America’s Berlin Wall Moment

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Predicting the Implosion of Western Culture

What is now happening in America was predicted back in 2014 in the post The Implosion of American Culture. The pattern and trend of ideological unrest, and growing division between the political left and political right, has now taken on new dimensions of propaganda and violence. The wedge has been driven so deep that it is difficult to ascertain whether workable solutions and compromises can be implemented before all out cultural war takes root and joins with other civil conflicts which are developing in Europe.

Trade War with China

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Understanding the RMB and Transforming the Existing Exchange Arrangement

China needs to increase foreign RMB demand so it can begin to phase out the accumulation of US dollars and maintain stability in its own domestic economy.

China is trapped because its economic model is based on exporting cheap goods and receiving US dollars in return. Chinese business owners exchange these dollars for RMB through the People’s Bank of China. This forces China to expand the RMB market which keeps the valuation down because RMB demand predominantly exists within China. This is what China is attempting to change as it internationalizes the RMB and creates asset markets based on the RMB.

North Korea is the Pre-Text for Iran

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Something just doesn’t feel right.

In previous articles we’ve reviewed the possibility that North Korea is a puppet state of the Anglo-American establishment. The convenience of saber rattling has always been strategically timed to correspond with increased objections to the American military presence in both South Korea and Japan. The justification for the movement of the THAAD anti-missile system into the region was also built upon the perceived threat from the North.

The Dangerous Agenda of Dehumanizing Whites

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The Masonic Civil War and How “Minorities” are being Used to Expand and Redefine Racism

Something new needs to come into this world.

Cultural and socioeconomic engineering takes advantage of the worst characteristics which exist within each of us. These characteristics are a product of internal weakness and deficiency which develop over a lifetime of emotional and mental fragmentation. This fragmentation hammers the soul and prevents the process of transfigurative evolution between spirit and matter.

This process is meant to take place within each one us regardless of race, religion, or creed. The adversity which is the material byproduct of race, religion, and creed, in fact contributes to the completion of this transfiguration. Being that we only learn through adversity, the important lessons which are provided by understanding, accepting, and promoting our differences are as vital as the air we breath.

The Narrative

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Understanding Russian Collusion and Economic Collapse

There are endless narratives which bombard our senses and twist our perceptions. Understanding these narratives is important in that it provides us with the tools to determine truth and dissect the objective of such narratives. Narratives dominate our information inputs and prevent alternatives from being considered.

The purpose of a narrative, or more specifically – a strategic narrative, is the manufacture of human belief and thought for the purpose of controlled organization within the transformative process of evolution. Sounds complicated, right?

War and Peace with America

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It is mindboggling that there are so many predictions and conclusions out there which contain no reference to the factual connections and integration which is taking place between the international institutions. Those promoting a collapse of the dollar and the imminent dumping of US Treasuries, amongst other absurd fallacies, have shown a complete lack of understanding about the monetary framework and the power and influence which the vast accumulation of USD denominated assets still provides America. There is nothing available which can provide even close to the amount of liquidity which comes from the dollar market.

The King Fragment

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Population Growth as Fragmentation and Other Strange Things from the Wilderness

Sorry for not writing more over the last few weeks. Work has been keeping me on the move. Plus, Marianne and I took a much needed escape to the Banff Springs Hotel for our anniversary. During this time some interesting thoughts have been going through my mind regarding repeating patterns and the natural inclination of humans to replicate fragmentation.

The New Jerusalem

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Capital of World Peace and the United Religions Initiative

The light inside the darkness. The darkness inside the light. Both are attempting to influence and transform the other.

The United Nations will be replaced with the Covenant of Democratic Nations. The world capital for this new international body will be New Jerusalem. The birth of both will come about as a result of peace accords between the major powers and their efforts to solve the Israeli and Palestinian problem. New Jerusalem will be developed as an independent city state which will be protected by an international military and police force designated by the Covenant of Democratic Nations.

Robots in the Wasteland

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A Transformation of the World’s Governance Framework (As Presupposed in The Circle Movie)

Watching the soundless television while laboring to the music of Amon Amarth on the treadmill at the gym and something interesting caught my attention. Former Terminator, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was talking about something which was obviously important. Reading the close captioning and I noticed he said the following:

“We have lived under a fixed political system for over 200 years now.”