficiency are the common denominators. Enslavement in years past, and even today, serve selfish economic means, and all peoples of all regions partake in that particular inhumanity, as can be attested by the modern sex trade. This particular tangent to the debate is ending right here, as I'm not going to allow the column to diverge into pointless debate on race. I stopped approving your comments before because you were intentionally attempting to stir up tension. I will do so again.

  19. "Part of patriotism is “brainwashing” that many American soldiers have died and killed others, thousands of miles distance from his country, like Afghanistan, Iraq etc thinking that they are Patriots and defend America, unaware that defended the interests of private banking.
    We are all brothers planetary."

    Part of the American Empire's job is to convince the American People that they and it are one. This averts having to make the rather awkward request of "your sons' and daughters' lives to conduct our business overseas".

    Is there a dawning recognition of this outrageous glossing-over in the heartland? You might think after Iraq and Afghanistan there might be.

    You might also be wrong...

    Look at the wild reception in Middle America to 'The Sniper' movie. They loved it because WE were kicking THEIR asses. American kids in Afghanistan can suicide themselves all they want. The Heartland is deaf and blind to their silent message. Nothing has been learned. Darwin had little time for stupid. The exceptionalist nation is flunking out.

  20. Patriotism is Nativism. Part of any culture.

    History supports loyalty to any country.

    Always know, WW2 freed many a man at huge cost from Americans, British, Australian n many others.

    The fault of war is self evident.

    The sacrifice of common man in the trenches is the honor one should bestow.

    Hope for calm waters down the road.

    Nothing more...

      1. Unfortunately Dottie with this point of view disrespect the men and women who have put boots on ground or in trenches but didn't know they were fighting for corporate advancement. They thought they were fighting the good fight which was to give us the right to do just what we are doing now sharing our own personal perceptions of the lives we have lived.

        Although understanding this point of view it doesn't take into account them that truly believed they were fighting the good fight we should work diligently to remember this and factor it into our reasoning.

      2. daneackerman.. men and women with boots on the ground are factored much more so than you think with the truth. Does it mean that we don't honor and appreciate them because we realize the wars were fought without them knowing that it was all a lie. To me, it makes me honor them more.

    1. I agree irrelevant111. Having read accounts of Taliban terrorism in the homeland of Afghanistan against their own people, I cannot blame American soldiers nor the empire itself for moving to make a change there. I personally know a few men who fought in Iraq, and they did indeed fight against some truly evil forces.

      Yes, hope for calmer waters down the road, meanwhile, keep the mind open and the thoughts clear. Emotional attachments to lyrical ideals creates confrontation. And where confrontation exists in individuals, it will exist in societies.

      Stay lucid.

      1. I just attempt to bring forth the truth. If you are open to the truth, but some never will be. Of course there is terrorism in Afghanistan. How many years did the US stay in Afghanistan fighting a war they couldn't win if that is truly what their intentions were. Why was the US there? Why do we get involved in every confrontation in the world when we are broke.. It seems no one gets that.Bring the troops home and bring the money home and stop paying the military industrial complex to clean up in every country we demolish.

      2. tommydelicious,

        All wars point to the inner deficiencies, most specifically greed, of all us,including the bankers. Wipe aside the official gibberish proposed as casus belli(democracy,human rights etc), politics&war has always been about the appropriation&allocation of resources emanating from power based on inferred power or merit. "Humanitarian intervention",the funny word describing what you wrote above is an oxymoron, no such intervention can be based on moral grounds. States, troops,regions, institutions, bankers and other man-made constructs don't occur independent of us; they are evil because people running and voting for them let their animal spirits get the best of them. The evil forces you're referring to were&are being set up by the same forces that send the troops there. Please recall when Brzezinski told Carter that the Talibans would give Soviets their Vietnam moment? Or the Gulf-War where US sold weapons to both Iran&Iraq so that they could kill each other?.Only a fool would deny all these so-called terror units are run from City, D.C, Paris, Berlin etc by the money powers.How can you justify sending thousands of unsuspecting&ignorant troops comprised of people to butcher, murder, urinate on the non-violent populations of Middle East, Africa, Ukraine and elsewhere that could care less about America.

        Would you accept any freedom-even if fits one's utopian dream- that's coming at the expense of killing anyone or driving them out of their land? Would you deprive people of other countries of their resources in the national security or paying less for commodities? If it's morally acceptable to send a US dominated UN army to Middle East&Africa to preserve security, would you now accept the same UN army that will soon be more multilateral to control civic unrest in U.S.A? Finally, do you remember when the labeling of Iraqi&Afghan wars as a failure inside US started? That was when the banker induced deficits of trillions of USD was recognized as a problem and inability of US industrial interests to fully secure the resources in the region. Later came the killing of non-violent populations into the mind of peace-loving citizens who protested their government under the banner of "Bring the troops home".

        I'm not anti or pro-American, such talk itself is non-sense but I'm against the underlying human behaviour that demonstrates itself in various nations under different slogans. What I just wrote above is the problem of this world of us, it was more or the less the same under the Brit Empire, Charlemagne, Ottomans, Mongols or the Japanese, it is just the methods employed during the reign of USA that are more sophisticated.

        When the Syrian quagmire first started, I remember a lot of friends and grownups in Turkey, salivating at the prospect of the annexation of Syria to Turkey, as a part of the alleged reemergence of the Ottoman Empire. I told them it certainly wasn't the case and they are being silly and of course they weren't listening, but when the campaign failed, they weren't talking about it anymore. The government of Turkey still accuses US for the lack of commitment to the removal of Assad and the citizens of this land now criticize the government for being adventurous.
        What we know have is over a million Syrians, driven from their lands to Turkey, begging in the streets only to be ignored and despised. Did they deserve this? Not at all, but we choose to forget for the sake of convenience.I think people of all countries could self-reflect because all have dirty laundries.

      3. Let's not forget that the US military (both overt and covert) was being used by global money power as an instrument to prepare all nations for global consolidation. The US military has never been an instrument of a sovereign nation and it will require some healing for the good people of the US when they realize they have been played by very well organised group of global power players.

        Having that said, I tend to believe the overall goals of that group will prove to be positive for mankind.

    2. Irrelevant111, Yes but after the economic collapse of Germany's economy after WWI, who brought up much of Germany's manufacturing infrastructure for pennies on the dollar and brought the Nazi's to power?

      Wall Street Banks like Brown Brothers Harriman, Chase and Union Bank, plus big American Companies like Dow, Alcoa, Ford, GM & ITT, thats who.

      Who has never lost a war in the last 1000 years? The Bankers because they fund both sides. The Patriots you refer to are just pawns on the chess board and just fodder for the slaughter.

      Professor Anthony Sutton has a whole series of books and YTube videos on this and other dual war funding:

  21. Thanks JC, long time reader, 1st time replier. Just wanted to say thank you and you have opened many eyes with your posts, observations of our global economy and speculations as to the direction we are heading Globally. It's good to put things in perspective and I look forward to reading your insights in the future.

  22. It is indeed an interesting discussion what system of governance form along the movements of multilateralism and consolidation.

    I guess demockracy will surely be promoted as the best system of choice, since it is so easily covertly hijacked by those who seek power over many, while giving an impression of free choice for the populace.

    But we might see something interesting form just yet.

    The internet has caused the elimination of many middlemen in retail and it might be used to render the political middlemen useless over time. Why not vote for visions and decisions directly, without the easily corruptible mediation of political representatives?

    As our friend Axx always says: Time will tell.

  23. Actually goes this way..excuses are like a--holes..not opinions. Most of the entries on here were not opinions, but fact, many never want to deal with the truth. Maybe it is just easier to live in the fantasy world. We can smile once America most especially becomes the nation with a soul. It can happen..not really sure at this point that it will come through the new multilateral system or not.. no matter what system it takes my prayer is that we will remove the military bases around the world..take out the military industrial complex and rebuild not just the industrial component of our nation, but become a kinder nation.

    1. @Dottie
      The multilateral system is coming if not already here on a world level. Opportunities abound to create a new paradigm, a new matrix, a new secular domestic system, a new economy, a new politics, a new social and cultural matrix. Unity at the soul level is the point of departure of the new paradigm. We are close to that soul unity if not already there. The challenge now is to manifest that unity in the physical universe. A collective American Presidency in 2016 is my outrageous hope and vision. I am willing to give every erg of energy that I can muster to that end. We need a virtual shadow kitchen cabinet for the collective Presidency. On the internet one would think it an easy task given all the individuals running around proclaiming themselves Presidential candidates. The problem is that is exactly what they want - to be THE President - instead of thinking in terms of a collective Presidency and being willing to serve in a cabinet position within that Presidency... or as the envelope stuffer or the cook or the janitor with, of course, their Presidential aspirations and ambitions fully intact and continuing to flower.

    1. Mexico is an Hispanic country and I would hope that it would never submit to Canadian and American Anglo-Saxon diktats. Sometimes as individuals we are forced to. The most worrisome part of it is that the Anglo-Saxon world is now under terrestrial alien control.

  24. The sun of truth rises in the human being and illuminates his world when he lifts his mind from the darkness of ignorance and selfishness into the light of wisdom and altruism.
    - Aztec Christic Magic

  25. I'm struggling with this term: "supra-sovereign."

    Are we referring to some new self-appointed "sovereign" royalty that is coalescing as part of multilateral formation?

    If the plan is to destroy everything free and strong about America in order to make a sovereign multilateral (unelected) world government palatable...... well I find this extremely distasteful.

    Seems like the term sovereign is an antonym for the term democracy.

    How about rebuilding America and peacefully welcoming the various international (sovereign) communities for commerce and exchange?

  26. Roger that is a tough one, supra-sovereign. Idk.. how do we meld into a supra sovereign union or multilateral region. There are number of things that seem puzzling to me, but hey, the EU did it and look how great they are doing. Sorry, being a little sarcastic there. Of course the EU I understand is supranational, not supra sovereign.This is a simplified version of how it works or doesn't work.

  27. I like the title to this article..Babelicious..This article addresses some of the multilingual problems faced in the the EU. You would think with all these big brains there figuring it out they would have been able to come up with something better, but of course you can not offend anyone, so I guess the best thing to do is for the union to offer everyone free courses in all languages spoken throughout the I guess I am not understanding why they couldn't still be a union and designate one language as far as policy goes.

  28. And this Roger is another huge issue that I feel could light some fires.. People are passionate about their faith. I know this a new concept for most countries and it is going to take some time, but there are some things that are going to be difficult. Myself, I don't attend a church, because churches in a lot of ways are like governments. They have a hierarchy that puts out doctrine and everyone must follow the I have God, my bible and my prayer room. I can see how this is going to be an issue.

  29. Getting laid off from the mortgage industry.....should I call myself lucky?! I think so!!! I want to get in to collective presidency! Who is starting the campaigns?! 🙂

    In fairness, another mortgage company called me to offer a job, my favorite interview question "where do you see the company in 6 months?" He responded with a question, "if you know what rates will be like then I can give you a better answer."

    I wanted to lay out the micro and macro as I have learned here......but I could tell he stuck in the 'rate' zone......sigh.....

    Mortgage = Origin: late Middle English: from Old French, literally ‘dead pledge,’ from mort (from Latin mortuus ‘dead’) + gage ‘pledge.’

    This is one reason why I am relieved to not have to associate with the industry anymore. Along with several other reasons

  30. This does give a couple of the pros and cons of the supra national European Union. It isn't as if we in the US as a sovereign nation don't have lots of issues. I feel as if sometimes, it just isn't working because nothing seems to resemble what the founders had hoped for.
    The European Union and the World Trade Organization are both supranationals. In the EU, each member votes on policy that will affect each member nation. The benefits of this construct for the EU are the synergies derived from social and economic policies along with a stronger presence on the international stage.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @Investopedia on Twitter

  31. I know Dane. I'm no fan of the charade myself.

    It illudes me how anybody can take one of these characters serious. It's like believing McDonalds when they shout that they serve healthy food! 🙂

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