The Small God of Grandiose Gardens

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The garden started as a moment.  A mere shudder as I rained upon the world.

At first, it was small and barren.  Before long little stems of growth were heard, observed, smelled, felt, and tasted.  The garden absorbed all experience and used it as food.

Back then I found the garden intimidating and overwhelming.  Its fast growth and expanding borders confused me.  Hidden refuges provided shelter from the thunder and wind which would sometimes rattle the foundations of the garden.

Fast Moving News and Long-Trend POM Confirmations

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Though there are numerous ways to interrupt specific data and singular events, a more accurate and conclusive method is to trend over an extended period of time. If the analysis and conclusions are accurate, the long-term trend should be aligned with the original proposition.

With that being said, we are experiencing a fast amount of news and further confirmations of the POM thesis which we have been discussing since January of 2014. The obvious one today is that President Trump once again suggested that the dollar is overvalued. This fits with the long-trend POM thesis that the Trump administration and mandate are aligned with the larger macro objectives of transforming the international monetary system from the existing USD unipolar one to the more balanced and efficient multi-currency and multilateral framework.

The incremental strategy of Trump to “talk-down” the dollar is now undeniable. Scripted political speeches are well thought-out and every word and statement has a very specific and goal oriented objective. Nothing is left to chance.

The other trend which I would like to draw attention to is the stated POM conclusion that North Korea is in fact a puppet state of the Anglo-American establishment. The recent announcement by China that they will get involved and handle the Kim regime (I hate that term) is suggestive that they know the game plan and want to occupy the North before America does.

The American Nightmare

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I just read a post of someone asking “What happened to the American Dream?” which so many are questioning only to find confusing answers in a slew of orchestrated misdirection.

The Emerging Technologies

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Note:  Thanks to Hugh for kicking of this discussion.  Though I encourage readers to take part in the conversation, I will add little and let Hugh and the readers take the lead.  – JC

Is it time to ask what role will the advent of new technologies play in determining the price of commodities; especially oil and gas? Trying to predict a future ceiling or a basement seems to be an exercise in futility while ignoring older and, of course, new innovations in the energy sector currently in the pipeline. There is an expanding awareness of suppressed technologies with ever increasing pressure being brought to bear to release this knowledge thereby circumventing the vested interests who would prefer to keep this hidden and maintain the status quo.

The Greatest Game

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The overall theme of this site is one of pattern recognition.  The focus is on the process of how macro patterns become micro patterns and vice versa.  The application of this process, based on a technique of philosophic analysis, is often running against the grain of accepted reality.

The Manufacturing of Death

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There are a multitude of manufactured fear inducing memes and the granddaddy of them all is the concept of death and dying. Bearing a time stamp that eerily parallels the introduction of formalized religions, the self-appointed leaders or priests cleverly instilled and then promoted a false narrative of man’s mortality essentially rendering him subservient to their demands out of fear of the unknown.

The Organization of the Masses

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(Reader BGSV has made an excellent compilation of talking points surrounding the post Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.  Way back in a previous post I made notice of how the rent seeking small organized elite use the weapons of the weak against the larger disorganized masses.  One weapon in particular, gossip, has taken the form of conspiracy theories, which are than used against the disorganized masses for the purpose of continuing the disorganization and divided knowledge.

The False Ideological Paradigm

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(Note:  Thanks to Hugh for catching this very important aspect of the Hegelian Dialectic of the centralization which is taking place.  Divisions are only illusionary.  There are visible components of the centralization and invisible components.  The invisible will slowly emerge piecemeal as the multilateral reality is announced by way of solutions. 

Official G20 Communication

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The official communication from the G20 meetings being held over the last few days is now released.  The broad strokes are as follows:

  • G20 expects global economic growth to strengthen in 2014
  • remains vigilant in face of important risks and vulnerabilities
  • G20 nations committed to lifting and rebalancing global demand and achieving exchange rate flexibility
  • G20 “deeply disappointed” with the delay in implementing IMF quota and governance reforms agreed in 2010
  • urges the US to ratify IMF reforms at earliest opportunity
  • if IMF reforms are not ratified by year-end then IMF should develop options for next steps and schedule a discussion of those options