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The Anti-Capitalist Movement and CSI Conditioning

By JC Collins

Last night I had a dream that I was a cell in a spreadsheet.  My task was to find a way to transition from one side of the sheet to the other.  The method I had to utilize to achieve this goal was to develop a relationship with the cell next to me and one at a time make my way across the sheet to the other side.  But with each movement I had to ensure that the relationship, or formula, in each previous cell was maintained.

This absurd dream is very reflective of my day to day grind, where I spend many hours working on spreadsheets while attempting to focus on one of my personal objectives, which is developing a broader and more lasting empathy with others. The comical nature of the dream when paralleled beside my real life challenges creates a surreal separation which suggests a more intentional and focused approach on my part is required.

The lack of empathy which pervades my relationships, both personal and professional, is a product of my inclined dependency on pattern recognition and non-linear abstract thinking, both of which I interact with as master and slave.

As a thinking and reasoning being, it is important that I remain master to these proclivities as opposed to becoming slave to the irrational expression, or externalization, of their common fragmentation.  This corruption of thought and intent is unavoidable in the outward expression of what is known inward.

The site has become a wonderful force and form for me to express these inner awakenings and realizations.  But with that I also need to understand that others are also participating in the process of expression and interconnectedness which has developed here.

Like my dream of transition across the spreadsheet, I need to interact with all of you in order for the purpose of this site to be fully realized.  But with each relational cell the formula must calculate into an answer which continues the progress towards the larger macro document.

Though I may lack empathy on certain levels, it is also my nature to give others what they want, including a platform here to express their own thoughts and concepts.

Lately I have found this to be problematic as many of the comments coming in are unintentionally and intentionally targeted at creating confusion and spreading misinformation, and add very little to the conversation.  As such I am reluctant to approve comments which are of this nature and do not fit into the overall macro formula of the spreadsheet.

This site has become extremely important to not just me, but many others as well, and I feel a strong sense of responsibility to not allow the this place of exchange to de-evolve into meaningless and baseless conspiracy theories or lowest common denominator bantering.

Much like the meeting at the White House today between Obama and congressional leaders, both old and new, which will require focus and direction to achieve anything of value, we here will also need to remain focused and be intentional in our communications and relations.

Since the US government requires a new budget bill to be passed as soon as possible, we can expect to see that particular item high on the agenda today. Other probable discussions today are likely to revolve around Obama's trip to Asia next week and the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia.  This will be the presidents last opportunity to meet the commitments made on the 2010 IMF Quota and Governance Reforms.

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors begin their annual meeting in Sydney

The negotiating taking place today will be intense with both sides recognizing that there are certain mandates, like the IMF Reforms, which exist outside of each parties micro bartering and must be implemented forthwith.  The likelihood of such a bill being attached to a budget bill and passed within days is highly probable, with passage of the Keystone Pipeline hot on the heels.

As the last remaining legislative obstacles to the socialist Multilateral Financial System are removed, we are also witnessing the broader CSI, or Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, campaign against capitalism unfolding.

Capitalism in it's foundational structure is not perfect, but has been a stalwart in the mass movement of populations and production.  It's only with the socialist legislation, which has served to alter the structure of capitalism, that we have seen the steady downward corruption of the more organized elites, as the wealth has been transferred from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Capitalism has become a dirty word in the modern world but not because of it's own failings.  What we call capitalism today is not in fact capitalism and the faults of the economy and the greed as manifested by the elite organized group is in fact the product of legislated socialism, which has unmoored capitalism from its natural anchors of meaningful competition and self worth.

The attacks or outright marginalization of all things associated with the positive growth and production based metrics of capitalism have increased over the years.  Such volumes of capitalist propagation such as Atlas Shrugged are considered the works of greed and mammon. When in fact it is the socialist legislation, the opposite of capitalism, which has consolidated more and more of the wealth at the top.

There will always be those who work harder, think broader, act strategically, and accumulate productive based wealth, and re-invest in new growth opportunities and people.  These are the capitalist pioneers who built powerful economies and tightly woven social trusts.

The socialist movements, which parade as capitalist, are the ones who have destroyed productive wealth and have allowed for the nanny state mentality of the economy and government.

In the post The First False Flags we discussed the CSI methodology and how it can be considered the expanded and more complex version of what is called the false flag attack.  The CSI is a patient strategy which is utilized to engineer society and culture, including economic fundamentals, to direct the flow and conditioning of the disorganized masses.

Also in the post we looked at the engineering of an anti-establishment revolution, in the form of the Anonymous Movement, to capture and direct the anger and frustration of the disorganized masses.  This energy is being funnelled into the controlled opposition CSI of a anti-capitalist movement, as represented by the recent world wide Anonymous protests all over the world.


Capitalism hasn't been the problem.  The problem which has lead to the major imbalances in the world today are the socialist legislations in all countries of the world which has allowed capitalism to be corrupted without consequence.  The fact that the Anonymous Movement is labeling their protest as anti-capitalist as opposed to anti-socialist is the dead giveaway that the whole so-called revolution is an expanded CSI operation. Think of it as a similar CSI operation as the French Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution, wherein banking interests caused extreme wealth imbalance between the disorganized masses and the smaller rent seeking elite.  These economic deficiencies herded the population into revolution which served to strengthen the position of the international bankers in each country and lead to tighter consolidation and centralization.

The exact same CSI methodology is being used today in the forms of the Anonymous Movement and the mandates of the G20 countries to eliminate corruption in banking and business.  As reviewed in the post The Ottoman Multilateral Model, the commitments of the G20 and their goals over the coming years will not benefit the disorganized masses.  As before, it will only further tighten and consolidate broader forms of socialism and wealth transfer.

There are many counter agents and personalities trolling the waves and crests of the internet attempting to confuse and misdirect away from the reality and methodology of this CSI which is taking place in the world.  We have made it very clear here on this site that the international bankers are consolidating further in the form of the SDR liquidity based MFS, or Multilateral Financial System.

Conspiracy theories, as reviewed in the post What Are Conspiracy Theories - Weapons of the Weak and Organized Insubordination, are the planned and systemic anti-establishment engineering which is serving to distract and direct the awareness of the disorganized masses.  This is the only reason why I do not allow certain comments to be posted.  As stated above, I feel a sense of responsibility to transition from cell to cell while creating meaningful relations, or formulas, with the percentage of the readers which are more focused on actual truth as opposed to engineered untruth.

Most of the readers here at Philosophy of Metrics are the true anonymous, reading and contemplating in silence.  And we are awakening to the machinations of the CSI conditioning, with the beginnings of an invisible CSI of our own.  - JC

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  1. When people understand and fully internalize that :
    * Self serving states/governments are poor guardians of one's personal and material security since they lack the moral fiber to serve communities,
    * Social cohesion is only possible with common values and goals, nation state or ethnic state without a sense of community is doomed to fail,
    * Mass culture embedded in entertainment media, fashion, pop music, conspicuous consumption, junk food, alienating technology causes lack of empathy, erosion of diversity and social division,
    * Neither GDP nor money is a healthy indicator of wealth,
    * In a fiat system, boom/bust cycles are mere expansions/contractions in monetary base and all those ISM, PMI and hundreds of other stats serve to distract,
    * One shouldn't delegate moral responsibilities to charities or other institutions and
    * Largest NGO's serve a pre-determined agenda of the funding elite,

    humanity will start addressing its self-servitude. Self-proclaimed masters of the universe see us cattle who will rip others' heart for survival. Perfection of social engineering helped them enforce dichotomies like communism/socialism vs. corrupted capitalism both emanating from a psychopathic desire to control and subordinate humans. All the roads are closed and I agree with JC that a revolution will follow at some place. Yet, wİthout stepping out of their system, we'll still be the cattle playing to their hands, like those Greenpeace activists who think they are saving the planet from apocalypse.

  2. Wow JC! What a heartfelt, well written essay. It feels like a lot of time and effort went into making this just right "for us" as well as "you". Thank you once again for providing this wonderful place for good exchanges of information and the facilitating of some awesome learning. Man almost a year and I still love this blog:)

    Its also a very challenging task to move from cell to cell while leaving the existing cell formula in tact. From this side you're doing an excellent job.

  3. And we are awakening to the machinations of the CSI conditioning, with the beginnings of an invisible CSI of our own. – JC

    Agreed. Well said.

    I work with people, healthcare. No spreadsheet dreams for me. Weird social and medical stuff fill my dreams.

    To see all conspiracy theories as manipulated CSI, I think is an error. So much of what is presented on this blog might be considered conspiracy delusions by those without the research or intellectual capacity to consider such research and conclusions.

    I choose my own conspiracy belief system. The idea that the BIS and all the central banks are conspiring to control the world is one such. It ain't paranoia if it's true. But who decides what is true? How many of the infinite available truths can I process?

    The points made on this blog have opened my already conspiracy oriented mind to the brilliance and overwhelming power of the forces arrayed against We the People. Heartbreaking truth really.

    Yet I still believe that the cabal is based on evil and indeed was originally empowered by an alien or demonic force. I, and I'm sure like you JC, do not care to be dismissed for my thoughts or beliefs. I have an innate need to find hope and hang tight.

    If a force for evil can attain so much power and control then a force for good can arise to help We the People. I cleave to this.

    To dismiss the "disorganized masses" as hopeless is to offer despair and is an elitist idea which I cannot agree with. I hold hope for all humans.

    The good men of this planet stand a chance. Spirit of liberty and freedom may yet overcome. A CSI of our own, designed to achieve love and light, remains possible.

    Censorship of my humor is your right but is censorship nonetheless and if you judge me a non-contributor to this philosophical work tell me and I shall desist.

    With respect,

    1. Dear J.C:
      You are empathetic for mankind, but not for man necessarily. You undertake this great work marshaling your many powers to turn the tide of history? You are fortunate that the gods are with you. Climate change and resource depletion as well as the expiration of the current world system will I am afraid work to expose the little green man behind the current. You have only to point the way.


    2. Roger, I very much enjoy reading your comments, usually because your cynical sense of humor jives with my fiery nature, but especially because of the prevailing esoteric substance to your writing. I see so many of my own dilemmas coincide with yours, and the endless balancing of what are seemingly opposite poles of information or theories. That being said i would like to present you with an idea for contemplation in relation to your assessment that "the cabal is based on evil and indeed was originally empowered by an alien or demonic force." Now I must say, there is a hell of a lot of "in-formation" out there that points in the direction of the alien/demon/astral entity thing as the source of elite power and in effect, mankind's malaise, and alot of it has what seems like solid foundations (Icke's stuff is quite compelling, along with the Code to the Matrix material). However, my precept of Life and being created in the image and likeness of my Creator (not some bearded sky-daddy, but our immediate source-an emanation from the Absolute) cannot allow me to accept as fact that the destiny of mankind is "controlled" by an Alien/Demonic/ (in otherwords) Outside force. For that woud be to admit that Man is not a divine being, endowed with Free Will, so to admit that there are forces out there greater than He. I, Man, am God's begotten son, Master of the Universe, the Apex of Creation, the current expression of possible perfection (though at the moment i am failing to fulifill my role of "perfection"). This is not something I can "prove" with my lonely analytical mind, but it is something that I "feel", and that "feeling" is more powerful and compelling than any treatise or artifact could ever hope to be. So i ask you, which thought-model do you think the Cabal would fancy you accepting: 1) That you are Man: the direct creation of The Creator, endowed with free-will and an everlasting soul, containing all the diverse energies of the universe within ourselves, the cause and solution to all of our "problems," OR 2) that we humans (which means sub-Man), are playthings in the hands of more powerful entities who ultimately decide our destinies. Therefore I believe the conclusions drawn from the ancient- alien archetype are indeed negative CSI on behalf of the Dark Forces to mislead us "seekers" and further propagate our sense of "hopelesness." I, agree, not all the things we call Conspiracies [think about that silly word too, right now we are "conspiring" to communicate] are mere CSI attempts to misdirect, especially us seekers, however more and more I find this to be the case. That being said, that is why I think it is one of the reasons JC finds it so important not to waste time dissecting the innumerable Conspiracies (something outside of ourselves) but to look within where we will find our true Nemesis and true Savior. Now, I apologize if my tone makes it seem that i know a thing or two (im just a lost rabbit digging for light), it is not my intention to "learn ya" anything, just offering my current perspective to a fellow Man who reminds me a lot of me. Dude, I highly encourage you, and everyone at this site for that matter, to check out the Ringing Cedars of Russia/Anastasia material. Life-altering shit. More and more I think you'll find the roots of an "evil cabal" start with Man not holding his many diverse energies in perfect balance (as a God does), and letting one energy hold dominion over the rest....which gave birth to the first Priest...
      Anyway, thankyou Roger and everyone at this site for the aweome interactions, truly the best collection of thinkiners out there 😉

    3. Very well said Roger! I too hold the belief that within the disorganized masses lies a percentage of illumined brilliant, inspired people that have good will towards men that can help shift us from totalitarian rule to true freedom. Some of theses bright minds are members of this forum I sense. We are on the verge of many great technological advances springing up all over the world; from free energy devices to nearly free money transactions. As an example I believe that the game changing technology of Bitcoin alone can solve many problems from banking to voting. A variation of the Bitcoin protocal could bring honest elections to the people. This post isn't about Bitcoin however but as one example of the brilliant advances that are popping up all over the world arising from the disorganized masses. I truly am optimistic even though JC's writings are well researched and point to a more oppressive outcome, I hold on to the idea that a "White Swan" event is on the horizon. Eyes wide open but optimistic and excited.

      Thank you JC for this forum and what you bring!

  4. I am enthralled by your blog JC

    You write prolifically with elegance, intensity and insight on what I deem to be the abject disillusionment of our times. Your CSI, via its tenacious tentacles, is manifesting itself into what I consider to be "Inverted Totalitarianism".

    Kudos to you my brother! I am delighted to have found a place in simpatico with someone of your caliber to interact with regarding the base avarice and reckless soullessness which torments mankind today.

    FWIW, I too have attempted to expose and capture a similar sense of disdain and disenfranchisement with our times via my own WP blog. I have been fortunate to receive the blessing of several esteemed contributors to help me fill out our content, as my own efforts are not nearly as diligent as yours. In fact, you have shamed me into putting a new post up over the weekend;-).

    I would welcome your comments:

    Bruno de Landevoisin

  5. Hey JC, I enjoyed the tone in this post. Agreed that the foundation of definitions is key. Most people couldn't tell you the definition of freedom anymore, let alone capitalism. I've tried asking, most people just give you a dazed look. I had two questions though, 1) Since Pms will be priced in SDRs soon, that led me to believe that gold and silver will go up in nominal terms because with Pms no longer being priced in dollars it will take more dollars since the dollar is one of five currencies in the SDR basket? 2) With the IMF 2010 bill being passed in the near future, would that pretty much mean congress has few "voting" powers left? All the executive orders circumventing congress come to mind... You might have addressed that in a previous post, but I was curious of the outlook for the US post dollar hegemony.

    1. The legislative process within the US will likely change very little. And I do agree that PM's will rise in nominal value again, but not before decreasing further. How the turnaround happens and when is difficult to discern. There are too many variables, most of which are not known by the larger population. My best guess at this point is that we will see the turnaround in all things, including liquidity, by next July.

  6. JC, I appreciate your screening of comments. I am overwhelmed these days, as I'm sure you are as well, from the accelerating amount of information coming in and don't need distractions from the incoming changes.

    I find it interesting that the increasing gatherings and protests outside the U.S. are hardly covered in the media. Thank You Internet!

    BTW - Dude really! Dreams about being a cell in a spreadsheet! I might need to get on a plane and get up there to get you out of the house. There are much better things to dream about. ?

    1. Steve, strangely enough it was on the CBC Radio here in Canada that I first heard about the Guy Fawkes Anniversary and the protests. Recognized personalities such as Russel Brand are now beginning to associate themselves with the Anonymous movement and change. Even Canadian rock band Nickelback has a new song called Revolution. It appears the CSI is broadening into the mainstream collective.

      And I agree that there are better things to dream about. That's the second time I dreamed I was a cell in a spreadsheet. If it keeps progressing perhaps one day I will dream I am the full macro sheet, made up by all the micro cells.

  7. JC- I have been enjoying your wisdom now for several months. Your work is nothing short of amazing. Your writing style is unique and illuminating. The perspective that you have is definitely cogent for my blue collar mind. Please keep up the great work. As Churchill said, " The price of greatness is responsibility." Your work definitely qualifies as great and the new responsibility you have assumed by informing the ill-informed is a tremendous task. Thank you for sacrificing so many precious hours of your life. I anxiously await your next post.

  8. Yet another insightful view on the state of the global economics... driven by the "West"? Your articulation is spot on with how I have seen capitalism go "wrong" yet I still believe in its power; as you say "has been a stalwart in the mass movement of populations and production." So how do "we" fix this?

    You mentioned in earlier post not to underestimated the influence of the release of funds from historical bonds mentioning a $ Trillion. Well actually it will be multiple $Ts. I am working with team that is one of I believe to be under 100 such groups who have responsibility to distribute for humanitarian and infrastructure projects which WILL see the money going to "street level" with jobs for people.

    However I also see that we need a new model to distribute innovative technologies that often challenge the large global dominant corporations who often have interests to suppress such advances for humanity? Plan is to see a distributed model sharing knowledge and encouraging local economic generators to both improve and exploit ideas in a "capitalist" mode; old style as you articulate.

    I believe this will be achieved with the money being released as described not to bankers or the “cabals" but direct to people to encourage entrepreneurship leading to long term work for people of the world. Well it is what I see is my contribution to redress the balance I guess fits CSI?

    1. The reference to the bonds I previously mentioned are held by private individuals, most of which are eventually going to be paid out by China, as it is a sovereign debt they owe. This release of "funds for humanity" storyline you suggest is not something I buy into. This is exactly the misleading information I mentioned in the post. I do appreciate your compliments though.

      1. I am associated with one of the sellers of these gold backed “Historical Bonds” and it has been made very clear that some 80% MUST go to humanitarian/infrastructure projects to get the wealth to people by creating jobs and of course focusing on such as water and basic health and welfare needs.

        Indeed the ground rules are very clear with a mechanism in place drawing down via SDR credit lines for projects with full accountability. Sure the sellers will do very well but not creating next generation “cabal”. This is a hugely important component in the bigger global picture which is now emerging as you have so clearly articulated. All credit to China for thinking this through with clear logic and compassion using this historical wealth globally for humanity.

        I like you when I first heard about this over 5 years ago treated with a degree of disbelief and talking to others always with a caveat as a “fairy story” wanting to believe but…Well now I know it will happen…. I will keep you informed as it will have a place in the new global economic future?

        1. Thanks for clarifying and adding additional information. Hopefully you can appreciate my reluctance to accept such information, as it trends along the same lines as the Global Collateral Accounts and other such story lines. Such much disinformation exists along that vine that it's best to have a dense filter when hearing any information about it. The historical bonds we are discussing are not well known but in fact exist, and will be balanced at some point in the very near future. If you are correct, and I believe you may be based on things I have heard myself, I would appreciate you dropping in occasionally with a few tidbits.

    2. Were these alleged multi-Trillions to actually exist and were the controllers of these funds actually enlightened and beneficient beings this would be fabulous news for humanity and Gaia.

      Hope is where you find it.

      We have a medical project for North America that needs funding. A new Holistic Oncology is very much needed.

  9. Great dream, little cellhopper 🙂 Thank you for sharing such intimacies.

    I can relate to lacking of empathy. I observed within myself that it's not an inability. I often just don't like to participate in the dramatization of what I see as 'superficialities', the patterns of which are abundantly clear and often quite boring to be honest.

    As a cell on its way to transcending the plane, detachment (and cell hopping) might be a characteristic of phase 1. The full embrace of the spread might be waiting in phase 2. Mildness and empathy with the human condition will be returning from an unexpected angle.

    Your writings reveal that you are actually quite sensitive and easily touched in the heart. The pattern suggest a defense mechanism of the heart, no true lack of empathy. Lack of empathy is just an imagined deficiency. When the defense mechanism is felt through, you'll notice it was never really there, and you were always fully touched just beneath the surface.

    It sure looks as if we can only transcend when we have fully descended into the flesh.

    On a different note, I don't really understand the socialism vs. capitalism dichotomy. It feels a bit like debating republicans vs. democrats. Any system is as flawed and distorted as its participants, isn't it? The problem that causes both capitalism and socialism to fail is fear and envy. And both are caused by imagined internal deficiencies.

    1. Very insightful revelation of my character friend. Perhaps over the years I have blended empathy and ability to relate, and now I'm in the process of separating the two while further building my ability to relate to others. You've given me something to think further on.

      All the "isms" are flawed ideological methods of organizing mass populations. There was something within the capitalist mandates which worked, if only for a brief period of time in history. It's our internal deficiencies which corrupt our natural instinct of gathering and storing survivability and transforming it into the selfish act of consolidating all things onto ourselves.

      And your correct, all systems will be flawed by the deficiencies of the participants. Which is why I tend to focus more on recognizing internal deficiencies.

  10. Let me try this again, as I appear to have stumbled a bit in my previous remarks.

    Alas, I write as I paint. It takes me many tubes and tints of oil colors, multiple smears of the palate knife and repeated brushstrokes over and over again on the same canvas, until eventually the effort may turn out somewhat adequate.

    In short, the final appreciation of my own inadequacy is not only disheartening, but also very time consuming......

    So here we go again:

    You write prolifically with uncommon intimacy, intensity and insight on what I deem to be the abject disillusionment of our times. Your CSI, via its terrifically tenacious tentacles, is manifesting itself into a state of deplorable “Inverted Totalitarianism”. Regrettably, the majority's hapless response to this demonic scourge, seems to be to further lose itself in a fantastic cumulus cloud of vapid decadence. I understand this, since, I myself, have spent most of my adult life in the same sorry state of senseless stupor.

    Kudos for your fine work my brother! And, don't be a stranger, I feel.

    1. You did a great job the first time brother, and even better the second. Thank you for frequenting the site and I appreciate the compliments and enthusiasm. I have sneaked a peak at your blog and it's excellent. I will have more time over the weekend to absorb more. As always, I'm humbled by the quality of character my site has been attracting.

  11. Yet the system of our oppressors does not appear flawed by the deficiencies of the participants. Their mastery and manipulation is efficient and profound. Are the internal deficiencies of the psychopaths not a limiting factor?

    Perhaps as they work in coherent groups and with plans that encompass generations, their system transcends it's participant's deficiencies.

    Perhaps killing the outliers empowers the mean?

    Perhaps destructive systems are easier to plan and implement than constructive? Simpler.

    Perhaps evil has this advantage.

    1. Roger, psychopaths, or the characteristics which we associate with psychopaths, are prevalent in all class levels and segments of society. Where do you reckon evil originates from?

      1. This is my field JC.

        The characteristics of psychopathy may be widespread but that is not the same as an antisocial personality disorder. We regular folk, despite our flaws, are very different from the true psychopaths.

        I work in a prison psychiatric hospital (American Gulag). We serve Sexually Violent Predators (yes a legal term). These characterologically flawed men are generally unfixable and will be incarcerated for life. They are extreme. These are the Antisocial Personality Disorder (DSM Axis II) humans (barely). Basically the psychopaths (now a layman's term) who got caught and didn't have the wealth or connections to have good lawyers.

        Generally these humans (barely) are built from child abuse and have developed defense mechanism that allowed survival but then built monsters. The pedophiles are particularly broken and usually originally victims themselves.

        I believe that the Cabal families simulate such abuse and teach self absorbed and cruel survival skills that build psychopathic future leaders. Never remorse. A taste for blood.

        They consciously build monster children who have good lawyers and connections (Skull and Bones etc.) to prevent consequence.

        Evil comes from evil deeds (chicken and egg) and I believe is taught.

        We should teach good.


        1. Very knowledgeable statements Roger. I've experienced some very nasty people in my time but your day to day exposure to such things and people give you additional insights over many others.

    2. "Perhaps killing the outliers empowers the mean?"

      perhaps a perfectly profound question. if so, then perhaps the "Cabal" (insert your favorite name here) is simply a manifestation of the will of the mean -- a golem created by the collective unconscious fears & desires of the masses?

      if so, then perhaps the problem lies not within the "Cabal" itself, but within the imperfect intelligence (using this word in the holistic sense) of humanity?

    3. "humans (barely)"

      perhaps instead all-too-human? especially if those traits that are make them "psychopathic" are mainly a result (as you noted) of psychopathic behavior inflicted upon them as children?

      and what is more "psychopathic" : those individuals who inflict harm on others, get caught, and then are labelled by others with advanced degrees as "psychopathic" OR a cultural system that calls one a "psychopath" and another an "enlightened individual" only depending on their selection of attorney?

      don't all these definitions only exist in the eye of the beholder?

      p.s. not dismissing your observations or experience in the slightest, Roger. just playing devil's advocate to help broaden the discussion outside of the dichotomy of "good" & "evil".

      1. Great observations tristero888!

        One needs to be very careful using labels given to us by other men to diagnose such "disorders". As a child, I was on the receiving end of such a "monster". It was a defining moment in my life as it helped to create me as I am now, and I like me pretty well these days. This is not to say it was positive, it was certainly not. However, after the therapy, my abusers suicide, shedding religion, a spiritual awakening of sorts, and lots of time for reflection, I came to see it for what it was; an opportunity for me to gain a soul quality I must have been lacking. It taught me forgiveness, honesty when it was needed most, and most important of all, empathy. It also gave me a real distorted perception of sexuality, but that too is a challenge for all of us in todays' "civilized society".

        I know that my abuser was also abused. I know the weight of a secret so heavy. I know the feelings that manifest, and I know just how dark the direction they can really go. I know most of what such "psychopaths" go through mentally that drive them into ultimately serving self rather than serving others (which is a way more appropriate way of looking at "good" and "evil"). I also know that the system in place which we are told is intended to "heal" or "rehabilitate" such individuals generally does anything but because it is ultimately driven by money, not the desire to help. It's not just our system, that is just a micro example of something that is a macro problem. Ultimately, what kept me from becoming one of them was a loving family (a family that is anything but traditional, which is important to note). Love was the key then, and will always be the key moving forward, whatever the issue may be.

        The bottom line, in my humble opinion, is we all have the ability and capacity to be a "monster". We all have the ability to become a completely self serving, ego-centered, victim who never looks in the mirror for the source of their ills, but always looks for the abuser, for the "evil" one to wag our finger at. I believe life throws everyone into a traumatic situation at some point, and some are more traumatic than others. Perhaps this is for our betterment in some way? Perhaps its' just that the psycopathic abusers in this particular version of society makes an easier bad guy, but it would do one well to know that we are all psychopaths in some way. If this were not so, we wouldn't have allowed such a twisted backwards, and obviously flawed system to manifest and take part in it so readily as most of us do. IT's not the result of some demon, alien, or evil entity, it's the result of humans not fully understanding what it means to be human. The only way to stop the insanity is to recognize we are a part of it, and then take those first steps towards halting our participation all-together, then forgiving ourselves for believing in the lie of all lies; that we are separate from everything, an individual. We are but a cell on a spread sheet.

        I believe the above to be one of the major underlying themes of this blog, and why many of us are here.

  12. JC,

    I think about this topic often and try to do so as you do - from the perspective of empathy & compassion. I have come to the conclusion that the current state of affairs has less to do with either the nature of capitalism or socialism and in fact may be a part of a larger distraction or CSI. The problem we have as I have come to see it is _corruption_ in general. It is the perversion of the rule of law as nature (or God) intended it - the weaponizing of the law for special interests sake - that seems to me to be at the root of our decay on almost all socioeconomic levels.

    We have come to live in a corporate/fascist system that is part socialist and part capitalist - but more importantly - one that is devoid of the rule of law or any true system of justice. There are no boundaries for the elite and what they may do in their own interest. There are no consequences for their actions when they violate these norms. Indeed, it is a system that concentrates power and wealth in the hands of the very few - both in government and big business as they walk hand in hand together. The plebs - us - are kept quiet and in line through a myriad of distractions and entertainment. The entertainment/welfare state keeps us docile and in our place while those in places of power do as they please when they please in almost all aspects of life.

    The law has become little more than a tool to control you and I and the concept of justice is nothing more than an academic debate - an antiquated concept we talk about in lecture halls and on messaging boards like this.

    I have often thought that Bastiat's "The Law" should be required reading for all high school students - if it were it seems to me the world might look differently and arguments regarding the badness of socialism and the virtues of capitalism would become self evident and by and large settle themselves.

    A nation - any peoples for that matter - may survive and endure the tests of time while infected with small amounts of socialism. Human systems are rarely perfect. But without justice and an understanding of the nature of the law and what it should and should not entail a civilization is doomed. Corruption kills. In this sense socialism is little more than the symptom of a greater disease.

    Just my .02 cents.


  13. From the next episode in the Financial Repression interviews, this one with Grant Williams:

    Remember when you used to get 5% at the bank? Why is that? Because of the debt load. Liquidity is not the problem. Even if the debt load is transformed into SDR bonds negative real rates will still have to be in place. If gold is a allocation to the SDR basket then they will have to let it express its natural price appreciation in a negative rate environment, Otherwise the game will not have changed. Holding a SDR bond will be no different from holding a US Treasury. Financial repression will still be in place. This will probably be the SDRM. Allowing gold to revalue, so that bond losses will be made up for by gold gains in the SDR accounts.

    1. "Otherwise the game will not have changed. Holding a SDR bond will be no different from holding a US Treasury. Financial repression will still be in place." the new boss, same as it ever was...

      wouldn't it make sense to try all other means of making up those bond losses before revaluing gold? the euro marks gold to market on its balance sheet, yet those in control of the euro do seem to be going out their way to make up those bond losses elsewhere.

      another thought to chew on: price is dependent upon supply & demand. everyone talks about the relentless demand for gold, yet everyone accepts there is a certain fixed supply of x tons without question. how does anyone know what the total worldwide supply of gold really is? in a world where all statistics can be and are manipulated to the advantage of those with the means, motive and ability to manipulate them, how are those #'s that are bandied about to be trusted?

  14. G20 summit coming this week here in Australia.

    It looks like staunch enemies are trying to mend ties with each other, all very suddenly too.

    This awkward handshake photo below between japan and china says it all, wow. Weren't they only recently at each others throats? Bizarre.

    "Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have held formal talks for the first time, in a meeting seen as a major breakthrough in the potential thawing of tensions between Asia's two largest economies."

    Also our Prime Minister was super unprofessional towards putin, essentially threatening to fight him. But that attitude is completely different now. Someone is telling these guys to behave...

  15. Back in 2013 the IRS used Star Trek themes in their training videos which became very public.

    Then China substantially boosted their space program and went to the moon, another very public report.

    So when an article headline reads “Go forth and prosper: APEC leaders in China don Star Trek-style jackets” wonder if they are making fun of something or is it the realization of a plan coming to fruition. In this photo Vladimir Putin looks like a security guard while Xi Jinping looks happy as can be.

    What is it that’s said at the beginning of each Star Trek episode though “Where no man has gone before.” Interesting…

    China and the US are having so many internet hacking problems that it’s like the subject is intentionally being made public in a big way. Perhaps for these reasons.

  16. I like your crystal clear thinking on economics, JC. Thanks for sharing.

    I have some thoughts to share on Empathy, as you brought it up in your post.

    If a man was to approach another person, and require of him a certain act of self-expression in a certain moment, what would it look like? "In this situation, I need you to be more outrageous, more extroverted. You're being withdrawn and thats not what I need from you right now."

    We would say that the one man was dictating to another man, how he should be. He wasn't accepting him. It is, generally, easy for us to perceive the folly of such an approach.

    But there is a way of thinking, according to which, taking this same attitude towards the Self is seen as productive of forward progress in matters spiritual and emotional. "I need you to be more empathetic, Self".

    There is no difference between the Self and Other-self in this regard. To bully one, or impose demands on one, is the same as imposing demands on the other. The Self responds to dictates and ultimatums and judgement in much the same way as the Other-self would: emotionally and spiritually, it shuts down. We know better than to take this tone with another person, but we often do not reserve the same respect for ourselves.

    Forward motion in the unseen realm progresses by acts of listening and observation; and then also by acceptance of what is observed. Not by constraint to achieve emotional states ("empathy") which have been predetermined to be desirable. Not by images, or mental snapshots, but by essences, encountered spontaneously at the fountain of feeling within the chest and abdomen, in moments of stillness. The images which bar the entrance to the fountain must be laid aside to provide access.

    I'm struggling with this same chestnut myself. 🙂

    thanks for the great writing.

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