The Crown Beast and the House of Stuart

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The years 1603 to 1714 were also a period of intense religious debate and radical politics with a civil war breaking out between the House of Stuart and Parliament. Much like with Trump today, the English Parliament was influenced by the Crown Beast and Jesuits, and was used to attempt an overthrow of the ruling power. This civil war came to a climax with the Parliamentary victory of Oliver Cromwell, and the execution of King Charles I in 1649. There is testimony of a Catholic Priest who said that Cromwell was associating with the Jesuits. This Priest was subsequently minimized as a Catholic Church hater, even though he was a Priest. Protestants of the time, and later years, claimed that Cromwell, though a Protestant himself, was in fact a stooge of the Church, and intentionally undermined the House of Stuart. Regardless, this was a major win for the Crown Beast and its subsidiary, the Catholic Church, and the Churches subsidiary, the Jesuit Order.


The Massacre of Protestant Rwanda

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Adding further evidence to our ongoing thesis about the Crown Beast and its control of all the major institutions in the world, including the Catholic Church, Islam, the Anglo-American Establishment, the International Monetary System, academic institutions of learning and science, and military alliances, we take a fresh look at the Rwandan genocide of 1994.  Over a period of 100 days an estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 Tutsi were slaughtered in the streets by the Hutu majority.

China’s Oil Benchmark IS NOT Gold-Backed

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Misrepresentation and lack of understanding run rampant when such assumptions and mischaracterizations happen.  Perhaps some don’t fully understand the original communication about the oil futures contract, or are simply twisting the facts just enough to fit their own agenda.

USD Based World Trade System will soon End

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There is one undeniable fact.  The current world trading system is based on the international role of the USD.  As the primary reserve currency which is accumulated in the foreign exchange reserve accounts of central banks around the world it has been positioned for seven decades as the “must have” currency.

So when US officials begin to threaten a trade war with China, or remove China from the SWIFT international payment system, as well as suggest that the current trade system is unfair to American workers and has to be changed, those who understand the structure of that system can make some accurate educational predictions on what will come next.

Venezuelan Invasion – “A New System of International Payments”

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Shifting to a Multi-Currency System and Selling Crude on the Chinese Benchmark

Back on August 11, 2017, Donald Trump made the comment that US forces would take military action in response to the growing political unrest in the South American nation of Venezuela. As a failed socialist state, the Venezuelan people have been suffering under a slow motion economic collapse, as the government runs out of money and commerce grinds to halt in many regions.

Germany Dumping the Euro for the Deutsche Mark

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The Next Big Move in FX Markets

It’s only a matter of time before the euro suffers a huge fragmentation as German policy makers bring back the deutsche mark. This one move will serve as the cornerstone of transformation for the Eurozone. We have been expecting this transformation in reference to the domestic use of the euro for some time now.

The monetary imbalance challenges in the Eurozone are a micro version of the international macro imbalances. The economic and financial pressure which is building between trade surplus nations and trade deficit nations, on both levels, will need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.


SDR Substitution Accounts and Threatening Trade

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Are Trump and China about to Checkmate the Anglo-American Establishment?

So…….the increasing tension over the North Korean situation is prompting the Trump administration to threaten ending trade with nations who are doing business with the regime of Kim Jong-Un.


Allow me to explain.

China is the biggest trading partner of North Korea. But China is also a huge trading partner of the United States, and just happens to hold the largest amount of USD denominated Treasuries outside of the Federal Reserve.


A Transcontinental Civil War?

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Removing Political, Business and Academic Establishments in Western Nations

First there was the United Kingdom. This empire used the British pound to spread corporations, such as the East India Trading Company, around the world, and setup central banks which would create demand for the pound. The Bank of England was an instrumental part of this phase.

Second, there was the United States. This empire used the American dollar to spread Western consumerism around the world and build up the largest military force this world had ever seen. This military was used to hammer all nations which didn’t accept the central bank system, and the terms of admittance into the international monetary system. The Federal Reserve was an instrumental part of this phase.

Perfecting Gold’s $33,000/oz Future

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The Fragmentation of Material Wealth and Shaping the World of Tomorrow


This one simple word conveys powerful subconscious images of obsession, vast riches, greed, war, madness, kings, dragons, underground mining, and all manner of deep-rooted human psychological weakness and vileness. But it also represents the greatest of our potential to shape a better world, both within our own person, and without, in that place of human interaction.

Alliance of the Double-Headed Eagle

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Russia Supported the Union During the American Civil War

The more research into this thesis, the more evidence I find to support it.

In the post the Confederates Were Democrats we learned that before the Civil War the Masonic lodges in America were predominantly of the York Rite orientation. After the war these lodges were converted and replaced with Scottish Rite lodges. This is interesting for a few different reasons.

First, as previously reviewed, the Scottish Rite uses the double-headed eagle as one of its main symbols. This same double-headed eagle was used by the House of Romanov in Russia. The importance of this commonality is found in the fact that Russian naval forces spent a good portion of the Civil War either floating off the Virginian and Washington state coasts, or further out to seas where they could cut off British and French access to the continent.