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      1. Thank you connectedto and thank you Fiona, You both helped me figure out (for me!) the riddle of Alexander Hamilton's importance to Trump and his Treasury Secretary.

        It seems Alexander Hamilton was an ardent Federalist as opposed to Jefferson who was a all for the State in all aspects, i.e. power and finance. Hamilton was the first US Treasury Secretary and he can be perhaps regarded as the source of the problem that later came about much later i.e. The Federal Reserve! Hamilton was an Anglophile whilst Jefferson was a Francophile!

        Another fascinating one is that Jefferson although established the Patent office of the US, he was actually argued against it as he was against the idea of monopoly. The subject is very complex and I am in two minds whether Patent law is a good thing or not but I admire Jefferson since he was an inventor himself and also against the idea of patent.

        Regarding Alexander Hamilton, his photo where Mnuchin is sworn in goes without saying! The following picture shows the chart of differences of opinion between the two men:


  1. Bingo!

    ....The spokesperson said that in a phone call with Lagarde, Mnuchin also "noted the importance that the administration places on boosting economic growth and jobs in the United States, and looked forward to robust IMF economic policy advice on its member countries and tackling global imbalances.".....

  2. Mr Collins,
    Thank you sir for all your helpful advise and information. My husband and I are both Disabled Veterans on a fix income. We literally had to start over a few years ago after Obama’s election as well as many others. It's just so hard being the age we are now 55-64. Thank goodness we were are to get our disability benefits we would definitely be on the streets.
    Thank you again we apologize for not being able to register with your website but I wanted to let you know you are appreciated.
    The Bodifords

    1. There is a significant and not commonly understood schism between secular, leftist Jews and largely right leaning Orthodox Jews. The schism is ideological and perhaps even genetic, but it is magnified at present because secular Jews are disappearing rapidly while Orthodox Jews are increasing equally rapidly. Nowhere is this contrast more apparent than in Brooklyn. In places like Crown Heights, Trump signs and bumper stickers were everywhere. In Park Slope, secular Jews are protesting the local food co-op carrying imported Israeli goods.

      Orthodox Jews are into making money to support their large families. They don't have time to be dilettantes or ideologues or the next hippie generation, They are not largely part of the Jewish group as a whole that is found in the media, and have much less influence there than one would think.

      But they definitely do work in real estate.

      1. I was just thinking about this left and right regarding Judaism today. More specifically, I was listening on the radio to the appointment of 3 conservative judges in Israel, which is a win for the right leaning government and a loss for the left in the country. We don't usually think of them as two political ideologies like here in the west, but it is so.

        1. Interesting.

          My experience has been that Orthodox Jews support the rights of Palestine and are against Zionism. How does this translate into support for Trump, and then Trump's support of Nutty-Yahoo? Are GS guys Orthodox? (I'll look it up).

          Interesting anecdote: one of my neighbours knew someone who worked in the US for GS, and received a 'phone call asking to speak to 'one of the tribe'. The caller wouldn't speak to anyone else.

          1. I see Jared 😉 is Orthodox, but that GS are mostly Ashkenazi's.

            This documentary recently aired on British TV, and is a rare look behind the scenes at British aristocrats (the beginning is bizarre, but bear with it, it gets better).

            In it we discover that there is a difference of opinion on Palestine between Rothschild cousins, one believing in a two-state solution, the other backing and funding Israel:


            We mustn't be afraid to analyse Judaism to better understand the world.

          2. Thank you Sue Warman, I am grateful for the excellent documentary about the house of Rothschild. I particularly found your last paragraph in your second posting:

            "We mustn’t be afraid to analyse Judaism to better understand the world."

            There is so much sense in what you said, in that a big part of what is going on in the world right now, is as a result of a battle between the religious Jews, the very ancient people and another group of people who are the much later converts to Judaism and to the most part, in at least a section of them, they subscribe to a leftist/collective ideology, which we may call Marxism! In my research, I find the name Khazari Jews are the new converts who are not genetically of a semitic lineage at all but have become Jewish less than a thousand years ago.

            Interestingly, the name "Khazar" is the name that is referred to by the Iranians for the Caspian sea, although the Caspii people are a proto-Indo-European people. The Khazari people are possibly a later arrival of a mixture between the Scythians, Altaic and possibly other Eurasian people.

            The schism in the Jewish world it seems is at its high point at this moment in time, with a major battle going on between what we may call the orthodox and the secular i.e. mostly Marxists in the Jewish world. I also found you mention of the orthodox Jews being supportive a Palestinian homeland is extremely interesting and one that I have suspected to be the case.

            Orthodox Jews are the continuation of an ancient people who have passed the historical tests of time and certain sects within Judaism are actually against Zionism outright. They believe that until the arrival Mashiach (Messiah) a homeland for the Jews can not be established. These groups of Jewish orthodox are hated by the Zionist Jews since they are against their principles and beleif.

            I think an honest research and open discussion about Judaism and its current struggle for the survival of its ancient traditions will be very helpful, and possibly more so for the Jewish people themselves, since the truth about the schism will liberate the world from the psychopathic mindset of the Zionists against the ancient Jewish people and the world. Zionism is aligned with Marxism which is not a new idea but it has been defeated in history many times before and the sooner the Jews realize and throw off this negative entity from their faith and culture, the sooner we as species shall see peace and progress.

  3. I believe the machinations of what Trump means about currency manipulation in regards to China is that American businessmen closed up shop in the US and went to China to open shop. In China they could sell their products back to Americans and the rest of the world at the cost of producing the product with no profit margin. Then the American businessman doing business in China would get a subsidy from China and this subsidy was the businessmans profit. In this fashion it is believed that China took factories from the US and held their currency down in value.

    That being said one indicator of this would be the stop of China paying subsidies. This should force the displaced American businessman to either move back to the US or to begin incorporating their profit margins into the selling cost of the products. This could then raise the cost of the products and could also be the beginning of getting consumers to look for new markets.

  4. What if Trump really means it when he says all currencies will be on a level playing field (not just China)? Look at the currency values of the countries on the 7 countries that Trump has banned travel to and compare those to countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Their currencies are worth nothing compared to the developed Gulf states yet they still have vast amounts of oil.
    What if Trump were to fight to raise the purchasing power of those countries through collaboration with the IMF? It would erase so much poverty and instill a love for the West that would make it very hard for them to want to kill us.

    Trump on currencies: ‘we will all soon be at a level playing field’


    Chiefs of Staff: Pentagon plan to defeat Daesh look beyond Iraq and Syria
    In the world February 24, 2017 0 30 visit

    {Follow: SNG} Gen. Joseph Dunford Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that a plan led by the US Defense Department {Pentagon} to defeat Daesh terrorist gangs and is scheduled to appear in draft form by Monday will exceed Iraq and Syria borders to include the threat posed by terrorists around the world in raising conflicts .
    Dunford 's comments suggest that the initial plan would be broader than previously thought in the first instance have been ignored in the beginning of tactical details such as specific requests for troops.
    Dunford said in a meeting organized by a research institutes in Washington , "It is not about Syria and Iraq, and it 's about the danger that goes beyond the borders of the region , " referring to other terrorist groups such as al Qaeda.
    "So when we go to the president with options will be in the context of risk around the world."
    He said Dunford said the US military estimates that Daesh attracted 45 thousand foreign terrorist from more than 100 countries around the world.
    He continued , "Our plan to succeed , we need first cutting the connective tissue between the regional groups that now pose a global threat."

  5. Think about what a little purchasing power brought about by the West could do....

    Extreme poverty strips a person of her dignity, her opportunities and worst of all, her choice. One out of six people lives in a condition where she cannot make choices to meet the basic needs of her children or give them hope for a better tomorrow. A lack of choice leads to desperation. Desperate situations cause people to commit desperate acts. Most of the time people commit these acts not out of some misplaced hatred for the West, but out of love for their five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter at home who are starving to death. It is love that compels a father to say yes to the extremist that shows up at his hut, promising food and education for his children if he will only sacrifice his life by attacking people he knows nothing about, living across the ocean. Think about it. What would you do if your child hadn’t eaten in days,or if your daughter had to walk 5 hours every day to find clean water – only to be raped on the way there? How far would you go in a world where you couldn’t meet the basic needs of those you hold dearest to you?
    Nuru InternationalJake Harriman on a Marine mission south of Bagdhad, Iraq in 2005.
    Terrorist organizations’ community development activities hint at the link between insurgency and extreme poverty. Hamas spends the majority of its resources providing “social, welfare, cultural, and educational activities” for the Palestinian people, and Hezbollah operates schools, hospitals, and agricultural services for poor Shiites in Lebanon. The Taliban build madrassas to offer free education to the poor in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    The reality is that terrorists and insurgencies cannot function without the support of the communities in which they operate. Studies show that they earn this support by providing social services for their often impoverished constituency. But the services provided by these organizations come at a great cost to the community – including economic oppression and coercion into violent activities – which perpetuates the cycle of extreme poverty.


  6. Thank you Mark Schoenfelt, The regional groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban et al. have been created by external actors for a political reason only as well as to take control in growing or blocking another group or movement.

    In the case of Hezbollah, which is less than 37 years old movement, and one that begun as soon as the Islamist takeover of Iran happened. The story is that Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to assist the Palestinians and other people who were see to be oppressed by the actions of the Zionist regime of Israel. This is the official story as claimed by the Islamic Republic and other factions associated by the Islamist regime that took over Iran in 1979.

    The same is true for Hamas which were supported partly by ISlamist of Iran as well as other "Sunni" regimes of the Middle-East. There are rumors that Mossad (Shin Bet/Mossad) actually sponsored the Hamas movement as a way of dividing the Gaza from the rest of Palestinian movements.

    The arrival of Berzinsky in 1980 in Pakistan near the Afghan border and making a speech to the Afghan proto-Mujahedin with heavy funding and arms to the ragtag Afghan "freedom fighters" against the Soviet occupiers is also well known.

    In all these cases, there is an element of abuse by an external entity that sees a gap or vacuum of power only to be filled by an opportunist so to ensure a footing in the future outcome of the conflict in that region.

    In many instances, poverty is a created chaos that assists the external entity to come in and act as the saviour messiah for the afflicted population.

    Hezbollah receives the best of the best services and compensation to the Shia Lebanese fighters when the same government (Iran) neglects its own citizens of the most basic needs of hospital, schooling and sanitations required in the remote parts of Iran that are often seen as extras. The irony is that in remote regions of Iranian Baluchistan and Sistan, in Southeastern Iran, life expectancy, lack of hospital and other services is possibly equal to sub saharan Africa. This poverty for sure invites external opportunists such as Saudi Arabia and their Wahhabist cult as that act as saviours of the people of such regions and groups namely the Jundallah affiliated with Al-Qaida and other murdering gangs.

    These gangs all have a structure and a topology map of source and supply both physical and propaganda. It is now a known fact that ALL these stems from the same source that President Trump now is against and this entity is in the West. The source is the head if the snake that has caused endless wars involving drug running, Gun running, human trafficking, smuggling of commodities, money laundering and a recent addition human organ trafficking. I suspect the honorable New York Times and such MSM papers would ever shed light on the heinous crimes by monsters commonly known as the deep state.

    If I can suggest a book regarding the history of the Iranian Islamism that was published in 1980 which is well researched ad sheds light on who runs the show in the dark world of Islamism, would be, "Hostage to khomeini by Robert Dreyfuss".

    Creative Chaos is the method of choice by the dark minded people who have benefitted for ever from death and carnage. Poverty plays a role as the catalyst but its only a part. There was no such thing as Islamism or Islamist movement, it was devised and created as a virus set upon nations in the West Asia a s tool of control. Now this monster is used to invade the West and radically to change its demography.

    I think the arrival of Trump will put a stop to all that show and if all goes well, we may see a dismantling of the apparatus of the dark and sinister of power by the new cooperative union of Russia, UK and US...and many smaller actors!

    1. Thanks for posting that video Charles, I was thinking to post it too!

      Very interesting how Dr. Steve Pieczenik says at 6:00 that the “deep government needs an access point, in order to get to the right in order to go to the center.” Sounds precisely like the methodology that JC laid out in discussing the self-limiting of rent seeking and his article on the end of the cultural civil war.

      Absolutely fascinating (and encouraging) to watch this play out when you’ve been able to use this site to refine perspective.

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