A New Masonic Reformation

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The Lodge System is Broken and Needs a Philosophical Renewal

By JC Collins

The much studied transformation from Operative Masonry to Speculative Masonry in the 16th Century should hardly be referenced as a “reformation” in the traditional sense of the word. It was more of the assimilation between parallel and complimentary centralized governing mandates which were meant to spread the ideals and advantages of a self-professed system of fabricated elitism.

The Philosophical Politics of a New Republic

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Bringing the Just Man Back into World Politics

By JC Collins

“Until political power and philosophy entirely coincide… cities will have no rest from evils,… nor, I think, will the human race.”
(Plato, the Republic 473c-d)

The “Just Man” was a core theme of the Republic, a series of dialogues written by Plato in 380BCE. Book two of those writings puts forward the suggestion that the “Just Man” who is considered by the world to be “Unjust” is in fact more fulfilled and living in alignment with wisdom than the “Unjust Man” who is considered by the world to be a “Just Man”.

It is in essence a debate between whether the “Unjust” life is better than the “Just” life or vice versa. It was argued that the only reason men would be just is because they are afraid of the costs and punishment of not being just. Injustice with impunity was presented as the case for the “Unjust Man” to be happier than the “Just Man” because the “Unjust Man”, through acts of injustice, could obtain riches and favor in the world which the “Just Man” could not do while in service to justice.

The Antichrist Series (FREEPOM)

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Part One – The Case of the Missing Eye and an SDR Denominated UN

(Part one of this series is being offered for free to all readers. Subsequent installments will be subscription only.)

“Ending this war in Gaza begins with recognizing Hamas as a legitimate political actor” – Jimmy Carter writing for Foreign Policy on August 4, 2014.

The theme of an Antichrist and false messiah (anti-messiah) is one that runs through all the religions and belief systems of the world. The western Christian world is well-versed on this figure and his evil rise to power as foretold in the Bible and subsequent prophecy. But what we don’t understand is that this figure is also represented in all the religions and cultures around the world, and has been for a very long time.

The Madness of Me

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By JC Collins

This is random and not about much of anything. It’s what happens when I’m left alone with too much time on my hands.

Being off now for the holidays I find myself staring at our dog Dexter and telling him things which he cares little about. All three of my adult sons no longer live with me, and Marianne has wandered off to Vancouver to see her family until the morning of the 25th. This means I’m alone with Dexter for the next three days until my parents and brother arrive in Edmonton to hang for the Christmas vacation and the boys show up.

We Are the Builders of Civilization

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By JC Collins

With Christmas fast approaching it’s worth our time to consider the philosophical order which is building within each one of us. This order is structured around the self-management of the human condition. The existing condition of the human being is faced with multiple challenges which need to be overcome within before the outside world can be re-directed upon the path of rightness. Until this is achieved the human race will be managed by varying forms of governance which are built around idealism.

Real Education on the Edge of Civilization (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

“Every teacher should realize he is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of the proper social order and the securing of the right social growth.” – John Dewey, 1897

As a summertime child I would squash bee’s in-between my hands.

Fade from silence.

The school bell rang and like Pavlov’s dog the student masses shuffled forth. Lacking scholastic enthusiasm I begrudgingly dragged a well-worn Star Wars backpack which banged and bopped off the heels of equally worn Star Wars runners. Groups of students weaved and dodged through the halls and doorways towards the waiting lessons and learnings which were meant to educate us and prepare us for the real world which awaited just around the corner of childhood.

The Solar System as a 4 Dimensional Lens Consciousness (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

It can take a lifetime to find the right words to describe something. The seed of an idea or construct enters into the mind and lays dormant waiting for the waters of wisdom and patience so it can begin the process of becoming. This becoming has no end and no beginning. It is the expansion of awareness and the realization that there is no other truth than the ever existing moment.

This moment continuously folds and unfolds into and out of form. Much like the single days of our lives fold and unfold into and out of the form of our larger lifetime. The act of consciousness and material manifestation remains largely a mystery to the mass organization of human thought. From the moment we are born the shapes, smells and textures of the material world draw us further into its hard and constricting embrace.

The Purpose of Life

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Adventures in Death and Self-Discovery

By JC Collins

There is a method on how to move through life which is passed on through family, heritage and religion. As children we begin to learn this process of life and the art of living from those around us. Everyone has advice to offer on life and the onward march of choices. Do this? Don’t do that? You better think things through before making decisions. It never ends.

Along with these opinions comes the promotion of fear surrounding death. The level and intensity of fear is varied throughout cultures and religions, but the one common theme is that death is something to be avoided. Death very much has a negative connotation from which our own personal identities build up an avoidance of the obvious things that can lead to death.

Political Consolidation

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The New America and the De-Fragmentation of Cognitive Dissonance

By JC Collins

A pattern is beginning to emerge in the first days after the election. The reactions by the Democratic Party and liberal left regarding the election results have taken on a new and problematic pattern. This pattern is one of desperation as the full nature of what just happened begins to sink in and those in the American establishment have their control framework threatened for the first time in centuries.

The Sun Always Shines on TV (FREEPOM)

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Pride, Politics, and the Massive Corruption of Existence – Understanding the Clinton Persona

By JC Collins

The Hillary Clinton persona and its supporters in the establishment mainstream media would have us believe that the sun always shines on television. The corruption and degeneration is ignored and a false reality of wholeness and caring is promoted to the disorganized masses. But behind the scenes these losers and wannabe Illuminati are the vilest and most degraded human beings which one can imagine.