A New Confirmation of the POM Thesis

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Former IMF Deputy Director Mohamed El-Erian has published a piece with Project Syndicate which all but confirms the thesis which we have been discussing here on Philosophy of Metrics for years. The call for a broader use of the SDR is not the surprising part. What is surprising is El-Erian’s suggestion that the growing anti-globalization political movements and trade protectionism should be the call to implement a “stronger multilateral core for the world economy” which would “reduce the risk of damaging fragmentation”.

Readers will pick up on the reference to the “new modern nationalism” theme which I have suggested would be used as the springboard to further advance the transformation of the international monetary framework. The use of the word “fragmentation” is also a strong reference to the deeper articles which exist here on POM.

Masking the SDR with a New Gold Standard

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Is there a snake in the wood pile?

A recent article in Forbes has suggested that the Trump Presidency has three options regarding the international monetary system. One option is to continue with the dollar as the primary reserve currency. Most readers will be aware of the challenges from such a continuation. The growing imbalances within the existing system are creating the need for a structural change. So this is not a option worth considering.

The second option which Forbes suggests is to use the Special Drawing Right (SDR) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the global reserve asset. This concept has been thoroughly reviewed and explained here on POM and does provide a viable path forward pending what solutions and protections are put forward to address concerns over loss of sovereignty.

SDR and the New Bretton Woods – Volume One

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When starting Philosophy of Metrics (POM) on December 31, 2013 I had no real idea what to write about. There were some general ideas which assisted in coming up with the name for the site, but outside of that I viewed it as an opportunity to get some thoughts out.

Within a few weeks it became self-apparent that my focus was leaning towards the transformation of the international monetary system. Outside of a few older articles and vague references it appeared that no one was aggressively researching and presenting information on this transformation and the use of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) of the International Monetary Fund to achieve the evolving objectives.

More Trouble for Egypt on the Horizon

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A recent statement by China and Egypt endorsing the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative will draw the ire of the Anglo-American establishment. Both are together known as the Belt and Road Initiative and represent the initial phase of the Eurasian Economic Union which is being promoted by Russia.

Readers of the article The Great War for Eurasia will understand that the battle for Eurasia is being fought and won on the outskirts of the Eurasian continent. The so-called civil war in Ukraine is far from over and has been left smouldering so it can be reignited when needed down the road. The unfolding situations in Syria and North Korea are fast moving towards some sort of transformation one way or the other.

Either both regions will see a semi-peaceful change and acceptance by the Anglo-American establishment towards allowing the continent to decide its own destiny within the Eurasia Union or they will collapse into all-out warfare which could drag on for years.

The announcement by China and Egypt on Belt and Road initiatives will ensure that Egypt gets further embroiled in the incremental strategies which represent the great war for Eurasia. A few months back both nations signed a currency sway arrangement which was meant to assist Egypt with its economic challenges and set the framework for integration into the emerging Eurasian Economic Union.

The Great War for Eurasia

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Nothing you have been told is true.

The 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles which President Trump fired at Syria on April 6, 2017 has left most supporters either surprised or confused. In some cases both. The rampant propaganda which has bookended this event is even more unbelievable than that which accompanied the media onslaught in the lead up to the Iraq invasion of 2003.

The emotional illogic contagion which spreads when we are fighting “for the children” is the most effective of the propaganda tactics. It taps into our deepest and most human characteristic. The need to protect our children and those who are innocent is something which no one could argue with, lest they be labeled a monster.

The alleged sarin gas attack on the Syrian people by President Bashar al-Assad fits this profile and brings back memories of Iraqi soldiers taking Kuwait babies out of incubators and throwing them on the floor. These fabricated events manufacture the required support to rally mass populations behind a cause and war which they otherwise may not agree with. Humans are emotion based and can be conditioned with relative ease on most issues.

The complex nature of world events and challenges would require intense explanations and a broad knowledge base to understand. This is not to suggest that people do not deserve the truth and that a high percentage of the population could not comprehend and manage a working understanding of how the world functions. It simple acknowledges the factual data of the intelligence bell curve within demographics and the disproportionate ability of people to process and transfer information and knowledge with any consistent level of accuracy.

The truths around the developing events in Syria are about so much more than sarin gas and innocent children. The gas attack itself is in serious question as Assad had zero motive to commit such an attack. Previous accusations of Assad gassing his own people turned out to be fabrications and propaganda, or the acts of the Western supported rebels and terrorists organizations operating in the country for the purpose of removing Russian ally Assad from power.

The Artificial Man

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Freedom, Capitalism and Robot Ownership

The expansion of simulated human culture, which ironically functions and exists in the real world, started with the industrial revolution. It was during this era that man began to shift responsibilities onto inanimate and non-conscious objects and machines which lessened the workload of his accountabilities.

Though small at first, the evolution of industrialism and technological conveniences brought with it a sort of unnatural and simulated interaction with the physical world. This interaction was based on a third dynamic which was inserted in between man and the natural world. Washing machines, trains, ovens, dishwashers, hydraulic systems, power systems, electricity, telecommunication, computers, and even cameras, all contributed to man using less of the organic and physical capabilities provided to him. From strong hands to brain memory, nothing was left untouched. All human functions began to rely on the artificial and simulated characteristics of machines.

The expansion of capitalism rode on the back of the industrial revolution and experienced its best periods as industrialism took hold and job growth was rampant. Reliance on machines and technology did not just make each individual human life better but it also made the life of corporations better as improved efficiencies and productivity were sought.

The inevitable loss of jobs for the average man which took place was offset by new jobs which required additional skills and improved cognitive abilities. This created new avenues of human opportunity through the use of trade schools and the expansion of educational curriculums to include specific cultural and socioeconomic considerations.

It was this very transformation of mind and cognitive semi-rationalization which man utilized to expand thought-forms and manufacture a simulated world around him. Something needed to happen with all the extra time the human brain now had. The rise of the liberal-left mindset could have very well been a product of this “available” brain activity as it acted on the deficiencies which were epidemic in the young ideals of capitalism.

The trade unions and political movements which emerged to protect the rights of the workers provided the base structure of the future liberal order. This order would eventually corrupt the original ideals of capitalism and use that system of socioeconomics to strengthen and spread the leftist mandates of socialism.

Keep in mind that these are the broad strokes and each area mentioned in the article is a full on research discussion in itself. What is important to focus on is that the expansion of worldwide socialism is in fact the liberal-left objective, and the advanced technology which we have at our fingertips today is meant to serve as the Trojan horse for that socialism.

The Trump Gold Standard with China and Russia

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POM called the China Mar-A-Lago visit 4 months ago. Let’s see what happens this week as Xi visits Trump on Thursday and Friday.

From the Dec 5 post:

“The stage could very well be getting set for a return to sound money principles with the establishment of semi-gold standards in not just China and America, but also Russia and India, and perhaps a few smaller players as well. It is obvious that the Trump machine is more aligned with these international players than the Anglo-American establishment which he just overthrew domestically.”

This also aligns with the recent announcement of coordination between China and Russia on monetary matters as the Central Bank of Russia opens a representative location in Beijing. The South China Morning Post is also reporting that Russia and China will be making transfers between their gold trading platforms more open and efficient.

Some are getting excited about this and promoting the concept that China and Russia are about to switch to gold-back currencies and completely by-pass the USD. I can assure you that this is not the case. Ease of trade between each others gold trading platforms does not support the leap of gold backed currency. But it could be a step towards some form of partial gold backing as was described in the POM post from last December.

America has to be a part of whatever path forward is taken. This is why Russia and China are working towards alignment with Trump on monetary and geopolitical matters. It will take the coordinated effort of both of the worlds largest economies, America and China, to rebalance the international monetary system.

PrimNomics – The First Division

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Fragmentation in Pursuit of Self-Preservation

This article was originally posted on October 8, 2014.

“He is led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention.” – Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1776

On March 9, 1776, the book titled The Wealth of Nations, a compilation of economic essays by Adam Smith, was published. This was in the early days of the American War for Independence and the air was full of hope and transformation. On May 1 of the same year the secret society known as the Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt.

And later that year, in December, Thomas Paine writes the now famous line in which in which he states:

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

When we reflect from our vantage point today do we find that the times are any different? The souls of men are still being challenged and invisible hands still appear to be guiding events in the direction that the majority do not wish to be moving. Secret societies are still in the background manipulating the disorganized masses, as can be attested too by the overwhelming masonic symbolism in our socioeconomic environment, and the world stands on the cusp of a constant revolution. A revolution which never seems to materialize.

When Will Trump Ask the Federal Reserve to Devalue the Dollar?

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The time is fast approaching when President Donald Trump will ask the Federal Reserve to devalue the dollar. Hints and statements regarding the dollar being overvalued have been tossed around a few times since the new administration took office. The foreshadowing which is taking place will lead to the eventual implementation of a lower dollar policy.

The benefits of such a policy will be broad and will complement both domestic and international mandates which are developing.

Domestically a lower dollar will improve American exports as US made goods become more affordable to other nations which wish to import them. This means more manufacturing in country and more jobs to meet those growing demands. Companies which once moved overseas will look at coming back and setting up shop.

Another added benefit would be the increase in GDP which will lower the debt-to-GDP ratio. This is important because under the current system of money creation debt management is the name of the game. At the end of WW2 America had a debt-to-GDP ratio of 140% which is still far from where it is today. Increasing GDP now will lower this ratio and make debt management more functional.

Global Rebalancing Begins as China Opens Up Massive $9 Trillion Dollar Bond Market

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The internationalization of the Chinese renminbi has been the foremost objective which needs to be realized in order for the rebalancing of the international monetary system to take place. The plethora of policy adjustments and reforms to global institutions have all been building towards lower demand for USD denominated assets and increasing demand for RMB denominated assets.

Those working towards transforming and rebalancing the international monetary system have been managing in the direction of creating a framework which will be based on a multi-currency reserve system. This system would utilize predominantly the USD and RMB to achieve this rebalancing, with other currencies taking up the responsibilities which come with minor reserve positions.

One of the core methods by which these objectives can be reached is by China opening up their massive $9 trillion dollar bond market to foreign investors. This would create the dollar alternatives which will assist in shifting the wealth of the world. This shift will free the USD up for some much needed devaluation. It will also assist in stabilizing the renminbi and encouraging a much needed appreciation.