The Next Eleven

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The expectations of the BRICS Development Bank being in direct competition with the World Bank is the largest argument made to support the case of the overthrow of the banking cabal and the implementation of a multipolar world leading to chaos and a huge surge in the price of gold and silver.

The Emerging Multilateral

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We have reached an agreement that, in the current conditions of capital volatility, it is important for our countries to have this buffer a so-called “mini-IMF”- a financial organization which could quickly react to capital outflow, providing liquidity in hard currency, in particular in US dollars.

Mammon Money and Modernization

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Does modernization feed money printing or does money printing feed modernization?  Or do they both feed each other through an invisible process of mulching and chewing?

The modern method of money creation which is personified in our debt based system is little understood by the masses.  There are many reasons for this but  none more obvious than the fact that the disorganized masses are not educated about the esoteric nature of money and how the alchemical process of turning nothing into something is a secret formula hidden from all but a few.

The Arcane SDR Supra-Macro Asset

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Economic predictions and analysis of the current global situation are all wrong in that they are based on expected and presumed outcomes.  These expectations have been built on the understandings of a system that is no longer in use.  Hidden in plain site are the mechanisms and methodologies of a replacement system which first began to appear in 2009.  The old system failed in 2008 and we have been operating on something different since that time.

Did the U.S. Just Lose Europe?

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Very interesting turn of events in the Ukraine crisis.  Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine just agreed to a ceasefire and structuring of a working group moving forward.  Absent from the discussions was the United States.  One can only speculate at the conversations taking place in Washington right now as two of America’s European allies just turned their back and embraced Russia.  – JC

Vietnam Seeks Dong Stability as Dollar Nears Collapse

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The article linked below is very telling of the last days of dollar dominance.  Vietnam itself is now openly expressing its concerns with the increase of “foreign currency loans” within the country.  The State Bank will not bail-out banks that have been dumping grounds for US dollar inflation.  As a top banker in Hanoi has stated:

The New Congress of Vienna

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This coming September will be 200 years since the first attempt by international bankers to leverage sovereign debt for the purpose of consolidating geopolitical and sociological control of mass populations.  The wealth transfer by way of taxation potential of population masses, through human time and labor, represented as human resources, is so great that it amounts to the only real method of wealth accumulation.

Cras In Transitu 明天轉型

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The human mind and contention are common bedfellows in that they both seek sameness and comfort in the patterns of everyday life.  These patterns are expected to solidify and secure expectations and predictions based on what came before.  Yet, what came before is seldom more than a temporary marker of what is to come.

The Bondage of Atlas – Part One

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Learn to distinguish the difference between errors of knowledge and breaches of morality. An error of knowledge is not a moral flaw, provided you are willing to correct it; only a mystic would judge human beings by the standard of an impossible, automatic omniscience. But a breach of morality is the conscious choice of an action you know to be evil, or a willful evasion of knowledge, a suspension of sight and of thought.