US IMF Vote Removal and China Threatens

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So today we have more of the same as Russia continues to position troops on the border with eastern Ukraine.  The west is still threatening sanctions and now China has come forward with even more stern wording then previous comments on the matter.

The Algorithmic Central Bankers

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The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted today to include the 2010 IMF Reforms in the Ukraine aid bill.  It will now go to the Senate for vote.  If it passes there it will then be required to pass in the House of Representatives.  It is assumed that all of this will have to transpire by end of day Friday, which is when Congress goes on a short recess.

New Financial System Negotiating

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I wouldn’t normally post something silly like this but its Friday afternoon and the likely negotiating taking place between the emerging markets and the developed markets in how to divide up the new system is probably going something like the negotiation in this video.

Viewer Discretion:  Contains Profanity.

The Shifting Economic Singularity

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It appears Russia will not back down on their position in the Ukraine and the end game is fast approaching.  Many of my readers sent the following link yesterday:

If you haven’t read that article yet I suggest you do.  Its telling us that the G20 countries will implement the IMF 2010 Reforms without the US if Congress doesn’t pass the required legislation by April.

The Great Work of the Ages

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Let us bridge the illusionary vastness between here and there.  Ignorance and enlightenment exist together in a timeless dance of creativity.  Creativity is injected into all human endeavors. Human endeavors are the place from which productivity emerges.  As such human productivity is supported by both ignorance and enlightenment.  Perhaps one cannot exist without the other. Here and there both occupy the same space.

Ukrainian Currency Peg and U.S. Military Reduction

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News over the last few days is coming fast.  The modus operandi which we have been discussing as the old system transitions to the new system of SDR composition and allocation is becoming clearer.

Through the multipart series titled SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods we have learned how the problem/reaction/solution process of the Hegelian Dialectic will be used  to manipulate and direct the sovereign debt crisis and currency crisis around the world.

The New Exchange Rate System

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Purchasing Power Parity and Arbitrage are two terms that everyone should make themselves aware off as the world’s economy moves closer toward a centralized SDR trade system through the International Monetary Fund with accounts balanced by the Bank for International Settlements.

Purchasing Power Parity is the balance between exchange rates when there is also balance in the domestic purchasing power of the currencies.