The Destruction of Russia

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Understanding the Sunni Invasion of Europe

There is one nation in the world which stands in opposition to all that has been developed and built by the international banking interests. For thousands of years the power structure behind these interests have failed at invading, infiltrating, re-engineering, or transforming the culture and demographic of this one nation.

At least since the time of the Hittites in the land of Canaan these interests have been successful in all their endeavours and schemes to invade, conquer, murder, enslave, empire build, and rape resources around the world. The good which has stood in opposition to this vileness has existed in symbols and actions since the beginning of recorded history, and now finds itself in a final defensive position with but a few allies outside its borders.

The Hatred of the Intolerant Left

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A Parasite Needs to be a Parasite in Order to Survive

The premise of the liberal-left is the suppression of all those who disagree. The Democratic creation of the KKK to suppress African-American’s and the liberal-left nature of both Soviet Communism and Nazi Fascism are real world examples of the level of madness and hatred which is possible from the liberal-left. The fact that the liberal-left media and its academic institutions package there own hatred and intolerance as products of the conservative-right provides us with just a glimmer of the uphill battle which must be waged in order to re-balance culture and Western civilization.

Back in November of last year I posted a FREEPOM article titled The Risk of Genocide Against the Liberal-Left. It has become one of the more popular articles and sparked some intense comments and back-and-forth exchanges. The premise of the article was that the left would keep pushing and pushing and coming for more and more until such a time that open violence and conflict resulted and the right responded with characteristics of genocide against the liberal-left.

Tavistock Created Donald Trump

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Using Social Environmental Turbulence to Transform American Culture

While the world was focused on the final act of World War Two economists and monetary policy writers of the allied nations, which included Russia and China, were meeting in New Hampshire to develop the Bretton Woods Agreement. The purpose of this conference was to set the new framework for the international monetary system based on the dominance of the US dollar and the gold which was deposited into the Federal Reserve.

During this time period the Tavistock Clinic in London, England was beginning to develop its own plans for the post-war years. Operation Phoenix was tasked with the objective of redesigning the Tavistock Clinic to function as a “silent weapon” for the purpose of cultural and socioeconomic engineering.

The Scripting of the New World Order Narrative

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As far as I can tell the alternative media is complicit in the engineering and spread of the Trump narrative. The purpose of the alternative media has been to build up the cognitive dissonance and Hegelian Dialectic within the Western mind of the disorganized masses. It is my conclusion that many of these websites and personalities are manufactured and maintained through intelligence agencies and other covert groups which operate outside the confines of national interests. The scripting of the New World Order narrative and the threat to America are too aligned with the unfolding dismantling and transformation of the international framework to be a coincidence.

DNA and the False Narrative of Opposition

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Sending off our DNA for analysis and discovering our heritage is all the rave now. The allure of discovering whether we are related to someone consequential or where our bloodline comes from in the world has led millions to hand over hard earned money in order to give away their DNA. The interesting part is that for years so many warned about government DNA databases and some even attempted to stop the forced collection of DNA which was spread through new policing methodologies.

Now we are paying to provide it in return for information. Vanity aside, there are some supposed benefits as the analysis can provide a list of predisposition health defects which each individual is susceptible too. Though you may be a descendent of Genghis Khan (if you live in Central Asia you have a 1 in 200 chance of being a progeny of the great Asian fornicator) you still may end up with diabetes or colon cancer. But fear not, a cool DNA report can suggest diets and lifestyles which can assist in prevention.

Does Evil Know it is Evil?

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A Hidden Secret of the Ancient Mystery Schools

Does evil know it is evil? This is an interesting question which is relevant to some of the broader conversations and topics which take place here on Philosophy of Metrics. Sitting around this weekend Marianne and I had this conversation. We both determined that the answer is no. Evil does not know it is evil. For the most part that is.

But before getting into why we came to that conclusion let’s attempt to create a common understanding, or definition, of what evil is. This isn’t as easy as one would think. Everyone has their own pre-conceived definition of evil and those who commit evil acts. Very few of us would consider ourselves to be evil, but yet are quick to point out that someone else, or the actions of someone else, are indeed evil.

A Greater Israel

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The Surprising Strategy for Middle Eastern Peace

Sometimes the oddest observations are made. One such observation is that ISIS has not intentionally attacked Israel. An accidental attack a few months ago was even accompanied with an apology from the terrorist organization to the Jewish nation. Strange that a group with the stated mandate of establishing an international Islamic Caliphate would orchestrate attacks against Muslim nations in the region but not attack Israel itself, and even say sorry when it did so by accident.

Another observation which can be made is that ISIS is only operating in regions which are of strategic importance to the Anglo-American establishment and its goals of hampering a Eurasian Union and of creating a Greater Israel in the Middle East.

Lets Burn Down the Universities

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An Offensive Act of Self Defence to Save the Great School of Western Thought

It should be clear to all reasoning people with the ability for critical thinking that a pattern of cultural warfare has been unfolding against the Western world since at least the end of World War Two. The contrast between what was then and what is now is stark and frightening. It should serve as all the evidence we require to make the final determination about what has been happening.

The complete destruction of the traditional family unit has taken place through a process of indirect and direct attacks against the proven characteristics of Western civilization. It should be obvious that media and art have orchestrated a well-thought out strategy of cultural warfare against the masculine and feminine ideals and support columns of culture.

Understanding the Le Pen Loss

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One of the longstanding predictions on POM was that Marine Le Pen would win in the French election. It was the trend which our New Modern Nationalism analysis suggested, and it aligned with other geopolitical shifts, such as the election of Trump and the BREXIT vote. So how do we now interpret this loss?

The first thing to consider is that Le Pen’s chances have not been eliminated. There is another election in 2022 and between now and then a lot of damage can be done to both French culture and the European Union as a whole. The pattern which has been developing in France and Europe for more than a decade now is unlikely to reverse or stop, especially under a globalist leader such as Macron.

How Your Brain is Turned Against You

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Filtering and Sorting External Stimuli

It was the early 1990’s and access to the World Wide Web was expanding at an exponential rate. During my graduating year in high school my parents brought home our first PC. It was setup in a spare room and the modem was plugged into the phone outlet. The dialup sounds bounced around the walls and the new world of the internet came to life at my fingertips.

Those early days were limited on quality of information but I quickly found my way onto conspiracy sites where the most bizarre and unthinkable things could be learned. Outside of porn, it was almost as if the internet was designed to spread conspiracy theories and manufacture virtual meeting areas for new forms of socializing.