Canada Must Ban George Soros Foundations Now (FREEPOM)

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And Should Canada Dump the Monarchy and Become a Republic?


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It’s of paramount importance that Canada and other nations cut off foreign funding to civil society groups and foundations which operate within their borders. These foundations and organizations represent outside forces which have ulterior motives and agendas which may not always, if ever, be aligned with the needs of the people.

One such foreign “philanthropic” organization is the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation. This foundations sole purpose is the promotion and expansion of the liberal-left international agenda meant to reduce national sovereignty, fund and support massive migration, such as is taking place in Europe, and the promote the mandate of open borders.

Soros and his foundations have provided the majority of funding for liberal-left social justice movements which have eroded national identity, encouraged abortion and divorce, and promote extremist environmentalism and taxation, such as the carbon tax scams which are being implemented in western nations.

Along with giving billions to left-wing socialist organizations Soros also attempts to influence elections, as in the recent American election and other nations.  Even within nations his foundations fund and support groups such as the Dogwood Initiative based in British Columbia.  This group’s stated goal is to influence Canadian elections in federal ridings.

The attempts to remove American sovereignty have been halted by the election of Donald Trump which is why Soros is now funding the protests against the Trump administration.  The control which Soros has over the news media comes from his funding and support for the progressive media watchdog group called Media Matters.  The term “media watchdog” should be interpreted as “ensuring the promotion of liberal-left propaganda”.

The progressive advocacy group is also funded by the foundations of George Soros.  Its purpose is to raise millions of dollars for liberal candidates and is behind such liberal propaganda as comparing political opposition to Hitler.  We have seen these comparisons from Russian leader Vladimir Putin to most recently with Donald Trump.

Soros also funds the progressive think tank Center for American Progress.  The CAP has provided talking points to the Obama Administration and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta even heads up the group.  Obama’s staff consisted of a large percentage of CAP personalities.

The Open Society Foundation has even infiltrated the education systems of most nations by funding curriculum studies and implementing changes to the education courses.  This has been happening for so long now that most western teachers are promoting the liberal-left agenda without even realizing they have been manipulated and conditioned to destroy their own culture from within.

Some of the foundations historical successes have been the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Arab Spring which further fragmented the Middle East and caused massive death and the ongoing migration problem which is affecting the whole world.

The amount George Soros gives to the liberal international agenda is billions, but still only a fraction of his reported $23 billion worth.

Most nations have some form of law or regulation which prevents foreign entitites from funding and influencing elections.  The way the Open Society works around this is by establishing domestic foundations within nations with no direct ties to the larger parent.  These groups are funded by the larger Soros foundation which serves as a third party.  The domestic foundation can then work to influence the elections within the country because once the money is given to them it is no longer considered foreign money or influence.  This needs to change.

So in most cases it is impossible to determine if foreign interests have influenced Canadian elections, or the elections of other nations, because none of the funding has to be registered or reported to the governments of those nations.

George Soros is evening funding a progressive war against Israel and has, for all intents and purposes, successfully infiltrated its extreme environmental agenda into the Catholic Church.  There is no political ideology or religion which is off limits.  The liberal-left international agenda has even taken control of the United Nations over the last few decades and is now attempting to force a loss of sovereignty on member nations through sustainable development planning, such as Agenda 2030.

In the post The Take Down of George has Begun, I explained how the world is beginning to turn against George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.  Russia, the favorite Soros punching back (mainly because Putin stopped his revolution in Ukraine) has already passed laws banning the Open Society and its broad funding to domestic groups.  (This particular post has been copied and spread around the globe through re-posts and YouTube videos, reaching millions of people.)

Since that post the home nation of Soros Hungary has also enacted legislation to ban the Open Society Foundation and all subsidiary organizations and those who receive funding.  Macedonia has also started a massive movement called “Stop Operation Soros” which is meant to remove all traces and influence of the foundation from its internal politics.

This war against George Soros is only just beginning.

President Trump will be taking action against Soros in the weeks and months to come, as will other nations. In part two of The Take Down of George Soros has Begun we explore how the next stages of this take down may look, everything from Iran becoming the dominant regional power in the Middle East to the collapse of Soros friendly Saudi Arabia.


It is time for Canada to take action now against George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.  Our liberal-left socialist government is aligned with both Soros and the mandates of the United Nations.  The same agenda is attempting to take control and/or keep control of Canadian provinces through the same tactics as described above.  Our media is in alliance with this agenda, just like the major news media in the United States are aligned against Trump.

Even our non-liberal political parties, such as the Progressive Conservatives, both federal and provincial, promote the mandates and propaganda of the Open Society Foundation.  The Alberta PC Party is tripping over itself as it attempts to stop leadership candidate Jason Kenney from hijacking the party.  Kenney’s campaign platform is positioned against the mandates of the liberal-left.  The other leadership hopefuls, along with party insiders, are doing everything they can to delegitimize his campaign or find ways to remove him from the race.  Even the liberal media is attacking him, as would be expected.

If our major political parties will not serve the people of Canada and protect our way of life from the liberal international agenda funded by George Soros then it is time for Canadians, like others around the world, to begin the process of taking back our political systems and removing this insidious disease from our countries and cultures. This may mean starting a new federal political party and completely redefining the structure of Canadian governance to reflect the ideals of a republic as opposed to maintaining a defunct, purposeless, and symbolic allegiance to a monarchy who sold us out long ago.  - JC

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28 Comments on “Canada Must Ban George Soros Foundations Now (FREEPOM)”

  1. Bravo, JC. The world will be a better place when this villain's wings have been clipped. And he's far from the only poisonous old snake that needs stomping on. Rockefeller, Kissinger etc. etc. Are they able to purchase some kind of life prolonging treatment the rest of us aren't privy to? Prince Philip has come back from the dead about five times. And here I am hoping Trump's health holds out...

    1. Soros so I'm told does have a life preserving machine. I was told that there are very few of them world wide, and he has one of them. Funny you should ask.

      1. Though the question was in fact rhetorical, I have no idea whether your answer is serious or in jest. It is after all easy to imagine Soros asleep in an oxygen tank or the like, dreaming his vampirical dreams.

  2. Wow... The global scene is becoming to come into crystal clear focus now. We truly are in for a wild 4 t 8 years here. EPIC < EPIC time to be alive.

    1. As she will be 91 in April, she is elderly and therefore more frail. As usual during the winter months there are outbreaks of flu and there is a persistent cough (which I've had for 3 weeks) that the media says she has suffered from. Regardless, the fact that she continues to do her duty at her age is something to be appreciated, whatever anyone thinks of her.

      It will all change when Charles ascends the throne. Not a day I am looking forward to as he is openly aligned with global interests especially in regards to climate change and environmental issues. The fact he can put his name to a childrens' book 'educating' youngsters about climate change says it all. Another meddler and nowhere near as discreet as his mother.

      He also wants to become the 'defender of all faiths!' rather than Defender of the Faith (Church of England, which he will become head of). I am not religious at all but even I can see the growing divisions, especially when the Koran is being read out in English and Scottish cathedrals. Another push towards a 'world' faith?!

  3. An Excellent piece JC Thank You,

    "Should Canada Dump the Monarchy and Become a Republic?"

    You have posed a serious question that may become more relevant as the Trump phenomenon unravels, specially that most major Canadian cities are built at a distance of no more than 150 miles from the US border. Having lived in Toronto in the 90's for a short time, I do recall almost all canadians take their vacations in US and cross the border for cheaper shopping and cheaper fuel...Socialism has a price tag of high Taxes!

    Canada as a republic will be better placed internationally and far more prosperous. It's great human potential and mineral reserves would alone should be advantages to be considered by Canadians to become independent from the Crown. I know Australians have been thinking along these lines.

    However, it remains a fact that the British Queen personally "owns" a large portion of Canadian landmass which goes all the way to the polar regions such as freezing cold cities as "Yellowknife" (The coolest name ever for a city!). Undoubtedly, the close proximity of Canada to US makes Canada much closer to US than it does to GB Culturally and economically.

    Regarding Soros, I recall what later became known as "Black Wednesday", 16 September 1992, when the currency market speculator, George Soros made a Billion Pounds and literally crashed the British chance of entering the ERM which was the precursor to a European single currency union which luckily the Brits never took it further and opt for Euro. Ever since I have thought, the British never ever forget anyone who betrayed them and the fact that no formal or informal action was taken against Soros is very intriguing. Soros was also one of the people who was behind the whole EU project!

    So the question, whether the three Europhile cabinet ministers of John Major (Douglas Hurd, President of the Board of Trade Michael Heseltine, and Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke), along with Norman Lamont the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minsiter) were acting in support of the Soros gang against the British interest or not. I simply find it odd that nothing happened to Soros and his foundation and currency daylight robbery! Just a thought!

    1. Justin Trudeau is a communist as was his father. Google No Snow in Moscow and we need to impeach him. We are foreigners in our land because of his immigration policies that started in 1974 and multiculturalism and religious freedom has destroyed us. All the Syrian and other refugees we took in this year mostly muslim totally over 59,000 are a huge economic burden to us and the destruction of our values and we need to deport them and ban islam, Koran and all religious symbols in our society. Religion has caused more wars and religious symbols, nijab, turban, jewish caps are all barriers to integration.

      When 2/3 of Canadians surveyed said we want Canadian values for immigrations,. and 68% surveyed said they want immigrants to integrate; it is time we stop importing the overpopulation, start deporting any immigrants and their children that break our laws because it is a privilege not a right to immigrate to Canada. We are foreigners in our land because immigration has been used as a tool for votes, and to have high procreation rates or just large numbers of Asians, etc. to destroy us. No foreign immigrants should be able to vote; and I define foreign immigrants as anyone who is not UK, France Spain, Italy and Greece, because after WWII we should not include Russia because they were communist. We should deport all refugees that has come to our nation since 1945 when United Nations was formed, because the UN, and Trump has a bill in parliament saying he wants out of UN as why should we pay into an organization that works against the US. So all refugees and their descendents should loose their citizenship. We should end for foreign worker department and get rid of them. If companies can't find Canadians they can globally ask for workers in ads, we should not waste our taxpayers money on this.

      Impeach Trudeau and charge both liberal and conservative parties with treason against our nation for using immigration for votes, for refusing to give us back our bank of Canada. COMER's lawsuit went no where and they are going to try and take it to Supreme Court. They will probably reject it as they did our farmer's case as they want their Canadian Wheatboard. Harper's government allowed G3 which has 51% share owned by US and Saudi's which means they set the price and export our wheat and we have no say. This is treason.

      Recently an article about in Vancouver a low income housing project location was moved across the street. Then there were signs of a condo development and units were being advertised in Chinese. Residents took this to court and court ruled they had the right to have public dialogue. Guess what, a large Chinese Investment firm with contacts with Chinese government as part of their 800 billion buy up world project was behind it. We should ensure that only Canadian citizens can own property and that the land and our resources belong to citizens of Canada and that way the Chinese and all other foreigners who are buying up our land and resources and that means one day we will be run by the Chinese government, and every Chinese person is in cultured into communism. They don't even respect our packaging laws where things are supposed to be in French and English. Their spices are in Chinese. For disobeying our laws and showing disrespect for our culture they and their families should be deported. Likewise with Chinese pharmaceuticals. They and all their dependents should be deported. All foreign immigrants since 1985 when we lost jobs to NAFTA and opened the flood gates to immigration a few years later by Mulroney, who should be put to death for treason with NAFTA and immigration. Also he went to Britain with communist Trudeau and said it takes years to get trade agreements and said Britain wouldn't be able to get agreements, total communist bs. Paul Hellyer our defence minister in1960s put a court order and Galati is to be his lawyer to ensure Canadians have a discussion about CETA, well that didn't happen. It means our justice department should be fired. Now COMER has a lawsuit about CETA filed in Oct.2016. They also have a lawsuit about C-51. None of this will go anywhere until we impeach Trudeau and kill all Conservatives and liberals, especially our trade minister, immigration minister, our finance minister and our Bank of Canada representative, and we should do that for all governments since1974 at the federal level.

      I know about George Soros for decades as he started this open foundation in 1980s under guise of assisting countries, when it is about regime change and destroying countries through civil war. Soros admitted to CNN in 2014 that his foundation was responsible for regime change in Ukraine. There was an article on that said polish tv station received leaked documents that Canada was responsible for the start of the destruction of Ukraine. We funded meetings with 28 countries via our Turkish Ambassador and Nuland (American). We even funded a youth group in the beginning, but eventually Soros funded it and America funded most of that revolution. That is why we should shut down all our embassies because there is too much corruption, and why should we fund diplomacy when there should be transparency on all government actions. China and Asia would not be able to develop without resources from other countries. Let's stop being a resource country and keep all our resources and use them till we transition to a green economy. Let's not let Nestle buy our water for $3.71 per l million litres and let's give Wellington it's water back. Let's not export any of our water, bottled, energy drinks, sodas, teas just in Canada, because water is a precious commodity and we need to stop polluting it and giving it away and exporting it!

      I want my country back the one my father, his brother put their lives on the line for, unlike Pierre Trudeau who was of age to serve, but he was to busy leading delegations to commlunist Moscow, China and Cuba. If the Syrian refugees don't want to fight for their country, if their own muslim brothers in middle east don't want them because they are funding terrorists along with US, UK, Turkey,Qatar, when according to Washington post the prime minister of Libya is making an estimated 300 million a year and allowing these people to illegally enter Italy and Greece, when their own Europol report stated last year this was a global people smuggling ring, also involved in falsifying documents, arms smuggling, drug smuggling and people trafficking, why should we or any western democracy take these people!

      I am a racist because all of us are, we naturally feel closer to our own people and our culture than we do to other races, but I want my country back and we will be destroyed unless we get rid of all Muslims, black people and Asians and make those that remain only have 1 child and be sterilized on their dime, because it is a privilege not a right and we don't want to be foreigners in our land. We need to stop the discrimination against white Caucasian Europeans and native people and put us first for jobs. Anyone who is not a citizen should be deported, end family reunifications, stop sponsorship program and force all sponsored refugees or immigrants ever since the program started back to their countries and deport all those who sponsored them back, because charity begins at home and if immigrants just want to bring their people here, let them go live with their people. We need to end homeless in Canada, not import the world's overpopulation problem. Because anyone who doesn't want to put our people first is a traitor to our country and needs to be deported or exterminated.

      Last we all know every nation is broke and so are the banks, we need to crash and burn our banking system and trade agreements and our political system and wipe out all debts, get rid of foreign immigrants, encourage our children to procreate, or else we will be killed, robbed and raped as is happening in Europe everyday when the economic collapse comes. It is a battle over the globalists and the new world order and the foreign immigrants who out number us and don't care about us. It is us or them and we need to get rid of them or exterminate them. I am sorry to say this, I have always lived by the nonaggression principle and have never supported death penalty, but we need it now the the globalists, their families and for all the extremist groups, the islam organizations, even Saudi's, Kuwait, United Emirates, Egypt and even Russia has banned the muslim brotherhood. There was an e-petition to our government signed by70,000 people saying Muslim Brotherhood and Islam are peaceful, that is a lie and you can't trust muslims because the art of lying is in their Quran, and saying they need protection, when in fact it is we that have had problems from coast to coast in the school system, we have even had a Saudi male try and slit the throat of a student in B.C. and a Canadian had to put him in a headlock to release her and she was rushed to hospital and she lived. A montreal radio host spoke about a muslim 33 year old (shortly after Syrian refugees came) saying he was charged and admitted to 24 counts of sexual assault and 10 counts of extortion against 10 young teenagers and the media was silent on it. Even Infowars has an article in Ottawa that murder rate is up from 10 last year to 24 and over half are muslims. One muslim was charged with robbery and for some reason released and the next day he killed a truck driver by stabbing him in the neck. There is no such thing as a peaceful muslim, they have a different world view even the moderates teach Allah is Great when he hated women, you can beat them lightly as a sign of love, he had 4 wives and all men can have 4 wives. He married a 6 year old girl because he lusted after her, he raped her at age 9, and under aged marriages are a huge problem in Europe and have been for years, and probably is in Canada but our presstitutes and our government turn a blind eye. Islam was set up to be a totatalian regime from the beginning because the Quarn contains Sharia law, yes the so called moderates have a watered down version, but their Quaran says their duty is to spread Islam which is against our laws. Rebil Media has had several articles about them and so has TSEC and a few other goods journalists.

      There was an article I read that talked about the aggressive behaviour of refugee children from coast to coast and how school in Regina was segregating classes according to Sharia law. Even said a camp did so. Why are we allowing Sharia law in our country when our communist government ruled years ago there would be no Sharia law only one law in Canada. Why did our government secretly pass a motion, not a bill for the 70,000 e-petition saying Muslim Brotherhood and Islam are peaceful and they need protection - again we are the problem - no they are get rid of all Muslims and ban Islam, the Quran, call to prayers and get rid of all religious symbols in public and stop Islam from being preached in our campuses via the Muslim Student group - they should be exterminated. It is one thing to practice your religion but not to be spreading Sharia law on our campus as they did last year in York University - gave out document saying woman are inferior and men can beat them gently as a sign of love. Only one newspaper and I think it was Huffington post because the motion was denied on Oct. 6 by conservatives, but on Oct.29 it was unanimously passed and our presstitutes should be put to death for treason against our nation for not reporting this and not reporting crimes including rapes committed by Muslims.

      My generation would have exterminated Islam back in the 1970s but our youth are so dumbed down that they accept multiculturalism - because there should be riots on campuses all over Canada demand banning Islam and getting rid of them and stop importing the world overpopulation and put Canadians not foreign immigrants first. End all foreign students studying in Canada because they take our jobs as all jobs say minorities first. We should have a zero immigration policy as Australia has because last year 28% of children born were from people who were not born in Australia. Even in Saudi Arabia there was huge protests of women because they want freedom from male guardians as they can't travel, can study, or go to a doctor without their permission. Saudi is extreme Islam, but moderates are only mildly better. Another article said there are more women than men in universities and they showed a picture of men and woman sitting on same bench, so why are segregating our kids in Regina school and in a camp when they aren't. There was a letter of Rebil Media that was sent to our parliament saying the Muslim refugees are men and every day they are sexually harassing girls as young as 14, demanding segregating classes according to Sharia law, want to pray in our schools, want halal - they aren't here to integrate they are here to destroy us and they are here and all over Europe.

      As was pointed out in the excellent BBC documentary The Rich and Us immigration issued to lower wages in all categories, make everyone a freelancer or a part-timer, and they are right. 21% of children in Canada last year their parents were not born here, and I bet if you did the demographics that at least half of babies born last year were people who foreign immigrants or their children not ours. As pointed out channel 4 in Britain Trevor Philips a black male who used to be head of Human Rights coined phrase Islam phobia over 20 years ago. When he found out about a study involving 1,000 Muslims who lived in areas that had at least 20% Muslims even he concluded we need tough policies to integrate them. I say deport them and stop the Islamization of the world Greet Wilders, Paul Weston, Marie LePen say they are incompatible with our values and we need to get rid of them, and I say ban all Muslims from even visiting our Country till ISIS is long over and ban them permanently from immigrating to Canada. Even Rebil Media had an article and a video about how the CBC said Muslims were more Canadian than we are, a communist lie, and 67% wanted to pray in our schools, that is Sharia law not religious freedom. Turns out they discovered only 60 muslims took the survey and it was prepared by the muslim brotherhood and did not ask the probing questions like the channel 4 British documentary. Even worse German-Turks, muslims from Turkey who have lived and worked in Germany for years, not the muslims destroying Germany now, showed 1 in 5 said violence should happen if Islam is threatened. I say send them back to Turkey! As Nigel Farsey pointed out survey in Turkey show 8% of Turks support ISIS - 8% of 75 million people is a lot of ISIS supporters, that does not include the 3 million refugees. Believe me it is not just the north black African muslims there are been a few articles that have mentioned Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, but mostly the alternative media says they are muslims some times they say dark skinned muslims. Even InfoWars a while ago interviewed someone from India and he said Muslims have been a problem for 1,400 years. Islam belongs in Muslim countries -get rid of all of them along with all foreign immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, sponsorships and sponsors, and stop family reunifications and send them all back especially the parents and grandparents who are a burden to our aging population.

      First let's impeach Trudeau and exterminate him, his diversity committee, and all liberals and conservatives at the federal level and have Green Party and NDPs in a temporary coalition till we reorganize and bring the power back at the local level, have no representatives of the Queen, Lieutenant Governors, as she is German not British. That is Why George Bush is related to her - they are Illuminati communists and they are Satanists!

  4. Great articles with loads of material to investigate. As a side note, I wonder if some style of connection can be found between Michael Moore and George Soros?

    1. Hey Alan, You already know the answer to this one don't you? lol. But here are some...articles on it. Unfortunately they lose some confidence points because many seem to use the very same line "Another character and instigator of the Soros-financed purple revolution is Michael Moore" but Moore has publically said things which definitely are in line with Soros thinking and this purple revolution. The last link shows how Soros used the orange revolution funded by the US in Ukraine.

      "Another character and instigator of the Soros-financed purple revolution is Michael Moore. The documentary filmmaker has posed as a blue-collar ordinary working man for more than a decade, even though he is a millionaire. Moore is organizing a one-million women march in Washington DC on the day of President-Elect Trump’s inauguration, as an ultimate stand against his alleged sexism. Who will lead Soros’s mighty purple female army along Michael, will it be generals Lady Gaga and Madonna?"

      'We are planning to shut down the inauguration, that's the short of it'"

      Then there is this angry sounding reporter who seemingly takes the opposite stand.

      "Next, the pouty-lip designated female does her job by throwing out the names of the usual right-wing, super-villains, which include Michael Moore, Al Sharpton and the anti-semitic George Soros (*sarcasm) But wait, it gets worse! Michael Moore was seen walking into Trump Tower, so everyone, clutch your pearls."

      Just for kicks 🙂

      And the beginning of the purple revolution in America.

      "Ironically, it is the United States that championed Soros’s “color revolutions” in Ukraine (twice), Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Iran, China, and countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Now, thanks to the billionaire hedge fund tycoon, a color revolution is being launched on the streets of the United States.

      Anytime globalist politicians embrace a color, be on guard for a revolution bearing that particular hue. On the day after the election that propelled Donald Trump into the White House, Hillary and Bill Clinton entered the ballroom of the “Moonie” Unification Church-owned New Yorker hotel in midtown Manhattan adorned in the color purple. Mrs. Clinton wore a pant suit with purple lapels and a purple blouse, while Bill Clinton wore a purple tie. Journalists were told that the color represented the “coming” together of “blue” and “red” America into a united “purple” nation.

      No sooner had Trump been declared the 45th president of the United States, George Soros-funded political operations launched America’s “Purple Revolution” to protest the incoming Trump administration. The swiftness of the Purple Revolution was reminiscent of the speed at which protesters hit the streets of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, in two Orange Revolutions sponsored by Soros, one in 2004 and the other, ten years later, in 2014."

  5. For those of your readers, JC, who are not British, please be aware that the Monarchy and the Crown are not one and the same. Neither is London and the City of London. The latter is a City State within England in the same way as the Vatican is in Italy. The former is known as Greater London for the reason being it is outside the City.

    That is why the Monarch has to ask permission to enter the City (goes back to Henry VIII, the Tudor times) and also why we have a Lord Mayor and a Mayor of London. That was also the time when Henry seceded from Rome and we became a Protestant land, supposedly, but then you get into things to do with trading, maritime laws, the Venetians, Papal bulls and it does get a lot more complex.

    Monarchs of those times fought wars in Europe which needed funding. As we know from more modern times, the money lenders were in control of the purse strings. The modern City is the home hub of global banking for that reason, though the roots of that lie to the East all the way back into biblical times.

    The Crown Estate (known as Buono Vacantia in the U.K. now) owns lands all across the world, not just in Canada and other Commonwealth countries but also under the seas around our shores. Whoever sits on the throne is only a symbolic figurehead without any true power at all. The real power is behind the throne in the same way as you have extensively written about the hidden hands that think they control the world. The Crown Jewels are also owned by the Crown, not the Monarch.

    While ER2 does indeed have personal family wealth it is nothing compared to the wealth of the Crown. She doesn't own Buckingham Palace which is essentially the Crown offices. Windsor Castle and her other residences will all pass to Charles III eventually. They are for the use of the Monarch. She can't realise their asset value at any time, so hardly wealthy in the sense of liquidity is she?

    She is also the current custodian of the wealth in some areas, such as the Duchy of Cornwall and the Duchy of Lancashire (one of her titles is Duke of Lancaster) and receives the income from the estates together with Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall.

    It is intricate for a good reason. To hinder any in depth knowledge or understanding of how the control system in this country and beyond works. I have no problem with any country seceding whether Canada, Australia or elsewhere. The time will come when the new nationalism you write about will break the chains from old ties that no longer suit our purposes.

    1. Thank you very much Rossa for this valuable information regarding the British Monarchy. The house of Windsor for sure is the house of intrigue and their wealth is somewhat of a mystery. I am certain most British people do not have a clue as to the wealth of their rulers, so I found your explanation regarding the distinction of the personal wealth of the Queen and the crown fascinating.

      1. Windsor is a made up name. Our present royal family originates in Germany. They took the name Windsor to appear to be British, especially at the time of WWI and WWII. And she is the Queen of England and Scotland, not Ireland or Wales (as there is no such thing), though she gets described as the British Monarch.

        1. The royal name being 'Saxe-Coburg and Gotha' before the First World War. Slightly less appealing than Windsor to an English ear. And while on the subject, the main protagonists of that war being King George, Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas were all grandchildren of Queen Victoria and first cousins.

  6. JC,
    thanks for another superb article.
    The more you write, the better it gets, like truly good wine.

    Just one point I would like to mention.
    Soros, the British monarchy, Kissinger, Rockefeller, etc... are all, without exception, scumbags.
    And you´re totally correct about banning them not only in Canada, but all over the world.
    We, decent people, should get rid of them.
    I put my little grain of salt with my job.
    Btw, I´m traveling to Russia soon to help with the problems in East Ukraine, generated by Soros, among others.

    I was in Moscow when Putin signed the order banning Soros´ foundation.

    But let me tell you just one thing:
    The Israeli government is as guilty as the people mentioned above when it comes to the sorry state the world is in.

  7. JC, I wonder if Soros is not the super-villan we all will be served up from the "white hats" in the Eastern BRICS alliance who will publicly "behead" to serve us "justice". I use quotes here because the reality is both Putin and Trump are the chosen candidates of Chabad-Lubvitch, which is just another form of religious extremist. Isn't this just more of the same, the old left hand right hand trick we have been subjected to over and over again The evil Western banking empire will be replaced by the good multipolar multi-national collaboration which, oh by the way, still takes its directives from the same folks the "evil west" did. I am failing to see how any of our current dog and pony show equates to actual change. Its still a heirarchy instead of a circle, and as far as I can see, the sheep are still being lead to slaughter.

  8. “OTTAWA — Gunmen opened fire in a mosque in the city of Quebec on Sunday night, killing six people and wounding eight others in what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a “terrorist attack on Muslims.””

    So Mr. Trudeau believes all non muslim Canadians are terrorists? If so it would seem Mr. Trudeau is so out of touch with Canada that he feels her people are terrorists? Can terrorists even have these qualities?

    ““It is heart-wrenching to see such senseless violence,” he said in a statement early Monday. “Diversity is our strength, and religious tolerance is a value that we, as Canadians, hold dear.””

    Why wouldn’t one or two gunman committing this horrible act be considered a hate crime as opposed to considering it terrorism?

    In the caption under the photo…

    “…the Quebec premier said to Muslims in his province, "This is your home. You are welcome here."”

    Are the Canadian people just as welcome in your province Mr. Couillard? Why not put them at ease also?

    He drives it home at the bottom of the article..

    “the premier of the province of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, said that solidarity rallies were planned on Monday for people to express their concern about the shootings.

    “We are with you. You are at home,” he said, in words directed at the province’s Muslim residents.””

    This sure smells like purple, the purple revolution, a color revolution or just simply Soros.

    Here is an option for the people of Canada.

    1. Well its nice to see some change...albeit after the fact. The world is watching...first impressions are lasting ones.

      "“Muslim-Canadians are an important part of our national fabric, and these senseless acts have no place in our communities, cities and country. Canadian law enforcement agencies will protect the rights of all Canadians, and will make every effort to apprehend the perpetrators of this act and all acts of intolerance.

      “Tonight, we grieve with the people of Ste-Foy and all Canadians.”"

      1. Thanks Dane for this, I am really beginning to see a pattern about these "events" and straight after a politician will announce in a standard words/sentences as to how they are one with the victims and how much the country needs them etc. etc. But if you watch these politicians (mostly Leftists!), they seem to have had acting training albeit most of them are absolutely terrible at it. I put up Justin Trudeau's one at his Dad's funeral on one of POM items a couple of days ago as I started to see these patterns!

        Yesterday I watched Chuck Schumer's terrible method acting and pathetic and weird act when he tried to push tears whilst surrounded by a bunch of covered up women and a guy with beard, presumably showing he is sympathetic to Muslims! All he wanted to say that Trump should allow everyone in, as we (Democrats) have done for many decades!

        The whole thing is thoroughly choreographed routine but poorly rehearsed and executed terribly like a scene from a bad comedy movie.

        I include one of what I think is the funniest scene by the late Peter Sellers in one of his Pink Panthers. Here he describes how they finally managed to pull it together, (pardon the pun)...and from now on I am watching Schumer and Justin Trudeau intently, expecting a similar "random" noise from one of the cast!

        You got to ask, isn't humanity sick and tired of these scripted standard terms and sentences and pathetic acts by these charlatans yet?!

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