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The Anti-Capitalist Movement and Mass CSI Conditioning

By JC Collins

This was orginally posted two years ago on Nov 7, 2014.  With the ongoing exposure of rampant corruption in the American establishment and the growth of the Anonymous and WikiLeaks movements, it is worth revisiting the importance of these concepts in transforming both American and world culture. Such resistance movements are now aligning with the alternative media and the Trump campaign as the solution to the problem.  – JC

Last night I had a dream that I was a cell in a spreadsheet.  My task was to find a way to transition from one side of the sheet to the other.  The method I had to utilize to achieve this goal was to develop a relationship with the cell next to me and one at a time make my way across the sheet to the other side.  But with each movement I had to ensure that the relationship, or formula, in each previous cell was maintained.

This absurd dream is very reflective of my day to day grind, where I spend many hours working on spreadsheets while attempting to focus on one of my personal objectives, which is developing a broader and more lasting empathy with others. The comical nature of the dream when paralleled beside my real life challenges creates a surreal separation which suggests a more intentional and focused approach on my part is required.

The lack of empathy which pervades my relationships, both personal and professional, is a product of my inclined dependency on pattern recognition and non-linear abstract thinking, both of which I interact with as master and slave.

As a thinking and reasoning being, it is important that I remain master to these proclivities as opposed to becoming slave to the irrational expression, or externalization, of their common fragmentation.  This corruption of thought and intent is unavoidable in the outward expression of what is known inward.

The site has become a wonderful force and form for me to express these inner awakenings and realizations.  But with that I also need to understand that others are also participating in the process of expression and inter-connectedness which has developed here.

Like my dream of transition across the spreadsheet, I need to interact with all of you in order for the purpose of this site to be fully realized.  But with each relational cell the formula must calculate into an answer which continues the progress towards the larger macro document.

Though I may lack empathy on certain levels, it is also my nature to give others what they want, including a platform here to express their own thoughts and concepts.

Lately I have found this to be problematic as many of the comments coming in are unintentionally and intentionally targeted at creating confusion and spreading misinformation, and add very little to the conversation.  As such I am reluctant to approve comments which are of this nature and do not fit into the overall macro formula of the spreadsheet.

This site has become extremely important to not just me, but many others as well, and I feel a strong sense of responsibility to not allow the this place of exchange to de-evolve into meaningless and baseless conspiracy theories or lowest common denominator bantering.

Much like the meeting at the White House today between Obama and congressional leaders, both old and new, which will require focus and direction to achieve anything of value, we here will also need to remain focused and be intentional in our communications and relations.

Since the US government requires a new budget bill to be passed as soon as possible, we can expect to see that particular item high on the agenda today. Other probable discussions today are likely to revolve around Obama’s trip to Asia next week and the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia.  This will be the presidents last opportunity to meet the commitments made on the 2010 IMF Quota and Governance Reforms.

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors begin their annual meeting in Sydney

The negotiating taking place today will be intense with both sides recognizing that there are certain mandates, like the IMF Reforms, which exist outside of each parties micro bartering and must be implemented forthwith.  The likelihood of such a bill being attached to a budget bill and passed within days is highly probable, with passage of the Keystone Pipeline hot on the heels.

As the last remaining legislative obstacles to the socialist Multilateral Financial System are removed, we are also witnessing the broader CSI, or Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, campaign against capitalism unfolding.

Capitalism in it’s foundational structure is not perfect, but has been a stalwart in the mass movement of populations and production.  It’s only with the socialist legislation, which has served to alter the structure of capitalism, that we have seen the steady downward corruption of the more organized elites, as the wealth has been transferred from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Capitalism has become a dirty word in the modern world but not because of it’s own failings.  What we call capitalism today is not in fact capitalism and the faults of the economy and the greed as manifested by the elite organized group is in fact the product of legislated socialism, which has un-moored capitalism from its natural anchors of meaningful competition and self worth.

The attacks or outright marginalization of all things associated with the positive growth and production based metrics of capitalism have increased over the years.  Such volumes of capitalist propagation such as Atlas Shrugged are considered the works of greed and mammon. When in fact it is the socialist legislation, the opposite of capitalism, which has consolidated more and more of the wealth at the top.

There will always be those who work harder, think broader, act strategically, and accumulate productive based wealth, and re-invest in new growth opportunities and people.  These are the capitalist pioneers who built powerful economies and tightly woven social trusts.

The socialist movements, which parade as capitalist, are the ones who have destroyed productive wealth and have allowed for the nanny state mentality of the economy and government.

In the post The First False Flags we discussed the CSI methodology and how it can be considered the expanded and more complex version of what is called the false flag attack.  The CSI is a patient strategy which is utilized to engineer society and culture, including economic fundamentals, to direct the flow and conditioning of the disorganized masses.

Also in the post we looked at the engineering of an anti-establishment revolution, in the form of the Anonymous Movement, to capture and direct the anger and frustration of the disorganized masses.  This energy is being funneled into the controlled opposition CSI of a anti-capitalist movement, as represented by the recent world wide Anonymous protests all over the world.


Capitalism hasn’t been the problem.  The problem which has lead to the major imbalances in the world today are the socialist legislations in all countries of the world which has allowed capitalism to be corrupted without consequence.  The fact that the Anonymous Movement is labeling their protest as anti-capitalist as opposed to anti-socialist is the dead giveaway that the whole so-called revolution is an expanded CSI operation. Think of it as a similar CSI operation as the French Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution, wherein banking interests caused extreme wealth imbalance between the disorganized masses and the smaller rent seeking elite.  These economic deficiencies herded the population into revolution which served to strengthen the position of the international bankers in each country and lead to tighter consolidation and centralization.

The exact same CSI methodology is being used today in the forms of the Anonymous Movement and the mandates of the G20 countries to eliminate corruption in banking and business.  As reviewed in the post The Ottoman Multilateral Model, the commitments of the G20 and their goals over the coming years will not benefit the disorganized masses.  As before, it will only further tighten and consolidate broader forms of socialism and wealth transfer.

There are many counter agents and personalities trolling the waves and crests of the internet attempting to confuse and misdirect away from the reality and methodology of this CSI which is taking place in the world.  We have made it very clear here on this site that the international bankers are consolidating further in the form of the SDR liquidity based MFS, or Multilateral Financial System.

Conspiracy theories, as reviewed in the post What Are Conspiracy Theories – Weapons of the Weak and Organized Insubordination, are the planned and systemic anti-establishment engineering which is serving to distract and direct the awareness of the disorganized masses.  This is the only reason why I do not allow certain comments to be posted.  As stated above, I feel a sense of responsibility to transition from cell to cell while creating meaningful relations, or formulas, with the percentage of the readers which are more focused on actual truth as opposed to engineered untruth.

Most of the readers here at Philosophy of Metrics are the true anonymous, reading and contemplating in silence.  And we are awakening to the machinations of the CSI conditioning, with the beginnings of an invisible CSI of our own.  – JC