The Bankers Midwife

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There are many among us who still cling to the hope and willful ignorance that the battle between good and evil is taking place outside ourselves in the physical world.  We sit and wait for a savior person or nation state to overthrow the bad bankers and make good on the promise of peace on earth.  For those who still believe that Russia and Putin, or China, or Obama, or Charlton Heston will come to our rescue, I offer you the following.

Driving the Dollar

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The highway wears its scars well.

Each mark and groove tells a story of tragedy and lost.  Tears, blood, and fuel have been spilled along its shoulders in order to move the world of commerce forward since the end of the war.

With the onset of the American empire in 1944, the reserve dollar has paved the road to modernization, commercialization, materialization, militarization, democratization, and civilization.

The Dollar Death Mask

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“This week, the US Congress again failed to approve a modest appropriation that would have shored up financing for the International Monetary Fund and given China and other emerging economies greater responsibility there. Support for the IMF may seem arcane, but it has important implications for America’s global role – and the signs are not good.”

Sociological Theory: Hegel’s Dialectic of Master and Slave

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This video will help explain why freedom is not freedom as we intend it to be.  This dynamic of master and slave happens on all micro and macro levels in life.

This is one of the main arguments for the self-limiting of rent seeking as I reference it on this site.  The relationship feeds in both directions towards the small organized elite as well as the large disorganized masses.  Though we use different terminology, the master slave dynamic still applies.

The Bear and the Dragon

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America was a giant of the 20th Century. The echo of its mighty roar will be heard for the next 50 years as the seeds of its economic power continue to grow in the markets around the world. Just as the East India Trading Company was the spear tip for the growth of the British Empire, so too was American industry and commercialism at the forefront of its expansion into regions and markets around the world.

The G33 and the Planned Economy of the Future

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With this post I will go out on a bit of a limb as I express some of my own opinions and personal experiences in regards to past events and the planned economy of the future, as ultimately expressed by the SDR system which we discuss on this site.

The World Holds Suicidal America Hostage

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With March quickly coming to an end it appears there will be no passage of supporting legislation in Congress for the IMF 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms.

On Friday, the House of Representatives introduced a new aid bill for Ukraine which did not include the reforms.  An earlier version of the bill did in fact include the reforms.

The Bretton Woods Committee

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This post comes from the hard work of readers BGSV and DANEACKERMAN who have been digging for nuggets of truth and evidence to support the thesis we are presenting here on this site.  Namely that the IMF 2010 Code of Reforms will be the first of many catalysts which will enact the required changes for the world to move from the old financial system to a new multilateral system centralized around the IMF and the SDR’s.

Tell-Tale Signs of the Cursed Eye

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In many of the previous posts we have mentioned that the United States has dumped its inflation into the emerging markets.  In this post we will attempt to explain this in further detail which will also give us a broader understanding of what will happen when this process is reversed.