Chasing Ghosts

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The Prison of Our Mind

By DeeJJ

It is perceived by both the rent seeking elite and disorganized masses that there is an eternal enemy that lies beyond our control. It is labelled in various ways depending on the belief structure of the current society. Within the construct of religion, for example, the enemy is presented as a daemon or devil; a heartless evil creature that has the power to lure those of weak virtue into acting on more primal impulses such as murder or promiscuity. The stakes are high in the battle of good vs. evil, with the soul elevated as collateral. This creates a continuous push and pull within the mind, knowing what is moral, ethical, and righteous while being tempted by mammalian motives.

Both good and evil are mirrored in our external world due to conflicting desires and programming within the human brain. The reptilian stem, which controls our automatic functioning, allows the body to survive in harsh situations and environments. It evolved with the ability to direct the human body away from external threats while preserving the continuity of our reproductive nature.

Humans have a relatively large cerebral cortex which fostered the creation of a code of ethics, language, art, culture, and society. It is within these seemingly opposing agendas where the battle of good vs. evil takes place. The reptilian aspect of our psyche is capable of seemingly evil deeds out of necessity for the continuity of the individual’s genetics. What we consider to be bad, wrong, shameful, and evil are externalized and expressed as a predatory deity based on cumulated historic belief systems.

Within the cerebral cortex, morality and virtue have been cultivated and created as an intelligent means of evolving our species from spray and pray hunter gatherers to more civilized community based family units. This is the part of our brain that experiences connection, belonging, and love. The expression of such magnificence is recreated in the historic writings about noble and honourable heroes.

Since both aspects of the human psyche have coexisted, they have played themselves out in the outer world as epic battles of slave vs. master and inner world of God vs. Devil archetypal stories. By creating narratives and placing external blame on something or someone larger than oneself, ghosts are created. The abilities of these ghosts resemble puppet masters who, at the pull of a string, control reality and the unfolding of significant events.

These ghosts are dysfunctional belief systems about who we perceive ourselves to be in relation to our world, which has been passed down as a means of survival from many previous generations.

Within the realm of the emerging multilateral, there are many external enemies where blame is eagerly directed rather than reflecting on our individual internal deficiencies. The narratives put forth in mainstream and alternative media mould our belief systems and create the modern day battle. Bankers, politicians, technocrats, military leaders, capitalists, communists, and anyone in power making decisions that affect the unfolding of society are set up as scapegoats.

Creating an external enemy larger than oneself as a means of expressing distorted aspects of human consciousness results in the following:

1). A sense of fear and victimization is created in order to subdue the unaware into repetitively recreating the belief construct that something is happening to them which is out of their control.

2). Place blame on external circumstances for causing economic, societal, and emotional unrest.

3). Re-direct the focus of anger against a manufactured external enemy as a means of denying aspects within the human psyche.

4). Fracture the individual and collective connection by creating the narrative of us and them.

5). Create a sense of lack and scarcity resulting in competition and hoarding of resources.

The micro and macro solutions to challenges we face today and into the future, such as economic upheaval, war, and distribution of resources, will continue to self-corrupt until we first address the fractured opposition within. By identifying the aspects of ourselves that we shame and blame, as projected into the external world as ghosts, a wholeness and healing of past dysfunctional belief paradigms will emerge. This healing of survival based trauma on an individual and collective level will influence a more balanced society where we lay our ghosts to rest.