Trade War with China

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Understanding the RMB and Transforming the Existing Exchange Arrangement

China needs to increase foreign RMB demand so it can begin to phase out the accumulation of US dollars and maintain stability in its own domestic economy.

China is trapped because its economic model is based on exporting cheap goods and receiving US dollars in return. Chinese business owners exchange these dollars for RMB through the People’s Bank of China. This forces China to expand the RMB market which keeps the valuation down because RMB demand predominantly exists within China. This is what China is attempting to change as it internationalizes the RMB and creates asset markets based on the RMB.

North Korea is the Pre-Text for Iran

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Something just doesn’t feel right.

In previous articles we’ve reviewed the possibility that North Korea is a puppet state of the Anglo-American establishment. The convenience of saber rattling has always been strategically timed to correspond with increased objections to the American military presence in both South Korea and Japan. The justification for the movement of the THAAD anti-missile system into the region was also built upon the perceived threat from the North.

War and Peace with America

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It is mindboggling that there are so many predictions and conclusions out there which contain no reference to the factual connections and integration which is taking place between the international institutions. Those promoting a collapse of the dollar and the imminent dumping of US Treasuries, amongst other absurd fallacies, have shown a complete lack of understanding about the monetary framework and the power and influence which the vast accumulation of USD denominated assets still provides America. There is nothing available which can provide even close to the amount of liquidity which comes from the dollar market.

The New Jerusalem

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Capital of World Peace and the United Religions Initiative

The light inside the darkness. The darkness inside the light. Both are attempting to influence and transform the other.

The United Nations will be replaced with the Covenant of Democratic Nations. The world capital for this new international body will be New Jerusalem. The birth of both will come about as a result of peace accords between the major powers and their efforts to solve the Israeli and Palestinian problem. New Jerusalem will be developed as an independent city state which will be protected by an international military and police force designated by the Covenant of Democratic Nations.

Robots in the Wasteland

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A Transformation of the World’s Governance Framework (As Presupposed in The Circle Movie)

Watching the soundless television while laboring to the music of Amon Amarth on the treadmill at the gym and something interesting caught my attention. Former Terminator, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was talking about something which was obviously important. Reading the close captioning and I noticed he said the following:

“We have lived under a fixed political system for over 200 years now.”

The Shifting War between Trump and the Anglo-American Establishment

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Potential Massive Dollar Rally Coming with Sub $1000 Gold

Right out of the gate we see Trump’s decision to end covert CIA operations in Syria answered with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller expanding his investigation into Trump business dealings. This is the Anglo-American establishment attacking Trump for going against their interests. The back and forth continues as both sides move and position for leverage over the other. A similar response happened when the Trump Jr. meeting was used as the countermove to the Syrian peace deal that was agreed upon during the G20 meeting.

The RMB De-Internationalization Narrative

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How Western Publications and Institutions are “Talking-Down” the Chinese Currency

The aptly named Project Syndicate, along with Forbes, and other Western publications and institutions, have recently been publishing and releasing information on China and the assumed de-internationalization of the renminbi.

One of their arguments is that China has had to tighten domestic regulations to prevent further increase of capital outflows. POM readers will understand that this is just the caution and balanced approach which the People’s Bank of China has had to take in order to prevent manipulation from outside forces.

The Resurrection of the Phoenician Empire

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A Vile Power that has Transitioned Through Time and Waged War on the Light

The mysteries Sea People of the Bronze Age remained in the shadows of world history but were responsible for helping reshape the whole of Western existence through economic manipulation and open warfare against the cultures of the Mediterranean region.

This is the third instalment in our historical and symbolic investigation into the trends and patterns which have been embedded within the history of the human struggle. This piece will focus on the relationship between the Sea People and the Phoenician culture, and how that relationship is still functioning in the modern world under names and governing bodies which have been successful in misdirecting investigation and avoiding gaining attention to themselves.

Keeping the Creditor Nations Divided

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China, the Paris Club and Sovereign Debt Restructuring

There are three core solutions which can be used to address sovereign debt. The first are Collective Action Clauses (CAC’s). The second is the Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (SDRM) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The third consists of agreements and processes as negotiated within the Paris Club.

Over the last 4 years we have covered both CAC’s and the SDRM, but have only touched on the Paris Club in a few articles. The Club is comprised of the world’s creditor nations. These nations are China, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Luxembourg.

Merging the Chinese Markets

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Offshore and Onshore Strategies of RMB Internationalization (Plus a Note on Russia)

Let’s make a few things clear right out of the gate. China has no plans to make the renminbi the global reserve currency. The renminbi will never replace the dollar as the global reserve currency. China doesn’t want the renminbi to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency. America doesn’t want the dollar to stay as the dominant reserve currency. America wants to rebalance its global responsibilities with other nations and currencies. Both China and America have a lot to lose if some sort of understanding and agreement on the monetary policies and alignments which will lead to a rebalancing aren’t established. But America still has the greatest influence on how this can all play out.

These are facts which are often conveniently ignored by those selling a script based on a falsification of data, outright incompetence, and a complete lack of the fundamental knowledge required to accurately interpret, analyze, and repackage the information for everyday comprehension.