Ripple XRP, the Lumenati, and the Sinking of the Titanic

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Based on what we have reviewed in this article is it any surprise to learn that the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has announced a partnership with Ripple, and will be testing the XCurrent network on cross border payments. The Anglo-American deep state used the “petrodollar” and OPEC, along with the SWIFT system of international payments, as its whips to punish and isolate any nation who did not go along with the international liberal agenda. Ripple and XRP with change of all of that. As a part of the transforming international monetary framework, from unipolar to multilateral, I have long predicted the end of OPEC. An energy benchmark based on XRP, and supported by Saudi Arabia, would achieve such an end.

Will Regulation Mainstream Crypto?

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Though there has been some ups and downs for all cryptos so far this year, don’t blink, because before long both ETH and XRP will be exploding on announcements and new partnerships with big business, such as Amazon, Apple, Visa, Uber, etc.. These are just rumours until it happens, but where there's smoke there is fire, and by the time it happens it’ll be too late if you haven’t prepared and bought in when it was cheap. With the new regulations, South Koreas largest online retailer has announced a partnership with Ripple, as have banks in UAE and Dubai. Add this to the existing list of Ripple partnerships, and the future begins to come more into focus.

Decentralized Scarcity and the End of War

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Smart commodities contracts and smart stock and bond contracts are coming. It will revolutionize the world and establish trust across all the financial and monetary spectrums. These smart contracts will not be based on the USD or any one national currency. These contracts will be based on the blockchain technology. The crypto method which one chooses to use while interacting with the blockchain will not erode trust in the system.

An Amazing Thing Happened on the Way to the Multilateral

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QAnon, Commodities Booming, Dollar Depreciating, QE Shrinking, and the Mighty Trump Agenda

As a part of the multilateral monetary and geopolitical transition from the USD dominated unipolar American world, POM has consistently made some fundamental predictions on what would need to happen to make a multilateral world possible.

One of these predictions was the inclusion of the Chinese currency in the basket composition of the Special Drawing Right (SDR). Check. Old news now. Another was the ending of Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve, and eventually other central banks. Check. Old news on the Fed, and other banks have followed. Not only has QE ended, but the balance sheets are being reduced without the cataclysmic fallout so many have been promoting for years. Just look at Japan’s balance sheet. Who would have thought it possible?

Its the 4th Anniversary of POM + Happy New Year

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Keep in mind that the Anglo-American establishment is now no longer aligned with the international banking interests and the interests of the Crown Beast system.  Trump represents the international banking interests and is accomplishing the transformation of America in order to mold it to the new global role being assigned to it.  Russia has, for most of its history, been estranged from the international banking interests and the Crown Beast system.  This is why we are still seeing American and NATO forces building up on its borders.

Merry Christmas and Introducing the 1st POM YouTube Video

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Merry Christmas to all POM readers far and wide.  It's been a busy year with events, both expected and unexpected, seen and unseen.  The year has taken the world, and our little corner of it, in different directions, with new learnings, and even newer areas of research.  It makes me extremely happy that all of you have stuck it out with POM and my sporadic ramblings on the topics of choice.

As promised long ago, I have finally managed to create the first POM YouTube video titled - The Science of Patterns: Human Conflict.  Finding the writing voice for POM four years ago was one challenge, but finding the video voice was even harder.  What is the true message of POM?  What does it really stand for?  How does the POM environment transfer onto video?

The Jesuits Hells Angels Club

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Mass Murder, Missing Prostitutes, Opium Wars, and the Destruction of Protestant Civilization

Women have been going missing and being murdered in Edmonton for decades. It surprises me how few people understand this, or have any sort of awareness about it. There have been a few occasions when the local media and city police have put out notifications warning of a serial killer in the Edmonton region, and one particular report from 2012 where the police asked for the publics assistance in recognizing the voice of a man on the last recorded phone call of one victim who was murdered in 2010.

Between Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta, hundreds of women have gone missing since the 1980s. Some have been found strangled and dismembered on farm land around Edmonton, and in one high profile case, the suspected remains of over 80 women were found on a pig farm in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. A highway which runs through British Columbia is called “The Highway of Tears” because of the amount of murdered women that have been found along the 720 km stretch between the cities of Prince George and Prince Rupert.

Ethereum and the Artificial Man

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How Blockchain is De-Centralizing Existence and Making Governments Obsolete Governments by nature are slow, clunky, and extremely inefficient. The ideologies which support governance structures and mandates are outdated and no longer meet the demands of mass populations. Both are indicators that the world is on the verge of a massive ... Read More

Bloody Mary and the Catholic Church

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Any Templar groups, or Knights Templar orders, which continued after the arrest in 1307, and the start of the Protestant Reformation in 1517, should be considered oppositional strategies of the Jesuits, who were created for the sole purpose of implementing a counter-reformation. All references to the Knights Templar outside of Protestantism, and in relation to the Jesuit created Illuminati, are nothing but misdirection and controlled opposition to manipulate and confuse the masses. It was the Jesuit attempt to use the Reformers strategies back against them.

My Favorite Movies and Music Will Never Be the Same

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Since the election of Donald Trump it's almost as if the liberal-left establishment has been eating itself from the inside out.  The momentum of leftist culture and politics has been unstoppable for the last century.  Over the last hundred years all of western civilization has been enthralled in the awesomeness of the larger-than-life actors and burgers which have been used to construct the framework of a pop culture social reality.  Movies told us what to think and how to feel.  Music re-enforced the movies with more intimate and daily rituals which infected our brains and spirits with the corruption of others.  Television programming was the ribbon which wrapped the whole package and provided the evening solace away from the hype and hardship of the day.