Central Banks as a Jesuit Counter-Strategy to the Protestant Reformation

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The Birth of the International Monetary System and the Next Phase of the Reformation

Under the rule of King Edward VII the English Parliament outlawed usury by decree in 1552. Modern scholars view this important event as the act of a hostile Parliament with the help of radical Protestants. The statute was revoked in 1571 with varying limitations on the amount of interest which could be charged on personal and consumer loans as a means of getting wide agreement throughout government and commerce.

This was happening during the civil war years in England, when the forces of Protestantism and the Church of England were embroiled in military and parliamentary conflicts with the Catholic Church and those politicians who were implementing Jesuit counter-strategies to the Protestant Reformation.

There is so much information coming from this line of research that I am filling notebook after notebook with timelines and references. Each notebook is marked up with three different colours of pen and varying hi-liters, as I attempt to keep track of all the names, dates, and events. This ongoing series on the double-headed eagle and the Crown Beast system is being developed in realtime with each blog post. Every article is being painstakingly weaved into the larger historical narrative and will eventually be the foundation from which I will build a multi-volume non-fiction history, complete with references, citations, and quotes from notable personages.

But for now I will focus on getting the broad strokes written and presented to the amazing POM readers. These are readers who build an incredible amount of additional research on top of the initial offering. This is no conspiracy theory. Nor is it a work of fiction. These facts are available for all researchers. The challenge is that the history taught in our academic institutions has been controlled and manipulated by the Jesuit Order, and the other interested heads of the Crown Beast framework.

As an example, there are occasional references to something called the Bank of Rome. It is told that the Bank of Rome was the first grand bank which gave birth to the Bank of Venice in 1587, the Bank of Amsterdam in 1609, the Bank of Hamburg in 1619, Nuremberg in 1621, Rotterdam in 1635, and the Bank of England in 1694. Modern monetary researchers consider the Bank of Amsterdam to be the worlds first central bank, while the oldest bank is said to be the Monte di Preta in Italy, which was established in 1472.

Researching the Bank of Rome is painstaking at best. There is almost no information on the internet, and the calloused researcher must turn to dusty books and archives to discover any reference to it at all. There is no proven connection between the Monte di Preta and the Bank of Rome. That is not to say that one doesn’t exist, but none has yet been discovered.

The Bank of Rome was defended by Swiss mercenaries who were commissioned to protect the bank and its assets. But this didn’t stop the Protestant and anti-Catholic interests in Germany, Italy, and Spain from sacking the Bank of Rome in 1527, just ten years after the Reformation began.

The Reformation was a major financial and economic blow to the Catholic Church, as the territory it controlled was divided in half, and much of the gold and silver stored in the Bank of Rome was taken by the Protestant forces. Much of this silver and gold was likely confiscated from the Knights Templar centuries before by the Church. Considering the connection between the Templars and future Reformers, we may be justified in concluding that the Protestants took revenge on the Church for the murder of the Templars and the stealing of their wealth.

The Bank of Rome moved the remaining gold and silver to Catholic controlled Switzerland for protection, and the birth seeds of the grand Swiss banks and the Bank for International Settlements were planted.

The Catholic Church economically suffered under the initial phase of the Reformation from losing territory, having its assets in the Bank of Rome confiscated, and the outlawing of usury across the Protestant controlled regions. Something had to be done.

The Order of Jesuits was founded on August 15, 1534 by Converso Catholic Ignatius Loyola. Converso Catholics were Jews who converted to Catholicism in Spain in order to transfer their wealth from the fading empire to the emerging Dutch Empire.

In a different post we covered how the Bank of Amsterdam was largely funded by the Converso Catholic family led by Antonio Lopes Suasso. This follows the transition of the reserve currency from Spain to the Netherlands, and the inevitable commerce and industry interests which follow the movement of wealth. The Suasso family eventually controlled the Dutch East India Company and the Dutch East India Company had controlling shares in the Bank of Amsterdam.

Throughout the period of reserve and empire transition, the Eighty-Years War was being fought. By 1581 the Catholic Church and Jesuits had ousted the Protestant aligned Habsburg’s from positions of power in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. There was a slow down in hostilities but full war broke out again in 1619, just ten years after the Bank of Amsterdam was established, which kicked off the Thirty-Years War.

Everywhere the Jesuit strategies removed the presence of Protestant governance there soon followed a central bank, or smaller bank which fed the central bank that held dominion over that region. This should be considered the birth place and time of the modern international monetary system and its web of central banks.

The continued attempts to consolidate the central banks under one world bank is the ultimate goal and strategy of the counter-reformation which is being managed and orchestrated by the Jesuits and the Catholic Church.

As we covered in another post, even the massive migration and multiculturalism which is being forced upon the West is being done so by Jesuit aligned and controlled politicians who have betrayed their own culture in the name of the counter-reformation. Everything we have learned about since January 2014, including the SDR and the development of the multilateral monetary framework, have been a part of this counter-reformation strategy.

The important question for us to be asking is can the forces of the double-headed eagle, being the power behind the historical Templars (not the modern corrupted ones), Protestants, and freedom-loving people and nations, infiltrate this monstrous beast and align its gears and mechanisms for the greater good.

The Templars, Cathars, Lollards, and many others, being the Protestant Reformers, managed to take control of the Holy Roman Empire and convert half of the Catholic Beast world over to the side of right-mindedness in the promotion of individual freedom. Such a thing can be accomplished again. After 500 years, the Reformation is far from over. The Protest will never end. – JC

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  1. JC, et al.;

    I read this on Sputniknews today. Although the article talks about China and its relations with ASEAN neighbors, can this be more evidence of the resurrection of the Reformation as a countervailing force?

    “During the 19th CPC National Congress, two major diplomatic tasks for China were proposed: Forging a new form of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice, and win-win cooperation; and building a community with a shared future for mankind.”


  2. Great stuff JC, keep it coming. My struggle is where Trump fit in. You have hinted that he is on the side of the double headed eagle and a target of the Crown Beast but I have my doubts. Perhaps you will change my mind as this series continues.

    1. The double-headed eagle symbolises the direct and unique connection between matter and spirit within each of us as individuals. There is no place, or room, for the institutions of organized religion. The early Christians, Cathars, Templars, and early Protestants, such as the Lollards, understood this and lived simple humble lives in an attempt to saddle the beast. The truth is manifested and inevitably builds a corrupt system around itself which surpresses that truth. As an example, through the ecumenical movement, the Protestant Churches of today are not what was intended 500 years ago. The Protestant Churches today are part of the Catholic machinations. Based on this perspective, I will leave it up to you to decide where other churches fall on the sliding scale of manifested corruption.

      1. That’s what I thought, but had never seen you mention them. THANKS!

        Yes, the Great Harlot, and mother of harlots is an apt description of all denominations of Christendom. I too have rejected those hierarchies as blatantly corrupt, while many good people remain within them at the lay level.

        Study of the scriptures implies needful knowledge of them and rejection of the man-made hierarchies does not indicate rejection of those scriptural truths. You imply they are merely symbolic truths.

        I fully agree that conquering the impulses of self is a part of achieving spirituality, but without an ideal, in this discussion Christ Himself, such denial is merely a form of nihilism. He stated that He was “the way, the light, and the truth”, but if you insist that He is a flat out liar, then He cannot be an ideal.

        I can’t square that circle. But your insights are otherwise appreciated.

        1. HE is the allegorical process. The process is the way, the light, and the truth. Allegory and symbolism must be used to teach something which is hard to learn in a literal sense. It seems like such a simple thing to grasp, but yet is one of the hardest things for people to realize or accept. Each is on their own journey, so it’s not for me to judge the spiritual predisposition and orientation of others. We each are provided the answers when the question is properly structured.

        2. curtmilr:

          The term “Messiah” is Aramaic for “anointed” or “the anointed one”.

          The term “Christ” is Greek for “anointed”.

          To be “anointed” was (and still is) a embrocation or ritual where a sensed oil is administered (usually on the forehead or atop of the head) on a person “blessed” or chosen to be a leader or ruler.

          If one views Jesus strictly as an allegorical or literary character (or as a pseudonym or nom de guerre for Titus Flāvius Caesar Vespasiānus Augustus), then greater understandings are possible and much easy, but more discomforting for many.

          If one can clearly define the real “He” and how the specific “He” came to be and why, then what “He” is recorded as supposedly declaring then the “why” can be better understood.

          Other initial and very important questions are exactly who exactly where the scribes that reportedly recorded the declarations, deeds, and words of the “He” and why did no records of the “He” come into existence until after 70 AD and the destruction of the Second Temple and the Jewish Revolt.

          The “ROMAN” Catholic Church is not call can identified as the Roman Catholic Church for drill. Imperial Rome and its cults still exist today. The power and control mechanisms of evil or Mr. Collins’ term, “The Crown Beast” have just changed faces and titles.

          Compliance and peaceful Christians are much easier flocks or sheep to manage, fleece, feast, and harvest.


      2. AMEN!

        HERE! HERE!

        Very well declared and stated, Mr. Collins.

        The reported “religious wars” and the literal blood baths in Europe for the over 500 years have been nothing more than Imperial Rome and the Roman Catholic Church maintain control over the human body and spirit.

        There has been and still is a turf war between the Zionist Jews (EL) and the followers of Dagan or Dagon (Fish God) via the Catholic Church. The Pope and the Cardinals do not wear those opened mouth, fish head caps on their heads for drill. Follow the symbols to find meanings and the sources of all negative and positive energies. Symbols are not placed, displayed, used, or worn for drill.

        The seas and oceans on this Planet originally derived from Saturn, The Dark Sun.

        The early Phoenician were likely aware of this . Hence, their attraction to Planet Saturn.

        “Dagon” was sometime identified with “El” (Joseph Fontenrose, “Dagon and El” Oriens)

        The word, “EL” has been incorporated into the English language.

        Temple – EL

        College – EL

        Ritual – EL

        Spiritual – EL

        The ancient word or meaning of Planet Saturn was “EL”.

        SOURCE: http://www.thefullwiki.org/Dagon

        SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dagon

        1. Very interesting Dear Oz,

          I have always wondered why the Pope’s hat looks like a fish with an open mouth! None of the symbols, attire or the glitz of the Vatican reminds one of any resemblance to the humble and a down-to-earth Jesus character. The sumptuous surroundings and the rites and rituals leave one with a question as to what is it all about but it is true that the Pope character represents an Emperor who rules the earth and the Vatican is a well-defended castle/fort against what/who exactly!!

          The Pope’s audience hall which was built and designed in the 70’s looks like a reptiles head both externally. I am beginning to see where and how David Icke gets his ideas he has been talking about the past 20 years regarding the “reptilians” who rule the earth! Here is the article regarding the Pope’s audience hall:


          1. Dear Carpe Diem:

            The upper leadership and managers of the Catholic Church are basically pagan and evil. The sumptuous surroundings of Catholic Churches along with their rites and rituals do not leave me with any questions. All of them are representative of the control and transfer of physical and spiritual wealth.

            The very last things that the Catholic Church wants are economically and spiritual independent members. Managed flocks of lamps and sheep? Yes!


        2. They even plugged Saturn mythology into the recent Superman film, “Man of Steel”:

          Kal, House of El (Kalel); Jor, House of El (Jorel)

  3. This site is really delving into a path I find increasingly uninteresting. But, I’m amazed, after all of this time reading this site, that anyone can be so ignorant as to believe that gold is of any value whatsoever.

    And Jesuits? Exalting Freemasons, whose only claim to fame is implementing the most insane, unnatural ideology in history – i.e. equality and the tabula rasa myth?

    Have you taken the time to read the voluminous records of the SS investigations of Freemasonry lodges after the organization was banned? Sure, sure. Nazis are evil. But why would they lie? Why would thousands conspire to manufacture falsehoods? Communist Party headquarters were also raided, and the investigatory records are pretty much what you would expect. Even the investigation of the Rothschilds after Austria was integrated into the Reich was relatively tame.

    Reinhard Heydrich personally led the dissolution of Freemasonry. He was known as being brutal, but he was also known as meticulous, honest, and disciplined.

    What I find particularly amusing about this, is this very notion of “freedom”. You claim this is a philosophy site, but seriously – have you even studied this?

    The reason Freemasonry and Liberalism are evil is PRECISELY because they propagate this myth that humans are free. Freedom is what the slave imagines it must be like to be a master. It is propagated by those in power so that their subjects, whether chattel slaves, serfs, or debtors accept their fate. It is no a coincidence that while the Catholic Church banned interest for nearly 2,000 years, Protestants made it a religion in and of itself.

    There is nothing more insane than belief in freedom. And no one is more hopelessly enslaved than one who believes himself to be free.

    1. Who’s talking about gold? Why that reference? I believe you are the one who keeps making reference to the obsession with gold on this site. It’s so weird and distorted.

      Protestants were the ones outlawing usury, not Catholics. Once again, distorted and weird.

      Which Freemasonry are you referring to? York Rite? Scottish Rite? Do you know there is a difference?

      Are you suggesting the goal of freedom is useless because we are all slaves anyway? If we are all slaves, have you considered who the master may be? Have you considered the master/slave dynamic at work within yourself? Sounds like you have enslaved yourself within a thousand of your own little hells.

      Your whole comment is ignorant and argumentative. But please continue to show all of us how weak and scared you really are. When you overcome your own internal fear, you will find many here who will support and encourage your growth. Until then I guess you can keep howling at the moon in the comments section like a beast raging against the hardships of the material world.

    2. Eryximachus:

      When has gold been a subject of recent textual exchanges?

      I do not consider myself ignorant and I firmly believe that gold has value.

      Gold has been considered a most valuable item for over 6000 years.

      Name another elements or material as stable as gold.

      In addition, given the thousands of tons of Gold that the Chinese and Russians have been purchasing and importing since 2008, then I submit that there purchases are unassailable evidence that they deem gold to have value.

      Perhaps this website might not be your place of education, information, and exchanges if you find it increasingly uninteresting.

      Respectively submitted,


  4. By the way, Colonel Pat Lang, who holds a very interesting blog, is a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, also named Order of the Holy Sepulchre or Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. If you have time to dig a little but into details, you will learn that an Arch-Prior of this Templar Order was the future Pope Sixtus IV…

  5. He, Jesus, or the Christ is as I see it an allegorical figure of an previous allegorical figure of another previous allegorical, figure.etc, ect, going back to the ancients plus.

    The process is in the seeking, that’s where one finds the truth.

    Is He, Jesus, or the Christ more powerful or weaker for his age and transmutations? Seek and you shall find.

  6. What if the teachings of Jesus show us how to attain a certain frame of mind outside of the material conditioning rampant in this physical world. If “Christ” returns from time to time, and at times mankind seems to have run off track, it would hold that it is something related to the mind.

    It seems to coincide with a pattern of man due to materialism where we lean towards the left hemisphere of our brains. Then we collectively realize we are materially too far advanced and have neglected our moral or psychological evolution when confronted with the problems we are seeing in the world today.

    This then causes mankind to awaken to the right hemisphere of the brain which gives rise to conscious self limiting of self…the policeman in our heads. As we seek to find balance between the two hemispheres the land in the middle rises “parting the sea” of the mind and keeping them in order. This order then allows us peace of mind and our view of the world transforms and we begin to see heaven on earth.

    This cannot be faked with political correctness, lies or any vails. It has to be true or misery is the result.

    If this is what folks consider the second coming of christ I see hints of him being here already.

  7. Just something i wanted to share a quote from Ben Shapiro “We have successfully defined deviancy down; the deviant is now considered normal. Meanwhile, we have defined deviancy up; the normal is now considered deviant. And the effects upon my generation — the porn generation — have been disastrous. We are apathetic about morality, and that apathy translates into nihilism and narcissism — and in the end, into generational self-destruction. Like it or not, the porn generation is the future of this country.”


    1. bennymv:

      One of the deterioration of the Christian centered culture in the USA has been towards sexual
      deviancy. The deterioration in morals and sexual behaviors in the USA has not been by accident. The same things intentionally occurred in the Weimar Republic (1919 – 1933) by the same group of miscreants and for the same reasons. A common method to deteriorate the strength of a culture is via sexual deviancy marketed as individual freedom and enlightenment.

      “Jewish embrace of republicanism was not solely out of social-economic motives, but also because they saw it as a chance for iconoclasm against Christian religion and traditional German culture. Emily D. Bilski of the Jewish Museum of New York has argued in her book Berlin Metropolis: Jew and the New Culture 1890–1918 (University of California Press 1999) that Jews were pre-eminent and over represented among the iconoclasts (p. 21) and were fiercely anti-nationalist (p. 82). A good example is Magnus Hirschfeld, who unsuccessfully advocated ‘sexual freedom’ from 1897, until the foundation of the Weimar Republic gave him the opportunity for the establishment of the Institute for Sexual Science in 1919, promoting all kind of abhorrent sexual behaviour and pornography. It was one of the first institutions to be disbanded in March 1933 when the National Socialists came to power.”

      SOURCE: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2012/01/23/the-german-jewish-kulturkampf-in-the-weimar-republic/


  8. This is an interestingly tough nut to crack JC. Where did the Bank of Rome go? “Banca di Roma S.p.A. was formed by the merger of Banco di Santo Spirito, Banco di Roma and Cassa di Risparmio di Roma”?


    Banco di Roma


    Banco di Santo Spirito


    Cassa di Risparmio di Roma and when that page is translated to english it becomes Savings Bank of Rome or Fondazione Roma. I will note that the translation page is not the same as the Fondazione Roma page.



    It seems BancO di Roma was an entity prior to BancA di Roma.

    This is an interesting address from Father Paul VI to the directors of the Bank of Rome back in 1970. Mind you Bank of Rome is in english but in its native print it is Banco di Roma.


    Here Holiness John XII addresses what translates this time to Roman Bank but the original text says Banco di Roma in 1950.


  9. “Temples and ancient Roman banking”

    “As incredible as it may sound today, temples consecrated to the ancient Gods were also the first banks in ancient Rome. Many temples, especially the ones situated in and around the various Fora, held in their basements State treasures and the money of wealthy Romans noting that other civilizations, for example in the Mesopotamian region and in ancient Greece, also used their temples to store treasure and money.”


  10. Protestant, WASP a acronym that has fallen out of favor in the last 10, 20 plus years. Was it to correct for it’s own good or was it always wrong? I do not know. What I do think I know is the WASP has allowed itself to much lose much of it’s sting. Perhaps it has not protest enough.

    Do religious movements follow reserve currency status? Or perhaps vice versa. Was it 1492 when Columbus sailed the blue? Columbia my dear girl, coupled or hooked if you will with a Christ-o- pher splitting worlds on equator giving hemisphere to the worlds of mind.

    Wasn’t the Catholic Spain /Portugal coin of the realm, the escudo, boss back in that day? Was it circumstance? The complete insanity of the elites in Messo-(messed up)American system of public blood sacrifice that allowed a few conquistadors to do their namesake? Help us! Please rescue us from this vile belief system that demands the puiblic blood of our children and builds structure of their skulls. Hell yeah, said Spain’s best , show me the money. Tempered steel, warhorse, cannon, immune system disease, and the promise of a better God carried the day.(Starting to sound like drunken history, oh well I do enjoy a drink or two. There is method to my madness.)

    And the colored girls sang, do t dot ta dada do t dada do t dada do. Want to have baby with me? You can rape me if you want to, but you don’t have to. Lets change this race, fuck that crazy child killing gene out me. Thank brave and lonely(horny) soldiers and all the Gods their mysterious ways, Mix-i-cans where borne.The shipping technology and a population not quite sufficiently distressed or educated enough to realize that getting onboard or swimming your way over to the new world could take you from pauper to prince..
    Walk on the wild side

    The circumstance of willing integration allowed the C-church to establish a strong-strong- hold down Mexico way and all the way south of the border to the iced.

    Meantime, and mean times they were, some catching up to do. Came the Atlantis alliance beginning their trek from sea to shinning sea. Not just the north American continent, but Canada to the iced. Why stop there, an entire world needs US. Sunset to sunset the British (brutish)empire is our empire. Once that brown eyed handsome man Antonio Banderas , opps I mean Antonio Lopez Suassu shifted his currency to the pound a new world game was on. Has anybody seen or heard anything about King Juan Carlos since he abdicated the throne a few years back? These things, like JC says,- take centuries, decades in the past. I wonder now if that time frame hasn’t changed, we got supersonic communication. Neew World.

  11. Damn it hit wrong button. Where was i?

    Yes a slower history or past and a different philosophy, Why was the obvious decision, the choice made to not integrate with the natives of this great land? Huh. Was it, we got bank, cannon, a disease resistant immune system, and a better God that says “get out the way bitch, coming through.” Breed with you savage sob’s, no, I don’t think so, then what have half -breeds running all over the place? I don’t think so. My eagle has two heads, your war bonnet is just full of eagle feathers. Stick ’em up your ass and see who is tickled pink.

    Humanity makes mistakes, we are an imperfect bunch.

    The He, the Jesus, the Christ is one of a long line of high priest initiated, anointed if you will, by legend or myth into the High Priesthood of Melchizedek. Read Hebrews. Who was Melchizedek,? I can’t say for a certainty yet,, my best guess is a son of Noah. Keep in mind the story has it Noah lived 500 years after the flood. Counting generations from the post flood to Abram when the battle between the k’s of doms and nations including the tower of Babel (BIS)main man the ‘Nimrod” took place. We got Amraphel(Nimrod )(notice the El) king of Shinar, Arioch(notice the och goes to Enoch)king of Ellasar(notice El).Chedolaomer k of Elam(again the El)and what a interesting person he was, a warlord , a mafia boss who even Nimrod paid tribute to for a agreed amount of years. And last but not least Tidal k of nations( didn’t a Saudi prince with that same name just get arrested?) Nevermind the Al is the clue. They fought against this bunch.

    Bara k of Sodom, Birsha K of Gomorrah, Shinab k of Admah, Shember (Shem a son of Noah)k of Zebolim and the k of Bela(that is Zoar). Notice the different spellings, no e or a l’s , more the ra and ah going on . no wonder they lost this fight.

    Anyway this is a big one, a running battle. Starts in some salt seas and ends in a tar pit . When it’s over and the dust settles it comes out that Abram’s fav nephew gets sucked up in the mess. He, Lot I mean,who liked hanging around with the Sodom’s and Gay-Morrahs gets himself swept up in the spoils. So when Abram hears about that he gathers his special forces and goes gets Lot and all the spoils back. This Abram is quite a dude even before he transmutates to Abraham. Anyway when he gets back to camp who is there waiting with bread and wine, yep, the high priest from Salem(Jeru-Salem?)Melchizedek. He gives Abram a blessing and Abram gives him a tithe of all. Humm. That’s power, who would have that kind of power? How about the son of a high priest from a priesthood that existed before the flood. A son of Noah, I personally like Japheth for the role.

    There you go, that’s how I roll.

    1. Cognitive dissonance method
      1. JC disclosure
      “Everything we have learned about since January 2014, including the SDR and the development of the multilateral monetary framework, have been a part of this counter-reformation strategy”.

      2. The Rothschild are a Jesuits’ asset
      From Carpe Diem’s smartsheet “Calm Before the Storm – Q’s q’s” => https://goo.gl/97ybMH
      – row 1238 Afghanistan-Canada
      – row 1239 Cayman Island-Iran
      – row 1240 Iraq-Pakistan
      – row 1241 Papua New Guinea-Zimbabwe

      What do you believe, Dane ?


      1. I can only guess what you are asking rogelio but I’ll take a stab at it.

        1. He doesn’t state WHAT part of it though does he? I could better understand if I knew what part of the counter reformation it was.

        2. I don’t know. I don’t understand that sheet really.

        But I believe in regards to the Rothschilds that they are a pretty large family and just like any other family they may not all think or believe alike.

        1. 1. Very good point dane! In due time JC will certainly help us understand.

          2. Here => https://goo.gl/23tB9w Carpe Diem commented:
          “In this extraordinary Q-Anon spreadsheet, in row number 1527, the central bank of Islamic Republic of Iran is listed in the last entry as a Rothschild-owned Bank”.
          Of course, Carpe Diem may also help us understand which are the links between the Rothschilds, the central banks and the Jesuits.
          I’m interested in this matter because my own country’ central bank is included in the list and most of our bankers elite argue with vehemence that the national central bank “must be” an independent bank; though they never state “from whom” it must be independent 😉

          Meanwhile, I invite you to expand for a moment the focus to visit briefly a page about Sino-Vatican cultural exchanges:

          – Press Conference to announce two simultaneous exhibitions at the Vatican Museums and the Forbidden City, Beijing, 21.11.2017 => https://goo.gl/Wk6Ck8


          1. Hello rogelio, I hope JC does. Its seems like some deep research with old dusty books are required to unlock this one.

            Yeah I’ve looked at line 1527 and then even went to question 1527 and there is no mention of a jesuit controlled or influenced Rothschild. So we are at Carpe Diem’s mercy. lol.

            JC did a nice piece a while back on the central banks with lists of owners or interests and its structure. Perhaps it will help you in your quest with the central bank in your area. “never state “from whom” it must be independent” words are always so very tricky aren’t they? Well, no I’m wrong. The words aren’t tricky at all. Its which meaning is behind them that’s the mystery that sparks our curiosity, hahaha. Good luck pal.

            Here’s the link.


      2. Cognitive dissonance indeed!!

        “The Rothschild are a Jesuits’ asset”

        I found this article which supports your point Rogelio:

        So, does this imply that Trump is a Jesuit asset since we know he was backed by the house of Rothschild??
        I suppose not because JC has suggested Trump is the next target of the CBS!

        However, it wasn’t hard to find conspiracy theorists who claim Trump is a “Trojan horse” Jesuit, for example:

        The first link also contains a number of other assertions which I don’t have the time to research (where’s Alan when we need him?!) including:
        – the Rothschilds control in addition to their own fortune the immense liquid resource of the Catholic Church
        – Jesuits control the CFR
        – the whole banking system is fully controlled by the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA [Roman Catholic military order, said to be the world’s oldest surviving chivalric order]
        – the Jesuit Superior General who controls all of Freemasonry

        I apologise if any/all of the above is utterly non-credible, just putting it out there as “food for thought”…

      3. Good Morning Dear Rogelio and Dear Dane and my apologies for a delayed reply, I did see my name but I was travelling so I wanted to write back when I am back home.

        Regarding the worksheet which I added with a note regarding “the central bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran is listed in the last entry as a Rothschild-owned Bank”, I have to say the worksheet belongs to people at Reddit with all the details (he/she calls breadcrumbs) by Qanon. The worksheet is for ease of understanding the many complex details that Qanon discusses and as such, it is not my worksheet. The worksheet itself, however, and as far as I can see, at least in the sections I mentioned regarding the Rothschild controlled central banks, does not refer to a/any “Jesuits” entity being in charge or of control of the said banks.

        Yet, from what is available as information online and publications and research, it is now assumed by many that the substrate or the connecting network that binds the entire planet’s corporations whether financial, commercial, military, academic, royalty and other human endeavours, may be under the control of this network.

        Personally, I don’t know much about the Jesuits per se but like yourself, I am reading what’s online and other media formats. In some ways, we may never ever know such facts. Understanding the inner-workings of this planet is not so dissimilar to understanding the inner workings of the human psyche and IMHO, one must be a God to understand human psyche and for that matter, the mechanics of this planet!

        Wish you all a good Saturday,

  12. Mr. Fox
    JC: Part of the Global Reset?
    Picked up on this off Martin Armstrong blog.
    MiFID II: Did some research and came up with, ” the Committee of Wise Men “, chaired by Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy. Boy, look at this dudes background. Then Armstrong’s reply on his site indicating behind the curtain activity in DC.
    PS You can hear the crickets from the controlled msm on such a massive law to be introduced in January 2018 by the EU that will have massive effect on banking around the world.

  13. I guess we could wait for monday but the deeds have all ready been done. The world has become a different place. P. Trump and the international economic interest he represents have accomplished what needed to be done in order to achieve their goals. Today the world is a different place, lawlessness can not be tolerated at it’s recent levels. The rule of law and respect for it is the only MAGA path.

    Under Obama’a presidency the US was being greeted on the tarmac’s of the world by having the President of the United States disembark from the back of air force one. P.Trump is greeted with full honors and dines in places and palaces “Forbidden” to others. And leaves with the handle “The Strong.”

    What a great sting, what a wonderful trap was laid. From the day P.Trump announced that he would not pursue the Clinton’s for the crimes of their past, the disinformation began, and the swamp began to drain. This just doesn’t happen without the backing and influence of the highest level international economic interest. indeed just like JC predicted they are “self regulating.” Hey, I’ve said this before and immediately felt dumb for it, but that has never stopped me in the past. So.

    Perhaps they realize they make more money with customers that can afford to purchase the products and financial services they all produce. Just a thought and I did not want the comment section to close on the number 33.

  14. “Rothschild Family”

    “Rothschild Family is richest family in the world. They control somewhere in the area of $550 trillion US, which is roughly half of the money in the world’s circulation.

    The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline. However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

    The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars. They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia. The reason the Rothschilds claim to be Jewish is that the Khazars under the instruction of the King, converted to the Jewish faith in 740 A.D., but of course that did not include converting their Asiatic Mongolian genes to the genes of the Jewish people.

    You will find that approximately 90% of people in the world today who call themselves Jews are actually Khazars, or as they like to be known, Ashkenazi Jews.”


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