The Pop Culture Bubble

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Note:  Hugh has touched on a very important component of the sociological engineering which has taken place since the end of World War 2.  The creation and expansion of pop culture has utilized Monarch Programming and its systematic brutality to design cultural personalities.  These broken personalities have suffered extreme sexual, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of inhuman beasts. 

The Great Cattle Collective

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“The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.”
– Charles Fort

It is common knowledge amongst researchers of the logical history, as opposed to the propagated and accepted history, that countries and groupings of countries will manufacture an external enemy.

The Snakes New Skin

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Below is my response to a question by Susan.  She asked about my true intentions and the possibility of selling false hope.  Of course it was done through a point of honest and productive debate, which I appreciate.  I felt it was best to also make the reply available as a post.  Lately I find questions from readers and the contributions of others are shaping my posts and responses.  This is encouraging as it builds a stronger organization of minds.  With that being said, we are each the world that we see.  Whether we consciously accept it or not.  – JC

The Bear and the Dragon

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America was a giant of the 20th Century. The echo of its mighty roar will be heard for the next 50 years as the seeds of its economic power continue to grow in the markets around the world. Just as the East India Trading Company was the spear tip for the growth of the British Empire, so too was American industry and commercialism at the forefront of its expansion into regions and markets around the world.

Why the Vietnamese Dong Will Reset

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Vietnam has achieved a truly remarkable thing.  While being a dumping ground for U.S. dollar inflation and having its own currency consistently devalued, Vietnam has managed to produce one of the fastest economic expansions and modernizations in the history of the world.  It’s a model of modernization built upon the experience and lessons of China, Korea, and other Asian countries which developed before it.

What Are Conspiracy Theories?

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In October of 2000 I was in Las Vegas for an international mining conference.  It was an exciting time in my life.  I was preparing to be raised to the sublime level of Master Mason in my local Freemasonic lodge back home.  My professional career was on track. And my relationship with my family was one of both satisfaction and reward.