Baal and the Return of the Queen

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Ancient Cryptography and the Pattern of Human Religious Archetypes and Pagan Psychology 

JC Collins

“It is the opinion of the learned that whenever the ancient sages, whom in the Greek language we call Philosophers, discovered any secret of art or nature, they concealed it through various modes and figures lest the knowledge of it should fall into the hands of the wicked.”

The above quote is from the opening paragraph of Steganographia by Johannes Trithemius.  This book is considered one of the great occult works on pagan spiritualism and demonology ever written.  Published in 1606, and based on the ancient writings of King Solomon, it would go on to inspire other occult interpretations and translations of those same ancient texts.  But Steganographia, and all the occult works which came after may be about much more than mere evil spirits and demons.  

Wikipedia states: 

“Trithemius’ most famous work, Steganographia (written c. 1499; published Frankfurt, 1606), was placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum in 1609[1] and removed in 1900.[2] This book is in three volumes, and appears to be about magic—specifically, about using spirits to communicate over long distances. However, since the publication of a decryption key to the first two volumes in 1606, they have been known to be actually concerned with cryptography and steganography. Until recently, the third volume was widely still believed to be solely about magic, but the “magical” formulae have now been shown to be covertexts for yet more cryptographic content.”

The relationship between occultism, steganography, and cryptography is a massive subject which could fill volumes.  The relevance which is the focus of this piece is built around the concept that “spirits” could be used to communicate over long distances.  These communications were secured with a “key” to ensure the “transactions” were processed by the intended receiver.  

When we further consider that wealth or value, is the accumulation of human time and labor, it is reasonable to define the transfer of that value as a form of communication.  The evolution of pre-information age cryptography around the transfer of value, or communication over long distances, to the birth of cryptocurrencies in the early 21st Century, is one worth intense exploration and research.  Further consideration will be given to this broad topic. 

There are various forms of communication which we seldom understand to be actual forms, or methods, of communication.  Whether it be the mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, or material body, all human bodies, or conditions of state, both send and receive communications.   These communications take place between the sub-bodies contained within the one unified body, but can also take place between the sub-bodies of different and individual unified bodies.  It is more than likely that the highest level, and occurrence, of communication, takes place between the sub-bodies of separate unified bodies.  Our inability to become aware of this communication, or manage and evolve it, is one of the greatest challenges which humans need to overcome.    

Each of these body states both deposit and debit value through methods of wealth transference which is not sufficiently understood. We build and transfer value within ourselves, but also can transfer the value we build within ourselves outward to others without us even understanding it is happening.  Our world is both knowingly and unknowingly built around these unseen methods of communication. The cultures and religious belief systems of the world, as opposed to the religious institutions themselves, though such institutions are structurally developed for the purpose of managing and harnessing these communications, hold and carry these methods of transference within them, as do the human bodies, or conditions of state, themselves.

It is important to hold the images of mentalism, emotionalism, spiritualism, and materialism in “mind” as we progress further into the realm of evil spirits and demons.  

British occultist Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers published The Lesser Key of Solomon in the 19th Century.  It was based on the previous works of Trithemius and brought the works of King Solomon into a new era of occult “enlightenment” and industrialism. Mathers, whose mothers maiden name was Collins, was a Freemason, Rosicrucian, and one-time leader of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Mathers, who died during the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918, was once a mentor to famed occultist Aleister Crowley.  Crowley would later consider Mathers and enemy and go on to publish his own versions of the “rituals” contained within the Lesser Key of Solomon, but had stated that the magic contained within the rituals could be more associated with human psychology than communication with evil spirits and demons.  This is an important distinction to understand as it holds the “key” too much of the cultural and socioeconomic engineering which took place throughout the 20th Century. 

There are volumes written about the association between Crowley and the pop culture entertainment industry which sprung up from within his occult rituals and teachings on how they relate to human psychology.  Crowley’s form of “Magik” had more to do with the magic of the mind as opposed to an actual communication and harnessing of evil energies and demons. Not discounting the existence of such energies of force without form, but the lack of understanding on such things creates a vacuum which is filled with a lot of fear and even more nonsense which is often the stuff of Hollywood movies and fiction books.  

There are definitely certain religious archetypes which have remained consistent throughout human history.  These archetypes are cross-cultural and appear across the expanse of time and people in various names with a similar purpose.  It’s almost as if the deep human psyche is both a  dark and light cavern of archetypes which provide the building blocks for our cultural development.  In this, there are patterns which can be trended across thousands of years.  These patterns reappear in our modern world with most giving little thought to what they are or where they came from.

A recent example of this is the appearance of the replica of the Arch of Baal in Washington DC during the last Judge Kavanaugh hearing before his confirmation to the Supreme Court.  Baal was a Semitic term which meant “lord” but would come to be associated with various forms of pagan gods with similar characteristics.  Baal was regarded by the Canaanites and Phoenicians as the patron of sailors and sea-going merchants.  These merchants were responsible for transferring material goods, wealth and value, around the known world.  Based on what we have defined above, this would also suggest that Baal was the god of material communication, being that the transfer of value is a form of communication.

Baal was also considered to be a god who demanded the sacrifice of children and encouraged all forms of sexual and hedonistic debauchery amongst the populations. The degree of such excess varied from culture to culture, but Baal worship always invariable included increasing levels of cultural and individual corruption on all levels of the human condition and state.  

The Lesser Key of Solomon says the following of Baal:

“The First Principle Spirit is a King ruling in the East, called Bael. He maketh thee to go Invisible.  He ruleth over 66 Legions of Infernal Spirits.  He appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad, and sometimes like a Man, and sometimes all these forms at once.  He speaketh hoarsely.  This is his character which is used to be worn as a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or else he will not do thee homage.”

That statement may not make much sense on the surface, but keep in mind that the Lesser Key of Solomon is written as steganography and a key is required, like cryptography, to unlock the true message.  Steganography is defined as:

from Greek steganos, or “covered.” and graphie, or “writing,” is the hiding of a secret message within an ordinary message and the extraction of it at its destination.”


“Whereas cryptography is the practice of protecting the contents of a message alone, steganography is concerned with concealing the fact that a secret message is being sent as well as concealing the contents of the message.  Steganography includes the concealment of information within computer files.” 

It is interesting that Johannes Trithemius drew direct attention to steganography in his work Steganographia.  The fundamental point of steganography is to conceal the fact that there is a secret message encoded within the surface message.  Johannes is openly communicating to the reader that there is a secret message by calling his work Steganographia.  So when we consider the words within the Lesser Key of Solomon, which is based on, and is the continuation of Steganographia, there are few interpretations which can be made without delving deeper through multiple levels of secret messages and encoding which requires multiple sets of keys, which may, or may not, be held within the original work.  The researcher should consider that the keys are contained within multiple works across expansive timeframes, or long distances, which would require the efforts of “spirits”, which was the intention of the original work of Johannes.

The original Arch of Baal was destroyed in Syria by ISIS.  After its destruction, the replica was built and has since traveled around the world being set up for periods of time in the important capitals of the world, such as London, New York, Dubai, Florence, and Washington DC.  The power of such a symbol is obviously recognized by those who re-created the arch and have been moving it around the world and putting it on display. No plans have been announced to take the Arch of Baal to Jerusalem, but such an event would be both bizarre and worrisome for various reasons.  

Symbols and names, such as ISIS, have meaning in the human subconscious.  Though the terrorist group ISIS has all been but destroyed and Syria can now begin the process of rebuilding its country, the overall strategy for peace in the Middle East has not been communicated by those in the Trump Administration.  The pattern and connection here are that the Arch of Baal was set up in the Capital for 3 days when Trump pick for the Supreme Court, Judge Kavanaugh, was fighting to be confirmed.  None of it is conclusive of course, but it is fascinating to think on the underlying meaning of having the Arch of Baal there at that moment in time.

Many consider the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court as a sign that the decades-long Roe vs. Wade law on abortion will be overturned.  Whether this happens or not will have to be seen, but the millions of abortions which have taken place since the law was established would be a mountain compared to the sacrifices to Baal which would have taken place thousands of years ago. Roe vs Wade was passed in 1973, which was the year I was born.  I’ve never known a world without it.  There are no hard numbers, but it is estimated that the number of abortions, in the nations which support abortion, since 1973 is around 66 million, with 60 million in America alone. Coincidence or conspiracy, there is no denying that the human subconscious mind works underneath the surface as it utilizes the religious symbols and archetypes which have evolved since the dawn of consciousness.


It is not unthinkable to consider that the foundations of our culture, as in past cultures, has been built using these archetypes and symbols.  A direct connection between mass abortion and Baal worship would likely be impossible to make, but the broader nature of our culture around excess and hedonistic debauchery, which are all characteristics of Baal worship, would indirectly support a pattern which weaves through all.  

The name ISIS is also a reference to the Egyptian goddess of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic, and medicine.  Under the Baal nature of our culture, marriage, fertility, and motherhood have all suffered.  Once again, we need to consider these as archetypes and subconscious forms of communication, which also perhaps serve as a form of steganography. 

ISIS was also the wife of Osiris and bore him a son, Horus.  These archetypes, in particular, repeat throughout human history and can also be observed in the symbolic and allegorical nature of the Christ parable with the Virgin Mary as ISIS, and Jesus as Horus.  Those who prefer a literal reading of the biblical stories find these patterns offensive and untrue, but the history of religious belief systems and the use of religious archetypes is well understood.  

Most feel that our civilization is experiencing a fundamental transformation.  Whether its the rise and adoption of cryptographic blockchain systems to transfer value around the world, or the geopolitical changes which are building in all four corners of the Earth, the foundations of our world are shifting.  Domestic politics in most nations are changing, with America leading the trend with the Trump agenda.  Mass populations and demographics are being leveraged towards objectives which may not be obvious on the surface.  

Such periods of change happen throughout human history.  We can almost trace the occurrence of these periods through the use of the symbols and archetypes which purvey specific civilizations.  The destruction of the Arch of Baal and the attempt to harness its remaining power and subconscious influence through a replica is one such specific use.  Another would be the recent visit of Melania Trump to Egypt and her extensive photoshoot with the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.  Are we to consider that this represents the re-emergence of the ISIS archetype and force in the world?  Maybe.  But once again it could all be just a coincidence as opposed to a conspiracy.  But ask yourself, what is the secret message hidden in the modern use of such symbols and archetypes?  

There is a pattern developing through the use of cryptography and steganography, with the associations around the religious archetypes and symbols across cultural and socioeconomic spheres.  These patterns are difficult to define and quantify, but they exist nonetheless.  Steganography has played a much larger role in the development of our modern civilization than we understand.  The use of human psychology, at least in this regards, to manage and direct the course of human civilization, is undeniable. 

The propositions I have put forth in the article can be tested and validated in the coming months and years.  If I’m correct about the unfolding pattern around human psychology and these archetypes, we will see a conservative landslide in the American mid-term elections on November 6, 2018.  After this, the subconscious and symbolic Baal worship will fragment further and the ISIS archetype will begin to build in strength.  We will see this happening as Melania Trump begins to take a more forward leading role in the rebuilding of the new America and world.  The mother and child dynamic will become dominant through her increasing presence and influence.  

Can you decipher the hidden message in the above words?  – JC

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104 Comments on “Baal and the Return of the Queen”

  1. Awesome JC! “Can you decipher the hidden message in the above words?”….dang you Collins… 🙂 This will take time to ponder. To my detriment I tend to give my spiritual communicators that dumb look with a mental response…huh? 🙂 Payback for some brain teasers the other day eh?

    “specifically, about using spirits to communicate over long distances.” I wonder if that “Five Eyes” is an exoteric corrupt creation of this. But I do see the possibility of blockchain or cryptocurrencies fitting this bill on the good side…exoterically or materialistically of course 🙂

    For curious minds. “The Cryptogram as a factor in Symbolic Philosophy” from the Secret Teachings of All Ages

    “Another would be the recent visit of Melania Trump to Egypt and her extensive photoshoot with the Sphinx and Great Pyramid. Are we to consider that this represents the re-emergence of the ISIS archetype and force in the world?” Where she said to the world that they should focus on what she is doing…not what she is wearing.

    Thanks pal, another great essay!

    Will you be talking about the other pillar sometime in the future?

  2. We are so fortunate to bear witness to what is occurring.

    I’d love to post a pic of Melania wearing her ‘white hat’ where she’s standing right below the tip of the pyramid. Just like she wore her white hat when Macron came to the WH. Melania and POTUS love to troll the DS/Cabal in a most humorous way.

    If someone can tell me how to post the pic that has been turned into a meme by 8chan, I’ll do it.

  3. Thank you JC, This was fantastic.

    This morning I saw a tweet on the #Aanon by somebody with Melania’s photo standing nearby the pyramid with: “White hats looking on under the All-seeing eye”. After reading your article, the photo and the statement about the white hats in front of this mega structure made me realize, Trump is more than a President and he is the catalyst of a major movement/shift on this planet. I believe this movement is a return to human values and individuality and sovereignty, as opposed the technocratic subjugation of a selfish and ruthless elite with little regard to humanity.

    Some years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend a few days in the magnificent city of Cairo and spent a few hours by the Sphinx and the pyramids and I sincerely believe any esoteric mind person must experience this colossal structure and the esoteric significance of it by being there. It is simply brilliant and utterly out of this world. In truth, nobody knows who made them and why and how long ago. Pyramids of Giza must be the oldest steganographic structure that nobody can truly decipher but it is there perhaps as a reminder and maybe even a puzzle!

    Every unborn child killed is, in fact, an offering to this nasty entity aka Ba’al. Kavanaugh’s nomination may mean an end to this mass child sacrifice which will starve this nasty entity of food and sustenance. Could this be why its followers have been acting like lunatics since Trump came on the scene?

    In every renaissance, mankind returns to the ways of ancestors and the timeless structures such as the Pyramids provides us with the reassurance of continuity. We are in such a period right now.

    1. “Every unborn child killed is, in fact, an offering to this nasty entity aka Ba’al.” We shouldn’t forget all the companies who were making money off of the fetus when they were aborted. It became a form of contraception for the donors while at the same time a money making machine for the clinics and a supply for many to…stay young sadly. Another measure of the sickness that runs through the human complex.

      1. Hi Dane,

        You are absolutely correct my friend. In fact, abortion is an industry and this disgusting operation is treated almost like an abattoir for human babies where the parts are pre-ordered. The taxpayers are still subsidising Planned Parenthood – unbelievable!!!

        I read a while back that thyroid and other glands are used as a form of longevity products for the rich elite. The strange thing is that such practices are told to us in movies. I would recommend, The movie, “The Island” (2005) where adult human clones are farmed and used as a spare part shop. In one part of the movie, a rich couple have a baby through a clone which I thought was absolutely terrible and gruesome.

        Fortunately, the limited human lifespan is currently no more than 100 years and whilst the rich elite know this, they will do anything to extend their lives by any means! To know who’s using such practices, one must concentrate on the “neck” area of such people that’s so stiff looking, and there are few of those, household names that come to mind!!

    1. Angels and Demons

      Most folks aren’t capable of hosting a single party with a guest list of both Angels and Demons. Instead they only have the capacity to host two separate parties separating their Angels and Demons. This entrenches them into the lifelong cycle of going from one extreme to the other. Most never realize that the single consolidated party balanced with both Angels and Demons are always the very best parties of all.

      The Godhead within us…or our father within, has given birth to both the Angel and Demon within us. So to favor one over the other corrupts us from the inside out and sets us off balance in a world that is rooted in balance and harmony. This makes us stick out through our acts of violent insanity.

  4. Great article JC,
    Absolutely fascinating. While reading and re-reading, I found myself feeling somewhat more at ease, a bit more comfortable and perhaps calmer when contemplating the ancient symbols, than I do with some of more modern symbols of psychology, i.e. Memes, pedo symbols, the X-steganography of the modern mystery schools. I just like them better.

    I had a strange feeling the original Arch of Beal had to destroyed in order for a potable replica to be paraded around the major capitals of the world. I have mixed feelings about why, perhaps it represents different things in different capitals. A trophy and symbol of worship in one and a different kind of trophy, more a captive, with a chain around its neck, paraded about, to please a conquering king… ???

    I can honestly say I can feel the shifting balance. My particular age at this time and place gives me advantage. I lived through the last shift from the more conservative days of late forties, the some say golden age of the fifties and then the shifting of the sixties and until this present time. In hindsight I believe the hard shift was the result of Roe v Wade. Up until then if you got a girl pregnant here in Arizona you had to make a clandestine trip to California with $500 borrowed from any and all source. It was like this small town had a secret crowdfunding system set up for this eventuality. Tragic, but true.

    Once again in hindsight, which has become one of my fav sights, I feel rather privileged to have lived through these decades and now have a degree of awareness that allow me to recognize the shifting sands of change that are now upon us.

    I seems that things are unfolding at about the pace they were designed to.

    As and aside, I finally pulled the trigger and bought 1000 Zerp at 50. and am just now waiting to purchase a 1000 more first thing in the morn. That will complete my quest unless the price drops to .25 again. It could, but short of that I’m petting what I will have and happy to have more than twice as many as I would have had if the Gods would of consented to my purchase, those months ago. Weddings and funerals, I go.

    JC, POM
    Have a Wonderful Day

  5. Fascinating thanks JC. I had heard of Trithemius (in relation to his more famous student, Agrippa) but he wasn’t high on my reading list; perhaps I’ll give him a try.
    Just a comment regarding Crowley, a contradictory character in many ways. He didn’t believe (at least not exclusively) that the entities he was communicating with were mere Jungian psychological archetypes. In his final book Magick Without Tears he wrote:
    “My observation of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are not necessarily based on the cerebral and nervous structures that we know; and that the one and only chance for mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make contact with such beings.”
    And he described this as “my fundamental position”.
    I’m no scholar of Crowley’s work but the above quote stuck with me for some reason. As usual I am open-minded on this, and indeed would suggest that the ability to switch between different paradigms or belief systems is generally advantageous.

  6. Ha, Good one CD. Check out the movie Lucy and listen to the doctor explain what the idea of the drug he removed from her was derived from. 😉

    1. Great Video Dane,

      Take a look at the NYT article: “White Women, Come Get Your People”

      Up till now, the Marxist occultists hated While Men, but now the gloves are off, only to show that their target is now the White Women as well only because they supported Judge Kavanaugh. It seems the Occultist Marxists intention was exactly to put a dark magic spell with the plastic Ba’al’s arch in the middle of the Mall in DC, so to prevent any female who goes against the Ba’al’s wishes and beleives the phoney “professor’s story”.

      Fortunately, as our JC put it so nicely in his tweet:

      “Guess Baal is weak nowadays.”

      …so there’s method to the madness, but what can you do when your God is not feeling well?! Get NYT to write another hateful Op-Ed may be! “These people are EVIL, SICK, & STUPID.”

      1. Agreed my friend. It won’t be long before they start feeding on each other. There are already videos and articles coming out that are showing how the Antifa gang doesn’t even know what they are protesting anymore. It’s just a matter of time before they fade back into the places they burst out from. Then they will have no recollection of anything they did. The big wheel in the sky keeps on turning my friend. The time it takes an empire to rise and fall seems to be getting shorter with each instance, wonder what it will be like after a few more cycles.

  7. Another take on the Arch of Baal…

    Since evil likes to destroy all signs we leave to remind future generations of our past transgressions as a peoples perhaps the good and right minded people are at play here.

    They could be erecting the arch around the world to show we will not forget and to show evil that good and right will prevail even if they destroy the symbols built for future generations.

    In this case it could have been used as a symbol to the evil resisting the Kavanagh confirmation that we “good and right” will win.

    This would be a slap in the face to the evil that was led by no other than the late John McCain. How you ask? Since ISIS destroyed the original arch I present the following…

    Here is a 3 minute and 27 second video based on information that came out throughout the Kavanaugh hearings which is rather suggestive of McCain being found guilty by military tribunal for being associated with ISIS and put to death by his choice because he didn’t want the world to know the truth.

    “…flags are lowered to half-staff, not raised. In the United States, the President can issue an executive order for the flag of the United States to be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States government and others, as a mark of respect to their memory.”

    If this video is true this could be why the White House didn’t fly the flag at half-staff right away and why POTUS had to check with the military prior to having the White House do it later in the day. Could this be confirmation of the video?

    Still not convinced…here is more supporting information saying that McCain was the “Godfather” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Check out the Closed Captions on the video in this page.

    From Q post 2082

    Let the arrests begin 🙂

  8. So good, thank you JC! I LOVE this stuff!!! Still processing, but currently I’m reminded of the substantial ‘cultural symbolism’ of Nurmagomedov vs McGregor …

  9. Funny how the arch of baal is known to some as the gateway to satan yet it was erected in DC for peace and resilience. Kind of an oxymoron isn’t it?

    Certainly symbolic in the sense that the marxist left is posing as the peaceful side while inciting so much violence with their actions. Seems the right is onto their game though with Grassley saying in an interview how the leader of the “ReSistonce” as he says, is right their on capital hill. 13:35 of this video…

  10. JC,
    Ok, here we go. I think the message is this…the dollar will no longer be king. It will now be the queen. And R.I.P.ple/XRP will be the “new king”…the network and currency that will provide liquidity and transfer wealth throughout the world. The Arch of Baal in DC is messaging the transfer of wealth from America. The Melania photoshoot in Egypt in front of Sphynx and Pyramids symbolizes the role of the dollar as queen. Did I get it?! Am I close?!
    Great article as always. Love your constant study of symbolism. Very masonic!

  11. JC,

    Indeed, “a conservative landslide in the American mid-term elections on November 6, 2018” would be as unlikely (according to the polls), as your 2016 presidential election prediction.

  12. Hmmm. “No plans have been announced to take the Arch of Baal to Jerusalem, but such an event would be both bizarre and worrisome for various reasons.” “Baal and the Return of the Queen”.

    This took me on an interesting journey JC. I’ll share it with everyone if for anything but a good laugh. I seem to have playful spirits, lol. The song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by “Queen” popped into my head. No doubt sent by your spiritual communique. You should be laughing now 🙂 , lol.

    So not knowing why I’m supposed to be checking out the lyrics to this song I continue with an open mind and calmness. I come upon the word “Bismillah”…what? Okay google search, Collins English Dictionary returns…”the words which preface all except one of the surahs of the Koran, used by Muslims as a blessing before eating or some other action”

    Eh, whats that got to do with the price of beans in China? Let’s continue with the song. (the spirits slap their hands over their faces saying duh, Dane don’t you see it), lol.

    Beelzebub? What a peculiar word, wonder what it means….google search 🙂

    “Beelzebub is in 2 Kings 1:2-3, 6, 16, written Ba‘al Zəbûb, referring to a deity worshipped by the Philistines. The title Ba’al, meaning “Lord” in Ugaritic, was used in conjunction with a descriptive name of a specific god. Opinions differ on what the name means.

    In one understanding, Ba‘al Zəbûb is translated literally as “lord of the flies”[1][2][3][4][5] It was long ago suggested that there was a relationship between the Philistine god, and cults of flies – referring to a view of them as pests, feasting on excrement – appearing in the Hellenic world, such as Zeus Apomyios or Myiagros.”

    Ha “Lord of the Flies”…I remember that movie. (Okay Dane stay focused here and pay attention). Okay, Ba‘al Zəbûb, hey! There’s the word Ba’al, the Arch of Ba’al….could it be? But what do Philistines have to do with Jerusalem? Let’s Google search “Palestinian vs Philistine”

    I wouldn’t recommend clicking this link unless you have great internet. It took an annoying amount of time to load, but patience paid off.
    “The Palestinians don’t see themselves as descendants of the Biblical invaders, but they are named for the Philistines just the same.”

    Eureka! It would be “bizarre” and “worrisome” if a Muslim artifact popped up in Jerusalem…..for “various reasons” which I will let the creative minds of POM contemplate.

    So where you listening to Queens Bohemian Rhapsody when you wrote this? Bwahahahaha. I won’t be able to get this tune out of my head for the rest of the day now….lol.

    It should be noted in order to tie this into the display in DC we can look at “It was long ago suggested that there was a relationship between the Philistine god, and cults of flies – referring to a view of them as pests, feasting on excrement” and derive that it was a call to action for the flies to protest.

    That being said, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to see the leaders of the liberal Marxist movement being behind it since “After its destruction, the replica was built and has since traveled around the world being set up for periods of time in the important capitals of the world, such as London, New York, Dubai, Florence, and Washington DC.” London and NY both have Muslim leaders. “Muslims are ‘obligated’ to vote for Bowser and other endorsees, D.C. caucus says” Muriel Bowser is the mayor of Washington DC. Dubai recognizes Sharia Law and Florence I will refer back to JC’s post about where Protestantism and Islam is replacing the dying Catholicism.

  13. I’m a little concerned that ISIS’s husband Osiris was killed by the Deep State of his time. Any symbolism there? His throne was usurped by his murderer who was eventually overthrown by ISIS’s son Horus. Maybe best not to take the symbolism too far.

    1. Maybe Osiris could represent the Republic which was killed and replaced with Democracy that ran amuck. Now that corrupt Democracy can be fragmented as the Deep State players run into the shadows they came from and the queen/ISIS can find the pieces of her husband Osiris/The Republic and put those pieces back together again. Didn’t the Athenians have to run Democracy out of Greece with their soldiers at some point in time? It seems to be what we do when Democracy runs amuck, and it seems to run amuck time and time again. In literal terms though to date there have been at least 4 attempts on POTUS’s life already.

  14. Very interesting, the similarities with crypto are surprising.

    What I don’t really understand is the part about keys (as far as hidden messages in texts like this, or Steganographia). How do you inform the other party about where/what the keys are so they can decrypt the message, at the same time not giving away that info publicly?

  15. So I went to Sam’s Club today, I go once a month. As I was walking in I noticed a few people, Mexicans, adults and children walking around with signs. Signs, a sign of trouble in this day and age,. So I read some, they spoke to a bake sale being held off to the side of the entrance. Whew!! I’m thinking I should be OK here with my old white man ass.

    I did my monthly shopping with my baseball cap titled a degree above my eyebrows, opening my face to my public, fellows, and possible brand new friends. I love to shop, and while at it never miss a chance to eyeball all who have the great pleasure, and courage to look me in my smiling face, and catch my nod of, “hello friend.”

    Sometimes I push the issue, I’ll give you an example. Say for instance I see a woman within 25 years of my age, with a child in her cart between 3 and 5 years old, she’s my meat, Gramma!! And about to fall helpless to my charm. I’ll stop her, and ask her any old question about the shopping on that issle. “Excuse me, would you be kind enough to help me find the the ???. Invariably, she will, either lead me down that garden path I laid out before her , or at least point me in the best direction. Before I let it go I always ask, “so who is that budding movie star you have in your basket with you?” Once again invariably, I get, “he/she, is my grandson/ granddaughter,” or some such. Quick as a whip(why not it is a practiced line) I’m back. Oh but of course he /she looks just like you.” Smiles, smiles, smiles all around. At that point I always back off, and make a courteous retreat. Sometime I will see this same woman an isle or two over and re-exchange a look and a smile that says, I know exactly what you were up to, and thank you.”

    On my way out I find myself braved by the aforementioned Mexican family with their signs, selling baked goods, and am challenged by a young one, ten maybe, asking me if I want to buy some baked goods. I say no, but please accept this dollar for you effort. As a salesman a degree of redundancy has its use, so “quick as a whip” the patriarch was there asking me if I wanted any of their baked goods. I said no thank you, I gave the poquito a dollar because I admire what you are doing with your family and appreciate how you are teaching yours to hustle. The Senor’s mind went from, we are not a charity, to a handshake and a nod, “quick as a whip.”

    Some days remind me of other days, days way back when I had a small business in a local stripmall that had a Safeway grocery store in it. At the time I struggled with my lady of that time over why she wanted to go shopping at the Safeway everyday after we were open. Why can’t you pick up enough food to carry us a couple a few days? Granted it is just a short walk but. Why, why do you insist we go shopping at the ‘SAFEWAY’ every business day??,

    Blind, I could not see what was going on. Many years and lives later, I can see. Check it, the whole thing was about neighbors. How was your day? How are the kids? What sport are you momin’ them too, today? Down to the nitty gritty, so whos fucking who on the side. I didn’t think any of that stuff had anything to do with me, so I avoided it as much as I could, and concentrated on the close, and the attendant paperwork. Hey Baby if you want to go over the ‘SAFEWAY’ and shop every eve, you go, put your forearms and elbows up on that gossip fence, leave me out of it.

    Until I read somewhere that gossip is more than mere gossip. Read it here on the POM. So as I look around and am enjoying my golden years I’ve learned to recognize the full worth of the shopping experience. Relax Pete, it is kind of a blast, if you open yourself up to it. Besides at this point as a retired hardcore closer you have a ton to contribute. As long as you stay retired.

    Note To Me
    Stay Retired

    1. Haha, good one Peter. I hope our dueling smiles don’t meet in an isle. The fallout from the battle might be contagious and we may barely get out of there 🙂 Smile bombs, lol.

      Stay retired brother.

  16. I could not find any better place than this great article about the Queen, Ba’al and ancient warfare that appears to be raging in the region where all the Gods and Demons emerged from! …that haunts humanity to this day…

    There’s something strange going on here in relation to the Turkish/Saudi “WaPo” Journalist Jamal Khashoggi which is almost similar to the Skripal gas attack/assassination attempt in the UK.

    Jamal Khashoggi and Dodi Al-Fayad are cousins, both related to Adnan Khashoggi, the super corrupt multi Billionaire arms dealer. This is a family with massive ties to the Deep State and it is still unclear whether Mr Kashoogi is actually been killed by the Saudi embassy in Istanbul or not. The story is that a 15 man crew arrived in Istanbul by a private jet to kill this gentleman and then they left the next day after killing the man! Why would you need to kill somebody killed via such expensive operation if the plan was to kill him inside the embassy?! Are Saui’d that stupid to leave such obvious footprints?

    Was Mr Kashoggi’s alleged assassination to start an all-out attack on Mohamad Bin Salman (MBS) and resurrect the CIA and the deep state cronies of the Kingdom and away from Trump?! Why so much attention the MSM is giving to this story and so much hype when they could have said, “he just disappeared” rather than, “he was killed inside the embassy” since his death has not been acknowledged. Psyop is written all over this story and the aim is to Resist. The ultimate aim is a war against POTUS and his Anti-Globalist aspiration, or maybe there’s more to this, a much more elaborate plan to save Globalism through the revival of Pan-Islamism!

    This interview is rather fascinating in that Mr Kashoggi is clearly for, “Political Islam”, contrary to the MBS and his pact with the Trump Admin. in fighting Islamic Terrorism and Political Islam.

    …and this one, where he is pictured with the CIA backed Mujaheddin in Afghanistan…rather telling.

    1. “There’s something strange going on here in relation to the Turkish/Saudi “WaPo” Journalist…” Hey Carpe Diem check out the spark that started WW1 and WW2. Seems like the same game or method of starting the fire.

      I’ll see if I can find a video that kind of shows it.

      1. Absolutely correct Dane,

        In fact, all wars begin with an emerging power or a once strong power losing it. Nature always fills the vacuum. However, according to Hillary Clinton who stated in 1998 the following:

        “Women have always been the primary victim of wars.
        Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combats”

        In other words, the soldiers who get killed in wars are the Secondary victims! That’s deep logic for you… 🙂

        1. To be rather pointed we can look at this account. The Turkish daily reports that a pro- government daily Yeni Safak reported it had heard audio recordings that sounded like the Saudi Washington Post journalist was tortured before being decapitated.

          -Pro-Turkish daily publication and reporter
          -Washington Post publication and reporter
          -An interpretation of an audio clip that could have been a plethora of things other than what is being promoted.
          -An angry Turkey/Turkish people for US sanctions.

          Hearsay on hearsay generated with an agenda or simply tainted perspectives because we see what we want to see in the world.

          Coming into work this morning I was listening to Jiddu Krishnamurti. He was speaking about a complex question. I could hear his frustration as the audience kept blurting out answers which were all attempts to escape the truth of the question. If this then I would, little by little, the world is violent, just stop violence in the world…so on and so forth.

          To me I see it sort of like this.

          Can I stop being violent, instantly?

          Violence is not mine to stop. But can I stop being violent? Instantly? I would say yes, but I would have to look at it to understand what violence is in all of its forms. Perhaps when we fully understand it within ourselves it just vanishes within us. If this is so then we could fill the void left behind with love for ourselves.

          When we love ourselves love generates through us and out into the world around us through our expressions. Since likes attract, this love will come back to us and it becomes a perpetual energy field…a Garden of Eden if you will.

      2. Here you go. This video is pretty good to formulate an idea of how people, countries, murder, assassinations can be used to ignite world wars.

        I think there have been many attempts to coax the US and other countries into a world war already but so far (knock on wood) those attempts have failed. Even Merkel in Germany is having a tough time maintaining support in her own country and Bavaria. We are no were in the clear yet surely, but so far so good. A great example of this diffusing is Trump’s most recent response to the Saudi situation where after speaking with the Prince he says people are innocent until proven guilty…an echo of the Kavanaugh hearings. In addition to his handling of the multiple assassination attempts not working to spark a world war.

  17. My apologies to JC and everyone at POM for going on about the Saudi “journalist” disappearance under this fantastic and esoteric article, but this is far too important to ignore. The following paragraph gives a summary of what this may be about. As suspected the shadows are at work to turn the tide back and bring back their globalism back. They are desperate…

    “Jamal Khashoggi supported the Muslim Brotherhood during the ‘Arab Spring’. This was in line with the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama supported regime change program for most of the Middle East. After the fall of President Mubarak in Egypt and the election win by the Brotherhood the Saudi rulers feared to be the next in line. They started to finance counter revolutions in Egypt and elsewhere. Under the reign of King Salman and his son the suppression of all aspects of Brotherhood influence intensified. Having lost his protection Khashoggi decided to leave Saudi Arabia:

    Friends helped Khashoggi obtain a visa that allowed him to stay in the United States as a permanent resident.”

  18. Hello ,

    Sorry not to be more active these last weeks . Too busy for the moment . I just want to say that I do appreciate this Arch of Baal topic and all the symbolism underneath .
    My little contribution , about the Kasshoggi affair and the House of Saud .
    This news doesn’t appear in english , so I let the link in spanish .
    It seems that some members of the royal family are leaving the kingdom ……

    Also , an analysis by Thierry Meyssan , of the new Strategy for Counterterrorism released in the beginning of this month .

    Hope to be more active within a few weeks !

    1. Hi Ledude59

      Thanks for the Saudi article, very interesting developments indeed. I included the translation below.

      If I recall correctly, JC mentioned his forecast a while ago that Saudi Arabia will disintegrate into several parts and very likely, Mecca will become a Vatican-styled city-state! (Can’t recall which article though!) The Eastern part where most of the oil, as well as refineries and assets, are, will also become separated and this region is the location where the minority Saudi citizens are who are predominantly Shia lives who have been in a fight with Riyadh for a long time based on religious dogma. So, it is likely that from current Saudi Arabia, only Arabia will survive albeit divided into several regions. It also seems that the war with Yemen which is the most ancient part of the peninsula, that was the hub and sea route for commerce with the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanid Persian empires together with Rome will end once the breakup occurs. The Romans named Yemen, “Arabia Felix” which means Fertile or Green Arabia and the middle part of the peninsula was largely inhospitable uninhabited.

      The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a made-up nation and a construct which served the post-WWI colonial configuration and given the oil sufficiency and production by the US, the need for Saudi oil is no longer there. Also, the estimated oil which is profitable to extract to satisfy the 5000 Prince’s lifestyle appears to be now inefficient and the lazy prince classes have opted to invest their money in the western tech industries where they make far more profit than the oil business. So, it is perfectly understandable that they are leaving their nation of birth for good. Twitter, Fox, CNN and hosts of others are wholly or partly owned/invested by the Saudi Prince’s.

      It seems also that the era of Pan-Islamism and perpetual warfare had been done to a point of exhaustion whilst bringing a massive wealth to the participants. I sincerely hope that the Western deep state elite will let go of their Islamism game and find their business interests in something useful to humanity instead of manipulating and propping up suicide bombers and cultivating ideological fanatics. The hatred against MBS by the MSM as well as his own extended family, is precisely this, in that he turned off the funding to Wahhabi murderers and Mr Jamal Khasoggi and his family who are btw cousins to the Arab Saud royals. I think, that this was a badly executed psyop and whether Mr Khasoggi is killed by the Saudi henchmen or not, he is a victim of the ideology that he has promoted and supported all his life. This is how the darkness treats his followers…Baal is no exception in the treatment of his fans!!

      I saw this tweet by Kim Dotcom and found it interesting, if not witty. 🙂

      “The Saudi Killer Prince likely killed many more. He got caught this time because the Turks bugged the consulate. This wasn’t the first hit-job for that Saudi kill team. Look into their travel history. Trace the 2 private jets. Link that to other disappearances.”

      Voltaire article translation:
      “The internal division of the Saudi royal family is made public

      The repression of the plot against the heir of the Saudi throne, Prince Mohamed ben Salman (“MBS”), has caused the flight of several members of the royal family.

      King Salman personally assured US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he knew nothing about the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi [ 1 ] but in the kingdom it is rumored that his son, Prince MBS, demanded to have his head cut off from the “disappeared” former man of Prince Al-Waleed, another member of the royal family considered also one of the most wealthy men on the planet.

      In any case, Prince Ahmed ben Abdelaziz (see photo), brother of King Salman, has decided to settle permanently in Europe, probably in Paris. Former Minister of the Interior of the Kingdom, Prince Ahmed ben Abdelaziz has the reputation of being reactionary but not corrupt and participated – in 2015 – in the intrigues tending to prevent the brilliant rise of MBS.

      A son and a wife of the late King Abdallah joined Prince Ahmed ben Abdelaziz in exile.”

      1. The breakup caused by an internal civil war is likely for Arabia! Is there a similar plan for Iran, Turkey and the rest of the region? What is certain is that the whole region only needs a trigger. IS the West thinking of creating new nations from the many existing ethnicities? How about Israel, Syria, Jordan, and last but not least Palestine? Could the new push by Turkey, Hezbollah/Qods Army and all funded by Qatar to start a war with a hope of breaking into Israel? What if Russia and US have already agreed on redrawing a new map for the region? Khashoggi may be the trigger? A new war in the Mid-East may not necessarily impact be the creative chaos to introduce a new financial system maybe?! We shall see…

        This interview by the Conservative OAN TV provides some background to the alleged killing of the Saudi Journalist and any possible outcome:

        1. Hey CD check out this post from JC last year. “A Greater Israel”

          “The benefits of a Greater Israel have been misconstrued by many analysts. First, no Greater Israel Project is possible without the agreement and involvement of Arabic and Islamic banking and corporate interests. Second, a Greater Israel, though beneficial to the Jewish population, has more to do with influencing Eurasia through control mechanisms around the Sinai Canal and the resource rich Middle East, which spans from Northern Africa to the borders of Iran, than it does about solely accommodating the Jewish population.”

          1. Hi Dane,

            Thank you for finding this gem. You included the absolute essence of JC’s article and how he sees the world and how so accurately, as follows:

            “…no Greater Israel Project is possible without the agreement and involvement of Arabic and Islamic banking and corporate interests”

            The state of Israel is cultural, ethnically and theologically is a part of the Semitic people, which includes both the Jewish and the Arabs. The constant warfare and under the table friendship of the two is part of the power dynamics in the Arab-Judiaic relationships. However, the oldest power in that same region is the Persians who have been around as empires but collapsed and rose again for the past 2500 years. Their influence to this day is undisputed given the fact that the Persians ruled over the region on and off ever since!

            The Turkish Sunni element of power and their interest in reviving the Ottoman Empire in controlling the same Arab-Judiac regions is also something to consider. Therefore, the great paragraph which you kindly mentioned is based on the fact that the greater Israel project is indeed an aspiration but needs a lot of gives and takes before it can actually become a viable plan and it is almost impossible to achieve unless a major breakthrough comes about that relates mainly to a theological breakthrough as well as financial one that can mobilize such a major move. However, if you look at any such map by googling “greater Israel project”, you will see that most of northern Iran and northern Syria is not included in such plan/aspiration. That’s because the Arab-Jewish culture was once one and the same and the “Arabs” originally came from the Arabian peninsula and the Jews have been mostly spread in the Levant as well as the Arabian peninsula. In fact, Islam is an offshoot of Judaism and the early Muslims mostly consisted of wealthy Jews who sponsored and assisted Mohamad. It is noteworthy to mention that the name Mohamad, Omar and almost all the other so-called Islamic names have Jewish origins. Therefore, the merging of the two Semitic people should not be a surprise.

            Another interesting thing to mention is the reason why the Northern Iraq/Syria is not included in this aspiration and that’s due to the inhabitants of the region of north Iraq/Syria are predominantly the Kurds who are and Iranian people and not Semitic but Indo-Europeans and Islam as a cultural imperialistic theology has been in contrast to these people from the very beginning. So, Culture of a people makes them connect together when trying to subjugate them through an ideology. This is perhaps why the politicization of Islam is failing as a project and it revives kinship amongst people who have been brutalized by the Arab Islamic invaders for the past 1400 years. I would like to mention the flag that the Arab Muslim invaders have used in 7 century is the exact flag they use today for ISIS, Alqaida and other murderers. That colour is Black which says so much about the ideological mindset of such people in that their aim is total darkness and destruction. The constant warfare of Arabs and Jews since the creation of Israel is literally the feud between two clans who have been perpetual;y at war and intrigues via developing new ideas and cults in overtaking the control of resources. Personally, I can not see this greater Israel happen in my lifetime or ever for that matter as creating a nation with homogenous people is difficult enough, let alone creating a nation or even a union with a mosaic of different ethnicities and races in one graphical region.

            As JC wrote in that great article you posted, despite a possible benefit for the Jewish population, has a lot to do with “others” plans and aspiration of controlling the Eurasian region and I would imagine an economic block or a kind of union may be possible if all the inhabitants can benefit from such a scheme. Also, as we have discussed numerous times here on POM, the current map of the region is likely to change which may mean some winners and losers but Oil has a lot to do with it and how the technological inventions to solve next 100 years and beyond are going to be. It appears that we will see more reliance on Gas as opposed to Oil which appears to be in abundance on this planet and that by itself marks to coming end of the post-WWI Sykes-Picot drafted nation states as part of the reason was to control the energy flow, i.e. Oil.


  19. “Can you decipher the hidden message in the above words? – JC” Not sure JC but it seems at least “a” message could be that “the feminine” or “right mindedness” is coming back to the world. To me “The mother and child dynamic will become dominant” could be saying this. But we would need the key to know for sure wouldn’t we? But as these messages are intended for the subconscious I’m sure we all picked it up. The conscious deciphering is a bit …abstract though 🙂

    I did find this quite interesting
    I was able to pick up a new audiobook called The Magick of Soloman: Lemegeton Secrets Revealed :). I’ll listen to that one before Jason Chaffetz’s new book The Deep State.

    On another note and I’m sorry for changing the subject but it’s a pretty interesting current event.

    A few news outlets and financial speakers are spreading a narrative that China is dumping their USD bond (US debt) holdings. Somewhere into the multi billions of dollars worth, I’ve even seen an itemization of loss in dollar value broken down by the different bond classes. But it seemed rather strange to me because I couldn’t make sense of who would purchase bonds whose value is depreciating so fast that the holder wants to get rid of them? Then when I add what I’ve learned here on POM, since the USD is the world’s reserve currency or international unit of account, plus that when the United States has inflation that inflation is exported to other countries, and that US inflation depreciates USD bond values it became fairly clear these reports that China was dumping US debt bonds were incorrect.

    So are these supposed financial authorities just dingbats, blind to what is really happening because of their violent hatred for the Trump administration? I’m not sure but it sure does fall in line with the leftist narrative over the last couple years.

    Based on this logic we can ask some pretty cool questions. Like is the Trump administration using this inflation to put pressure on China?

    For what?

    What does the US need from China? A higher valued RMB and a better trade deal?

    What does the world and the US need? The USD to relinquish its world reserve status.

    What does the world need from China and the US? A more balanced trade between the two superpowers right.

    So in the short term US inflation would serve both the regional need and the global need wouldn’t it? I’m not sure how inflation works in that I don’t know the machinations that cause it, control it, make it rise and subsequently cause it to turn to deflation. Maybe JC can help out in a future post on that subject, but aren’t these some cool questions to ponder?

    1. Hi Dane, how did you get on with the audiobook? It’s the one by Poke Runyon, right? I have seen the video version of it. Interesting that you put a smiley face after the title – when I first stumbled upon the film I initially thought it was a parody 😊
      But that dude is a serious hermetic ceremonial magician. It is a companion/introduction to his “The Book of Solomon’s Magick”.
      He also has a huge back catalogue of podcasts called The Hermetic Hour.
      I think the video is also available in full on youtube, but unable to provide a link at the moment.

      And yes those are some cool questions to ponder; I may have some comments when I’ve done a little more pondering….

      1. Hi Redjon. I wasn’t able to finish that book. I even thought about returning it. Yes I cans see how it could be considered a parody. But as I listened it seemed that this account was very serious. I’m not sure if I can sit through the romance of it all to gleem the esoteric meaning within it though.

        I see this account as a bit of a farce or corruption of the true process. In my understanding of the mystical arts I don’t believe they can be got to from an outward ceremony to an inward process. That’s a bit confusing isn’t it? So I mean that I don’t think that any material ceremony is needed in order to access the inner truths we all inherently possess. To do so I believe is a corruption of the true power within.

        Insead I believe that the power within is accessed through a maturing of the mind, body and soul, an evolution so to speak. When these aspects evolve in harmony we feel a certain initiation with our higher self, godhead, father, etc. You just know it. I would like to say you feel it happen but it’s deeper than just a feeling really. It’s more like a knowing.

        But there are people like Crawly, and the version of this book who act out these inner knowing processes in the material world which is corrupt. Thus by acting these ceremonies out in the material way is inherent to a corruption of the process.

        That’s just my take on it. Same follows through for freemasonry, illuminati, knights templar, church so on and so forth. Some get the esoteric path of it all and some don’t so they act it out literally with materialistic ceremonies and such.

        Regarding the questions. Here is another topic worth pondering. There may be a possibility that the recent talk of ending the nuclear arms agreement between Russia and the US is two fold. 1. Why should the US and Russia not make nukes while China and other countries can? 2. In eliminating our bilateral agreement the world may demand a global agreement against the proliferation of nuclear weapons that would encompass all countries of the world instead of just two.

        1. Hi Dane, yeah the ceremonial stuff isn’t my thing either. The underlying techniques are more interesting though. Others have stated that the ceremonial aspect is not fundamentally needed, it is more a form of self-administered psyop to assist with adjusting one’s mindset to an appropriate state.

          I want to pick up on one of your earlier comments too, about the Queen song popping into your head which led you to try and analyse the lyrics. I read recently of the concept of a “psychic DJ”. The theory is that when a random song pops into one’s head and sticks there for some time, it may be a deliberate attempt by one’s psyche/subconscious to send a message to the conscious mind. In particular, it may be a message relating to important life decisions. So I was amused by your anecdote as I’ve started to do similar analyses whenever I get an “earworm” for no apparent reason.

          Anyway turning to some of those questions. The term “dumping” is definitely sensationalised, designed to generate more clicks I suspect. But I do think China are currently reducing the amount of USD bonds in their FX reserves. They are “overweight” in USD and it makes sense to cut back, especially if they believe the dollar bull market is at or near its peak. The “dumping” probably will not happen (if at all) until desperate times call for desperate measures.
          I basically agree with your own answers to the questions: yes the US needs higher valued RMB and improved trade terms. Trump’s tariff strategy is almost certainly going to take care of the latter, eventually. I am unsure on the direction the yuan is heading though, all we seem to hear about is downward pressure on it so there needs to be some trigger to cause a reversal. What that could be, your guess is as good as mine.
          And yes the world needs the USD to relinquish its reserve status – this is already happening slowly but surely. But there will probably be some form of event/situation arising in the next year or two that accelerates the process.
          And yes a more equal balance of trade between China and US will be required and this will happen alongside the reduction in the dollar’s reserve role, as JC has been saying for the last few years. These two things are intertwined, one can’t happen without the other.
          On the nuclear treaty, I’m less qualified than you to comment, but it has been implied that future treaties need to include at least 3 parties: US-Russia-China. I agree a global treaty would be the ideal, but appears unlikely anytime soon. It seems that the push to abandon the current treaty is coming from Bolton, an appointment by Trump that I found hard to understand. But I came to realise that this appointment may have been made partly to facilitate POTUS in negotiating deals and treaties from the most aggressive/hawkish position possible.
          Again, I’m relatively ignorant on this topic, but I get the impression that this INF treaty is not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. It only covers certain specific types of missiles and has some glaring omissions. If anything it is just serving to handicap the US whilst China is busily adding to their capabilities. I guess this is Bolton’s real concern, just as you implied.

  20. JC,
    I was traveling last week and while departing from the airport I passed a bookstore kiosk that had the book “Mike Pence, The Shadow President”. And, for some reason, it made an impact on me. You know, one of those intuitive type of impacts where a message was being sent to me from the “universe”. Whether it be an emotional/spiritual/universe/intuition message, I have no clue. The point being is that moment stuck in my mind, my subconscious. So, I am wondering if the secret messaging with the book, Arch of Baal, and the Melania photoshoot is that Mike Pence will be next President? And perhaps, Trump doesn’t run in 2020 and let’s Pence take his doctrine forward? His conservative, christian background certainly seems to be the tonic for healing the problems of the world. So, I am just wondering if you have had any thoughts/intuitions on the possibility of “Pence 2020” as well? Cheers! RJZ33

  21. All passings are an Xchange. Programed , and marked years many, times decades before, and marked accordingly, for the record if you will. How do I know?”. That whole mystery thing for all my effort, remains a bit of a mystery to me.

    Still the X programs seem to, mean more than a just a cool letter in the cast of only the 26 we are programed to use. I love the idea that they are characters. i believe there is a much more expansive alphabet. To me the word alpha , screams less is more, a bit lends even more to a confused language.However is it only my imaginings that refuses to discount the wonderful system, the Phoenicians, used to trade. You reckon they read our minds or just our lips? Let us trade.

    Please allow me to X-change, a ritual with you, not many saw this, less, knew what was handed over or understood the X-change.

    Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones – Baby Please Don’t Go – Live At
    The Checkerboard Lounge

    “When the blues had a baby, they named the baby rock and roll.”
    Muddy Waters

    All trade is an X-change
    These things take time

  22. I think I’ve got this pretty figured out. Please let me know what you all think or how I can tweak my understanding.

    Note: currency and money is used interchangeably in this comment. Sorry for the ignorance of not distinguishing between them.

    QE lowered interest rates, which allowed the printing of money, this would normally cause inflation but didn’t because of the low interest rates.

    The end of QE means an increase in interest rates which allows inflation to be realized.

    Inflation decreases the value of the dollar and causes increased wages, short term spending and eventually higher prices for goods and services. These increased wages puts folks in higher tax brackets which raises the amount of taxes paid. This is because there is a rise in cost for goods and services to everyone including the government.

    As inflation decreases the value of the USD and its the global unit of account having to be kept on account in foreign nations for trade as it loses value they need to keep more of it on account to pay for goods and services. This forces the foreign country to print more of its own money which causes their own currency to inflate or decrease in value. This is the US exporting its inflation to foreign nations.

    Now foreign nations holding US debt in the form of USD bonds will see a decrease in the value of their holdings because the value of the currency backing them is decreasing. Since bonds are 5 or 10 year bonds they don’t become liquid until they mature. When we hear that China and now Russia is selling or dumping their US debt I believe people are just looking at the decrease in lump sum value of debt holdings and assuming they are dumping bonds or debt, but it is simply a reflection of this lowering of value of the USD backing the bonds themselves.

    This is quite a paradox in regards to the US and China. By the USD inflating, it lowers the value of China’s holdings of US debt that’s true. But it also decreases the value of the Yuan or Renminbi also which is detrimental to bringing balance back to trade between our countries.

    That being said it would seem the only thing left to break this paradox is for foreign countries to begin de-pegging or moving away from the USD as the global unit of account. Like what has been discussed here on POM and is now being discussed by Russia, Germany, Turkey, Iran, etc. under the veil of sanctions. It would also align with what Trump has asked China to do, which is increase the value of the RMB.

    Once the world’s confidence in the USD is broken or confidence is built in something else and countries have moved away from the USD the US can relinquish its global unit of account responsibilities or they can just die out and the world can begin to normalize. Once the world has normalized trade can then begin to balance out also.

    1. Hi Dane,

      I think you may find some interesting and rather alarming information on some of the items you raised as explained by Daniel Estulin the world expert on Bilderberg and shadow government/elite banking cabal:

      Estulin explains the following points as well as the fact that Trump represents the Industrialists or the faction of the elite that actually Builds things and on the opposing side we have the financial elite who produce “nothing” and control 7Biliuon people through the creation Money out of thin air. The war is therefore to the death whilst the money elite knows they have no new ideas except for plundering and looting even more before bringing this plant to a total annihilation. Trump also has the absolute backing of the US Military as well as other military factions WW as well as huge support by the American people as well as globally!

      1. Global debt is USD 230 Trillion, which is 325% of the World’s Gross Domestic Product

      2. 70% of that GDP is controlled by “financiers” and only 30% is from “industrialists”

      3. The isolationist industrialists backing Donald Trump see their chance to take power now because of the collapsing Bretton Woods financial system.

      4. The entire Western economic system is facing a collapse of 2 Quadrillion dollars (2,000 Trillion) including derivative bubbles, credit default swaps etc.

      5. The slightest rise in interest rates will lead to the Global economic collapse

      6. In Italy 114 of about 500 banks are bankrupt

      7. In Germany, Deutsche Bank has a gross derivative exposure of USD 42 trillion and is teetering on the verge of oblivion

      8. US: CIA “misery index” of real inflation plus real unemployment is 32.89% vs 27% during the darkest period of the Great Depression.

      9. Fed has 56 billion in cash and 21 trillion in debt, for a leverage of 77 to 1.

      10. Trump’s people want to save the US economy at the expense of the banks

      11. The Clinton people would have saved the banks at the expense of impoverishing the US population

      12. Estulin explains the difference between the two as big enough to cause a civil war

      13. Trump’s bravado, fearlessness, direct approach and his masterful control of the social media is a mortal danger for the deep state and its operatives. It’s a fight to the death.

      14. Trump’s cardinal sin was that he announced that he wanted to work with Putin, defending the nation-state against the globalist vision of the world government

      15. Trump declared the war on drugs and money laundering banks. Drugs have always been the lubricant of the world economy. On a yearly basis, the drug trade has 950 billion in sales, which is laundered through the financial system. Trump’s war on drugs is a direct affront against the banking cartel and the entire establishment.

      16. Financial contracts must be abrogated or renegotiated, which would enable an economic boom. If that is not possible civil war is possible at worst and something similar to the rape of Russia in the early nineties could happen to the US.

  23. JC,
    One final crack at your steganography message. Could it be that what you are sending is a message of constant struggle? A struggle where powerful forces of good and evil are always “at war” for the ultimate ownership of wealth? And, tying it in to the POM writings over the years regarding a supra-sovereign asset like XRP, is the message one of awareness and patience for us investors in it? That these forces will be once again opposing each other? Those looking to promote it and those trying to ruin it?
    As always, thanks for your writings. They are always thought provoking.
    Stay well,

  24. “After this, the subconscious and symbolic Baal worship will fragment further and the ISIS archetype will begin to build in strength.”

    And decentralized blockchain will fragment the subconscious false sense of needing a centralized banking system which will build in strength, confidence and ultimately acceptance 🙂

  25. I wonder if these bombs being delivered to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN are actually indictments? Given the “fake news” seems to get things 180 degrees from truth a bomb could be a legal bomb in the form of indictments. Hmmm.

  26. One major human innovation appears to have shifted the balance of power in the most disputed region of the world, aka the Middle-East. It appears that the introduction of an anti-aircraft developed by Russia could assist in the reconfiguration of the region with major implications elsewhere. A predecessor in the 1960-70’s known as SAM 6 anti-craft by the Soviet Union caused problems but things have moved on since then.

    We are talking about the S-300 system deployment in Syria by the Russians after the downing of a Russian Early warning aircraft via an S-300 possibly by mistake with the alleged involvement of the Israeli AF! The net result of the S-300 on Syrian soil, maybe to actually to expand the capability (if required!) to the entire Levant region, meaning that S-300 batteries can be used to initiate a No-Fly-Zone over the Israeli airspace!! Could this be a part of neutralizing the Zionist state of Israel followed by Saudi, Turley and Iran?! If so, it is a neat plan to bring them all to the table, One table and negotiate a better future without so much bloodshed! Hard to imagine it but all possible!

    IAF pilots have travelled to Ukraine to see the capabilities of this S-300 used by the Ukranian military, albeit, they may possess not the latest HW/SW upgrades but it should give them an idea of what this beast is capable of. The controversial Russian Duma member, Vladimir Zhirinovsky had talked about not only an S-400 but an S-500, S-600 and even an S-700 which will according to the ultranationalist parliamentarian, can ground all aircraft anywhere on this planet. If true, by itself, this is a trigger for war by the weaker nations without such supreme weaponry!

    In this fascinating discussion below, the speakers, discuss the implications of the above with a potential outcome of a total shift in the balance of power in favour of the so-called Eastern nations, they are Russia and China. Added to this, the Khashoggi affairs and his alleged assassination in Turkey adds further fuel to some rapid changes. Another consequence of all this is the end of the Powtro-Dollar and possibly the start of the Petro-Yuan, which in turn may mean the end of the USD in its current format under a much bandied about a financial “Reset”, which may mean an end to the Federal Reserve.

    Now, the question is if any of such major upheavals are preplanned by a cabal or whether they occur by itself! IMHO, none of this is by accident and there is an order in this chaos which although not visible but there! Having said that, there is an absolute possibility of a war but that may be also a part of the deal, or nature does what’s necessary!! We are living in interesting times…

    1. I found the meeting between Bolton and Putin very interesting. Some secretive code talk no doubt…

      ““The US seal depicts an eagle holding 13 arrows and an olive branch with 13 olives,” Mr Putin said. “Did your eagle eat all the olives and now only arrows are left?” Mr Bolton said he had not brought olives.”

      “”As far as I can recall, the US coat of arms depicts an eagle, holding 13 arrows in one talon, and an olive branch, a symbol of peace-loving policy, with 13 olives, in the other. Question: Did your eagle eat all the olives, leaving only arrows?” Putin asked.”

      Funny because if the branch is what signifies peace-loving policy what would eating the 13 olives represent? The olives aren’t the symbol of peace the branch is. Hmm.

      Aha! The 13 olives represent the original 13 colonies. The original 13 colonies were also known as the British Colonies.

      So perhaps it is a question asking whether the president has control of those 13 colonies or more precisely does the double headed eagle now control them. That in conjunction with the statement about “e pluribus unum” referencing finding some common ground to work with between our countries and adding it to Trumps meeting with Putin where Putin handed Trump a soccer/futbol and made a statement of the ball being in Trumps court seems like it could lead to the common working ground being the rooting out of the crown beast elements.

      What do you all think?

  27. “the re-emergence of the ISIS archetype and force in the world”

    “the ISIS archetype will begin to build in strength. We will see this happening as Melania Trump begins to take a more forward leading role in the rebuilding of the new America and world. The mother and child dynamic will become dominant through her increasing presence and influence. ”

    Take note of Melania’s call for peace and Trump’s first issue when Melania is finished. JC time is already beginning to work in your favor my friend 😉

      1. This is very interesting! Not trying to spoil the otherwise great song and an incredible talent as this lady was. LOL

        Only a couple of hours ago, this morning I saw this in my Tweeter feed:

        “Sinéad O’Connor converts to Islam”!

        She tried to kill herself a while back and only God knows what they have done to her to do that. Her Islamic name now is “Shuhada” which means “the Martyrs”!!! Strange times…

        1. Lol, CD I played her on the tv the other day and Indy (my dog) began to bellow to the point I turned it off. Maybe he was crying for her soul or he just thought she sucked, only he knows. Lol. He has never done that for anything before though.

          But I’m still not convinced the girl who tore the Pope’s picture up is a follower of any religion by her own free will. The crown beast will pull any trick they can think of in order to keep their flocks under control. Like MKUltra and such. Just the other day questions were being raised about Stormy Daniels large pupils. They say it’s heroine but if one researched they will find that the MKUltra program also produced large pupils. So Sinead may be in a CIA lab as opposed to an asylum. Does the sounds she is making sound like an Islam prayer or mumbled words a drugged out person is trying to sing?

          1. LOL, Your dog knows that this woman is brainwashed and under a dark spell having gone through a failed suicide attempt! Dogs pick up things we humans haven’t a clue about, so kudos to Indy. 🙂 You have a trusting and truthful fiend there and what you said about Indy bellowing, possibly confirms her trauma.

            I also heard about the “Horseface”, the name POTUS called Ms Daniels, which was probably a clue about “Heroin” addiction as “Horse” is a street name for Heroin and very likely related with the control mechanism of the MKultra slaves! She also looks like she has been an inmate/patient in a psychiatric clinic and as you suggested in a CIA/Tavistock lab somewhere.

            Regarding her supposed reciting the Islamic prayer, I should say this is funny and sad because obviously, her handler didn’t tell her that no female ever in 1400 had been allowed to recite Islamic prayers publically and I agree she sounds dreadful and highly irritating to listen to but it seems she has been encouraged to glorify Islam. One thing is true, in that she got her 15 minutes of fame, so the question is to ask, now what?! 🙂 May she gets her sanity back, very sad indeed…

  28. What a ball game huh? 18 inning’s of mismanaged and reasonable play. In the end if nothing else, we know the depth of their respective benches. Beyond that I recognize Boston ain’t given ’em nothin’ they don’t earn.

    It is my mind that baseball is, if not America’s game, it stands tall, and head and shoulders equal with whatever America’s game is.

    I suspect I first started watching the world series 72 years ago when I was a few days over a month old. My memory of the first series I can peg hard was in 1957, Braves v Yanks. They didn’t have night games back in those days, so if you happen to be a 11 year old kid living in Milwaukee, you experienced the great pleasure of suspended classes, and a gathering of the entire school in the auditorium where a half of dozen “big screens of the time,” 19″ maybe, but at least colored, surrounded the room.

    Names like Warren Spahn, Whitey Ford, Hank Aaron(who was at tonight’s game, what a thrill for me) Mickey Mantle, Eddie Mathews, Yogi Berra still ring and ting the alarms of my mind. Another tingling comes from a distinct memory of me seeing my nuns acting out of their habits, such fun. I can’t swear to it but I don’t think I have missed seeing at least one or two games out of any world series of baseball ever since. Come hell or high water, war, prison, strife, or any circumstance of life, I have watched at least part if not all of the WS since I was a month old. So over the years, just by dint, I learned a bit about baseball.

    Never did I know just how much I knew until tonight. I watched the first two games by myself, Tonight my good neighbors invited me over, they had other guests, one was a over the road truck driver and his gal I had met before, another was a shade tree inlaw of mine and his gal. A nice group of eight average age 42,,, 32 if you take me out of the equation. Let the game begin.

    A normal enough gathering great food, plenty of booze and other party favors. Included in the guest list was Big AL, that’s what I call him. He has been showing up a lot lately at different places I go. He is kind of a know it all som’ a’ bitch, you know the type, I didn’t like him at first, but I just got to tell you I’m begrudgingly beginning to give him/?her a due.

    18 innings that’s a lot of Ball, talk, talk, talk, yak, yak, yak, quack, quack, quack. Imagine the smack? I learned how to read leaderboards 50 years ago, and can find the game breaker within, I know the rules of average and why pitchers are pulled or left in to pitch against left or right. I know baseball from a “Moneyball” point of view. I can talk Ty Cobb, Shoeless Joe Jackson and that great pitcher Babe Ruth. So even through I don’t have any idea who is playing tonight, show me the numbers! And there is nobody there that can show the numbers like Big AL, know it all som’ a’ bitch. Big AL really does not begin to sing until in the grasp of the right hands. Karen, I call her KDawg is the right hands, she can play Big AL like she was ringing a bell… Hey did you see Sandy Koufax, he was there tonight, he’s 82 and looked like he was ready to hit the locker room and suit up for a few innings.

    18 innings that’s a lot of Bball. I’m glad Big AL was there, he helped settle a lot of good, petty arguments and came up with one of my all time fav players. A man I can never remember his name, when I want to, but thanks to Big AL in KDawg’s capable hands, all I have do to is ask, ‘you know that bad mofo pitched for Rsox and the Yanks. If he throws some chin music and you are stupid enough to charge the mound, he will knock you straight on your ass. Big AL comes up with Roger Clemens.

    I didn’t find it necessary to purchase a cell phone, a simple flip until 2012, I never owned a PC until I was retired 5 years ago and one of my 50 nieces (I have 9 sisters and 3 brothers) gifted me a used one she had. I just only bought a Samsung J in order to conduct enough business to purchase some XRP a few months ago. So I’m pretty low tech, still I’m tech enough. Huh.

    18 innings that’s a lot of Bball. For all the lively conversation I was able to drift, kind of sort of stay engaged and yet go a different way, while smiling and staying in the moment, I kept finding myself in a different time and place. A space where I was visiting other world series, not all of them, those that found me in a common place where people, some dead some alive joined me for a few moments. This was the most enjoyable WS game I have ever addended.

    1. Lmao Peter. I find baseball so darned boring…does that make me a bad American? I mean I can watch a game or at least part of a game or two during the world series but man it takes a few Kraken and cokes to keep my ass planted in front of it. Keep me posted on the outcome if you will pal it will be interesting to see who pulls out in the end 😉

      1. Dane My Good Man,
        I was born to the game, but in all honesty I anymore just watch the WS. It seems now-a-days that is all the game I can stand and only a couple or few of those. I’m thinking that is why I was able to drift away and be there at the same time. The semi- seance I found myself in was part and particle of why I think I was able to come away feeling well fed, half liquored up and good. I had a swell time with the neighbors who I need to spend some time with and with the memories of spirits alive and dead, that I also need to spend time with.

        I have this reply in front of a more recent post you will find just below. I’m hoping I can use this post to persuade you and other POM’s to check out the ideas I’m exploring in it.

        Dane , I had never heard of Alma Deutscher before the semi-seance I experienced during the 18, 18!! I say inning long ball game. Perhaps if Messmer would of had baseball to use instead of a watch we would be further along on our path. (I don’t know. Did he use a watch? LoL)

        Anyway back to Alma, it seems as if she was just waiting for me when I stumbled, aa bit zombie like back to my shoebox. Another stiff drink(why not) and a ouija board flight of bumble/stumble bee fingers of mine across my keyboard and there was Alma.(damn that’s bad writing)

        Perhaps it was just the music, but I find myself all caught up in, fascinated, intrigued and completely captured by the half an hour video I provided with a successful link(thanks again Dane), The whole thing from start to finish just kind of blew me away, but that fact alone forces me address just a couple of points for the time being. Or I risk a rambling rant. Huh.

        Ok, I already proved Alma to be a shapeshifting little lizard lady with the catch I made on her eyeballs at 22:52, but, but, there is more starting at 24;00 she does it again. She almost seems to be saying, ‘It was nice to see you again Scarlatti, I hope to see you again soon’. Bad writing, bad satire , they seem to go hand in hand.

        On a serious note, I’m a bit stunned to believe this short vid contains what I see as solid elements of the mystery school topic that has and is being discussed here on the POM. So I pray you bare with me and beg your indulgence. As far as I’m concerned the vid was packed with mystery from the first note, nevertheless I feel I can only approach a couple, concerning some of the conversations.

        During one segment with Professor Arie Verdi at 15:48 the question of all questions, about composing, a very sophisticated conversation ensues, but the gist that struck me the hardest was about the rules. I pray you watch it yourself. Anyway Alma’s self stated willingness to obedience to the rules, and she backs it up, speaking of her request to her father to obtain her a book by Marxsen, a 1800’s composer from Dresden who she somehow knew taught Brahmas the rules. It took more of her power to persuade, to push her father to search the world and finally obtain a book for her from somewhere in California, a very rare book, I love a mystery.

        But Dane, what struck me was Alma’s innate instincts to desire, to need the rules, the discipline of the masters and yet maintain a mind of imagination. That’s mystery school, I don’t care what anybody says that’s mysterious.

        The other broad stroke or swing I will attempt to take involves reincarnation.

        As soon as Alma finished the Scarlatti piece, the one my poker skills got a read on her eyes, The professor starts in. “Alma I have to tell you. You play Scarlatti as if he was alive today.” He further states,”or even more you play it as if you had composed the piece yourself.”

        What does Alma do? Say thank you? Blush, as one might expect from a person her age? Nope, Alma steady gazes the prof’s eyes as she exhibits a winsome smile that hit me like a big pizza pie, Mona Liza. One does not see that very often.

        Perhaps I haven’t seen enough prodigies, or witnessed enough of them interviewed in any in deep conversation. Perhaps I’m seeing and wanting to hear what I want to see and hear. I’m coming away from my impression of Alma Deutscher as an reincarnated soul.

        There is much in the vid like the wonderment of the mixing of the languages at interesting times . Blah, Blah Blah. I like the way that ends.

        Later Gator

  29. A trustless society

    The collective conscious manifestation of life itself. Man as the collective evolutionary dream of life we have risen from darkness to microbes to mineral, through plant and animal kingdoms where we have evolved from once elusive uncontrolled conscious dreams to have the ability to harness conscious thought and point it into whatever dream we seek to manifest. We have evolved to survive by subconscious acts. No longer needing to think to survive we evolved on and now have established the power to direct our thoughts in any direction we wish in order to manifest our infinite dreams into realities.

    Unfortunately many have not yet realized this truth and hand over this power by allowing it to be dreamt for us and thus directed in the centralized direction of outside authority figures to manifest their dreams. We have allowed them in essence to tell us what to dream by telling us what we shouldn’t dream about. This is psychological trickery to allow a psycho to tell us what is sane. We know what is sane, we simply need to stop looking outward toward where our outside authority figures are pointing us to look and instead look within ourselves. That’s where the truth lies and why our outward authority figures keep us looking at the neon lights instead of within ourselves. They know the truth but they manipulate us in order to steal our truths and dreams.

    As we see the outside world once again tearing our manifested monopolies or cartels as they are called today to shreds and re-fragmenting or decentralizing them into this resurgent nationalism. It would seem a perfect time to retake our individual freedom to dream and manifest for ourselves.

    If you were free to dream for yourself and point that dream power towards manifesting that dream would you do it? Or would you remain weak and fall prey to the scams our current authority figures continue to think up in order to steal and harness our powers for themselves and their centralized interests?

    The world is now going through a decentralization or re-fragmentation of these dream powers which have been unified and fed into the centralized dreams of the crown beast authority figures which we have allowed to come to power. It’s time to regain our freedom of thought and turn our backs on these evil dream stealers to take back our individual freedom. Beware though, because with this freedom also comes the enormous responsibility of wielding that power with compassion, understanding and protection of the very life that we manifest from. If we don’t use our unlimited conscious powers in harmony with this life, all life will suffer and doom will be the end result. We came to be with the innocent free will to dream and manifest as we see fit but that same innocence doesn’t see evil or acts of hatred and violence that hinder the evolution of life itself.

    Fractional banking is seeking a way to drag the very corruption into the blockchain world that blockchain was developed to eradicate. We can defeat it by not falling prey to its tricks. We shouldn’t borrow or enter a contract for coins today with the promise to pay back coins tomorrow. We should save from our time and labor and buy coins to further diversify our store of that time and labor.

  30. This came to me soon after I visited with friends, some dead, some alive, some there, some present, some somewhere else, after last night’s world series game.

    Alma (8) on intermezzo with Arik, Jan 2014

    I noticed her eyes at around 22.52, changing channels.

    Am I watching a young Emma Britton, Ada Lovelace? It is all so mysterious to me. I sometimes believe I can feel a change, it is so unusual to me at my age. Difficult to scrape the callous off.

    1. Peter, I must be Frankenstein! When she played her own No. 1 opening serenade around the 14 minute mark it brought tears to my eyes. That violin. Amazing talent my friend. Can you imagine a world where all people lived through the unbridled or unrestricted wholeness of our magnificence?

  31. Long ago in the Muslim world before Islam a historical pattern was noticed where farmers would create infrastructure for villages and towns, then a warrior would bring a town under his rule and create a kingdom or empire, which would be conquered by a tribe of Nomads who would settle into the kingdom, assimilate and become the very people they had conquered.

    If we apply this cyclical pattern to the western world’s global empire of today could we be in the Nomadic conquering stage? If so would the Nomadic peoples be what we identify today as Protestant peoples?

    It makes me wonder if the dying empire uses mass emigration as a disguised form of this Nomadic conquering stage. If they can create a corrupt version of the true cycle (the emigrating body) they can remain in power because the corruptly created body of Nomadic emigrants would be beholding to the empire that facilitated their migration to a better life.

    Now we see a mobilization of the assimilated Nomadic military force to protect that which it has conquered. As such the Nomads of yesteryear would seem to be todays Protestants connected by a common root belief perhaps.

    But if the Nomads assimilate and become the very people they conquered and the cycle never ends we should soon be in the phase where a new warrior rises to power and creates another kingdom shouldn’t we? Who will be the new Nomadic Protestants? Does this cycle increase in speed as time passes? It seems like empires rise and fall faster with each passing one doesn’t it? Why does it seem like a dragon chasing its tail?

  32. Thanks Dane
    I know I can always count on you. I really appreciate your thoughts on the cycle of empire and the different views of invaders v migration. Awhile back, I’m disappointed my vaulted memory won’t allow me the combination to complete access at this moment, so this has to be as vague as the memory itself.

    Anyway the topic was Hittites, sea people, wars and invasion, my feelings leaned towards the difference between invasion and migration, It is an ancient cycle for sure. Thanks for putting that into context during these current times.

    You have a gift.

    1. Lol, your welcome Peter. I was just surfing the youtube recommendations and that video came up, it just seemed to make sense. Its funny how it just flashes in front of the mind like a camera flash and then is gone. The hard part is getting it down before it’s too faded to recollect.

      Hey how bout them Red socks 🙂 Didn’t think they would let the west coast win. Funny Red…hmm. Perhaps JC gave us a hint to the next rising warrior with his tweet about China. Red China…red dragon dynasties…could a forever president be like a modern day emperor with a modern day dynasty?

      I found this 2016 document interesting in regards to China and Awakening Of The Red Dragon.

      “During the first decades of the century, China has positioned itself as the number one economic power in terms of GDP measured by purchasing power parity. China’s economic model and its unique and individual qualities caused the meteoric economic rise of the country. President Xi Jinping is transforming the country through a comprehensive reform program. China’s commitment to long-term structural change and it’s the main economic objective of moving its economy from one led by investment and exports to one driven by consumption. Many experts and analysts predict that during the current century, China will alter the balance of world order and create a new world order.”

      Perhaps this was the warrior who was raising an empire in the current cycle and the Protestant Nomads are attacking…Hey has China been hit with a wave of migration? Seems the EU and now the US has/is…Hope Trump gets that wall built sooner rather than later. Seems ours is a bit flimsy compared to that Great China Wall though.

      Amazing times to be alive! Amazing!

      1. Hi Dane, “has China been hit with a wave of migration?”
        Nope, their immigration policy is rather strict, and is well enforced. This kind of goes along with their one-child policy to control the overall population size. Although that policy has now been loosened though, immigration policy hasn’t. What little immigration there is, is almost entirely ethnic Chinese from overseas.
        I would speculate that this may change in the coming years with the general opening up of the economy. But for now, the borders are tightly controlled.

        1. Hi redjon, thanks for the reply. So should we believe it is China’s strict immigration policy or because they are in some way supportive or involved in these recent waves of migrational war tactics?

          Many European countries have narrow paths to citizenship also but that didn’t stop the waves of migration from pounding their doorsteps.

          I think the “infrastructure, warrior, nomad” historic cycle seems more natural like a statement from the late Muhammad Ali, where he said…“It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.” But these side angles of inciting and funding illegal migrational herds sure seems rather unnaturally artificial don’t they?

          Here is a hypothesis for consideration. What if Americans residing in China are helping to fund such migrational waves? What Americans? Yes there are a large population of Americans living in mainland China and more than a thousand American businesses in China. Yes there are heavy investments in China that are suffering or at least have the potential to suffer at the hand of the Trump administration.

          I was going to go on showing how Jim Rogers would have an interest in helping Soros fund such migrational waves but I’ll leave that for curious minds to discover the details on. Here’s a hint though “Quantum Fund”. It’s interesting how Rogers thought there were economic possibilities in Iran, Russia and North Korea…all of which currently have economic sanctions imposed on them by the Trump administration.

          Okay, okay…here is a big hint 🙂

          This is a great post where JC interviewed Jim Rogers back in 2015, when the world thought Hillary was a shoe in for the next presidency. Fitting title “The Fields of Winter Rye”. I particularly liked the conversational discussions of the world not having an alternative to the USD at that current time… a lot has changed since then hasn’t it 🙂

          1. I should have added this statement from Jim Rogers. If you read between the lines there are plenty of areas to see an underlying cause. Man sure does hinge around $$$.

            “Those who can not adjust to change will be swept aside by it. Those who recognize change and react accordingly will benefit.

            Do not worry about failure, I would tell them. Do not worry about making mistakes in life. It is good to lose money, to go broke at least once, and preferably twice. But if you are going to do it, do it early in your career. It is better to go bust when you are talking about $20,000 than when your are talking about $20 million. Do it early, and it is not the end of the world.

            This is the first time in recorded history that all the major world’s central banks are printing staggering amounts of money. Now the world has this huge artificial ocean of liquidity. The people getting the money are having a wonderful time. But when it ends, it will be very nasty.

            Some stocks in America are turning into a bubble, the bubble is going to come, and then it’s going to collapse, You should be very worried.”


          2. You know you could be on to something Dane. On the other hand you might be seeing things that aren’t there 🙂
            I’ll play “devil’s advocate” here as I feel confident you’ll forgive me brother 🙂
            There are many pragmatic reasons why a generic migrant seeking a better life would choose Europe over Asia. Including but not limited to: ease of cultural integration, large migrant communities already present, language/communication, welfare, wage levels, oh and the fact that Merkel basically put out a welcome board! But of course this doesn’t mean they weren’t/aren’t being pushed in that direction by nefarious influences too.
            On Jim Rogers, I’m aware that he worked with Soros a long time ago, in the 70s, but I was under the impression that they had major ideological differences that caused them to part company for good. Jim is a Ron Paul supporter, for example. Enough said. So I’m sceptical that he would be helping Soros with anything currently. The fact that he saw opportunities in NK/Russia/Iran can be attributed to those markets being hated and beaten down to the point that asset valuations are extremely cheap. Remember Occam’s razor my friend.
            The nefarious infuences I mentioned could certainly include US corporations aligned with the globalists.

          3. Lol, there’s nothing to forgive my friend, but you would be correct in your assumption if there was 😉

            I can see both sides surely.

            Jim retired from the Quantum Fund in 1980 a fund he co-founded with Soros in 1973. The made buckets of money with their business genius and whatever leverage they could find so why would that aspect change?

            But I also see a lot in what Jim doesn’t say. Factually he stands to or is losing tons of money with sanctions on Iran, Russia and North Korea all of which the Trump administration is responsible for. He is heavily invested in the Chinese Stock Market and he trade war is costing him on both sides of the pond…..lost business opportunities = lost revenue and one thing is for sure Jim is a money man and is great at capitalizing with leverage. Not saying its a bad thing or good thing it’s just business.

            This aritcle doesn’t have much bearing on our discussion but it was a good read 🙂


            But it’s not just about Jim so I don’t want to get sidetracked from the root of China possibly being behind or assisting in the migratory waves.

            Could we see these unnatural mass migrations as Marxist tactics? Are the migrants not showing signs of fascism when they get to the host countries? Aren’t they displaying Marxist ideologies in that they expect state funded programs to survive on? I believe this to be true so if I can tie China to these Marxists beliefs would it have sway?

            Let’s take a look at this May 2018 Financial Times article.

            “Two hundred years after the birth of Karl Marx, his ideas are taking a bigger role in the economy and society under Xi Jinping”

            “The neat, three-storey bourgeois house in which Frau Henriette Pressburg Marx gave birth to her son Karl in the German city of Trier has stood little changed for the past two centuries. But the town square has been transformed by the addition of a 5.5- metre bronze statue of the philosopher, which was unveiled on Saturday to celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth.

            The statue comes from a controversial source: it was a donation by the People’s Republic of China.”

            “Marxism and the shared future of mankind”

            “The big story is that the Chinese are making a serious attempt to take over control of developing Marxism for the 21st century,”


            I left some out from the article to make that point clear. But here is something else for consideration. “Chancellor Angela Merkel’s advisers shot down proposals for a Sino-German state summit in Trier. Even the statue was negotiated down from its originally proposed height of 6.3 metres.” Would migrants bring votes to support Merkel when here countrymen were losing faith in her? Who is Angela Merkel? Could she be a descendant of Adolf Hitler also a Marxist who used fascism to his advantage? Just things to ponder my friend.

            “We tracked down one of Hitler’s last living family members on Long Island and found he likes Merkel and dislikes Trump”


            “Chinese and Russian intelligence now report that Germany’s Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolf Hitler thanks to the use of frozen sperm and the expertise of a Nazi doctor captured by the Soviets. That means she is almost certainly one of the ringleaders of the Nazi faction still hoping for a fascist world totalitarian government.”


            “Recent developments reveal that Germany is seeking to rally all Europe under Teutonic leadership in order to replace the United States as the world’s sole financial superpower. Meanwhile, the Vatican is seeking to establish itself as the guiding force behind this forming European Empire.”


            “Germany and the Holy Roman Empire”

            Lol, I know its a lot. But if we begin to connect all these dots it does begin to form a picture. A picture very similar to the one JC has been painting with his posts here on POM.

            P.S. if anyone finds themselves in Trier Germany it is worth taking a little time to tour Marx’s old home. There is a unique feeling there in that old city built on top of Roman ruins. It was a unique experience every time we went.

          4. Hi Dane, yes that is a lot, lol
            And it is a pretty tangled web you’re weaving there. Interesting links; just to point out you are citing Benjamin Fulford, a writer whom I’ve never looked into myself but I recall JC commenting in the past that he is a highly unreliable source. Hey if we’re getting into such high octane speculation then freezing Hitler’s sperm might not be necessary – I’ve heard it suggested that the Fuhrer actually survived and escaped. If so, with the help of his occult tech he could be alive to this day! In a bunker deep beneath the antarctic ice no doubt 🙂
            Yes the Communist Party of China does venerate Marx, I think this stems from the fact that they still venerate their beloved Mao above all, and Mao was a zealous student/scholar of Marxism. Indeed “Marxism adapted to Chinese conditions” is part of the ideology promoted by POTPROC (Xi).
            Anyway although I may find your threads hard to follow, for sure I can see that China would ultimately stand to benefit from the recent/current migration waves. Therefore perfectly plausible that they could have a hand in all this and it’s certainly well worth investigating your theory. As POTUS himself has observed though, “a lot of people say” who the prime suspect is. Establishing proof of his involvement is perhaps the first priority but beyond that your web of intrigue comes into play. That is to ask who are his accomplices, collaborators, co-conspirators.
            Back to JR very briefly. If we are to take him at his word, he retired from running the Quantum Fund because he felt he had made enough money. He took his tens of millions and headed off on his adventures. And that was back when that was a lot of money! 🙂 Exactly what I would do too, I might add, if I were in that fortunate position. Whilst I would suggest that Soros apparently has no conception of “enough money”. Now I know Jim did return to the world of investing and enjoyed continued success, but he has nowhere near the net worth of Soros to play around with. From what I’ve read, he isn’t a billionaire.
            On a related side note, I read an article a few weeks ago (sorry have been unable to find it again, try as I might) which painted a, perhaps over-simplified, but still interesting, picture as follows. There are basically two main warring factions of elites: the bankers, and the industrialists. The former are simply rentiers, the latter strive to actually build stuff and contribute to production, infrastructure etc. Real estate tycoon Trump is naturally aligned with the industrialists; they are attempting to usurp power from the banker faction who have been in control for a very long time. (My gut feeling – and that’s all it is – is that Rogers would be aligned with the industrialists too; he’s all about commodities and productive assets, agriculture etc.)
            I will post a link to said article if and when I find it.

  33. Hi Dane,

    This is a great discussion on the causes of the fall of an empire you started. I watched this great documentary (30 Min.) and it appears that a major item to consider is deception in particular in relation to the idea of money and how it is changed by the elite which involves debasement of the currency. Since the turn of the last century, the successive US governments had to pay for WWI and WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars and all need money. Also, the Romans did “Coin Clipping” the gold coins as a means of increasing the money supply but actually devaluing the money/Currency.

    It really seems that in all cases of an empire collapse, they all begin by an internal weakness, resulting in the system collapse. Any collapsing system attracts the weaker and less well-off human groups who want to improve their lives. Anyway, I found the clip really fascinating and I can recommend.

    1. How funny CD. Here is the next clip carrying on from that timeline…:) I watched both just yesterday. Although the guy seems to be pushing Precious Metals where I think digital assets may play a part instead of PM’s the story line is pretty solid and informative. Digital currencies would seem to be able to put an end to the cycle since more can’t be printed BUT pay close attention to how they manipulate the quantities of goods while leaving the prices fixed. This is a modern inflationary trick. Same could be done with digital assets I would think.

  34. Dane
    I can’t really get a good hold on the details of what post I was addressing at the time. But I do remember responding to a question either you or Carpe Diem asked me about my impression of all the back and forth battles of empire with sometimes hoards of unidentified peoples joining the battles.

    I do remember saying I kind of felt that one man’s invasion was another man’s migration. I’m kind of reminded of that history today.

    After the 18!! 18 I say, inning game I could not bring myself to watch any more baseball for the year. As a matter of fact with the MSM news being what it has become I turned the TV completely off and have been watching XRP and related vid’s since. Oh and listening to Alma and other artist like her in the back round. I feel better for it.

    I think the X price will hold a couple of few more days, then Katie bar the door. I’m making what I hope will be my last purchase Fri. N, 2.. I think that will be the last time I will be able to afford any. Besides I’m really tired of living like the hermit I’ve had to become in order to buy any at all. I got enough.

    Good luck to you Dane
    & the POM

    1. Thanks Peter and good luck to you too my friend.

      Hey have you ever given thought to ISIS being the modern day Sea People? If so or if you do now, who might be the Phoenicians of today?

      1. Hi Dane, Hi Pieter,

        My apology to our Dearest Pieter as he also raised some interesting questions and I omitted to mention him for helping me see the picture clearer. In any case chaps, ISIS, ISIL or its original Arabic acronym, “داعش‎”, dāʿish or (‘Daesh’ was mostly written as!) is a creation or a construct to actually prevent the Silk Road project to role out. In fact, from the following paragraph, you can see the real reason for the Ukraine so-called Maidan regime change where the US State Dept, under Obama spent $5Billion to bring in the Neo-Nazis to power and replace a China/Russia friendly regime. In both cases, radical groups preventing the Silk Road expansion were employed-one, Sunni fundamentalist group funded and trained by the Anglo-American elite and the other Neo-Nazi thugs and criminals in Ukraine. All in all, a created chaos to prevent the expansion and possibly an organic growth of the old Silk Road from East Asia all the way to the heart of Europe. What’s certain though is a major geopolitical change is happening right now.

        Here’s the full article which illuminates the facts about all this:
        “Already in 2013, the Pentagon published the Wright plan, which programmed the creation of a new state straddling Iraq and Syria in order to cut the Silk Road between Baghdad and Damascus. This mission was carried out by Daesh – China therefore modified the layout of its route. Beijing finally decided to build the route through Egypt, and invested in the doubling of the Suez Canal and the creation of a vast industrial zone 120 kilometres from Cairo [2]. Similarly, the Pentagon organised a « colour revolution » in Ukraine in order to cut the European route, and stirred up trouble in Nicaragua in order to prevent the construction of a new canal linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.”

        1. Hmm, did the Phoenicians primarily trade via water routes? If so would their competition have been the old silk road? Its interesting that the Phoenician “civilization spread across the Mediterranean between 1500 BC and 300 BC.”

          And in “300 B.C E. – The Qin dynasty created the first form of centralized government in China.”

          Things that make me go hmmm…. 🙂

  35. Remember, Remember the 5th of November…a poem that recalls the night Guy Fawkes was caught standing guard over the powder barrels on 5 November 1605. Powder barrels that plotters had placed beneath the House of Lords in an attempt to assassinate the Protestant king. It is known now as Guy Fawkes Night and bone fires are lit to celebrate the foiled plan.

    Here in the colonial United States Guy Fawkes Night evolved into Pope Night an anti-Catholic holiday celebrated annually on November 5th.

  36. Who might be the Phoenicians of today. Now that’s interesting, hmmm.

    I always felt a remnant of the Phoenicians survived and were in clandestine positions of power in Rome. As Rome split so did they, one group east into ‘a swamp of a bay, Venice, another group west into Genoa, a port city. If nothing else they were a sea faring people and great merchants to boot.Their whole thing has always been control of the commons. As centuries past I feel that both groups began a clandestine (there’s that word again, maybe I should just say sneaky) migration north, the Venetians through the Germanies and into another lagoon, Amsterdam. The Genoians through France.

    With their goal the isles of Britain, I believe they would of felt quite at home there being as close as possible to any piece of Atlanta still above water. It was a long way home. But, alas you’ve asked of today’s Phoenicians not yesteryears Atlantian’s.

    So who has had control of the commons for the last couple of three hundred years? The British and then Bacon’s “New Atlanta?” Who are the Phoenicians of today? It is a very interesting question. And the closer I find myself looking at the question the further I seem to be wanting to avoid the question. Maybe I just don’t know, that wouldn’t be so bad, or the first time by a long shot. or maybe it is me. Maybe I’m the Phoenician of today looking future to control of the space commons, as I try to control the sea commons by hindering or slowing down the ancient silk roads until I control the space.

    Or more likely it is some part of that Payseur family and some other ancient nobility whose corporations are running Boeing/Lockheed /Martian.

    Ahhggg!! I’m getting silly now.

    Good question


    1. I hear what your saying Peter.

      Lets try to reason it out. What would be some common characteristics of the Phoenician people? Perhaps we can look for those characteristics in todays global world to find clues.

      “Phoenicia is an ancient Greek term used to refer to the major export of the region”

      Who is the world’s major exporter? China? That would be the easy answer but it’s so easy I’m a bit skeptical. China may allow things to happen in order to take advantage of the situation but I’m not completely sold on them being of the Phoenician mindset yet. The modern world has become a very complex place.

      Could we say that Phoenicians like 1. to be by the water, 2. are great with commerce, 3. develop regions, 4. create city states, 5. seem to build empires?

      We know many of the existing city states that already exist. We have discussed Astana. Would Astana be a city state or could it become a city state?

      “It is located on the banks of the Ishim River in the north portion of Kazakhstan, within the Akmola Region, though administered separately from the region as a city with special status.”

      Astana is a growing power in its region. A growing empire power though? Hmm. Its not really by an open body of water either is it? BUT! “KAZAKHSTAN: AT THE HEART OF THE NEW SILK ROUTE”. So if we consider the silk road part of the Phoenician scope we may have some connecting dots. This “Kazakhstan produces 75% of Central Asia’s GDP.” Feed the beasts hunger for greed.

      Hmm you said France? “The LDI-DIMOTRANS Group subsidiary was established in Almaty and Astana in 2005. Directed by JY Kozak, a partner of the recent Business France Meetings, the company is ready to meet the challenges of this new chapter in history!”

      So if the Phoenicians have gone global that is one possibility.

      Any other ideas? What about the ASEAN region?

      How would the New Khazaria tie into this mix?

      Check out Carpe Diem’s first comment on this post where he states

      “There are currently talks of replacing the subject of Western Civilization altogether and introducing “world Civilization” where the role of the Indo-Europeans will be gradually removed from the books and in a hundred years, nobody will ever anything about the builders of the contemporary civilization since Changiz Khan the looter of the east will be the actual builder of the modern world and perhaps this is why Astana, Kazakhstan which is not too far from Mongolia the homeland of Changiz, is architected to be the new capital of a new empire!!”

      Okay, I can’t do all the walking…anyone have a camel? Lol. Reminds me of a saying an old friend told me once. “Trust in Alah اَللّٰه‎ or God إِلَه‎ but, tie your camel”. Hahaha

      1. Dane
        Damn Asanta pops! The place has been showing up here on the POM for some years now. Even as it was being built, until today when it seems to be in some need of repair and a fresh coat of paint. They just don’t build them like they used to, I suggest that would include empire.

        Following the Phoenix as a bird of flight might be easier if one studied it’s migration patterns. Is it north to south or east to west? Can it be both? Must it be to survive. They got their asses kicked more than just a few times the name Alexander shouldn’t be mentioned in polite company among the deep purple dyed robes. Hard to imagine the dye pounded out of a shellfish was the main export of that bunch, I’m not saying I won’t buy the dye, what I’m saying is I don’t buy the story. More than likely I suggest the purple dye and it’s royal property and price was a sales leader, much like a 30 pack of bud at $15. I’m satisfied their skill and profit came from knowledge and skill akin to a skill my Uncle Hunts had. It was said He could start at one end of Henderson, Nv’s., Pitman strip with a rusty pocket knife and end up at the other end with a race horse. Trading was the skill, parchment, reading, writing and math kept the books managed. It beat the hell out of clay tablets too heavy to carry and entirely to hard to destroy when name changes and insurance fraud by fire became the rage. (see what I did there? such fun)

        I’ve always viewed the Phoenicians as a breakaway civilization, they seemed to be able to ship themselves far beyond the normal known world, while setting up outpost, or at least stake. and spy v spy. Clever, cunning and ruthless. Getting them to stop the public burning of their own first born took some real ass kicking. They are due another one, one that will cool their jets if not finish them, knock them out of their high orbit, bringing them back down to earth once again.

        It can happen, it needs to happen, it will happen. We are caught up with them, if we do not allow ourselves to get caught up with them.


        This is what happens when JC fails to post.

        1. LMAO! Did my part pal, voted early. It was funny when walking into the polls, there was the usual army of folks offering to give me lists of dems to vote for. I fucked with one dude. Told him na I’m voting all blue this time and that DeSantis and Scott had my vote…he said okay thanks…what a blind, ignorant boob! DeSantis and Scott are both republicans, bwahahaha. Funny experiment and kept me laughing through the poll. Hey got to have a little fun right 😉

        2. Hey Peter, “This is what happens when JC fails to post.”

          Sometimes life throws us a curveball…hell sometimes it’s an errand pitch and the ball beams us right in the head. In other words life sometimes gets a bit chaotic and until we can tame it or bring it into order it consumes our time and labor. In fact putting ourselves in the fringes of chaos and order is living. I like an old saying…”every man dies, few live”. I’m sure whatever is consuming JC’s time right now will come to order because he doesn’t seem like a person who likes to lose. We can feel a sense of comfort that he continues to post our comments. Yes his posts carry us but in these times we can help by carrying him with our continued commenting…as long as he’s still posting them 🙂

          We are a good bunch and our conversations often take on a life of their own. It sure is fun, researching and making shee-ite up. Lol.

          In regards to our Phoenician conversation. Perhaps it’s as simple as the “globalists” are the Phoenicians of today.

  37. My Carpe Diem
    I always thought that the realpolitik power of Daesh came from the remnants of Hussein’s Baathist political/military that were chiefly ignored if not outright shunned by TPTB that were reorganizing Iraq to their own design.

    I felt that was a huge mistake or not, and allowed the harnessing of the Baathist, arming and naming them Daesh, ISIS or ISIL or whatever. Where they not Baathist? Without any other place to go?

    Did their recruitment champaign attract a sea of peoples from throughout the muslim world? Yes, and are they the “sea people” you refer to? A sea of people led and fed by the very Baathist that were shunned from the peace process? By mistake or more by design to create the agent of chaos the old empires always use so effectively?


    1. Hello Dearest Pieter,

      “…Baathist political/military that were chiefly ignored if not outright shunned by TPTB that were reorganizing Iraq to their own design.”

      You are correct in that the worse mistake by the US forces after occupying Iraq was the dissolution of the Iraqi army and sending many thousand skilled soldiers home. Had they not done that, a modern Iraqi army could have been created with the help of the mid-ranking officers downwards and to give them a new mandate and a new military doctrine that would keep them to the defence of Iraq with no offensive roles. The US forces did precisely that with German, Japan so why did they not do that in Iraq?

      It appears that the dissolution was on purpose and in order to create the necessary chaos to prevent any viable Silk Road as per Voltaire article. The US forces could have easily established a peaceful presence by maintaining a native army in charge of the security but that was never the intention!

      Iraqi Army and Baath party members as you correctly said formed a resistant against the US occupying forces initially and some perhaps ended up with the Sunni Islamist. A good reason was that they were out of work and ISIS was paying them and possibly promised a role for the remnants of the Iraqi army in a new Iraq under the Khalifate, all sweet nothing, it ended up! However the bulk of ISIS was gathered from poor Afghans, Chechniyans, Chinese Muslims of West China, North Africa and other Sunni dominated lands.

      Baathism and ISIS have a radically different outlook and ideological differences that make them totally incompatible with one another! Baathism was the Arab Nationalism political philosophy formulated by two Syrian Arabs who had no inclinations or interest towards Islam as they saw it divisive in a region where there are many different religions when Islam is only one of many. Michel Aflaq and Salah-din Al-Bitar bothe were leftists. Aflaq was from a Christian Greek Orthodox who became a Communist and he developed the idea of Arab Nationalism with Socialism but in any case, it can be better seen as a supremacist idea with similar character to National Socialism! Therefore, there was no room for any Islam or Islamism whatsoever and instead, the interest was over the land and the people, i.e. the Arabs.

      Islam and for that matter, the political Islam, which we may call Islamism cares nothing about the land nor the people of any land, simply because it’s primary interest is in expanding Islam all over the planet but it will use the resources of a land and the people as tools only. Any form of Globalist ideology only uses people and the resources to arrive at an objective and this is something we are witnessing with modern Globalism that uses people via brainwashing to arrive at controlling the planet, exactly as communism or Islamism works, no difference!

      Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Hafiz Assad (the father of the present Syrian president) of Syria were both Baathists but were enemies also. Yet, both were ultra Arab nationalists and both hated Communists and Islamists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. Hafiz Assad was an Alawite (Followers of Ali) which means he was a Shia albeit not exactly the same as Iranian Mullahs and the Iranian version of Shiism but possibly more aligned with the Ayatollahs after 1979 particularly when they came to power. As you can see, that regions politics is conducted for many reasons, namely, nation-building of the Brits and the French, Religious, modernity and quest for secularism, nationalism, Oil, superpowers manipulations during the cold war and after to this day and their need for the balance of power, water and others.

      Hope this helps Pieter. Wish you a great evening my friend.

  38. My Carpe Diem
    Did it help? Did it ever, you are the go to guy when it comes to the geo/pol/relg, history and present day mid-east. Your answers due to your personal history, always go well beyond Ph.D level. Thanks for clearing things up for me.

    I had piece of the puzzle upside down and backwards. It was some of the ignored, out of work Baathist who found work and promise with Daesh. Your way makes more sense and gives a deeper explanation,”a radically different outlook,” to the many woes that exist between the different factions. No help from those stirring the pot.

    I think it is to the shame of today’s world that agreements can’t be reached that would allow cooperation and good business to be done all along that ancient silk road. I believe to do so would ease our way to the stars. Oh well, what do we know, it looks as if it has to be a struggle all the way.

    Thanks again for your generous reply.

    Your Friend

    1. You are welcome Dearest Pieter,

      It is a pleasure to exchange with you always and I am glad I was able to help. I think humanity as a whole has a problem with what our JC coined, the crown beast as it is in a perpetual warfare with us all. Its capability in shapeshifting from any side of the ideological and political spectrum is first class and it may be the case that the ancient Phoenicians or any other ancient people but their action is always to the detriment of humanity. In the US, they have caused many wars and many young men lost their lives all so that a group of people to make fortunes. I hope mankind can wake up and take charge of its own destiny and the most important way is through self-education as our public education and universities do not produce independent-thinking young people but rather certified ill-informed and dogmatic graduates. It is, therefore, up to each person to discover the truth as schools only dish out certificates not wisdom.

      Wish you a great Friday evening my friend.

  39. Okay here is another idea on the Phoenician subject. A cooler perspective.

    Let’s suppose they are or were good hearted people who were intelligent and had the brain (both hemispheres) to bring order to a chaotic facet of life. Like trade back in the early stages of man’s existence. They introduced symbols and language to make a fair trade system. The made the color purple 🙂 “It’s true they have the money, but we have all the brains”.

    Now suppose they put order where chaos once was and then the liberal mindset within the populous through time tore down and corrupted that fair system. A city state is like a small order within an unordered region or nation. This small order within chaos could have been to ensure fair trade laws within the confines of its boundaries. This would attract business because they would feel safe and assured of a fair trade for their time and labor.

    Hmm. Just thinking that if all systems corrupt that this could be a plausible hypothesis. As such the world could seem like it’s in a stage of Phoenician order coming to a chaotic world. The Art of the Deal style perhaps.

    What do you all think? Could Phoenician and Protestant be related or one in the same?

  40. Hmmm, “return of the queen”( this post )…”and resurrection of the Phoenician Empire”
    ( ) …

    “Omri achieved domestic security with a marriage alliance between his son Ahab and princess Jezebel, a priestess of Baal and the daughter of the king of Sidon in Phoenicia.”


    “These solutions brought security and economic prosperity to Israel for a time,[15] but did not bring peace with the Israelite prophets, who were interested in a strict deuteronomic interpretation of the religious law.”

    But the test was performed…(sure would have liked to know if it was water or alcohol in Elijah’s jars) But then we have the brains…right? (Trumps mantra…”hopefully the brain attached to the mouth, the brain more important than the mouth, the brain is much more important”. Quoted from :45 here.

    “Elijah proposes a direct test of the powers of Baal and the Jewish God. The people of Israel, 450 prophets of Baal, and 400 prophets of Asherah are summoned to Mount Carmel. Two altars are built, one for Baal and one for God. Wood is laid on the altars. Two oxen are slaughtered and cut into pieces; the pieces are laid on the wood. Elijah then invites the priests of Baal to pray for fire to light the sacrifice. They pray from morning to noon without success. Elijah ridicules their efforts. “At noon Elijah mocked them, saying, ‘Cry aloud! Surely he is a god; either he is meditating, or he has wandered away, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.'”[28] They respond by cutting themselves and adding their own blood to the sacrifice (such mutilation of the body was strictly forbidden in the Mosaic law). They continue praying until evening without success.

    Elijah now orders that the altar of God be drenched with water from “four large jars” poured three times.[29] He asks God to accept the sacrifice. Fire falls from the sky, consuming the water, the sacrifice and the stones of the altar itself as well. Elijah then orders the deaths of the priests of Baal. Elijah prays earnestly for rain to fall again on the land. Then the rains begin, signaling the end of the famine.”

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