An Unusual POM Rant (FREEPOM)


Outside of what’s on the television I’m yet to talk with someone who cares about this. They care about the real issues. The all out assault on Trump just weeks before the election is not a coincidence. Forty years of being a rich successful business man and not one sexual assault or harassment complaint against Trump. One month out from ripping control away from the American establishment and he’s suddenly a sexual predator. Please. Anyone who falls for this tripe is an idiot. Both women and millennial’s are waking up to this cultural scam. The left is eating itself and is too greedy to even slow down and chew properly. What it eventually vomits up will be the yellow bile of its own hatred and intolerance. The right leaning establishment is equally as clownish and out of touch. Trump represents normal people who are now demanding a fighting chance. People who are sick and tired of being told what to think. People who are sick and tired of being told what to feel. People who are sick and tired of our degenerate murderous culture. People who are sick and tired of their time and labor bleeding away into cauldrons of boiling human weakness. People want to feel strong again. People want to feel free again. People want to stand tall with their stomachs full of healthy pride. Like the French Revolution centuries ago, the disorganized masses have stirred and are now organizing their hearts and minds. The totem poles of our demented culture are no longer relevant. Television has already died. Cognitive dissonance has collapsed inward upon itself and from the trashed remains of our false tolerance and equality rises the thing that was Donald Trump. This thing is no longer Donald Trump. It is the raging righteousness of the universal man, which represents all that is good in this world. This is why the existing American establishment will not stop the turning over of the tables. They are only trying to stop Trump. The energy is now everywhere.  – JC