Another Fading Empire

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Trump at the United Nations and the Eroding Liberal Entertainment World

Arrived back home from vacation in Southern California a week ago. It was my intent to write this post then, but I had to get right back to work and catch up on two weeks worth of emails. The time off was nice and relaxing. We drove through the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver, British Columbia and flew to Los Angeles from there. Once in LA we rented a car and drove down to San Diego for a few days to visit Marianne’s brother.

While we were traveling lots of things were happening around the world. The first quake in Mexico caught my attention, as I’m constantly watching for signs along the Pacific Coast for movement on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The large solar flare which knocked out some communications actually affected the company I work for, and forced the IT department to issue alerts. The usual ongoing drama with North Korea continued and the Syrian forces recaptured more of their country from the outside influences.

Once home I watched Trump’s speech at the United Nations and noticed the major POM trends which we discuss on a regular basis. The convenience of the North Korean threat was top of the list as the United States moved more of its THAAD antimissile system into the South. No one, outside of Putin, ever mentions that this system can switch from defensive to offensive with a simple change of warheads.

Iran was also brought up with disproportionate characterizations regarding the “threatening” actions of its behaviour in the region. Though the Iranian government doesn’t likely represent the traditional Persian people, and some form of change would probably benefit the development of better regional relations, the narrative shift from North Korea to Iran is following the script we laid out in the post North Korea is the Pre-Text for Iran.

Trump even once again suggested that America may take military action against Venezuela, which follows our review of that nations suggestion it will move away from the dollar and implement an alternative international payment system.

As we have learned over the last four years, the holder of the international reserve currency which is used to balance trade amongst nations always aligns with the empires of the time period. This goes back centuries, and perhaps even thousands of years. The Dutch held it for awhile, so did Spain. The Portuguese and the French had a good run as well.

The largest of the bunch was America, which followed the empirical rule of the British Empire. The business and banking remnants which developed under the British tenure joined up with the new emerging business and banking interests of the United States.

This Anglo-American establishment soon went to work carving up the world as it saw fit, and built even bigger institutions and banks from which more international control could be acquired. The business and banking interests soon implemented and spread their ownership and interests into the fields of academia and entertainment.

The culture and civilization which grew up around this establishment was both awesome and degenerate. Those of us born within its framework were, for the most part, lucky, and had reasonable opportunities. These opportunities of course existed to contribute further to the Anglo-American establishments growth and control mechanisms. As it did in all previous empires.

Freedom was stage-managed, as in all times, with the average person knowing very little about how the world functions, and how wealth and power are used to move heaven and earth. But from underneath this blanket of subterfuge and superstition a few of us managed to crawl out from the edges and grab hold of an ancient and growing truth.

This truth is the evolution of awareness and wisdom.

Both Marianne and I hated Los Angeles. We found it to be dirty with bad vibes all over the place. We did go to Universal Studies and spent the day acting like children running from ride to ride. The Harry Potter ride was the best by far, and I don’t even like Harry Potter. The Water World show was fantastic. Most other rides were just okay.

The studio tour made me fell sad for all the people who came to Hollywood with dreams of fame and fortune, only to be abused and used in the back dark corners of the makeshift tents and plywood forts which were constructed just past the light, in the hidden place of shadows.

The illusions which are created there are propaganda. It serves the fading empire of the Anglo-American establishment. This world of make believe will be looking for a new purpose and identity as it shifts alliances to the new emerging empire. Redundant and irrelevant propaganda will be replaced with new directions for the whole world.

It was all so transparent. Even the Hollywood Walk of Fame was dirty and crowded with degenerates. We didn’t even get out of the car to look at the stars in the sidewalk. Not that we really cared.

Once we started the drive down to San Diego, and left Los Angeles, behind things started to get better. The small towns around Oceanside which are nestled up beside the Pacific Ocean are beautiful. The area through Camp Pendleton was nice. It felt safe to be driving beside the largest military in the world.

San Diego was awesome. We loved it. Great vibes and the energy was cool. The city was clean and the naval ships in the harbour were fantastic. The USS Midway Museum was excellent and we spent a great deal of time on the ship taking pictures and videos.

It was my dream to see a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier. (Remember I grew up in Northern Alberta, Canada, where mining equipment was all the rave.) The gods must have been happy with me because there were three of them docked in the San Diego harbour. The ships were CVN 70, CVN 71, and CVN 74, which are known as the USS Carl Vinson, USS Theodore Roosevelt, and USS John C Stennis.

The ships have always amazed me. The engineering and craftsmanship which goes into the building of such large floating fortresses is awesome. But it was with both happiness and sadness that I looked upon them, for I fear those ships are becoming obsolete in the face of new technologies and development of military weapons which will make them target practice.

We rented a small boat and took Marianne’s brother and his wife out around the bay. It was a lot of fun, as I hadn’t operated a boat in a long time. I was definitely in my happy place, and as we cruised past the aircraft carries I got as close as I dared to the naval security fence which floated in the water. These boats are huge, and I wondered if one of the three I was looking at would one day be sitting on the bottom of some far off ocean.

The Gaslight District in downtown San Diego was both crowded and welcoming. We went out for drinks and stopped into a place called the Werewolf. It was loud but the food was tasty and we had a good laugh. There was no feelings of threat or violence. Having a large military and naval presence might have a lot to do with that. We were told that fights and such are a rare occurrence. This is strange for me as I grew up in a mining town where fighting was expected on a night out.

During the drive back up to Los Angeles the next morning I thought on how the American military and naval forces can commit such horrible acts around the world, and yet be made up of such wonderful and peaceful people. It’s one of the strange diametrics which haunt our world.

The one place where we felt “evil” and true badness was at the Santa Monica Pier. It was crowded of course, and we slowly made our way through the crowds and out to the end of the pier. Along the way we saw some weird locals doing weird and entertaining things. It was sort of fun. But on the way back we became burdened and overwhelmed with such negative and vile energy that we picked up our pace and headed back to the street where we had parked the rental car.

On the plane back to Vancouver I watched the new Transformers move subtitled The Last Knight. The symbolism and allegorical references to some of the things we discuss here, mainly being, er, hmm, transformation, and the real purpose and definition of the quest for the holy grail, stood out in my mind as being purposeful and strategic.

This type of symbolism has been coming out of Hollywood since the very beginning. It’s strange how something can produce both empowering material and disempowering garbage, which spreads nameless spiritual diseases, at the same time. But the human condition does seem to externalize the dark and the light which battles inside of us.

Maybe it’s nothing more than that.

Once I was back at home in Edmonton the Emmy’s were on. The poor ratings reflect a growing trend in the entertainment business of the fading Anglo-American establishment. It was a bad summer for movies at the theatres. Ratings are down on lots of shows. NFL stadiums are half full. A major shift is taking place in American culture, and to a larger extent, Western culture.

Trump talked about the rebirth of sovereignty at the United Nations. While watching I couldn’t help but think about the term “new modern nationalism” which we said Trump would be using to sell the multilateral transformation and America’s new role in a non-unipolar world.
The new empire this time will not be built around just one nation. It will be a world empire, and who controls this empire will determine the course of the future.

There is a battle taking place across unknown spheres in this material world. Trump, and the power which I believe he represents, have hijacked the counter-reformation which has been taking place since the establishment of the first central bank in Amsterdam in 1609. This new banking model created the liquidity which allowed the industrial revolution to take hold and expand. The industrial revolution advancements have served both sides of this timeless war.

The intense research I do keeps leading back to the same well-defined divisions in human history. This division begins within each one of us, but its existence in the external world is becoming very clear to me with each passing week and month. There is so much to share that I have to break it down into digestible articles which are structured around symbols, such as the double-headed eagle emblem and its appearance throughout human history, from the Russian state of today, and going all the way back to ancient India and Sumer.

In the next article I will bring in the “Antichrist” series which was started earlier this year, and begin wrapping some big pieces together. The Protestant Reformation was against the power and control held by the Catholic Church. The origin of the power behind the Papal Authority can be traced back to the Phoenicians and its establishment of city states to control its empire, much like the Vatican, City of London, and Washington DC are city states today, and used for similar purposes.

Something within each one us must return so we can do battle against the beast and claim the future of the world for the forces of goodness and empowerment. It is through honour and integrity that this can be accomplished. Periods of empirical transition are opportunities for the right-minded people of the world to win the eternal battle within. – JC

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13 Comments on “Another Fading Empire”

    1. Loved San Diego. Very clean city. Would seriously consider living there if the right opportunity came along. Not much mining down in Southern California though. Sigh.

  1. Loved it. Newsy, fun, personal, reflective.

    “Trump, and the power which I believe he represents, have hijacked the counter-reformation which has been taking place since the establishment of the first central bank in Amsterdam in 1609.”

    Could you elaborate a little. I interpret that as: multipolar power (Trump et al) have hijacked the unipolar power (counter-reformation). Am I misinterpreting?

  2. Mr. Collins:

    Welcome back from the left coast of the USA.

    I sincerely look forward to your next post and your series on the anti-Christ.

    I too am confused by your declaration that, “Trump, and the power which I believe he represents, have hijacked the counter-reformation which has been taking place since the establishment of the first central bank in Amsterdam in 1609″.

    The establishment of the first central bank in Amsterdam in 1609 and all subsequent central bank have created and managed by Shylock Banksters for the purposes of immensely profiting themselves at the expense of Gentiles and Goys. Controlling States, Countries, and Empires and killing as many Goyem as possible have been and still is one of the primary objectives.

    Since Trump and his financial empire has been and still is funded by Zionist Bankers, I am confused as to exactly how Trump plans “hijacked the counter-reformation” originally started by the same tribe of selfish and self serving Banksters if he is surrounded and directed by an overwhelming lot of Zionists Banksters.


    1. If you think its all just about shylock bankers you haven’t been paying attention. It’s much bigger than that. Things will become clear with additional articles.

      1. Mr. Collins:

        Kindly be assured that I am intimately aware that the development of the spirit and the conflicts of internal and external forces is not all about Shylock Banprove wilksters. My comments were relative to the Shylock Banksters that have bailed Trump out of bankruptcy in the past and the one that surround him today. I am also keenly aware of the transition of the $USD from its world reserve status to something else yet to be seen.

        I will continue to support Trump based on what he declared he would do. However, ultimately the true of the matter will be in the quality of the pudding.

        Blessings to you. I enjoyed reading of your experiences in CA and your photos. I traveled all about CA since 1970 on business and once resided there. Tragic how it has changed. You are correct concerning the negative vibes in the LA area. I sense that the angels residing in that city today have a darker nature than the original angels for which it was named.


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    I would like to recommend this 4 part BBC documentary series presented by Jeremy Paxman who has been one of the BBC journalists presenting the Newsnight with analysis and interviews of his own style.

    The content provided here within the documentaries are an excellent material and very well made in the traditional BBC excellence in quality and editing. For students of history and geopolitics, this will provide a great food for the mind…

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