Allah Cannot Stop the Islamic Reformation

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Using Jihad-Reversal to Forever Alter the Interpretation of the Muhammadan Law

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

Over multiple centuries the Christian faith went through periods of change which forever altered the religions context and interpretation. From the Lutheran Reformation to the onset of the Enlightenment, the Christian religion and Catholic Church transformed from its regimented and structured past to establish the framework which carried it into the modern world.

It can be reasonably argued that the advancement in technology which the Gutenberg Printing Press represented was one of the causative factors which set the Lutheran (Protestant) Reformation in motion. These advancements continued throughout the Age of Enlightenment, or Reason, and brought the Western world into the 20th Century.

Changes which are taking place in the world today are also causative factors in the transformation of the Islamic faith, though this may not be as obvious as one would expect. The first hint of this Islamic Reformation is the wide disbursement of Muslims around the world. Comparing this Islamic migration to previous migrations which contributed to the Holy Crusades would be a mistake as the world is a fundamentally different place than it was 9 centuries ago.

Global Rebalancing Begins as China Opens Up Massive $9 Trillion Dollar Bond Market

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The internationalization of the Chinese renminbi has been the foremost objective which needs to be realized in order for the rebalancing of the international monetary system to take place. The plethora of policy adjustments and reforms to global institutions have all been building towards lower demand for USD denominated assets and increasing demand for RMB denominated assets.

Those working towards transforming and rebalancing the international monetary system have been managing in the direction of creating a framework which will be based on a multi-currency reserve system. This system would utilize predominantly the USD and RMB to achieve this rebalancing, with other currencies taking up the responsibilities which come with minor reserve positions.

One of the core methods by which these objectives can be reached is by China opening up their massive $9 trillion dollar bond market to foreign investors. This would create the dollar alternatives which will assist in shifting the wealth of the world. This shift will free the USD up for some much needed devaluation. It will also assist in stabilizing the renminbi and encouraging a much needed appreciation.

The Worlds Waning Appetite for the USD

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So much has changed so fast. These changes haven’t been discussed on the evening news and broadcasted across the airwaves. They haven’t been streaming on YouTube with millions of views and subscribers, nor have they been used as political platforms. But the changes have happened and most of us go about our lives with little, if any, knowledge and awareness about them.

The need for these changes has been building for decades and has now become one of the most important aspects of international relations. Economic and monetary specialists have been warning for a long time that imbalances are developing in the international monetary system. These imbalances are a direct result of the role of the American dollar as the primary reserve currency used in global trade.

When the post war dollar system was established at Bretton Woods in 1944 the United States had a larger percentage of the worlds GDP. It is estimated to have been at 50% and made the case for the use of the dollar as the primary reserve currency all the more reasonable. Nations began to accumulate large amount of US dollars in their foreign exchange reserve accounts.

Vietnamese Dong and a Possible Currency Crisis

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A Pretext for Exchange Rate Adjustments

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) published a working paper which suggested there was an increased probability of a Vietnamese currency crisis in the event there were sudden international financial shocks or changes in monetary policy. The paper detailed a broad scope of economic parameters and monetary fundamentals to support the thesis of potential overvaluation. Missing data sets included capital flows and changes to the exchange rate arrangement which the dong holds against the US dollar.

It is difficult for the ADBI to make firm conclusions without including information which determines capital flows, such as foreign direct investment, foreign portfolio investment, worker’s remittance, and official development assistance in the nation. None of this was included in the report, so we must consider the conclusions of enhanced overvaluation risks associated with a currency crisis to be somewhat speculative.

Still, there are some patterns which can be assumed based on the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 and 1998. That crisis was sparked by a strong dollar which put additional stress on the emerging markets in Asia. The incremental and methodical interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve is once again causing concern as it could lead to a stronger dollar and a repeat of the 1997 scenario.

The ASEAN nations and trade bloc have taken some steps to minimize the repeat of such impacts but whether they are enough is not known until the time comes. This is where a currency crisis becomes possible.

The Trump pull out of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade deal with the ASEAN nations has forced a restructuring amongst the regional trade group. Vietnam, who was one of the strategic and broad particpants in the TPP, is now forced to look towards deeper integration within the ASEAN bloc to ensure it has access to foreign markets for its exports.

The Political Revolution of Canada has Begun

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Apparently we need government to ensure that government doesn’t get in the way of capital investment and productivity. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me backtrack a few days to a time when it was Friday.

The 3 hour drive south from Edmonton to Calgary was relaxing and uneventful. The sun had been shining and the Queen Elizabeth II Highway was dry and smooth. Later that afternoon the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party Leadership Convention would begin. It was the first time in 30 years that the PC’s were using the delegate method of selecting a new leader.

Yours truly was elected as a delegate for my riding in Edmonton. But my motive was not solely related to helping overturn the current socialist left government which grabbed power in Alberta back in 2015. No, my motive was more personal and specific to the objectives and mandates which have been organically developing within Philosophy of Metrics (POM) for over 3 years now.

First on the agenda in Calgary was a business lunch with my big mining customer. Meeting at a place called the Swine and Sow (such an Alberta name) we went through the usual laundry list of friendly action items and began conversing about some more personal matters.

The first question he asked was why I was in Calgary for the weekend. Fair enough. Explaining the twisting and treacherous path I have taken to arrive at my current political ideology was a good place to start, but it quickly turned into a discussion about accountabilities and key performance indicators (KPI”s), or lack thereof, related to government.

We both agreed that if we performed as poorly as government in our careers we would have been skidded and replaced a long time ago. Efficiency and return on investment are the cornerstones of what we do every day and every week. Through safe and productive work practices we manage towards profitability and meeting pre-determined objectives.

Having the opportunity to work beside, and learn from, some of the best people in the mining industry in the world has been the backbone of my own personal and professional development. At times it almost feels like an extended family of likeminded individuals who share cultural and socioeconomic characteristics. It has truly contributed to the hardworking, ethical and strategic person I have grown to become.

One other benefit is that it has provided me the skill of sniffing out BS and insincerity in those who come in and out of my world. The intelligent and down-to-earth people in mining are some of the best in the world. Hands down.

Parting ways I headed off to check into the hotel and get my delegate badge at the convention registration. This was going to be a new experience for me but one which was much needed as I continue developing the wisdom of the POM brand and further define the seedling mandates and platform of the Republican Party of Canada (RPC).

Since starting POM many have messaged me privately and made comments within the community regarding actions which can be taken to regain control of our political and economic sovereignty. The traditional responses I have given were always focused on our own personal responsibilities and accountabilities. It is easy for us to point the finger and blame governments or banks for the faults and troubles in our world. I have been, and continue to be, reluctant to run down that rabbit hole for the same reason as I push all conversation towards inward reflection. The reason is simple. We are all humans with the same pattern of corruption, incompetence, and predisposition to seek out gain for selfish reasons.

Blaming others for the same negative and destructive characteristics as ourselves is tantamount to a sort of treasonous cultural self-exploitation. The differences between us and them are found in the socioeconomic level which we find ourselves as opposed to the method. Those further up the ladder are better positioned to take advantage of the inherent deficiencies in the system than those near the bottom with less means. The difference between us and them is one of means and not character traits.

Please don’t send messages stating that you are different and not corrupt. We are all corrupting to varying degrees and levels. Some of this corruption is conscious while some are unconscious, or subconscious if you will. The statements above are broad and meant to convey the average generalization from a high altitude and are not targeted at you as an individual.

Over the last few months I have been interacting with the Jason Kenney campaign to “Unite the Right” in Alberta. Here there are two conservative parties. One is the old elitist PC party and the other is the Wildrose Party. The wildrose is the symbolic flower here in Alberta.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) is far left and has socialist ideals and mandates. Since gaining power they have taken out the coal industry, exploded debt, and are even rewriting the educational curriculum in secret. The last one is obviously meant to assist in transforming the right-leaning Albertan demographic forever, which would ensure future electoral wins for the NDP, or whatever liberal-left party crawls forth to feed off the hard work of the people.

There is a great need to remove this group from the halls of power at the legislature building here in Edmonton. That much is clear, and my involvement and intention are true from that perspective. But I also wanted to learn about the inner workings of the political process and how such a “grassroots” campaign can get off the ground and be coordinated through the application of strategy and the use of social media.

If the Republican Party of Canada is to be successful it will need to understand the political strategies and gamesmanship of those who move and position within the current system. For awhile I even considered that maybe I would put the idea of the RPC on the back-burner and get more involved with the Unite the Right movement here in Alberta. But after the interactions with the Kenney campaign I have decided to stick with the original strategy of the RPC to exact fundamental change in Canada while using POM as a tool to transfer information, ideas, and wisdom to a new and growing demographic of populist idealists who are sick and tired of the same old politics of flashy talking points and reneged promises.

Now don’t get me wrong, Jason Kenney strikes me as being a fine human being, but one who has had his character and edge defined by the traditional political system of leverage between the left and right which has developed in the Western world over the last few centuries. The idea he expresses to unite the right and remove the socialist NDP from power is a good one. The problem is that he is supported by the same old elitist power players who have controlled Canadian politics for generations.

These players represent not just the political “dynasties” here in Alberta and Canada, but also business interests related to those political idols and identities. This far reaching incestuous relationship between business and politics is the same throughout the world. It represents the idea of means vs character traits we had just discussed a few paragraphs ago.

Being an astute observer has always been one of my best characteristics. Just interacting with the political process here in Alberta has provided the insight which I needed to reflect further and make some firm decisions regarding the path forward for the RPC. Every time I shock Jason Kenney’s hand he transferred hidden information about himself. Every interaction I had with riding captains and those managing the campaign from behind the scenes provided a new depth of understanding about the process and those involved.

The hard work and dedication is there. No doubt. One evening I was at a private residence were some of us delegates got to meet with Kenney and ask some questions while getting a photo taken with him. When he arrived he looked exhausted. The long days traveling across Alberta and meeting with people was obviously taking its toll. You have to admire such dedication, no matter the motivation.

During the convention I had the opportunity to talk with Kenney some more. There were also short introductions with others who worked on the campaign at a higher level than the delegate selection organizers who I had been interacting with. These were strategists and organizers who are the brains behind the overall plan to unite the right and install Kenney as the next Premier of Alberta.

On Saturday morning there was a Big Ideas discussion with a business person from Calgary, a current Member of Parliament (MP), also from Calgary, and some other guy who seemed to be promoting bigger government. Sitting in the room with around another 1000 people I listened as each presented their big idea and talking points.

One of the points which stood out to me was the promotion of Alberta government bonds being sold to Albertans as a way for them to invest in their own future. The idea of bonds is associated with the inefficiencies and accumulating debt of the central banking system. Bonds, or bondage, whichever twist you prefer, will not be the base of tomorrows socioeconomic system. The world is changing and these yesterday thinkers will live long enough to watch their ideological methodologies drift away on the winds of tomorrow.

Free Speech or Revolution

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Islamophobia vs the Abuse of First Nations

During the French Revolution in 1789 the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen made it very clear that freedom of speech was an alienable right afforded to all. It specifically stated the following:

“The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man. Every citizen may, accordingly, speak, write, and print with freedom, but shall be responsible for such abuses of this freedom as shall be defined by law.”

The right to free speech and expression is also recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It is without a doubt one of the most important methods by which citizens can articulate opinions and ideas without the constraints of censorship, social exclusion, or government punishment.

But how do we define the abuse of freedom of speech?

It is widely agreed that speech which incites violence and hatred would be considered an abuse of this right. But doesn’t this stand in opposition to the very nature of free speech? Yes, it does.

There is still a moral authority for all to use good judgement and temperament when considering the use of words and language in human communication. As an example, a case could be made that the title of this article is testing the waters on the abuse of free speech by suggesting that there could be a revolution if free speech is threatened or restricted.

Does this constitute an incitement of violence?

Depending on your political leaning a case can be made either way. This would suggest that human interpretation and emotional intelligence can play a huge role in how we make our determination of what is an abuse of free speech and what isn’t. But interpretation can be used as a scapegoat for the restriction as well.

Pop Culture as a Leftist Weapon

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How the Liberal-Left Establishment Exposed their Strategic Position

A fundamental truth which has emerged since the election of Donald Trump is that the cultural divisions between the left and right have become more pronounced. Though it is possible that the elite establishment which controlled Western nations for decades has been pulling the puppet strings of both ideological positions, the election of Trump has taken back control of the right Republican Party in America and subsequently the nation.

The expressions of outrage and hostility which are being encouraged throughout the West against this massive shift in the political framework and cultural orientation are disproportionate to the actual circumstances and objectives of the new American administration.

The voters who participated in this massive shock to the political system, both through the BREXIT vote in Britain and the election of Trump, are having a challenging time understanding the counter argument of the leftist expression of resistance. This disconnect between what is being portrayed in the mainstream media and what is common knowledge on the ground is expanding at an increasing rate.

The more the media hammers the point that Trump and the new modern nationalism are fascist movements which are leading the world to another Nazi type environment, the more those voters are beginning to notice the huge gap between the left and right in our pop culture.

The Trump administration is encouraging job growth and a return to fiscal responsibilities which have been discarded for generations. It is setting up a framework to protect American heritage and cultural identity which has provided the bedrock for a large segment of Western civilization as a whole. These ideals and objectives are not racist or any other negative label. They are exactly what the majority of American people want.

Once cherished actors, musicians and popular personalities have come forward in opposition to the Trump agenda. These famous individuals have provided the core function within our pop culture. For seven decades this pop culture has expanded and intruded further into

The Impossible Interest Rate Increases

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Japan QE Tightening & the Trump Xi Jinping Meeting

The idea of the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates was considered by some to be impossible. It was speculated that if interest rates were to climb it would tank the whole system and cause a stock market crash. Though such statements and conclusions make for frightening headlines and increased website traffic the reality of the situation has been far less dramatic.

The semi-logic of such expectations does follow a sort of fundamental pattern. Interest rate increases cause the costs of debt management to escalate. The system has a lot of debt and has been in a growth contraction for some time. In such an environment it is understandable to consider rate increases as a bad idea.

What if the environment changed? How would this cause debt management to become more sustainable and allow for incremental interest rate increases over a period of time?

This is what we are dealing with now as the world continues to change and past assumptions are discarded for new realities. It was widely considered that the Fed couldn’t end QE and it did. It was assumed that the Fed would never begin the process of increasing interest rates and it did. It was said that Trump would never get elected and he did.

Now we are entering into a time period where even Japan is openly talking about ending and tightening Quantitative Easing. It is being considered that the Federal Reserve may even be increasing the frequency and amount of rate increases as job performance increases and the economy in America begins to improve.

The Great Battle for Western Civilization

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The age of pretend is now coming to an end. There is no more hiding and running from the truth which we have all known for generations. This truth has laid dormant in the pits of our stomachs and in the sands of our minds. It is a truth which we cannot outrun. It is a truth which cannot be forgotten or ignored. It is a truth which is rushing at us like an out of control freight train. It is a truth with consequences that cannot be avoided.

We can no longer pretend that this truth does not exist. We can no longer pretend that this train is not real. I’m writing to you now in this time of revelation so we may unite on that deeper level where all men and women share a common purpose.

For our purpose is not to remain in silence as our civilization is shattered and tormented. Our purpose is not to act as cultural cannon-fodder for those who mean to invade both our lands and our minds. Your purpose is now to stand firm in unification with the brothers and sisters of our common civilization.

The Convenience of the North Korean Threat

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It has been said that obvious is not so obvious when observed through the lens of the absurd. This is what we have been experiencing with the ongoing threat of North Korea. The very existence of North Korea is both serious and comical at the same time. Its existence is the number one reason for the American establishment military presence in that part of the world.

Last year I published a post titled Is North Korea and American Puppet State?. In that post we reviewed the possibility that the nation was indeed a tool of this “deep state” within the American governance structure. The article gave numerous examples which supported this claim.

Since that time we have witnessed even more bizarre situations with North Korea. Its nuclear and missile tests are always conveniently timed to correspond with some American interest or another. China makes economic and geopolitical moves. North Korea acts up. Japanese begin to demand that the US military pack up and leave the country. North Korea acts up.