Bloody Mary and the Catholic Church

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Questioning the Divinity of Jesus and the True Templar Legacy

It’s both strange and revealing how cultural traditions and stories are passed on through the generations. The importance of my Anglican baptism eluded me for the last 44 years. But when reflecting upon my life, and the urban legends and stories which have been passed around in my family, our Protestant heritage becomes obvious.

As a child we would scare ourselves with the legend of Bloody Mary. The narrative, and version of the urban legend we used, was that Mary was a bride who died on her wedding night. If you stood in front of mirror in the dark and turned right 6 times, left 6 times, and right 6 times again, Bloody Mary would appear in the mirror in tattered dress, holding a long knife.

Of course I did this, and was sure I saw something shimmering and dancing in the mirror. So scared it made me that I ran all the way home being chased by what I thought was the shadow of a large man in a trench coat.

The real Bloody Mary was the Queen of England from 1553 to 1558. Under her reign there was a savage persecution of the Protestants as she attempted to restore Roman Catholicism in England. The Protestant Reformation started in 1517 in what is now Germany. The flame of the Reformation quickly spread to England under the reign of King Edward. Queen Mary attempted to undo the damage which had been done and remove the Protestant influence in the country.

It’s also telling that while Protestant culture passes on horror stories about Queen Mary, Catholic culture, which supports non-Protestant hedonistic tendencies, celebrates her reign with an alcoholic beverage.

Another Protestant story, which likely has its origin in Catholicism, is that of an evil man who committed vile sins and cursed against God. One rainy night the man went to sleep in a motel room and dreamed that the devil walked into his room with three black dobermans on rusted chain leashes. The devil walked around his bed, stood over him, and told him that he would be going to hell if he didn’t start being a better man.

In the morning the man awoke and thought about the dream. After laying there for an hour reflecting on both the dream and his life, the man went to get out of bed. As he swung his legs over the edge he saw muddy boot and dog foot prints coming in the door and around the bed. It is said that the man never sinned again and spent the rest of his life doing good deeds and helping others.

Stories such as these are important because they pass on important cultural information. Think of them as the viral internet posts of the past.

The story of the devil and dobermans likely comes from the Catholic Church because the early Protestants, such as Martin Luther, believed in a psychological hell as opposed to a physical hell.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, ‘eternal fire.’ The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs”

Roman Catholicism also promoted the divinity of Jesus. Though there is much debate on what the early Christians believed, there is strong evidence to support that the divinity of Jesus was not one of them. For the purpose of this post we will just agree that the time period in question is complex. It would take a large volume of work to make a convincing case on either position.

Throughout the last 2000 years the one constant trend is the persecution of Christians. As Romans fed Christians to lions, and Roman Catholicism persecuted the ragtag groups of early Christians into accepting the Church mandates and beliefs, future groups, such as the Cathars, were subjected to full-on inquisition and crusade style genocide.

We know that the Cathars did not support the divinity of Jesus, and were more aligned with the gnostic process of the inner Christ, and living a sin-free humble existence, unlike the idolatry of the Church. The spread of Catharism in Southern France was a major threat to the Catholic Church. Under no conditions could it allow Catharism to create governance structures and create a break-away region on the Mediterranean.

The evidence supporting the Catholic Church’s involvement in the development of the Islamic religion is growing. The similarities between both are striking and convincing. The purpose of Islam, and the control of Roman Catholicism over it, was to remove the presence and influence of the true gnostic Christians from the Middle East.

Like the Great Schism of 1054, which split the Catholic Church into East and West, there was a counter-strategy in the early days of Islam to split that religion into the Sunni and Shiite dogmas. The Sunni side was supported by Roman Catholicism, and the Shia side was more aligned with the gnostic Christians. We will explore this division, and how the use of the double-headed eagle by those aligned against the Catholic Church stretched across to Shiite Islam in future posts.

The crusades by the Catholic Church to reclaim the Holy Land were only sanctioned when the Byzantine Empire began its war to reclaim Jerusalem from the Seljuk Turks. There are so many divisions across the geopolitical and religious grounds in the Middle East leading up to the first crusade that it becomes a tangled mess when attempting to explain it.

But lets just look at the broad strokes. In the decades leading up the crusade the Shiite Fatmid Caliphate controlled Jerusalem. The Fatmid’s allowed Christians, Jews, and Muslims to live and worship in the city without any restrictions. The Byzantine Empire fought on and off wars with the Fatmid Caliphate in the century before the the first crusade. It was around the time frame of peace agreements between the Byzantines and Fatmids that the Byzantine Empire began to use the double-headed eagle on banners and emblems.

The Fatmid Caliphate was doomed as it was also threatened by the Sunni Seljuk Turks. The Seljuk Turks eventually won control of Jerusalem from the Fatmids and set their sights on larger territory in what is now Iraq and Iran.

The Byzantine emperor went to Pope Urban asking for a small contingent of fighters to assist his army in reclaiming Jerusalem. The Pope instead sent vast armies of crusaders which were not under the control of the Byzantine Empire, as originally requested.

This should not be a surprise, as the Byzantine Empire now stood against the Church after the Great Schism of 1054. The Crusaders and the Byzantine armies were two different fighting forces, both attempting to reclaim Jerusalem before the other. The Catholic Church had to fight its own Sunni Muslims, and the Shiite Fatmid Caliphate, in order to prevent the Byzantines and Fatmids from coming together and taking full control of the Middle East.

The Knights Templar origins began in 1119 when the order was allowed to set up headquarters on the Temple Mount by King Baldwin II of Jerusalem. There is much distortion of facts and purpose around the Templars. What we do know for certain is that after centuries of accumulating wealth and control in Europe, the Templars were turned on by the Church, ex-communicated, and had their wealth and property confiscated.

The Templars had developed an alliance with the Shiite Assassins order in the Middle East. We can begin to trace these alliances across time and borders, by following the usage of the double-headed eagle emblem.

Many of the Templars, and much of their wealth, disappeared into an underground network. This Templar underground re-emerged as the pre-Protestant groups, such as Waldensians, Francisans, and Lollards. The thesis being presented is that Templarism reappeared as the pre-Protestant groups. The underground network built the framework and alliances which supported the Protestant Reformation.

Any Templar groups, or Knights Templar orders, which continued after the arrest in 1307, and the start of the Protestant Reformation in 1517, should be considered oppositional strategies of the Jesuits, who were created for the sole purpose of implementing a counter-reformation. All references to the Knights Templar outside of Protestantism, and in relation to the Jesuit created Illuminati, are nothing but misdirection and controlled opposition to manipulate and confuse the masses. It was the Jesuit attempt to use the Reformers strategies back against them.

Like the early Christians and Cathars, the Knights Templar did not believe in the divinity of Jesus. This gnostic belief continued with the pre-Protestant groups and culminated with Martin Luther. It is interesting that 5 centuries later, Martin Luther King Jr. also did not believe in the divinity of Jesus and started preaching in the Knights Templar Building in San Fransisco.

The Jesuits went to work on splintering the Protestants into as many factions as possible to keep them from being united against Roman Catholicism. Through strategies, such as the Ecumenical Movement, the Jesuits spread the divinity of Jesus belief back into the Protestant churches. Throughout the Inquisition years, any sign of alliance to Protestantism and the gnostic belief structure, was murdered and burned at the stake, such as Bloody Mary did to the Protestants in England.

All of the wars and genocides over the last 500 years have been to wipe out all reference and influence of the Protestant Reformation. In the posts “It’s Not About White Culture” and “The Massacre of Protestant Rwanda”, we explored how all genocide, and programs of multiculturalism, are targeted against Protestant majority nations, whither they are white, black, or brown.

Even now, the threat against white South Africa is because it has a majority Protestant population. Protestant Africans will be killed just as much as Protestant whites, like in Rwanda.

From “It’s Not About White Culture“:

“When we consider that the Protestant Reformation was a cultural, religious, and socioeconomic strategy used against the Catholic Church and its Crown supporters, and how the international liberal agenda, along with the socialist and communists ideologies represent the counter reformation, we can begin to piece together what is happening in the modern world with accuracy.”

“Forget everything you thought you understood about the race arguments and multiculturalism. Those have nothing to do with what we are experiencing. They are false arguments.”

“Breaking down the illusion requires us to look at which nations in the world have a large Protestant population. Let’s start with predominantly white nations just for shits-and-giggles.”

“The one fact which emerges from this chart is that each of the worlds top protestant nations have been under constant multicultural engineering for generations. The massive migration which has been taking place over the last few years are specifically targeting these very same nations. Nations which are predominantly Catholic, or nations with low protestant populations as a percentage of population, whether white of not, are experiencing very little, if any at all.”


“Of the worlds total Christian population, 50% are Catholic, 37% are Protestant, 12% are Orthodox, and 1% are listed as other. Russia and Ukraine, along with some other Eastern European nations, are predominantly Orthodox.”

“Now let’s take a look at non-White nations with a predominant Protestant population as a percentage of the total population.”

“The countries on that list have suffered hardship under Crown cultural and socioeconomic engineering. Whether its manipulation of monetary and financial systems, along with currency collapse, natural disasters, civil war, or outright theft of resources and the purposeful sustaining of poverty, all of the nations have been subjugated.”

“Another curious fact is that immigration into the first batch of Western nations seldom comes from any of the second batch of nations in any meaningful numbers. If they do, it is always the non-Protestant demographics which are moved into the majority Protestant nations.”

The War for Independence, and the creation of America, were the continuation of the Protestant Reformation, with the Civil War, Federal Reserve, liberalism, and multiculturalism with open borders, being the continuation of the counter-reformation. Everything is being done to wipe any trace of the original Protestantism and challenge to the rule of the Catholic Church and its master, the Crown Beast.

All origin points of the Protestant Reformation have been hidden, destroyed, or degraded, so that the good people of this world do not make the connection. The early Christians, the original Knights Templar, the Shiite orders, the Cathars, the Protestants, and the true Americans, have all been fighting the Catholic Church, and its dogma of spiritual enslavement and human degradation.  The esoteric and allegorical story of Christ is the truth about the process and path which leads to spiritual freedom.  It was never about just a man or a god.  The Church and Jesuits have been masters at misdirection and cognitive dissonance.  When the divinity of Jesus is no longer easy to accept in the modern world, along comes The DaVinci Code to tell us that he was just a man all along.  More misdirection.  It is a process to spiritual freedom, not a man or a god.  Spiritual freedom must be prevented at all costs.  The connection must not be made by the masses.

The Pope and Church today are the biggest promotors of the international liberal agenda, and its global warming scam, open borders, support of genocidal levels of abortion, gun control, central banking, and the call for a one world banking and governance system. This is not a coincidence. The Church, and the international liberal order, stand against everything the early Christians, Knights Templar, Cathars, Protestants, and Americans stood for, or stand for.

Contrary to what spinmeister Kenneth Copeland states, the Protest is far from over. It will never be over. The Protest is just now entering a new phase where the control mechanisms and machinations of the Church and Crown Beast are about to be turned against them. The Underground network is alive and well. The eternal flame can never be extinguished. The good people who have been spiritually enslaved under Catholicism, and the neo-Protestantism, are welcome to come over and support the fight against murder, genocide, enslavement, and the promotion of human degradation.

Please help by sharing this research and information as far as possible.  Americans must never give up their guns.  If that happens, they only need look at the genocide which took place in other Protestant majority nations when those populations were unable to defend themselves.  – JC

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71 Comments on “Bloody Mary and the Catholic Church”

  1. JC, Congrats on another great post but my head is spinning a bit as I am becoming very confused about what Trump’s relationship is to the Crown Beast?

    This is a partial repost from Redjon which highlights my confusion (and perhaps the confusion of other readers as well):

    “The Rothschild are a Jesuits’ asset”

    So, does this imply that Trump is a Jesuit asset since we know he was backed by the house of Rothschild??

    I suppose not because JC has suggested Trump is the next target of the CBS!

    Can you help your followers with what looks like an obvious paradox?

    1. We should not assume that the Rothschild family has one unified influence. Resistance to the Crown Beast begins in the human heart and spirit. Trump was bailed out by Rothschild Inc when Wilbur Ross was a part of the company. Wilbur Ross is now a part of the Trump administration. The deep state in America want to take him out for sure. But the deep state is different than the international banking interests. The international banking interests are now shifting the world system and no longer need the Anglo-American deep state. This is much like the establishments in Spain, Netherlands, France, and England were discarded when no longer required. Some continue to move on from nation to nation, but 90% of the establishments are wiped out through socioeconomic and cultural change.

      The forces of the double headed eagle are playing an easy alliance for the time being. This would mainly be Russia and Iran, with Trump and Protestantism in the back ground. I know it all sounds so convoluted and improbable, but it does explain the ebb and flow of history.

      1. If they no longer need Anglo America, cans we get rid of CIA FBI ETC? I’m being somewhat Facetious. I posted this on Facebook and got this reply: “I got as far as something something “it’s not clear that Protestantism affirms the divinity of Jesus” and that that point, I decided whoever wrote this has very little theological background.” How would you respond?

  2. Thank you, JC for such informative posting,

    After I read the great article, I found this on BBC website of a Jesuit priest (Father Fidelis Mukonori ) who helped negotiate Robert Mugabe’s resignation.

    Knowing that Zimbabwe has 67 percent non-Catholic, the role of this Catholic soldier priest is of interest! What Jesuits doing there is anybody’s guess!!

  3. Would it be in anyway safe to say, or perhaps better safe to ask, are the “international banking interest” not either or Protestant, Catholic, Sunni, Shia, Hindu, Buddhist, or other? But something different, something more, something less, something else?

    1. Just because converso Jews are involved at some point doesn’t mean a whole institution, or organization, is controlled by Jews. Jews, like all people, work in all industries. Some, like the entertainment industry, have a larger percentage. The fact that converso Jews even exist is evidence that a much larger power has broader and deeper influence over humanity. The division which runs down the middle of humanity also runs down the middle of Judaism. Some are aligned with the mandates of the Crown Beast, while others align with the right-minded objectives of humanity. At the end of the day, all organized religion is controlled by the Crown Beast, so its six of one and half a dozen of another.

      1. I agree with you JC absolutely, I could not say this any better, Thank you:

        “The division which runs down the middle of humanity also runs down the middle of Judaism.”

        In fact, some of the best and most outspoken people against NWO, Feminism, Zionism, Marxism and other derivatives of the CBS are Jews in media. There is a distinct difference between Zionists and Jews and Jews are the first and foremost victims of Zionism, in the same way, that Islamism’s first victims are the Muslims. The same warfare that is going on in the US right now, is also happening in Israel and amongst the Jewish diaspora in the US and elsewhere. Many are finding the destructive role that Zionism had on the very idea of Judaism and how politicizing it may result in the total annihilation of Judaism as a religion and belief system. The constant disputes between the Zionist Jews and orthodox Jews are a part of this realization. Nevertheless, the Converso’s or Crypto-Jews have had negative roles in suppressing human progress.

      2. There are Jews that is an ethnic group (ashkenazi, mizrahi, sephardic etc)

        Then there is the religion.

        You have to notice the massive over-representation of ethnic Jews at the centers of power. (Supreme Court, Treasury, Federal Reserve, Hollywood Studios, Network TV, Boards of banks, multi-national corps, MIC corps, AIPAC)

        Or the massive stranglehold Israel has on US foreign policy

  4. JC, I love your whole political-economic theory tying everything in to the Beast System headed by the Catholic Church in the West.

    I must withhold my support of your attack on the basic thrust of Christian theology, the divinity of Christ, for He clearly stated His own divinity. If he lied on that seminal point, nothing He said can be considered truthful, and your whole spiritual concept collapses logically.

    So we’ll have to differ on that issue, but I’ll happily glean what truth I can from your other insights.

    Focusing on Protestant populations, immigrant flows, and genocides is truly a telling set of statistics.

    1. From the perspective of the Christ story being an allegory, the statement about him being the way and the light, and heaven can only be reached through him, makes perfect sense. It is a process to achieve those things. When we interpret those writing literally is when we come away with a different interpretation. Its the difference between a literal and allegorical understanding. The Bible, and other old texts, are mostly allegorical.

      1. I don’t deny that the allegorical interpretation is not ALSO true, in fact it is.

        All of reality is tied together by a certain thread that is the Creator Himself.

        Thus, you can likewise find numerology and pattern in the scriptures. They aren’t the purpose, but because of the intertwining of all things, they exist nonetheless.

  5. “Another Protestant story, which likely has its origin in Catholicism, is that of an evil man who committed vile sins and cursed against God.”

    So what does “cursed against” actually mean? A quick look in mirriam-websters dictionary reveals the following…

    “1 : a series of words calling for harm to come to someone. 2 : a word or an expression used in swearing or in calling for harm to come to someone. 3 : evil or misfortune that comes as if in answer to someone’s request. The land suffered the curse of drought.”

    1 and 2 are not telling of anything in the context of what we are discussing but 3…hmmm. That seems to fit quite nicely.

    Now for the meat of the comment.

    “LONDON — England’s top religious authority, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said Sunday that he doesn’t understand why so many Christians in the U.S. support President Donald Trump.
    The Most Reverend Justin Welby told ITV’s “Peston on Sunday” program that he “really genuinely” can’t comprehend why fundamentalists have provided such a strong base for Trump.
    “There’s two things going through my mind: do I say what I think, or do I say what I should say? And I’m going to say what I think,” he said on the show, referring to the support Trump has garnered, especially from so-called Evangelical Christians. “No, I don’t understand it. I really genuinely do not understand where that is coming from.””

    Why wouldn’t the bishop say what he should say instead of saying what he thinks? What if he’s not in the right frame of mind to think? Is this what bishops do? Spiritually leading folks by what they think as opposed to what they should? Isn’t that in and of itself cursing against God?

    And a couple more articles…

    “Welby’s Masonic Service at Canterbury Cathedral at Odds with the Christian Faith”

    “The Archbishop of Canterbury allows Masonic service”

    “About sunyatsenlodge
    We are a Masonic Lodge, working in Macau, China, in the York Rite, a system of masonic degrees existing in the United States and Canada. We are a Masonic Lodge formed exclusively by men and obeying to the 12 Landmarks of Regular Freemasonry, namely the presence in Lodge of the Three Grand Lights of Freemasonry, the Square, the Compasses and the Book of the Sacred Law, and the directing of the works for the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.”

    So the York Rite is in China. This would support your feeling about China and the one headed eagle JC.

    1. Thank you Dane,

      Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby appears to have exceedingly strange views which he utters from time to time, to a point where it is impossible to know what he actually stands for. It is no surprise that a large majority of CoE Churches in England have been bought by the Mulsim Brotherhood/and other and converted into Mosques.

      One morning when I was in London, I picked up the free paper (Metro) and to my astonishment the picture and the headline for that day at the first page of was this, “Church: Let kids choose their Gender” and under the headline, “CofE new guidance for 4700 nurse and primary schools”!!

      To a large majority of the population, this headline reads as an “oh whatever”, but the Archbishop is in a direct way, sexualizing babies and kids who have no idea of sexuality. In other words, he is encouraging and normalizing sexualization of kids and more importantly in adults. I sincerely worry about England and her future with this man in charge of its morality!

    2. By the way, that lodge is named after Sun Yat-Sen, who is a widely revered figure in Chinese history but as far as I can tell wasn’t a freemason. Basically he was largely responsible for overthrowing the last emperor of China, ending the Qing Dynasty in 1911. Interestingly he was Christian, educated in Honolulu at an Anglican school, then later baptised by the Congregational Church of the United States and attended a Protestant church in Hong Kong.
      I don’t know what to make of that; such a tangled web….

      1. “I don’t know what to make of that; such a tangled web….”

        I’ve said that to myself many times friend. But if we look at what you have presented and add that with JC explaining how the jesuits infiltrated every avenue in the counter reformation then this could make a bit of sense.

        Become part of what is accepted and as people grow to power within the accepted cult, religion, cabal, international banking system, or any other man made system they will have attained the power to lead many. At this point they could slowly begin to change the direction of whatever group or system they had infiltrated. Be it intentional or unintentional the end result would be the corruption of that group or system.

        Intentionally is evil and most likely what movies are made from. Unintentionally could be the mass mindset blindly following whatever they put authority in since they are unwilling or unable to be their own authority.

        The mechanics of this would allow for the masses giving rise to each element of adversarial forces within mankind to outward figures heads for each adversarial force. These manifested figureheads or idols could then consolidate into the their root causes or the 7 sins. These 7 figureheads could represent the 7 heads of the crown beast which is the consolidated manifestation of mankind’s adversarial forces.

        So all this talk about the 7 heads of the crown beast give rise to another question. If the 7 heads of the crown beast are representatives of the 7 sins then what is manifest for the 7 virtues? Are there enough people living in virtue to manifest a virtuous adversary to the crown beast? Can our virtues be manifest at all? 🙂

  6. The Strange Case of Mr Justin Welby, A Crypto-Jew, Jesuit, Marxist, Globalist and a few others, …or none/all of the above!

    “Justin Welby’s grandfather fled from Germany; his father bootlegged alcohol, knew JFK and was engaged to Vanessa Redgrave (a Marxist) he worked in the oil industry before feeling a call to God after his daughter’s death in a car crash”

    This can not get weirder. But his hatred of Trump is no accident!

  7. Mr. Collins:

    I have been aware of the operational triangle of evil via the three present primary ‘City States’ of Vatican City in Rome, The City in London, and Washington, District of Corruption. I have been aware that these City States are represented by the three bloody red pentagrams in the Flag of the District of Corruption. Blood and pentagrams being the operative and pertinent symbols for these predecious and pernicious miscreants.

    For many years I assumed that the corners of their pyramid represented Vatican City controlling the spirit or souls of humans, the City of London controlling the labors and wealth of humans, and the District of Corruption controlling the body of humans. I assumed that the thirteen (13) Jewish controlled families via their holdings and their control of International Zionist Banksters where at the apex of the operational pyramid of evil.

    Recently after studying your submittals on the Crown Beast System and researching the works of others, I am coming to understand that the Vatican has appreciably more control and influence in support of the Crown Beast, corruption, and evil than originally thought.

    Thank you.


  8. The Rothchild Banking system about to be thrown away?!
    The following is somewhat shocking to hear and if true, it is possibly an early sign of a major shift in the elite Banking order of this planet, i.e. nations will start issuing their own money and not “borrowing” from private banks i.e. Federal Reserve!

    “Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, former governor of Bank of Spain, is now in favour of the money creation by public entity instead of private banks. He showed up on Tue, 07th Nov 2017 at the Spanish Lower House to say the following:

    In the latest years, some analysts have emerged who are evaluating the possibility to change current money creation system by private banks and to substitute it with another one which would let every citizen deposit their money at central banks. These studies have surged, because the technological advances in the computing and data storage, have made it technically possible today for money to be issued by the State, and not by private banks which would be of course doing their businesses in the side of the active, but without the need that their problems should be resolved by the State, as deposits would be completely safe at the issuing bank. The possibility to issue public and safe money thanks to new technologies, according to these researchers, would have positive consequences, not only for the system’s stability, but also to reduce or even suppress the huge prudencial regulation which is now damaging the financial innovation.”

    1. Dear Carpe Diem:

      At best, during the upcoming social revolutions, the Rothschild Banking System might be temporarily self-restrained for a limited period of time. However, such restraints are not subject to last long. IMHO, such self-restraints are equivalent to pouring diluted bleach into a filled septic tank. The growth and expansion of the pathogens are only temporarily suppressed and later return in equal or greater magnitude.

      To free humanity, all of the pathogens have to be removed and the contaminated areas thoroughly disinfected.

      And yes, I am keenly aware that changes within must occur simultaneously.


      1. Great analogy of bleach and a filled septic tank Dear Oz,

        That’s exactly how it is and we can see this in the cyclical nature of human history. Every now and again a leader comes around and throws the bleach and for a while, there is peace, human progress and prosperity. The moment everyone’s relaxed, the moneymen get into action again.

        But, your last paragraph explains the mechanism of this sinusoidal nature of human life from prosperity and abundance to a major downfall of degradation and ignorance. Human weakness is the cause of our downfall every time.

        “And yes, I am keenly aware that changes within must occur simultaneously.”

        1. My Carpe Diem, “Sinusoidal” you sure make me work. Thanks for the exercise, not only in your vocabulary, but also in your thought process.

          1. Thank you, Dearest Pieter,

            The feeling is absolutely mutual and I appreciate and enjoy your words and wisdom my friend.

            God Bless you,

  9. My ancestors were French Huguenot , they fled during the persecution by the catholic church, My great grandfather was a Protestant minister who’s mother was from Canada and Father from England. I imagine it was my great grandfathers parents who fled from the persecution.
    I’ve always thought the catholic religion to be quite morbid and very much twisted

  10. This seems like the pattern we saw with the Templars of past times who took in deposits from people traveling to the holy land who could then take out their money from a templar who was in the holy land.

    Couldn’t this be considered a international or central banking system?

  11. Mr. Collins:

    As it is difficult for the Crown Beast System (CBS) on this planet to be maintained without willing participants, I am most interested in your opinions and thoughts as to what drives, implores, or motivates the supporters, perpetuators, and upholders of the CBS.


    1. Human ignorance and selfishness which comes within reach of power over others. It takes great discipline to not be overcome by the temptation.

      1. Thank you for your response.

        Quite true.

        Although I agree that human ignorance is a major contributor to the perpetuation of the CBS, I am of the strong opinion that selfishness is the stronger motivator for recruits of evil than ignorance.

  12. I saw this just the other day. “Citizens, too, will have their consequences for turning a blind eye to the enormous corruption that has become the D.C.swamp.”

    It echoed my mind back to a previous post where JC identified the Crown beast.

    Stick around I’m working up a good story to tell the POM.

  13. Interpreting the damned thing, that’s the thing. The KJV seems to be the one protestants cling to along with their guns and whatever else that Obama quote included.

    I was agnostic up until a few years or more back when I found myself falling down and not really being in a hurry to get up. As a agnostic I was quite content sitting up on that fence five feet above the ground perched like a bird, enjoying the view. Hell I was quite content laying on the ground wondering about all the circumstance that brought me to that prone position. It was the wondering that made me consider my life, my impending death, and, oh, my God.

    During the hospitalization that brought me to this tripping over my own feet state of health, a long time friend of mine, a preacher of sorts, showed up at the hospital and while I was unconscious preformed some kind last rite prayer ritual over or on me, whatever. Anyway down the road a month or two we were having some beers, and talking about it, so yeah the whole Jesus thing came up. I consented to begin a bible study with him, I really did want to learn and still do. But it wasn’t long before I was asking questions seminary trained preachers were not prepared or equipped to answer or even explore.

    Allow me to give an example. Of course we began with Genesis, my friend John mentioned that one has to understand Gen. in order to understand the rest of it. I agreed then, I agree now. I began to experience doubt from word one but held my thoughts about them. We spent quite a few hours together just getting from “in the beginning” to chapter 4 when I realized fundamentalist seminary teaching was not going to work for me.

    I read different, for instance when I read Gen.chap4v8, “Now Cain talked to Abel his brother and it came to pass, when they were in the field that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him.” Well I can’t just drive by that, not during my shared study, but on my own I returned, stopped the car began to examine the crime scene. As any detective would do, I tried to put myself in the sandals( they wore sandals, right?)of both both the killer and the victim. I spent hours there, the evidence was scant but circumstance held clues to examine.

    They were talking for awhile, ‘It came to pass.” “When they were in the field” Sounds to me like Cain walked Abel to his ground. If it was Abel’s ground would it not of been a pasture? Smacks of pre-meditation, more than something that grew from an argument, does it not? “Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him.” That sounds to me like Cain took Abel straight on, full frontal attack. Did cain have a rake, or a hoe? Did Abel have his shepherds hook? We can’t know. Either way this killing of a man with bare hands is not a easy thing, even with a stick like weapon, what a mess. So yeah I put myself in the mud, with the blood the anger and the fear. It had to be horrible, just horrible, much more for Abel, but also for Cain. He beat his brother to death. Or are we to think maybe he had a knife, could be. Abel wasn’t raising sheep and butchering them with his bare hands. Obsidian? Yeah maybe still a bloody mess.

    So why would I want to do that? Spend hours thinking about that murder, I don’t know. Just the way I am and read things. So imagine the problems I had when before that chapter is over and the next I’m reading the names of blood lines and seeing mirrors, duality, and hints of dimensions. When I asked about what I was reading I was instructed to not worry about it, all but Noah and his crew will be dead in another chapter or two. If I continue to question the seminary line of teaching and dwelling on every murder I will never get to Jesus. I can see that.

    Still I feel that real power of the bible is in it’s ancient message and in it’s ancient mystery. Now after a few years of reading chapter and verse in my style, I do believe that there is something about the allegorical messages that transcend space and time, the bible’s messages and mysteries are much older than the book itself. I think I may have become my own church.

    1. Pieter,

      The enmity between Cain & Abel was born of the rejection of Cain’s offering of the fruits of the land compared to Abel’s offering of a slain lamb from his flock. This jealousy at being shown up by the baby brother set up the brooding anger you described.

      Now Abel slew the lamb as an offering, likely by slicing the carotid artery with a knife, as later described in Leviticus.

      Cain brought Abel out into the fields where he had raised the crops which he had offered up. Then garnered the sacrificial knife, by subterfuge or strong arm tactics, then slit Abel’s throat with it.

      Thus Abel’s blood “called out from the ground”, because it was the first murder, not a blood sacrifice..

      This understanding is not specifically uttered in Scripture, but is a logical and consistent inference from the context and further discussion in the New Testament.

      Cain is banished to the Land of Nod, cursed from being productive from the land, and is replaced by the new baby brother, Seth, as the genetic line that descends all the way to Jesus Christ. BTW, the genealogies don’t fit the strictly allegorical view of scriptural interpretation.

      I hope that helps for you.

      1. Thank you Curt
        I have understanding of motive. I missed the reference in Leviticus. I don’t think I’m correct to lean this site into a bible study. So one last point with maybe a response from you and then, moving on.

        Perhaps it is more just literary device than mystery, but I seem to want to read a more powerful message into what it is this best seller book is about. For instance in Gen. 19 when Lamech goes into what feels like first prose and does the 777’s and the mirror or duality shows me in Gen. 28 Seth’s bloodline Lamech, father of Noah, dies at age 777, I just have to wonder.

        If it is just device it works, I get a bit spellbound. Or am I missing something here?

        Curt your previous answer was helpful .
        Thank you.

        1. Pieter, as I mentioned above, numerology and pattern can be found throughout the scripture, not as a purpose, but as an indicator of the divine thread that courses thru the veins of it.

          A 70 times reference generally is indicative of ultimate punishment, so Lamech saw his own sin as infinitely worse than Cain’s.

          The length of his life is indeed a combination of the prior numbers which draws the poetic conclusion, does it not?

          Again, these things are intriguing, but should not detract from the consistent salvation message throughout. Like embroidery on a wedding gown is a beautiful detail, but the gown, and the purpose it represents, is the true meaning. Capisce?

  14. I saw this hilarious tweet regarding the recent “Pocahontas” statement by Pres. Trump in relation to Sen. Warren and really felt like sharing this with the noble POM readers as it made me laugh hard. …hope JC will forgive me going off on a tangent here!

    “Humor sharpens the mind” (I think it was Charlie Chaplin who said it!) and we all need that in this confusing and chaotic moment in our history.

  15. Dear JC,

    I was thinking about the Christian Church that was in Iran known as the Church of the East or Nestorian Church which to this day has followers by the Assyrian Community of Iran that are also scattered in the Levant, and elsewhere. The following from your article reminded me of my own personal contact as a child back in Iran when we had Assyrian neighbours and friends and classmates. I can not think of a direct connection between Shia Islam and the Persian Church of Nestorians but there must connections!

    “…The Sunni side was supported by Roman Catholicism, and the Shia side was more aligned with the gnostic Christians. We will explore this division, and how the use of the double-headed eagle by those aligned against the Catholic Church stretched across to Shiite Islam in future posts.”

    Assyrian people of Iran live mainly in the Western Iranian cities and their churches as far as I know still functions. I will be doing some research in the next few days and if I find something of interest will share later. From what I remember, Assyrians spoke a language that is the closest to Aramaic and Persian was the second language or the national language of Iran which Assyrians of Iran spoke. I also recall their churches was very colourful and very similar to the Armenian Churches that was also in Iran but Armenians are a different church and also known as the Gregorian Church.

    Here’s a wiki piece on the Nestorian church which I believe is also known as the Persian Church:

    Also a little about the Iranian prophet Mani and his Manichean church which had followers in Europe (Cathars) and as far as in China. It seems his teachings were not liked by the Catholic Church somehow and were persecuted!

    1. Dear Carpe Diem:

      After reading your comment about Eastern Christian Churches, I’ve just read some news about the trip that pope Francis is doing along this days to Myanmar and Bangladesh.

      Last wednesday he met the Supreme “Sangha” Council of Buddhist Monks at the ‘Kaba Aye Centre’ located on Yangon, Myanmar =>

      Yesterday he visited the President of the Republic of Bangladesh in the Presidential Palace of Dhaka, Bangladesh =>

      Today he has ordained sixteen priests at the ‘Suhrawardy Udyan Park’, Dhaka =>

      It seems that the various confessions of Eastern Christian Churches – from Nestorians to Burmese and Bengali Catholics – are all very actives ones.


      1. Thank you, Dear Rogelio,

        Very interesting and very synchronistic if I may say. The reason I say, synchronistic is because I have been researching the roots and causes of Iran during the 16th century Safavid dynasty when Iranian elite suddenly imposed Shia Islam as the state religion and for that matter the religion of the majority of Iranians! You may still be wondering how your posting has anything to do with what I just said! When I saw the name of the place when the Pope ordained some priests with a name “Suhrawardy” I felt I am given a clue here, so thank you for that. The following link is the wiki piece on the original Persian Suhrawardi (Not Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy which the named park in your posting is after, who was the
        Former Prime Minister of Bengal!), same surname but two different people.

        The Suhrwardi I am writing about was a 12th-century philosopher and founder of the Iranian school of Illuminationism, an important school in Islamic philosophy that drew upon Zoroastrian (Pre-Islamic Iran’s belief system!)and the Greek Platonic ideas. He is a heretic according to mainstream Sunni Islam for returning to “pagan” which is a derogatory name for anything that is outside of Abrahamic systems, but that how things are.

        Surwardhi’s thinking appears to have been influenced Iranian philosophers of the 16th century, some 400 years later which is extremely likely to be the man behind the Islamic reformation causing Persia to have separated herself from the Sunni mainstream Islam which according to JC’s excellent post was favoured by the Catholic Church. In this way, Shia Islam took the root of becoming apart from the Arab (and Turkish Seljuk!) ideological domain. The conversation of Iran by the Safavid from Sunni to Shi’ism was brutal but it saved Iran and possibly the world from becoming dominated by Arab/Semitic Islam. It is unfortunate that, the current Jesuit Pope is praising the Islam as a religion of peace, which shows the possible intentions of the Catholic Church in sponsoring Islam from day one! Nevertheless, it is probable that every effort to bring any unification of nations under one religion and one flag shall fail, and history is the witness (Napoleon, Hitler, Changiz Khan all failed). Yet, egocentrism of humankind always attempts to make one religion, one flag and one “United Nation” and fit all human beings under it. We are in the midst of a major transition where once again nations and people express their uniqueness without having to be under a church, world government or even worse a corrupt cabal.

        I would like to thank you for helping me solve this riddle, I wish you a great day my friend.

  16. “Iran and Russia, Growing Apart”

    I thought this article is an interesting one to share since it reflects and replicates the massive shifts happening in the geopolitical landscape everywhere on this planet. The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) which I prefer to call the Islamic Republic of Globalism is going through a paradigm shift. The bulk of it is to do with the end of globalism and it running out of steam.

    Putin and Trump are now in command and the future of the Mid-East will not be dictated by the Zionists, nor with Islamists of either Sunni or Shia franchises. The fact is that the region will lose it’s importance mainly due to the end of Petro-Dollar that is itself due to the independence of the US in oil production. That does not mean that the region will lose its status as a potential theatre of future conflicts. Yet, it appears that IRI is on her own and Russia is not going to continue to be her patron. All this is because President Trump and President Putin are cooperating. The same message was given to Israel by Mr Putin in a meeting with Mr Nataniyahu in Sochii before the meeting of the Russian, Iranian and Turkish leaders regarding the Syrian conflict. What I am saying is that the Islamic Republic of Globalism is a product of the Trilaterlaists under the Trilateral Jimmy Carter presidency in 1978. What is more important to appreciate here is that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) which was created immediately after the arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood Khomeini with DIRECT assistance by the CIA, in the same way, that North Korea is becoming known to be a CIA controlled entity. It is, therefore, possible to see that this planet and almost all the nations created after WWII is a construct of the shadow government. Just consider how many new nations were created in the Middle-EAst alone and how many regimes were changed. Iran up until 1978 was a secular Monarchy with an economic rate of expansion of 8-10 percent, quite unlike anything of that era anywhere. Also, that Iranian military was one of the strongest in the region up till that year. If you recall Yugoslav army was the most powerful outside of NATO and The Warsaw Pact, that could withstand NATO by itself. Now consider why both Imperial Iran and Yugoslavia was broken down with a lingering term, “Balkanization”- the standard for the breakup of nations that was engineered ever since! Now it is possible to question if anything, absolutely anything including the Billionaires (Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates et al.) and nations (NK, Saudi, Israel et al.) are of an organic nation, OR whether they are all constructs!!

  17. Thank you Dear Oz,

    Great question and one that I promise to come back to you with hopefully a satisfactory answer. I’m not home now until late Sunday and I prefer to reply on my home computer as the silly mobile keyboard and my tree-trunk fingers dislike each other. For now, I will only say that we must distinguish the nation of Iran and the Islamist/globalist regime in the same way that Russia and Soviet union were two separate entities. Also as I May have mentioned in the past, the Iran and Russia relationship is very much from a short term or tactical need. Anyway, I will write more later to elaborate who will be the beneficiary of Iran and Russia going apart.
    Wishing you a great Saturday.

    1. Hello Dear Oz,

      I promised to write a little regarding the historical relationship between Iran or Persia and up to the current period, so here it is and I hope you will find the topics I present of interest.

      During the Tehran Conference in 1943 at the Soviet Embassy in Tehran, the three war leaders, FDR, Churchill and Stalin met to discuss the war and further plans to that effect. The three leaders, decided, based on Churchill’s request that none of the three leaders pays a visit to the monarch (Shah of Iran). However, Stalin decided to go to the Shah Palace early morning and meet him. The news gets to Mr Churchill and he asks through his interpreter as to why Stalin broke the agreement. Stalin replies that the Soviet Union and Iran are neighbours and it is a Russian custom to pay a visit to the host! Churchill can not argue any further here as logically and ethically (and politically!), Stalin was absolutely correct.

      It is noteworthy to mention that Churchill and other British geopolitical and Intel operatives did not like Iranians whatsoever and favoured (and adored) the primitive Arabs possibly because they found it easier to manipulate them, Iranians, on the other hand, were sophisticated and have their own ancient history, philosophy and civilization and were not of a Semitic stock.

      Capt. T H Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia, had a hatred of Iranians but Loved the Arabs (quite Literally so!) as reflected in his book “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” (also a title of a great film “Lawrence of Arabia” directed by David Lean, recommended!). It seems the British elite and establishment favouring the Semites instead of their own stock i.e. Indo-Europeans has not changed as the genetic makeup of Modern Britain is gradually becoming apparent to favour the non-Indo-Europeans!! What is happening today is not an accident therefore!

      In any case, this short true story possibly shows the intentions of the Soviet mindset regarding Iran which on the surface shows gracefulness. Yet only less than two years later when the war ended, Soviet troops occupied North East Iranian province of Azarbaijaan for two years and created a Soviet Republic of Azarbaijaan against all agreements with the Americans and the British. Stalin was a crafty and totally unreliable ally and he proved his intentions. It was through the brilliant diplomacy of the Iranian veteran politician Mr Ghavam who flew to Moscow and literally tricked the Soviets to pull out of Iran. President Truman also is said to have informed the Soviets that if their troops did not leave Iran within 48 hours, the US will drop another Hiroshima experience on the Soviet Union!

      I would also like to recommend the great book by the American Finacial expert Morgan Shuster regarding his stay in Iran around 1911 where he states the atrocities and the corruption of the Czarist Russian government and the British government in a weak Iran where they imposed poverty, corruption and literal destruction only because they could! The collective memory of Iranians never forgets the criminality of both the Russians and the British elite in weakening and literally strangling Iran for no reason other than a psychopathic need to subjugate and control.

      The current period of the Russo-Iranian relationship is at the period when Iran under the Islamist Mullahs has become a pariah state where the Mullahs have made every effort to export their radical Marxist/Globalist pan-Islamist ideology to any corner of this planet. In fact, IRI stepped in where the Soviets left off but with an Islamic ideology. Russians exploited the Anti-American features of the IRI in a region where every nation has a pro-American government, except for Iran! It seems the collaboration of the Russians and the Islamic Republic regarding Syria
      is strategic since they both have a common enemy, i.e. Sunni Islamic Terrorism. In this regard, Iran can act as the buffer and powerful enough to combat the Sunni terrorism in West Asia (All sponsored by the Western Intel, Saudi and Israel no less). Russia also has the same problem with her own Sunni population who happen to be fascinated with Sunni Pan-Islamist groups in the Arab world!

      Another important consideration for Russia is Iranian Gas. Iran is said to have the second or the first gas reserves in the world. Iran and Qatar share a gas field where the major part of the gas field falls inside of the Iranian territory under the Persian Gulf. Qataris have been sucking up more of their gas share with the help of the British and American companies and political power to the detriment of Iran. The entire Syria was has been over the favouritism of the Western and Israeli/ Saudi conglomerates to export Qatar (and the stolen share of Iranian gas!) via a pipe to Eastern Mediterranean. Russia is also a major oil and gas producer and she favours another root selling Iranian gas, but this is not due Russia’s interest in Iran making money but rather in controlling the flow through territories which will increase her influence. Again, the only thing of importance for Russia is her national interest, which is absolutely understandable, but never because of any ancient kinship of any sorts.

      However, the Russo-Iranian relationship goes back much further and there are similarities in the characters of these two people since they are both to a large extent the same stock, i.e. Iranian. Russians are a Slavic people whose ancestors were known as “Scythians” who were an Iranian people. There is to this day a mutual historical relationship and possibly the best archaeologists and historians are from Russia. Russia as a nation-state is less than 800 years and Iran or Persian is several thousand years old. The mutual attraction, however, is based on shared history, mythology to a great extent. Iran and her literary heritage have always been a source of influence on Russian poets and storytellers and writers. The oldest preserved carpet known as “Pazyrik” a brilliant creation of some 2500 years ago was found in Northern Russia and is kept at the Hermitage museum. In fact, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg contains some of the best ancient books and artefacts in the world today. The Shahnameh (Book of Kings) and possibly the original 1000 years old handwritten and magnificent book is a priceless item in Moscow. So, yes the Russians admire their southern neighbour and are amongst the largest number of tourists in Iran. Yet, when it comes to their national interest, they would naturally think of their own interest.

      Regarding who benefits from the Islamic Republic and the Russians, I would say, this is not forced upon the Russian to stop supporting the Iranian Islamist Mullahs. Rather, the time comes when the Russians see no reason to continue to support a bunch of corrupt Islamists who have done the Russians bidding in the region. Putin is a smart politician and he is wise and it appears that he may be sensing the end of the conflict in Syria due to President Trump And Russia preventing further manipulation of the Saudi/Israeli/CIA operatives and that the Russian Naval station in Tartus, Syria is safe. In this case, he sees no need to support Mr Khamenei as well as knowing that the Iranian civil society may never again Russia, once Iranian people manage to take charge of their own ancient land from the corrupt hands of the Mullahs who were foisted upon them by the Globalists in 1978 as a means of turning on the Pan-Islamism and the start of the NWO Marxist/Globalism.

      1. My apologies for making some corrections in the earlier text regarding the Russo-Iranian history.
        The first item was Capt. T E Lawrence and Not T H Lawrence.
        The other was, Iranian Azarbaijaan state in “North West” ran and not North East as previously was stated by mistake.

        In any case, if anything still is unclear please let me know.
        Thank you,

        1. Yeah would “Azarbaijaan state in “North West” ran and ” be Azarbaijaan state in “North West” Iran and…? Lol, just messing with you Carpe Diem. It is a very nice piece of work. Thank you for sharing it.


          1. Those crafty letters on my Keyboard never stay still 🙂 …LOL, Thanks, Dane for putting up with my terrible typing. Just read it again and found lots more missing words and others :p

      2. Dear Carpe Diem:

        Thank you for the excellent analysis and explanation.

        I regret responding before now. I have been too distracted.

        Events and things are simultaneously accelerating and intensifying on purpose and by designs.

        More comments later.


        1. You are welcome Dear Oz,

          I agree with you absolutely about, “Events and things are simultaneously accelerating and intensifying on purpose and by designs.”.

          This must be a period when information overload is on its max. I only hope humanity will get results from all the upheavals we are experiencing right now.

          Wishing you a great Friday,

  18. JC, Your over due for a new post.

    Antarctica, what’s going on down there? Why was the high bishop Patriarch Kirill of the orthodox church assigned the task of traveling to the Antarctic immediately after meeting with the pope. The first meeting of these old kind of fools in over a thousand years. By the way he is the same age as I am, and is still getting dressed in some costume every morning. Last photo saw of him he was out for a brisk morning stroll among a bunch of catholic looking nun like penguins.

    Antarctica a curious place indeed. ‘Curiouser and curiouser,’ what a rabbit hole Alice.

    1. I know my friend. I’ve been putting in long days with the mining job. Plus I was hit with the flu a few days ago. Should have something out today or tomorrow. Maybe two since I’m too sick to do much else.

      1. very interesting and makes sense to me. I have read different stories that tie into the narrative. I believe it to be the closest thing to the truth and we are all witnessing the unveiling of it today. Most people are still walking blind and haven’t noticed what is going on and what is brewing underneath. I think it is a slow drip for people to ease into these knowings.

        1. Thanks rweb, I saved the page I’m going to do a little more research on it because I find it very interesting. Thanks for the link.

  19. I’m not sure how Trump is even disassociated from the Military orders of Rome. Rome by any definition is a bastion of hidden esoteric knowledge. Its military orders deride their control schemes from this knowledge made scarce to the public.

    The Jesuits are not the only military order, The Knights of Malta are the more infamous variety and the ones who run the higher echelons of the banker system. In fact if I recall they were in the inheritors of the Templar’s wealth after the Roman bloodlines turned on them. Bloodlines that at least spanned a millennia in Europe, jumping in and out of the executive positions of the Church. Example would be the Capetian dynasty that supposedly “died off” before WWI. Also the homes of some of the alleged bloodlines are littered in the artworks of these dynasties.

    Queen Elizabeth herself is the symbolic figure head of the Order of Malta, St. Johns of Jerusalem. As you may know already JC she sports the Cross of Malta, as well as her henchmen in Canada, the Governor generals. All of them sport the regalia of the military order. The flags of the Commonwealth also sport the Red Cross, including many European nations. Even more is the radial regalia also found in our flags, another esoteric call back. As for The Knights of Malta, their superior operates out of Rome, one Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto.

    These things get even weirder in the programming of pop culture, in a game called Resident Evil, the Malta regalia is the same as Umbrella Corporration. A literal corporation state, military industrial complex operated by a powerful bloodline seeking immortality. Creating abominations, mutinous giants and disfigured super humans in the search for “Alice”. The psychic super human made perfect where as the people en mass become dilapidated zombies seeking the flesh of the uncorrupted. They are condemned and forced to rot eternally until their female trans humanist savior rescues them from this hell. Also interesting are the locations for the “hives”. These centers of human experimentation exist in massive urban city centers and provide an excellent location for test subjects. The settings were Toronto, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and I think one was in New York.

    I cannot help but feel these things carry more weight then they aught too, or these incredibly off tangents carry in them fractals of the shattered mirror.

  20. Hi JC,
    At the end of the article, you stated, “All origin points of the Protestant Reformation have been hidden, destroyed, or degraded, so that the good people of this world do not make the connection.”
    I get the impression that if I go to the bookstore and pick up a book about the meaning of Protestantism, that I will get the Catholic Church’s twisted version instead of the truth. Can you tell me how you found out about the true origin of the Protestant Reformation?

  21. Maybe hitting this from another angle shows us why Trump wants the border wall at the Mexican/US border. It seems like survival of the Protestant remains of the United States.

    North America has or had at the time of these figures a total population of 448,587,847 of which 173,212,640 are Catholic, thats 38.6% of the populous.

    The countries that make up the North American region are Canada, USA and Mexico.

    Canada’s total population at the time of these figures was 35,770,000 of which 13,843,000 were Catholic, thats 38.7% of their populous.

    USA’s total population at the time of these figures was 320,000,000 of which 66,560,000 were Catholic, thats 20.8% of our populous.

    Mexico’s total population at the time of these figures was 122,000,000 of which 98,820,000 were Catholic, thats 81% of their populous.

    Looking at it from a worldview as opposed to a US view we could look at past walls and why they were built. It seems they were built around societies like Athens, the Roman Empire, Denmark, Korea and China to seperate or protect from barbarians which is very similar to how the Catholic church has felt about other religions of the world. So when Trump says they will build the wall I think he means the Vatican because the world has viewed the US as the “wild west” for a long time which could be a modern word for barbarians.

    So how can the Vatican pay for the wall if its being negotiated in the US congress? Well the US has also rolled out a huge infrastructure budget that will be met by many private entities. Also many aspects of government are being privatized. The Vatican is tied to many private entities so it could be done in a quiet way like this.

    The book, Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia by Paul L. Williams was a good read. It gives insight to how the crown beast has operated in past situations around the world.

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